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Watch Tennessee Titans Game Stream Live Online

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Watch Tennessee Titans Game Stream Live Online

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NFL 2017 Divisional Playoffs: Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots on Saturday, January 13, 8:15 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Tennessee Titans were routed by the New England Patriots 35-14. For the Patriots, the victory marked the 7th consecutive time they have advanced to the AFC championship. It was a disappointment of sorts for the Titans who had a promising start but ultimately had no answer to the fast-paced attack of the Patriots. It was indeed business as usual for the Patriots despite all the distractions that engulfed the team prior to the game. A detailed friction between owner Robert Kraft,Coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady was covered by the ESPN the Magazine report days before the game. The performance proved that the team was not worried about any possible distractions and it did not affect the team.

With three touchdown passes, Tom Brady showed few signs of aging even if many thought that his December performance seemed to point to that fact. Additionally, he managed to extend his playoff personal best for 300-yard passing games with his 13th. I guess Brady responded well, in his typical vintage Brady performance. The Patriots will host the winner of the game between Jacksonville Jaguars, visitor, and Pittsburgh Steelers. The game between the Jaguars and the Steelers happen next Sunday.

NFL 2017 Wild Card Weekend: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, January 06, 4:35 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Tennessee Titans squared off against the team of Kansas City Chiefs in an NFL AFC’s Wild Card playoff game. Tennessee Titans made an impressive comeback from 21-3 at halftime to 22-21 victory. With this win Titans became one of the eight teams to make it to the next round of the playoffs this season. One of the most outstanding performances was by Marcus Mariota who finished 19-of-31, two touchdowns, passing for 205 yards as well as one interception. However, Derrick lead the Titans to victory after successfully blocking on a third-down which caused a first down which sealed the game for the Titans. Henry became the second running back in Titans history after rushing for 156 yards on 23 carries.

On the other hand, Kansas City Chiefs who have not won a home playoff game since 1994, kicked off the game on a high momentum but were not able to maintain the momentum throughout the game. One of the aspects that prevented the Chiefs from performing to their best was their offense. The Chief’s offense seemed to give up after Kelce suffered a major concussion and the team was unable to move the ball. At one point Adoree Jackson also fumbled a punt and the Titans almost squandered their momentum but the Chiefs did not manage to pick up an easy first down leading to Butker kicking a 48 yards field goal off the upright. We can only wait to see the Titans face either the Jaguars or the Bills in the divisional round.

NFL 2017 Week 17: Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

For the second season running, the Tennesse Titans have been victorious against a division rival. Before the match against Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennesse had lost their past three games in a row. Derrick Henry secured the first 66-yard touchdown after five the two teams swapped punts consecutively five times in order to start the game. The Jacksonville Jaguars had no hope of regaining any control over the Tennesse Titans while trailing 15 to3. However, Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota ran into each other on a routine running play giving Jaguars defensive end player, Yannick Ngakoue, the chance to scoop the ball and return it 67 yards for a magnificent touchdown that brought the score to 15-10. The touchdown by Ngakoue is the seventh score for Jacksonville this season and apparently the most since 2013 Chiefs for any team.

The awesome touchdown was a complete nightmare for the Titans because it gave hope to the Jacksonville Jaguars who began pushing hard for a winning score. The defensive play by the Tennesse team remained strong and ensured they secured a win over the Jaguars. The game came to an end with Mariota’s one last first down which included a brutal stiff arm of Barry Church, Jaguars safety. With this remarkable win, the Tennesse Titans secured a postseason playoff spot thereby keeping the season alive.

NFL 2017 Week 16: Tennessee Titans vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The clash of Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans was definitely one of those must watch matches filled with promises of being a nail-biter; and it surely delivered. If the 27-23 final score is failing to provide an idea of how exciting the gameplay was, the fact that this is Rams 1st NFC West title win since 2003 will surely help. This game was quite important for the Rams (11-4) as they needed a win or a loss by Seattle in order to secure the division. Rams was trailing with 23-20 in the game when Cooper Kupp got a 14-yard touchdown pass from Jared Goff with just 11:41 left.

The MVP of the game was Todd Gurley II who with 118 yards rushing and receiving 158 yards because of two touchdowns. His performance earned him the honor of becoming the 3rd in NFL history when he took 80 yards to receive a touchdown (longest reception of his career as well). The game was not shy from injuries also; Rams safety Marqui Christian had a problem with his shoulder, whereas left guard Rodger Saffold injured his ribs. But Murray’s right knee injury seemed more serious which was evident when he was moved to the sidelines with just 2:23 left. Mularkey stated that it does not look good, but they will get a definite answer after an MRI exam. This was the 3rd straight game loss for Titans (8-7).

NFL 2017 Week 15: Tennessee Titans at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 17, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Tennessee Titans were hoping to make a case to be considered a spoiler at the end of the season because they are no longer capable of winning the AFC South. However, the 49ers have been playing very well with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. They seem to have found their quarterback of the future, and they were able to stay with the Titans throughout this game. To be sure, Marcus Mariota played very well, but he was not good enough to put the Titans out in front for the whole game.

The Titans were able to take off some of the clock at the end of the game, but they left the 49ers a little over a minute to drive down the field and kick the game winning field goal. The 49ers have won yet another game with their new starter, and they are showing that their plan for rebuilding is working. They will not make the playoffs this season, but they will certainly be a threat in the future. The Titans, on the other hand, should have been better. The Steelers and Patriots could meet again in the playoffs, and that is a very interesting thing to behold. Will the game be just as good if it is played in January?

NFL 2017 Week 14: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, December 10, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals was an amazing match. The Cardinals beat the Titans with a 12-7 score, and the Cardinals’ fans were truly pleased by this result. We will take a look at the numbers behind the score, and you will be truly pleased with the results. HC Bruce Arians have given the Cardinals an excellent score of 28-2 when the team just wins the amazing battle of turnovers. This was the second game the Cardinals have just won the important turnover battle. The Cardinals also won the turnover battle when they defeated the Jaguars just 2 weeks ago.

The Cardinals have just lost the useful turnover battle 17-20 this season, and the team has just lost the important turnover battle in four games this season. In this game, the Cardinals have just won the important rushing battle 136 to 65. The Titans appeared to be a stronger rushing team against the Cardinals when you see the game at first sight. The Titans have one of the best o-lines in the game too. Mr. Williams outrushed Murray and Henry combined when he rushed for seventy-three gritty yards on twenty carries.

NFL 2017 Week 13: Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Getting you set for the Texans and Titans from music city and coach boy for the Titans. They are 7 in 4 and firmly in the playoff picture but Marcus Mariota already with more interceptions this season than in either of his first two years in the league. Everybody loves Marcus Mariota, I think he is a superstar and waiting but he has regressed a little bit particularly in the turnovers. He came into the season with 45 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. Still hasn’t thrown an interception in the red zone which is really is really good he has digressed a little bit particularly throws down the field.

He had two interceptions on Sunday versus the colts and the accuracy down the field has got to improve. One touchdown to 4 interceptions in the last two games. When you are playing against this Texans defense even without JJ Watt and Whitney merciless, they’re still finding ways to make Jadeveon Clowney kind of move around and you see him attacking the line of scrimmage. I think for the Texans on offense obviously Tom Savage he’s got his work cut out for him but the Anon Jerk Hopkins is the guy.

NFL 2017 Week 12: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, November 26, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

When Tennessee started slowly in the match, both Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray took the deal personally. These two running backs ensure that they delivered a flurry fight to the opponent. With 5 powerful runs midway, Henry was able to deliver the body blows through the 4th quarter of the game. Murray from one yard eventually pitched it in with 5:59 remaining in the game. This helped the Titans to win the game with a 20-16 victory. This remain the first win for the Titans in ten tries for the current season. To be precise, the game was too far from calling it a dominant performance for the Titans. The Titans completed the match with two hundred and seventy-six yards in total, where the first half remains a debacle. On two occasions, Mariota was picked off.

Mariota the number twelfth strong offence delivered on eleven carried nine yards. The Tennessee was able to score two goals at the moment of play during the raucous game. The Titans managed to dominate the game from the first quarter unto the late period. In the third quarter, the Tennessee trailed by ten for the second straight game against the Colts. The combination of Murray and Henry helped to further devastate the Colts, helping the Titans to win the game without much difficulty.

NFL 2017 Week 11: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, November 16, 8:25 PM, Heinz Field

Both of these amazing teams are very much alive in their performances, but still, both of them haven’t met the preexpectations that were done before the gameday. As a matter of fact, Steelers were known as offenders to the NFL’s. And Titans were known as the dark horse of the Super Bowl contenders. QB Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh was like a shell of his own former self and as for Titans, they also didn’t show that much effective production except QB Marcus Mariota. In comparison to the last week, these both teams can bring something for the gameday.

Steelers have a chance to struggle against Titans, as Steelers have the bright chance of busting out of their slump with a strong image in the coming gameday of NFL. And meanwhile, Titans can prove themselves on the NFL Gameday that they are worthy of record 6-3, which infact doesn’t seem like that they are going to get anytime soon. As for Steelers, they are creating an image of an obvious pick, but we all can be surprised if we see on the NFL Gameday that the Titans are hanging up with the Steelers.

NFL 2017 Week 10: Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 12, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans is such a fun too. The Titans won with a 24-20 score which is just the beginning of the fun. Mariota was the hero of the game. Mariota was awesome completing 5 of 9 passes for 43 yards on this winning game drive. He also had an important 5-yard run right away. Murray had a 7-yard run, which is amazing for this player too. He did it with just 36 seconds left, which is truly a lot of fun. He also pushed the powerful Titans ahead 23-20. This was his third touchdown, and this is great.

Mr. Succop provided the final 24-20 margin with an extra point. The Titans have 4 wins in a row. This is great for this team because they want to win. This is the longest winning streak of this franchise since 2009, and that’s just awesome for the team too. Four Titans have gained 30 or even more rushing yards. There are also 4 Titans with 30 or even more receiving yards. And this is another awesome fact for the Titans too. They want to win and have a lot of fun. The Titans have won eight of their last home games, which is also awesome for them too.

