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Who watches football online?

American football is especially popular in North America. In the United States it is even seen as the most popular sport at all, replacing baseball which had the highest popularity in the country before.

Almost every high school and every college in the US has an American football team on different skill levels which are organized in different leagues such as the NCAA or NAIA. There are several hundred teams in the top leagues of college football that – on average – play 12 games a season starting in fall. The best teams will be invited to the Bowl games on New Year’s Day, like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. American football is a sport with over 100 years of tradition.

Watch Football OnlineThe most well-known American professional football league is the National Football League (NFL) which was founded in the 1920s and therefore has a little less tradition than college football in the United States. The finale of the NFL, the Super Bowl, is the most important television event in the US and is considered as the world’s most popular annual sporting event. In the Super Bowl, the two champions of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) compete with each other. This tradition started in 1967 when the NFC and AFC – formerly separated, competing leagues – merged and fought out their overall champion for the first time. In addition to the most famous National Football Leagues, every now and then there were other leagues like the USFL or XFL that tried to compete with the NFL, but didn’t get a lot of attention after all.

Watching football online allows you to follow your favorite teams of the NFC and AFC:

The NFC emerged from an old and independent league which was founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio as the American Professional Football Association and was later renamed to National Football League. The AFC also emerged from an old league, the American Football League (AFL) which was founded in 1960 as a competition for the old National Football League.

The fans of both leagues soon wanted to see who the true American football champion is and so the two champions of the respective leagues competed with each other for the first time in 1967. After that a new big NFL with all team from both smaller leagues was founded and it was easy to determine the conference names: The old NFL became the National Football Conference (NFC) with initially 13 teams and the teams from the old AFL formed the new American Football Conference (AFC) with 10 AFL teams complemented by 3 old NFL teams.

This is why unlike other American professional sports; the NFL is not divided into a Western Conference and Eastern Conference and the teams come from all parts of the U.S. in both conferences. For example, the New York Giants play in the NFC and the New York Jets play in the AFC. So if you watch football online and want to follow a team from New York, you can either follow the NFC or the AFC.

Finally watch NFL football streaming again (Hall of Fame Weekend 2016):

Watch Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts NFL game live online on , Lucas Oil Stadium

It is a historical day on Sunday, August 7 2016 as the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers go head to head in a historic game. It will be held in Canton’s Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. This game will kick off the National Football Leagues 2016 preseason. The Colts and Packers will each make their 5th appearance in the NFL Hall of Fame game. They will close out the 2016 enshrinement weekend a day after 3 of their former legends have been enshrined into the pro football Hall of Fame. Brett Favre, the quarterback from the Packers, former head coach Tony Dungy of the Colts and wide receiver Marvin Harrison are among the respected 8 man class that was elected to the Hall of Fame recently. The are listed among the greats who are members of the Hall of Fame class of 2016. Some of the names include owner Edward DeBartolo, Jr, linebacker Kevin Greene, tackle Orlando Pace, quarterback Ken Stabler and guard Dick Stanfel.

The Super Bowl XXXI victory for the Packers was led by Favre. He spent 16 of his 20 NFL seasons with the Packers. He was NFL’s all time leader in passing yards, attempts, completions and touchdowns. Now the legendary Packers player has retired. Tony Dungy was the coach for the Colts for 7 seasons. During the time the Colts had managed to win 12 or more games every year. The only exception was Dungy’s first year when Indianapolis finished with the score of 10-6. The man is a true legend as he was the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl. This is when he led the Colts to a historic victory in the Super Bowl XLI. Marvin Harrison is a pure Indianapolis soldier. His entire career of 13 seasons was dedicated to Indianapolis. During this time he was successful in taking 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns. Harrison was voted to 8 Pro Bowls and was named All Pro six times.

The Grand match between the Colts and Packers on Sunday, August 7th could go to either of the two sides as both teams are football heavy weights with excellent players representing them on the field. Both teams have already played in the NFL Hall of Fame game 4 times. There is no shortage of experience or talent in either teams arsenal. So far, the Colts have won the Hall of Fame game twice while the Packers have only won it once.

