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NFL Conference Championships: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots on Sunday, January 21, 3:05pm, Gillette Stadium

The Jaguars literally proved to be the epitome of a strong comeback at the AFC Championships. They entered the game as a 9 point underdog but they easily stretched out 20-10 early lead about the fourth quarter in the game against the defending SuperBowl champions – the New England Patriots. This is unlike any other AFC title game, because no other team has ever accelerated from such a double-digit fourth quarter the way the Jaguars did. Some notable passes and touchdowns in the game included Blake Bortles, Leonard Fournette and Allen Hurns.

Bortles finished 23 of 36 passes for a recorded 293 yards and a touchdown, while Fournette had 76 yards and a touchdown to his credit. Tom Brady of the Patriots started the game with a black bandage – an injury from the previous day’s practice, but that didn’t stop him from taking the Patriots to a come-from-behind 24-20 victory against Jacksonville Jaguars. With this eventful game, the Patriots star has proved himself again and has come up on top, with 26 of 38 yards and two touchdowns to his credit. He said, “I’m just so proud of everyone on our team”.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, January 14, 1:05 PM, Heinz Field

It has happened for the second time as Jacksonville Jaguars got the better of Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the stakes in this match were quite high for both the teams. The Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers has certainly been a big boost for the Jaguars. This win puts them in an advantageous position as they take on New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. However, the win also was a dampener of sorts for the fans. Had Steelers won this match then there would have been a fantastic Steelers versus Patriots rematch which actually never happened.

Though the entire match was exciting, there were some special moments, a few of which we could talk about. Jacksonville got off on the right note thanks to the highly attacking play of Myles Jack where one could see the best of offensive chops coupled with high class toe-chopping interception which gave Jacksonville the much needed six points. There was a fullback touchdown for Jacksonville that literally sealed the fat for Pittsburgh Steelers. The win was all the more special for Jaguars because of the stellar performance of veteran Ben Roethlisberger. There were some tense moments too when Maurkice Pouncey almost ran the risk of being suspended when he pushed a referee. However, the officials decided it was not a serious enough problem worth a suspension.

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, January 07, 1:05 PM, Wembley Stadium

Jacksonville Jaguars beat Buffalo Bills 10 – 3 in ugly and harsh game. Bortles did absolutely amazing job putting together a decent drive all day, doing as much with his legs and arms and helping defensive – minded Jaguars secure a great victory. The first quarter was all defense with Buffalo Bills keeping close with Jaguars but both Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy had it tough trying to get through the opponent. Taylor had a hard time completing passes, managing with only 17 out of 37 attempts.

The Bills had plenty of chances down the stretch but the penalty against Charles Clay and a tackle that knocked Taylor out of the game ended any hopes for a comeback. Looking at several different measures, both teams were pretty even and it’s hard to say which one was ahead of which. But thanks to Bortles and his great ability, several long runs and the highlight that came in the fourth quarter, Jacksonville found a way to win. Guys played hard but in the game like this you either win or you lose. You’ve got to find a way, whatever it takes, to get the goals you want to achieve. Bills have a lot of work to do now to find a way back while the Jaguars will be taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the next game.

NFL Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

For the second season running, the Tennesse Titans have been victorious against a division rival. Before the match against Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennesse had lost their past three games in a row. Derrick Henry secured the first 66-yard touchdown after five the two teams swapped punts consecutively five times in order to start the game. The Jacksonville Jaguars had no hope of regaining any control over the Tennesse Titans while trailing 15 to3. However, Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota ran into each other on a routine running play giving Jaguars defensive end player, Yannick Ngakoue, the chance to scoop the ball and return it 67 yards for a magnificent touchdown that brought the score to 15-10. The touchdown by Ngakoue is the seventh score for Jacksonville this season and apparently the most since 2013 Chiefs for any team.

The awesome touchdown was a complete nightmare for the Titans because it gave hope to the Jacksonville Jaguars who began pushing hard for a winning score. The defensive play by the Tennesse team remained strong and ensured they secured a win over the Jaguars. The game came to an end with Mariota’s one last first down which included a brutal stiff arm of Barry Church, Jaguars safety. With this remarkable win, the Tennesse Titans secured a postseason playoff spot thereby keeping the season alive.

NFL Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 24, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

San Francisco 49ers got another win whenthey hosted Jacksonville Jaguars in yet another entertaining NFL match. Thoughthey had a very strong defense and tried their best, the visitors couldn’tmatch the hosts’ techniques. Two touchdown passes and a run for a third scoreproved to be too much for the defense of the Jaguars as it allowed the 49ers toclinch a 44-33 victory. With successful 21 passes out of 30 by the second half,it was clear that 49ers were in the game to win it but the Jaguars weren’tgoing to lose without a proper fight.

As their frustration grew, the Jaguarsresorted to personal fouls and arguments on the sidelines that couldn’t gounnoticed. Three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown andtwo other touchdowns weren’t enough to give Jacksonville a win. Even though SanFrancisco had an early 16-0 lead, Jacksonville blocked one of their pointsreturning it for two, getting two more touchdowns and intercepting theiroppositions quarterback towards the end of the half leveling the score. Twoplayers for the Jaguar side suffered concussion and abdominal strain while oneplayer from the 49ers side got a stinger. Though the loss was painful for thevisitors, it still couldn’t steal their joy from winning the first divisiontitle that same day.

NFL Week 15: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans on Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars destroyed the Houston Texans this past weekend. They won the game 45-7 because they are the hottest team in football. The Texans have no prospects because they have lost Deshaun Watson for the season. They simply could not get going on either offense or defense, and they were not able to stop that very potent offense in Jacksonville. Jacksonville’s defense could be the best ever, and they showed that again by holding Houston to 7 points.

Blake Bortles is playing like a hall of famer at the moment, and he is so good that you have to ignore all the bad seasons he has had in the past. He has turned a corner with this new regime, and he has one of the best running backs in the league in Leonard Fournette. The combination of the two makes them a very powerful force in the AFC, and they will win their division going away. Beating the Texans 45-7 simply proves that the Jags are now winning games they are supposed to win. The Jaguars are definitely going to the playoffs with a lot of momentum, and the Texans are falling on their face without their star quarterback.

NFL Week 14: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 10, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

A.J Bouye began to high-five spectators after running to the sideline and his 2nd interception. While everyone felt that Bouye is out of the game, his spirit revived and started creating wonders. Bouye took a leading position and start dancing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the match against Seattle Seahawks, the Jaguars and Bouye had enough to be happy about. For touchdowns, Blake threw 2 amazing passes. With a seventy-two-yard punt return, Jaydon Mickens created another goal. This helped the Jaguars to defeat the Seattle Seahawks without further contest at 30-24.

This win has made the Jaguars stand the perfect position of claiming the first in the AFC South competitions. This has also helped the team to claim the victory ever since the 2007 season. Russell Wilson’s three passes were intercepted by the Jaguars. These interceptions also included 2 on deep balls. In the last 7 matches, this win has made the Jaguars to become victorious for six times. The Jaguars are now at the top for winning the game against the Seattle Seahawks and along with the loss of the Tennessee at Arizona. The Jaguars since 2010 has been able to maintain the first position late in a season.

NFL Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Jaguars’ formula for success this week against the colts should be the same as it has been all year. Jacksonville leads the league in sacks with 23 and there are doing it without having to blitz. Only a handful of teams blitz less often than they do but who needs the extra pressure when you have Kalie Scandal who is second in the league and sacks with 8. Their front four should have the ability to make a major impact on the Colts this. Can the Jags get things back on track against the Colts this week and stay in the thick of the playoff race? Here are 5 things to know about this matchup plus our prediction winner.

First up get your sack tracker ready because this one could get ugly. Jacksonville sack Jacobi Brissett ten times in week 7 and leads the league in the sack in 41 thus their nickname Saxonville. So let’s call the Colts Indianapolis sack but for the opposite reason, they gave up 8 more sacks this past week and they’ve allowed 47 total sacks worst in the league. Second, those 10 sacks were a big reason the Jags shut the colts out in that game 27-0. The game was in Indy too. This one is in Jacksonville. The Jags didn’t just suffer a loss this last week. They suffered an identity crisis of sorts as well.

NFL Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 26, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The record is clear and up that the Cardinals have eventually won a great team. With one second remaining, Phil Dawson was able to kick a fifty-seven yard field goal. This helped the Cardinals have a super victory of 27-24 over the Jaguars. In fact, this remains the first time that the Cardinals will win the Jaguars in the history of the NFL. The Jaguars have been able to main a 4 straight win against the Cardinals in time past. In the AFC South, the Jaguars have dropped with a draw against the Tennessee for the first position.

Dawson, Tyrann Mathieu and Blaine Gabbert had a great combination to help the Cardinals maintain their led. These players were able to connect from 48,42, and 43 yards while playing against the Jaguars. For two hundred and forty-one yards, Gabbert had twenty-two out of thirty-eight with one interception and two touchdowns. Gabbert has improved from ten to thirty-one as a National Football League starter. Gabbert started his NFL career with the Jacksonville and later moved to San Francisco during 2014.

NFL Week 11: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, November 19, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Jacksonville is alone at the top of the AFC South with a smack-talking quarterback-lagging defense. The intention of the Jaguars is to remain at that same position. Linebacker Telvin Smith regained a fumble for a TD and Blake Bortles threw a touchdown pass with 1:14 remaining in the match. This helped the Jaguars had victory in the game at 19-7, making the team’s 4th consecutive win over the Browns. This match has helped the Jaguars to remain lonely at the top of their division. Sacksonville which is Jacksonville’s top-ranked player forced 5 turnovers. This includes 2 at the end of two minutes when the Browns still had 6 points. The Jaguars later turned things over to a defense match and built a 10-0 lead. This also helped the Jaguars developed a nasty and belligerent reputation.

DeShone Kizer Browns’ rookie quarterback was intercepted two times. He also recorded 5 sacks and damaged the Browns with 0-10 in the second section of the match. When Yannick Ngakoue swarmed Kizer the Cleveland Browns’ hopes come to a crashing end. It helped to hit the ball into the final area where Smith regained energy. Kizer was earlier sacked through the combined efforts of both Calais Campbell and Ngakoue. Kizer later fumbled by falling to the ground, while Dante Fowler recovered the ball with 1:48 remaining. With nothing to argue, the victory finally went to the Jaguars.

NFL Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, November 12, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The month of November is always full of surprises in the United States NFL. Different teams that have been winning loose several games in this month, to some people it is a witched month. Days ago, all gods were against the Chargers. Many people had a prediction that the Chargers would win against Jaguars. The Chargers came to this match looking charged and fit. For instance, Denzel Perryman had already returned from injury and the Chargers seemed to have the benefit of shutting down Fournette Leonard in the defensive line.

