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Super Bowl of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots on Sunday, February 04, 6:30pm, U.S. Bank Stadium

History was made when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win their first ever Super Bowl. The Eagles won 41-31 in an entertaining game which was very difficult for both teams.

The Eagles’ quarterback, Nick Foles played a very important role in helping the Eagles win the game. He produced one of the best offensive displays and continuously maintained high levels of athleticism throughout the game.

This particular NFL game not only broke records but also showed that determination is all you need to win games. The game was decided by Brandon Graham’s sack on Tom Brady and that was the game changing play that decided the game. Zach Ertz also helped the Eagles in the win especially after his touchdown, with approximately less than 3 minutes remaining.

Brady tried to march downfield in the final minutes but the Eagles had already secured their victory. Foles was another player who made history by being the first player to catch and throw a touchdown in any Super Bowl match. Foles was also able to throw three passes that led to touchdowns.

Brady wasn’t able to add his sixth Super Bowl ring despite breaking a record in the game for making approximately 505 passing yards. The two offenses were able to put a total of 1,151 yards throughout the game. This means that they broke an NFL record for total yards in a single game.

The Patriots also became the first team to lose an NFL match after putting approximately 600 yards of offense during a single game. Brady also appeared in his 8th Super Bowl match and also became the first player to throw approximately 500 yards and still lose a game.

It is true to say that the Eagles were the better team and definitely deserved to win the game. This game was a wide open contest and either team had the chance to win the game. The Eagles were perceived to be underdogs before the game and most people favoured the Patriots to secure their 3rd title in 4 years.

The New England Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady said that he expects to be back and expects to win more matches with the team in future. He is undoubtedly the best NFL player to ever play the game and is highly respected in the world.

This Super Bowl game will not only be remembered for the records that were broken but also for the emotions, determination and great plays that determined the outcome of this match. Two teams battled to the end and the fans were kept on their feet throughout the game.

Conference Championships of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, January 21, 6:40pm, Lincoln Financial Field

It was a game that started off as a promising one for the Minnesota Vikings, for about five minutes but unfortunately went all downhill after that. They did kick off the game quite grandly by marching down the entire field all the way against the strong defence by the Philadephia Eagles. The running and the passes were all pretty intense and exciting until the the smoothest one was initiated by Case Keenum over to Kyle Rudolph for a 25-yard touchdown. They did manage to stake a 7-0 early lead though.

Around the starting of the second quarter, the Eagles did add another touchdown to their credit, all thanks to LeGarette Blount and his 11 yard run through Andrew Sandejo. From then on, the points kept coming quarter after quarter for the Eagles until the Vikings were to say the least pretty much completely devoured and destroyed in the winning glory, and that too in all aspects of defence and offense. This was by far one of the worst post season losses for the Vikings ever since their epic loss to the New York Giants back in a previous season’s NFC Championship game. As for the Philadelphia Eagles, they are set to take on the New England Patriots in the next game at the championship.

Divisional Playoffs of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, January 13, 4:35 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Atlanta Falcons who are sixth-seeded were three-point favorites as they entered the game in Philadelphia. That was NFC divisional playoff game and in the NFL history, it was probably the first time in a postseason game that a top seed was not preferred. The Eagles feeling that they were being belittled pounced on that state of affairs, considered underdogs. The Eagles even went an extra mile of showing how many were backing the Falcons by hanging up copies of the prediction of analysts. It was a motivation the Philadelphia Eagles so much needed as they fought past Atlanta and into the NFC championship game. The Eagles won the game 15-10.

After the end of the game, dog masks were put on by Eagles players. That was maybe for the reason of mocking their status as being considered underdogs or just as a source of motivation. The Eagles coach was reported to have said that ever since they lost Carson Wentz, QB’s December10 ACL tear, a number of people had written them off. The shaky play of Nick Foles, the quarterback’s replacement, did not improve the situation much. And while the coach recognized that the quarterback was really a great player, he noted that his players were tired of hearing that they are not good enough and that their locker room is united.

At least the Eagles earned some respect by handling the business against the Falcons. Their next opponent is of course the winner of the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints, playing against each other on Saturday. The Eagles would still be underdogs according to Westgate Sportsbook,Vikings -4.5, and Saints -3.

Week 17 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Cowboys against the eagles saw some good play, a slow developing start from the Eagles which seemed to work out well for the team. With a team with good defensive play, but lacking in the offensive the Eagle seemed to get a good grasp on control and team play. Foles made a 39 yard play with some inception play and good strong offensive. Sudfeld also showing signs of good offensive work, 134 yard gains and strong play resulting so sound performance. He felt his play was consistently solid throughout the game and happy with the results.

The Cowboys have been used to some solid with some win developing because of a result of great offensive and team play. A 99 yard open up the play allowing some score and Douglas and Bailey capitalised with some exciting field goals and more offensive play. Bailey however missed a 23 yard field with only 13 seconds remaining. The Eagles got their first conversion in the third quarter offer their fans some hope, whilst Jeffery and Awuzie for Cowboys were hampered by some defensive interceptions from their opponents. Still making great play to the Dallas’s 48 yard line. Cowboys win 6 – 0 Eagle.

Week 16 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Oakland Raiders on Monday, December 25, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia. The Raiders continued to stumble after a horrible defeat by the Eagles. The referee Ronald announced that the game was not over. Time expired at the end of the game which was 10-19 loss for the Oaklands. It was another nasty loss for Derrek Carr. Only one more game until the Raiders fades to an offseason game. It is their biggest disappointment of the year. Carr has gone to nearly an afterthought as compared to his performances previously, but the Raiders did their best to impress. The fumbles for the Raiders followed fumbles after fumbles that led to the Philadelphia victory. One of the best offenses was granted without Carsons Wentz caused zero fear for the Raiders. Carr said that they did not do well during this game.