The class of 2016 will be formally enshrined into the Pro football Hall of Fame one day before the big Game on August 6th. It will take place in Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton. The entire event will be televised nationally by the NFL network and also ESPN. There will be 3 major events to complement the game on the 7th and the enshrinement ceremony. On the 4th of August, the gold jacket dinner will be held. On the 5th Tim McGraw will play in the Concert for Legends. The enshrines game day round table will happen on the day of the big game. More than 100 Hall of Fame legends will come to Canton. It will be a once in a lifetime chance to see so many legends at the same place.

Watch football online this week (Super Bowl 2015/2016):

Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game at Denver Broncos streaming online on Sunday, February 07, 6:30 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Likely to be Peyton Manning’s last ever game playing quarterback, Super Bowl L is his fourth appearance. Hopefully it won’t end like the second and third time his team made the Super Bowl (with his team losing). He is not the quarterback he once was, the one who broke single season records, like most touchdown passes in a season (with 49). Peyton is one of the few players who started playing in the 1990s to still be playing.

All time, the Panthers have only played in one Super Bowl (XXXVIII) that they lost to the Patriots, and this is Cam Newton’s first appearance in the big game. It will be sort of a passing of the torch to the next generation of quarterbacks.

Cam has performed very well this year, with a total of 45 touchdowns this season (35 passing and ten rushing) in the regular season; he threw for nearly 4,000 yards this year, rushing for over 600 more. In the playoffs he has add three passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns; throwing for almost five hundred yards and rushing for fifty yards.

The two teams have won their two playoff games in two very different ways. Denver has to be the oddest team to ever score a number two seed; their starting quarterback threw less than ten touchdowns and threw seventeen interceptions. That sounds like a team that finishes 6-10, and not a team that finds themselves in the Super Bowl.

Carolina has put up 55 points, allowing only seven in the first half of their games.

On the other hand, you have Denver who had to mount a come back against Pittsburgh, and just barely squeaked past New England with a win.

If Denver wants to win the game, they will need to establish a run game, due to Peyton being unable to pass forty times in this game. He will also need to make sure he does not fumble or throw interceptions because Carolina will make the Broncos pay if they do. It is likely that if the game turns into a shootout that Denver will wind up losing. Denver got to this game, not for their offense, but for their defense, and their ability to find a way to win games.

If Carolina needs to win, they need to stick around for the second half and not just phone it in like they did against Seattle. Denver seems like a team that does not do well in the first half (almost like they need time to get acclimated to the field) but finish strong.

NFL football games online this week (NFL season 2015 Conference Championships):

Watch New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Game Live Stream
Watch New England Patriots at Denver Broncos NFL Game Live Streaming on Sunday, January 24, 3:05 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

This is yet another matchup between Brady and Manning (this will be the seventeenth time they have played each other). It may also be the last (or at least one of the last) games that Peyton Manning will play. All season, it has been as though he has shown his age and shown us how long he has been playing this game. At the same time, he has put up one of his weakest seasons since he started playing football professionally. He has thrown only nine touchdowns and seventeen interceptions, and started in nine games, and played in ten. If the Broncos want to win this game, they will need him to step up and play like the entire football world is used to him playing for the entirety of his long eighteen year career.

On the other side of the ball, you have Tom Brady, playing for the reigning champion Patriots. He will be a force to be reckoned with as he is coming off a regular season where he threw 36 touchdowns and a staggering seven interceptions. For some quarterbacks, throwing less than ten interceptions is a pretty difficult goal to achieve, but for Tom Brady, it is just another day at the office.This marks the fifth time in his career that he has thrown less than ten interceptions in his sixteen year career.

Brady and Manning (both quarterbacks are considered the NFL’s elite quarterbacks) going up against each other always makes headlines, with everyone believing that it is the best matchup and quarterback rivalry to ever exist. Currently, Brady is 11-5 in these games, but Manning has won five of his last ten. The rivalry started with Brady winning the first six games. Manning has lost eight of the ten matchups that have taken place at New England, but the games in Denver or Indianapolis are tied at three. In the playoffs, the games are tied at two.

The two came off decent games last week. Brady threw two touchdowns, 302 on 28 completions. In a come from behind vicory against Pittsburgh, Manning’s teamates stepped up around him.

This should be a great matchup because of New England’s offense going up against Denver’s defense, which has been performing better than New England’s this year. If Denver can hold them defensively, they may just have a chance to win the game. Neither team gives up on defense what they are able to put up on offense.

