National Football Conference

The National Football Conference (NFC) mainly emerged from the old National Football League and comprises four divisions: NFC East, NFC North, NFC South and NFC West. The divisions basically split the 16 teams of the NFC according to their geographical location. However, since some teams were relocated and new teams joined the divisions over time the boundaries are somewhat blurred these days.

Divisions within the National Football Conference

National Football Conference
The NFC East is made up of the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. With a total of twelve Super Bowl wins, the NFC East is the most successful division of the NFL. Within the division, the Dallas Cowboys are the most successful and maybe also the most popular team with 29 playoff appearances, 8 Super Bowl appearances and 5 Super Bowl wins. The New York Giants are in the hunt with 4 Super Bowl wins in only 15 playoff and 5 Super Bowl appearances.

The following four teams play in the NFC North: the Chicago Bears, the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. Because of the huge rivalry among the teams of the division, especially between Minnesota and Green Bay, the NFC North is also called the Black and Blue Division and is known for particularly hard games. The Green Bay Packers are the most successful team in the division with 4 Super Bowl wins.

With the restructuring of the NFL, the NFC South was newly founded in 2002 and comprises the Carolina Panthers, the New Orleans Saints, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. The NFC South is the only division with four teams that played in the National Football Conference championship game at least one time. The Atlanta Falcons are the only team that was not able to win the conference championship so far, all other three teams won the championship one time.

The NFC West consists of the following four franchises: San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. In 2010, the San Francisco 49ers were the first team to win a division with a negative record of 7:9. Since 2011, at least one team from the division played in the NFC championship game every year. In the 2013 season, the National Football Conference championship game even saw two teams from the NFC West, the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. The San Francisco 49ers are also by far the most successful team in the NFC West with 5 Super Bowl wins in 6 Super Bowl appearances.

Teams of the National Football Conference

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

NFC North

Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks

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