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Who watches football online?

American football is especially popular in North America. In the United States it is even seen as the most popular sport at all, replacing baseball which had the highest popularity in the country before.

Almost every high school and every college in the US has an American football team on different skill levels which are organized in different leagues such as the NCAA or NAIA. There are several hundred teams in the top leagues of college football that – on average – play 12 games a season starting in fall. The best teams will be invited to the Bowl games on New Year’s Day, like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. American football is a sport with over 100 years of tradition.

Watch Football OnlineThe most well-known American professional football league is the National Football League (NFL) which was founded in the 1920s and therefore has a little less tradition than college football in the United States. The finale of the NFL, the Super Bowl, is the most important television event in the US and is considered as the world’s most popular annual sporting event. In the Super Bowl, the two champions of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) compete with each other. This tradition started in 1967 when the NFC and AFC – formerly separated, competing leagues – merged and fought out their overall champion for the first time. In addition to the most famous National Football Leagues, every now and then there were other leagues like the USFL or XFL that tried to compete with the NFL, but didn’t get a lot of attention after all.

Watching football online allows you to follow your favorite teams of the NFC and AFC:

The NFC emerged from an old and independent league which was founded in 1920 in Canton, Ohio as the American Professional Football Association and was later renamed to National Football League. The AFC also emerged from an old league, the American Football League (AFL) which was founded in 1960 as a competition for the old National Football League.

The fans of both leagues soon wanted to see who the true American football champion is and so the two champions of the respective leagues competed with each other for the first time in 1967. After that a new big NFL with all team from both smaller leagues was founded and it was easy to determine the conference names: The old NFL became the National Football Conference (NFC) with initially 13 teams and the teams from the old AFL formed the new American Football Conference (AFC) with 10 AFL teams complemented by 3 old NFL teams.

This is why unlike other American professional sports; the NFL is not divided into a Western Conference and Eastern Conference and the teams come from all parts of the U.S. in both conferences. For example, the New York Giants play in the NFC and the New York Jets play in the AFC. So if you watch football online and want to follow a team from New York, you can either follow the NFC or the AFC.

Options to watch football this week (Preseason Week 3):

Watch Atlanta Falcons NFL game at Miami Dolphins live streams on , New Miami Stadium

The Falcons are losing the all-time series just against the Dolphins, and the former seems like a sorry squad these days. And this is true when they have to play against the Dolphins from time to time too. The Falcons are down just 8-4 against the Dolphins, which is an august franchise in every sense of the word. The last time these amazing teams met was in 2013, and Atlanta won against the Dolphins on those two occasions too. Before that, Atlanta had lost the past two meetings with the Dolphins too.

Watch Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks live stream on , CenturyLink Field

At Cowboys at Seahawks, Dez Bryant will miss this game as he has the concussion. He suffered this health issue in practice, so he will have to miss the game between the Seahawks and the Cowboys. This happened during the team’s practice Monday morning. The same situation happened to Tyrone Crawford, so this player will not be able to play against the Seahawks. In the last 2 days, both players have just been evaluated for this health condition. These hits didn´t come from violent collisions as the Barry Church and Bryant were popping each together during drills.

Watch New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers NFL Game Live Streaming on , Bank of America Stadium

The Patriots will be on the road for the final part of the 2016 preseason, and they will be on the road to play against the NFC champions, the Carolina Panthers. The Patriots are enjoying an amazing pre-season as they have a record of 2-0 and are looking to close out at 3-0 for the first time since the finished 4-0 for a perfect pre-season in 2003. The game will be broadcasted by the famous PPTN and you can even see it in the beautiful state of New England whenever you want to.

Watch Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins game live streaming online on , FedEx Field

The preseason schedule for the Washington Redskins is just halfway done and this team sits 1-1 when they have to play against the Buffalo Bills in their Week 3 game. This week is very important for Redskin personnel and players, as the regular season will start out in just three weeks. The Washington Redskins preseason schedule has been very good as they have won against Atlanta Falcons in the first week of the preseason. It means that the team is very well prepared and that the whole personnel is working hard to win games. In the second week of the preseason, the Washington Redskins also won the game against the New York Jets, which is awesome.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints live NFL streaming on , Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Both teams have been doing exemplary well in the previous games. Statistics show that both teams have complementary strengths and weak points. The Saints have had a tough defense while the attacking of Steelers is abit challenged.

Pittsburgh will miss the services of Bruce Gradkowski, Bell and Golson and this might affect the defense. Sigler might be on the field since his suspension is over and he will bring change in the wing. The Orleans has very few injuries and suspensions but we can expect Anthony Stephone back to strengthen the defense. However, Sheldon still misses the match since his leg injury is still severe.

Watch Cleveland Browns online at Tampa Bay Buccaneers live game streams of NFL game on , Raymond James Stadium

This is a chance for both teams to test the results of the massive training. In their recent matches, both teams have shown change of tactics and have polished most of their weak points.

Both teams have remarkable players that you cannot miss. Winston Jameis has been doing wonders in previous games together with George Johnson. Their combination and communication is one that will be thrilling and perhaps of benefit. However, Frey in the Centre back and how he will perfom is another anxious wait as he will replace Leonard Johnson. Other legendary players to watch are Lanny and Lois Marpy who have been doing a great job.

Watch Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers NFL game live online on , Levis Stadium

The hosts seem confident of a win but they have to avoid previous first half reluctances. The Packers always start their game at a very fast pace and this might be a losing point for the hosts. If they are to win, they should stop overworking Carlos Hyde in the last minutes.

The Green Bay team has enjoyed a great attack from Rodgers and he is one mane to watch. The 49ers, however, have a better defense team compared to the less disciplined boys from Green Bay. The clash between Mathews and Kaepernick is one you cannot miss. Reggie Bush is and additional boost for the hosts and has been doing great in previous games.

Watch Kansas City Chiefs online NFL game at Chicago Bears on , Soldier Field

Except for the better defense of the Chicago Bears, the teams have equal statistical ratings. They have almost the same attacking and mid arrangements and tactics. If one of them has to win, added skills and tactics are mandatory.

The Kansas City boys are enjoying less injury reports compared to the injured Bears. The only miss-out Kansas player is Jamaal Charles who has a knee injury. The bears might have a hard time playing against the visitors. They have over five crucial injuries that might require whole team reorganization; if they are to perform. Bothe teams have to be skillful to make the game lively and interesting.

Watch Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens NFL game live online on , M&T Bank Stadium

The game between the Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens is going to be a crash between the angry roaring lions and the gurgling croaks of attentive ravens. Apparently, over the last 5 years, Baltimore has held the advantage with 2-1-0. It will be the second time in 5 years that the Lions have traveled to the Ravens for a preseason match. We await to see what Jim Caldwell has been telling his charges in the wake of the defeats they have been given at the hands of Baltimore’s John Harbaugh boys.