Watch Carolina Panthers Game Online vs Arizona Cardinals Live Stream
Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game vs Arizona Cardinals streaming online on Sunday, January 24, 6:40 PM, Bank of America Stadium

After watching Sunday’s panther-Seahawks game, Coach Bruce Arians was impressed with Carolina’s fast start. He said that it is extremely important that the Cardinals make a good start on their own and not let the Panthers do the same.Things aren’t looking so good for the Arizona Cardinals. Coach Bruce Arians thought his quarterback Carson Palmer played hesitantly by tossing a pair of interceptions and having others come dangerously close to being picked. On the other hand with the Carolina panthers, Cam Newton is playing at an elite level.

The Arizona quarterback always makes it hard for the other side’s defense to stop him. In last Sundays’ game against the Seahawks (the team that finished the regular season second in the entire NFL in total defense), the quarterback proved his abilities when the Panthers won 31 to 24. In last year’s first-round playoff victory against Arizona, he had 35 yards rushing and threw for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Carolina Panthers don’t even try to hide their offensive style of play. But in fact, The Panthers even dare opponents to force a change in tactics.

Furthermore, playing at the Bank of America stadium gives Carolina the upper hand. Cardinal’s S Tony Jefferson is recently proving to be a pro, After playing 73 defensive snaps and eight on special teams against green bay, Jefferson produced nine tackles, including two for loss, and a pass defensed. The Arizona defensive back is asked to be vigilant. Tony Jefferson’s play near the line of scrimmage will be critical in deciding the fate of the game. Green Bay held the Arizona Cardinals to 40 yards rushing last Saturday.

However, the Panthers rank fourth, holding their opponents to 88.4 yards in each game. It’s also worth mentioning that the Panthers rank first in the NFL in holding opponent quarterbacks to a 73.5 passer rating. The late season loss of DB Tyrann Mathieu (knee injury) was a huge blow to the Cardinals, but quarterback Carson Palmer makes up for that by having 4,671 passing yards and 35 touchdowns. OLB Dwight Freeney (Cardinals) provided eight sacks in 11 games after he was signed off the street. However, we must also remember that MVP Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has the league’s highest-scoring offense of 500 points. He also has 35 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 99.2

Who will win?

The stats appear to be in favor of the Carolina Panthers. Even though the Panthers’ defense will make things a bit uncomfortable, MVP quarterback Cam Newton has proven time and time again his offensive abilities and can change the tide during major third-down scenarios.

Watch football online this week (NFL season 2015 Divisional Playoffs):

Watch Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream at New England Patriots Online
Watch Kansas City Chiefs online NFL game at New England Patriots on Saturday, January 16, 4:35 PM, Gillette Stadium

Looking for their second win, the Chiefs take on the New England Patriots, who have won their last two games in a row. Reid admitted this week that preparing for New England many times can be a challenge because they never give you quite the same look. I think every game is different when you play them, he said of New England. Depending on what he (coach Bill Belichick) sees in you, they’re going to throw the ball a little bit more. Other times, like against the Colts in the playoffs, they ran it near every time. You’re going to get a different flavor every time you play and that’s what good coaches do.

Watch Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Game Live Online
Watch Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals NFL game live online on Saturday, January 16, 8:15 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The sure Arizona Cardinals are readied to confront a much harder test this weekend than month ago’s meeting Aaron and Green Bay Packers. Taking after the best general season in establishment history, the Cardinals have the inspired Packers Saturday night NFC match. Arizona extended the triumphant streak of 38-8 home defeating Green Bay in Dec. It recorded more sacks (nine) than focuses permitted and held Packers to 178 yards – their second-least aggregate of season. The Cardinals likewise scored twice on safeguard in one of most predominant endeavors of 2015 and maybe Green Bay’s most exceedingly terrible.Rodgers has appreciated substantially more postseason accomplishment since, the Cardinals hope to get the best from him. They likewise hope to play superior to anything they did in a 36-6 home annihilation to Seattle in the general season finale.