NFL 2017 Week 9: Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, November 05, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Titans received their 3rd straight victory after coming off a bye week. The Titans had a victory over the Ravens by 23-20 at the Nissan Stadium. Mariota had two touchdowns and threw for around two hundred and eighteen yards. While moving to the top of the AFC South positions, the Titans maintained 5-3. Kevin went on to add another 2 more interceptions. This made Kelvin’s season to round up to a total of 6 leading the NFL. When Marcus Mariota strikes Rishard Matthews, the Titans capitalize after Kelvin’s first interception.

This occurs for a sixteen-yard touchdown by Mariota helping the Titans to move forward with a 10-7 lead. To lead the Titans on the victory drive late, Mariota moved pass a 4th quarter interception. For an eleven yard touchdown, Marcus Mariota was able to connect with Eric Decker. This helped to put the Titans in a lead of 23-13 with just 4 minutes in the match. The first touchdown catch of Decker really helped the Titans to move up in the game. Since week 2, Corey Davis became active for the first time again. Davis caught 2 unique passes for twenty-eight yards. While expecting next week match against the Bengals to be amazing, the Titans have had three straight wins.

NFL 2017 Week 7: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Titans know they can be able to get into the match when all else fails to turn the Ryan Succop. Mr. Automatic made it happen again on Sunday. Succop’s 4th field goal was magnificent. It came with the game was remaining 1:55 at a forty-seven yard. This helps to extend the record of Succop to make it from fifty yards to fifty-five straight. The helps to give the Titans an ugly win of 12-9 over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Joe Thomas who also lost durable Pro Bowl had triceps injury. The Titans maintained 4-3 with Succop’s clutch kick to get their second win after 6 days.

This kept the Titans tie for the first time in the AFC South. In Monday’s night’s win over Indianapolis, Succop made 5 field goals and later converted on kicks from 46, 23, and 43 yards prior to missing a fifty-three- yarder with the match left with 8:44 in the 4th quarter. Succop delivered with the Browns and Titans heading towards a tie. Zane Gonzalez, Brown’s rookie force overtime by moving a season-long fifty-four-yard field goal with forty-seven seconds remaining in the normal timing to tie at 9-9. The match ended in the favor of the Titans with an outstanding victory.

NFL 2017 Week 6: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts on Monday, October 16, 8:30 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Indianapolis Colts were not able to effectively stop the two headed monster of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, The Titans needed a bigger game from the running backs than usual due to the fact that Marcus Mariotta was not going to be at his usual strength due to a hamstring injury. The young quarterback, Anthony Brissett was able to be extremely successful in the game with the help of Ty Hilton, Dante Moncrief and Jack Doyle. Doyle did have a late fumble that ultimately cost the Colts the game, and it will cause continue to ask questions about Chuck Pagano’s job security.

There are players like Frank Gore that may not have been used properly in goal line situations by Colts offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski. You know that Gore is simply at the end career, and the truth is that the Titans were able to take advantage of the fact that Gore may be on his last legs, but they also knew that the younger Colts running backs were not ready to go. You knew that the Colts defense would ultimately be in trouble due to the fact that there were reports that Andrew Luck was lighting them up in practice as an injured quarterback. The Colts are going to have a hard time moving forward if they cannot handle a situation where they faced a hobbled quarterback like Mariota and an outdated defensive system run by Dick LeBeau.

NFL 2017 Week 5: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

Jay Cutler was stubbornly stuck with Adam Gase until a quarterback eventually quenched the boobirds. While battling with many Dolphins’ 2017 home debt, Cutler drew some jeers. Cutler 4th quarter touchdown pass gave his time a huge victory on Sunday against the Titans at 16-10. For backup quarterback Matt Moore, the crowd and fans repeatedly chanted prior to Cutler eventually had the Dolphins with a fifty-eight-yard drive capped by a six-yard touchdown pass to Landry for the tie score. The Miami Dolphins climbed to .500 even with the offense that made three score touchdowns in 4 matches. For the second week consecutively, the Titans have lost their games. The Titans did not play with Marcus Mariota due to his hamstring injury last week.

Marcus was replaced by Cassel who went twenty-one, thirty-two and for one hundred and forty-one yards. Cassel was also sacked 6 times in a roll. In points, the Dolphins were ranked last in the NFL game. The team battled with the Titans enabling them to have fifty-seven against Houston last week. In the first three periods, Miami’s only TD emanated from Reshad Jones on a thirty-eight-yard return. This occurred when other team players on both clubs wondered if the match was over. While the official did not signal a score, the Titans didn’t make a move to pursue Jones.

NFL 2017 Week 4: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans on Sunday, October 01, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Houston Texans crushed the Tennessee Titans, 57-14, in a breakout game for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson, who replaced Tom Savage in the first game of the season, threw for over 280 yards and four touchdown passes and ran for another. He easily silenced the critics who thought he should not start so early in the season as a rookie. But the former Heisman Trophy winner and national champion easily picked apart the decent Titans defense. The Texans defense performed masterfully, causing five turnovers. On the other side of the field, the Titans lost any momentum they may have gained from their 2-1 start.

Marcus Mariota threw for one touchdown and ran for another, but threw two interceptions and could not penetrate the Texans defense. Mariota then received an injury and was replaced by Matt Cassel. Cassel, a journeyman who has received nothing but criticism over his past five years as a backup and occasional starter, lost a fumble and was entirely ineffective. The Texans are at the top of the division and have a better chance of making the playoffs than any other team in their division, while the Titans must focus on getting Mariota back if they have any chance of making the playoffs.

NFL 2017 Week 3: Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 24, 4:05 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Tennessee Titans came out on top against the Seattle Seahawks by beating them 33-27. This loss meant that the Seahawks now has a record of one to two so far this season with both their losses coming away from home. Pete Carroll and his entire coaching staff seemed lost for most parts of the game. Russell Wilson had an extremely bizarre afternoon to say the least. His poor performance in the early stages of the game was something to worry about, however, he got his rhythm in the 2nd half of the game and passed for 373 yards which happened to be a career high by the end of the game.

At some point early on in the game it seemed as though Germain Ifedi was completely incapable of effectively containing Derrick Morgan. He seemed to be loosing all his individual battles between him and his marker, however, as the game went on the offensive line slowly began to gather their feet and get into the game. Their line play gradually improved dramatically as the game progressed. They started giving Wilson enough time to throw and finally began playing at the level they consistently need to be at in order to win games more often. They still, however, have a lot more to improve on.

NFL 2017 Week 2: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The last game of the Chargers and the Titans is like what many people predicted in other matches. Jalston Fowler, Delanie Walker and Derrick Henry ran for touchdowns. In the second half, the Tennessee Titans pounded the Chargers in a victory game of 37-16. The output of the game is pretty what fans have been expecting from the AFC South rivals. On the ground for the Titans, Henry finished with a career-high ninety-two yards. This includes eighty-seven in the final two quarters. The Chargers defense finally get scattered by Henry’s seventeen-yard towndown run in the third.

DeMarco Murray the starting running back spent almost the whole time standing on the sideline in the second half. In fact, the coach discovered the need for risking DeMarco Murray is uncalled for. Last December, Marcus Mariota broke his right leg and it also occurred in this game. Marcus finished fifteen of twenty-seven passes for two hundred and fifteen yards. In the final quarter, Marcus has a thirty-two-yard touchdown pass to Jonnu Smith. About a ten-point home loss to Oakland in the opener eased Tennessee’s performance with a lot of concerns. For ninety-five yards, the Titans ran twenty-one times against the Raiders. In fact, the ground did not attack Mularkey during the match.

NFL 2017 Week 1: Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The NFL regular season saw a fascinating match between Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans on Sunday early night at 8.00 PM. The game went down at LP Field, Nashville at Tennessee. We must say it was a match of its own. The score box reflected the week one winner at 26-16 in favor of the Raiders. The Titans had tried to strike a fast one the Raiders at the kick off with their ultimate kicker Ryan Succop. The Raiders had to respond with a terrific set up in the field position to score an eight-yard play by their wide player Amari Cooper. This was a pass from a quarterback Derek.

The first half had a lot of dominance from Giorgio Tavecchio exchanging field goals with the teammate Ryan Succop. Giorgio sealed an optimistic first half with a 52-yarder which left the Raiders at 13-10. The second half was somehow full of defensive mechanisms, but the dominant Tavecchio and Succop took two more goals for their stats. The decision was set straight when Carr found his wide player Seth and gave a 19 yarder in the fourth quarter. And the rest of the match was a constant pressure or the steady raiders front. The week one win by the Raiders was excellent, and it should be an energizer for week two preparation. The Titans should also take it positively and use it as a development point for their week 2.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 4: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, August 31, 8:30 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Titans started with an early goal in the field by R. Succop, however the Chiefs would react with 2 touch-downs, and one a QB P. Mahomes touch-down pass and the other a punt return for a touch-down by WR-J. Chesson. The Chiefs would widen their lead with a J. Stave touch-down go to WR- T. Jones. Kansas City went ahead to win 30 to 6.

The 1st round pick got to begin on the more energizing note from the 1st snap. Mahomes flashed the skill to play enormously with each drive, completing with one hundred and eighty three yards on only sixteen endeavors useful for a 11.4 yards for every goal attempt. Mahomes made 53, 46, passes respectively and a 28-yard touch-down to D. Robinson to top off the pre-season.

Eligwe was dynamic in the run diversion and passed-game on his thirty five snaps. On the night he totaled 6 handles, two stops and permitted only one-catch for three yards while in defense.

Jenkins completed the fruitful game with a quarter-back hit and in addition a rush when hurrying the passer, and two tackles and two stops against the run respectively.

Tanney played most of the snaps for the Titans. When confronting the opponents, Tanney was eight for eighteen for eighty two yards. Fluellen was given the chance to convey the game and create mixed outcomes, despite the fact that he was the Titans most beneficial skilled player of the night. Of his 74-yards on nineteen carries, fifty three yards came after contact, yet could have a long keep running of only nine yards.

The inside the defense the Titans was spot on throughout the night. Brown was a major player in controlling the defense and backing off Chiefs, totaling two tackles and three stops while additionally posting a sack. The Chiefs however, emerged winners beating the Titans 30-6.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 3: Tennessee Titans vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, August 27, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Chicago Bears defeated the Tennessee Titans in Tennessee by a score of 19-7 in he third preseason game for both teams. The Bears started strongly in the first quarter, with embattled starting quarterback Mike Glennon leading a long touchdown drive capped off by a 1 yard touchdown pass to tight end Dion Sims. The Bears extended their lead in the second quarter when they blocked a Tennessee punt attempt, resulting in a safety and making the score 9-0. Chicago added a Connor Barth field goal, and went into halftime leading the Titans by a 12-0 score.