Watch Philadelphia Eagles online at Indianapolis Colts, NFL Preseason Week 3 game online on , Lucas Oil Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles will be playing away at Indianapolis. The Andrew Luck’s Colts lineup will be interesting to watch seeing that Hugh Thornton and Denzelle Good have been competing for starting right guard. Thornton is still on top but Good has great potential for starting depth. The two teams have a history of competing dating back to ’53. They have met 19 times, with the birds winning 9 times and the Colts wining 10 times. This preseason match will see the Eagles either leveling the field or throwing in the towel and admitting that the Colts are the better team. It is a must see.

Watch New York Giants at New York Jets Preseason Week 3 game online on , MetLife Stadium

If you are not a fan of any of the games above, then you need to wait for the clash between the Giants and the Jets. The two teams share a stadium and a city. Both teams are from New York. Their rivalry is well documented since their first meeting in November 1 1970. They have met 13 times and the Giants lead 8-5-0. The Giants are set to avenge their 28-18 loss at the hands of the Jets last season.

Watch Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders live NFL game streaming on , Oakland Coliseum

The Titans fired their old head coach Ken Whisenhunt and replaced him with the interim coach Mike Mularkey in November. It is a wait and see meet as the new coach try to outwit Jack Del Rio, head coach of Raiders. The 2 teams have met 48 times with the Raiders taking 28 games and the Titans winning 20 games. The last time they met, Raiders bested the Titans 24-21. The game is set to be a dog-eat-dog’ as each team try to outshine the other.

Watch Los Angeles at Denver Broncos games live online on in Sports Authority Field

Both teams have loopholes and team boosters that we expect to create action during the game. The hosts have a good attacking squad but poor defense that Broncos might use to crush them. Broncos, on the other hand, have an average game that will need some rejuvenation.

The Denver squad will have a boost since Ware DeMarcus is back but will miss the services of Vance Walker and Aqib Talib. Ware always has thrilling performances and increases the pace of the team. The Los Angeles boys have no major injuries and should take advantage of the defense injury their opponents have. However, they must contain Ware, if they have to win.

Watch San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings live NFL Games online on , U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings will host the Chargers in the next NFL game day. The hosts will have a rough time containing the centre play of the Chargers. In the previous games, the Chargers have utilized the middle squad to create goals and it has worked. Although both teams have a winning record, the clash might have a lot of tactics and skills.

There might be less change in the Vikings’ squad since there are no major injuries. The San Diego Chargers will miss the services of Clark and Cumberland who are out for injuries. Both teams have skilled attackers and it will be wonderful to see which side wins. The coach that will change the squad formation will take the day.

Watch Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans live streaming on , NRG Stadium

Cardinals at Texans, is another lively NFL match that is on the list. The Arizona boys have been showing great teamwork and coordination, that has improved their performances. The Houston Texans have polished most of last season’s weak points. The hosts are known to play a slow but decisive game that always easen goal scoring.

The discipline of the Texans over the previous games is an aspect to watch. None of its players will be out on injury grounds as compared to the badly wounded Cardinal team. Larry Fitzgerald and Alex Okafor are the recent injuries and who will have a major impact for the Cardinals. The coach will have to find perfect and competitive replacements for these injuries.

Watch Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game live stream on , EverBank Field

NFL will see another mega clash between the Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The hosts enjoy a strong defense wall but have a big challenge in the attacking squad. For Bengals, the defense has been weak maybe due to most of its players being out. However, Bengals always have a fast pace and team coordination and they utilize every opportunity.

Brandon LaFell, Billings and Jackson are among the Bengals’ boys that we might miss in action. However, the coach promises a change of tact that will keep his team lively. For the Jaguars, there are no serious injuries and the players are at their best. However, their challenged mid and front wingers are loopholes that the Bengals might take advantage of.

Watch football live streams (Preseason Week 2):

Watch Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream Online
Watch Philadelphia Eagles online at Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL Preseason Week 2 game online on Thursday, August 18, 7:00 PM, Heinz Field

Eagles at Steelers is one of the NFL games you do not want to miss. The season is getting more interesting and challenging. Both teams have shown incredible performances but as always, one has to win. The Steelers have shown higher total and passing yards in the last games. Being the host, they will take every advantage to themselves.

Eagles on the other side have showed a strong defense all through. Their scoring tactics are expected to rise given the team they are about to clash with. Ball pass efficiencies and speed of yard coverage are points the coach should work on. The two Philadelphia teams are giants that never lack ball surprises you cannot afford to miss.

Watch Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions Live Game Streaming
Watch Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions NFL game live stream on Thursday, August 18, 7:30 PM, Ford Field

Bengals at Lions is another clash of a lifetime. The two teams have fit and fast players to watch. Bengals however have three injuries Vontaze Burfict, Andrew Whitwoth and Jeremy Hill. Lions on the other hand have one minor injury on Darius Slay. The Lions might decide to take advantage of these loopholes in their opponent especially now that will host the game.

In the recent matches, both teams have shown incredible scoring and defense mechanisms. However, Bengals has had issues with the mid play; maybe due to the injury. Lions have seemed perfect and are almost sure of beating Bengals. Bengals coach seems unmoved by this confidence and who knows; Ball games have miracles, let us wait and see.

Watch Atlanta Falcons Game at Cleveland Browns Online Stream
Watch Atlanta Falcons NFL game at Cleveland Browns live streams on Thursday, August 18, 8:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The next game to watch is between Falcons and the mighty Brown. Browns been the host seems to have an upper hand in the game. The last time they clashed saw Browns bag a 20-10 defeat under the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are known to have a defensive and tactical game while the Brown shows an attacking game mode.

Their statistics are almost equivalent with no serious injuries for both teams. If Browns is to defeat their opponent, the coach must work on the attack mode of the team. Falcons on the other side will need to increase on yard speed that has been low in their past games. Speed with creative football moves will do for any of the two teams.

Watch Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers American Football Game Live
Watch Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers NFL game live streaming on Thursday, August 18, 8:00 PM, Lambeau Field

Packers will host the Raiders in a clash expected to show who the real giant is. Packers may have some game confidence after they clinched the NFC North game title. The raiders coach has said that he is ready to compete and win. Both teams have reported successful training sessions with each polishing their mistakes.

The Oakland raiders coach has expressed confidence in his squad despite the minor injuries in the team. He promises a change of game tactic in the clash with the Packers. The packers on the other side have a hosting advantage and they always perform on their stadia.

Ball possessions rate at almost equal for both teams, but the Packerss have increased activity on the centre play. This might give them an added advantage.