Additionally, just like some other games that had been played in the season, many people expected that the presence of players such as Rivers Philips would make the team more offensive. However, it turned out that the team played a very defensive game. The Chargers had appeared to be improving and getting better after beating Oakland Raiders and New York Giants, but to the disappointment of their fans, the team lost 17-20 last Sunday. Apparently, the Chargers appeared to have been playing very well but their shaky mistakes cost them the match which was being played in front of the home fans. The Chargers management is expected to improve the tactics of the players so that they can stand out and manage to maintain victory and avoid making mistakes.

NFL Week 9: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 05, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Coach Doug Marrone had been troubled a week before the match after listing to what Vontaze Burfict said. Doug immediately contacted Blake Bortles for a new plan and development. On this note, Coach Doug ensured that Blake did not press. The truth is that Blake eventually handled the condition better than Coach Doug anticipated. Blake Bortles was able to throw for around two hundred and fifty-nine yards with a beautiful touchdown. This helped to have a victory against the Bengals and Burfict. The Jaguars end up with a win over the Bengals at 23-7 on Sunday.

Blake did not sack and never had a turnover. In fifty-three career starts, Blake has been able to perform this wonders in the 4th time. For the first time in thirteen months, Bortles worked hard on the field to help the Jaguars win the game against the Bengals at 5-3. Bortles also went to record as winning at the EverBank Field since last December for the first time. On the first series, Jalen Ramsey, Jaguars cornerback and the Bengals A.J. Green started yapping and went off prior to the halftime. The clash becomes dirty when the defender pushed A.J.Green to the ground.

NFL Week 7: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

With a curveball on Sunday, Blake Bortles was able to set up the Colts. With a rare shutout, the Jaguar’s defense finished it as being dominant. Bortles threw for a season-high three hundred and thirty yards while feature back Leonard Fournette remains inactive. Bortles also had one 1 touchdown and the defense remained fixed with a franchise report of ten sacks in a 27-0 win at Indy. The Jaguars’ 4-3 lead could not have scripted a good combination under the circumstances. The Jaguars have spent all their time in improving their deep throws.

The truth is that it worked well for the Jaguars this time. In the first half, Bortles was able to finish passes of 45, 50, and 52 yards. All Bortles’ passes were longer than the past season best of thirty-five yards. With a rating of 124.7, Bortles wound up eighteen of twenty-six, which remains the 4th highest of his whole career. T.J. Yeldon filled in for the injured Fournette and ran 9 times for one hundred and twenty-two yards. This includes a fifty-eight-yard run late in the 3rd quarter that sealed Indy’s hope. Bortles really enjoyed the alteration of peace.

NFL Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, October 15, 4:05 PM, EverBank Field

The Los Angeles Rams were able to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars despite the fact that Sammy Watkins did not have a big game. Jared Goff is truly finding his way and Todd Gurley is quickly becoming one of the elite backs in the leage. Colais Campbell and other people tried to do everything they can in order to stop Gurley, but the Rams offensive scheme is very good.

You have to know that the teams were viewed as evenly matched, you are going to find that the Rams were able to put extra pressure on Blake Bortles, forcing him to turn the ball over twice. A blocked punt also made a big difference in the game, these kind of mistakes are what allowed the Rams to win the game by a 27-17 score. The Rams were able to score a touchdown on the opening kickoff, which gave the team a certain amount of confidence. The Rams defense had a hard time stopping Jacksonville’s running game.

The Arizona Cardinals were able to outscore the Tampa Bay Buccaneers partially because of the renewed enthusiasm that running back Adrian Peterson brought to the table, after being traded to Arizona earlier in the week. Peterson scored two touchdowns in the game. You were watching two teams that try to have balanced offenses when you watch a Bucs-Cardinals game. The Bucs have never been able to have Doug Martin out on the field often enough in order to build a consistent flow within their offense.

NFL Week 5: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

In the first month of the season, the Jaguars are looking equally at an awful and awesome performance. The trend of the Jaguars is advancing in a game and receiving backlash in the next match. The Jaguars started a march against a team that is playing beyond the anticipation of January with their best players. The Jaguars noticed that Leonard Fournette can play better than what he use to be known for. The improvement of the Jaguars from match to another is making the team one of the biggest threats in AFC South.

Leonard has been able to sprint ninety yards and soared for a two-yard touchdown. On back-to-back Pittsburgh, the Jaguars used the Pick 6s method. The Jaguars’ techniques also drove the Steelers to a powerful match of winning 30-9. After 5 matches for the first time since 2010 and have been able to outdo their 2016 victory overall and above .500. The Jaguars rookie completed the deal with a season-high one hundred and eighty-one yards. With 1:47 minutes to go, the Fournette knockout punch delivered with his hand to the end of Heinz Field. This ended up the remaining strength left in Pittsburgh worst home loss while Coach Mike Tomlin’s eleven seasons. In a nutshell, the Jaguars completely exhausted Pittsburgh to win the game.

NFL Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets on Sunday, October 01, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost away to the New York Jets by a score of 23-20. The Jets led by Josh McCown, quarterback, Seferian Jenkins, tight end and Jermaine Kearse, wide receiver were in outstanding form. Chandler Catanzaro’s forty one yard field goal in overtime with twenty eight seconds left on the clock is what lifted the Jets to victory. What followed, after his field goal, was a wild celebration by him and his teammates at the center of the gridiron. Bilal Powell rushed for one hundred and sixty three yards which so happened to be a career high for him. This included a seventy five yard touchdown.

Some huge mistakes made by the Jets led to them blowing away a ten point lead in the fourth quarter. Josh McCown, the New York Jets quarterback, finished with twenty two of thirty one for two hundred and twenty four yards inclusive of an interception pass. The Jaguars were out-gained by the Jets by four hundred and seventy one to three hundred and eleven in total yards. Blake Bortles, the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, was fifteen of thirty five for one hundred and forty yards inclusive of both an interception and touchdown pass. The New York Jets showed outstanding resilience at the end to ensure the win.

NFL Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 24, 9:30 AM, Wembley Stadium

The previously undefeated Baltimore Ravens was humiliated in London by Jacksonville in shocking fashion. The domination of the Jaguars occurred on both sides of the ball. For the NFL, The Jaguars may be called the Dr. JekyII. This is because the Jaguars appear to be two different teams playing a single group. In the past three weeks, the Jaguars have changed their game and looking strong. The Jaguars appeared like a mess in their home opener against the Titans after laying the smack down on the Texans in Week 1. The match this time made the Jaguars better than anticipated in week 1.

The defense and offense of the Jaguars played in the same fashion. With a 44-7 win, this is the best game that the Jaguars have played for several years. Blake Bortles should be given a lot of credit in the quarterback for this win. All through the day, Blake remained strong. The touch passes of Blake remains amazing and beautiful. In this week’s gameplan, Nate Hackett the offensive coordinator put more on Bortles and the schedule went well. Bortles dropped a beautiful pass that touched down to Margise Lee without looking back. Bortles remained offensive through the days. The truth is that the Jaguars deserve to win the game.

NFL Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The last game of the Chargers and the Titans is like what many people predicted in other matches. Jalston Fowler, Delanie Walker and Derrick Henry ran for touchdowns. In the second half, the Tennessee Titans pounded the Chargers in a victory game of 37-16. The output of the game is pretty what fans have been expecting from the AFC South rivals. On the ground for the Titans, Henry finished with a career-high ninety-two yards. This includes eighty-seven in the final two quarters. The Chargers defense finally get scattered by Henry’s seventeen-yard towndown run in the third.

DeMarco Murray the starting running back spent almost the whole time standing on the sideline in the second half. In fact, the coach discovered the need for risking DeMarco Murray is uncalled for. Last December, Marcus Mariota broke his right leg and it also occurred in this game. Marcus finished fifteen of twenty-seven passes for two hundred and fifteen yards. In the final quarter, Marcus has a thirty-two-yard touchdown pass to Jonnu Smith. About a ten-point home loss to Oakland in the opener eased Tennessee’s performance with a lot of concerns. For ninety-five yards, the Titans ran twenty-one times against the Raiders. In fact, the ground did not attack Mularkey during the match.

NFL Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The team of the Jaguars appeared to be different when playing the Houston Texans. This includes the Texans quarterback Tom Savage and a franchise-record ten sacks. After the preseason unleashed the likes of Blake Bortles, there has not been great optimism around the Jacksonville Jaguars. The problems of Blake became a huge deficit for the team during the game. It still looked like a tough season on the way after the Jaguars announced that Bortle will not be requested to throw enough to affect the team with interceptions.

In fact, the Jaguars also promised that the game will be a Leonard Fournette show. Doug Marrone, the Jaguars’ coach kept his promise and learned about the team’s hounding defense and the rookie running back to conquer the Houston Texans and the pre season 1-0. On a four-year contract, Calais Campbell joined the Jaguars for sixty million dollars. This money is huge for defensive players who turned thirty-one prior to the 2017 season starting. Campbell looked like a player that is worth paying double the amount of his contract. Irrespective of the players that lined up from three hundred pounds 6’8 lineman, they were all consumed. By halftime, Calais finished with 4 sacks which are better than the franchise record of the opponent team.

NFL Preseason Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, August 31, 7:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons happened last game day and Jaguars seemed to be handling the game very well from the start. Jaguars were good from the start and scored in the first quarter. However scoring in the first quarter was not the end of the game. In the 2nd quarter, Falcons did not let the Jaguars score but they could not do it themselves and 2nd quarter was ended without any score for both the teams. In the 3rd quarter, Jaguars strike again and it was clear from the score board that the game was theirs.

In the 4th quarter Falcons tried to get back in the game and scored but couldn’t succeed and games ended in the hands of Jaguars as they defeated Falcons 13-7 on the last game day. Some fans might not have excited by the game but still, the history of both the teams in head to head against is quite good. Both teams were in 6 games against each other and both won 3 times each. The game was expected tough but it was not that much exciting and tough as fans would have been considering. But whatever happened, the game was clearly owned by the Jacksonville Jaguars from the start when they scored in the 1st quarter.

NFL Preseason Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Carolina Panthers on Thursday, August 24, 7:30 PM, EverBank Field

The pressure is clearly on in Jacksonville. Blake Bortles, the quarterback the franchise drafted as their face of the organization, has his back against the wall and is in jeopardy of losing his starting position. Last Thursday, however, he proved that he was not ready to give up quite yet. In a solid showing, Bortles completed 12-16 passes for a total of 125 yards with a touchdown and interception. Looking to find his way back into good favor with the team, he made a good first step at showing he is capable of running his team.