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers NFL game live stream on Sunday, January 17, 1:05 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Seahawks enhanced to 6-1 in the postseason in the course of the last three seasons under head mentor Pete Carroll with a 10-9 win at Minnesota a week ago. Seattle, which is the second group in NFL history to lead the class in least points permitted in four sequential seasons, has won six back to back street recreations and permitted only one hostile touchdown.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos live NFL streaming on Sunday, January 17, 4:40 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

After he missed last season recovering from neck surgery and was then released by the group he featured with for a long time, Manning makes his eagerly awaited presentation with the Denver Broncos against the meeting Steelers on Sunday night in a rematch of last season’s playoff thriller. This will be Manning’s first diversion that tallies since Jan. 8, 2011, when Indianapolis lost 17-16 to the New York Jets in an AFC trump card challenge. The future Hall of Famer is attempting to make light of his arrival from numerous neck surgeries while planning to play well for Denver after the Colts chose to go separate ways with him.

NFL streaming this week (NFL season 2015 Wild card weekend):

Watch Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream at Houston Texans Online
Watch Kansas City Chiefs online NFL game at Houston Texans on Saturday, January 09, 4:35 PM, NRG Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans teams will be squaring off in an upcoming match. Both teams are known for having strong defense. Kansas City recently celebrated a win at Houston scoring a remarkable performance at 27-0. However some of their team member suffered injuries and may not participate in the match. On the other hand, Houston Texans are hoping to reverse City’s 10 games winning streak in the upcoming match. The Chief’s seem much prepared and the return of one of their top players Tamba Hali is likely to play out well for the team. This is likely to be the game of the season and since Texans have the stronger defense they are likely to come out victorious.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals live NFL streaming on Saturday, January 09, 8:15 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals will be facing off in what is likely to be a highly competed match. The Steelers team proved their dominance after beating Indianapolis Colts 45-10 in a recent match. The Bengals on the other hand beat Cleveland Browns 37-3 and judging from this kind of performance, the Steers should be very worried about facing them. Everything is at stake as should the Bengals win, they will be entitled to the AFC North title and proceeds to playoffs. If Steers maintain the momentum they had over Indianapolis they can beat the Bengals and shrink the gap between the two teams.

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings NFL game live stream on Sunday, January 10, 1:05 PM, TCF Bank Stadium

Some of NFL’s best teams Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings will be facing each other in an upcoming match. Seattle is looking to stretch their 4 games winning streak when they face Vikings. Seattle has a strong offense that has shown its dominance after scoring 100 in the team’s last three games. However some of their top players Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham have suffered injuries. Vikings is a strong team and a strong competition for Seahawks. This is likely to be a slim win and we cannot wait to see it, but the Seahawks are likely to have victory over Vikings.

Watch Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Game Live Online
Watch Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins NFL game live online on Sunday, January 10, 4:40 PM, FedEx Field

Let’s face it, Washington only reached the playofs because the league’s rules necessitate a team from every division. Despite going winless against resistance having a successful record, the Redskins topped a horrid NFC East. But only at that time, not any of this matters. The reality is: this is not your typical Green Bay team. Aaron Rodgers, while still great, has not been “Rodgers great.” The season-long lack of Jordy Nelson has shown only what he means to that particular offense, which has not appeared only inadequate sometimes. Despite a typical season, the Redskins are not unlikely super pumped to be in this case.

NFL football games online this week (NFL season 2015 week 17):

Watch New York Jets online at Buffalo Bills Football Game Streaming
Watch New York Jets online at Buffalo Bills, NFL Regular Season Week 17 live stream on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

We can expect no love lost between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills when these long-time rivals go toe to toe. Buffalo claimed a narrow victory in their last meeting and head into this re-match with a home field advantage. In a feud which dates back to 1960, these teams are pretty even in terms of wins against each other with Buffalo holding a slight advantage 59-51. Will the Jets narrow that margin in this next showdown?

Watch New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Game Live Stream
Watch New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins NFL Game Live Streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

Currently trailing in the AFC East, the Miami Dolphins are looking for a big win when they host the New England Patriots. Currently putting their 5-10 season record against the conference leading Patriots who head into this showdown with a 12-3 performance this season, the Dolphins could shake things up with a victory against the most scrutinized team in the league this year. The controversy from last season still fresh in everyone’s minds, have the Patriots shaken the Dolphins’ focus from the task at hand on the field?

Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Game Live Streaming
Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers NFL game live streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The battle in the NFC South is sure to be one that you don’t want to miss as the Carolina Panthers look to extend their string of victories over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nobody needs to be reminded that when these two teams lock horns, things tend to get heated. One needs only to look at the number of season-ending injuries suffered by the combatants on the field during their previous showdowns to know that this one is going to be intense.

Watch New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Game Stream Live Online
Watch New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons live NFL game streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

The New Orleans Saints will come marching into Atlanta to meet the Falcons. The bad blood between these teams is well regarded as one of the most established rivalries in the division. With every play holding even more importance as we near the end of the season, we can expect both squads to pull out all the stops. Atlanta will look to use their home field advantage to avenge their last loss to the Saints in October with eyes on winning their first Super Bowl since 1998.

Watch Baltimore Ravens online at Cincinnati Bengals NFL streaming
Watch Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals online live NFL game stream on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens will be in Cincinnati to see if the can improve their 5-10 score by winning against the Bengals and put a dent in their 11-4 score. However, in order to do so, the Ravens will have to improve their interception ability, rushing and red zone offense in order to be more competitive with the Bengals. Yes, the Ravens won recently against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Bengals currently excel overall in defense and offense and that might be quite a challenge for the Ravens to overcome in the upcoming rivalry.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns live NFL streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

As mentioned before, the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming fresh from a loss, including a loss of their spot in the conference’s final, to the Ravens as they take on the Cleveland Browns. Even though good defense and offense are what the Steelers are familiar with, it has been running dry this season, especially with Ben Roethlisberger’s poor playing skills on the road. Their recent loss against a mediocre team has especially put them at risk. This is a must win for the Steelers or they might be downright eliminated.

Watch Jacksonville Jaguars Online at Houston Texans Streaming Live Now
Watch Jacksonville Jaguars NFL live stream at Houston Texans on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

After having a rough season, including a loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Jacksonville Jaguars hope to have better luck against the Texans in Houston. The Jaguars are at a disadvantage due to their poor road performance with a 1-6 score. One strength for the Jaguars is that they won’t have to deal with Texans’ Drew Brees, having the poorer-performing Brandon Weeden in his place instead. However, In order to increase their chances of eluding the Texans, the Jaguars will especially have to take on Deandre Hopkins. The Jaguars’ Blake Bottles has also been very competitive this season and might pose a challenge for the Texans. Overall though, each team has their strengths and weaknesses and it will certainly be a little trickier to see how this game ends up.

Watch Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Game Stream Live Online
Watch Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts live NFL game streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

Injuries are currently plaguing the Colts right now. Andrew Luck, Mike Hassel back, and Charlie Whitehurst are all injured and, even if they will play, they will not be 100%. They are facing the Tennessee Titans and are planning to put up Stephen Morris and Josh Freeman against the Titans. Furthermore, the Titans are within reach of being the draft’s number 1 pick. The Colts will have to be full of strategies in order to improve their chances of scoring a win against the Titans.

Watch Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs American Football Game Live
Watch Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs NFL game live streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Raiders take on the Chiefs in an attempt to equalize their win-loss record (they are currently 7-8). The Chiefs, however, not only have a much better record (10-5) but also have home-field advantage. While the Raiders have the edge when it comes to total yards per game as well as passing yards per game, the Chiefs have a considerably higher rush yards per game average so look to that to be a deciding factor in this matchup. Further, the Raiders allow many points more per game than the Chiefs (more than seven!), so when you are on average giving every one of your opponents an extra touchdown and conversion, expect things to be pretty tough.

Watch Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Game Streaming Online
Watch Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys NFL game live streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Redskins and Cowboys also face each other this Sunday. This matchup features the teams that are first and last in the NFC. While Dallas’s season has long been over, Washington looks to get into rhythm during this important time of the season. Peaking at the right time is just what the Redskins would need, and the Cowboys, who are behind the Redskins in most statistical categories (total passing yards, points, and third down conversion percentage per game), look to be an easy opponent. Washington’s last five games were a 4-1 record, and those of Dallas were the exact opposite (1-4). Interestingly, that single win came against the Redskins back in Week 13 so expect Washington to be out to settle the score.