Watch Chicago Bears at New England Patriots Online Streaming Live
Watch Chicago Bears at New England Patriots NFL game live stream online on Thursday, August 18, 8:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

After opening the preseason with a victory over the New Orleans Saints last Thursday, the Patriots will host the Chicago Bears in a preseason match up. This week’s game will be the 16th meeting overall between the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears that includes Superbowl XX. This two teams last met in the regular season in October’14 with the Patriots taking a 51-23 victory. The Patriots hold an overall 9-3 lead in the regular season series, but Chicago claim the victory in the team’s only post season matchup. One of the memorable and impressive games between the two teams was in 2002 when the patriots showed one of the most interesting comebacks rallying from a 27-6 deficit to pull out for a 33-30 win.

Watch Minnesota Vikings Live Online at Seattle Seahawks Game Streaming
Watch Minnesota Vikings live online at Seattle Seahawks NFL game streaming on Thursday, August 18, 10:00 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Seattle Seahawks will host Minnesota Vikings in Week 2 of the preseason, a team they played twice last year, once in the regular season and secondly in the wild-card round of the showdown with Seattle Seahawks winning both games. In Jan’16 Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks battled through the game that is known as the 3rd coldest game in NFL History and the coldest in Vikings history. The temperature that day was as low as -6 Degrees Fahrenheit while the wind chill was calculated at -25. This typical weather led to more running from both the teams. In the end, Minnesota came up short and ended its playoff adventure by losing at 10-9 to Seattle.

Watch New York Jets online at Washington Redskins Football Game Streaming
Watch New York Jets online at Washington Redskins, NFL Preseason Week 2 live stream on Friday, August 19, 7:30 PM, FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins will host the New York Jets. Washington Redskins will be trying to turn the tables after losing the last against Atlanta Falcons with the score of 23-17. On the other hand New York Jets, after having beaten Jacksonville Jaguars with the score of 17-13, would try to continue the winning spree. In the last game between the two teams, New York Jets beat Washington Redskins with the score of 34-20. This happened because of two touchdown passes by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who also ran for another score. The game was finished by Kirk Cousins with a touchdown.

Watch Live Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Online Streaming
Watch Miami Dolphins NFL Game at Dallas Cowboys online stream live on Friday, August 19, 8:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys will host the Miami Dolphins for the second week preseason game. The Cowboys having lost the last five games including the last week’s preseason game to Los Angeles Rams by 28-24 will be taking on the Miami Dolphins who on the other hand successfully beat the New York Giants last week by 27-10. The last match played between both the teams on 22nd November’15 went in Cowboys favor with the final score of 24-14, all thanks to Tony Romo who pulled off his latest rebound victory returning from a collarbone injury helping Dallas Cowboys to win for the first time after his injury.

Watch Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers Online Live Streaming
Watch Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers live streaming on Friday, August 19, 9:00 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals go for their week 2 preseason last Thursday the Cardinals won against the Cowboys after a good defense on the other hand the Cardinals lost against Kansas City chiefs. Both teams are expected for a hard match. The Chargers extended their contract with Philip Rivers last Saturday, it is beneficial for the Chargers for a new deal. The first team offence and Rivers are most likely to play first half, a lot of newcomers would be found and Rivers will have to tackle them. From the defense point of view, the Chargers will replicate performance against other teams.

Watch Carolina Panthers Game Online at Tennessee Titans Live Stream
Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game at Tennessee Titans streaming online on Saturday, August 20, 3:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Carolina Panthers won against Green Bay Packers for 3 quarters holding on 37-29 for victory pushing their score to 8-0, coming next for Panthers are Titans who have played well till now with 24-28, win against New Orleans Saints, the team of Panthers have passed every test put in their path and they have proved themselves, they are looking strong against the Titans but with new entry of Mike Mularkey and a good play against Saints last week, both teams are even. The 19 total touchdowns of Newton would be likely to place him in top five in the NFL if all touchdowns are passed, he has lead Panthers to 8-0 and seems to play quite well.

Watch New York Giants at Buffalo Bills American Football Live Stream
Watch New York Giants at Buffalo Bills Preseason Week 2 game online on Saturday, August 20, 4:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Buffalo Bills could have beaten Rex Ryan’s rivals if they had not hit penalties against the New England Patriots. The New York Giants while playing against Dallas Cowboys lost their opener due to poor time management. They also lost the lead to Atlanta the match between Buffalo Bills and New York Giants, the Bills seem to have a slight advantage. This is mainly due to stalwart defense. Last week they played well against Miami Dolphins. Bills are likely to stop the game of Giants. Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings stand very little chance against front four of the Bills’.Leodis McClain will not be playing due to injuries and so will Aaron Williams. Manning seems to play well against the Bills and might be able to put some score in Odell Beckham’s path. Giants are having some defensive issues and this might be a liability for them. We look forward to a spectacular game between both of the teams.

Watch Baltimore Ravens online at Indianapolis Colts NFL streaming
Watch Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts online live NFL game stream on Saturday, August 20, 7:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The Ravens and Colts clashes had been fierce lately. Indianapolis has best offences in NFL while Ravens are going ahead with the 38-10 victory last week over Panthers. They have a total of 144 points last week. Cornerback Jimmy Smith sated that this was probably the best offensive they had to face. Head coach John Harbaugh said that they were 3-1 in the first quarter and now they started a new phase. Three keys to the game are firstly to establish the running game, secondly pressure Luck and thirdly to take crowd out of the game. The Ravens will have to kick start to quieten the crowd. Applying pressure against the opposing quarterbacks will be a good strategy when facing Luck. Rushing attack in the backfield is another option. Ravens will have to fight against the defensive Colts for an advantage.

Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars Game Live Streaming
Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game live streaming on Saturday, August 20, 7:30 PM, EverBank Field

The Buccaneers and the Jaguars are taking their lumps.They are waiting for their future quarterbacks to develop. Rookie Jameis Winston hopes to regroup his roughest performance when the Buccaneers try to snap their longest home losing streak. Despite the poor loss, the Jaguars can quickly bounce back with the trip to Buccaneers. The Buccaneers are 1-3 as well, and the next game can turn to be even the worst.

Winston had completed just half of his passes with 3 interceptions and 4 touchdowns in the first three games before things got worse. However, a loss to the Buccaneers would put the Jaguars at 1-4 and going for the home game against Houston in a bad shape.

Both teams need victory, and the losing coach most of all will be fired before the playoffs. The Jaguars play harsh, regardless of the environment and injuries. But we can’t say the same about the Buccaneers.