As for the Panthers, Cam Newton made his preseason debut and instilled optimism in a demoralized fan base. After a disappointing year following their Super Bowl run, Ron Rivera and his team are ready to put together another winning campaign. Cameron Artis-Payne also came on strong today, rushing for 37 yards on 9 carries and two touchdowns. With an aging, yet effective, Jonathon Stewart and a young rookie sensation in Christian McCaffrey, Artis-Payne finds himself in a dogfight for a starting spot. It will be very interesting to follow that battle as it continues the first few weeks of this NFL season. The game ended with the final score of 24-23, as the Jaguars rallied from behind and scored, but opted to attempt the two-point conversion and failed.

NFL Preseason Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, August 17, 8:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 12-8 in Jacksonville in the second preseason game for both teams. Tampa Bay struck first, with running back Doug Martin running in a 4 yard touchdown. Nick Folk missed the extra point, making the score 6-0. Jacksonville struggled to produce any consistent offense during the first half, while the Buccaneers produced two more scoring drives capped off my Nick Folk field goals. At the half, Tampa Bay led 12-0.

Neither team managed to score in the third quarter. For Jacksonville, both quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Chad Henne failed to make plays downfield, and the running game struggled to find traction. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay wasn’t able to produce solid offense in the second half, including backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing an interception. Jacksonville finally got on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter, as second year quarterback Brandon Allen completed a 4 yard touchdown pass to rookie running back Marquez Williams. Jacksonville failed to convert a 2 point conversion, leaving the score 12-6 in favor of Tampa Bay. As the game wound down, Tampa Bay employed the unusual strategy of deliberately taking a safety to avoid allowing a potential punt run back or block for a touchdown. The strategy worked, and the final score was Tampa Bay victorious 12-8 over Jacksonville.

NFL Preseason Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots on Thursday, August 10, 7:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

The NFL preseason began well for Jacksonville Jaguars after they recorded a win of 31 – 24 against the New England Patriots. Tom Brady, who is a key defender of the New England Patriots missed the game. Jimmy Garoppolo played in his position and he performed well by completing 22 out of 28 passes for 235 yards and also completed two touchdowns. Garoppolo played two quarters and was taken out for two series in the second half.

Corey Grant, a player of the Jacksonville Jaguars scored on a 79-yard run which the Jaguars ahead. Garoppolo completed some good passes where he found Austin Carr on 3-yard touchdown pass who then passed to K. J. Maye who scored from some 5 yards away to equalize the scores to 17 – 17 before the end of first half. The other players who scored in this game were Grant and QB Brandon The New England Patriots defense was a bit weak in absence of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and they lost 31 – 4 to Jacksonville Jaguars despite the fact that they were the defending champions of the NFL cup.

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL season 2016 recap

Gus Bradley came to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013 knowing it would take some time to turn them into a winning team, mainly because they have not made it to the postseason since 2007 but so far has not kept up with the promised process.

Since their arrival in the Jaguars, the maximum number of matches they have won in a single season is 5 (2015), causing them to accumulate a record of 14-41 in front of the team, nevertheless, has always had the support of Shad Khan (owner) and his players.

For this 2016, the Jacksonville Jaguars started as favorites on the list of many to win the AFC South, however, after eight weeks disputed, are in the basement of that division with a score of 2-5. The favorites lineup was followed by good feelings left over last year and after spending more than $ 175 million in free agency to get the services of Malik Jackson, Prince Amukamara, Chris Ivory, Tashaun Gipson, among others.

None of the new figures have had a significant impact, Bradley begins to run out of excuses and the picture is not the best. At the divisional level, they still have to visit the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts, but teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills, all with a higher level, will still have to visit.

The worst thing is that, beyond losing the games, the Jags offense ranks as No. 25 throughout the League with 330.6 yards per game, strange position when reviewing the list of players with which they count, among them Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Chris Ivory, TJ Yeldon and Julius Thomas.

Meanwhile, the defense, which also added two promising rookies like Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack, is No. 11 (allows 349.3 yards per game), not bad, but the aspirations before the season were to be one of the top five units.

Despite all, Khan reiterated that Bradley will not be fired, largely because players like Bortles and Hurns came out to back him up. “I believe in him 100%, he is not the one who commits silly punishments, he is not the one that delivers the ball, it is up to us to better execute the game plan,” said the young quarterback.

Khan has kept his word repeatedly, but it’s hard to imagine Bradley holding his place at the end of the year if the Jacksonville Jaguars do not show a better level in the second half of the season.

NFL Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

It was quite an eventful game when the Jacksonville Jaguars visited the Indianapolis Colts. The Jaguars almost took the day but the Colts came from behind to win the game 24-20. This means that they finish the season 8-8 exactly the same stats as last year. The Jaguars on the other hand finished 3-13. Though both teams had no hopes of making it to the playoffs, they put their best efforts in the game. The Colts begun the game but 8 seconds into the game, the lost it to the Jaguars. The Jaguars then dominated throughout the game. By the time the first quarter ended, the Jaguars had 10 points whereas the Colts had none. In the second quarter, the Colts seemed as if they were warming up to the game only for their offense Luck to throw a bad pass which was nicely caught by the Jaguars’ linebacker Telvin Smith.

With 5:45 left to half time, the Jacksonville team led by 17-0 thanks to a touchdown by Grant. By half time, the Colts were trailing 17-3. Into the second half and the Colts seem to be catching up as Robert Turbin makes a 7-yard run 10:16 into the third quarter. By the time this quarter ends, the teams tie at 17-17 after a touchdown by the Colts side. In the fourth quarter, the Jaguars get back in play with a 41-yard field goal bringing their score to 20-17. Everyone now thinks that the Jaguars will take the day but the Colts pull a surprise with 9 seconds left on the clock. Jack Doyle scores a touchdown putting the Colts ahead with 24-20 and the final whistle is blown as the Indianapolis team takes the day.

NFL Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Going into a key AFC game, the Tennessee Titans were in first place in AFC South with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the last place in the division. The highlight of the first quarter was Myers kick which pushed the Jaguars ahead 7-0 with 11 minutes to go. It ended with the Jaguar’s having a 10 point lead over the Titan’s 0.

The second quarter saw Mariota connect a pass with Rishard Mattews to score a 3-yard touchdown which narrowed the gap to 10-7. Though his kick failed, Ivory scored for the Jaguars after a one-yard touchdown run. With less than 2 minutes left, the score was now 16-7. Jacksonville ended the quarter with 19-7.

The third quarter was even better for the Jacksonville Jaguars with Ryan Succop and Myers scoring field goals from 42-yards and 56-yards respectively. The Tennessee Titans are stuck at 10 points and struggle against the Jaguars who pick up 3 more points to finish the quarter with 25-10 on the scoreboard. Marcus Mariota got injured on the sack and was carted off the field 3 minutes before the end of the third quarter.

The Jaguars get a penalty in the fourth quarter for catch interference. Succop’s kick isn’t enough to bring the score closer as Bortles scores a 20-yard touchdown after a pass from Lee. Jaguars hold on to their lead and win the match at Jacksonville 38-17.

NFL Week 15: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

These two teams have faced each other 30 times with the Jacksonville Jaguars winning 11 games while Houston Texans 19. The Texans showed their critics just how resilient they are by defeating the Indianapolis Colts 7-6. This guaranteed them a first place tie with AFC South from Tennessee.

The Jaguars took an early lead courtesy thanks to two stunning interceptions by Osweiler. This is the moment that Obrien amped up his game by leading from the front. Jalen Ramsey the Jaguars rookie corner back was very prolific for a great part of the day containing DeAndre Hopkins. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, they have not recorded a single win in eight consecutive games. It’s highly likely that their head coach Gus Bradley will be fired towards the end of the regular season.

O’Brien’s best acquisition during the off-season was Savage who was just a fourth round pick during the 2014 draft. Savage managed an impressive 23 of 36 passes for 260 yards. He also led the Texans to achieve a great 52 yard touchdown drive that gave Houston their first lead in the game. His match indicates that the Texans have finally discovered a capable quarterback whose consistency will make Houston a dangerous team as we approach the postseason.

NFL Week 14: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Minnesota Vikings ousted the Jacksonville Jaguars with a final score of 25 to 16 during their match on Sunday. This was their 2nd win in 9 weeks. During the game, Matt Asiata got a score over a short touchdown run while Kai Forbath was responsible for 4 field goals.

Asiata got 3 chances to score but was stopped on a fourth and goal run smack in the 2nd quarter. He also fumbled right at the goal line during the 4th. However, these mistakes did not hurt the team against the rather hapless Jaguars, who were able to drop their 8th consecutive game. This is one of the worst seasons for Jacksonville, which fell to 0 to 6 at the EverBank Field.

The last time the Vikings won was September 25 at Caroline. This was all in good keeping, considering that if they had lost to the Jaguars, they would have drastically weakened their chances of a playoff. The Jaguars, on the other hand, have been solid in their prevention of long passes over the entire season. Before this match, they had allowed only 2 pass plays that were longer than 40 yards, only to give up 3 in the first half against the Vikings.

NFL Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Jacksonville Jaguars faced a major blow at their own back yard after they were hammered 20-10 by the Denver Broncos. The Jacksonville needed a win in order to gain momentum in the AFC play-off race. However, the Broncos worked hard to deny them that victory. Their offensive and defensive skills turned to their advantage as they bagged a major win on Sunday at the EverBank Field.

At the start, both teams played sluggishly. The Broncos took a 10-3 early lead. Later in the game, Bortles teamed up with receiver A.Robinsonand cornerback B.Roby, to dash a 51 yards impressive touchdown.The Denvers maximized on an eight play, 75 yard scoring-drive in the 2nd-quarter to secure their only offensive touch-down. This was facilitated when Jacksonvilleline’s line-backer T.Smith was penalized for injuring Lynch. A 22 yard touchdown from Bortles in the first minutes of the 4th quarter caused the Jacksonvilleline Jaguars to trail 17-10, however, they wasted clear chances to equalize in the game. Miller later pulled a great perfomance to provide Broncos a one-last-stand in the dying moments of the game.

The win propelled the Denver Broncos to the 6th spot just ahead of the Dolphins, who were beaten by the Ravens . Having suffered this loss,Jacksonville Jaguars will be knocked off from the play-off for the 9th consecutive time.