The third quarter saw no scoring, as neither team managed to extend a lengthy drive for much of the quarter. But toward the end of the third quarter, third year quarterback Marcus Mariota led the Titans on a scoring drive finished off by a 3 yard touchdown pass to running back Derrick Henry. The Bears responded with a touchdown drive of their own, featuring the biggest play of the game, as number two overall pick quarterback Mitchell Trubisky hit rookie wide receiver Tanner Gentry on a 45 yard touchdown pass to extend Chicago’s lead back to 12. This would prove to be the final score, as Chicago prevailed over the Titans 19-7.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 2: Tennessee Titans vs Carolina Panthers on Saturday, August 19, 3:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The game between the Tennessee Titans and Caroline Panthers has definitely brought excitement to fans like us, which the game from last week lacked. The Titans truly had a solid performance on this one, though their penalties can be made lesser still. They also struggled on answering Christian McCaffrey’s gameplay who contributed impressive two receptions. But overall, the Tennessee Titans’s offensive line has definitely improved perhaps contributing to their 34-27 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Out of the three fourth downs, they were able to perfect all three of them.

Derrick Henry’s impressive 2.3 yards per carry average is a good indication of a good offensive line’s play. Of course, Henry’s speed and power in itself contributed to the run-heavy offense. And again, Jayon Brown didn’t fail to show how competent of a linebacker he is. With everything that has happened, the Carolina Panthers coach is right when he said they gotta go back to physical football. The struggle was real and can be seen when they played without Cam Newton. Still, it’s worth noting how they get back after the Titans 17-0 lead in the first quarter, as they were able to tie up 27-27. Thanks to the rushing and catching talent of their rookies. It was but an enjoying game to watch all in all.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 1: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets on Saturday, August 12, 7:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The 2017 season had started on a good note for the N.Y Jets as they edged a win against Tennessee Titans. The clash between Tennessee Titans and the N.Y Jets ended in a 7-3 defeat in favor of the N.Y Jets. The game was all interesting as many happenings proved beyond doubt that there still high hopes for the Tennessee Titans. Such included the brilliant performance of Kevin Byard. The second year safety sure picked up from where he left off. Their linebackers proved good and all prepped for what is coming for them. Their major concern should be with their offensive players. Their attacks lacked an effective push.

The N.Y Jets had let Christian Heckenberg start up with the starting offensive line but had given way for the reserves sooner. He may need to be allowed to begin with the starters in order to get a fair evaluation due to him. He looked relaxed in the game not that he was exactly inspiring but his outing was a bit okay for someone that has been away from the game for as long as a full year.

The fans were able to see what some of the younger Jets were capable of.

Tennessee Titans NFL season 2016 recap

2016 saw the goodbye of head coach Ken Whisenhunt after the team had suffered a 1-6 starting record in the season. The franchise had to appoint Mike Mularkey as interim head coach to complete the half of the task left behind by Whisenhunt. Even with the significant change, stats did not change as much as the Titans barely recovered with a 2-7 record until the end of the season.

Despite the frustrating season record of the team, Delanie Walker had the best of his career. He was able to score 94 passes at 1,088 yards coupled with six touchdowns. He was the only one Marcus Mariota (quarterback) had his eyes on, and he led the Titans in receiving those much needed passes. He was the only hope the team had in this depressing season.

Speaking of Mariota, he definitely showed that he has arms that can throw a mile and legs that can run for much-needed touchdowns. Despite the Titans loss against the New York Jets in December, he demonstrated that he is catches good as well as he can throw.

The Titans’ shameful 2016 record of 13 losses took an emotional hit in their match against the Miami Dolphins. The scoreboard bled of a 28-point advantage by the Dolphins, and the hero of the Titans which was Mariota was out of the game due to a sprain because he took a low hit from Miami’s Olivier Vernon. From that moment on, it was game over.

NFL 2016 Week 17: Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Another intense football match that occurred on 1st January 2017 was between the old foes, the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans. The Tennessee Titans triumphed over Texans with the 24 scores against the Texans’ 17. It was an important victory for the Titans as they triumphed over the Texans in their home ground, the Nissan Stadium. The game was a thrilling encounter with both the Texans and the Titans having good passing yards. Additionally, both teams had a good rushing offense that characterized the reasonable score that was seen at the end of the game. Even though the Texans were expected to beat the Titans with better touchdown scoring and point scoring, the Titans managed to nullify these abilities of the Texans.

In the end, the game was a thrilling encounter that left the fans wanting some more and more. Both teams ended the season well. We cannot wait for more of these encounters when the new season starts. It will be fun watching these teams continue their old bitter rivalry.

NFL 2016 Week 16: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Going into a key AFC game, the Tennessee Titans were in first place in AFC South with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the last place in the division. The highlight of the first quarter was Myers kick which pushed the Jaguars ahead 7-0 with 11 minutes to go. It ended with the Jaguar’s having a 10 point lead over the Titan’s 0.

The second quarter saw Mariota connect a pass with Rishard Mattews to score a 3-yard touchdown which narrowed the gap to 10-7. Though his kick failed, Ivory scored for the Jaguars after a one-yard touchdown run. With less than 2 minutes left, the score was now 16-7. Jacksonville ended the quarter with 19-7.

The third quarter was even better for the Jacksonville Jaguars with Ryan Succop and Myers scoring field goals from 42-yards and 56-yards respectively. The Tennessee Titans are stuck at 10 points and struggle against the Jaguars who pick up 3 more points to finish the quarter with 25-10 on the scoreboard. Marcus Mariota got injured on the sack and was carted off the field 3 minutes before the end of the third quarter.

The Jaguars get a penalty in the fourth quarter for catch interference. Succop’s kick isn’t enough to bring the score closer as Bortles scores a 20-yard touchdown after a pass from Lee. Jaguars hold on to their lead and win the match at Jacksonville 38-17.

NFL 2016 Week 15: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

Bad weather overshadowed the game last Sunday with The Titans and the Chiefs were also facing cold weather with the low temperature and chilly winds. The Titans earner their victory with a game winning field goal, led by Marcus Mariota. The goal that gave the Titans a win was astounding and gave them the 19-17 winning score. The game saw great heights and great play by the Running back Darrick Henry who scored the two touchdowns for the Titans and rushed for 58 yards and set a new career high for himself. Ryan Succop, the kicker scored the winning field goal of 53 yards.

It was the second longest game winning goal in the franchise’s history. The Linebacker Brian Orakpo dropped Alex Smith, the Chief quarterback and had a 58 career sacks in his name. Overall, both teams showed immense skills and Titans were at the season’s low with two penalties to their name. The Chiefs were forced to limit their defenses and limited them to their season low of 13 first downs. With all of the people at the game having to face harsh winds, the game went ahead and become one of the coldest games of the season.

NFL 2016 Week 14: Tennessee Titans vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

It was another breath taking event in the home ground of the Tennessee Titans. Any NFL fan would not wish to watch such games more often. The game was one of its kinds; it was a lion-tiger game even if the Titans were able to come out strong and win with a narrow score of 13-10. The game was played on a cool Sunday and many NFL reviewers fell that it was an incredible game.

The visitors were charged after a crucial win against the jaguars and it appeared that they would win in this game too but the gods were against them. They are also going to try and revenge their loss by winning a game against the Patriots in the next outing when the patriots visit their ground. On the other hand the Titans were able to win their second consecutive NFL game after previously beating the bears 27-21 in the previous meeting. They will also be looking to make their third win by beating the Chief in the upcoming fixture. In the game against the Titans, Harris and Harry Douglas had an ugly confrontation where Harris almost most lost his leg after Douglas gave a low hit. Harris who had lastly experienced a torn ACl felt that the Titans-wide-receiver wanted to end his career completely.

NFL 2016 Week 12: Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The Titans won on Sunday to put them at the .500 mark (as far as winning percentage goes because they have lost six games and won six games so far this season). The Chicago Bears have only won two games and lost nine games so far in the season, and have not won a game since week eight, losing three straight games. The Titans have gone back and forth between losing and winning this season. The Tennessee Titans are currently second in the AFC South, while the Chicago Bears are in last in NFC North.

The quarterback for the Titans, Marcus Mariota, completed fifteen of twenty-three passes on Sunday, throwing for two touchdowns, 226 passing yards, and no interceptions. He also rushed for forty-six yards on four carries.

The quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Matt Barkley, completed twenty-eight of his fifty-four pass attempts, throwing for three touchdowns, 316 passing yards, and two interceptions.

At the end of the first quarter, things were tied at seven, but the Titans went into halftime having scored 21 points. The Bears would turn things around in the second half, but that would not be enough, only scoring fourteen points while the Titans scored another six points. The Titans scored in every quarter, whereas the Bears went scoreless in the second and third quarters.

NFL 2016 Week 11: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

Titans have swept off four of the last six matches in total, but have fumbled 10 straight in series since flattening Colts in October 2011. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm to enter a match with Tennessee Titans is becoming comparatively less. If you are thinking this is because they instill undue fear in rivals, that would be stretching it a bit. However, nobody can deny that they dole out a hefty and fierce competition with brute strength. Last Sunday, when they played against the Indianapolis Colts, Colts were expecting a Goliath of a game as they were only hanging on by a hairs breadth in the finals.

Though they did manage to flatten the Titans before, Indianapolis had to get over their reputation as more of a refined team to jump to 2-0 against Tennessee. Colts and their history of ill-timed yellow cards and pitiable team management skills perhaps prompted audience to be a tad biased. But Indianapolis’ win certainly came off as a huge shock as they have been quite inconsistent throughout the year. Quite a few have lost huge amount of money. This 24-17 win will certainly cement their reputation for some time but pundits will argue that with a team whose pattern is largely predicable, it might be an uphill task for them upholding their winning ways.

NFL 2016 Week 10: Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans will another awesome game too. This is the 12th meeting of this teams, which is pretty awesome. The Titans are just leading this series 6-5. The last time the teams met was in 2012, which was pretty bad for the famous Titans, as they just lost 55-7. The Packers will play the game limping, as the team has suffered a wealth of injuries recently, but the team has no straight losses either. The Packers have been in the middle of a three-game road swing, and this situation has not been easy for the team at all.