Watch New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans Game Stream Live Online
Watch New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans live NFL game streaming on Saturday, August 20, 8:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Saints go on the road this week to take on the Texans, who are currently tied for the first place. The Saints are leaders in the overall series with the Texans. In this week of the preseason, the Saints dropped a contest to the Texans. After losing 2 contests, the team of Saints took advantage of the last week as a rest time and it looks like they enter a stretch run with the final games. As usually, the Saints have deserved success following a bye. Since 2009, the New Orleans Saints has posted a 5-1 record following a bye.

Watch San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos Live Football Streaming Online
Watch San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos NFL game online on Saturday, August 20, 9:00 PM, Sports Authority Field

The San Francisco 49ers’ preseason campaign returns to the fray when the team hosted the Broncos. But for the 49ers, it will be a usual business. These are common preparations that will lead to the regular season with nothing short of a next Super Bowl. SF is 0-1 in the preseason after dropping their first bout to the Baltimore Ravens. Following the game, both teams entered a three-day joint practice before the 49ers headed back to the West to prepare for the upcoming matchup against Denver.

Watch Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream at Los Angeles Rams Online
Watch Kansas City Chiefs online NFL game at Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, August 20, 9:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

If winter playoffs were the best time of the NFL year then the beginning of September, when a lot of players on each league team are told their dream is over, has to be the worst one. Backup quarterback has been through it before.The Chiefs made four certain moves in order to get to the 75-man maximum. While the starters would not play much, if at all, against the Rams, this game is critical for Reid and his coaching team to make all of those final decisions.

NFL football live streaming this week (Preseason Week 1):

Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles Game Live Streaming
Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles NFL game live streaming on Thursday, August 11, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Philadelphia hopes to avoid the previous consecutive losses in the coming fixtures. With the new replacement of Sanchez by the renown player, Sam Bradford when they lost their last quarter games to Miami. The Philadelphia Eagles has been on the recent concerted of their effort in the coming season, so they are perfectly ready to beat the close rivals overboard. The new signing of Sam Branford is another boost in the coming two years. Currently, Philadelphia runs third last in the league, the current standings of 26.1 against Philadelphia at 26.9 in their defensive matches. On the other sides of points per game, Philadelphia have 23.6 points per game, and Tampa Bay 21.4 hence overall prediction is Philadelphia win in the up coming match, a must watch game!

Watch Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons Game Streaming Online
Watch Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons NFL game live streaming on Thursday, August 11, 7:00 PM, Georgia Dome

The regular seasons of Washington at Atlanta depict that the two teams have met twenty-five times with one game being a postseason match. In the general matches, Washington has won fifteen times in the games played while Atlanta had won only nine games. The winnings during the games played have resulted in only one tie at all time games. Atlanta leads the away winnings of 6-5-1 series. In the long run, Washington has won with a total point scored being 279 and 259 for Atlanta. The review therefore places Washington winning at home.

Watch Carolina Panthers Game Online at Baltimore Ravens Live Stream
Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game at Baltimore Ravens streaming online on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

Carolina at Baltimore is another entertaining game to watch with the past game statistics as follows; The preview here includes the postseason and the regular season matches. Carolina at Baltimore has met five times with Carolina winning three times in the games and Baltimore winning the other two. Carolina Panthers have a lead series of 3-2-0. In the home games, Carolina has won in a lead series of 2-1-0 with 50 points while Baltimore has 60 points. On the other hand, the away game result in a tie with the series being 1-1-0 which had Baltimore having 59 points while Carolina has 33 points. Hence the Carolina is likely to win in home games.

Watch New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots Game Stream Live Online
Watch New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots live NFL game streaming on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

It is now two straight years since New England, and New Orleans will be together practicing before the big preseason matchup. The game will be one of it own, great game to watch for all fans around the world. New England active player Malcolm Butler will face New Orleans reliable receiver Brandin Cooks for this big match. Another player to watch carefully will be Jimmy Garoppolo who has not been to his expected level the past few practices, but he is a player who always pulls surprises we expect a lot from him in the game. The game will be one to enjoy

Watch Jacksonville Jaguars Online at New York Jets Streaming Live Now
Watch Jacksonville Jaguars NFL live stream at New York Jets on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New York Jets finished last season 10-6 but missed the playoffs due to a tie-breaker with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The quarterback battle pits Ryan Fitzpatrick, who recently signed a new deal with the Jets, against Blake Bortles of the Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11). Both quarterbacks had close to similar numbers last year. The difference is in rushing – both offensively and defensively. Jets RB Chris Ivory rushed for over 1000 yards last season while Jaguars RB T.J. Yeldon ran for only 740. The Jets defense gave up only 83.4 rushing yards as opposed to the Jaguars defense, which gave up 106 per game.

Watch Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Live Streaming Online
Watch Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears live online stream of NFL on Thursday, August 11, 8:00 PM, Soldier Field

Defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos (12-4) face the Chicago Bears (6-10) in a game that features two teams in the top five in passing defense. The Broncos led the league, allowing only 199.6 passing yards per game, while the Bears allowed 224.6, fourth-best in the NFL. The Broncos are superior in rushing defense however, only allowing 83.6 yards while Chicago allowed 120.9. The Bears come into the game dealing with a few injuries, most notably starting center Hronis Grassu, who tore his ACL and will have to miss to play all the matches for the entire season. TE Zach Miller and WR Eddie Royal are also sidelined.

Watch Live Miami Dolphins at New York Giants Online Streaming
Watch Miami Dolphins NFL Game at New York Giants online stream live on Friday, August 12, 7:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Miami Dolphins will be up against the New York Giants, in a game that features two teams that finished with identical 6-10 records in last year events. The Giants, led by QB Eli Manning, finished at position 7 in passing yards with 271.7 but also gave up 298.9 on the defensive side, second-worst in the entire league. WR Victor Cruz is not expected to play after complaining of groin tightness during practice. Cruz has not seen action since 2014. The Dolphins meanwhile, are looking to new head coach Adam Gase to get the most out of QB Ryan Tannehill, who previously worked well with notable QBs Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, and Jay Cutler.

Watch Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream Online
Watch Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game live online on Friday, August 12, 7:00 PM, Heinz Field

The Ben Roethlisberger-led Pittsburgh Steelers face the Detroit Lions, who were worst in rushing yards last season. The stingy Steelers rushing defense only allowed 91.2 yards last year but their secondary was bad, giving up 271.9 passing yards. Offensively however, Roethlisberger and WR Antonio Brown contributed greatly to Pittsburgh’s third-best 287.7 passing yards per game. A key matchup to look out for is Brown, who is one of the fastest receivers in today’s game and league-leader in total receptions last year, against Detroit’s CB Darius Slay, who some consider to be a part of the league’s top 10 corner backs presently.