Apart from the 63-yard touchdown pass to Cooper in the second quarter that had tied the game to a seven. Carr managed to acquire only 14 passes for 77 yards. He completed 15 passes. The Eagles converted 1-of-14 third downs but the Raiders still lost the game. Oakland still finds one way or another of coming short everytime. They have failed every time their quarterback fumble-causing a loss in the game. Carr said He will fix what he can fix and try help those who need help.You live with the results.

Week 15 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants on Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants challenged the Philadelphia Eagles in a highly anticipated match. The Giants kicked off the match on a high momentum scoring touchdowns on their first three possessions to make a 20-7 lead. Though there were speculations that the Eagles would employ their running game against Giants (2-120 in order to spare time for Foles to adjust to the offense that did not happen. The Giant’s offense was on top of its game with Eli Manning hitting targets on the numbers. The Giants opened with a 13 play drive which ended with a touchdown run by Oreans Darka. This was the first time that the Giants scored 6 on their first drive of the game.

The Giant’s had a strong offense overcame the Eagles defense. On the other hand the Philadelphia Eagles The Eagles got two field goals from Elliott and even blocked kicks foiling a punt and a field goal. Manning was on his A game finishing 37 of 57. Sterling Sheppard scored one touchdown while Tavarres King scored two touchdowns. One of the most intense moments of the game was when Manning drove the New York Giants from their 25 with just 3:56 left to play to the Eagles 9 with just one minute remaining. Ultimately, the Giants were not successful as they fell 34-29 to the divisions champions. With this win 12-2 the Eagles wrapped up a first-round in the upcoming post season while the Giants fell 2-12.

Week 14 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 10, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Philadephia Eagles won their first division title since 2013 after wining at Los Angeles Ram. Before the game, both the Rams and the Eagles were both leading the NFC East and NFC West divisions respectively. The Rams converted all the red zones possessions and scored 35 points in the process. The exciting game saw Carson threw for 291 yards and also had four touchdowns. Jake Elliot gave the thriller a push with 3:45 left kicking the go ahead 33 yard field goal.

Although some very bad calls were made during the game by the referee, the Rams shouldn’t have lost considering they were play off bound. One of those bad calls was when Ram’s Josh Reynolds won a touchdown pass at the sidelines and it was very obvious he went out of bound before his two feet were down. Eagles’ CB pushed him and the referee kept his flag down.

The win however came at a great cost as Carson Wentz would be out for the rest for the season with an ACL tear. That shouldn’t be much of a concern as the much sort after title is now with the Eagles. The Rams also would be without CB Kayvum Webster for rest of the season after he also picked up an injury in the 43:35 loss thriller

Week 13 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 03, 8:30 PM, CenturyLink Field

Philadelphia Eagles visited Seattle Seahawks where they were beaten 24-10 by the hosts in a thrilling NFL game that took place recently. Unlike their previous games were Seahawks usually start poorly but gain momentum in the second half, this one was different. From the beginning, they were strong in the offense, and although they faced a tough challenge form the Philadelphia side, they maintained that momentum to emerge winners. One of the two early catches on the Seattle side led to a touchdown and that played a role in their early lead. Others came from two scores out of four possessions in the first half.

The remarkable field goal and touchdown that gave Seattle a 10-0 lead in the first quarter came from an intense possession struggle and great passes. This team coordination saw to it that the hosts maintained their lead into the second half to finish on top. Although the Eagles have one of the best defense teams in the league and were expected to emerge winners, Seahawks proved to be the better team in that match. From the way their hosts played previously, the Eagles expected to capitalize on their defense but that became harder when their opponents changed their tactics, which some people attributed to their loss.

Week 12 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, November 26, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Carson Wentz came up with another strong and amazing performance. The defense also experienced an amazing dominating effort. The Eagles also had another lopsided and great win this time. The National Football League leading Eagles were able to defeat the Chicago Bears at 31-3 when Wents tossed 3 touchdown passes. This is now the 9th consecutive win for the Eagles. To clinch the NFC East, the Eagles were able to lower their magic number. This leads to the 4th straight victory by at least twenty-three points. It is also the 3rd victory in a row with exactly twenty-eight points.

If the Cowboys tie or lose to Washington, the Eagles will secure their premier division title since 2013. LeGarrette Blount ran for around ninety-seven yards while Wentz had about two hundred and twenty-seven passing. For one hundred and three yards, Zach Ertz was able to catch around ten passes and one TD. Mitchell Trubisky was shut down by the defense as the Bears held the Eagles to zero first downs during the premier section of the game. While the Bears did nothing with the excellent field position, they tried to win the turnover battle.

Week 11 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 19, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

Philadelphia Eagles had the final laugh when they played their rivals Dallas Cowboys, easily cruising to an easy 37-9 win at the end of the game. Their success in the contest can be attributed to the 30 unanswered 2nd half points against their opponents. The first main highlight of the game occurred when Ryan Switzer returned an opening kickoff from 61 yards, with Dallas maintaining possession in the early stages of the match. Philadelphia later put together an 8-play, 75-yard shootout that ended in a 4-yard touchdown sprint by Kenjon Barner. Carson Wentz later completed all four of his throws on the ball possession for 49 yards. By this time The Eagles were leading 7-3.

At halftime, Dallas were ahead 9-7 but Philadelphia were obviously more prepared when they came back for second half. Wentz connected with Alshon Jeffery for a 17 yard touchdown on the 4th down play, though Philadelphia didn’t go for two after an unsuccessful conversion. Later, Eagles lineback Nigel Bradham recovered a fumble from Prescott and returned it for a touchdown, though Philadelphia converted on their two-point attempt, with their lead increasing to 37-9. The Eagles registered a ground total of 215 yards, whereas their defense also held the Cowboys to 225 total yards.

Week 9 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 05, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Denver Broncos visited the NFC East division-leading Philadelphia Eagles. The Broncos could not slow down the high powered offense of the Eagles, who were led by their quarterback Carson Weintz. The young quarterback threw four touchdown passes on fifteen completions. The Eagles did not only rely on the arm of their quarterback they also had two running backs score three more touchdowns.