NFL Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills won to stay over the .500 mark (at 6-5), while the Jacksonville Jaguars have not won a game since week six and with this loss, have now lost six straight games now (putting them at 2-9). Buffalo is currently third in the AFC East Division, while Jacksonville is in last of the AFC South.

Blake Bortles completed thirteen of his twenty-six pass attempts, throwing for 126 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. He ran for eighty-one yards on eight rushes in the game.

Tyrod Taylor completed twelve of his eighteen pass attempts, throwing for 166 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions. He also rushed for thirty-eight yards on seven rushes in the game.

When the first half of this game ended, Jacksonville was leading in the game by one point with the score 7-6. The Bills would turn it on and score 22 points and they only gave up fourteen. Both teams scored in three quarters of the game, and both scored in both the third and fourth quarters. The only quarter that Buffalo did not score in was the first and Jacksonville went scoreless in quarter number two.

NFL Week 11: Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Detroit Lions won over the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday, Nov 20, 2016 at the Ford Field. The Jaguars took a 3-0 lead on the first quarter of the game but Detroit managed to tie it up at 9 at the 2nd quarter. The Jaguars remained on lead on the 3rd quarter but Detroit Lions managed to win the game at the 4th quarter. Although Jacksonville Jaguars rookie player Jalen Ramsey showed to be a great advantage for the team as he plays good defense for the team, it’s still not enough. There are also some injured players at the end of the game from both teams.

LB DeAndre suffered knee injury (Detroit Lions), De Ziggy Ansah, and RB Theo Riddick both suffered ankle injury. While on the other team, Jacksonville Jaguars De Chris Smith was out of the game due to eye injury, LB Dan Skuta was said to suffer from back injury, TE Neal Sterling suffered from foot injury, and WR Brian Walters suffered concussions. Detroit Lions has a current team standing of 5 wins and 4 losses while Jacksonville Jaguars is at 2 wins and 7 losses.

NFL Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars will be another great game. The Texans have been playing badly on the road this regular season, and that’s truly a shame for this amazing team. The team has lost games at Denver, Minnesota, and New England. The team just found the end zone truly once in these cities, and they just got outscored just by a combination of 64 points. The Texans are on top of the famous AFC South, but the team needs to revert this trend if they want to remain there.

The Texans will be playing at Jacksonville, and this might help them a lot. The Jaguars are just 0-3 at home, which is a shame for this team as well. On Sunday, one of these teams will end a streak, which is very good for them as well. These teams need to put their bad games just behind them, and then they have to move on. That’s what they need to do if they want to stay ahead of the pack in the future as well. Houston will be playing for games out of five just away from their home, which might be either good or bad for them. The team needs no find some better road results if they want to go to the Super Bowl this year as well.

NFL Week 9: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

Jacksonville Jaguars suffered yet another upset on the road which can largely be attributed to their ineptness on the offense. Kansas City Chiefs needed to pile pressure on the Jags on fourth down with slightly less than two minutes of play deep in their own territory to preserve the 19-14 win for maximum points in the quest to bring home the first ever Arrowhead AFC Championship.

A positive thing for the Jags to pick from this match is that their defense only allowed 221 yards and 10 first downs. The defense managed to hold Chiefs to 1 of 14 on third downs and went on to hold the Chiefs to field goals after turnovers in Jaguars territory. Jaguars defense proceeded to hold the Kansas City Chiefs to a field goal from a 36-yard punt return which returned possession to City in Jaguars territory.

Cairo Santos was on a different level of form and starred in the match by making 24, 52, 26, and 36 yard field goals for the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen Robinson received a perfect throw from Blake Bortles in Chiefs’ territory for a touchdown and a kick was made by Jason Myers to keep the game close.

In the fourth quarter, the Jaguars rallied to within five points after trailing 10-0 and 19-7 but lost a clear chance to win the game after taking possession in Chiefs’ territory with 3:07 remaining.

NFL Week 8: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans on Thursday, October 27, 8:25 PM, Nissan Stadium

Jacksonville Jaguars squared off against the Tennessee Titans in one flawless match. Marcus Mariota threw 270 yards making two touchdowns ascore that led to the Titans making their highest score of the season and a 36-22 victory. This match was important to both teams as the two teams are perceived as equally competitive. Titans were determined to show their fans that the team can play with the hope of building a solid foundation for more games in the future. However the Titans were better prepared and they scooped the victory over the Jaguars.

One player who performed exceptionally well was Mariota who had 18 of 22 and a 148.1 passer rating making the second-highest rating of his career. On the other hand, DeMarco Murray ran 123 yards and making a single touchdown. The Titans 4-4 gained the season-highest total yards with 494 and came out victorious a third time in the past four matches. Tennessee was already in the lead with 3-0 even before Mariota threw the 36-yard touchdown. Rookie Derrick of Titans scored his first career touchdown on the 6-yard run. These teams have already squared off in this year and fans cannot wait to see their performance in the upcoming matches.

NFL Week 7: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

33-16. This was one of the most competed matches in NFL history. The win came with rough patches due to both team’s indiscipline in the play. Surprisingly both teams accumulated a total of 24 penalties, three ejections and 239 yards lost. Jacksonville had a high rate of drops, penalties and turnovers which the Raiders capitalized on to score.

Raiders seemed determined to keep their 4-0 winning streak. After coming back, Latavius Murray was on top of his game with 3.2 yards per carry on the 18 carries for 59 yards. On the other hand, Michael Crabtree managed to catch eight passes in 96 yards. Raider’s kicker Sebastian Janikowski was unbeatable in the game and even converted all 4 field-goal attempts and earning three extra points’ touchdown scores. Andre Holmes also helped his team by muffing a punt return, which eventually led to a field goal. Jaguars had a strong defense that put up a challenge for the Raider’s offense.

Ultimately defense forced three turnovers lagging the Jaguars behind. Raiders held their opponents to a total of 344 yards which is the fewest ever allowed into one game this season. Though the completion was high, the better prepared team won. We can only wait to see more from these great teams.

NFL Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

On Sunday, October 16, Jacksonville Jaguars were able to emerge winners in a tightly contested match against the Chicago Bears.Jacksonville outcompeted Chicago Bears 17-16. This was Bears second successive loss as they had previously lost to Indianapolis.

The interesting part of the game was when Blake Bortles made a throw for 271 yards. Benn, who was slipping in the closing stages was able to make the catch as well as make the touchdown ( 51 yards). The touchdown was enough to lift the earn the victory for the Jaguars.

Bortles played a significant part in the win with 20 complete passes out of 33 passes he made throughout the game. Allen Hurns and Chris Ivory were other players, who contributed substantially to this win. Allen contributed with 74-yards receiving whereas Chris ran for a TD for the team.

Benn was able to give Jaguars the lead when Tracy Porters, who was trying to tag him, slid and fell. In fact, Benn had slid and fell too, however, because of Tracy’s fall, he got up, run and make the touchdown. This was Benn’s first touchdown in five seasons. This is so, due to the fact that, he has been injured for the past three seasons.

Bears’ Brian Hoyer performance stood out despite the defeat. He threw for 302-yards. This was his fourth straight 300-yard game. He was actually included in the team because Jay Cutler was injured. In fact, there were two sacks for Chicago Bears involving Willie Young.

Bears coach John Fox had this to say with regard to the defeat, “it’s not lack of heart, lack of trying.” “Our guys battled. We just don’t play well enough right now. That’s on all of us.”

This was a memorable day for Jaguars and specifically for Benn. On the other hand, it was a terrible day for the Bears and specifically for Tracy.

NFL Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 02, 9:30 AM, Wembley Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Indianapolis Colts on the 2nd of October. The Jaguars won the game with a close 30-27 score. The head coach for the Jaguars Gus Bradley really needed this win as could be seen from his fidgety nature during the game. The team made him proud and added two more weeks to his job at Jacksonville.

By halftime the Jaguars looked safe with a 17-6 lead with a touchdown by Allen Robison. The Jaguars were leading 23-6 after the third quarter but the Colts soon launched a comeback plan. The Indianapolis team scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone which is quite commendable. In their first overseas game they were unable to show their might in the first three quarters only waking up in the last one. But regardless of all the struggle they were unable to ensure a win.

A few minutes to the whistle everyone thought the Colts would catch up and take the day but the Jaguars were saved by the 42-yard touchdown by Allen Hurn. This was the Jaguar’s second win out of the four games they have played while it was the third loss for the Colts. It was a tough game especially in the final quarter with stiff competition from both sides as both coaches put their best players in the field.

NFL Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens did improve to 3-0 with a comeback win of 19-17 over the Jacksonville Jaguars. This game had lots of excitement, mainly in the final 5 minutes, and the Baltimore Ravens managed to come-away with the victory to remain undefeated on this NFL season. Defensive-tackle Timmy Jernigan is one of-the team’s best-players through the first 3 games, and plays similar to this are the reason why. The 3rd year defender showed-off his combination of strength and speed by sliding in the left-guard and then obtaining good push on-the center.

On the other hand, the Jacksonville Jaguars went down to 0-3 for the 3rd-time in the last 4 years and surely you’ll hear more talk regarding coach Gus Bradley’s job-security. Bradley’s performance, now 12-39 in 4 seasons, is the second worst winning-percentage of any NFL-coach with not less than 50 games.

The Jaguars had lots of chances of winning this game in a wild 4th-quarter. They forced 3 consecutive turn-overs in the final-frame. However, they only got a field-goal out-of it. Blake Bortles threw 3 interceptions, including 2 in a wild 4th quarter,marking the end of drives within Baltimore territory. Jason Myers managed to have a 52 yard field-goal blocked. Many were hoping that Elvis Dumervil, Ravens outside linebacker, would be able to play this match but he still remains out as he is dealing with a foot injury.

NFL Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, September 18, 4:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

In their home opener on Sunday, the San Diego Chargers beat the mistake-prone Jacksonville Jaguars 38-14 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Reeling from a loss in last week’s season-opener at Kansas City, the Chargers feasted on the Jaguars for their 5th consecutive meeting. Quarterback Philip Rivers tied his career-high with 4 touchdown passes, which included two to Travis Benjamin, completing over 70% of his passes and no interceptions. Running back Melvin Gordon had his first 100-yard match of his career. The defense kept Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) out of the end-zone until the fourth quarter.

Five seconds into the second-Quarter, the San Diego Chargers had a 14-0 lead. Just over 5 minutes into the 2nd Quarter, the Chargers led by 3 touchdowns and never looked back. And unlike a week earlier, the Chargers didn’t turn a 3-touchdown lead into a soul crushing loss. They continued to add on. Outside of a knee injury to running back Danny Woodhead, there wasn’t a single moment of anxiety, anger, or angst for San Diego fans, players, or coaches. Actually, things got so out-of-hand that the Chargers were playing their 2nd string team in the fourth Quarter.