Mariota will be part of the Packers just in the midst of an important breakthrough stretch. Mariota, a second-year pro, has just completed 69% of his passes for a total of 583 yards including 2 interceptions and 5 touchdowns in the last 2 games. The Packers will be focusing their attention on stopping the run as soon as possible. The team could also be playing without some of the team`s key players. Mariota is just a complimentary, important piece in the rushing attack of the team. The team has been averaging 142.2 yards a game, which is truly good for any team out there. The team has been led by the halfback DeMarco Murray. Murray has just ranked second in the NFL with 807 important rushing yards.

NFL 2016 Week 9: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, November 06, 4:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

Sunday was another day of high-scoring match-up between the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans at San Diego. The end result was a 43-35 win for the home boys. Chargers took off to a quick start through a Gates’ touchdown in the first period and summed it up with a field goal from Lambo in the final minute of the period.

Melvin Gordon took the first nap in the second period from a Phillip Rivers shotgun, bursting through a tiny space in front of him. Gordon then cut past the line of scrimmage and to the left setting Tyrell Williams for a three-yard touchdown. Mariota then followed with a 20-yard toss to Walker on 1st-and-10 as Murray and Andrews teamed up for a TD and Ingram got a call for an unsportsmanlike head-butt.

Titans started a drill with a big pick up by Wright and kept churning out yards and Sharpe met a big throw in the 10-yard line. Mathews then beat McCoil for an easy touchdown reducing Chargers’ lead from 16 point to 5 at half time.

The third period was more of a Gordon and Murray affair. Gordon got in the 1 and on 3rd and goal, Rivers was sacked and Titans gifted them another penalty. Gordon punched it in for six points. Bosa had consecutive penalties before Murray broke a long run from Titans. Mariota fumbled on a run and Dwight Lowery scooped and scored.

The fourth quarter saw San Diego restore an eight-point lead through Josh Lambo’s field goal. Murray maintained his hot form and ran it in for a six from the 1 after defensive pass interference in the end zone. The icing of the game came from Gordon’s rush for the 1st picking up 47 yards.

NFL 2016 Week 8: Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, October 27, 8:25 PM, Nissan Stadium

Jacksonville Jaguars squared off against the Tennessee Titans in one flawless match. Marcus Mariota threw 270 yards making two touchdowns ascore that led to the Titans making their highest score of the season and a 36-22 victory. This match was important to both teams as the two teams are perceived as equally competitive. Titans were determined to show their fans that the team can play with the hope of building a solid foundation for more games in the future. However the Titans were better prepared and they scooped the victory over the Jaguars.

One player who performed exceptionally well was Mariota who had 18 of 22 and a 148.1 passer rating making the second-highest rating of his career. On the other hand, DeMarco Murray ran 123 yards and making a single touchdown. The Titans 4-4 gained the season-highest total yards with 494 and came out victorious a third time in the past four matches. Tennessee was already in the lead with 3-0 even before Mariota threw the 36-yard touchdown. Rookie Derrick of Titans scored his first career touchdown on the 6-yard run. These teams have already squared off in this year and fans cannot wait to see their performance in the upcoming matches.

NFL 2016 Week 7: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Tennessee Titans started off with some trickery, scoring on a tackle eligible pass early in the 1st quarter, as the Titans faced off against a faltering Indianapolis Colts squad in Tennessee. Tennessee ended up botching the subsequent extra point kick, and putting the ball into the hands of Andrew Luck. Luck, who after several close losses must have been eager to prove himself, would go on to have a huge game, going 27 of 39 (including five drops by receivers), 353 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. Running Back Frank Gore got into the end-zone early for the Colts, and so did receiver TY Hilton, who had a monster game with 133 yards and a touchdown.

After Hilton’s touchdown, the ever-dangerous Pat McAfee kicked a tricky onside kick to give the Colts back the ball. Despite the successes of the Colts, the Titans never went away and even took the lead back in the 4th quarter on a field goal. Running back DeMarco Murray sliced through defenders on his way to 107 yards and a touchdown. Late in the fourth, the Colts took the lead back with one final touchdown pass to Tight End Jack Doyle. Down by 4, the Titans got the ball back and went to drive down field, when the drive was abruptly subverted by a strip sack that was returned for a touchdown by the veteran Robert Mathis. Colts won this one, 34-26.

NFL 2016 Week 6: Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Browns nearly pulled off the comeback versus the Titans, but Tennessee held their ground this time. Marcus Mariota was good for 284 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Titans to the 28-26 victory improving to 3-3 on the year. The Titans have now matched their win total from all of last year when they went 3-13. The have won consecutive games for the first time since the 2013 finale and improved to 3-16 in Nashville. Cleveland is now 0-6 and in danger of matching their worst start since 1999.

After last year’s record setting comeback, overcoming a 25 point deficit against the Titans, the Brown’s Kody Kessler set his sights to do it again, and the effort to overcome the 28-13 deficit began with a 5 yard TD to Terrelle Pryor Sr. with just 2:10 left to play in the fourth, but his 2 yard pass on the ensuing 2 point conversion failed. Duke Johnson Jr. scored nine plays later on a run up the middle after Cleveland recovered their first onside kick attempt.

Their second onside kick was handled by Titans potential hall of famer Andre Johnson as it went out of bounds, and Mariota simply took a knee to finish the game.

NFL 2016 Week 5: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 09, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

Entering Sunday’s game, both the Titans and the Dolphins had won one game in their first four games, so for both teams, this was a must win game.

The Dolphins, even though they only lost by thirteen points, did not have a good game on Sunday. By the second quarter, Dolphin fans were booing their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill and wanting Matt Moore to take over. Matt Moore is Tannehill’s backup and has not started a game since 2011.

Marcus Mariota completed twenty of his twenty-nine passes, throwing for 163 yards, three touchdowns, and zero interceptions in the game. He also rushed for a touchdown, scoring a total of four touchdowns in the game.

Ryan Tannehill completed twelve of his eighteen passes, throwing for 191 yards, threw zero touchdowns, and two interceptions in the game.

Tennessee pulled out to an early lead, and never wavered. They were up seven to nothing at the end of the first and 21-14 at the end of the first half. In the second half, the Titans only scored nine points, but were able to hold the Dolphins to three. The Titans put points on the board in every quarter of Sunday’s game.

NFL 2016 Week 4: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

For the Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans, the match was very fantastic. The Texans missed the services of J.J Watt, but the formation was perfect for the day. The game began with a fast pace from the hosts and great defense tactics from the Titans. The fact that the Texans boys did not have their best player gave them a fast pace a new formation, which gave the visitors a hard time.

With a 27-20 win against the Tennessee boys, the Houston players had many opportunities all along the match. At the onset of the game, Texans made a great move and took a 14-point score lead against the struggling opponents. For the entire first half of the match, the Titans played a defense game with most of the attacking coming for the centre and line attackers.

The most remarkable player for the game was Fuller, especially in the second half. His efforts played a big role in the win for the hosts thanks to his touchdown and perfect ball interceptions. Clowney and Osweller had great defense combinations that always left the fans screaming. During the play, Murray broke the monotony of field goals by his touchdown.

The last minutes had a lot of activity with the Texans exceeding the lead against the now-awake Titans. From this match, it was evident that the Texan Boys can work even without their key players.

NFL 2016 Week 3: Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Nashville Nissan Stadium pitted two teams with a similar goal of winning, Oakland’s defence was weak but magic happens in NFL, and they won with a 17-10 points lead. Their offence started off early to their advantage with Lativas Murray touchdown that was aided by a lovely collaboration between Derek, Richard and Amari at 25 yards. Ryan Succop opened the game for the Titans at 34 yards goal. Despite them starting, the Raiders took off, and the Titans couldn’t catch up. The Titans opened the second drive with a touchdown from Demarco Murray.

The Titan’s attempt in the fourth quarter to even the game was smashed when Sean Smith intercepted a pass to Rishard. The game ended on a defensive note with no offences from either team. Previews had put Titans ahead of Oakland. Taylor was flagged for being too brutal.The last score had been the Tennessee last touchdown, with the game coming to an end with Mirato’s incomplete pass. David Carr finished with 21/35 of 249 yards a single touchdown, while it was Demarco that made the Titans shine.The Raiders are now two points ahead of the season with only three turnovers in the win.

NFL 2016 Week 2: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

“I have to play a lot better because I didn’t feel like I played to my standard,” Marvin Jones admits in response to his bad day on the field, losing to Tennessee Titans. Held responsible for three drops, Jones was believed to be the most confident player last year but it appears he could not summon this confidence during his team’s loss to Tennessee. Detroit Lions kept Titans on their toes for the first three-quarters. The last quarter was more like a flip of the situation as the Titans sought to turn the odds. It is amazing that they did not block the Lions defender and still won.

Titans chose the easier route: touchdown. Getting Tahir Whitehead on Andre Johnson, and checking if the shorter route is covered, everything started when Marcus Mariota threw the ball in the fourth quarter. The amazing contribution made by the quarterback and the receiver made the win possible for Titans. Credit goes to Lions for putting up a good defense. They played the coverage, keeping in mind the threat of quarterback from the backfield. Without dwelling on mistakes made by Lions, the players who made the win possible ought to be appreciated for their superb comeback which saved the game.

NFL 2016 Week 1: Tennessee Titans vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings exercised their Week 1 theme ” Do Your Job” to secure a splendid win over Tennessee Titans. The game was by a wide margin immaculate, however a great deal of coarseness and somewhat streak went far, and the Vikings ended up as the winner 25-16.

Indeed, this was a game that gave Vikings fans blended feelings all through, and going into halftime down 10-0 started to start recollections of last season. Upon further survey, it wasn’t almost as awful as it at first appeared, with Blair Walsh missing his initial two field goal chances of the season leaving the Titans with a huge zero going into halftime.

In the principal half of the game that style of offense kept Titan defenders on their heels. The protection was still firm permitting just the one touchdown in the primary half on an especially astonishing solo exertion from DeMarco Murray.Then, the Vikings defense went to work after a poor first half, walloping Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota into a progression of opportune turnovers.