The top receivers for the Eagles were Alshon Jeffery who had Eighty-four yards and two touchdowns on six catches, and Trey Burton who had forty-one yards on two receptions and one touchdown. The Eagle defense held the Broncos to only twenty-three points by causing the Denver offense to turn the ball over twice, both of which were on interceptions.

The Denver offense was led by their quarterback Brock Osweiler who pass for two hundred and eight yards on nineteen completions and threw for one touchdown. The Broncos were held in check most of the game except for the number one receiver Demaryius Thomas, who caught eight passes for seventy yards and one touchdown. The other offensive contributor for the Broncos was their placekicker Brandon McManus who kicked two field goals over fifty yards and gave the team a third field goal for twenty-four yards.

Week 8 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The San Francisco 49ers who faced the Philadelphia Eagles hoping to have their first win in the NFL season faced a humiliating 33-10 defeat. This brought the Eagles to 7-1 record in the 2017 NFL regular season. Leading the Eagles was the Eagles were their tight end Zach Ertz, wide receiver Ashlon Jeffery and quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz gave the team two touchdown passes; 1 yard pass to Zach Ertz and 53-yard pass to Ashlon Jeffery. He finished the game with 18 of 32 for 211 yards with one interception. Another touchdown pass was by C.L Beathard who threw a 21-yard pass to Matt Brendan to help the 49ers try to redeem their name.

He finished with 17 of 36 for 167 yards and two interceptions. This however was not enough to give them a win as the Eagles defense was unrelenting. 6 of the 49ers’ first possessions were punted. Wentz’s six touchdowns in a season made history for the franchise but that was not the only history recorded on the day. Josh Elliot, the Eagles rookie, scored a field goal over 51-yard distance. This was his fifth field goal of 50-yards plus.

Week 7 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins on Monday, October 23, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Eagles are still winning matches while losing key players. Well, it is thanks to number eleven. Carson Wentz ran for a career-best sixty-three yards and tossed 4 touchdown passes. This helped the Eagles live above losing 9-time Pro Bowl Jason Peters with a victory of 34-24 over the Redskins on Monday. Jordan Hicks the linebacker also had a slight ankle injury in the game. Hicks left the stadium on crutches and Peter was rushed off the field. After the game, Coach Pederson did not have any updates on the status of the match. As long as Wentz is under center, the team will be fine. In front of a national audience, the 2nd-year quarter made one amazing move after another. Wentz has led the National Football League best Eagles to 5 straight victories. Wentz is also an early front-runner for MVP.

Kirk Cousins for three hundred and three threw 3 TDs for the Redskins at 3-3. In the premier 4 drives, the Eagles went 3-and-out three times and had only fifty-seven overall yards prior to Wentz strike Mack Hollins. This was in stride with the right sixty-four-yard TD pass to tie the game at ten. This action made the offense to be gingered and functioning. For forty-six yards, Wentz was able to link to Zach Ertz to the upcoming actions. Wents was able to find Zach again for a four-yard pass to make the game 17-10.

Week 6 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers on Thursday, October 12, 8:25 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The appearance of Jalen Mills’s interception of Cam Newton’s pass around the final minutes should have cleared any doubt about the beginning of the Philadelphia’s season. This leads to the victory of the Eagles over the Carolina Panther at 28-23. Did the skepticism vanish on the past two interceptions? Did the doubt disappear after any of Carson three touchdown passes? The truth is that the Philadelphia Eagles remain one of the best NFL teams and are 5-1. On a short week, the Eagles rode on the road to victory over the Panthers with a strengthened signature of success.

Playing weak opponents will no longer determine the success of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Carolina Panthers entered the match with 4-1. While 6 matches into the new season may be early to count, but should not be dismissed as too soon to rejoice. The Eagles have more opportunities to add into their winning records dues to the three consecutive upcoming home matches. With three touchdowns, Wentz completed sixteen of thirty for two hundred and twenty-two yards. With sixty-seven yards, Blount kept the scores to the highest level. With seventy-one receiving yards, Alshon Jeffery led receivers and Zach Ertz had 2 touchdowns. The game moved in the favor of the Eagles when the defense coerced 3 touchdowns to occur.

Week 5 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Without further deliberation, Carson appeared like the vintage Palmer. To help the Eagles win the Cardinals, Carson threw a career-best 4 touchdown passes to bring the score to 34-7. The teams and quarterbacks look like those moving in the opposite directions. In the 2nd season, Carson helped the Patriots moved ahead of the opponents with an outstanding 4-1 lead. The Cardinals and the 37-year old Palmer may be experiencing a closed window. The Cardinals comes back home to encounter a huge battle with Tampa Bay while Philadelphia gets ready to make a trip to Carolina. In the first quarter, Carson tried three consecutive attempts by tossing 3 scoring passes. This includes eleven yards to Zach Ertz, fifty-nine yards to Torrey Smith and fifteen yards to Trey Burton.

For a seventy-two-yard TD, Carson connected with Nelson Agholor on the 3rd and 19th minutes of the third quarter. In the first quarter of a game, Carson remains the premier Patriots’ player to throw for 3 touchdowns. The Patriots played with the National Football League’s second-best third-down offense. The surprise is that during these situations, the Eagles moved from 9 points to 14. The complete review of the game showed that the Patriots were eager to win the match. At the end of the game, the Cardinals realized that the win went immediately to the Patriots.

Week 4 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, October 01, 4:05 PM, StubHub Center

While the Eagles may not be playing too far from home, the fans still followed them to the final destination. The Eagles has a slight win over the Chargers. The game appeared as if the Eagles were playing at home with the support of fans in every nook and corner of the playing area. As the game draws to an end and the Eagles were not giving the best, the fans chanted for them to leave and go home. The amazing thing about the match is the support of the fans that the Eagles had. Even people who have witnessed several times of seeing the Eagles play mentioned that nothing like this had occurred.