Watch Philadealphia Eagles at New York Giants Live Stream Online
Watch Philadelphia Eagles online at New York Giants, NFL Regular Season Week 17 game online on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Eagles and the Giants are both tied in the NFC East with 6-9 records. Eli Manning has recorded almost twice as many TDs as his Eagles counterpart (33 to 17), but as is the case with everything, you can’t look at just one statistic. Both teams have lost their last two games (the Giants lost in an embarrassing 40-burger in Minnesota last week), but the firing of Eagles Coach Chip Kelly might be an especially difficult for the team from Philly to overcome. The playoffs are already out of reach for both teams, but the losing team will have to play a Week 7 game in London next year so there is still something to play for.

Watch Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Live Stream Online
Watch Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears NFL game live online on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Detroit and Chicago are also both out of the playoffs and both teams are tied with 6-9 records at the bottom of the NFC North. Less than two total yards per game separate both teams, but the Lions prefer passing and the Bears prefer rushing so each team has a considerable lead over the other in each respective category. Look at the weather to be a factor in this one. For the Lions, it is yet to be decided if Calvin Johnson will play his final home game on Sunday, and for the Bears, Martellus Bennet has been placed on injured reserve, so both teams are looking to make the best of the remainder of their healthy players.

Watch Minnesota Vikings Live Online at Green Bay Packers Game Streaming
Watch Minnesota Vikings live online at Green Bay Packers NFL game streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

Aaron Rodgers has continued his fine performance for the Packers this season, leading the team to a winning record and the top spot in the NFC North (although the Packers are tied with the Vikings overall). Both teams are 3-2 over their last five games, but both team quarterbacks are way down the middle of the QB stats list (at 17th for Rodgers and 22nd for Terry Bridgewater). Since overall team scoring and yards are almost neck and neck with a 4-point difference coming into this week, look to Adrian Peterson, the no. 1 rusher in the NFL at the moment, to play a pivotal role.

Watch Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers Live Streaming Online
Watch Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers live online stream of NFL on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

The Denver Broncos have made the playoffs once again and sit atop the AFC West. The Chargers are out of the playoffs once again but Philip Rivers has, as always, proven to be an exceptionally talented QB and is no. 2 in yards on the season (and is less than 100 yards short of league-leader Tom Brady in total yards this year). Although in terms of percentages the Chargers are offensively more prolific (even though they scored less points overall than the Broncos), they have given away almost 100 points more to teams throughout the season so as is always the case, defenses win games, and the Chargers will need to tighten ship if they hope to squeeze out another win before calling it a season.

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals NFL game live stream on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Seahawks are more than a few wins behind the Cardinals in this year’s race, a big change from what we saw last year. Both teams are in the playoffs though, and this one will be tough, with the Seahawks winning 4 of their last 5 and the Cards winning all 5 of their last 5 games. Both teams have really filled up their scoring sheets with red and purple all season, but it might come down to the fact that Arizona is currently on a 9-game win streak while Seattle just dropped one against the Rams last week (while Arizona beat the NFC North-leading Packers by 30 points). Lots of grit needed for Seattle to pull an upset.

Watch St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers Game Live Online
Watch St. Louis at San Francisco 49ers games live online on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM in Levis Stadium

The Rams and 49ers are both out of the playoffs, but the Rams are coming off three straight wins while the 49rs are coming off three straight losses. The 49ers have an amazing three-times as many net negative points scored as the Rams and they fill in every defensive category with too much red…in this case, points, conversions and yards given up to opposing teams. It is hard to imagine them coming away with a win so late into a season of upsets for San Franciscans, and the 49ers are guaranteed their last-place spot at the bottom of the NFC west, but with teams that have nothing to lose often pull surprises so this one will be interesting to watch.

Stream NFL games live this week (NFL season 2015 week 16):

Watch Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers American Football Game Live
Watch Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers NFL game live streaming on Thursday, December 24, 8:25 PM, Coliseum

San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders teams are will be facing off against each other in what is likely to be regarded as a highly competed yet even match. The rivalry between the two teams is intense. The Chargers will be looking to reverse the embarrassment they have suffered from Raiders for three-quarters. The Chargers have not faced a Division opponent in the recent past. The Raiders on the other, hand, are still mourning their recent loss to Denver Broncos. Both teams are highly competitive and will make strong opponents for each other. However, the Chargers are not likely to reverse their losing streak with this game as Oakland Raiders are better prepared to winning this game than the Chargers.

