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NFL Super Bowl: New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, February 04, 6:30pm, U.S. Bank Stadium

History was made when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win their first ever Super Bowl. The Eagles won 41-31 in an entertaining game which was very difficult for both teams.

The Eagles’ quarterback, Nick Foles played a very important role in helping the Eagles win the game. He produced one of the best offensive displays and continuously maintained high levels of athleticism throughout the game.

This particular NFL game not only broke records but also showed that determination is all you need to win games. The game was decided by Brandon Graham’s sack on Tom Brady and that was the game changing play that decided the game. Zach Ertz also helped the Eagles in the win especially after his touchdown, with approximately less than 3 minutes remaining.

Brady tried to march downfield in the final minutes but the Eagles had already secured their victory. Foles was another player who made history by being the first player to catch and throw a touchdown in any Super Bowl match. Foles was also able to throw three passes that led to touchdowns.

Brady wasn’t able to add his sixth Super Bowl ring despite breaking a record in the game for making approximately 505 passing yards. The two offenses were able to put a total of 1,151 yards throughout the game. This means that they broke an NFL record for total yards in a single game.

The Patriots also became the first team to lose an NFL match after putting approximately 600 yards of offense during a single game. Brady also appeared in his 8th Super Bowl match and also became the first player to throw approximately 500 yards and still lose a game.

It is true to say that the Eagles were the better team and definitely deserved to win the game. This game was a wide open contest and either team had the chance to win the game. The Eagles were perceived to be underdogs before the game and most people favoured the Patriots to secure their 3rd title in 4 years.

The New England Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady said that he expects to be back and expects to win more matches with the team in future. He is undoubtedly the best NFL player to ever play the game and is highly respected in the world.

This Super Bowl game will not only be remembered for the records that were broken but also for the emotions, determination and great plays that determined the outcome of this match. Two teams battled to the end and the fans were kept on their feet throughout the game.

NFL Conference Championships: New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, January 21, 3:05pm, Gillette Stadium

The Jaguars literally proved to be the epitome of a strong comeback at the AFC Championships. They entered the game as a 9 point underdog but they easily stretched out 20-10 early lead about the fourth quarter in the game against the defending SuperBowl champions – the New England Patriots. This is unlike any other AFC title game, because no other team has ever accelerated from such a double-digit fourth quarter the way the Jaguars did. Some notable passes and touchdowns in the game included Blake Bortles, Leonard Fournette and Allen Hurns.

Bortles finished 23 of 36 passes for a recorded 293 yards and a touchdown, while Fournette had 76 yards and a touchdown to his credit. Tom Brady of the Patriots started the game with a black bandage – an injury from the previous day’s practice, but that didn’t stop him from taking the Patriots to a come-from-behind 24-20 victory against Jacksonville Jaguars. With this eventful game, the Patriots star has proved himself again and has come up on top, with 26 of 38 yards and two touchdowns to his credit. He said, “I’m just so proud of everyone on our team”.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans on Saturday, January 13, 8:15 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Tennessee Titans were routed by the New England Patriots 35-14. For the Patriots, the victory marked the 7th consecutive time they have advanced to the AFC championship. It was a disappointment of sorts for the Titans who had a promising start but ultimately had no answer to the fast-paced attack of the Patriots. It was indeed business as usual for the Patriots despite all the distractions that engulfed the team prior to the game. A detailed friction between owner Robert Kraft,Coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady was covered by the ESPN the Magazine report days before the game. The performance proved that the team was not worried about any possible distractions and it did not affect the team.

With three touchdown passes, Tom Brady showed few signs of aging even if many thought that his December performance seemed to point to that fact. Additionally, he managed to extend his playoff personal best for 300-yard passing games with his 13th. I guess Brady responded well, in his typical vintage Brady performance. The Patriots will host the winner of the game between Jacksonville Jaguars, visitor, and Pittsburgh Steelers. The game between the Jaguars and the Steelers happen next Sunday.

NFL Week 17: New England Patriots vs New York Jets on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots made maximum use of their home advantage to win against the New York Jets in their most recent playoff. The team won with a sterling 26-6. Quarterback Bryce Petty was 19 of 36 for 232 yards and only fumble once. However, his team quickly recovered the ball. On the other hand, RB Bilal Powell managed to rush 13 times for 46 yards but only had a single reception for 10 yards. QB Tom Brady was 18 of 37 for 190 yards, threw 2 touchdowns and committed no turnovers while WR Brandin Cooks led his team to receiving yards with a stellar 79 and caught one touchdown pass. RB, on the other hand, led his team in receptions and carries, added a 2nd score right through the air, and rushed for a touchdown.

By halftime, the New England Patriots had a lead of 21 to 3 over the Jets while the second half wasn’t any different. The two teams exchanged field goals and punts before Eric Lee recorded the safety that ensured the 26-6 win for the Patriots. Of particular note was the Patriot’s defense as linemen Malcolm Brown and Lawrence Guy were impenetrable – with only some minor errors from the linebackers. Washington Redskins at New York

NFL Week 16: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots was an outstanding match, and we will let you know a little bit more about it. Trae Elston did a great job at turning an important and incomplete pass into a twenty-nine-yard gain which makes the Pats truly happy right away. There happened to be a defensive path fun in the game, and everything was truly great for fans. The Patriots had excellent penalties for 20 yards because they had 2 penalties for twenty yards.

The Patriots were too much of a team against the Saints, and the second half of the match was the evidence of this difference in terms of power. The Patriots defeated the Bills truly in the second half of the game when they scored twenty-four points to with the match with a score of 37-16. The defense of the Buffalos was great in the first part of the game and they just forced the Patriots 3-and-out. Next, the Bills just moved into the important red zone when they came out with 4 first downs. Mr. Hauschka made a goal giving the Buffalos the important 3-0 lead in the first part of the game. This was the longest drive when it comes to an opponent of the Patriots this year too.

NFL Week 15: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, December 17, 4:25 PM, Heinz Field

New England and Pittsburgh faced off in a game that was likely to determine who would be the top seed in the playoffs in the AFC. This is a very important thing because playing in Pittsburgh or Foxboro is very hard. The Steelers looked very good because they were set up for a very good game against this Patriots team. However, Tom Brady came out and made sure that the offense in New England was able to move the ball more than Pittsburgh did.

The Steelers did not look bad, but they did not win the game. Because of this, they are in the second spot in the AFC. They will get a home game in the playoffs, but they will have to play the AFC title game in Foxboro if they get that far. The Patriots ensured that they would be at the top of every power ranking in the NFL, and they have shown that they can beat the Steelers in just about any situation. The Titans and 49ers was only an important game because it showed that Jimmy Garoppolo is the right man to start for the 49ers.

NFL Week 14: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins on Monday, December 11, 8:30 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

The rivalry between New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins is not one of the greatest in the NFL but has a long history dating back to the 1960s. The Dolphins leads all the time series by 54-51. At the beginning of this rivalry, the Dolphins had an upper hand. They were one of the most successful teams in the NFL whereas the Patriots were one of the worst teams. The rivalry became more even between 1986 and 2003. From 2003, the Patriots dominated this rivalry and continued doing so up to 2008. In their last NFL gameday, the Patriots were stunned by the Dolphins in 20-27 scoreline.

The Dolphins wore their perfect uniforms for the season. Xavien Howard intercepted Tom Brady twice to stop him from a third down conversion. This victory ended the Patriots eight-game winning run. The win also stopped the Patriots from clinching AFC East ninth consecutive title at least for now. After the game, Brady felt that this was a bad night for the Patriots. Actually, Brady had only one touchdown as the Dolphins sacked him twice. He was also hit five times while the Patriots team was restricted to 25 yards rushing. Jay Cutler threw 263 yards for the Dolphins and had three scores. Kenyon Drake had 79 receiving and 114 yards rushing. It was generally a good night for the Dolphins.

NFL Week 13: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Buffalo Bills had a good gameplan as they played against the New England Patriots but the lack of offensive execution and a weak defense led to their fourth loss in the last five games. The Patriot’s quarterback Stephen Gilmore was in his best form on that game. Stephen Gilmore allowed two receptions on the 8 targets for 22 yards with two key pass breakups against his former team. Gilmore showed his strong tackling skill on the very first reception he allowed, stopping Buffalo’s Zay Jones short of a first down.

For Buffalo Bills fans, the one thing they could be proud of in this game was how well their players did against Brady and the New England Patriots in the first half, though there was a serious talent disparity. McDermott’s game plan for Patriots was working – using fewer pass rushers most of the time, and depending on the team’s front four to make a pass rush while maximizing the coverage on the back end.

This game plan was working as they were able to field goals every time the ball passed the 50-yard line. The Bills defensive line was getting too much pressure on the edges and at the middle, bring Tom Brady down 3 times and hurrying him another 3 times while the game was competitive. In this game, the Patriots big-ticket signing proved worth the price and the Buffalo Bills will need to think twice about targeting Gilmore in the rematch.

NFL Week 12: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 26, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Patriots have played well to get a win against the Dolphins this time. The domination of the Patriots was amazing against the Miami Dolphins. Tom Brady and other players are becoming easy to overcome in the AFC. At 40, Tom is now appearing like an MVP. Tom was able to toss about 4 touchdown passes that help the Patriots move to a 35-17 win. The match helped to consolidate the Patriots 7th consecutive win. The Patriots are looking to face another four division opponent in the next match within 5 matches. For seventeen straight seasons, the Patriots have been able to win at least 9 matches.

Since 1970 merger, the current shape of the Patriots remains the most consecutive victory. One of the games that the Patriots will play for this current season again will be against the Miami Dolphins within 2 weeks. The Dolphins has lost 9 consecutive times in New England and 5 straight overall games by a combined score of 290-126. At this point, it does not make sense to say that the Dolphin’s current season is a total lost. Nevertheless, the Dolphins’ lost is getting to the tipping point.

NFL Week 11: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders on Sunday, November 19, 4:25 PM, Estadio Azteca

The New England Patriots put up a dominant display to easily dispatched the Oakland Raiders 33-8. New England Patriots, the defending Superbowl champions never looked threatened during the entire game and the Oakland Raiders will have few complaints; they surely lost to a much better team. Tom Brady, the Patriot’s quarterback put up an inspired performance and completed all his first 12 passes. He was definitely the crowd favorite and all through the game, the stadium echoed with chants of his name.

Nobody expected the Oakland Raiders to win the game against the reigning Superbowl champions. However, the casual manner in which the Patriots penetrated their defensive line on countless occasions raised a lot of questions about their attitude and overall preparedness. The game even experienced an ugly incident where the Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver Johnny Holton lashed out at the Patriot’s center back Johnny, hitting him on the head. The incident summarized the frustration felt around the stadium by all players and fans of the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots take on Miami Dolphins in their next game, wile the Oakland Raiders will host Denver Broncos.

NFL Week 10: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 12, 8:30 PM, Sports Authority Field@Mile High

New England has shown to tighten its defense, holding each one of its five opponent to fewer than 17 points. The Broncos, on the other looked like it’s a poorly coached team and a disappointing season more than it’s in any other game for Denver. However,there was some electric first-half performance, especially from Bronco`s wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. On the other hand, the Patriots exploited some matchup scratchers as the Broncos struggled to keep up with atight end and slot receivers.