The road crowd was enthusiastic and huge to say the least. The younger players of the Eagles later understood that they can have the backing of fans even while far from home. The kind of game will help to build the spirit of the Eagles’ fan base. Taking first place in the NFC East, the Eagles moved on with 3-1 and becoming a contender in the conference. Last season, it was difficult for the Eagles to win close games in a contest. Today, they are among the best that have won matches on the road. This is a huge improvement on the path of the Eagles in the 2017 session. You can keep checking them out.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants on Sunday, September 24, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

These two teams have been the major rivals since 1933 and this has been portrayed in the NFL year in year out. Their resent encountered was never expected to give anything less than that. It was to be so much thrilling as well as entertaining. Philadelphia Eagles seemed to be in control and in charge of the better part of the game. One of the top players in the team by the name Elliot seemed to be the man of the day. The coach of Philadelphia Doug Pederson had first to consult the special team coach, Dave Fipp before sending Elliot to the game. The coach had so much confidence in Elliot and he was almost sure that Elliot was going to deliver a much needed and thrilling win for Philadelphia Eagles.

Earlier in the game, Elliot missed from 52 yards. He later hit a 46-yard goal and they tied with the New York Giants. However a few moments later Aldrick Rosas hit a 41-yard goal to put New York Giants ahead. Philadelphia responded through a 36-yard penalty that was awarded to them. This penalty gave the New York Giants a major blow. New York Giants also had their favorite player by the name Beckham who gave a major boost to this team. The game did not end without some injuries here and there. Oliver Vernon of the New York Giants got an ankle injury while his teammate Darkwa sustained back injuries. Darren Sproles of the Philadelphia Eagles got a wrist injury while Jordan Hicks got an ankle injury.

The game ended at 24-27 in favor of Philadelphia Eagles. Both the players and the coach were impressed with the win. The New York Giants, on the other hand, was very much disappointed with the loss since they had not expected to lose.

Week 2 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

Regardless of both teams being effective in the first half, all of the scorings was done by the kickers, with the Chiefs scoring six against Eagles 3 scores. In the third quarter, scoring heated up including Alshon Jeffery and RB Kareem Hunt touchdown catch and long touchdown rush respectively. As the game continued in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs started to dominate and maintained to hold the score at 27-20. Here are some observations made during the game at Arrowhead Stadium regarding the performances of the teams.

Some of the best performances by the chiefs included; DI Chris Jones who scored an overall grade of 87.5; HB Kareem Hunt score 81.8 overall; LB Derrick Johnson scored 80.5 overall; TE Travis Kelce scored 80.0 overall; QB Alex Smith scored 79.3 overall. In the case of the Eagles, great performances by players was also witnessed, and some of these players included; CB Rasul Douglas who scored of 83.2 overall; TE Zach Ertz who scored 81.4 overall; WR Alshon Jeffery who scored 81.3 overall;DI Fletcher Cox who scored 80.6 overall; LB Mychal Kendricks who scored 80.6 overall.

Week 1 of NFL Season 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins engaged in a cut throat competition in the same week 1 On Sunday too. It was at 8.00 PM at FedExField, Maryland. The Eagles claimed an opener with a 30-17 fantastic win. The game was eye-catching, and it showed that the preseason setbacks the Redskins had were entirely instrumental. They have now opened five seasons with losses in a row. Kirk Cousins was the man to watch as he finished the game with 23 straight completions with 40 attempts mostly at 240 yards. In additions, he also made great interceptions which acted as defensive strategies.

Redskins amassed 64 yards seeing 16 carries. Terrelle helped the receivers with some six catches seeing 66 yards that had 11 targets. Unfortunately, her several drops looked costly. There was a controversial scene when Brandon Graham aggressively stripped the from the innocent Kirk. The officials reviewed the act, and the ruling upheld the touchdown. The closer was a two point excellent conversion from Wents to Jeffery, and it pushed the score to 30-17.

Week 4 of NFL Preseason 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets on Thursday, August 31, 7:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jets was played on last game day which did not end well for Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles could not do well from the start and had not scored while Jets at least made it through the 1st quarter with scoring 3. In 2nd half both the teams fought well but Jets did well compared to the Eagles and took the quarter scoring 10 while Eagles just made it to 3 points. The 3rd quarter did not end in favor of both the teams and none of the teams could score.

In 4th quarter Eagles showed some strength and scored well but it could not have taken them to victory as Jets were able to score 3 points too and the game ended in favor of New York Jets with a total of 16 points against Eagles’ 10 points. Injuries were witnessed during the game as both the teams were trying hard to grab the game. However this game was pretty much exciting for Jets and their fans as the history of these two teams against each other was one sided because in all the 10 games between Eagles and Jets, the Eagles had defeated the Jets and couldn’t let them win even once but this time Jets got lucky and broke the unlucky chain of defeat for themselves.

Week 3 of NFL Preseason 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Miami Dolphins on Thursday, August 24, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

In the offensive clash between the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles last Thursday, a staggering 69 points were scored, in which the Eagles prevailed 38-31. All stats compiled, the combined efforts of the Miami and Philadelphia signal-callers tallied five touchdowns and five interceptions. A reason for hope emerged for the Eagle Nation, however, as Corey Clement burst into the spotlight, producing a solid showing. Also for the Eagles, a new face has begun to change the offense and their vertical ability.

Torrey Smith, who was injured for the last four games of the ’16 campaign, was signed by the Eagles in hopes of aiding their second year quarterback. The connection is nothing to ignore now, as they began the game with a long touchdown reception.On the other side of the field, Jay Cutler quietly put together a very strong showing, which was highlighted by a touchdown pass to Julius Thomas. Through all the controversy, Cutler looks poised to return to his old form in South Beach. Lastly, Jay Ajayi proved himself not to be a “one-year-wonder”, as he punched in two scores and a hefty 5.7 yards per carry average. The game ended with an Eagles victory, but both sides have much to be excited about.