Watch Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Game Streaming Online
Watch Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles NFL game live streaming on Saturday, December 26, 8:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Washington Redskins will face Philadelphia Eagles in an upcoming match whereby the loser will be placed in the cellar of the division during the quarter pole. Washington under Scot McCloughan’s management has been showing tremendous improvement in their recent matches. Washington’s favorite player, DeAngelo Hall has suffered injuries in previous matches, and this may impact the performance of the whole team. Redskins can only rely on their strong defense that has proved its dominance in previous matches. Eagles do not have a strong offense, and this may play up to Redskin’s injury. This is likely to be a close match, and we can only wait to see which team scoops the victory.

Watch New England Patriots at New York Jets Game Live Stream
Watch New England Patriots at New York Jets NFL Game Live Streaming on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

New York Jets is very eager to beat New England Patriots in an upcoming match. The Jets are known for their strong defense. The Patriots have proved their dominance in recent games by scoring the highest points than all other teams. This is likely be a highly competed match, but the Patriots are more prepared, and likely come out victorious.

Watch Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Live Stream Online
Watch Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans NFL game online on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans are expected to square off in an upcoming match with the AFC South being up for grabs. Titan’s player Marcus Mariota may or may not participate in the match due to an MCL sprain. Titans were unable to pull off a win against the Falcons. In this match is expected to be about Titan’s defense against Texan’s offense. Texan’s Arian Foster will not participate in the match, and this may be a good thing for the Titans. Titan’s strong offense is likely to cause the team a win in this match.

Watch Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs Live Streams Online Now
Watch Cleveland Browns online at Kansas City Chiefs live game streams of NFL game on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

After their last defeat against the Seahawks, the Cleveland Browns have a chance to redeem themselves when they square off with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bad news for the Browns is that the Chiefs expect running back Spencer Ware back for this one. Even though the Chiefs survived on Sunday versus the Ravens, they depend on Ware because of his ability of getting tough yards. According to the week 16 NFL odds, the Chiefs are a whooping 14-point favorites over the Browns. Playing at home will also be advantageous and so Browns at Chiefs should see Kansas come out worthy winners.

Watch Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins Game Live Streaming Online
Watch Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins live online on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The big talking point on this one is the absence of Andrew Luck, who helped engineer a 27-24 upset of the Broncos, who were 7-0 at the time. The Colts have indeed struggled in the 5 games in which Luck was missing, and they have lost three straight games coming into this matchup. The other talking point is the performance of the Dolphins’ quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. Even though he was signed for a huge contract, fans continue to see mediocrity from him. However, the good news is that Miami are predicted to win this matchup.

Watch Jacksonville Jaguars Online at New Orleans Saints Streaming Live Now
Watch Jacksonville Jaguars NFL live stream at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Jaguars at Saints game has been moved from 1pm to 4:05pm, meaning that the Jacksonville Jaguars will get a bigger audience. It is presumed that this matchup will produce more than 100 offensive points as well as 11 touchdowns. Drew Brees and Blake Bortles will also showcase their talents and so it’s a bit curious as to why this game should not be moved to Sunday night football. As far as the game is concerned, the odds makers have the Saints predicted to win this one with a -3.5 spread.

Watch San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions Live Football Streaming Online
Watch San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions NFL game online on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The big news about the 49ers at Lions matchup is the fact that Jarryd Hayne is in line to be put in the active roster to face the Detroit Lions. If Davis and Draughn are ruled out, Hayne-currently on the practice squad-is the only other available running back option for the 49ers. As far as the game is concerned, the 49ers are considered the underdogs, having come from a loss at home against the Bengals in a game in which they went into halftime trailing 21-0. In that game, the 49ers had 4 turnovers, 11 more penalties and 2 for 14 on third down. These costly mistakes meant that they could not salvage the game even though they scored 14 points without reply in the second half. The Lions have been installed as an -8.5 point favorite to win this one.

Watch Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills Game Live Online
Watch Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills live stream on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

For the first time in five years, the Cowboys are out of the playoff race before the final week of the regular season. The Buffalo Bills are also not going to the playoffs and so Cowboys at Bills is a dead rubber for both teams. The talking point of this matchup is that Kellen Moore will start at quarterback for the Cowboys. For the Bills to win this game, they should reduce the number of penalties. The Cowboys have slim chances of winning this one, especially since Buffalo are playing at home. Looking at the odds, Buffalo is 7-2 against the spread and so they are favorites against Dallas.