Clearly, from that game, Minnesota Vikings head Mike Zimmer and hostile facilitator Norv Turner are likely to relook at their offense taking after a dreary first half, yet that protective tape can presumably hold up.On the off chance that Mike Mularky can show Mariota and whatever is left of his offense to ace the super smooth transitioning on hold of scrimmage, where he moved and slid tight finishes and running backs to wide beneficiary positions and all over the line of scrimmage that group is going to wind up a troublesome one to cover.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 4: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins on Thursday, September 01, 7:00 PM, New Miami Stadium

Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins in NFL games, they won it by 21-10. This is a 4th preseason games, it’s only preseason but yes they are playing superb. Derrick Henry unstoppable and Murray are deadly, they have started well & finished well as well. Miami Dolphins disappointed their fans by their defensive play that is one of the reason they lost it by huge margin. Miami issue is many starting with tackling of players, this games also look similar to earlier 2 preseason games.

Miami Dolphins has also changes many players in this games but this games is throughout disappointing games has not impressed anyone, some big stars was missing in this games like Ryan Tannehill, Ndamukong Suh, Jarvis Landry. This is not a great entertainment, it seems like routine play.

Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins played there game in hard rock stadium. This stadium is newly renovated, it is integrated with modern facilities, so that players and fan would love the environment.

This games are like a high school exam, you have to appear in this and perform well, even if you don’t like it. In the lovely environment of hard rock stadium we can see the fans and the players fighting hard to win. Each teams are doing their best.

Arian Foster have won the starting running, he is dressed but didn’t play. Jay Ajayi carried the ball three times and one pass thrown on his way, he rooted on the first snap and released the lone pass attempt.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 3: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders on Saturday, August 27, 8:00 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The first touch down by the Raiders was almost a no-score. Yet, when one looks at the playback, Honner’s sharp moves get him the touchdown way from two defenders. In return, Marcel Reece scores another touch down. The Titans seemed to have been at a loss. They just did not seem to get past the defense. Heir own defense was also lacking quite a bit, and losing the ball on an occasion does not help the Titans either. Even so, the Titans made up for it and eventually won the Raiders. The game was a reasonably good running game, even though it was a bit messy at times.

The two teams were also well pitted against each other. Even though the Titans won the game, they were not after the kind of score. Mack Reddy is certainly part of the team, and is showing some of his hand on the field. However, as this was just a preseason match, none of them wanted to really show their hand. The Raiders looked good at the start, but in the end, the Titans took the win. The playbook was not that clear on both ends, but it was definitely a start for the next time when they meet again.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 2: Tennessee Titans vs Carolina Panthers on Saturday, August 20, 3:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Carolina Panthers pulled out a win against the Tennessee Titans, 26-16. As almost every preseason game, also this one was full of mistakes on both sides and at every level. Heavy rain and the atmosphere on the stadium between two teams caused a heavy penalization on both sides. 14-combined penalties for 105 yards made the game really static and stagnant.

The actions of the game were really sloppy and even though corner backs seemed to be settled in, there was and still is a plenty of work to do on both sides. Worth mentioning is a play of Ted Ginn Jr. and his amazing touchdown. Getting out into space over 61 yards, despite his age he really deserve to be called the Flash.

The young players on the both sides got a great experience on a field and their progress is really nice. Kelvin Benjamin was during the game doing his best, to be fastest player, but he should work on the finishing part, together with the whole team. Even though Panthers won, the ending of the game was according to Cam Newton the part, which they should still work on. Good fast start followed by simultaneous downgrade will not push Panthers forward and they should work harder on the offense.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 1: Tennessee Titans vs San Diego Chargers on Saturday, August 13, 8:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans was another very big game in the NFL preseason opener. The Titans who began the game on offensive moves in which the earlier two calls were made by the rightful fans who had paid for, indicates the ability to dominate. They team up so rapidly to ensure that they gain the opponents ground during the early minutes of the game.

However that did not mean that the Chargers were worried or frightened by these moves. If you cannot identify the ability they showed to tell they can still be on top of the game. Melvin Gordon was not left behind to show the best plays in his career. He made moves that were very impressive to the fans and marked significance in the entire game.

Every player on the field had purposed to ensure that they show to their fans the importance of them on the field holding on the team’s name. This was a clear indication that this season has so much in store. Even though the Titans were better than the Chargers by the end of the last whistle. Both teams showed that they deserve the title by the end of the season.

Tennessee Titans NFL season 2015 recap

The Tennessee Titans have had a seven-year-long stretch outside of the playoffs, but the losing season can also bring about playoffs. During the year 2015, the team gained a point through propping up their defense that helped to pile the team. The team also picked up Perrish Cox from the Niners that bolstered the team and this set the stage for the 2015 season.

For 2016, the Titans have the first pick of the NFL draft as they have secured the number one overall sector through losing to the Indianapolis colts on Sunday dropping them to 3-13 on the season.

The team got the first pick as a result of the strength of schedule tiebreaker giving them room to decide what to do with the pick. The Titans are in a position to get ahead with an opportunity for their desired head coach as they do have an interim coach.

The best thing for the team to do is to list potential candidates and track them in the rest of the season. The Titans for the season have been a middle of the pack team and there is no expectation to be competitive in the 2016 year. The Titans have used their agency to build their franchise quarterback in Mariota. The year 2016 will be interesting to watch.

NFL 2015 Week 17: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The Indianapolis Colts were also able to secure a win over the Tennessee Titans in a very breathtaking match. Their 30-24 victory over the Titans didn’t book them a place in the playoffs, but atleast it went a long way in boosting their morale. Chuck Pagano used a backup plan to secure a victory over the Titans but it just wasn’t enough to book them a place in the playoffs. Ryan Lindley and Josh Freeman were two quarterbacks who had an impressive game. They both had great impact in the first half, each throwing one touchdown pass.

Jerrell Freeman was responsible for an interception which gave the Colts a much deserved win over the Titans. The Texans victory over the Jaguars ended the little hope the Colts had to qualify for the playoffs. The past two weeks showed how impressive Pagano is when it comes to coaching. His backup plan was impressive although it just couldn’t book them a place in the playoffs.

Although they used four different quarterbacks to secure a victory, they were clearly the better side in the past two matches. After the game, several players could be seen hugging Pagano. Perhaps it was a thank you for their coach who’s contract set to expire.

NFL 2015 Week 16: Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Houston is in line to win the AFC South, and might have clinched after this game but the Colts beat Miami by six points. Houston has beaten the Titans seven out of the last eight versus the Titans. They used the four takeaways they got and turned them into seventeen of their points, including a fumble recovery that was returned 33 yards at the start of the game. This is the most points that the Texans have scored this year, they’ve also started four different quarterbacks both this year and last season (this season they have started TJ Yates, Ryan Mallett, Brandon Weeden, and Brian Hoyer).

Brandon Weeden completed fifteen of his 24 passes throwing for 200 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. This was his first start of the season. He also had two rushes, for eleven yards, and scored a touchdown on the ground (his first ever rushing touchdown), and lost a fumble.

Zach Mettenberger completed 27 of his 51 pass attempts, throwing for 234 yards, one touchdowns, and one interceptions. He also lost a fumble.

This game was not at all close. The Texans jumped out to an early 10-0 lead at the end of halftime, and they outscored the Titans by eleven (17-6) in the second half. Houston scored points in every quarter but the fourth.

NFL 2015 Week 15: Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

Thanks to a 33-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots continued leading the way in the AFC. The Patriots had come out with the rationale one would presume they would show after losing 2 of their past three. That slipped a little in the 2nd half – on offense, as they aren’t that great at present; on defense owing to some slipping focus. Tom Brady threw for 2 touchdowns to help his team hold onto the top spot in the AFC, with Marcus Mariota, Titans quarterback, being forced out of the game in the first half owing to a knee injury. OC Josh McDaniels’ play calling was a superb mix of runs and passes out of a variety of formations and personnel packages.

The Patriots have won 2 in a row since stumbling to successive losses – their first 2-game losing streak since 2012. In its place, they’ve recorded their 6th straight season with at least 12 wins. On the other hand, the future of Tennessee Titans is even more in doubt. They are clearly going nowhere this season, and are quite likely be in the market for a new head-coach after Ken Whisenhunt was fired earlier this year and Mike Mularkey named interim coach.

NFL 2015 Week 14: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Ryan Fitzpatrick was again the man of the day throwing three touchdown passes giving the New York Jets a well deserved victory of 30 – 8 against the Tennessee Titans whose performance was nothing short of dismal. Marcus Mariota and team could do nothing to stop the offense that scored five of its total six possessions. The defense neither was anything that the Titans could just get past and this just heightened the fact that it wasn’t going to be their game.

Brandon Marshall, Bilal Powell as well as Eric Decker each had a moment with the ball, catching each a TD pass. This means that the Jets stay on course for the AFC playoff spot. This is their first three game winning streaks in four years. Fitzpatrick had a great game with a career high for him in a single season after throwing 25 TD passes. The only high moment as far as the Titans were concerned was in the third quarter when Antonio Andrews and Mariota connected fro a 41 yard touchdown. It was a great game overall with some records being set and others broken on the night that most couldn’t have expected anything less from both sides but the Jets came into this game with a lot of criticism from the media as to if they could manage to beat Titans.

NFL 2015 Week 13: Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

In an extremely electrifying and heart-throbbing contest between Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars was won by Titans on Sunday. It was a neck and neck game till the end when Marcus Mariota scored the winning touchdown bringing smiles on the faces of Tennessee Titans’ fans. The match ended with a score of 42-39 in the favor of Titans. As an interesting fact six touchdowns were scored in the fourth quarter. Winning this game they had put an end to the streak of their eleven consecutive home losses. They had not managed to win a single game in their home since 12 Oct 2014, when they defeated this very same team with a score of 16-14 in their favor.

With this win the season record of Titans has improved to 3-9. Talking about Jaguars their record in not very diverse from Titans, they have managed 4 wins against 8 losses. This was a memorable day for the young Quarter Back of Titans Marcus Mariota. He made a record of league’s longest run for this season. He ran for an astonishing 87 yards before touchdown, this is the third longest run by a QB since 1940. It is an event to remember, one of the best matches in the past.

NFL 2015 Week 12: Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The mighty Oakland Raiders (5-6) highly anticipated clash against the legendary Southerners, the Tennessee Titans (2-9) was played at the Nissan Stadium in the Titan’s home turf of Nashville, Tennessee. The Raiders narrowly escaped with a monumental victory with a final whistle score of 24-21 in the Raiders favor. The Raiders reigned supreme in the showdown after coming from a consecutive losing streak of three games. This was the eleventh consecutive loss for the Titans at Nashville.