Week 2 of NFL Preseason 2017: Philadelphia Eagles vs Buffalo Bills on Thursday, August 17, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Buffalo Bills’ game against Philadelphia Eagles preseason game showed that the Buffalo had many offensive problems. As Tyrod Taylor struggled against the Eagles. The article will emphasize on the offensive line and problems caused during the game.

The game was weak at the beginning without enough energy for a push on players and lack of ability to provide a pocket and passing to Taylor.

The offensive line seemed out of the game they left lots of space and lacked depth. Momentum started to build as the 1st half continued, but still, the team seemed to miss the absence of Glenn who adds more depth behind at the tackle position.

Most of the players really struggled, this is very worrying considering most of them will be starters during open season games, Miller and mills are some of the probable starters and they both didn’t perform as expected.

Richie really performed extremely well he was the star man of the match I think. He seemed active in although he also did a nice job with a block of Kendrick.

Week 1 of NFL Preseason 2017: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers on Thursday, August 10, 8:00 PM, Lambeau Field

NFL preseason is more exciting than we can expect. This excitement was obvious on the faces of the crowd at the game between Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers. The sparks were everywhere. Green Bay Packers started very well and the result was on their side. Some crucial players showed the talent in the most important moments. It was quite enough for the Packers to win this time. We have to mention the great performance of few players on the side of the Eagles too. Here, Derek Barnett represents a real deal when it comes to new players.

His spring practices suggested the potential of this player. In this game, he showed why the Eagles need to pay more attention to him. Unfortunately for the team, Barnett was the only one who stood out. Other players were totally discouraged. It was the perfect opportunity for the Packers to take the initiative and score multiple times. When the result was obviously on their side, they slowed down a little bit and saved some energy for the future games. The result of 26 to 9 for the Packers is a real proof of their superiority at this moment. We’ll see if the Eagles have left some strength to change the outcome in the next game.

Week 17 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

When the Dallas Cowboys visited the Philadelphia Eagles, all they needed to do is prove their might. They had already qualified for the playoffs and stood tall as the NFC’s top seed. The Eagles however took the day with a 27-13 win but this was not enough to qualify them for the playoffs. The Cowboys did not put in their best players and actually played it as if it was a preseason game. Among the starters who did not play are Ezekiel Elliott the running back, Sean Lee the linebacker and Tyron Smith the offensive tackle. The top twp quarter backs were taken off in the first half as well.

Dak Prescott was replaced by Tony Romo playing his first game of the season. He led the Dallas team to a 10-3 lead and connected with Terrance Williams for a 3-yard touchdown. On the other side, the win was from the efforts of the Wentz-Ertz connection. Just before half-time, Wentz made a pass to Ertz who scored a 6-yard touchdown. In the third quarter, the duo was at it again. In the back corner, Ertz dived for a catch which he took for a 20-yard touchdown. He finished the season with 816 yards, 78 catches and 4 touchdowns.

Week 16 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants on Thursday, December 22, 8:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

New York Giants must have felt there were in for an easy ride when they jammed the Philadelphia Eagles. Well this was really understandable given that the Giants had gotten more gigantic after recording eight victories out of their pervious nine games, surely their pride and confidence must have gotten more muscular. They were truly some rugby Goliath; truly giants at the moment. And who were they meeting? Uhhh, the Philadelphia Eagles, that would be like going to war against a nuclear power with bows and arrows. Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles were reeling from a five-game losing streak, the game would be such a delicious sporting meal for the Giants.

Yet the tables turned violently as the Giants had their towering pride dwarfed with a 24-19 defeat at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles would carve the mouths of the audience wide open in shock in the first quarter as they gave the Giants a 14-point lead, holding off tolerantly for a revolutionary win.

The Eagles’ secondary was very crucial in the victory. They managed to stage a three times interception of Eli Manning. Malcolm Jenkins was pretty impressive as he unveiled a new defensive dimension to his game. By the end of the day, the Eagles had pulled together 286 yards of offense rolling in sufficient plays to leave the Giants drowning in the pool of disappointed eyes of a massive audience. Do eagles roar? But then that was a roaring statement of resurrection from the Philadelphia Eagles transfusing some pints of hope into their fans.

Week 15 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens kept their play-off hopes alive at the game with a nerve-wracking triumph over the Eagles. The Ravens had its 2nd most noteworthy scoring of the season, and their defense team had great strategy towards the end to leave with the 27-26 triumph. They crushed the Eagles after Carson Wentz’s 2-point conversion fizzled.

Stanley did a good job halting Pro Bowl outside line-backer C. Barwin on a bull surge off the edge. The piece was especially amazing watching how far outside he began on the play, giving him around five yards to develop a running start before colliding with Stanley.

The line-backer Mosley may have spared the Baltimore Ravens’ season by getting his fingertips on a great pass from quarter-back C. Wentz on the 2 point conversion with 4 seconds regulation left.

The disappointing performance of Baltimore’s defense team was a big talk after the win, as the Ravens permitted one hundred and sixty nine total yards on the field. Philadelphia’s running back R. Mathews kept running for one hundred and twenty eight yards, and a few players indicated the Eagles’ stretch-zone framework as the source of their shortcomings.

As the Baltimore Ravens are celebrating their win at the Sunday game, they will hope to get more plays from outside line-backer T. Suggs. He played this run flawlessly by pushing back left handle J. Peters, setting the edge and afterward making make the stop in the open field.

Week 14 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The heated rivalry between the Washington Redksins and the Philadelphia Eagles just recently came back in last week’s match, but even with some injured players in their back, the Redskins managed to win against their long-time rival the Eagles in a game that was intense as their desire to win!

The Eagles started strong with 3 points on their belt during the 1st quarter, on the last minute Hopkins attempted a field goal to save his team, but sadly, it hit on the post instead as the ball was shot way too high off the mark.

In the second quarter, Kelly did a wonderful job at running, since he outlasted over several Eagles, and by the second down, he scored a Touch-Down worth enough to put the game tied 6 vs 6.