It was a glaring moment in the second half of the game when the defense earned a stop on third down that saw them be penalized when New England lined up for a

quick punt and caught the Broncos with only 12 men on the field. Broncos coach, VanJoseph, decision to keep rookie kicks returner Isaiah McKenzie even after stumbling five times this team set up Tom Brady touchdown pass to Rex Burkhead that gave New England lead. Tom Brady outshined the Broncos defenders Shane ray and von miller when he completed 25 out of 34 passes for 266 yards. There were a lot and exciting moments from Patriots first half gameplay with Malcolm Butler and Stephon on the perimeter. Butler lost the overall battle but Sander played really well and really worked for those thrilling catches.

NFL Week 8: New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Los Angeles Chargers were led by Philip Rivers. During the game, Tom Brady passed 333years and had a touchdown while Stephen Gostkowski made four goals making the New England Patriots beat Los Angeles by 21-13.The victory for the England Patriots was incredible as they had three-game wins against the Los Angeles Charges. Los Angeles lost the game when they were unable to move the ball offensively. In the second quarter of the game, the England Patriot’s Tom Brady had a 2-yard toss to Rob Gronkowski. They had a slight drift when they went 1 for 4 in the red zone but were saved by Gostkowki’s four goals.

The mistakes of the Los Angeles chargers were highlighted in the second quarter of the game. Benjamin recovered the ball and went to own goal line in an attempt to reverse the field but was tackled by New Englands Brandon King who took it to safety. During the game, Los Angeles Charger’s LB Hayes Pullard had a collision that made him leave the field during the fourth quarter of the game and also Chris Hogan had a shoulder injury from that collision with Pullard.

NFL Week 7: New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, October 22, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots met in a Super Bowl LI rematch. The Falcons started well in the first quarter getting a lead when they managed to convert a 9 yard scramble. This came with a little over 3 minutes remaining but changed almost two minutes later when they attempted a deep pass but failed. With a leading break, the Patriots took over the game and ended up winning. This win gave them a much needed morale boost after a tough beginning to the season.

Although they played well and emerged better than their competitors, the penalties were of a concern to a few individuals. The Falcons tried to lessen the gap between them with another deep pass but failed once again. Still, they tried to put up a fight by running the ball in the Patriots’ defense but their opponents had their way. They also tried to protect their passes and played well generally, showing an improvement compared to some of the other games. Although interesting, the match was blurred by fog making it harder for those who were watching on television. Those on the stadium however were able to get a better view.

NFL Week 6: New England Patriots at New York Jets on Sunday, October 15, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, set the record for most regular season wins by a quarterback with his recent 187th win over the New York Jets.Brady was tied at 186 with Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. The Jets would have had four wins in a row but the Patriots held on and got the hard earned 24-17 win cancelling the streak of wins. Following the results the Patriots eclipsed the Jets to go top of the AFC East Coast log. The Jets came from the tunnels blazing scoring first but by the stroke of half time both teams were tied at 14 scores each.

Brady then led the Patriots down the field in the beginning of the second half, going 75 yards and throwing the ball in a 33 yard gap to Rob Gronkowski who made the touch down for the Patriots making the score 21-14.Afterwards, Stephen Gostkowski made it 24 later on in the quarter. Seferian Jenkins had his touchdown cancelled by the referee as he was claimed to have lost control of the ball. Patriots weak defense, ranked last in the NFL at number 32, was manifested again with several errors which the Jets took advantage of trying to sneak the ball behind the touch line. But still, rallying his teammates Brady proved his worth and the patriots hang on to win the game.

NFL Week 5: New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, October 05, 8:25 PM, Raymond James Stadium

With one touchdown and throwing for three hundred and three yards, Tom Brady helped to strengthen the Patriots defense. This led to the New England’s win of 19-14 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From a last-second loss to Carolina, the Super Bowl winners came back even when Brady turned the ball two times. With a fumble of one of Bay’s three sacks, Brady in his premier interception in 8 constant-season matches made a huge impact. None of these errors made Tampa Bay gained any point. The Tampa Bay was unable to make any positive impact until the 4th quarter.

Chris Hogan received a five-yard TD pass from Brady in the 2nd quarter. Stephen Gostkowski completed the goals of 23, 27, 48 and 45 yards for the New England Patriots. With an eighteen-yard TD pass, Jameis Winston encouraged Bay and gets the ball to Cameron Brate. The helped to reduce the Patriots lead to 16-14 with only two minutes to go. Prior to throwing an incompletion on the final play, Brate moved the Bays from his twenty-five to the New England’s nineteen yards. The Patriots finally laughed last as the game comes to an end with a victory of 19-14.

NFL Week 4: New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, October 01, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Panthers got wild, victory over New England Patriots as Graham hit the 48-yard field goal as the time elapsed, and the Panthers took the victory home with a 33-30 win. Sadly, this was the second time the unbeatable Patriots lost at home this season. The first defeat was back in 2012 when Tom Brady succumbed to two starts within a season. Cam Newton managed to three touchdowns and was heading for another. Stewart ran 14 times for 68 yards to pass Williams and became the leading rusher for the franchise.

Furthermore, Newton completed 22 out of the total 29 for 316 metres, not forgetting an interception, leaving the defense for the Patriots that was giving up 31.7 points and 461 yards per game. Although the patriot’s performance was impeccable, they found it hard to contain Newton’s stable of targets

Carolina finished the game with 444 yards, making it the fourth game New England has given up more than 300 yards. Brady scored twice and managed only 32 for 307 yards. The Patriots are on a roll. They have won two games and are looking forward to winning another one when they face the Panthers in their next game this season.

This season seems to be unpredictable as there has been a turn of events as champions are losing and losers winning. However, there isn’t much to say yet since the season is still far from ending.

NFL Week 3: New England Patriots vs Houston Texans on Sunday, September 24, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

In a game that provided many thrills, the New England Patriots were able to make a late game comeback and defeat the Houston Texans. The Texans came into the game with the Patriots with a rookie quarterback and plenty of gumption as they sought to take down the defending Superbowl champs. The Texan’s young quarterback, DeShaun Watson, had his best game of the season so far going 22-33 for 292 yards. Texans were also able to rack up 125 yards on the ground and actually out gained Tom Brady and the Patriots 417 to 396 in total yards. On the defensive side of the ball, the Texans gave Brady and the Patriots fits all day, even converting a pick six. The Patriots are the Patriots, however, and when you have a chance to put them away you have to take it.

This is the mistake that the Texans made. With 2:28 left in the game and facing a 4th and 1 on the New England 18 yard line, the Texans chose to kick a field goal and take a 33-28 with 2 minutes left in the game. This was a surprised as Texans had been able to chew up yardage all day and gaining 1 more yard would have at the very least eaten up more time. Two minutes is too much time to leave Tom Brady with the game on the line and the Texans learned that the hard way as they fell to the Patriots 36-33.

NFL Week 2: New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New England defense performance has come under severe criticism, and it is even viewed as the worst this week. On the other hand, New Orleans Saints performed quite well on their offensive and was ranked as the 10th best teams on the attack. The Saints were considered unlucky as they managed to attain one touchdown, which seemed to be misleading considering their performance. When the season was begun, Saints hopes were somehow crashed when they lost to Minnesota Vikings. However, Tom Brady managed to hit them even further by leading his team to a 36-20 win.

Form the game statistics; it is evident the Patriots were dangerous on the offensive. Tom Brady managed to get three touchdowns in the first quarter and did not need to do much as the game progressed. Rob Gronkowski also contributed to the team’s victory by getting one touchdown but had to leave the game with a groin injury. Additionally, the Patriots defense game was also tight since the Saint’s offensive strategies were kept in check.

The Saints also showed their dominance especially in their quick passing strategies against their opponents, and they do it so well by dashing only three players at the quarterback. However, the Saints needed to move the ball more in the fourth quarter, but the defense of the Patriots was tight. The way the Patriots well both in the offensive and defensive, which saw them win 36-20.

NFL Week 1: New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, September 07, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

It was merely five minutes old for a game that the Kansas City Chiefs have been waiting for nearly nine months. In fact, the Chiefs were already afraid of being blowout and Patriots understand it. Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots fumbled, leaving the score 7-0 with nine minutes and thirty-four seconds remaining in the first quarter of the National Football League’s season opener. Even while the Patriots tried with a ten-yard line at the Chief on 4th-and one decision. Fans rose to their feet at Gillette Stadium hoping that champions will win the game after being raised to their 5th Super Bowl banner.

The Chiefs remain a battle-tested team with the strength of a mighty lion. While other teams fail to act, the Chiefs will always look for a way out. When some other teams break off, the Chiefs will rather bend. The energy was on the side of the Chiefs as they run past the strategies of the Patriots and snuff them out of play. The Chiefs remain mentally strong and tough to win the game at 42-27.

NFL Preseason Week 4: New England Patriots vs New York Giants on Thursday, August 31, 7:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

Since 2005, the Patriots and the Giants have been playing against each other during the fourth preseason game. For each team last year remains a bit of a roll reversal. This is because the Giants featured most of their newbie players against the Patriots. In the game, records have shown that the Giant back-ups performed incredibly well. In this year edition, fans do not know how Belichick will handle the match. Ben McAdoo has mentioned that the game will be professionally handled just like the previous year. The Giants may not feature big players like Brandon Marshall, Eli Manning, Oliver Vernon, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damon Harrison and just to mention a few. There is every possibility not to see players like Shane Vereen, Dwayne Harris, Sterling Shepard, and Rhett Ellison.

In the previous year, Weston Richburg didn’t play but the team featured another player in the offensive position. The addition for the back-up quarterbacks will be the most outstanding story for the New York Giants. Josh Johnson and Geno Smith will be cut on Saturday. While it may not possible for the Giants to cut both players, the Patriots can pick up good points from their opponent’s weaknesses. In this preseason, Smith has appeared to be the more responsible and real NFL quarterback, but his turnover has been in question. Davis Webb is in the bottom chart while Johnson has not been impressed with the team performance.

NFL Preseason Week 3: New England Patriots at Detroit Lions on Friday, August 25, 7:00 PM, Ford Field

Is anyone worried? Is anyone panicking? Well it was simply a preseason match, but what a game. It was an encounter between the Detroit Lions versus the New England Patriots, the Super Bowl champions. Definitely the Lions were going to lose the game 30-28, but this game was all about the first half. The Patriots made the Lions seem unworthy of playing that day with their 14-0 lead.

The Lions racked 7 penalties while fumbling the ball on the 1st play from a tussle. And Brady had two touchdowns and a great passer rating of exactly 158.3. Well Tahir and Glover missed their tackles while Nevin Lawson & Quandre Diggs were victimized. This game exposed a lot of cracks on the Lions side.

Alternatively, you can appreciate the Lions for going against the Super Bowl winners and appreciating greatness. But Quin was right about the fact that this was a measuring stick, although it wasn’t favorable at all. This game also showed that the patriots are still the NFL’s towering giants and that the Lions have a very long time to go before they can topple the Super Bowl champions or even be consistent winners like the Patriots. The Patriots showed everyone why they won the Super Bowl, they did all the small things perfectly on the pitch.

NFL Preseason Week 2: New England Patriots at Houston Texans on Saturday, August 19, 8:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Houston Texans defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 27-23 in Houston in the second preseason game for both teams. Houston was the first to get on the board, as quarterback Tom Savage found wide receiver Jaelen Strong from 2 yards out to give Houston the 7-0 lead. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would answer back on the very next drive, with a 22 yard touchdown pass to running back Rex Burkhead evening the score. New England and Houston would go on to trade field goals, and a second Stephen Gostkowski field goal toward the end of the half would give New England a 13-10 lead going into the halftime break.