Jacksonville started 0-2 for the 4th time in five seasons. They only crossed midfield 6 times, with Bortles committing 3 turnovers. The Jaguars delivered a performance rife with many errors. The team players were flagged 13 times for 93-yards. The offense stayed relatively healthy & effective, making it seem easy driving down-field on their first game possession. Running back Melvin Gordon capped-off the 8-play, 75 yard drive with a touch-down to make it 7-0 lead early in the 1st quarter. The defense started out strong as well. What can be taken away from this match? Well, the San Diego Chargers have been spectacular for 6 of the 8 quarters they have played of regular season football in 2016. What could be San Diego final home-opener drew only 52,165-fans at 72,000 seat Qualcomm Stadium.

NFL Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The match between the Packers and the Jaguars was played on 11 of September this year at Jacksonville Florida. The previous records of the Green Bay Packers against Jacksonville Jaguars are good. The two teams have met each other 6 times. Green Bay Packers are leading with 4 wins while treh Jaguars have only 2 wins. The Packers and Jaguars gave us an entertaining game with Packers emerging victory. The Packers were the first to get on the scoreboard. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers played pretty well and offensively. At a time he took the ball 6 yards out by himself.

After first half it seems that the game would be a close one as the score was 7-7. In the second quarter the Jaguars were the ones to score first. Afterwards the Packers came back and Jordy Nelson helped them to regain the lead. Jacksonville came back to take the score 17-14. Packers fans were really sweating by the final stage of the game as Jacksonville was slowly making up to the winning score but the Packers made the stop and emerged victorious. Packers did not show much offensively, but worked on their defense. Packers finished off the game in huge defensive mode.

NFL Preseason Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, September 01, 7:00 PM, Georgia Dome

Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons showed how much the Jaguars are determined to compete in the season. Due to home advantage, the Falcons had many chances and they ended up beating Jaguars 17-15. It was always hard to pass through the defense line of the hosts and Jaguar attackers had to utilize any fouls that came into play.

Terron Ward was all over the field with two major touchdowns. Although he had missed prior games, he seemed more energetic and full of skills. Both teams included their quarterbacks, which made the game even more interesting. Shaq Evans return to the squad was also wise since he had many accurate and yielding moves and passes across the pitch. He had three catches within just 54 yards.

Some players’ efforts seemed suppressed such as that of matt Schaub whose only remarkable move was a 5-yard throw. Hooper, the Giants heart, had a rough time handling Stanford who seemed very aggressive but sometimes losing the game formation. Johnson showed his kickoff return skills as he made some great tactics as the first half ended. He was however silent in the rest of the game.

The win of the Falcons might mean that they have improved the game of the season. However, the Jaguars too had a great play and given that most of its players were absent, they are sure to have a great NFL season performance.

NFL Preseason Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, August 28, 8:00 PM, EverBank Field

While in the dress rehearsal, the Cincinnati Bengals looked good. However, the story on the pitch turned to be a little bit different. They did well in the first half while giving up 90 yards and only 3 points. Bengals has a perfect defense which proved when Rey Maualuga successfully shut down T.H. Yeldon. Giovany Bernard, couple of plays later, proved himself and saw an opportunity for a 19 yard catch and run.

The first 3 times ended up as something like: a turnover, three-and-out, three-and-out. Geno Atkins was definitely a huge part of this defense success. Finding out from the announcers that no one was up for volunteering to line up across from Atkins wasn’t a huge surprise. After this beasty defense, there will be less than a few players, this year, in the mood to line up across Atkins.

However, the backups weren’t as good. They allowed 23 unanswered points. AJ McCarron, Any Dalton’s backup, didn’t prove himself much. The difference between these two was Dalton’s ability to read defenses which gave him a possibility of changing the call at the line. The backups looked and behaved just as what they are – backup. They didn’t score any points, thus disappointing the fans. Even the depth of their offensive line looked unstable. The final hit was T.J. Johnson leaving the game due to a concussion.

Unable to score any points, the Bengals’ backups did not seem to add any value to the game at all. The depth of their offensive line looked a bit shaky at best and that was further compounded by the fact that T.J. Johnson had to leave the game to be evaluated for a concussion.

NFL Preseason Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday, August 20, 7:30 PM, EverBank Field

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a score 27-21 in the important pre-season Saturday night. Blake Bortles played in an excellent fashion as he managed to throw 2 touchdown passes in just 3 drives to give the Jaguars the early lead they want against the Buccaneers. The Jaguars are also talking about starting truly fast all times, and the team is working hard to make things happen in this situation. The team seems to be starting to do so, as Bortles says that this situation seems to be a reality.

In fact, Mr. Bortles just led the Jaguars to ten points on his just first 2 drives in this pre-season opener, which is truly amazing. T.J. Yeldon and Bortles connected just to get a 14-yard score right in the first quarter. In the second, Bortles stroke a 24-yarder to the famous Allen Hurns who was in the back of the important end zone in just the second quarter of the game. Bortles had no sacks and just a few mistakes after completing his eight of eleven passes for 85 yards in the pre-season game. Anyway, Jameis Winston had a very low start and he misfires in just his first 6 passes.

NFL Preseason Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Thursday night was the day for a preseason opener. The first of the four preseason games was between Jaguars and the Jets. This season makes a new beginning for the Jets and the way they performed during the preseason opener was a straight talk of what they expect from the season.

The way all the players coordinated to see that they have secured victory for the team was enough evidence that they are all determined to go for the title when the season’s last whistle is blown. Take for example a player like Lee Darron. He is working so hard to ensure that he gives his team the best defense there can ever be. Though he may not be able to replace Erin Henderson as the starting linebacker, the Jets are still expecting him to perform better this season by having a valuable role at the sub package.

The Jaguars also tried to work hard although they lost 17-13 to the Jets. They still worked it out against the majority of their former players. This is to show that if they get used to the fact that they are in the competition they can do much better that that. There is a lot of player coordination that needs to be exhibited from the team.

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL season 2015 recap

Jacksonville Jaguars are grouped in the southern division of NFL, the Florida based football team played their latest gamed against Houston Texans at NRG Stadium where they went down 30-6 against their opponents. The team has not been performing well this season as per the expectation of fans, most of who blame offensive line coach Doug Marrone for their dismissal performance.

Marrone who was previously with the Bills for two seasons before joining Jaguars went in 15-17, before terminating his contract with them early last year citing organizational changes. Even after giving up close to 5 sacks in the season finale, something that may have cancelled up any good Luke Joeckel did to his team in 2015, Jaguars are still eager to keep him as a long-term player for the left tackle.

However, some see this as a bad move that could bleak their quest for a title in the future considering he’s not been playing well this season. The team currently stands at Position 3 in their AFC South division behind of Colts and Texans, with only Titans sitting below them. Looking back at the Jaguars 2015 season performance, it can be summarized as a mixture of talented offensive potential but disappointment in the defensive line.

NFL Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Texans were able to defeat the Jaguars in a very thrilling encounter. They therefore secured a place in the playoffs for the third time after defeating the Jaguars 30-6. The scoreline generally shows how dominant the Texans were in the whole game.

Hoyer had an impressive game and his recent form will ensure he gets his first start. Four quarterbacks presided over the victory making the Texans the first team to qualify to the playoffs since 1950 with such a record. The 19th touchdown pass by Hoyer to Jonathan Grimes was their 29th for this season. This ensured that they tied the franchise record that was set by Matt Schaub.

The Jaguars were only able to gain about 215 yards and they turned the ball over four times. The Texans were able to get about eight take-aways from the Jaguars, which gave them a great advantage over the Jaguars. The Texans may have gained 402 yards, but it is worth noting that they failed to score more than three touchdowns in the game. This shows that they still have a lot to work on offensively. Sunday’s victory over the Jaguars made it four straight wins in a row for the Texans and are favourites going into the playoffs. The Texans are likely to face NFC North and AFC East teams.

NFL Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The match between the Jaguars vs Saints was played on 28th December and saints emerged the winners with 38-27. Hightower ran for about 122 yards on 27 carries and other two touchdowns. He also caught 3 passes for forty seven yards that helped to diversify the saints’ felony that saw them win 38-27 over the Jacksonville in the sixtieth week. Since 2010, He rushed for 100 yards in a single game for the first time.

Four Jaguar defenders got sucked in deep in backfield when Drew Bree’s floated the screen pass to Hightower. Tim lined up Brees’ left him in the short gun and other two receivers to both sides.

Max Unger, a center, locked off a defender before Tim Hightower on the left side. Tim Letito, a guard, from the right shielded a defender from Hightower on the right side. Willie Snead took another defender about 5 yards before Max Unger to the left. Jahri Evans, a guard, also deluded a Jaguar player along the left close to Snead.

Hightower played around the blocks and almost diverted Davon House for a touchdown. The game ended by Saints emerging as the winners despite the challenges faced in the game.

NFL Week 15: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

This match happened on Sunday 20th at Jacksonville, Florida where the Falcons emerged with a win of 23-17 over the Jaguars. The first half lead of the game was played on a prominence of the running game. Devonta Freeman from Atlanta Falcons led the way with a total of 53 yards and a touchdown. Free man later added 45 yards as well on receptions.

The second half of this game was slightly different as Jacksonville went on to fight as they were in the hunt for the division lead. The Jaguars managed to tie draw the game at 17 after because of Julius Thomas having 6 catches and 79 yards. Allen Robinson added 57 yards with 3 catches and one score. In this game Matt Ryan was focused on Roddy White and Julio Jones. The Falcons managed a FG in the 4th play and went up by 3. Mat Ryan threw wrongly to Justin Hardy on a third down which could have resulted to a touchdown. Hardy ended this game with 3 catches for 36 yards.

NFL Week 14: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

A game which was basically one sided for the better part of it and the Jacksonville Jaguars emerged victorious against Indianapolis by 51 – 16. This ended the Colts winning streak of 16 games in the AFC South. This is maybe one of the most important wins of the Jaguars’ coach in his three seasons at the helm of things here. Blake Bortles threw for what were three touchdowns and also ran for a score in the dying minutes of the game and this means that the longest streak in the division ended with a lackluster performance from a very unlikely opponent.

The Jaguars actually scored on offense as well as defense and special teams in this game which was the first time in four years that they have done it. This was the second 35 point gap loss for the Colts who lost by the same margin against Pittsburg last week. A lot of records were shaken in this game and you wouldn’t have expected such a performance from a team that has been winning for the last 16 games. Though you can’t also dismiss the Jaguars determination in the game which helped them easily clinch this and seal the victory.