A last touchdown for the Eagles changed the outcome, and by the third quarter things have started to heat up! A perfect pass just came at the right time for Jackson, as he scored a touchdown for the Redskins, proving his talent once again.

Some downs later, Pierre Garçon scored a touchdown that came out of nowhere, scoring even more for the Washington renowned team of the NFL.

Last quarter, Philadephia has reacted and now they are even against their rival, drama ensues when Thompson scores a touchdown near the end of the game, and despite all their desperate intents of getting the ball back, the last seconds came in and the winner of the game has been decided, the Redskins won!

Both teams were at their best, the defense was strong and the line-up was skilled, in the end it was a battle of wits and intelligence, and that’s what the Washington Redskins got to win this game.

Week 13 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

Jim Schwartz, the Eagles defensive coordinator, had his confidence crushed following Sunday’s game. He had pointed out the high level at which the players were executing in previous games and stated that they were going to win the game, no matter what. Yet, the Cincinnati Bengals had a victory of 32-14 over the Philadelphia Eagles. They showed a crisp offense, whereby over 332 yards, Dalton passed for two touchdowns. It is worth noting that this was the first time Dalton was not sacked this season. Mike Nugent had the chance to kick four field goals.

For 95 yards, Brandon LaFell had five catches and one touchdown. Wentz, from Eagles, admitted that they needed better execution. He stated that one is bound to miss a few times when throwing a ball 60 times. The Bengals, however, impressed right from the beginning. The Eagles found themselves forced to punt thrice in one-half. The 51-yard field goal attempt was also missed by Caleb Sturgis. This game got to witness quite a number of penalties. When the Brandon Graham hit Dalton, 15 yards had to be added to 39-yard completion that was given to Tyler Boyd. Obviously, the coach Pederson was not pleased with this.

Week 12 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers on Monday, November 28, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Monday night saw The Green Bay Packers end their winless streak and keep their playoff ambitions within reach. With an in-form Aaron Rodgers in their ranks and an improving defensive the Eagles couldn’t prevent defeat in front of their home fans. The packers found their grove early in the game with Rodgers creating two successive plays to give them the lead. Devante Adams was back to his beat, receiving an impressive 113 yards.

The Philadelphia Eagles responded well with Carson Wentz passing and astounding 235 yards and Caleb Sturgis converting two field goals of 48 and 50 yards. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to stop Rodgers from engineering a vintage Packers victory. Some might even say that the 27-13 victory might be the first time the quarterback has played like his former self. The 32-year old completed 30 of his 39 passes and is poised to lead the Packers into these years’ play-offs.

The Eagles fans continue to believe in their youth system with rookies such as Carson Wentz making up much of their limited offensive line on Monday night. Hopefully they will continue to improve and maybe next season they can actually compete with ‘grown-up’ teams such as the Green Bay Packers.

Week 11 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 20, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Seahawks won 26-15 vs Philadelphia Eagles. It was a rare victory for Seattle Seahawks this season against a very good defense by the Philadelphia Eagles’. The turnover battle was again won by the Seahawks thanks to interceptions by Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. After some surprisingly bad weeks on third-down, the Eagles were held down by the Seahawks to a 6-for-16 (38%) conversion rate.

Both the teams had to face multiple injuries. A hamstring injury forced cornerback DeShawn Shed to leave the game early and so did Earl Thomas in the third quarter. The Eagles’ top two running backs Darren Sproles and Ryan Matthews had to deal with injuries along with a few others and leave the game early. Apart from the injurie, it was a perfect day for Seattle on special teams, but yet, they missed a field goal and one extra point was blocked for the 11th time in the day. A 19-yard punt return by Tyler Lockett helped in setting up a field goal. Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise were impressive as a duo.

Regularly seeking out contact in the second level and delivering big hits to Eagles defenders, Rawls went for 57 yards on 14 carries and added 31 receiving yards. While still being a rookie, C.J. Prosise rushed for 76 yards on just four careers including a 72-yard touchdown.

Week 10 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles will be an awesome game. The Eagles will play hard to break an important 2-game losing streak at the famous Lincoln Financial Field in Atlanta. Matt Ryan will also play hard to stop the Eagles from doing what they want to do in the game as well. The Eagles have just a great score of 4-0 at home, which is amazing for any team out there. The record of the Eagles is 1-4 away from home, which is truly great.

Pederson wants the Eagles to win at home again, and he wants this to happen all season.

The Eagles will feed off the crowd, and the team will take advantage of this right away. They have eight home games, and they want also to look good in front of their crowed. The crowd will fill the stands quite well, and the Eagles will be very proud of this treat as well. The crowd is working hard to make it hard for any foe of the Eagles to win a game as well. The Eagles have a record of 4-4, and the Falcons have a record of 6-3.

Week 9 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The game kicked off at 1.00 PM on Sunday, Nov 6, and it happened at MetLife Stadium. It was a nail-biter, but the Giants went on to win it 28-23.

The Eagles didn’t impress their fans with their sloppy game and will have to feel disgusted when preparing for their next match. During the first minutes of the game, Carson Wentz had his two throws intercepted. However, the player emerged with the most yards and helped his side generate a total of 443 yards.

One of the major highlights of the game was the Darren Sproles’ 66-yard kick return which he made at the 15-yard line. The side didn’t manage a touchdown this time, and just went on with a down.

Zach Ertz and Jordan Hicks contributed heavily, but their side made mistakes that kept them behind. Najee Goode, Destiny Vaeao and Bryce Treggs also showed good game.

The Giants generated only 302 yards, and the smaller number was as a result of great defense from their opponents. They had two of their throws intercepted in the dying minutes of the game, but Philadelphia didn’t make use of the interceptions. They performed an awful secondary coverage that caused touchdowns from New York.

Week 8 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 30, 7:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

Philadelphia Eagles squared off against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in what was a highly competed match that revived the rivalry between the teams. The match that took place on NBC prome stage saw Carson Eentz lead the Philadelphia Eagles into a 4-2 lead. On the other hand, Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys brought their A game proving that they were not a team to be overlooked when they won the rookie quarterback.