Gostkowski would convert a third field goal in the third quarter to widen New England’s advantage, but rookie quarterback first round draft pick Deshaun Watson would put the Texans back in front with a 2 yard touch down run. Watson had an uneven day, completing only 3 of his 10 passing attempts, but connecting on a 63 yard pass with a fellow rookie, running back D’Onta Foreman. Houston would extend their advantage with a late 3rd quarter field goal to make it 20-16. New England took back the lead in the 4th quarter, with backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo passing to running back D.J. Foster for a 25 yard touchdown. But in the end, Houston scored last, with D’Onta Foreman rushing from 4 yards out to give Houston the 27-23 lead. This proved to be the final score, and Houston emerged victorious.

NFL Preseason Week 1: New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, August 10, 7:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

The NFL preseason began well for Jacksonville Jaguars after they recorded a win of 31 – 24 against the New England Patriots. Tom Brady, who is a key defender of the New England Patriots missed the game. Jimmy Garoppolo played in his position and he performed well by completing 22 out of 28 passes for 235 yards and also completed two touchdowns. Garoppolo played two quarters and was taken out for two series in the second half.

Corey Grant, a player of the Jacksonville Jaguars scored on a 79-yard run which the Jaguars ahead. Garoppolo completed some good passes where he found Austin Carr on 3-yard touchdown pass who then passed to K. J. Maye who scored from some 5 yards away to equalize the scores to 17 – 17 before the end of first half. The other players who scored in this game were Grant and QB Brandon The New England Patriots defense was a bit weak in absence of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and they lost 31 – 4 to Jacksonville Jaguars despite the fact that they were the defending champions of the NFL cup.

New England Patriots NFL season 2016 recap

The New England Patriots synonymized themselves with success after a thrilling victory over the upstart Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. However, long before making a playoff run, the perennial AFC contenders underwent a series of troubling setbacks. For the first four games of the 2016 NFL season, the franchise played with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady due to the league’s suspension in wake of ‘deflategate’. However, after the Michigan alumni rejoined their starting roster, the Patriots decimated the competition, ending the season with a 14-2 record and AFC East title. During their regular season rampage, Tom Brady amassed a ridiculous 3,554 yards and 28 touchdowns. Additionally, Brady tossed only two interceptions during his shortened 12 game campaign, displaying his inhuman efficiency.

While the most infamous quarterback in the NFL dominated, the defense also improved, rising to the best overall in the league. These two groups synergized extremely well, creating a near unstoppable juggernaut. In the playoffs, the team overcame a young, ambitious Houston Texans roster in their first match, before defeating the high-octane Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. They capped their season with a dramatic comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51, earning Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick their fifth NFL Title.

NFL Super Bowl: New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, February 05, 6:30 PM, NRG Stadium

If you missed Super Bowl LI, you definitely missed a great game. This game will probably go down in history as one of the best postseason games played that the NFL has ever seen. The New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, February 5th, 2017.

The NFL has never seen a team make a comeback of more than 21 points. It has never been done and the New England Patriots managed to make a comeback of 25 points.

The first half was completely ran by the Atlanta Falcons. Throughout the season, the Falcons were ranked the number one offense. Many teams had a hard time stopping them when quarterback Matt Ryan got into his groove. He was charging down the field and taking command. New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons got even crazier when Quarterback Tom Brady for the New England Patriots, had the ball, he was sacked twice in the first quarter back to back by Atlanta’s defense and for the first time, he had never scored one point in the first 15 minutes in all of the Super Bowls he has been to. He also threw his first pick-6 ever and only Super Bowls second ever to be seen in the second quarter. Falcon’s Julio Jones had an insane catch, taking an enormous leap and making a fair catch that was surprised by many. By half time it was 21 ‘ 3 and the Falcons were on a roll to winning a Super Bowl Championship. Tom Brady was not looking good heading into the locker room and almost looked defeated. The half time performance was singer, Lady Gaga. When the two teams stepped back onto the field, it was hard to make them out from all of the leftover smoke from the performance that was lingering in the air.

During the Super Bowl halftime, New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons, something must have happened in that locker room because after half time was over, the Patriots came out fighting. The Falcons only had scored one touchdown during the second half while the Patriots took charge and scored a total of 24 points! 19 points in touchdowns and a pair of 2-point conversions. People say Tom Brady is the best quarterback there has ever been and this is a good example of why that is.

The game ended up going into overtime at a score of 28-28 with the Patriots having the ball first. They drove down the field and about four minutes in, New England scored a touchdown and the game was over. The New England Patriots won their fifth super bowl in overtime. Coach Belichick is the first coach to ever have five super bowl rings. It was a disheartening loss for Atlanta as they had taken charge of the whole first half and had a good look at winning. This was only Atlanta’s second time ever making it to the Super Bowl.

NFL Conference Championships: New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, January 22, 6:40 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Patriots triumphed over the Steelers’ defense last weekend at the AFC Championship game by 19-points, ending the game at 36-17. Tom Brady’s leadership puts New England into its ninth superbowl, the team’s seventh time in the final game with Tom Brady in the past sixteen seasons. With a 10-0 lead going into the second quarter, the Steelers still looked like they had a chance to penetrate the Patriot offense. However, the 19-0 lead after halftime brought the Patriots too much momentum, and the Steelers were overwhelmed.

With two early touchdown passes from Brady to Chris Hogan, the former lacrosse star accumulated nearly 180 receiving yards by the end of the game. The second touchdown distracted safety Mike Mitchell and allowed “7-Eleven” to run for a free 34-yard finish to a touchdown. Although the Steelers aggressively tried to push back with an offense led by Ben Roethlisberger, the Patriots had already out-strategized and leveraged the benefits of the early game.

With this victory in hand, the Patriots will meet the Falcons in the Super Bowl. This is the Falcons’ first trip since 1999, in which they lost to the Denver Broncos 34-19 in Super Bowl XXXIII. Vying for their first every Super Bowl victory, the Falcons seem poise to take on the Patriots in what seems to be a David vs. Goliath event.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots vs Houston Texans on Saturday, January 14, 8:15 PM, Gillette Stadium

Brady and Belichick dominated a nerve-wracking game that saw the Patriots triumph 34-16 over the Texans. Speedy Dion Lewis made three touchdowns for the Patriots who had to endure a challenging first half to crush the unrelenting Texans.

It was evident that Tom Brady had one of his best games at the home of the Patriots as he made two crucial touchdowns and interceptions. Brock Osweiler performance didn’t match up with his previous performances. He made three interceptions and threw all of them into the opponent’s receivers.

Stephen Gostkowski made two clear field goals for New England Patriots while Nick Novak made three for Houston. Gostkowski has never missed a field-goal attempt since 2009. By halftime, the Patriots were 15-0 ahead.

The Texan’s defense was in question over the entire game as their opponents made use of their mistakes. They settled for field goals that would were preventable.

Houston’s loss means that their chance to host the Super Bowl is gone. The game also marked the end of a career for the Patriot’s Vince Wilfork. The Texans fought up to the end. However, the match just ended with the Brock Osweiler’s interception. Patriots will face the winner between Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs who are meeting on Sunday night.

NFL Week 17: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

Patriots are led by the iron will of head coach Bill Belichick and they will do what ever it takes to make him proud. Facing off against Miami Dolphins and their head coach Adam Gase the energetic Dolphins opened up with a good defense. But Patriots made their first move and they scored a touchdown first.

Bennet slided behind enemy lines like a ninja on a mission. Afterwards Floyd runs with the ball like Aaragon charging at the black gate with a burning desire to score a touchdown he extends his arm and scores an amazing touchdown. 14:0 Great Job Floyd!

Patriots kept the lead up to 20:0 and then Landry Jarvis finds the opportunity bouncing off like a cricket, and scores a counter touchdown. Making it 20:7 scoring the first touchdown for the Miami Dolphins. Well played Jarvis. Few moments later we see a ball thrown at the goal side of Patriots and Kenny Stills or should I say „steals“? Another touchdown for Miami Dolphins excellent performance right there. A beautiful catch making it 20:14. Short time after that Julian „Bolt“ Edelmen grabs the ball and starts to sprint towards the Miami Dolphins field goal like he is being chased by hounds, he gets attacked but Michael Floyd jumps in like a super hero and smashes the evil Tony Lippett away, what a scene! Julian scores a touchdown and its 27:14 for Patriots. The game ends with a result of 35:14 for New england Patriots.

NFL Week 16: New England Patriots vs New York Jets on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New York Jets played against the New England Patriots a Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Whilst the new Jets are led by Todd Bowles band Brandon Marshall, the Patriots are led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. It all took place last week, on 24th December 2016.The New York Jets lost terribly to the New England Patriots with 41-3.Tom Brady highly contributed to this victory by throwing in his best shot, where he managed to pass three touchdowns and 214 yards. They therefore have an advantage against their opponents throughout the playoffs. During the game, New England had a thorough gameplay, taking advantage of the jets with (13-2).

Unfortunately, the team’s coach Bowles’ did not manage to travel on the plane of the team before the games. However, he did his best to ensure that he joined the jets on Saturday morning despite the challenges. The 53 year old coach expressed that he had fallen ill, and required urgent medical attention before getting ready for the game. Tom Brady enabled Matt Lengel the opportunity to make his first reception by passing an 18 yard touchdown to him. Brady is certainly an invaluable player for the team. The Jets will finalize their season at home against the bills on 1srt January. On the other hand, the Patriots will find their season scheduled at Miami on 1st as well.

NFL Week 15: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos on Sunday, December 18, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field

The Denver Broncos hosted Patriots from New England on Sunday at the Sports Authority Field in Denver. The patriots won 16-3.The patriots were led by coach Bill Belichick and the Broncos were led by Von Miller.

The Patriots overcame a slow start with the help of Brady and led to their win that gave a blow to the Broncos playoff hopes.

He completed his 16 passes for 188 yards without touchdowns and interceptions for 68.2 rating passer. That was worse for Broncos player Siemian who had 25 for 282 with an interception of 73.1 rates. this numbers gave the Patriots the greatest challenge all around the game.

The first completion for Brady was 17 yard to player Edelman one minute before the second quarter. The patriots had two chances of putting the ball on the ground. first snap, Brady sack stripped and this left player Joe Thuney fumbled. Lewis recovered his fumble and then Blount scored. player Siemian did two great mistakes, a poor throw to player Emmanuel Sander which was poorly timed and also placed.

33-yard field goal for Brandon McManus only accounted for Denver’s points. The Broncos are slowest starters in the NFL with 26 points. Denver limited the Patriots from England with a goal during the first quarter but they came with a league that led to 103 points.

NFL Week 14: New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens on Monday, December 12, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Patriots turned out murmuring and overwhelmed the Ravens. Thumped them out and put them away. Driven by 20 focuses in the second from last quarter. All of a sudden, they began kicking the ball around, and an amusement broke out. The Ravens exploited, scored a couple of touchdowns. All of a sudden, they were alert, alive, around only three focuses in the final quarter, a paramount rebound triumph inside reach. They had fallen long ways behind which is as it should be. They were not the better group on this night. Their top-positioned guard had been pushed around for a significant part of the amusement by New England’s offense. Moreover, the Baltimore’s offense remained blunt just as it was in the previous week. Those substances stayed in play, and the Ravens couldn’t finish the rebound. Their resistance surrendered an enormous game. Their offense settled for field objectives instead of touchdowns on two late drives. That is a great formula for losing a diversion like this. The Ravens merit credit for transforming the defeat into an amusement, yet they didn’t play all around ok to win – not about alright, genuinely.