NFL Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

In an extremely electrifying and heart-throbbing contest between Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars was won by Titans on Sunday. It was a neck and neck game till the end when Marcus Mariota scored the winning touchdown bringing smiles on the faces of Tennessee Titans’ fans. The match ended with a score of 42-39 in the favor of Titans. As an interesting fact six touchdowns were scored in the fourth quarter. Winning this game they had put an end to the streak of their eleven consecutive home losses. They had not managed to win a single game in their home since 12 Oct 2014, when they defeated this very same team with a score of 16-14 in their favor.

With this win the season record of Titans has improved to 3-9. Talking about Jaguars their record in not very diverse from Titans, they have managed 4 wins against 8 losses. This was a memorable day for the young Quarter Back of Titans Marcus Mariota. He made a record of league’s longest run for this season. He ran for an astonishing 87 yards before touchdown, this is the third longest run by a QB since 1940. It is an event to remember, one of the best matches in the past.

NFL Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Chargers entered Sunday’s game having lost six games in a row, but that ended after this game when they beat the Jaguars by six points. Both teams will be staying home this postseason, having to watch the games like the fans, on TV, rather than play in them themselves. Jacksonville is third in their division, and San Diego is fourth in theirs.

Philip Rivers completed 29 passes after 43 attempts, throwing for 300 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. He is now tied with Vinny Testaverde for eleventh for all time touchdown passes; he passed Joe Montana in this game as well. He now has 275 TD passes.

Blake Bortles completed 30 passes after 49 attempts, throwing for 329 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

In the first half, the Chargers moved the ball into the red zone three times, and scored touchdowns on all three; while Jacksonville was only able to score one touchdown in four red zone trips.

San Diego led at halftime 21-9, scoring all 21 of their points in the second quarter. The second half, the Jaguars exploded by scoring sixteen points (thirteen were in the fourth quarter) to the Chargers’s ten points. This second half resurgence was not enough to stop the Chargers.

NFL Week 11: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans on Thursday, November 19, 8:25 PM, EverBank Field

For more than two years, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a winning streak a hand. This is thanks to a 19 – 13 victory against the Tennessee Titans. They now have won three games out of a possible four and this sets them squarely in the race for the AFC South. The Titans story wasn’t the same though and this is due to the fact that this was their 8th loss in nine games this season which is just disappointing for Coach Mike Mularkey. Having coached the Jaguars for just one season with them in 2012 that saw him bag two wins out of fourteen games.

For the better part of the game, it seemed as though the visiting coach would walk away with the victory but this was not to be so. This sees the jaguars having the easiest run of games remaining in the fixtures as they play all their four remaining games at home. The game was a good one and though it had its numerous low moments as well as the high ones when everyone thought that the Titans would walk away with the victory. How they lost it, only themselves to blame for the way they played especially with the defense.

NFL Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

In what could be regarded as this season’s game changer; the Jaguars put on a skillful mastery as they edged out their fiercely long time opponents the Ravens. Ravens for the better of the game proved to be a threat in an encounter which made the game to be balanced for the better part of time. Things however became different as the Jaguar’s superb defense skills meant that the Ravens could do little in an effort to garner more lifesaving points. The game however has been marred with some controversy with the Ravens coach Harbaugh pointing a finger to officiating error which could have seen them grab a game winning opportunity.

With the huge caliber players that the both teams possess, this however shouldn’t be an excuse given that the game was all open for both sides to grab opportunities for gaining more points and make a final win. Jaguars win over the Ravens has on the other side cemented their superb winning quality which has been on display all this season. If the winning form is to be maintained then it will be no surprise to see the Jacksonville outfits be regarded as this season’s top performers; a fate which they have regularly achieved over the past seasons.

NFL Week 9: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars suffered a close defeat at the hands of the New York Jets who were in a mid season crisis as well as facing an embarrassing loss in their home field. This win for the jets came courtesy of Chris Ivory as well as Ryan Fitzgerald, who by the way was playing with a torn ligament in his thumb but managed to run two scores which was just amazing considering the injury. The Jets brought their A game and showed that they could actually get away with this and they did.

The game was at one point described as low and ugly but it produced the results needed to ensure that the Jets got their points. Brandon Marshall caused a stir in the fourth quarter when he made a 20 yard touchdown that was just remarkable. Well, the Jets now have to prepare for their next game as this game was just great considering they were at home. Overall, they provided an excellent performance that was enough to see them through this one and they can only hope to repeat the same fete when they face their former coach in their next game against Bills. Well deserved win for the Jets though.

NFL Week 7: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 25, 9:30 AM, EverBank Field

The Jaguars came from behind to beat the Bills 34-31 in a thrilling match at the Wembley stadium in London. A victory for the Bills looked certain when the Jaguars squandered a big lead to the Bills but Blake Botles came through late on to rally the Jaguars to victory.

Bottles produces a moment of inspiration with a 31 yard match winning touchdown pass to Allen Hurns when it seemed as though the Bills would run away with the victory with just 2:16 to go. That was Botles’ second touchdown pass of the game and it came when he seemed to have space for him to run through for a first down but he was able to spot Hurns heading towards the end zone and produced the pass. This was the Jaguars first win at the wembley stadium after losing their first two games in England.

Due to the absence of the injured Tyrod Taylor, EJ Manuel started at quarterback for the second match in a row summarizing the Bills current injury crisis and it was Manuel’s early lapse that allowed the Jaguars to take a 27-3 lead but recovered well to rally the Bills to take the lead until the last minutes of the game.

The Jaguars defense was brilliant scoring 2 touchdowns in a 7 second span and setting up one for T.J Yeldon who finished with 116 Yards short of Botles’ 182 yards.

NFL Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans on Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Houston Texans headed to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars. Houston came into the game with a 1-4 record, as did the Jaguars. Both teams were all fighting for a win to keep their season from getting more dismal and also to make them be in a better position if they had to play the game at every kick off. At the end of the first quarter, the Texans were up 7-0. By halftime, the Texans led 10-7. By the end of the third quarter, Jacksonville had taken the lead and was up 14-10. However, by the end of the fourth quarter, the Texans had taken the lead for good, and the final score was 31-20.

Both quarterbacks stayed pretty even during this match up. Brian Hoyer of the Texans had a total of 293 yards and three touchdowns. He also completed 24 of his 36 throws during the game. Blake Bortles had a total of 331 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also completed 30 of his 53 attempts during the game. The leading rusher for the Texans was Foster, and the lead receiver was Hopkins with two touchdown receptions. The leading rusher for the Jaguars was Bortles, the quarterback. The top two receivers for the Jaguars, Walters and Robinson, had similar games, with more than 85 yards receiving each, with Robinson also having one touchdown reception.

NFL Week 5: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 11, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

Tampa broke its 11-game home losing streak while Jacksonville got to extend its 11-game road losing streak to 12. The score was Bucs 38, Jags 31.

The first quarter was uneventful as the Bucs took a 3-0 lead. Things picked up in the 2nd as both teams scored 2 touchdowns and Tampa added another field goal to lead by 6 at the half. The Jags scored 10 points in the 3rd quarter but it was a fumble recovery for an easy Tampa touchdown that turned the game in the Bucs favor. Tampa added a 2-point conversion to take the lead 31-24. The Bucs extended the lead in the 4th with a touchdown and Jacksonville scored a late td to get within 7. Tampa recovered the onside kick and Winston took a knee to run out the clock.

Tampa successfully ran the ball to the tune of 183 yards. Doug Martin lead the way with 123 on 24 carries. He scored two td’s rushing and also added another on a pass reception. Buc’s quarterback Jameis Winston threw for 209 yards on 13 of 19 passing with the one td to Martin and no interceptions. His passing rating was an impressive 122.5. Last week he gave up 5 turnovers but this week saw zero from him. With the running game untracked, he only needed to be efficient and protect the ball.

Jacksonville, on the other hand, could not the run the ball at all. A net of 55 yards rushing is pitiful. 21 of those yards came on a quarterback scramble. QB Blake Bortles had a big game throwing the ball. He was 23/33 for 303 yards, 4 TD’s and 1 interception. Allen Hurns caught 5 for 116 yards and Allen Robinson hauled in 7 receptions for 72 yards. The Jags gave up 6 sacks for the game – too many to expect to win.

NFL Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 04, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

Despite the injury of their main quarterback Andrew Luck the Indianapolis Colts managed to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 16:13 after overtime led by 40-year-old vet Matt Hasselbeck.It could have been a different story though, as the Jaguars offense managed 431 yards, but could not take advantage of that as Jason Myers missed lots of field-goal attempts, including two game-winning chances right at the end.

The second one was especially important, since it gave the Colts a superb position for the overtime and they managed to snatch the win with an Adam Vinatiery chip shot winner.The overall quality of the game was pretty poor though, with both teams making a number of mistakes. Despite the win Matt Hasselbeck didn’t manage to lead his offense very well in the absence of Andrew Luck, while the Jaguars once again started brightly, but faded away in the second half and pretty much gifted the game to the hosts after failing to capitalize a string of chances.

This leaves the Jaguars with a 1:3 record and bottom of their division, while the Colts are now leading (2:2) after back-to-back. However, they don’t look the same team without quarterback Andrew Luck and will be hoping to get him fit for their next game against Houston Texans.

NFL Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

In all three games this season, the New England Patriots have scored a minimum of 28 points this season. After scoring 40 points against the Bills, they score 51 and blow out the Jaguars at home. They followed up scoring 20 points in the first half with another 31 points in the second half. The Patriots led at half 20-3.

Tom Brady completed 33 passes after 42 pass attempts, throwing for 358 yards and two touchdowns. He’s only the fourth (Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre) quarterback in the NFL’s history to throw 400 touchdown passes. The Patriots scored on all nine drives they had the ball. They also had three field goals to go with six touchdowns in the game.

Three touchdowns were scored by running back LeGarrette Blount, who was given the ball three times at the goal line, and scored all three times. Stephen Gostkowski added 6 extra points, extending his streak to an NFL record 425 in a row.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville’s quarterback threw 2 touchdowns and one interception. He completed 17 passes after 33 attempts with 242 yards.

The Patriots should feel pretty good after this game, they enter their bye week with three wins in three games, one of which comes against Buffalo, who is a divisional opponent.

NFL Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 20, 4:05 PM, EverBank Field

At the Everbank Field in Jacksonville Florida, the Miami Dolphins hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in another closely contested week two clash. The same scenerio as above seemed to have been replicate here. While the Dolphins were fresh from inflicting a week one 17-10 loss to the Redskins, their week two guests had just been humiliated 9-20 by the Carolina panthers. They seemed to have worked hard and rectified the mistakes made against the Panthers.