Watch Minnesota Vikings Live Online at Cincinnati Bengals Game Streaming
Watch Minnesota Vikings live online at Cincinnati Bengals NFL game streaming on Friday, August 12, 7:30 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

Since Minnesota and Cincinati have had practiced together their game should be quite interesting. There is one thing that always seems to get in the way and that is Mr Zimmer. He always tries to fight and it tends to get out of hand. A lot of the NFL players like practicing with other teams to see who really is good. The guys seemed to get one the other guys nerves. It could be quite a hassle trying to practice with any problems between the players. Both of the teams are pretty good and they both have amazing talent. Lets see how the real game goes.

Watch Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers Live Streams Online Now
Watch Cleveland Browns online at Green Bay Packers live game streams of NFL game on Friday, August 12, 8:00 PM, Lambeau Field

Cleveland and Green Bay are both good teams but they also have their challenges. What you did not know is that the Packers had a donation for the hospitals for the children who are crippled. They usually donate a certain percentage to them. Both of these teams have a right race on who can make it to the play offs since they are both very good teams. Between these two teams most of the fans tend to gamble to see who will win. Its quite interesting to see these two teams battle against with each other.

Watch Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals American Football Game Live
Watch Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals NFL game live streaming on Friday, August 12, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Starting off that Oakland and Arizona are on the list for the top three teams who could make it to the official season. They say the Raiders will be very tough to beat and they are serious about the playoffs this year. Could they really make it this year? Who really knows they are going against some pretty tough teams as well. I guess we will have to see whats really going to happen. Both of these teams are practicing really hard before they get ready to play this year for this upcoming season. Lets see how good they really are!

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs NFL game live stream on Saturday, August 13, 4:30 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

Since there is slot of good players that play for both of these teams there are times where you have to say goodbyes to some of the players. And you will have no people coming in to join your team . You are hoping they are good as the others you used to have. Kansas city is looking pretty good compared to what everyone is saying. Kansas is keeping about 6 wide receivers, so they are starting off very well. They are hoping they could do great for this upcoming season and make it to the play offs.

Watch Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Game Live Streaming Online
Watch Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills live online on Saturday, August 13, 7:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

It’s quite good to see how improved Buffalo bills now really are. The big news of course is that Tyrod Taylor is their quarterback now, and he earned the job through the training camps and the preseason. EJ Manuels earned a roster spot as he was very good at making some of the best throws in the preseason. That said, I can’t justify playing him over Tyrod Taylor. Taylor was consistent throughout camp. He didn’t really have too many poor days. EJ had a few.

For Colts, Andrew Luck, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL can bounce back being healthy, and have an outstanding season. That’s only everything. Anyway, I’d say gamble because nothing really every goes according to plan. And let’s see how it goes.

Watch Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Game Live Online
Watch Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams live stream on Saturday, August 13, 8:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

For Dallas Cowboys, the question is can Tony Romo stay healthy? If he can, then the Cowboys would have a shot at making the playoffs. With Moore being extremely ineffective last year in his two starts, Jameill Showers and Dak Prescott having no business leading an offense, Dallas’ defense is going to be outrageously inept this year.

For Rams, looking at a fresh start, they’re still juggling between Jared Goff and Case Keenum, as to who will start under center week 1. The Rams look to improve on the defensive side of the ball after ending up in the bottom 10 in yards acceptable per game.

Watch San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans Live Streams Online
Watch San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans live NFL Games online on Saturday, August 13, 8:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Last season was nothing short of a disaster for Titans compiling a 3-13 record while Marcus Mariota showed some signs of improvement although he was plagued with injuries. When the Titans host the Chargers this season, year two of the Mariota era begins.

The Chargers were no better as Philip Rivers and company collapsed to 4-12.

Watch Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers Live Stream Online
Watch Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers NFL game online on Sunday, August 14, 7:00 PM, Levis Stadium

The 49ers dominated every date that they have had with the Texans. Both these teams have faced each other in each game in the previous three years. The 49ers ruled a regular season encounter in 2013 34-3 and in 2014 cruised through a preseason affair 40-13 and took care of business at home in the 2015 preseason opener 23-10.

How the game is going to get going, and who is going to get into a rhythm is something that we have to wait and see.

Finally watch NFL football streaming again (Hall of Fame Weekend 2016):

Watch Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts NFL game live online on Sunday, August 07, 8:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

It is a historical day on Sunday, August 7 2016 as the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers go head to head in a historic game. It will be held in Canton’s Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. This game will kick off the National Football Leagues 2016 preseason. The Colts and Packers will each make their 5th appearance in the NFL Hall of Fame game. They will close out the 2016 enshrinement weekend a day after 3 of their former legends have been enshrined into the pro football Hall of Fame. Brett Favre, the quarterback from the Packers, former head coach Tony Dungy of the Colts and wide receiver Marvin Harrison are among the respected 8 man class that was elected to the Hall of Fame recently. The are listed among the greats who are members of the Hall of Fame class of 2016. Some of the names include owner Edward DeBartolo, Jr, linebacker Kevin Greene, tackle Orlando Pace, quarterback Ken Stabler and guard Dick Stanfel.

The Super Bowl XXXI victory for the Packers was led by Favre. He spent 16 of his 20 NFL seasons with the Packers. He was NFL’s all time leader in passing yards, attempts, completions and touchdowns. Now the legendary Packers player has retired. Tony Dungy was the coach for the Colts for 7 seasons. During the time the Colts had managed to win 12 or more games every year. The only exception was Dungy’s first year when Indianapolis finished with the score of 10-6. The man is a true legend as he was the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl. This is when he led the Colts to a historic victory in the Super Bowl XLI. Marvin Harrison is a pure Indianapolis soldier. His entire career of 13 seasons was dedicated to Indianapolis. During this time he was successful in taking 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns. Harrison was voted to 8 Pro Bowls and was named All Pro six times.

The Grand match between the Colts and Packers on Sunday, August 7th could go to either of the two sides as both teams are football heavy weights with excellent players representing them on the field. Both teams have already played in the NFL Hall of Fame game 4 times. There is no shortage of experience or talent in either teams arsenal. So far, the Colts have won the Hall of Fame game twice while the Packers have only won it once.

The class of 2016 will be formally enshrined into the Pro football Hall of Fame one day before the big Game on August 6th. It will take place in Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton. The entire event will be televised nationally by the NFL network and also ESPN. There will be 3 major events to complement the game on the 7th and the enshrinement ceremony. On the 4th of August, the gold jacket dinner will be held. On the 5th Tim McGraw will play in the Concert for Legends. The enshrines game day round table will happen on the day of the big game. More than 100 Hall of Fame legends will come to Canton. It will be a once in a lifetime chance to see so many legends at the same place.