The Ravens had trusted their offense would proceed what it began a week before when it heaped up 38 focuses against Miami. However, this present night’s offense looked to some extent like that one. Yes, an evening diversion in New England is a far harder test than a home amusement against the Dolphins. What’s more, yes, the numbers wound up looking tolerable on paper, with quarterback Joe Flacco setting an establishment record for fulfillment in a diversion.

NFL Week 13: New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The other interesting match was between the Los Angeles Rams Vs the New England Patriots. As the game began the New England patriots had a complete control over the game. A nice amount of clear passes and goals alredy mentioned the viewers that it was going to be a one sided game. The score at the end of first quarter was 0-7. Subsequently a fair game was played and again the Patriots dominated even in the 2nd quarter an additional time was provided and it ended with a score of 0-17. Now this was the time for the Los Angeles to buck up and they did it so.

Managed to score 3 goals conceding too many as compared to it. In the next quarter to improve their situation in the match and the score was now 3-23. The 4th quarter began and the Patriots were very sure about their win and perhaps did not put much efforts and ended the game with a final score of 10-26 which was a one sided match and great victory for the New England Patriots.

NFL Week 12: New England Patriots at New York Jets on Sunday, November 27, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Every true NFL fan can attest to the intensity of the Jets-Patriots rivalry. This year’s match, played at the sold-out MetLife stadium, might however be remembered for something or someone else, Tom Brady. The patriots were trailing the Jets by 4 points midway through the fourth quarter when their star quarterback engineered a drive that handed them victory. The Jets were largely expected to slow down the log leaders but it just wasn’t their day.

The first three quarters saw the two teams playing a fast-paced but balanced game. The mammoth home crowd cheered their team to an early lead and for long periods it seemed that the New York Jets might beat the league champs. It wasn’t until Tom Brady’s throw was dropped by Martellus Bennet that the Patriot’s great escape began. This would culminate in an 83 yard scoring drive. The ever-reliable Malcolm Mitchell finished Brady’s final 8 yard pass to hand the Patriot’s a 22-17 lead with only 1.56 on the clock left.

The Patriots seem to be unplayable both at home and away and their fans can’t be blamed for believing that Brady and his men will deliver consecutive titles. The Patriots will definitely make this years’ play-offs and in fine form.

NFL Week 11: New England Patriots at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 20, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The New England Patriots had a victory over San Francisco 49ers 30-17 on Sunday. For the first score of the game, Edelman caught a four yard touchdown pass. He finished off with eight catches for 77 yards and Mitchell with four catches for 98 yards. Tom Brady scored four touchdowns and threw for 280 yards. At the start of the fourth quarter, Brady found Danny Amendola for a 5-yard touchdown, then, for his fourth touchdown pass, hit Malcolm Mitchell on a 56-yard score. It was a career high for Amendola by catching his fourth touchdown of 2016.

Kaepernick managed to bring to score to 13-10 from 1-10 by throwing an 18 yard touchdown pass to Vance McDonald late in the first half. To start the fourth quarter Brady found Amendola for a five-yard touchdown under pressure. Due to his knee injury back in 2008 Brady never got to play a game against the 49ers, but, it wasn’t until his 17th NFL season that he got his chance to shine in the big moment.

NFL Week 10: New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 13, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

Sunday night saw the Seattle Seahawks come from behind to beat the New England Patriots at the Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts. The win was as emphatic as they come with a 31-24 final score. The smart and well calculated moves by the Seattle Seahawks put their opponents in constant pressure especially through their player Wilson Russel who was quite instrumental. Wilson contribution at the end of first half when he masterminded a two-minute drive that led to a late score for the Seattle was maybe the turning point of the game.

Their defense on the day was also as effective as their attack. They closed down spaces countering the Patriots plays and this created problems for players such as Tom Brady. Brady who has had a good run of games was most ineffective on Sunday though this maybe not be down to his ability but to the way Seattle defended. At the end of the day he had a passer rating below 100 his lowest so far. The Patriots could have a salvaged a point being in Seattle’s 2-yard line with 60 secs to time only for them to blow the chance. With that last minute failure Seattle got their much deserved win.

NFL Week 8: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, New Era Field

It was a smooth night for the Patriots as they beat Buffalo bills, influenced by the performance of quarterback Tom Brady. This takes the Patriots record to a total of four successive victories since Brady return from suspension.

It started as a cool evening with both sides looking like a likely winner of this game, though match previews submitted to the Patriots winning this match. The Game broke when the Patriots scored 27 points in 5 successive runs, the major move started or included.

It was a most flawless evening as the patriots scored 9 of 13 third-down balls, punting just three times. Also included on the score sheet were Mike Gillislee, who scored a 3-yard run, Jonathan Williams also added his name the score chart with a 1-yard run, Danny Amendola, LeGarette Blount, Julian Edelman all had their names on the scoreboard. Registering goals at different times of the match.

This is Brady’s best since Oct 12, 2014, where he threw four in a 36-7 win. This game proved to be superb for him as he had a four-TD to his name, winning the Buffalo bills by 7-1, making history with a record total of 26 NFL victories over the Buffalos across the years.

NFL Week 7: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 23, 4:25 PM, Heinz Field

The October 23, 2016 game between the Patriots and the Steelers ended in a more traditional way with the Patriots winning with a score of 27 to 16. Now as a Patriot, LeGarrette Blount had a great day playing against his former team the Steelers. What makes this an even sweeter victory for Blount is his reason for happily leaving the Steelers which was due to his lack of use and playtime. The Steelers are probably regretting letting Blount get away considering he was able to rush for two touchdowns and 127 yards throughout the game. The Patriots with their 6-1 record can, as usual, credit some of their success to Tom Brady.

Since returning from his suspension Brady has been able to show that he still has it with eight touchdown passes and no interceptions in the past three games. Of course, Brady could not do it alone and is greatly aided by other playmates such as Rob Gronkowsk,i Jabaal Sheard, and Julian Edelman. It was not all bad for the Steelers who certainly held their own during parts of the game especially given the fact that Roethlisberger was not on the lineup. One thing is for sure both teams will continue to fight hard until the end of the season.

NFL Week 6: New England Patriots vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots recorded a 35-17 win against the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday. The match saw Cincinnati linebacker Vontaze Burfit’s being alleged of hitting New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett. Later, ESPN reporter, Mike Reiss posted the NFL video on twitter that displays how Burfict appears to be deliberately stepping on LeGarrette Blount’s leg during the fourth quarter. According to Pro Football Talk, Burfit is reported to have been fined about $75,000 and he is lucky not to have been suspended due to such foul play.

In relation to the game, Cincinnati appeared to have put all their efforts in the Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots at the Gillette Stadium only to succumb to a 35-17 defeat. Their slumber is attributed to a handful of errors in the third quarter that gave the New England Patriots a chance to unleash attacks in a five-minute stretch. This occurred between the 8.11 to 2.58 marks where the Patriots gained great points (24-15) that ultimately gave them a commanding lead. LeGarrette Blount later put the exclamation point after making a 1-yard touchdown less than a minute before the game ended. This fully secured the victory to the Patriots.

LaFell, one of the Bengals players, later pointed out that the Patriots were able to acquire great momentum especially for the third quarter, though they still felt that they made great effort in the game. Lewis was later to add that Bengals lacked the finishing power that led to them being defeated.

NFL Week 5: New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 09, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Many people thought it not realistic for Browns to beat the New England Patriots on Sunday. The Browns looked very strong and more physical than the patriots but they lost to them at a very close range at the FirstEnergy Stadium.

The quarterback seemed not to be a problem to the patriot since Tom Brady had returned following a four-game suspension and looked strong for the touchdowns that he made.

Brandy was looking very sharp and rust-free and fit for the game. At one time in the game, he passed 406 yards and three touchdowns to his colleague Martellus Bennett. He came out strong with much built-up frustrating the Browns (0-5) and throw win in the first half which made the New England Patriots to gain their winning ways. The coach, Bill Belichick, replaced Brandy with six minutes left and awaited him in the sidelines to greet him with a handshake and congratulating him for coming back with a bang. He played very well for the team and he was good to be awarded the name “the man of the match” LeGarrette Blount added a one-yard score to give the Patriots a lead.

Many England fans came to the match wearing his jersey number 12 to welcome him back from the suspension. All the fans cheered him with applause. It was a nice match.

NFL Week 4: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The big historic thing happened on Gillette Stadium. This was the first shutout loss on this stadium for New England Patriots. Something strange was in the air but nobody expected that Buffalo Bills would win 16-0 in that game. Belichick said his team had to play much better in all phases of the game. They simply did not show enough passion this time.

The game started well for Buffalo Bills and the first minutes were promising. Tyrod Taylor was aggressive enough and achieved the advantage of 7-0 after 65 yards march. Later, it seemed that all luck was on the side of Buffalo Bills. Fast actions, offensive attacks and creative combinations. They showed strong team spirit in almost any action. Bills’ coach did not hide happiness about the great win and he also mentioned one important fact. Patriots were not complete because of Tom Brady’s suspension and it was obvious that the team is not in the best condition without him. However, Patriots did not look connected, especially in the front lines. All attacks passed without good ideas and the result is obvious. It was their first loss of this kind since 1993. Home ground was not big advantage for them this time.

NFL Week 3: New England Patriots vs Houston Texans on Thursday, September 22, 8:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

Houston Texans at the Patriots was the game to watch. The Patriots had suffered a defeat in their last match just before they were to be hosted by Houston Texans in the last season’s NFL match but they still managed to defeat the Houston Texans 27-6. The Patriots have encountered a loss of their QB last week after Jimmy Garoppolo got a shoulder injury. This meant that Jacob Brissett, was to start the game against the Houston Texans. Jacob Brissett a rookie from North Carolina State has been available a week ago and in the pre-season. The Patriots have been loosing their assets but they seem to play hard still.

The Patriots have been on fire and even the top ranked defenses fails to stop them. Houston Texans have depended on their defense for its 2-0 start, but this won’t be enough to stop the Patriots. Houston Texans defeated the Kansas City chiefs 19-12 last Sunday. Houston have had a strong defense and won three times defense player of the year. Brissett will have a tough night as Houston have been criticized of talin too many sack and are ranked ninth. Brissett will have to make plays but he will surely need a lot of help.

NFL Week 2: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

Matt Slater was awesome running past Garoppolo quite easily making an awesome strike down the road. Slater moved fast running by Howards on an awesome deep post. He was separated from this player by around three yards as well. Howard is a true sure tackler who is more prone to be comfortable in any tight coverage out there. It is not quite good watching all the room that Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Howard give any receive at times.

Jelani Jenkins and Kiko Alonso just struggled in their pass coverage. Jenkins and Alonso were moving around shifting away from the receiving targets of the Patriots every time Garoppolo seemed to move his eyes. In the first 2 games, Alonso did a better job at running then passing. Fans might be thinking about how Garoppolo just escaped Alonso`s grasp just for a sure sack. Amendola scooted by when Jenkins and Alonso took some false steps truly to their left on the moment that Amendola performed his first touchdown catch. Alonso appeared as if he was anticipating a pass in a flat when he allowed Bennett just to get behind him. Alonso performed a 20-yard touchdown in the game to Bennett as well, which is awesome for him.