In an emotionally charged game which had its highs and lows, corner-back Coty Sensabaugh was embarrassed by Seth Rogers for a powerful touchdown later on stormed off the field after Derek Carr’s lackluster forth down-pass effort. The Raiders first went through a 6-17 lead by the Titans in the first quarter until they recovered. The Titan’s loss further sealed their fate while removing them as contenders for the fourth season.

The Raiders star player, Derek Carr won the highly contested battle by throwing a 12 yard touchdown and passing Seth Roberts with a tense 1 minute 21 seconds left to save the game and redeem him while sealing the fate of the Titans.

The electrifying Bills at Chiefs, Raiders at Titans games drew massive crowds and their outcomes were certainly unexpected. They are probably a sign of great and interesting things to come in the professional American football circuits as we know it.

NFL 2015 Week 11: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, November 19, 8:25 PM, EverBank Field

For more than two years, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a winning streak a hand. This is thanks to a 19 – 13 victory against the Tennessee Titans. They now have won three games out of a possible four and this sets them squarely in the race for the AFC South. The Titans story wasn’t the same though and this is due to the fact that this was their 8th loss in nine games this season which is just disappointing for Coach Mike Mularkey. Having coached the Jaguars for just one season with them in 2012 that saw him bag two wins out of fourteen games.

For the better part of the game, it seemed as though the visiting coach would walk away with the victory but this was not to be so. This sees the jaguars having the easiest run of games remaining in the fixtures as they play all their four remaining games at home. The game was a good one and though it had its numerous low moments as well as the high ones when everyone thought that the Titans would walk away with the victory. How they lost it, only themselves to blame for the way they played especially with the defense.

NFL 2015 Week 10: Tennessee Titans vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Carolina Panthers traveled to Tennessee to battle the Titans in what was sure to be an excellent game. Quarterback Cam Newton of the Panthers had an excellent first half, almost being perfect in the passing game. The Panthers beat the Titans 27-10 in a game that increased the Panther’s winning streak to thirteen.

Carolina relied heavily on its stout defense which only allowed the Titans to have 11 first downs. The ending drive of the game was highlighted when the Panthers forced a fumble from the Titans. An incredible game that keeps the Panthers unbeaten with a record of 9-0 and it leaves the Titans with a record of 2-7.

The Panthers dominated the Titans by keeping the ball and running up the time of possession. The Titans were poor on their third down conversions only converting on five of their third down possessions. Jonathon Stewart of Carolina has a decent game amassing 91 rushing yards on 22 carries and their outstanding target of a tight end Greg Olsen had 80 receiving yards on 8 balls thrown in his direction. Not one ball thrown to Olsen was dropped.

The Titans defense tried to put a clamp on the elusive Newton in the second half by ramping up their pass rush, but, in the end the Carolina defense proved to be too much for Tennessee.

NFL 2015 Week 9: Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Spanning 4 quarters and an overtime, the Titans vs. Saints game Sunday was not one to miss.

The Saints, with a record of 2-6, came into this game feeling confident from winning their last 3 games, and with the weight of making the post-season weighing on their shoulders. Leading 21-10 early in the game, the Saints just couldn’t get the Titians off their tail.

The Titans, with a record of 4-5, also had much to prove; this game marked the return of Mariota’s return from a knee sprain, and their new head coach, Mike Mularkey’s, first game. They had also just lost 6 games in a row, adding to the challenge.

Mariota threw a personal-best 271 yards and four touchdowns to snap the Titans 6 game losing streak with a 34-28 win over the Saints. He also had a 5-yard pass that won the game in overtime.

Brees threw 28 completions of 39 for 387 yards and three touchdowns, but was held back by the offensive line. He ended the game with 4 sacks, and had a pass intercepted in the end zone late in the third quarter.

Both teams missed field goal attempts in the last two minutes of the game that led to the overtime. The Titans hit the cross bar on a 55-yard try, and the Saints had their 46-yard try deflected

NFL 2015 Week 8: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Houston Texans won a one-sided encounter against the Tennessee Titans. The major talking point was the firing of Titans’ coach Ken Whisenhunt after their 20-6 loss to the Texans. The Titans horrible record continued with their loss to the Texans compounding a sixth consecutive loss on the team and the mounting pressure on the head coach finally gave in and he was dismissed. The Texans were impressive on the day with particularly Whitney Mercilus giving the Titans a torrid time with his sacks. Equally impressive were J.J Watt covering 13.5 yards in sack yardage, Chris Polk who ran for 18 yards for 8 carries and Alfred Blue who had 39 yards for 14 carries. The Titans had Zach Mettenberg and Taylor Lewan totally out of depth in that crushing loss on Sunday. Mettenberg was sacked 7 times while Lewan was given a hard time by Texans’ Mercilus, who sacked him three and a half times. After the game, Lewan admitted to having one of the worst displays in the game. The only downer to the Texans’ victory is the injury to Jadeveon Clowney.

NFL 2015 Week 7: Tennessee Titans vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Tenessee Titans 10 to 7 in a highly controversial game that saw the Falcoans coach, Dann Quinn call a lot of bad choices on the players side in the game. Though the game could have gone either way, the Falcons had to do a lot of work to maintain their half time 6-1 lead that was really a remarkable feat for them.

Goal line misses was Dann Quinn’s worries for the night which had seen the refs call some pretty controversial calls in the game.It was a really great game for the Falcons and they couldn’t have needed the result any sooner. the result was worth it though their performance was nothing short of dismall. The Titans too were lackluster to say the least on game day and this is what made led to this disappointing loss that they couldn’t afford considering their position at the table in the moment.

Falcons RightBack Devonta Freeman was highly praised for his performance in the game that was just brilliant. This saw him being compared to past greats and I have to say that he really lived up to my expectations and this is mainly due to the fact that he was the man to watch in that game.

NFL 2015 Week 6: Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Dolphins finally saw their first win this week. Dolphins were not performing well enough as they were a mess in last four games. Nobody could tell that this team finished second last season when they saw Dolphins at number 21 position. Finally, they won a match in Dolphins at Titans battle. A lot happened with Dolphins this season.

Due to the bad performance, the management team already sacked the head coach Joe Philbin and defense co-coordinator Kevin Coyle. The supporters also started to give up on this team. Hopefully, this is a new start for them as they showed their real power in this game. Miller was the one who shredded Titan defense at ease without even getting the long run benefit. The supporters were excited to see this change in Dolphins and they thurrily enjoyed the Dolphins at Titans match.

When Wake was asked that how Dolphins turned up against all odds, he smiled and replied that Dolphins is still the same team that they had in week 1. He also said that players still have the same ability and they are trying to enjoy and have fun on the field.

NFL 2015 Week 5: Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 11, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

For American football lovers, nothing waters their mouths than a game between outstanding clubs and bitter rivalry that exists between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans. For those who follow or have been following the game will straight away know what am speaking about.

Think of what happened in 1999- 2000 National Football league’s playoffs. Just to refresh your memory a little bit, the game between these American football giants took place at Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville. With the Bills having taken a lead of 16 – 15 on a field goal with just but exactly 16 second left for the game to come to an end, a genuinely genius moment came in the Titans way in the form of Frank Wycheck who threw a lateral pass across the field, the awesome and perfectly timed pass met Kevin Dyson who made no mistake to dispatch the ball by running 75 yards to score the winning touchdown and earn a 22 – 16 victory.

For those who were in attendance, I bet they still can’t forget the rapturous shouting that ensued, the fans went wild most of them falling in love with the awesomeness shown by the two lads. Well, that is for the winning team fans, not much can be say about the disappointment of the losing side though. That just tells you what to expect when these two sides meet…

NFL 2015 Week 3: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Colts get their first win of the season and win a close one against a divisional foe. It was not easy, they had to score three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win. This was also the first game this season they scored in the first quarter and the Colts scored in both quarters of the first half. They blew a 14-10 lead that they went into halftime with, giving up seventeen points that put them down 27-14. In the fourth quarter, the Colts’ defense shut down the Titans, only giving up six points.

Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, threw a pair of touchdown passes in less than a minute in the fourth. He is now undefeated against the Titans in seven career starts and the Titans have won only one game out of the last fourteen match ups against the Colts.

The Titans had an opportunity to tie the game late with a two-point conversion, but not even a pass interference call that moved the ball to the one yard line could help them tie the game.

For the Colts, this win helps them avoid starting the season 0-3, and it helps save their season, for now.

NFL 2015 Week 2: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Johnny Manziel threw 2 touchdown passes in this game, a game where he needed to prove himself. He started in place of the injured Josh McCown, giving Manziel his third career NFL start and his first since last season. He completed 8 passes on 15 attempts for 172 yards, ending the game with a passer rating of 133.9. One of his completions was a 60 yard touchdown that he threw to Benjamin. Benjamin scored two touchdowns in this game as well, one receiving and a punt return.

The Titans made things interesting after falling behind 21-0 at the end of the first half, after a 78-yard punt returned for a touchdown by Benjamin. The Titans turned the ball over twice, after one of which the Browns scored their second touchdown of the game and racked up 45 yards in penalties in the first quarter alone. They would end the game with 9 penalties for 85 yards, but only one 5 yard penalty in the second half.

The second half for the Titans made up for their sloppy first. Marcus Mariota, in only his second NFL start, would go on to throw two touchdown passes. They would go on to outscore the Browns in the second half 14-7, but by then, it was too late.

NFL 2015 Week 1: Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, September 13, 4:25 PM, Raymond James Stadium

This matchup had been hyped up for 4 months before its game day. The Titans rode the wave of excitement to rout the Buccaneers 42 – 14. The Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota threw four passes that ended in clean touchdowns. The loss was painful for the Buccaneers because it was their tenth loss at home. Their head coach Mr. Lovie Smith simply walked off the pitch in utter disappointment. Their fans were also hugely upset. 63, 945 fans had thronged the stadium to come and see the Buccaneers win. Unfortunately for them, it was never to be.