Watch football online this week (Super Bowl 2015/2016):

Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game at Denver Broncos streaming online on Sunday, February 07, 6:30 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Likely to be Peyton Manning’s last ever game playing quarterback, Super Bowl L is his fourth appearance. Hopefully it won’t end like the second and third time his team made the Super Bowl (with his team losing). He is not the quarterback he once was, the one who broke single season records, like most touchdown passes in a season (with 49). Peyton is one of the few players who started playing in the 1990s to still be playing.

All time, the Panthers have only played in one Super Bowl (XXXVIII) that they lost to the Patriots, and this is Cam Newton’s first appearance in the big game. It will be sort of a passing of the torch to the next generation of quarterbacks.

Cam has performed very well this year, with a total of 45 touchdowns this season (35 passing and ten rushing) in the regular season; he threw for nearly 4,000 yards this year, rushing for over 600 more. In the playoffs he has add three passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns; throwing for almost five hundred yards and rushing for fifty yards.

The two teams have won their two playoff games in two very different ways. Denver has to be the oddest team to ever score a number two seed; their starting quarterback threw less than ten touchdowns and threw seventeen interceptions. That sounds like a team that finishes 6-10, and not a team that finds themselves in the Super Bowl.

Carolina has put up 55 points, allowing only seven in the first half of their games.

On the other hand, you have Denver who had to mount a come back against Pittsburgh, and just barely squeaked past New England with a win.

If Denver wants to win the game, they will need to establish a run game, due to Peyton being unable to pass forty times in this game. He will also need to make sure he does not fumble or throw interceptions because Carolina will make the Broncos pay if they do. It is likely that if the game turns into a shootout that Denver will wind up losing. Denver got to this game, not for their offense, but for their defense, and their ability to find a way to win games.

If Carolina needs to win, they need to stick around for the second half and not just phone it in like they did against Seattle. Denver seems like a team that does not do well in the first half (almost like they need time to get acclimated to the field) but finish strong.

NFL football games online this week (NFL season 2015 Conference Championships):

Watch New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Game Live Stream
Watch New England Patriots at Denver Broncos NFL Game Live Streaming on Sunday, January 24, 3:05 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

This is yet another matchup between Brady and Manning (this will be the seventeenth time they have played each other). It may also be the last (or at least one of the last) games that Peyton Manning will play. All season, it has been as though he has shown his age and shown us how long he has been playing this game. At the same time, he has put up one of his weakest seasons since he started playing football professionally. He has thrown only nine touchdowns and seventeen interceptions, and started in nine games, and played in ten. If the Broncos want to win this game, they will need him to step up and play like the entire football world is used to him playing for the entirety of his long eighteen year career.

On the other side of the ball, you have Tom Brady, playing for the reigning champion Patriots. He will be a force to be reckoned with as he is coming off a regular season where he threw 36 touchdowns and a staggering seven interceptions. For some quarterbacks, throwing less than ten interceptions is a pretty difficult goal to achieve, but for Tom Brady, it is just another day at the office.This marks the fifth time in his career that he has thrown less than ten interceptions in his sixteen year career.

Brady and Manning (both quarterbacks are considered the NFL’s elite quarterbacks) going up against each other always makes headlines, with everyone believing that it is the best matchup and quarterback rivalry to ever exist. Currently, Brady is 11-5 in these games, but Manning has won five of his last ten. The rivalry started with Brady winning the first six games. Manning has lost eight of the ten matchups that have taken place at New England, but the games in Denver or Indianapolis are tied at three. In the playoffs, the games are tied at two.

The two came off decent games last week. Brady threw two touchdowns, 302 on 28 completions. In a come from behind vicory against Pittsburgh, Manning’s teamates stepped up around him.

This should be a great matchup because of New England’s offense going up against Denver’s defense, which has been performing better than New England’s this year. If Denver can hold them defensively, they may just have a chance to win the game. Neither team gives up on defense what they are able to put up on offense.

Watch Carolina Panthers Game Online vs Arizona Cardinals Live Stream
Watch Carolina Panthers NFL game vs Arizona Cardinals streaming online on Sunday, January 24, 6:40 PM, Bank of America Stadium

After watching Sunday’s panther-Seahawks game, Coach Bruce Arians was impressed with Carolina’s fast start. He said that it is extremely important that the Cardinals make a good start on their own and not let the Panthers do the same.Things aren’t looking so good for the Arizona Cardinals. Coach Bruce Arians thought his quarterback Carson Palmer played hesitantly by tossing a pair of interceptions and having others come dangerously close to being picked. On the other hand with the Carolina panthers, Cam Newton is playing at an elite level.

The Arizona quarterback always makes it hard for the other side’s defense to stop him. In last Sundays’ game against the Seahawks (the team that finished the regular season second in the entire NFL in total defense), the quarterback proved his abilities when the Panthers won 31 to 24. In last year’s first-round playoff victory against Arizona, he had 35 yards rushing and threw for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Carolina Panthers don’t even try to hide their offensive style of play. But in fact, The Panthers even dare opponents to force a change in tactics.

Furthermore, playing at the Bank of America stadium gives Carolina the upper hand. Cardinal’s S Tony Jefferson is recently proving to be a pro, After playing 73 defensive snaps and eight on special teams against green bay, Jefferson produced nine tackles, including two for loss, and a pass defensed. The Arizona defensive back is asked to be vigilant. Tony Jefferson’s play near the line of scrimmage will be critical in deciding the fate of the game. Green Bay held the Arizona Cardinals to 40 yards rushing last Saturday.

However, the Panthers rank fourth, holding their opponents to 88.4 yards in each game. It’s also worth mentioning that the Panthers rank first in the NFL in holding opponent quarterbacks to a 73.5 passer rating. The late season loss of DB Tyrann Mathieu (knee injury) was a huge blow to the Cardinals, but quarterback Carson Palmer makes up for that by having 4,671 passing yards and 35 touchdowns. OLB Dwight Freeney (Cardinals) provided eight sacks in 11 games after he was signed off the street. However, we must also remember that MVP Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has the league’s highest-scoring offense of 500 points. He also has 35 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 99.2

Who will win?

The stats appear to be in favor of the Carolina Panthers. Even though the Panthers’ defense will make things a bit uncomfortable, MVP quarterback Cam Newton has proven time and time again his offensive abilities and can change the tide during major third-down scenarios.

Watch football online this week (NFL season 2015 Divisional Playoffs):

Watch Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream at New England Patriots Online
Watch Kansas City Chiefs online NFL game at New England Patriots on Saturday, January 16, 4:35 PM, Gillette Stadium

Looking for their second win, the Chiefs take on the New England Patriots, who have won their last two games in a row. Reid admitted this week that preparing for New England many times can be a challenge because they never give you quite the same look. I think every game is different when you play them, he said of New England. Depending on what he (coach Bill Belichick) sees in you, they’re going to throw the ball a little bit more. Other times, like against the Colts in the playoffs, they ran it near every time. You’re going to get a different flavor every time you play and that’s what good coaches do.