NFL Week 1: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 11, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Patriots started their NFL campaign with a win over the Cardinals at their home ground- University of Phoenix stadium. The team showed the same quality they had in the NFC Championship match against the Carolina Panthers.

On the other side, the Cardinals showed little energy and low-level offense. In the first quarter, Brandon William made a blunder that led to the opponents kicking a field goal.

The game entered the second quarter with a 10-0 Patriots lead, but the visiting team started to show some rhythm in terms of the offense. Markus Golden & Rodney Gunter showed a good teamwork that led to the Cardinals first score.

In first minutes of the second half, the hosts physically pressed the opponents’ defense and ended up with a score. David Johnson managed to pull back one for the Cardinals during this period.

Continuing to push forward, the Patriots scored a 53-yard goal taking the scoreline to 20-14. Some few minutes later, Larry Fitzgerald earned his 100th touchdown and the visitors were leading.

The hosts were not disappointed and continued to press which caused them put one through. The game was over after this goal. New England won 23-21, meaning that Arizona are 0-1 down on the season.

NFL Preseason Week 4: New England Patriots at New York Giants on Thursday, September 01, 7:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

New England Patriots at New York Giants was a great preseason match. The hosts had a hard time defending against the Patriots who beat them by 17-9 scores. Most of the main players were on the bench except Tom Brandy. With the Giants having recovered most of their injuries, their squad was intact and strong. The offense squad for the hosts had a hard time defending the aggressive attackers.

During the first half, the Giants had some remarkable plays thanks to Beckham Odell and Eli Manning. The two drives they made yielded some future scores with the liners of the Patriots looking confused. Although both defenses made thrilling strides, the centre play for the Patriots took the day. King Tavarres made great ball formations in the second half that ended up to scores.

For players such as Ryan Nassib, nothing seemed to work out for them. His offense lines were always poor and ended with just sixteen shots for 210 yards. Although he threw a breathtaking 13-yard to Sterling, most of his other throws were futile. Wade and Eli Apple made the Giant fans scream with their back coverage especially as the game caught momentum.

The coaches seemed not to include the big players of their teams. With this, the season matches might be unpredictable but the Patriots seem to have enough motivation for the game.

NFL Preseason Week 3: New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers on Friday, August 26, 7:30 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Panthers fell just short of the Patriots Friday night with a score of 19-17. The table was somewhat set for both the Patriots and the Panthers going into preseason week three. Both teams are coming off a pretty good 2015 season (Panthers 15-1, Patriots 12-4) with the Panthers having a historic season behind Cam Newton who lead his team to the SuperBowl where they fell to defensive powerhouse, Denver Broncos. However, neither the Panthers nor the Patriots have been having a stellar preseason and week three was no different when the two teams went head-to-head.

The preseason is usually used as a measuring stick for players striving to make the 53-man roster but both the Panthers and the Patriots seem to still be finding their footing. With the Patriots without Hall of Famer, Tom Brady for the first four weeks of the season, backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has seen much preseason action. However, Garoppolo posted his worse preseason game this year completing only nine of fifteen passes for a measly 57 yards. The Panthers have developed a reputation for turning the opposition over. On Friday, they had zero takeaways and the offense gave up a whopping three turnovers.

Both teams agree that they are not where they want to be but understand the regular season is where they earn their money.

The Patriots face the Giants on September 1 in week four of the final preseason week. The Panthers gear up on September 8 for their season opener against the title defending Broncos.

NFL Preseason Week 2: New England Patriots vs Chicago Bears on Thursday, August 18, 8:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

It was a tight loss for the Chicago Bears when they paid a visit to New England. The game at Gillette stadium ended 23-22 for the Patriots. However, Chicago fans can rest in the knowledge that there has been some recent improvements in the team which is encouraging.

This became clear as Alshon Jeffrey earned his money by blocking most of anything that came close to him. Another encouraging thing to watch for Bears fans was the skill shown by running back Jeremy Langford, whose game was so impressive he was rightfully given the Bears’ ‘player of the match’.

The fights during the joint practices had given some cause for concern but luckily it didn’t seem to have spilled over into the game. It seems that Patriots players who had been ejected as a result had served as an ample warning.

It had been a slow start for the Patriots as they faced an 11 – 0 comeback. A very tight matches overall.

The thing I love most about sports is that anything can happen. When that starting whistle goes there is a whole range of emotions ready to set loose. The Chicago Bears vs the New England Patriots proved that.

NFL Preseason Week 1: New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints squared off in what can be regarded as once in a lifetime match in Fox borough, Mass. This match was crucial for both teams as they seem equally powerful and have proved their dominance in previous matches. A twist of events occurred when Trey Flowers, the defensive lineman of New England, sacked New Orleans Saints quarterback, Luke McCown, an event that caused major fumble for the second half of the preseason. However, Flowers recovered the ball and made a move on a touchdown.

This was the 12th time both teams competed against each other since 2010. Contrary to the expectations of many fans, Julian Edelman was on the field despite the fact that he was in a limited capacity. According to Mike Reiss, both Patriots and Saints practiced what he regarded as situational football. The Patriots were at a disadvantage as some of the key players including Julian Edelman suffered injuries and their absence would impact the team’s performance. However, the Patriots seemed to be at the top of their game giving the Orleans a run for their mony. This was a highly competed match and though both teams are equally powerful the Patriots were better prepared and scooped the win -Patriots win 34-22.

New England Patriots NFL season 2015 recap

The 2015 season was New England Patriots franchise 46th season in the NFL and 56th season since its establishment. It also marked the 16th season the franchise has been under Bill Belichick as their head coach making him one of the longest serving coaches in the league. The Patriots started off the season as the defending Super Bowl champions. The patriots were off to a good start going 10 weeks without a defeat.

However, they lost concentration towards the end of the season. Patriots’ first loss came in the hands of Denver Broncos in Week 12 which the Broncos won in overtime. This started a downward spiral that would see the patriots lose four games out of their last six. Surprisingly, they finished the season with a 12-4 record for the fourth year running.

In Week 14, having had already lost their preceding two games, the Patriots clinched the AFC East division title making it seven titles in a row. This fete matched the 1979 Los Angeles Rams record of most consecutive titles. Being the second-seeded team in the AFC, the Patriots secured a 1st round bye for the playoffs as well as home advantage for the first playoff game. The Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs 27-20 in divisional round playoffs to progress to the AFC Championships where they succumbed 20-18 to Denver Broncos.

NFL Conference Championships: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos on Sunday, January 24, 3:05 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Denver Broncos won over New England Patriots by riding defense for super bowl bid. The broncos have historically depended on a defense that gave up fewest yards and won time and again with game saving plays.

Peyton Manning lumbered down the field for a 12 yard gain and made a first down Sunday. Now it will be the Denver Broncos and not the New England Patriots and Tom Brady who will play in the Super Bowl.

In spite of his 39 year age Manning managed to ensure Denver Broncos 20-18 victory until such time that Broncos cornerback Roby picked Brady’s pass for a 2 – point attempt which would have tied the game with 12 seconds left. Aqib Talib came in front of Brady’s pass and deflected it and Roby picked it.

Manning is the oldest quarterback to take his team to Super Bowl. Manning could become the first quarterback to lead two different teams to titles.

Broncos pressurized Brady during the whole game. He managed to finish 27 for 56 for 310 yards and two picks. In the fourth quarter he threw a 40 yard pass to Gronkowski who was double covered for a desperation drive going on fourth-and-10.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, January 16, 4:35 PM, Gillette Stadium

The first scoring drive was a touchdown thrown to Gronkowski to put the Patriots up 7-0, but a few minutes later the Chiefs responded with a field goal by Cairo Santos. That had been the only scoring in the first quarter. During the second quarter, Tom Brady found his way in for another touchdown, and Santos and the Chiefs responded again with a field goal, making the score 14-6 at the half.

The low scoring quarters were still prevalent in the third as Grownkowski scored his second touchdown of the game, and Kansas City responded with their own touchdown by Albert Wilson. Stephen Gostkowski kicked in two field goals in the fourth putting the game just out of reach from the Cheifs, although they did try to make a comeback with a touchdown by Charcandrick West. The game was ended when the Chiefs tried for an onside kick with about a minute remaining, the kick was secured by the Patriots for the 27-20 win.

Later that day, the Green Bay Packers visited the University of Phoenix Stadium to take on the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals came out with the only points in the first quarter as Carson Palmer threw the ball to Michael Floyd for a touchdown, putting the Cardinals up 7-0.

NFL Week 16: New England Patriots at New York Jets on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

In overtime the Patriots chose to kickoff (after winning the coin toss), the Jets took advantage of a 48 yard catch by Quincy Enunwa, and a twenty yard catch made by Brandon Marshall. These two catches put the Jets into scoring position, which they did on a six yard catch made by Eric Decker. The Jets need to beat the Buffalo Bills next week to clinch the final wild card spot and eliminate the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots have clinched the AFC East already (and a first round bye), but have yet to wrap up home field.

Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 26 of his 41 pass attempts, throwing for 296 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. Fitzpatrick also lost a fumble in the game.

Tom Brady completed 22 of his 31 pass attempts, throwing for 231 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. His lone touchdown pass in the game, came at an opportune moment for the Patriots, as it tied the game and later forced overtime.

At halftime, the Jets led by seven points, 10-3, and in the second half were outscored by seven, 17-10. This led to a tie game at the end of regulation, forcing overtime. The Jets wasted no time scoring, they scored on the first possession of overtime.

NFL Week 15: New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

Thanks to a 33-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots continued leading the way in the AFC. The Patriots had come out with the rationale one would presume they would show after losing 2 of their past three. That slipped a little in the 2nd half – on offense, as they aren’t that great at present; on defense owing to some slipping focus. Tom Brady threw for 2 touchdowns to help his team hold onto the top spot in the AFC, with Marcus Mariota, Titans quarterback, being forced out of the game in the first half owing to a knee injury. OC Josh McDaniels’ play calling was a superb mix of runs and passes out of a variety of formations and personnel packages.

The Patriots have won 2 in a row since stumbling to successive losses – their first 2-game losing streak since 2012. In its place, they’ve recorded their 6th straight season with at least 12 wins. On the other hand, the future of Tennessee Titans is even more in doubt. They are clearly going nowhere this season, and are quite likely be in the market for a new head-coach after Ken Whisenhunt was fired earlier this year and Mike Mularkey named interim coach.

NFL Week 14: New England Patriots at Houston Texans on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The game between Patriots and Texans was played on December 14 and the patriots had a win of 27-3 against the Texans. In the first quarter, Malcom Brown fought off a block at the scrimmage line to Chris Polk down for a minimal gain. Jerod Mayo then deciphered the preceding play and shot the A-gap and took Polk down for a loss. In the second quarter, Houston tried to apply the wildcat trick using Jonathan Grimes but the Patriots was ready for the challenge. In the middle of this quarter, Blount took a handoff up the middle.