The match had been anticipated with excitement since it would feature two starting quarterbacks against each other. They had been drafted into the NFL after being selected positions 1 and 2. Thus, it was expected that they would be fiercely competitive against each other. The eyes of the NFL world were on them both locally in Tampa Bay, Florida and across the nation. However, Mariota put himself ahead by leading his team to a 35-7 halftime lead. He exhibited a passer rating of 158.3 in the match. The rating was perfect and placed him among the hottest quarterbacks to watch in the league. To make the pain worse for the Buccaneers, two of their star defensive players were on the bench with towels over their shoulders. These were Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks. They are both members of the Buccaneers Ring of Honor and did not stop the loss that they suffered under the Tennessee Titans.

NFL season 2014 for the Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans had a particularly rough season in the year of 2014, placing fourth in their AFC South division. Many experts agreed that the Titans’ roster for 2014 put them on the losing path, and they were correct. With the Tennessee Titans’ abysmal end statistics of 2 wins and 14 losses, it was clear that they were one of the worst teams competing.

Losing to Philadelphia eliminated the Titans’ chances of reaching the playoffs and made their head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, strongly suggest roster changes. Such individual efforts as Shonn Greene’s rush against the Colts were not enough to save the team from elimination, and we can all hope some appropriate roster changes and improved strategy will give the team a better chance in the next season.

NFL 2014 Week 17: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, LP Field

The Colts were able to bounce back from their 11-5 season with a 27-10 win over the Titans. Luck threw for 160 yards in their win against the Titans. the Colts were able to achieve 4 sacks during regular game play. Luck need only 100 passing yards to beat Peyton Manning’s record and surpassed that with an 80 yard pass to Reggie Wayne. Completed passes to Fleener by Luck and Matt Hasselbeck were the other scores, along with a 1 yard TD by Jack Doyle. The victory sets up the Colts in the Wild card slot in the play offs.

The Titans started off the game poorly the first quarter was dominated by a 79 yard punt, the Titans at 2-14 have one of the worst records in the league and are entitled to the number two draft pick. In the only bright spots for the Titans QB Whitehurst was able to connect with Kendall Wright for a 6 yard TD pass. The Titans finished gameplay with a 3 yard boot by Succop. That was even a struggle for the Titans. They can only hope to redeem themselves next year.

NFL 2014 Week 16: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, December 18, 8:25 PM, EverBank Field

Both Jacksonville and Tennessee were heading into this game looking to the future. The score indicated that the Jaguars have a brighter future then the Titans.

Rookie quarterback Blake Bortles threw for 115 yards and one touchdown. The young quarterback did not throw any interceptions. The key to the Jacksonville victory was their running game. Two different rushers ran for two touchdowns. Jordan Todman ran the ball five times for seventy-one yards, and Toby Gerhart ran the twelve times for fifty-three yards. Bortles add fifty yards rushing to his the group. The top receiver was Marquise Lee. He caught four passes for sixty-five yards. Mercedes Lewis caught the only touchdown pass thrown by Bortles.

The Jacksonville defense sacked the Titans quarterback four times.

Tennessee’s strength was in the passing game. The Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst completed twenty-four passes for 287 yards and one touchdown. The second string quarterback did not throw any interceptions. Leon Washington caught the majority of Whitehurst’s passes. The running back caught the ball seven times for sixty-two yards and he caught the Titans only touchdown. The top running back for the Titans was rookie rusher Bishop Sankey. He ran the ball fourteen time for forty-four yards.

The Tennessee defense sacked the Jacksonville quarterback four times.

Jacksonville is finishing their season at Houston. Tennessee is playing the struggling Indianapolis Colts in their final game of the season.

NFL 2014 Week 15: Tennessee Titans vs New York Jets on Sunday, December 14, 4:05 PM, LP Field

The New York Jets came away with a 16 -11 win over the Titans in a battle of two teams slogging through lost seasons. The low score was exactly what you’d expect from two teams that seem to have no offensive identity, or talent for that matter.

Although you wouldn’t have said “game over”, to some extent it was when Charlie Whitehurst came in for an injured Jake Locker in the second quarter. After that, the offense that wasn’t good to begin with got worse. Shonn Greene and Dexter McCluster combined for 65 yards rushing, while Nate Washington and Delanie Walker combined for 10 catches and 195 to lead the team’s receiving attack. For the Jets, Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory combined for an anemic 80 yards rushing, although Eric Decker had a relatively good day with 100 yards on 7 catches.

In the end, the Jets won in fitting fashion, taking advantage of two penalties on what proved to be the game winning drive.

The most excitement in the game was probably when Titan linebacker Wesley Woodyard got into it with Jet’s QB Geno Smith, touching off a brawl that surprisingly resulted in no ejections.

NFL 2014 Week 14: Tennessee Titans vs New York Giants on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, LP Field

After registering disappointing results of narrow losses in weeks twelve and thirteen, the Giants were finally able to break the losing jinx in week fourteen. They tore apart the Tennessee Titans, posting an impressive 36-7 result. The clueless Titans were unable to make any inroads in the Giants territory in the first two quarters. They managed to get the only points in the third quarter. This was their seventh straight loss and the eleventh of the season. The team had never lost so many games in a row since 1994 when they lost eleven in a row, playing as the Houston Oilers. In this game, they received wild disapproval from their fans, with some of them booing and jeering them, while others wore paper bags on their heads.

The Giants defied their injury woes to win the game. Rashad Jennings, the running back, was out with a knee injury, together with seventeen others. Ken Wisenhunt, the Titans coach, acknowledged his teams tough luck this season. He said that his charges are working hard and it is just but a matter of time and they shall be out of the woods. But when is soon? One wonders. While the Giants will be tackling the Redskins in their next game, the Titans will be facing the the Jets in bottom of the table duel. The Giants will rely on inspiration from this victory in their endeavor to maintain their winning ways against the the Redskins.

NFL 2014 Week 13: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, Reliant Stadium

Houston started the game fast and never looked back. The Texans scored the first twenty-four points of the game and coasted to a needed victory. The star of; the game for the Texans was their defense as they accounted for four turnovers and three sacks. The Titans have given up 88 points over the last two weeks.

Houston’s top offensive player is quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The veteran quarterback was replaced, then asked to comeback and start this game. He made the most of his chance to play as he threw six touchdown passes and no interceptions. Fitzpatrick’s top target was DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins caught nine passes for 238 yards and caught two of Fitzpatrick’s touchdown passes. Arian Foster gave his usual performance as he carried the ball nineteen times for seventy-nine yards. The running back also caught five passes for twenty six yards and a touchdown. Possible league MVP J.J. Watt caught one pass for a yard and a touchdown.

Tennessee’s quarterbacks threw three interceptions. They did throw two touchdowns. The main receiver of the day was Kendall Wright. The receiver caught seven passes for 132 yards and one touchdown. Nate Washington also caught a touchdown pass, and accounted for sixty-one yards. The top rusher for the Titans was Bishop Sankey, whom ran for forty-two yards.

Houston is playing the Jaguars in Jacksonville. The Texans are playing for their playoff lives as they need a victory to stay in the hunt. Tennessee is play the NY Giants at home. The game is for pride as the two teams have a combined win total of five.

NFL 2014 Week 12: Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

From the opening kickoff, it was apparent that the Philadelphia Eagles were the better team, as Josh Huff returned the opening kickoff 107 yards to open the scoring. The Titans went four-and-out on all four of their possessions in the first quarter. The Eagles, on the other hand, continued their domination with a short drive down the field, ending in a four-yard touchdown run by Sproles. After trading punts, the Eagles scored yet again off a 36-yard field goal, to go ahead 17-0 at the end of the first quarter. The first play of the second quarter, however, resulted in a 40-yard touchdown pass by Tennessee. After Philadelphia only managed a 26-yard field goal, Tennessee again scored, this time off a 2-yard touchdown run by Greene.

The scoring continued with a 2-yard touchdown pass by Philadelphia, followed by a 20-yard field goal by Tennessee. After a 49-yard field Philadelphia field goal hit the upright, the first half ended, with Philadelphia leading 27-17. A Tennessee fumble on the opening possession allowed Philadelphia to score off a 14-yard pass. Possession was traded several times in the rest of the third quarter, with a Tennessee punt and fumble, and a Philadelphia interception. In the fourth quarter, the Eagles scored off of field goals 35 and 30, with a Tennessee punt between. Tennessee managed to get back on the scoreboard with a 6-yard touchdown pass. A final Philadelphia 50-yard field goal put the game out of reach for Tennessee, with the final score 43-24.

NFL 2014 Week 11: Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, November 17, 8:30 PM, LP Field

The Pittsburgh Steelers managed to eke out a win against the struggling Tennessee Titans, but it wasn’t a pretty performance. The Steelers have something of a reputation for throwing games against inferior teams, and even though they built a 10-0 lead in the first ten minutes of the game they quickly fell apart. Bishop Sankey and Nate Washington scored touchdowns for the Titans, and Ryan Succop scored a field goal to give Tennessee a 17-13 lead after the first half.

Pittsburgh’s troubles continued after the break, and Chase Coffman scored another touchdown to increase the Titan’s lead to 24-13. Things were looking dire for the Steelers as they headed into the fourth quarter, as both their offense and defense had been shaky for the majority of the game, but in the fourth quarter they surprised everyone by staging an impressive rally. Le’Veon Bell decided to kick his game into overdrive, and finished the game with a monstrous 204 rushing yards. Bell himself scored the first touchdown of the fourth quarter for the Steelers, and as the game was winding down Ben Roethlisberger threw an easy 12 yard pass to Antonio Brown for a touchdown that lifted Pittsburgh to a 27-24 win.

Despite an impressive comeback and a beautiful game from Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh will need better decision-making and stronger teamwork if they want to beat better teams than the Titans.

NFL 2014 Week 10: Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens (6-4, 4th in AFC North) snapped a two game losing streak, beating the Tennessee Titans (2-7, 3rd in AFC South) 21-7. The Titans dominated the first quarter and scored first, a 3 yard touchdown pass from rookie QB Zach Mettenberger to WR Leon Washington in the waning seconds of the first quarter, but were unable to find the end zone again. Mettenberger finished the day with 179 yards, a touchdown and interception. The Ravens used a solid running game and stingy defense to get back in the win column.