The same cannot be said of the Dolphins, who seemed to have rested on their laurels, only to be woken up from reality by the 20-23 loss to the Jaguars. There simply no team to undermine this season. However, the Dolphins defense has to blame for the loss since they committed unnecessary fouls, which acted spurred the Jaguars final surge to victory. After two weeks, both teams have now recorded a win and a loss. It remain to be seen how they both proceed in the league going into week three. Given the tight game as it was, both coaches have their work cut out. Whoever has the best tricks still intact in the bag will definitely prevail against forthcoming opponents.

NFL Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 13, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Carolina Panthers held on to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 20-9 in a game whose performance can only be described as lackluster. The Panthers’ game at the start of the game was really superb and the fact that they kept the Jaguars’ quarterback, Blake Bortles, at bay was really great.

The game had its fare share of down moments that some would only call sloppy really. There was this moment where Greg Olsen got a touchdown but a penalty that was really uncalled for would nullify the result. Both teams seemed to be struggling a lot to be in the game as far as their psyche was concerned.

Field goals were missed from both sides of the teams and wide open passes were dropped by the wide receivers. Such incidences made the game a little bit not worthy to watch. Luke Kuechy, one of the most outstanding players of the game from the Panthers’ side suffered a concussion. It was hard to see him struggling to get up. Despite this blow, the Panthers’ defense held on quite remarkably and ensured that the team carried the day. Overall, the game really did not impress but it was a good game for the Panthers’.

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL season 2014 recap

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to have to go through another significant transformation before they play again next season and you will be able to watch Jacksonville Jaguars online again. The team has already decided to fire offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch. The fact that the Jaguars have decided to fire their OC means that Blake Bortles will have to work through a second, new offensive system in his second season.

The Jags were 3-13 and probably did a lot to begin to poke holes in the Cleveland Browns, particularly when the Jags defeated the Browns early on in the season. You have to be happy with the efforts of Marquise Lee, Cecil Shorts and Allan Hurd at wide receiver. The Jags had linebackers that simply couldn’t cover tight ends with any kind of consistency.

NFL Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, Reliant Stadium

The Houston Texans entered Sunday’s game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars with a chance to still make the playoffs. They had to beat the Jaguars and Baltimore had to lose. Houston came out slow as Jacksonville took an early lead when Dwayne Gratz intercepted Houston quarterback Case Keenum and returned it for a touchdown. J.J. Watt and the Texans defense took over after that. Watt ended the day with three sacks, a saftey and a forced fumble. His three sacks gives him 20.5 on the season making him the first player ever to have two seasons of 20 or more sacks. Keenum eventually settled down and threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns. Texans receiver Andre Johnson had a big day with ten receptions for 134 yards and a touchdown.

Jacksonville took the lead in the third quarter after a Keenum fumble. The next play Blake Bortles pitched the ball to Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts who threw a 23-yard touchdown to running back Jordan Todman. Overall though, the Jacksonville offense struggled, and with the game on the line Cecil Shorts could not keep his feet in bounds on a fourth down pass from Bortles. J.J. Watt will be receiving a lot of MVP votes in the off season and if he wins, would be the first defensive player to do so since Lawrence Taylor in 1986.

NFL Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans on Thursday, December 18, 8:25 PM, EverBank Field

Both Jacksonville and Tennessee were heading into this game looking to the future. The score indicated that the Jaguars have a brighter future then the Titans.

Rookie quarterback Blake Bortles threw for 115 yards and one touchdown. The young quarterback did not throw any interceptions. The key to the Jacksonville victory was their running game. Two different rushers ran for two touchdowns. Jordan Todman ran the ball five times for seventy-one yards, and Toby Gerhart ran the twelve times for fifty-three yards. Bortles add fifty yards rushing to his the group. The top receiver was Marquise Lee. He caught four passes for sixty-five yards. Mercedes Lewis caught the only touchdown pass thrown by Bortles.

The Jacksonville defense sacked the Titans quarterback four times.

Tennessee’s strength was in the passing game. The Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst completed twenty-four passes for 287 yards and one touchdown. The second string quarterback did not throw any interceptions. Leon Washington caught the majority of Whitehurst’s passes. The running back caught the ball seven times for sixty-two yards and he caught the Titans only touchdown. The top running back for the Titans was rookie rusher Bishop Sankey. He ran the ball fourteen time for forty-four yards.

The Tennessee defense sacked the Jacksonville quarterback four times.

Jacksonville is finishing their season at Houston. Tennessee is playing the struggling Indianapolis Colts in their final game of the season.

NFL Week 15: Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Ravens (9-5) faced hapless Jacksonville (2-12) with a lot of playoff possibilities on the line for Baltimore. Nonetheless, the 20-12 victory was a lot closer than expected, especially given what happened.

What happened was the Jags fielded a disastrous offensive line that nearly got rookie Blake Bortles killed, giving up 8 sacks, as well as seemingly endless knockdowns and hurries. Bortles has been touted as the best ‘traditional’ quarterback prospect in this year’s rookie class. Tall, big arm, pocket passer, etc. However, Sunday showed what happened when there is no pocket. Bortles is not mobile and the Ravens D pretty much dictated how the game was going to go for Jacksonville’s offense from the outset.

On the other hand, the Baltimore offense was nothing to brag about, with Justin Forsett limited to 48 yards rushing and Joe Flacco turning in the longest run of the day on a 10 yard scamper. The air attack wasnt much of an ‘attack’ either, with Marlon Brown leading the team with 66 yards on 5 catches, filing in for still injured Torrey Smith.

NFL Week 14: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

It was unfortunate for the home team as they recorded a loss against Houston Texans. The match ended at a final score of 27-13 giving Houston Texans the victory.

In the first quarter, the Texans scored 3 points while the Jacksonville Jaguars scored 7 points. The home team definitely gave it their all in that first quarter. In the second quarter, the Texans recovered by scoring a point higher than the Jaguars. The Texans scored 7 points while Jaguars scored 6 points concluding the first half. The score up to there was 13-10 with the home team leading that score sheet.

Things however turned for the Jaguars when they came back to the second and final half of the game. This is because they did not record any score until the final whistle was blown. Texans on the other hand came to that half to win the game in style. They scored 7 points in the third quarter and 10 points in the last quarter. This brought an overall score of 27-13. What happened to the Jaguars was unknown but they lost their touch in that second half.

B. Bortles of Jaguars passed over 205 yards with 1 touchdown and one interception. M. Lewis of the same team recorded 3 receives over 69 yards. A. Foster of the Texans recorded 24 carries over 127 yards and 1 touchdown.

NFL Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Giants on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Blake Bortles led his first game-winning drive and the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10, 4th in AFC South) rallied from a 21-0 deficit to earn their second victory of the season, beating the New York Giants (3-9, 3rd in NFC East) by a score of 25-24. The Giants led 21-0 before a Josh Scobee 28 yard field goal got the Jaguars on the board with two minutes left in the first half. The Jacksonville defense led the way, scoring two touchdowns on fumble returns. The first, J.T. Thomas recovered an Eli Manning fumble in the end zone at the beginning of the third quarter, gave the Jaguars some life.

They scored again when QB Blake Bortles hit WR Marqise Lee for a 30 touchdown late in the third quarter. Bortles finished with 194 yards and a touchdown. Rookie CB Aaron Colvin returned a fumble 41 yards for a touchdown minutes into the 4th quarter to give Jacksonville its first lead of the game, 22-21. Manning managed to get the Giants in to the red zone with just over three minutes left in the game, but they only managed a field goal. Manning finished with 247 yards and a touchdown. Bortles then marched the Jaguars down the field and Josh Scobee kicked a 43 yarder to win the game. The Jaguars face the Houston Texans next week, while the Giants play the struggling Tennessee Titans.

NFL Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The game between the Indianapolis Colt against the Jacksonville Jaguars was a much different one as the Jaguars face a thorough blow of 23-3.The Jaguars’

loss was during their first two possessions when they lost ten points which were not easy to recover in the rest of the game. The Jaguars were not competent enough as quarterback Blake Bortlers only threw five passes in the first three quarters of the game.

Jaguar’s loss resulted in their removal from the contention. Colts’ T.Y. Hilton made a 73 yard touchdown; he told the reporters that it was in honor to her new born daughter. The Colts had won in another game four days ago and the coach was afraid that they would lose to the jaguars due to the excitement. Colts was the third team to win on Thursday night and they beat the Jaguars at their home. The Colts crowned their victory when Butler made an 11 yard touchdown in the third quarter and that got them some more points in their victory against the Jaguars. The Colts became the third team to win on Thursday night this season, and just the fifth in the last two seasons, while the Jaguars have been beaten 153-44 this season at home.

NFL Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, Wembley Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell again for the ninth time this season. This time round, their tormentors were the Dallas Cowboys. The 31-17 victory was the seventh of the Cowboys this season. It was the Cowboys who were the first off the blocks to take the first quarter 10-7. They tightened their leaking defense in the second and third quarters, keeping of the Jaguars offense. This allowed their offense to continue tormenting their hosts. They took the second and third quarters 14-0 and 7-0. In the last quarter, the Cowboys defence must have gone to slumber. It allowed the Jaguars offense to make last ditch efforts at a come back. The Jaguars took it 10-0, but they still lost convincingly to the Cowboys.

Going forward, the Jaguars will need a miracle of resurrection to rise again from the bottom. With so many losses, the technical bench and the players must be at their lowest levels of mental strength ever. For the Cowboys, the victory was good as it boasts their morale as they prepare to face tougher opponents. Prior to this game, the Cowboys had lost two matches on the trot. It was vital for them to win in order to rebuild their confidence. They should be in better mental shape for their next game.

NFL Week 9: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 02, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

Andy Dalton and the Bengals were able to reign victorious over the Jacksonville Jaguars with their 33-23 victory. You could certainly see that the Bengals missed having A.J. Green within their lineup. Green himself was a little rusty, he missed one of the two of the breaks within a couple of routes, but he was able to catch a touchdown pass in the game.

The Bengals were also able to depend upon their defensive backfield and members like Reggie Nelson, Adam Jones and a host of others to confuse the young quarterback Blake Bortles. Bortles was able to have a fair amount of success finding Allen Hurns. Allen Robinson is beginning to emerge as a great receiving option, he proved things were heading in the right direction with his four catches. You have to wonder whether the Bengals will always have success once Giovanni Bernard is able to find his way back into the lineup. The Bengals are also enjoying their chance to work with a capable wide receiver like Mohammed Sanu. Sanu had bigger numbers, in comparison to A.J. Green in this game.