The third quarter of the game did not affect the overall results. At some point, the ball appeared to be bouncing to Danny Amendola but unfortunately passed over his hand. After a few plays later, James White made a great catch down with a Texan draping all over him. However, this was ruled to be a catch but was later overturned by Houston after deciding that white’s foot was out of bounds. In the last quarter, brandy came with a lot of pressure in another move which was defended. This game left the audience in a surprise as the Patriots became the winners.

NFL Week 13: New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, December 06, 4:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

Even a mere eight days ago, the Patriots were looking forward to an undefeated season of football. They had given their opponents a tough beatdown one after another, and the Eagles of Philadelphia didn’t seem to present much of a challenge. However, it all changed on December 7th, as the New England Patriots faced down the Philadelphia Eagles at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The Eagles beat the Patriots with an impossible 35-28! Here is what the Patriots had to say:

According to Coach Bill Belichick, ”Sort of had a chance there at the end. A comeback. But when you give up 21 points when your defense isn’t on the field, you’re going to lose 98 percent of those games.”

And thus, although grudgingly, the Patriots had to accept a humiliating defeat. What we do have to look forward to now is how the Patriots make a glorious comeback from this sudden but heinous setback. They seem to be hell-bent on righting the wrongs, and I think all their fans will be praying for the same. What do you think about the Chiefs vs. Raiders and the Eagles vs. Patriots? Were the winnings justified, were the losers somehow at fault? What is your opinion of the two matches? Do let us know in your comments.

NFL Week 12: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 29, 8:30 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

The Patriots were handed their first loss of the season by the Broncos, who had backup quarterback Brock Osweiler stepping in for Peyton Manning once again. Leaving only the Panthers as the only unbeaten team left in the league; this is the first lost for the Patriots since 2014.

Tom Brady had 23 completions after 42 attempts; throwing for 280 yards, three passing touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Brock Osweiler, showing that he can play in Manning’s absence, also had 23 completions after 42 attempts for 270 yards with one touchdown pass, and a single interception. In his fourth season in the league, he has never started a single game at all, but this year has had two. He’s won both of them.

It is possible, if it is in fact true that is Peyton’s last season, that Brock will take over and be the successor to the great and all mighty Manning.

The Broncos were down 14-0 in the second quarter before scoring a touchdown. They would outscore the Patriots 17-10 in the fourth quarter (neither team would score any points in the third quarter). This tied the game at 24, forcing overtime. A 48 yard run by C.J Anderson wound up winning the game for the Broncos.

NFL Week 11: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills on Monday, November 23, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

A controversial officiating was witnessed as the play was halted in the third quarter because of an inadvertent whistle in a game that saw the New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills 20 – 13. The whistle as well as the placement of the ball after the play by the referee, Gene Steratore was wrong according to NFL rules. This controversy was the main talk of the night which saw the Pats miss a 54 yard field goal that was clearly in sight. The line judge was sort by the referee as to the placement of the ball after the whistle was wrongfully blown.

The rules of the NFL clearly state what should be done about this and the ball should be returned to the player that had the ball or the team can choose to redo the entire play which can be found in Rule 7, Section 2, and Article 1 of the rule book by the NFL. The controversy aside, the game was a really great one and the fact that the win went to the deserving team which did a really great job at out playing the opponents at every turn was really great. Congratulations to the Patriots for the amazing game.

NFL Week 10: New England Patriots at New York Giants on Sunday, November 15, 4:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New England Patriots have a knack for winning games this season, and many teams around the NFL are trying to find ways to beat them. Last time the Patriots lost a regular season game was the football season of 2014, and their winning ways have continued to be the talk of the National Football League.

New England faced off against the New York Giants in what was a thriller of an ending. The result, sadly for the Giants, was that the Patriots won yet another game on their quest to be undefeated. Tom Brady seems to be on a mission this season in the wake of Deflategate, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Brady threw for over three hundred yards again and went 26 for 42 with two touchdowns and one interception as they beat the Giants 27-26 in what was looking to be the Giants upsetting the Patriots with just under two minutes left.

Josh Brown of the Giants put the ball threw the uprights with 1:47 to go but that is not how you beat the best team in the National Football League. Tom Brady drove the Patriots down the field and gave Stephen Gostkowski a chance to win by one. He didn’t miss.

NFL Week 9: New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

While New England had never scored so little in a game this season, their chance of ending another regular season 16-0 was never threatened. Before Washington could even run a play, New England was up 14 points through an onside kick and an interception.

Washington barely had time to recover; they ended the first half with only 15 yards gained and 7 dropped passes. Washington was only able to salvage a second-quarter field goal before Cousins threw Jordan Reed a 3-yard touchdown that left 25 seconds on the clock for half-time. Cousins ended the game completing only 22 of his 40 passes, gaining 217 yards.

New England, on the other hand, decided to run with all of their newfound momentum to gain the upper hand. Tom Brady ended the game completing 26 of 39 passes, which netted him 299 yards and two touchdowns. With Blount running the ball 29 times for 129 yards, New England had their most balanced offense this season. The game ended 27-10 in favor of New England.

While it is no doubt New England stomped Washington, this wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time Washington played at New England. New England won the game 52-7, had the same record, and wound up going to the Super Bowl. Is it possible that history will repeat itself?

NFL Week 8: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins on Thursday, October 29, 8:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

Dolphins offense came to this match including the best surging assault in the league in the course of recent weeks, however it was no place to be seen on Thursday night. Lamar Miller conveyed the ball nine times for 15 yards in the wake of scrambling for about 300 yards the past two diversions. Taking all things together, the Dolphins just ran the ball 13 times for 15 yards in a diversion that was 9-0 for a great part of the first half. One of the greatest keys for Miami coming into this amusement was to stay with what got them there, which was run in the first place, pass second.

Shockingly, the Patriots guard took away the run right off the bat, and the Dolphins stayed away forever to it. Yes, there were times amid the first a large portion of the Dolphins protection kept Tom Brady within proper limits, in any case, for a lion’s share of the diversion, Brady did what he’s done throughout the entire season — dissect any and each scope you tossed at him. Brady completed the night with 356 yards and four touchdowns, and finished an amazing 68 percent of his passes along the way. The Dolphins front four started to produce weight on Brady in the second quarter, and it brought about four New England punts consecutively. However, the weight wasn’t about sufficiently predictable, and it wouldn’t be much sooner than Brady got back in synch with his collector

NFL Week 7: New England Patriots vs New York Jets on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots continued their unbeaten run on Sunday by beating the New York Jets 30-23. They came from behind to earn this very much deserved victory at the hands of the Jets who never seemed to want to win the game anyway. The game was really entertaining in the first half and there was a very clear game that the Jets were going to win but that was short lived as the Patriots came from behind to carry the day.

The Jets redone problems that were two can only be described as their fault for letting such a game slip from their hands.The jets had two clear chances to score from the 2 yard line but they wasted these two very precious opportunities and they have none to blame but themselves.

Though the Patriots outsmarted them in most of the game’s plays, they had clear opportunities to seal the game once and for all but they failed to do this. Anyway, it was a really great game that was highly competitive and had a fair amount of good plays that would have kept anyone entertained for the fair share of the game.

NFL Week 6: New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 18, 8:30 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

Months ago, the Indianapolis Colts gave the New England Patriots a good run for their money when they won the game and this Sunday, as expected, was a chance for the Patriots to get even. Even though Patriots took the game 34-27, the win didn’t come easy. The Colts started the game pretty well and had the ball first and managed a touchdown 89 yards down during the game opening. Fans were optimistic that the Colts would muscle out the Patriots. However, for the next couple quarters it was nobody’s game as the two teams traded the lead back and forth.

At the end of first half Colts were leading 21-20 but unfortunately for them and fortunately for the Patriots, this lead did not last to the end of the game. The Patriots took over the game during the second half and went on to win the game when the Colts failed to turn the game during the third quarter. Even the Colts were beaten by the Patriots by just 7 points, their game was just not impressive at all and they seemed to be making some bad calls which finally saw the Patriots gain revenge over them. Sorry to the Colts fans, Sunday just wasn’t your night.

NFL Week 5: New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 11, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

Well with the Patriots vs the Cowboys there was a big worry that the Patriots might actually lose because of how long it took there offense to get started. Teams in the past have blitzed Tom Brady giving him the ability to find an open receiver to throw the ball to. In this case the Cowboys decided not to blitz Brady making it much harder for him to complete throws that he had done so easily before.

The Cowboys had a game plan for the Patriots of making Brady’s inexperienced offensive line have to try and stop their more experience defense. The Cowboys went with a defense they have never shown before and were dropping eight players and only rushing three and it took a little while for the Patriots to do something about it as they were held to only three points on their first four drives. Luckily they have this pretty decent running back named LeGarrette Blount who apparently hadn’t shown the Cowboys defense that he needs to be respected.

He did not score any touchdowns but he took some of the pressure off of Tom Brady as he would gain a good amount of yards every time they would run the ball. The Patriots, although the slow start, still proved they are Patriots and came away with the 30-6 victory.

NFL Week 3: New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

In all three games this season, the New England Patriots have scored a minimum of 28 points this season. After scoring 40 points against the Bills, they score 51 and blow out the Jaguars at home. They followed up scoring 20 points in the first half with another 31 points in the second half. The Patriots led at half 20-3.

Tom Brady completed 33 passes after 42 pass attempts, throwing for 358 yards and two touchdowns. He’s only the fourth (Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre) quarterback in the NFL’s history to throw 400 touchdown passes. The Patriots scored on all nine drives they had the ball. They also had three field goals to go with six touchdowns in the game.

Three touchdowns were scored by running back LeGarrette Blount, who was given the ball three times at the goal line, and scored all three times. Stephen Gostkowski added 6 extra points, extending his streak to an NFL record 425 in a row.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville’s quarterback threw 2 touchdowns and one interception. He completed 17 passes after 33 attempts with 242 yards.

The Patriots should feel pretty good after this game, they enter their bye week with three wins in three games, one of which comes against Buffalo, who is a divisional opponent.

NFL Week 2: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Wildly entertaining- this is a great way to describe this exciting game that was played on Sunday. The Patriots maintained a well deserved lead throughout the game. By the time only 12 minutes of play were left, scores of Bill’s fans could be seen exiting the Ralph Wilson stadium, utterly disappointed. The Patriots were enjoying a 24-point lead. This quickly changed as the game went on. The game quickly changed as the Bills continuously scored while the Patriots kept passing. However, despite the effort the fell to the Patriots who took the 40-32 victory.

The hero of the game was with no doubt Tom Brady, having thrown one of the longest passes-over 466 yards. Brady also helped covert three scores when he threw for three touchdowns; two of them to Julian Edelman. Tom is quoted to have to have said that he didn’t expect to have thrown that far. Bills he said have wonderful players and a wonderful coach so it would be a hard team to beat. Hard work and determination on the side of the Patriots is what enabled them beat the Bills. The Patriots said that they still want to continue with the winning streak even in the future seasons.

NFL Week 1: New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, September 10, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

New England’s quarterback Tom Brady was back fresh from a victory that overturned his four-game suspension from last years “Deflategate.” With that all in the past, Brady was back to be the usual forceful quarterback he is.

Brady completed four touchdowns during the game and Pittsburgh 28-21. Three of the four touchdowns were made to Brady’s much-used receiver, Rob Gronkowski.

Some described Brady’s energy as that of a playoff energy, maybe widely attributed to the federal judge’s overturn. He led 90 yards of drives. In regards to passes to Gronkowki, he completed 64 yards to scoring. Gronkowski also recovered a fumble fro Pittsburgh’s running back Dion Lewis at the Pittsburgh on yard line. The result turned into a touchdown.