Running back Justin Forsett rushed for 112 yards on 20 carries with two touchdowns and the defense held the Titans to 210 yards of total offense, with only 68 of them coming in the final three quarters. Besides the Mettenberger interception, the Ravens defense also forced a fumble at their own 1 yard line when Titans RB Shonn Greene lost the ball. The defense also sacked Mettenberger five times with LB Terrell Suggs leading the team with 1.5 sacks. He now has 99.5 sacks in his career. The Ravens have a bye week and then face the New Orleans Saints, while the Titans will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL 2014 Week 8: Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans on Sunday, October 26, 1:00 PM, LP Field

Houston Texans thrashed the Tennessee Titans 30-16 to record a win in the NFL’s 200th game to record a fourth win in five games over their arch rivals. Arian foster topped 100 yards rushing for the fourth straight game, the first time in his career after running for 151 yards and then two touchdowns and also a score from a pass he caught.

This remarkable performance was Foster’s 100-yard rushing game equaling Priest Holmes record for the most by a player who is not drafted in NFL history.

Jadeveon Clowney, Texans linebacker played mostly in passing situations even though it was his first game since he hurt his knee in the season opener and finished with one tackle.

Zach Mettenberger, Titans rookie quarterback ended the game with 299 yards passing and two touchdowns after he turned the ball over twice.

Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt expressed his disappointment with the result after the game by stating none of his players gave up despite the tough time they were facing even though then didn’t win.

Foster was the star of the day as he escaped a 34-yard TD and cut back to his right to outrace the Titans to the pylon in the first half with only 6:00 left to end it with a 13-3 lead for his side.He scored on a 1-yard run in the third quarter after catching a 5-yard TD pass that he had set up with a 43-yard run.

NFL 2014 Week 7: Tennessee Titans at Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Tennessee Titans were surprised by a struggling Washington Redskins team. The Titans started the game fast and led the game ten to six at halftime. Redskins started the game with the possible return of Robert Griffin, but it did not happen. Griffins replacement Kirk Cousins struggled during the game and was replaced by Colt McCoy, after Cousins threw an interception. McCoy took his opportunity and ran with it to a Washington win. McCoy threw a seventy yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon, giving Washington a lead early in the third quarter.

Tennessee took the lead in the fourth quarter with a Charlie Whitehurst pass to Derek Hagan. A one point advantage for an NFL team is not enough points, especially since there was over seven minutes left in the game. Even the game was mistake prone by both teams, there was enough time for Washington to drive down the field for a game winning score. Washington took its chance and kicked a twenty-two yard field goal with time running out to defeat the Titans. Washington has thier hands full as tehy are going against a streaking Dallas Cowboys team on Monday night. The Tennessee Titans will face off against the Houston Texans in a important AFC South contest.

NFL 2014 Week 6: Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, LP Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their match on Sunday to the Tennessee Titans in front of a sixty nine thousand LP stadium. The Jaguars scored a belatedly touchdown with only very few seconds to play. They lost 16-14 to Tennessee. Jacksonville players were not that good on their defense as they did not make big defensive plays; they missed their ackles and also gave away easy penalties. The Tennessee had recently lost at home in a match that had a twenty five points lead.

Jacksonville team has twenty nine players who have been in the team since 2012. Out of those 29, twelve of them played in the match against Tennessee on Sunday at the LP stadium. Jacksonville lacked the services of Lewis who is reported to be out of action for four weeks. They also lacked the services of Cecil Shorts who is expected to miss the next three matches. Chris Lemons who was expected to show a good example to the rookies was lined offside two times. The Jaguars made so many mistakes like missing easy tackles and many people may attribute that to why they lost in their week six match against Tennessee.

NFL 2014 Week 5: Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, LP Field

Cleveland Browns fought back from a 25-point deficit to stunTennessee Titans 29-28 on Sunday after trailing by a 28-3 score line by halftime.

This was after Travis Benjamin received a 6-yard touchdown pass from Brian Hoyer with 1:09 left to seal a sensational second half comeback. It marked the greatest regular-season comeback by a road team in the league’s history.

Only two other clubs in NFL’s history have come back from such bigger deficits. On Sept. 21, 1997, Buffalo lagged 26-0 before thereafter beating

Indianapolis 37-35 and San Francisco rallied a spirited comeback on Dec. 7, 1980 from 28 down to beat New Orleans. It was also Browns’ biggest comeback in their history which was previously held by a 49-40 win over the Giants on Dec.4, 1996 after trailing 34-14.

The Browns’ win on Sunday ended their seven-game losing streak and gave them their first road game win since 22nd Sept, 2013, at Minnesota. This looked much unlikely after they fell to a shock 28-3 score line in the first half. It was also the biggest lead squandered by the Titans

in a regular season after they had once blown a 35-3 lead to Buffalo the Houston Oilers to Buffalo.

“Unbelievably tough loss for us today after we played so well in the first half,” Ken Whisenhunt, The Titans coach said. “I felt like with Cleveland having one timeout, we had a chance to win the game,” he added.

NFL 2014 Week 4: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 28, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

As expected, judging from their previous performances, the Colts were the favorites to win this game. The game which was battled at between the two sides at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, was one that left many entertained with the kind of class and professionalism that was in display. The Colts continued to maintain the intensity even after meeting their historical rivals, the Titans. The Titans came into the gaming lucking confidence and as a result they received a 17-41 thrashing by the Colts.

The combination of Reggie Wayne and Andrew luck proved un beatable once again when the Colts swung into action. The quarter back and the receiver seemed like a pair made in ‘Heaven’, ith the kind of class and skills they portrayed during the match. Wayne had 7 receptions of 119 yards while luck had 29 passes completed. Thought the Titans had a bad game, especially the wide receivers, efforts of Charlie Whitehurst, Sunkey Bishop and Delaine Walker made the 17 points for the visiting team.

NFL 2014 Week 3: Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The Cincinnati Bengals had a wonderful weekend after they thrashed the Tennessee Titans 37-7, at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday 21st September 2014. The win came after another offensive show displayed by quarter back Andy Dalton and his teammates. The Titans got penalized eleven times for ninty nine yards. They managed to get a total of three hundred and twenty six yards. Their quarter back, Jake Locker was so under pressure through out the game and managed only two intercepts the whole game. On the other hand, the Cincinnati Bengals managed one hundred and sixty nine rushing yards from a number of the teammates, and this gave them the chance to control the tempo of the game. Dalton managed to get his first interception of the year, forty four seconds before halftime. The second half was not too tasking for the Bengals.

Dalton managed fifteen of twenty three for one hundred and sixty nine yards and kept a record of not being sacked for a third straight game. This win has seen the Bengals start the season in the perfect way, they lead in their group with three straight wins. They also set a club record as they won an eleventh straight regular season game at home. Dalton also became the fifth Bengal quarter back to cath a pass.

NFL 2014 Week 2: Tennessee Titans vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, LP Field

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 14, at 1pm at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee. They won the game with a final score of 26-10, but it was far from a totally dominating performance.

The Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, have been having trouble in recent years. They nearly started this season out with a 0-2 game deficit. The entire upper management of the team would likely face some serious changes if they had lost this game and, potentially, not made it into the playoffs for another year. The Cowboys were able to beat the Titans based on a strong defensive show (which is somewhat rare) and a standout performance by DeMarco Murray. He took control of the game in a big way. Two sacks and two interceptions led the defense of the Cowboys to score 10 defensive points. Tony Romo, as always, came back from throwing three interceptions in the season opener against the 49rs and scored one touchdown and threw for 176 yards in this game.

The Titans failed on both offense and defense. Offensive errors led to defensive points being scored by the Cowboys. The missed tackles by the defense of the Titans caused problems in stopping the massive offense of the Cowboys as well. For the first thirty or so minutes of the game, it is hard to imagine the Titans looking much worse. They were falling behind in every aspect. After halftime they were able to pull it together but not enough to pull out a win.

NFL 2014 Week 1: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, September 7, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

In such an exciting NFL debut, September 7th it is, Tennessee Titans took on Kansas Chiefs away from home, a game that witnessed the home team lose by a relatively high margin, 26 to 10. The game kicked off at 1:00 PM and was remarkably action-packed since the start, but it was Jake Locker that stole the spotlight on this occasion impressively, and deservedly being the top passer of the contest. Rushing for 266 yards and two touchdowns, he was clearly the man of the match. It was Kansas City that broke the deadlock, but it was Tennessee’s prowess that did the job when it mattered. Chiefs were forced to play without Dwayne Bowe, while Donald Stephenson was serving quarter of his four-day suspension due to him violating the league’s policy on substances relevant to performance-enhancement. Both the fans and the away team coach showed signs of ecstasy as a reward for their omnipresent optimist hopes during the game. “That was a rough game”, stated Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs’ coach. Bad news for Chiefs, is that Jeff Allen picked up a bicep injury. On the other hand, Titans’ Zach Brown was left with a shoulder injury, the exciting linebacker prospect joined Titans during 2012’s NFL Draft.

One of a kind Tennessee Titans season in 2013:

American football is indisputable one of the most popular sport in the United State of America. The popularity of this game has been ballooned by the millions of fans across the world supporting this game in and out of the field. The Tennessee Titans is one of the best teams that have made a mark in this game by their quality of the game and the classic, talented and vibrant youthful players who go out in the pitch not only just to win the prestigious cup but also to entertain their loyal fans. This team enjoys immense support from both local and international fans from all over the world.

2013 season was one of a kind from the previous one. The team displayed a very tactical and impressive game that thrilled not only their fans but also opponents. Under the leadership of Coach Mike Munchak the team did well in the league ranking although they failed to qualify for the playoff finish for a fifth consecutive seasons time with a record of 7-9. This was an improvement from the previous year of 6-10. The team was playing under the 2nd AFC South division under which they showed an impressive improvement.

The season produced some of the most talented players who have the potential of joining the list of greatest players not only to the team but in the NFL league. These included players like Zach Brown, Chance Warmack, Akeem Ayers, Jake Locker, Jurrell Casey, Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter. These players gave their best to the team and the talent in them was well exposed. Their input to the team was very vital in moving from the previous position upwards. The growth of new talents was also taken into account by involving new and young players to have the taste of the game. This was a very important step towards assembling a powerful future team.

Munchak maintained almost the same setting of the team that had played in the previous season. Although the team suffered a lot at the beginning of the season due to their poor defense, they later on managed to seal the cracks and provided a very offensive and defensive game. This largely achieved by the inclusion of Ram Rob Turner and the Brian Schwenke at the center position. Although the Tennessee Titans never won any trophy, they proved that they are a force to reckon with in this league. From the mistake of 2013 season we hope that the next season will see them qualify for the playoff.

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