Watch Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Online Streaming Live
Watch Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL game live stream online on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

The Chicago Bears will visit Raymond James Stadium for the first time in a decade, which is a rare drought for the team. Bears at Buccaneers is a fierce rivalry that was last contested from 1977-2001 when the NFC Central had only five teams. This is a game for two teams going nowhere, but they’ve done some good things during the regular season. For the Bucs, quarterback Jameis Winston is truly a gem. He currently has 20 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions not to mention his rushing game. Looking at the odds, the Bears are five-point favorites heading into this game.

Watch Carolina Panthers Game Online at Atlanta Falcons Live Stream
Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game at Atlanta Falcons streaming online on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

Carolina has been taking control of their rivalry with Atlanta, winning five of the last six meetings outright and going 6-1 against the spread over their last seven matchups. So Panthers at Falcons is an excellent opportunity for Carolina to reach 13-0 when the two teams meet. The Panthers are favorites in this game because in each of the last ten games, they have outrushed and outgained their opponents. On the other hand, the Falcons had a great performance in their last game, winning 23-17 at Jacksonville. When you check out the odds, Carolina is an 8.5-point favorite against Atlanta.

Watch New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings American Football Live Stream
Watch New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Regular Season Week 16 game online on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, TCF Bank Stadium

Even though this is a preview of the game itself and not a gambling discussion, the main talking point of Giants at Vikings is the suspension of Odell Beckham, which has caused a big shift in the game’s betting line. The betting lines show how much the Giants depend on their second-year receiver. Before the suspension, the Giants were 4-point favorites but after the suspension was announced, the tables turned and now the Vikings are a 7-point favorite. The Giants need to win and have the Washington Redskins lose both games in order to win the NFC East. The Vikings can also qualify for the playoffs if they win the game, so they will be highly motivated for this one.

Watch St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks Game Live Online
Watch St. Louis at Seattle Seahawks games live online on Sunday, December 27, 4:25 PM in CenturyLink Field

The Seahawks are looking to cruise to their sixth win in a row with a home showdown against the St. Louis Rams. Russell Wilson has been playing out of his mind lately, completing 68.8 % of his passes, throwing for eleven touchdowns in the last 3 games. The Rams are simply looking to keep their head above-water and if they are going to end the season a .500 team, they will have to win-out. Playing against a home team who has absolutely been on fire as of late is certainly no place to start a win-streak. The Seahawks look like the team which got them to the big dance the last couple of years and that is scary for all teams in the NFL.

Watch Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Game Live Online
Watch Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals NFL game live online on Sunday, December 27, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Coach McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers couldn’t have said it better when he stated that, “ it’s all about the Cardinalsâ€?. The man means business and with the season coming to a quick halt, the team could certainly utilize another win to better help themselves in the playoff bracket. The Cardinals are sitting pretty at 11-2 and it is this part of the season where we will get to see just how destined the team is for greatness. The two teams are similarly balanced, so it should no doubt be a great time to watch and enjoy.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens live NFL streaming on Sunday, December 27, 8:30 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The AFC North’s two heavy-weights are at it again when the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the continually struggling Baltimore Ravens in what should be a clear-cut Steeler victory. Coach Mike Tomlin is rearing to get his team in the best playoff seeding possible and with the team sticking by it’s game of fundamentals, they should be able to pick this one up without a hitch. The Ravens just don’t appear to really have the desire to end the season on a positive note and ever since the loss to Seattle a few weeks ago, they look destined to morally vacate for the remainder of the season.

Watch Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Live Game Streaming
Watch Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos NFL game live stream on Monday, December 28, 8:30 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

The Bengals have looked dangerous the entire year but it is typically this time of year when they begin to start showing a little wear and tear. The Broncos are coming off a bit of a tough loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers, when Big Ben wielded his team from behind to take the win late. Both of these teams look like forces to be reckoned with in the playoffs, especially the Bengals but even with a playoff untested quarterback, the Broncos still look like a team to beat and this weekend should help prove that notion.

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