Brady showed great sportsmanship as well as he didn’t just pass to his usual strong teammates. He gave newcomer to New England, tight end Scott Chandler, a chance. He completed a pass to Chandler for a 1-yard score during the beginning second-half. Brady also set records during the game. He had the highest number of victories in the NFL as a starting quarterback, 161. He is also now the third quarterback with three or more touchdown passes for the 23rd time.

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers came so close but not close enough to hiding New England’s greatness back. Roethlisberger threw 351 yards and had a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, completed to receiver Antonio Brown. Other highlights include Deangelo Williams, in for suspended Le’Veon Bell, rushing 127 yards. Pittsburgh recently acquired kicker Josh Scobee from the Jaguars, but his 44-yard kick during the first drive was no good.

NFL Super Bowl 2014: New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks on Monday, February 01, 6:30 PM, U of Phoenix Stadium

Having began with 32 teams now only the two best remain in the NFL Super Bowl XLIX league final game. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will be meeting at the U of Phoenix Stadium. The game is expected to be exhilarating for both the fans and players with a very competitive game expected. With finals comes the pressure and will to win for both teams but who will emerge victorious?
The Patriots pride themselves of having 155 differential points to their name while the Seahawks were able to accumulate 144 points to their name. Will the patriots prove their worth or will the Seahawks shame them thanks to the home ground advantage?

The journey for the two teams to thus far has not been an easy one but success has been the bottom line though with several downfalls. New England qualified for the Super Bowl after defeating Indianapolis 45-7 while the Seattle boys joined the super bowl by defeating Green Bay 28-22. Both teas begun the super bowl by draws with the Patriots having opened the season with a 2-2 score and the Seahawks on the other hand opened it at 3-3. With eight consecutive wins in the league, it seems that the patriots are more likely to take the trophy home. The Seahawks have won five of the past six games they have played.

The heavy history joining the two teams only tightens the tension with each win going to the books of history. If Seattle wins, they will be the first team to record a back-to-back super bowl win since New England did so a decade ago. New England on the other hand will be the sixth team to win the super bowl four times after San Francisco, Piitsberg, New York, Dallas and Green Bay.

The last time Patriots and Seahawk met, the latter won 24-23 after a heated game. Will this game be a repeat of the history or will the patriots outdo the Seahawks? Will the range be this slim be or will the winning team outdo the other by several points? All we can do is wait for the actual game to find out exactly what will be going down.

It is now entirely upon the coaches to make names for themselves. The New England head coach Bill Belichik will be making the sixth appearance in the super bowl. On the other hand, this is the first super bowl tournament the Seattle’s head coach is taking part in. Pete Caroll however has so many achievements outside the super bowl. So, who of the two will have done the best coaching?

NFL Conference Championships: New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, January 18, 6:40 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots beat Indianapolis Colts with an outstanding victory. The New England patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick has had more postseason wins than any other coach. The quarterback Tom Brady is headed to his sixth Superbowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Three touchdown passes were thrown by Brady, LeGarrete ran 148 yards about 30 times. By halftime, the Patriots were leading after having scored touchdowns on four straight possessions.

Jonas Gray was also a force to reckon with as he was able to overshadow seasoned players like Brady during the first half. Belichick used the tactic of overpowering the Colts with increased running power whereby they ran 244 yards in contrast to the Colts’ 19 yards on 17 carries. Colts’ coach Chuck Pagano was disappointed but he accepted the loss while admitting some of the mistakes his players had committed and what areas they would need to improve on in their series of games in future. The Patriots will have to up their game to greater heights if they want to beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, January 10, 4:35 PM, Gillette Stadium

The divisional playoff game started on a rather conservative tone with each team choosing to use the first quarter to settle down. Besides a few field goals by each team in the first quarter there was pretty nothing much action wise. However, some little excitement came in the second quarter when Green-Ellis came through from 10-yards to give New England a 10-3 lead.

However, in a few minutes Baltimore were leveled after very classic combination between TE Pitta and Placco with the later providing a very nice throw to Pitta who was only 6 yards out. For the remainder of the second quarter Baltimore seemed to dominate the game. In the third quarter Placco continued with the good form he had shown from the start of the game.

The effects of the injuries that have plagued the Ravens began to be felt in the late stages of the third quarter and in the fourth quarter. Despite all the efforts from Placco, Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and their outstanding Rob Gronkowski looked set to lead the Patriots to a victory. With a few seconds remaining, a good throw from Placco to Evans (which would have been a game winner) was knocked down by Sterling Moore. Final result 35-31 in favor of New England.

NFL Week 17: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots played in a long-time AFC East rivalry game. New England had nothing to play for, having already clinched the number one seed in the playoffs. Patriots coach Bill Bellichek decided to hold out Rob Gronkowski and five other starters, and star quarterback Tom Brady only played the first half. New England was willing to take the loss to the Bills, in order to go into the playoffs healthy. The Bills wanted to win this game desperately and did 17 to 9. The win gives Buffalo a 9 and 7 record and their first winning season in 10 years.

In his last game before retiring, Bills quarterback Kyle Orton threw for 176 yards and a touchdown. Anthony Dixon added a rushing touchdown and rookie receiver Sammy Watkins added 57 yards receiving to end a successful rookie season. The Bills defense was solid Sunday as they have been all year. They recorded four sacks and held the Patriots to 33% conversion rate on third downs. In Doug Marrone’s second year as the Bills head coach, he has built a positive system and the team is headed in the right direction.

NFL Week 16: New England Patriots at New York Jets on Sunday, December 21, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots clinched one of the top two spots in the AFC Sunday when they squeaked by the New York Jets 17 to 16. Brady had an early touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski to take the lead. Jordan Gray of the Patriots scored the go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter after a Geno Smith interception. The Jets had a chance later in the fourth quarter with five minutes left, Nick Folk lined up for a 52 yard field goal. The kick was partially blocked by New England’s Vince Wilfork and the Patriots were then able to run out the clock.

The New York Jets have now missed the playoffs for a fourth straight year, probably marking the end of Rex Ryan’s tenure as the head coach. The Jets defense really came to play Sunday sacking Tom Brady 4 times and intercepting him once. The Jets also held the potent Patriots offense to only 231 yards total offense and 85 rushing yards. Even with all that, Tom Brady found a way to get the job done and clinch a first round bye in this years playoffs.

NFL Week 15: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins was a blowout. The Patriots scored a record 24 point in the third quarter to take the win 41-13. During the second half, alone, the Dolphins had to watch the Patriots outscore them 27-0. This leaves the Dolphins with only one more chance to make the playoffs. This win gave the Patriots their 6th consecutive AFC East title. They are the first NFL team in history to obtain 11 titles in 12 years. During the game the Patriots were able to sack Ryan Tannehill four times, bait him into two turnovers, and limit the Dolphins to an average of only 3.3 yards per carry.

Jamie Collins blocked a field goal and Kyle Arrington returned it 62 yards for a Patriots touchdown. Brady helped clinch the win by throwing two scoring passes in the third quarter. Brady had an overall total of 21 successful passes out of the 35 he threw. The Patriots were able to score on all four series during the third quarter to gain 24 points, which is a team record. This was a turnaround game from the Patriots’ 33-20 loss to Miami at the beginning of the season.

NFL Week 14: New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, December 07, 8:30 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The New England Patriots comfortably sit at the top of their division thanks to their impressive start of the season. The Patriots comfortably edged out the San Diego Chargers 23-14 to record their 10th win of the season. The win for the Patriots (10-3) saw them record an impressive eight wins out of nine games. The win for the Patriots came at the perfect time after they had lost their last game to Green Bay Packers. Patriots had Tom Brady to thank after he threw a 69 yard touchdown pass to Edelman who converted the throw in the fourth quarter. With just 10.34 minutes left, the Patriots went ahead thanks to a 38 yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski who made it 16-14.

Tom Brady completed 28 out of 44 passes for 317 yards as well as two touchdowns. The fourth quarter saw complete demolition of the San Diego Chargers who were beaten 10-0. The loss means that, the Chargers have lost 5 games and won 8. A tough test is awaiting them when they host AFC West Division leaders the Denver Broncos this coming Sunday. The New England Patriots on the other hand will be looking forward to continue their impressive form as well as cement their pole position and chance to clinch the title when they host Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

NFL Week 13: New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 30, 4:25 PM, Lambeau Field

In what many people were calling a preview of the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers bested Tom Brady, leading the Green Bay Packers (9-3, 1st in NFC North) past the New England Patriots (9-3, 1st in AFC East) by a score of 26 – 21. In the first meeting between the two great QBs, Rodgers threw for 368 yards and two touchdowns, while Brady managed 245 yards to go with two touchdowns of his own. The Packers took a 13-0 lead after the first quarter, but the Patriots managed to pull the game to 16-14 with just over a minute left in the first half with a 2 yard touchdown run by RB Brandon LaFell.

Rodgers responded by marching the Packers down the field and hitting Jordy Nelson for a 45 yard touchdown with 14 seconds left in the half, giving the Packers a 23-14 halftime lead. The Patriots were able to pull within two a minute into the 4th quarter after Brady hit LaFell for a 15 yard touchdown pass. After a Mason Crosby 28 yard field goal gave Green Bay a 26-21 lead with 8:41 left in the game, the Packers defense held firm the rest of the game, coming up with a big sack on Brady on third down with under three minutes to play. Green Bay could have had a bigger lead but had to settle for four field goals of under 35 yards. Green Bay faces the Atlanta Falcons next week, while New England faces the San Diego Chargers.

NFL Week 12: New England Patriots vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots have been in imperious form, with their latest victims being the Detroit Lions, whom they dismantled 34-9 over the weekend. The on form Patriots dominated play from the word go, pinning their guests in their own half most of the match. They won all the quarters in 7-3, 17-3, 3-0 and 7-3. The Lions were hapless, with their defense clueless and the offense too blunt to mount any meaningful challenge. This was their second loss in a row. Could it be a sign that they are losing form? They should avoid any free fall before it is too late.

The league just got to a very crucial stage where every single score and point matters. Next they meet the Bears, who seem to be rising from their week ten heavy loss to the Packers. The Lions should be weary of them since they could be seeking to continue with their winning ways after their weekend 21-13 victory over the Buccaneers. As for the Patriots, who can stop them now?

NFL Week 11: New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, November 16, 8:30 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The New England Patriots clinched their fifth straight victory over the Indianapolis Colts when these two teams met, putting on a dominating performance in which Jonas Gray scored four touchdowns. Despite a powerful showing by the Patriots, the Colts had a few moments to shine, mostly due to impressive passing plays by quarterback Andrew Luck, who went 23 of 39 for 303 yards. With his eighth straight 300 yard game, Luck is quickly closing in on the NFL record of nine straight 300 yard games, held by Drew Brees.

Ultimately though, a strong performance from Andrew Luck wasn’t enough to contain the surging Jonas Gray, who scored twice in the first half to give the Patriots a 14-10 lead. The Patriots were even more dominant in the second half, when they picked up their momentum and ran with it, building on their lead with two more touchdowns from Jonas Gray and and a fifth from Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots charged Tom Brady over and over again, but weren’t able to phase the veteran quarterback, who had a solid, if unspectacular game, going 19 of 30 for 257 yards. When the game ended the Patriots were on top, 42-20, and are now sitting on a comfortable 8-2 record.