Watch Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Game Live Online
Watch Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals NFL game live online on Saturday, January 16, 8:15 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The sure Arizona Cardinals are readied to confront a much harder test this weekend than month ago’s meeting Aaron and Green Bay Packers. Taking after the best general season in establishment history, the Cardinals have the inspired Packers Saturday night NFC match. Arizona extended the triumphant streak of 38-8 home defeating Green Bay in Dec. It recorded more sacks (nine) than focuses permitted and held Packers to 178 yards – their second-least aggregate of season. The Cardinals likewise scored twice on safeguard in one of most predominant endeavors of 2015 and maybe Green Bay’s most exceedingly terrible.Rodgers has appreciated substantially more postseason accomplishment since, the Cardinals hope to get the best from him. They likewise hope to play superior to anything they did in a 36-6 home annihilation to Seattle in the general season finale.

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers NFL game live stream on Sunday, January 17, 1:05 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Seahawks enhanced to 6-1 in the postseason in the course of the last three seasons under head mentor Pete Carroll with a 10-9 win at Minnesota a week ago. Seattle, which is the second group in NFL history to lead the class in least points permitted in four sequential seasons, has won six back to back street recreations and permitted only one hostile touchdown.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos live NFL streaming on Sunday, January 17, 4:40 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

After he missed last season recovering from neck surgery and was then released by the group he featured with for a long time, Manning makes his eagerly awaited presentation with the Denver Broncos against the meeting Steelers on Sunday night in a rematch of last season’s playoff thriller. This will be Manning’s first diversion that tallies since Jan. 8, 2011, when Indianapolis lost 17-16 to the New York Jets in an AFC trump card challenge. The future Hall of Famer is attempting to make light of his arrival from numerous neck surgeries while planning to play well for Denver after the Colts chose to go separate ways with him.

NFL streaming this week (NFL season 2015 Wild card weekend):

Watch Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream at Houston Texans Online
Watch Kansas City Chiefs online NFL game at Houston Texans on Saturday, January 09, 4:35 PM, NRG Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans teams will be squaring off in an upcoming match. Both teams are known for having strong defense. Kansas City recently celebrated a win at Houston scoring a remarkable performance at 27-0. However some of their team member suffered injuries and may not participate in the match. On the other hand, Houston Texans are hoping to reverse City’s 10 games winning streak in the upcoming match. The Chief’s seem much prepared and the return of one of their top players Tamba Hali is likely to play out well for the team. This is likely to be the game of the season and since Texans have the stronger defense they are likely to come out victorious.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals live NFL streaming on Saturday, January 09, 8:15 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals will be facing off in what is likely to be a highly competed match. The Steelers team proved their dominance after beating Indianapolis Colts 45-10 in a recent match. The Bengals on the other hand beat Cleveland Browns 37-3 and judging from this kind of performance, the Steers should be very worried about facing them. Everything is at stake as should the Bengals win, they will be entitled to the AFC North title and proceeds to playoffs. If Steers maintain the momentum they had over Indianapolis they can beat the Bengals and shrink the gap between the two teams.

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings NFL game live stream on Sunday, January 10, 1:05 PM, TCF Bank Stadium

Some of NFL’s best teams Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings will be facing each other in an upcoming match. Seattle is looking to stretch their 4 games winning streak when they face Vikings. Seattle has a strong offense that has shown its dominance after scoring 100 in the team’s last three games. However some of their top players Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham have suffered injuries. Vikings is a strong team and a strong competition for Seahawks. This is likely to be a slim win and we cannot wait to see it, but the Seahawks are likely to have victory over Vikings.

Watch Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Game Live Online
Watch Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins NFL game live online on Sunday, January 10, 4:40 PM, FedEx Field

Let’s face it, Washington only reached the playofs because the league’s rules necessitate a team from every division. Despite going winless against resistance having a successful record, the Redskins topped a horrid NFC East. But only at that time, not any of this matters. The reality is: this is not your typical Green Bay team. Aaron Rodgers, while still great, has not been “Rodgers great.” The season-long lack of Jordy Nelson has shown only what he means to that particular offense, which has not appeared only inadequate sometimes. Despite a typical season, the Redskins are not unlikely super pumped to be in this case.

NFL football games online this week (NFL season 2015 week 17):

Watch New York Jets online at Buffalo Bills Football Game Streaming
Watch New York Jets online at Buffalo Bills, NFL Regular Season Week 17 live stream on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

We can expect no love lost between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills when these long-time rivals go toe to toe. Buffalo claimed a narrow victory in their last meeting and head into this re-match with a home field advantage. In a feud which dates back to 1960, these teams are pretty even in terms of wins against each other with Buffalo holding a slight advantage 59-51. Will the Jets narrow that margin in this next showdown?

Watch New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Game Live Stream
Watch New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins NFL Game Live Streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

Currently trailing in the AFC East, the Miami Dolphins are looking for a big win when they host the New England Patriots. Currently putting their 5-10 season record against the conference leading Patriots who head into this showdown with a 12-3 performance this season, the Dolphins could shake things up with a victory against the most scrutinized team in the league this year. The controversy from last season still fresh in everyone’s minds, have the Patriots shaken the Dolphins’ focus from the task at hand on the field?

Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Game Live Streaming
Watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers NFL game live streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The battle in the NFC South is sure to be one that you don’t want to miss as the Carolina Panthers look to extend their string of victories over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nobody needs to be reminded that when these two teams lock horns, things tend to get heated. One needs only to look at the number of season-ending injuries suffered by the combatants on the field during their previous showdowns to know that this one is going to be intense.

Watch New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Game Stream Live Online
Watch New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons live NFL game streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

The New Orleans Saints will come marching into Atlanta to meet the Falcons. The bad blood between these teams is well regarded as one of the most established rivalries in the division. With every play holding even more importance as we near the end of the season, we can expect both squads to pull out all the stops. Atlanta will look to use their home field advantage to avenge their last loss to the Saints in October with eyes on winning their first Super Bowl since 1998.

Watch Baltimore Ravens online at Cincinnati Bengals NFL streaming
Watch Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals online live NFL game stream on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens will be in Cincinnati to see if the can improve their 5-10 score by winning against the Bengals and put a dent in their 11-4 score. However, in order to do so, the Ravens will have to improve their interception ability, rushing and red zone offense in order to be more competitive with the Bengals. Yes, the Ravens won recently against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Bengals currently excel overall in defense and offense and that might be quite a challenge for the Ravens to overcome in the upcoming rivalry.