Prescott lead the Dallas into a fierce fourth quarter and even threw a 5-yard pass to player Jason Witten during overtime giving the cowboys a 29-23 victory over their rivals Philadelphia. This was the sixth game that Prescott won after filling in for Tony Romo. Though Prescott had a shaky start with multiple poor throws one of which was the interception to Jordan Hicks which cost the Dallas points, he was able to get back on track and score for the team. Another impressive player was Dez Bryant who caught 22-yard touchdown with only 3:04 left as Dallas overcame the 10point deficit during the fourth quarter taking a two-game lead over Eagles. 4-3. Ultimately Prescott finished 19 of 39 for the 287 yards in an interception and two scores. Prescott impressed the fans with his outstanding performance. The Cowboys started with a rough first quarter but Whitehead recovered the opening kickoff. This was a highly competed match between two games but ultimately the better prepared team won.

Week 7 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Josh huff kickoff 98 yards to touch down, Carson Wentz also outplayed Sam Bradford which led the Philadelphia Eagles beat Minnesota 21-10 on Sunday. The Vikings suffer their first loss of the season from the hands of the eagles. Eagles break the last two game losing streak with a win while Eagles don’t look like the beaten time. Bradford come back to Philadelphia first time before the game since his trade to Minnesota. Eagles harassed and pressured their former quarterback and not allow to play the natural game which sacked his six times and forced him three turnovers this season.

The offense of the Eagles struggled had only generated the 239 yards and the firs fifteen downs, but they were lucky enough for the win. It was another week where Carson Wentz had looked more like a rookie than a superhuman. He continues to show the big flash of talent and had enough plays to keep their offense moving. After the terrible show against the Washington Redskins in the last game eagles have bounced back strongly

Week 6 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The battle for second place in the NFC East was won by the Washington Redskins, and though they started the season 2-0, the Eagles have now dropped three straight. Kirk Cousins lead the Redskins to a 27-20 victory; he was good for 263 yards and two scores through the air to bring his team to 4-2 on the year. They have now won their last four games. The Eagles came in with the leagues second-best defense allowing only 266.8 yards and 12.6 points per game, but Washington’s three part running attack consisting of Matt Jones, Chris Thompson, and Robert Kelley ran over the Philly defense for 231 yards which included a 1 yard score from Jones.

Cousins did not have his best game but did connect with Jamison Crowder and Vernon Davis for 16 and 13 yard touchdowns respectively. Jones sealed the game with a 57 yard run with 1:27 remaining. The bigger story may have been the Redskins defense which held the Eagles to just 239 yards and only two field goals. They also sacked Carson Wentz five times. A large part of Wentz’s 179 yards came on a 54 yard pass to Jordan Mathews in the final quarter of play. He was only 11 of 22 on the day. Philadelphia’s only other scores came kick off return of 86 yards from Wendell Smallwood and a pick six from Malcom Jenkins, in the second quarter.

Week 5 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions on Sunday, October 09, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Philadelphia eagles remain unbeaten in the week 5 of their game, led by their coach Doug Pederson and the coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Caleb Sturgis 49 yard score was his third for this season which put the Eagles ahead within six minutes left though they were unable to hold it on. The last Sunday game, the Eagles were held by the Lions in the field score allowing them to lead them a 21-20.

Meanwhile, the Eagles opened their second half with Wentz giving the team a nine play, a 75-yard score with a single yard to pass Josh Huff.

The Lions, on the other hand, gained 19 yards on the first four possessions fumbling only one they punted thrice.

Jim Schwartz, the Eagles defensive coordinator led the Lions from the year 2009-2013 made some player changes to change their game tactics.

Stafford, on the other hand, threw two important TD pass to Theo Riddick in the first quarter and then Marvin Johnes in the second quarter. The Eagles didn’t give up on the passing touchdown and a point in the first quarter. The Eagles didn’t allow any offenses to occur combining to make a score in three TDs throughout the three games.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, September 25, 4:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles squared off in highly competedmatch. Unfortunately four of Steer’s best offense players did not make it to the match. The Eagles have been successful in the past due to their ability to get consistent pressure during the quarterback. Philadelphia came out victorious over Steers. The Eagles’ offense was not on top of its game scooping 67 offensive plays in 298 yards and a single touchdown.

Some of Eagles’ key players including Josh Huff and Nelson Agholor had drop offs. On the other hand, Zach Ertz recorded a bad penalty which was a gain to the Steelers. One aspect that has always made the Steelers victorious is their strong defense over the years. However, the Steelers defense was not impressive during the preseason match.

The focus was on whether Steelers defense can beat the Eagles’ offense. For Eagles beating the Steelers would cement their position as playoff contender. The Eagles offense is better prepared and the Steers defense maintains its momentum the teams are likely to give fans the match of a life time. Ultimately, Philadelphia Eagles were better prepared and came out victorious against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We can only wait to see more from these teams in the upcoming matches.

Week 2 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears on Monday, September 19, 8:30 PM, Soldier Field

Monday night’s NFL-action pitted a Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears showdown. The match extended one of the only eight teams’ unbeaten streaks as the Eagles won again to keep the Bears winless. And as the contest culminated in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles, a rookie signal-caller was signaled out as the real deal. Carson Wentz impressed once again during the game, showing plenty of poise in the pocket to throw for 190-yards, one touchdown and no interceptions in a 29-14 win. The unassuming rookie looked like a seasoned NFL-veteran for the second straight week.

Even those who subscribe to the idea that first impressions are usually the most lasting can admit to the significance of Wentz’s second NFL start. In the Eagles v Bears match, he impressed by completing 21-of-34 passes. In addition, his size and strength did play a huge deal, as Wentz took some hard hits from the Bears defenders. He even threw a beautiful dime to wide-receiver Jordan Matthews before the end of-the half, although Jordan dropped it. That pass would have been a 35 yard touch-down and his stats would’ve been even better.