NFL Week 9: New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 02, 4:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots revamped their secondary with the purpose of defeating the Denver Broncos in mind. Brandon Browner and Darelle Revis certainly did this with their work forcing Peyton Manning to throw two interceptions in the game. Tom Brady on the other hand, threw four touchdowns and had no interceptions in the game. Tim Wright and Rob Grondkowski are finally morphing into the two headed monster that the Patriots need in order to have successful offensive possessions.

Julian Edelman was also able to have a big game for the Patriots. It would be remiss to not mention the impact that Akeem Ayers has had on the Patriots defense. Shane Vereen and Jonas Gray were able to give the Patriots enough offensive balance in order to feel confident. T.J. Ward and Bradley Roby have had to pick up the slack for the Broncos defense, you can see that Von Miller was left largely ineffective in the game. The Patriots also won by a 43-21 score because of a surprising solid performance from a secondary guy like Patrick Chung.

NFL Week 8: New England Patriots vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 26, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots chalked up their sixth victory of the season in style, mauling the Chicago Bears 51-23. This is one of their biggest victories this season. They simply sounded the alarm bell for their next opponents, who should be scratching their heads ahead of week nine fixtures. The Patriots made good use of their home ground and fans to extend their victories this season to six, condemning the Bears to their fifth loss of the season. The Bears remain with three victories only this season, and if they don’t do anything to improve their game, their fourth victory will be hard to come by.

In this game, the Bears were clueless and hopeless. Their defense was literally absent, with the Patriots in total command and control of the game from the first whistle to the last whistle. The Patriots started the game explosively, with their offense running rings around the Bears defense. It wasn’t surprising that they took the first and second quarters 7-0 and 31-7 respectively. However, the Bears tried hard to fight back in the third and fourth quarters, but it was too late to overturn the final result. They took the last two quarters 8-7 and 8-6 respectively, to go down with one of their biggest loss margins of the season.

NFL Week 7: New England Patriots vs New York Jets on Thursday, October 16, 8:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New York Jets Narrow Loss To The Patriots On Thursday 16th, The New England Patriots hosted the New York Jets at the Gillette Stadium, in a match narrowly won 27-25. As much as their offense looked great, the Patriots defense appeared very shaky at times. On several occasions, it was broken down by the marauding Jets offense. The hosts took the first quarter 7-6 before wrapping up the second with a 10-6 score. The charging Jets took the third quarter 7-3. In the fourth quarter, the Patriots had to fight hard to emerge tops with a 7-6 score for an overall score of 27-25. They literally dug in for everything left in them to win the match.

In this game, the Jets were quite surprisingly very competitive. In fact, in the third quarter, they took a surprising lead with only about nine minutes to the end of the match. This was their sixth loss of the season. From their seven matches of the season, they have only one win to boost of. They can draw some strength and confidence from the narrow loss in the game. They meet the Buffallo Bills next on Sunday 26th at their MetLife Stadium backyard. They should be able to break the losing jinx before their home fans.

NFL Week 6: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

This game was played on 12th Sunday in the month of October at exactly 1300hrs. It was played in Orchard Park, New York in the Ralph Wilson Stadium. The New England Patriots managed to defeat the Buffalo Bills at a final score of 37-22 points. The two teams are known to be longtime rivals. They have played 109 games. New England has managed to win 67 games while Buffalo Bills winning 41 games and tied once.

The game was attended by 70,185 people. Here is a breakdown of how the points came about in the four quarters of the game. In the first quarter, there were no scores that were registered from both teams. In the second quarter, New England managed to score a total of 13 points while Buffalo scoring a total of 7 points. These were the scores that took both teams to half time.

After the half time, New England scored 10 points while Buffalo scored 7 points. So far the New England was leading with a difference of 9 points. In the last quarter, New England managed to be victorious by scoring 14 points, bringing the total to 37 points. Buffalo Bills scored 8 points to give them a total of 22 points. Tom Brady made a 361 yard throw and
four touchdowns. He also made a 43 yard to Brian Tyms.

NFL Week 5: New England Patriots vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 05, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

Maybe it has at long last come. Maybe the New England Patriots’ status as one of the head groups in the NFL has arrived at an end. For 10 years, New England has challenged the equality laws of the NFL, which cut each effective group down. For 11 good years, the Patriots have won 10 or more amusements, a really shocking detail.

Yet there they were, getting completely pulverized 41-14 before the nation on “Monday -Night -Football” a week ago by the unremarkable Kansas -City -Chiefs, a week after they attempted to beat a marginal expert group during the Oakland – Raiders. You know where that terrains you? Home underdog status – a totally new spot for the Patriots.

As indicated by ESPN- Chalk -partner Evan Abrams, it is the first run through since 2003 that the Patriots have been an underdog at home when the contradicting quarterback was not Peyton Manning. While the Cincinnati Bengals are headed toward a noteworthy 3-0 begin, how about we not escape. Twoof the wins were at home, and their one street win was against the Ravens, who were now in full turmoil to begin the year. This is an establishment that has not won a playoff amusement since 1990. To be supported in New England would appear to be overcompensation to the Patriots’ terrible execution a week prior. With that Monday night calamity crisp in its psyche, the general public was after the Bengals at a 66 percent cut as indicated by ESPN Pick-Center.

NFL Week 4: New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, September 29, 8:30 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

On September 29, the Kansas Chiefs made a statement against the New England Patriots, beating them 41-14. Jamaal Charles made his return and he returned with vengeance, scoring three touchdowns. As for Tom Brady, he played good, but many are saying that this has been one of Brady’s worse losses, as well as one of Bill Belichick’s worse.

Charles shined throughout the game, and he ended up running for a whopping 92 yards. Alex Smith threw two short TD passes to Charles. The only other time the Patriots have lost in such a fashion was back in 2005, when they played San Diego, who beat them 41-17.

Back to Monday’s game, as previously mentioned, Brady gave a good effort and he played alright, but he ended up being strip-sacked, and this allowed Tamba Hali to get a field goal. Brady must have realized that he and the other players didn’t play as well as they would have liked, because he said that it was a bad performance not only on his part but for everyone.

NFL Week 3: Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

These are no doubt, uncertain times for the once powerful New England Patriots offense who struggled mightily through an entire game against the typically unthreatening Oakland Raiders. The rookie quarterback Derek Carr and his winless Raiders gave the great Tom Brady and the New England Patriots all they could handle until the final snap.

The Patriots won their 12th home opener in thirteen seasons, even though the offensive struggled and sluggishly fought it’s way through 4 quarters against the Raiders (0-3) who have lost their 15th straight game while in the eastern time zone.

The Patriots scored 10 points in the waning moments of the 2nd quarter which included when Tom Brady threw a six yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski, three field goals were made by Stephen Gostkowski and big man Vince Wilfork made an interception at the Patriots red zone to seal the deal.

Derek Carr went 21-34 with 174 passing yards for the Oakland Raiders but having the continued loss of the sidelined Maurice Jones-Drew, still remains winless as a pro. Darren McFadden started in place of Jones-Drew, rushing for 59 yards on 18 carries.

Behind Brett Farve and Peyton Manning, Brady became the third quarter back with 150 regular season wins. The Raiders left for London after the game to compete against the Miami Dolphins next Sunday.

NFL Week 2: New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, Mall of America Field

On Sunday the 14th New England patriots enjoyed an overwhelming 30 points win over 7 points acquired by Minnesota Vikings. The game that started at 1.00 pm at the TCF bank Stadium, Minneapolis was parked with action. In the fast quarter NE patriots had a majority 10 point over MN Vikings 7 points. Minnesota Vikings was blotted by six sacks, four interceptions by Matt Cassel.NE patriots sealed there victory by domination the second, third and final quarter registering 14, 3 and 3 pints respectively. Chandler had two sacks and returned a field goal for a touchdown minutes to halftime. The game elevated Brady to third place behind of, Brett Farver and Peyton Manning. It was his 149th win as a starter.

Julian Edelman finished six catches for 81 yards making it hard for Xavier Rhodes, unable to catch up with him. Stevan carried twenty five times for one hundred and one yards. NE had 16 1st downs while Minnesota Vikings had 17. Both teams had 9 passing 1st downs. They recorded close total play of 60 and 61 for NE and MI respectively. This match maintained Patriots reputation of consistently avoiding consecutive losses after 2001. It makes Under Belichick the sixth coach to reach 200 NLF victories. New England patriots are 8-4 in the series.

NFL Week 1: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 7, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The Sun Life Stadium of Miami, at 1:00 PM, witnessed another compelling contest between guests New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. The game finished 33 to 20, a rather shock result given the fact that New England Patriots never lost a NFL opener since nearly eleven years ago, 2003 more precisely. Knowshon Moreno was the man for the big occasion, as the twenty-seven years old running back rushed for 134 yards and one touchdown, having probably the best game of his career. It was a big upset as Dolphins were already in dreamland by the end of the second half, outscoring their opponents with a twenty-three points margin. Dolphins’ defense particularly impressed with four sacks and a sublime Jerod Mayo fumble recovery, which was quite something. For the Patriots, as a team, it didn’t go so well, but individual-wise, quarterback Tom Brady was fairly the game’s leading top passer with one touchdown pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski. The latter declared that the home team played better, thus why the outcome is logical. New England’s quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo states that it could have been another result on another occasion. “It could have gone better”, he said. Jones and Buchanan sustained ankle injuries, and Brady might be out.

Did you follow New England Patriots last season?

The 2013 season of the New England Patriots was unlike any of their previous seasons in terms of the team’s performance. The season ended up as a mixed bag and depending on your perspective, you can either call them a team that overcame several obstacles to maintain its position among the elite NFL’s franchises or a team that fell short of its goal due to dearth of talent.

Right from the off season, they have been making several mistakes which cost them an entry into the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. One of the biggest mistakes was not re-signing Wes Walker to a contract. This was probably due to the fact that the coach Bill Belichick and Welker had been through a bad divorce which began when Welker missed a critical pass in Super Bowl XLVI. Belichick’s animosity towards Welker became apparent when he accused Welker of intentionally injuring Aqib Talib.

Belichick had always focused on stocking drafts from mid to late rounds. Rather than committing a high percentage of payroll to high draft picks, he spent the money on a number of mid level players. This strategy of his saves the team from being in a lurch if a high paid player does not do well.

Sudfeld did not do anything considerably good on the field which led to the Patriots cutting him out. Shane Vereen who had been a versatile third down back and was hyped to be the next replacement of Danny Woodhead didn’t quite explode on the field.

The situation got so bad for the Patriots that they had to call in Austin Collie to help. He had derailed a promising career with his concussions and rough knee injury and hence it was quite exciting to see him back on the field. He did reasonably well with his reliable hands but his play making ability and speed have declined.

While some of the mid level players may develop into achievers, there are a few who never turned out to be reliable. Belichick decided to go with free agent Danny Amendola and rookies Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson in an effort to replace Welker hoping that if not individually, they could match Welker’s productivity collectively. However, this did not happen and these players made no significant contribution. Amendola lived up to the expectations in the first week with 10 catches and subsequently lived up to his injury prone image by injuring himself. Overall the team appeared stick in quicksand throughout the season and you should watch New England Patriots online to see if they are doing better this season.

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