NFL Week 8: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 26, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The fearless Jacksonville Jaguars took on the Miami Dolphins in an early game for the day. Miami’s defense had been holding strong for the season but could the offense show up and play. Jacksonville has been struggling but has managed to keep most games this season close. The scoring would start at the beginning of the second quarter when Miami safety Lois Delmas would return an interception 81-yards for a touchdown. Halfway through the second quarter Jacksonville would convert a 30-yard field goal that would narrow the gap somewhat but still leave it as a one-possession game. With less than a minute to finish the half Miami would convert a 43-yard field goal to make it a 7-point game again. Starting the third quarter and with both offenses not accomplishing much, Miami’s defense would step up to make the big play. Cornerback Brent Grimes would intercept a pass and return it 22-yards for

a touchdown. Jacksonville managed to reply with a field goal before Ryan Tannehill completed a 3-yard pass to Rishard Matthews to score the first offensive touchdown of the game. Jacksonville would make a late rally in the fourth quarter scoring a touchdown but it would be too little and too late as the Dolphins sealed the win 27-13.

NFL Week 7: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Week seven was one that the Jaguars shall remember for a long time. It was during the week seven weekend that the Jaguars hammered the Cleveland Browns 24-6. This was very sweet victory that the Jaguars will savor for long. It was their first victory of the season. This was the sweetest way of announcing their wake up from slumber. Definitely this will inject some self belief in the team and inspire it to perform even better against their upcoming opponents.

In this match, the Browns were completely outplayed and outwitted in every way. In the first quarter, the match was quite even, though Browns emerged top with 3-0 score. From there on-wards, the game belonged to the marauding Jaguars. They took the second and third quarters 7-3 and 3-0 before finishing on a high of 14-0 in the last quarter for a final score of 24-6. However, it remains to be seen whether the Jaguars shall be able to sustain the winning momentum in their next game against the Dolphins. Victory over the Dolphins will prove that indeed the win over the Browns wasn’t a fluke. As for the Browns, another winless side, the Raiders, lie in wait. If they took the Jaguars for granted, they learned their lesson the hard way.

NFL Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, LP Field

Jacksonville also known as the Jaguars lost their match on Sunday to in front of a sixty nine thousand LP stadium to the Tennessee Titans. The Jaguars scored a belatedly touchdown with only very few seconds to play. They lost 16-14 to Tennessee. Jacksonville players were not that good on their defense as they did not make big defensive plays; they missed their ackles and also gave away easy penalties. The Tennessee had recently lost at home in a match that had a twenty five points lead.

Jacksonville team has twenty nine players who have been in the team since 2012. Out of those 29, twelve of them played in the match against Tennessee on Sunday at the LP stadium. Jacksonville lacked the services of Lewis who is reported to be out of action for four weeks. They also lacked the services of Cecil Shorts who is expected to miss the next three matches. Chris Lemons who was expected to show a good example to the rookies was lined offside two times. The Jaguars made so many mistakes like missing easy tackles and many people may attribute that to why they lost in their week six match against Tennessee.

NFL Week 5: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their fifth consecutive game of the season to the Pittsburgh Steelers 17-9. This loss leaves them miserably and hopelessly winless in the season. The offense of the Steelers wasn’t as good as such. If only the Jaguars’ defense had been a little bit stronger, they would have just conjured up their first victory of the season. Even with a mediocre offense, the Steelers were still able to run away with victory. Though any kind of victory would have served as a moral boost, the Jaguars may still feel inspired by the close loss.

In the match, the Jaguars were off their blocks with power, taking the first quarter 3-0. However, they lost steam in the second quarter, losing 3-10. They held their ground in the third quarter to take it 3-0 again, only to lose the last quarter 0-7, thereby gifting the Steelers their third victory of the season. It seems even their home ground couldn’t serve the advantage they deserved. They are on the road this Sunday against the Titans in another encounter in which they are considered underdogs. The match was played on Sunday 5th October at the EverBank Field, Jacksonville, Florida.

NFL Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, September 28, 4:05 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

Blake Bortles was able to have an impressive game in his first start as for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He wasn’t able to put enough points on the board in order to overcome the success of the Phillip Rivers-Eddie Royal combination within the Chargers passing game. The Chargers won the game by a score of 33-17. The Chargers run defense was able to limit Toby Gerhart to just 32 yards rushing, on a total of ten carries. The Jags needed more production from Gerhart if they wanted to win the game, and they certainly could not afford a lost fumble that Gerhart put on the ground.

The Jags got their usual solid performance from linebacker Paul Posluszny, who finished the game with eleven tackles. The efforts of Posluszny, Geno Hayes and Roy Miller were not enough to prevent the Chargers from scoring sixteen unanswered second half points. Allen Hurns and Cecil Harbor appear to be emerging as favorite targets for Blake Bortles, but the Jags were not able to get much out of their short passing game with the likes of Denard Robinson. Robinson caught three passes, but for only a total of seven yards. This lack of overall success allowed Chargers safety Eric Weddle to play his traditional role as a ball hawk, forcing Blake Bortles to take less desirable risks within the offensive scheme.

NFL Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

The game of Indianapolis at Jacksonville started a new beginning for both teams especially for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We saw Blake Bortles, who is this year’s third pick in the NFL Draft, he had come in the second half . Chad Henne had an awful runoff and this had caused the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck a 30-0 deficit . However, there was not much that Blake could have done but we saw the team doing great after they had dominated a 44-17 win. It was Luck who turned out to be the magican and he had completed the 79% which was 31 of 39 passes his 370 yards and there were four touchdowns. At the end of the game, Luck had said that the secret is that they should be focused in the competitions with little or no interceptions.

We should know that Blake have had his exciting and depression moments on the pitch. He said that what his team needs is something extraordinary. They did not do well in the first half and that was what had affected them. Their head coach, Gus Bradley had revealed that next Sunday, Blake would be starting the quarterback when they play with the San Diego Chargers

NFL Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins crushed the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, September 14, at 1pm at the FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. During the first half of the game, Desean Jackson sprained his shoulder and was removed from the game and Robert Griffin III injured his ankle. Regardless, Kirk Cousins stepped into the game and threw two touchdowns resulting in a rout of the Jaguars with a final score of 41-10 in favor of the Washington Redskins. Cousins ended with two hundred and fifty yards in the game.

The stats in this game tell nearly the whole story. Washington had a higher rate of third down conversions (double that of the Jaguars). On fourth down conversions, Washington had one and Jacksonville was unable to convert on their single attempt. With regard to passing first downs, Washington managed to pull off sixteen compared to only four for the Jaguars. Rushing first downs tell a similar story.

The Jaguars were not able to get a first down conversion at all until the last two minutes of the first half of the game which showed off their ineptitude on the field. This was due to a combination of the inability of Chad Henne to convert via passing for the Jaguars and the strength of the Redskins’ defensive units. Overall, the Redskins came out of the gate hot and didn’t let up throughout the entire game. The Jaguars never had a chance to catch up and were stopped at every possible turn by the Redskins.

NFL Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 07, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars played the Philadelphia Eagles at 1 PM EST on September 7, 2014 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The two teams exchanged punts before Jacksonville got on the scoreboard with a 34 yard touchdown pass from Henne to Hurns. On the next Philadelphia possession, the quarterback, Foles, was sacked and fumbled the ball, which resulted in a 21 yard touchdown pass to Hurns two plays later. Early in the second quarter, Jacksonville scored again, this time off a 49 yard field goal, putting Jacksonville up by 17 at halftime.

However, following a strong message from the Philadelphia coach, Chip Kelly, Philadelphia came out firing in the second half. They scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, one off a 49 yard run by Sproles, the other by a 25 yard touchdown pass to Ertz. Philadelphia scored again early in the fourth quarter off a 51 yard field goal. Then, following another Jacksonville punt, Foles completed a 68 yard touchdown pass to Maclin, putting Philadelphia up 24-17. Philadelphia scored again with a 28 yard field goal; then, on the next Jacksonville possession, a fumble by quarterback Henne was recovered by Philadelphia’s Cox for another touchdown. Jacksonville was unable to score again, leaving Philadelphia ahead 34-17 at the end of the game, having scored 34 unanswered points in the second half.

What did the 2013 season bring for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Jacksonville Jaguars started the NFL 2013 season much the same way everyone expected them to with loss after loss that nearly got them them the No. 1 pick in a draft loaded with quarterback prospects. They however stopped losing and their performance in the latter stages of the season is incredible with four wins over the course of the final 8 games. Unfortunately, those wins didn’t come as a result of impressive underlying numbers on offense or defense.

The Good

During the entire 2013 season, the Jacksonville offense was poor but did turn around halfway through the season mostly due to the combination of Cecil Shorts and Chad Henne whose pace helped keep the Jaguars competitive. Before the final 8 games of the season, their Offensive NEP was at -103.76 but after these games their Offensive NEP stood at -22.96. Despite the NEP still being negative, this was a massive upsurge over the previous eight games.

Improved performance in offense was majorly due to Cecil Short’s contribution who had a total Reception NEP of 62.43 for the season. At 84.85% his percentage of plays or Success Rate was also impressive putting him at position 23 among receivers with 60 or more catches. Though off-field issues derailed another promising 2013 season, Justin Blackmon also had an impressive showing finishing second with a higher Reception NEP per target than Antonio Brown and A.J. Green. An efficient player as he was he however didn’t leave a mark on the team.

The Bad

With the worst adjusted NEP in 2013, the Jacksonville Jaguars posted the worst performances especially in the 1st two months of the season. With the team transitioning from Blaine Gabbert to Chad Henne, the Jaguars picked most of the negative points and offensive play fared no better. Gabbert had a worse Passing NEP per play and every two times he dropped back to pass he lost his team an expected point. This impacted negatively on the team’s offense putting it at an Adjusted NEP of -126.72 which is the 21st worst offensive output since 2000.

The defense was also in shambles and were it not for the Atlanta Falcons who had a bad season defensively, the Jacksonville Jaguars would have held the title for the worst in both offensive and defensive play. Over the 2013 season, the defense earned only 119.99 NEP which is the 10th worst in the NFL since 2000. This is the primarily reason why they only posted four wins over the last 8 games despite the offensive resurgence.

The Verdict

The Jacksonville Jaguars should mostly concentrate on their defense in the next NFL season. They also need a dynamic passer in rushing attack. To boost their offensive play, the Jaguars should have a consistent option at running back. A balanced offense and a new quarterback will greatly improve the team.

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