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Game Live Stream
Watch Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns live NFL streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

As mentioned before, the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming fresh from a loss, including a loss of their spot in the conference’s final, to the Ravens as they take on the Cleveland Browns. Even though good defense and offense are what the Steelers are familiar with, it has been running dry this season, especially with Ben Roethlisberger’s poor playing skills on the road. Their recent loss against a mediocre team has especially put them at risk. This is a must win for the Steelers or they might be downright eliminated.

Watch Jacksonville Jaguars Online at Houston Texans Streaming Live Now
Watch Jacksonville Jaguars NFL live stream at Houston Texans on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

After having a rough season, including a loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Jacksonville Jaguars hope to have better luck against the Texans in Houston. The Jaguars are at a disadvantage due to their poor road performance with a 1-6 score. One strength for the Jaguars is that they won’t have to deal with Texans’ Drew Brees, having the poorer-performing Brandon Weeden in his place instead. However, In order to increase their chances of eluding the Texans, the Jaguars will especially have to take on Deandre Hopkins. The Jaguars’ Blake Bottles has also been very competitive this season and might pose a challenge for the Texans. Overall though, each team has their strengths and weaknesses and it will certainly be a little trickier to see how this game ends up.

Watch Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Game Stream Live Online
Watch Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts live NFL game streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

Injuries are currently plaguing the Colts right now. Andrew Luck, Mike Hassel back, and Charlie Whitehurst are all injured and, even if they will play, they will not be 100%. They are facing the Tennessee Titans and are planning to put up Stephen Morris and Josh Freeman against the Titans. Furthermore, the Titans are within reach of being the draft’s number 1 pick. The Colts will have to be full of strategies in order to improve their chances of scoring a win against the Titans.

Watch Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs American Football Game Live
Watch Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs NFL game live streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Raiders take on the Chiefs in an attempt to equalize their win-loss record (they are currently 7-8). The Chiefs, however, not only have a much better record (10-5) but also have home-field advantage. While the Raiders have the edge when it comes to total yards per game as well as passing yards per game, the Chiefs have a considerably higher rush yards per game average so look to that to be a deciding factor in this matchup. Further, the Raiders allow many points more per game than the Chiefs (more than seven!), so when you are on average giving every one of your opponents an extra touchdown and conversion, expect things to be pretty tough.

Watch Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Game Streaming Online
Watch Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys NFL game live streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Redskins and Cowboys also face each other this Sunday. This matchup features the teams that are first and last in the NFC. While Dallas’s season has long been over, Washington looks to get into rhythm during this important time of the season. Peaking at the right time is just what the Redskins would need, and the Cowboys, who are behind the Redskins in most statistical categories (total passing yards, points, and third down conversion percentage per game), look to be an easy opponent. Washington’s last five games were a 4-1 record, and those of Dallas were the exact opposite (1-4). Interestingly, that single win came against the Redskins back in Week 13 so expect Washington to be out to settle the score.

Watch Philadealphia Eagles at New York Giants Live Stream Online
Watch Philadelphia Eagles online at New York Giants, NFL Regular Season Week 17 game online on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Eagles and the Giants are both tied in the NFC East with 6-9 records. Eli Manning has recorded almost twice as many TDs as his Eagles counterpart (33 to 17), but as is the case with everything, you can’t look at just one statistic. Both teams have lost their last two games (the Giants lost in an embarrassing 40-burger in Minnesota last week), but the firing of Eagles Coach Chip Kelly might be an especially difficult for the team from Philly to overcome. The playoffs are already out of reach for both teams, but the losing team will have to play a Week 7 game in London next year so there is still something to play for.

Watch Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Live Stream Online
Watch Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears NFL game live online on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Detroit and Chicago are also both out of the playoffs and both teams are tied with 6-9 records at the bottom of the NFC North. Less than two total yards per game separate both teams, but the Lions prefer passing and the Bears prefer rushing so each team has a considerable lead over the other in each respective category. Look at the weather to be a factor in this one. For the Lions, it is yet to be decided if Calvin Johnson will play his final home game on Sunday, and for the Bears, Martellus Bennet has been placed on injured reserve, so both teams are looking to make the best of the remainder of their healthy players.

Watch Minnesota Vikings Live Online at Green Bay Packers Game Streaming
Watch Minnesota Vikings live online at Green Bay Packers NFL game streaming on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

Aaron Rodgers has continued his fine performance for the Packers this season, leading the team to a winning record and the top spot in the NFC North (although the Packers are tied with the Vikings overall). Both teams are 3-2 over their last five games, but both team quarterbacks are way down the middle of the QB stats list (at 17th for Rodgers and 22nd for Terry Bridgewater). Since overall team scoring and yards are almost neck and neck with a 4-point difference coming into this week, look to Adrian Peterson, the no. 1 rusher in the NFL at the moment, to play a pivotal role.

Watch Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers Live Streaming Online
Watch Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers live online stream of NFL on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

The Denver Broncos have made the playoffs once again and sit atop the AFC West. The Chargers are out of the playoffs once again but Philip Rivers has, as always, proven to be an exceptionally talented QB and is no. 2 in yards on the season (and is less than 100 yards short of league-leader Tom Brady in total yards this year). Although in terms of percentages the Chargers are offensively more prolific (even though they scored less points overall than the Broncos), they have given away almost 100 points more to teams throughout the season so as is always the case, defenses win games, and the Chargers will need to tighten ship if they hope to squeeze out another win before calling it a season.

Watch Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Live Game Streaming Online
Watch Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals NFL game live stream on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Seahawks are more than a few wins behind the Cardinals in this year’s race, a big change from what we saw last year. Both teams are in the playoffs though, and this one will be tough, with the Seahawks winning 4 of their last 5 and the Cards winning all 5 of their last 5 games. Both teams have really filled up their scoring sheets with red and purple all season, but it might come down to the fact that Arizona is currently on a 9-game win streak while Seattle just dropped one against the Rams last week (while Arizona beat the NFC North-leading Packers by 30 points). Lots of grit needed for Seattle to pull an upset.

Watch St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers Game Live Online
Watch St. Louis at San Francisco 49ers games live online on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM in Levis Stadium

The Rams and 49ers are both out of the playoffs, but the Rams are coming off three straight wins while the 49rs are coming off three straight losses. The 49ers have an amazing three-times as many net negative points scored as the Rams and they fill in every defensive category with too much red…in this case, points, conversions and yards given up to opposing teams. It is hard to imagine them coming away with a win so late into a season of upsets for San Franciscans, and the 49ers are guaranteed their last-place spot at the bottom of the NFC west, but with teams that have nothing to lose often pull surprises so this one will be interesting to watch.

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