In contrast, Chicago Bears struggled to protect their quarterback Jay Cutler, who got hit by the Texans defense 13 times, as they slipped to a 23-13 loss. Cutler had a rough night despite his good start. He fumbled once and even threw a bad interception, before leaving the game with a hand injury. This was definitely not the game the Chicago Bears had anticipated from the veteran gunslinger.

With the way Carson Wentz is playing, the Eagles may finally go-back to being NFL contenders. In Week 3, the Philadelphia Eagles have a tough one when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit Philly. Meanwhile, the Bears are in danger of seeing their NFL season slip away. They followed up a season opening-loss at Houston with a rather dismal performance, and even lost Cutler to a right thumb injury. The Chicago Bears have another rookie quarter-back, Dak Prescott, as they take-on the Dallas Cowboys next week.

Week 1 of NFL Season 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Carson Wentz’s Philadelphia Eagles started the NFL season on the right footing as they smashed Cleveland Browns 29-10 on Sunday . In a weekend loaded with scores that were quite identical in the NFL, the Eagles maintained the lead for the entire game. This was a tip in the right direction for the new coach in the block Carson Wentz as he proudly celebrated this triumph over the visitors Cleveland Browns.

The Eagles scored first in the early 1st quarter and hit again in the early 2nd quarter to secure a 10-0 lead. Trailing 10-0, the Browns got once more into the game. They replied with a touch-down amidst the second quarter, however the Eagles responded well just before halftime to maintain the lead. The scores read 13-7 by halftime.

However, the game had some ups and downs where the fans witnessed Malcolm Jenkins get an obstruction call – a huge pinch against Malcolm Jenkins caused by a fragmented fourth-down pass. This did not kill the Eagles morale; they still could move the ball with consistency for the duration of the evening in spite of battles with punishments and leaving focuses on the field. The offense completed the day with a respectable 403 yards. By and large, it was an empowering execution from the youngster quarterback and his colleagues.

Organizer Jim Schwartz will be content with the execution of his unit, yet it should fix things up before the following game. The Browns were constrained to only 288 yards and a poor 50 offensive-snaps. Save a few profound passes, they were in control of the game. Through Sunday’s games, the Eagles are the main group to enlist a win by twofold digits.

Week 4 of NFL Preseason 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jets on Thursday, September 01, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Philadelphia Eagles the preseason game against the New York Jets by 24-17, this is an undefeated preseason for Philadelphia Eagles. We didn’t see best performance from either of the team. This is not a great game, this is an average performance from both of the team. Khiry Robinson & Antone Smith are exceptional performer in this game with 13 carries for 25 yards & 10 carries for 27 yards respectively.

One player who have the great performance is Robby Anderson, against the Eagles, Anderson had two reception of 61 yards, Jalin Marshall had one reception for 17 yards. It is a preseason only but you can think Anderson in the main line up once real action starts.

The offence was bad particularly at the quarterback location. Bryce Petty was 4-6 with 87 yards, he was off to a great start, but he hurt his left shoulder and had to return with no chance of coming back .

This game clearly highlighted the weakness of New York Jets. Their defense were impressive but the fail put hindrance in front of Philadelphia Eagles. This help them in getting edge over their rival.

Week 3 of NFL Preseason 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, August 27, 7:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The NFL preseason game of Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts was a tight one. The Eagles defeated the Colts 33-23 in what seemed like lack of enough time for the Colts. The match started at a very fast pace with both teams showing their best of skill and tactic. However, there was enough ball drama from the players.

Andrew Luck was so overconfident that he assumed many ball passes that later cost his substitution. He made the game lively with skillful mid and line plays that cheered the whole crowd. Morris had enough space in the game to make some formations that eventually bore fruits. Bradford proved his cornerback skills and always had something for the Colts.

Some players however, made some disappointing performances. Clark looked misplaced and gave the attackers good space to make fruitful formations. The Colts had many penalty faults that cost them their defeat. They seemed to make goals for their opponents with an effective mid play but poor finishing. However, they had a strong defense team in the first half.

The coaches for both teams have done their work properly. Both player coordination and formations were good which gave life to the match. However, this is the preseason and the players should not relax, as there are better teams in the NFL season competing for the same.

Week 2 of NFL Preseason 2016: Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, August 18, 7:00 PM, Heinz Field

The preseason match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers was filled with drama and emotional performances. Eagles’ determination to clinch the title, come the league had remarkable game performances. The defense team led by Jim Schwartz ensured that no Steelers’ striker had the privilege to score. Schwartz had many applauds from the fans due to his outstanding tactics against the opponents.

The Philadelphia boys had four well-calculated turnovers with the Steelers having none. Nolan Carroll made remarkable efforts especially when the game reached climax with touchdown interceptions that gave the Steelers a hard time. Though the Steelers had discipline all through the match, they could not match out the Eagles and had a rough time defending the strikers.

Sam Bradford gave Steelers the first offence at 115 yards. Kenjon Barner played with passion and effort that saw him score the lone offensive touchdown. He was full of energy and had a remarkable average of 6.8 yards per carry and a personal best of 41 rushing yards. Both teams played well, given it was a preseason match, but the Eagles defeated the Steelers, 17-0. However, they have to polish up their tactics if they are to compete in the NFL.

Week 1 of NFL Preseason 2016: Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, August 11, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The tight game between Buccaneers and Eagles was such a competitive match to watch. The Philadelphia Eagles welcomed their 2016 preseason with a win on their game, the game was played on last National Federal League (NFL) game day. It was played at 7.00pm, on Thursday August 11th, in Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tampa Bay Buccaneers were defeated with a final score of 9 to 17. The game was pretty rough and has a lot to talk about.

Since Preseason is all about individual performances, the Eagles started with a strong field offence from their Linebacker, Najee Goode. He stipulated a bumble on the opening kick offs. Philadelphia Eagles number 7 Quarter backer Sam Bradford, made his first attempt throwing a check down pass. He is the best at the quarter backs. The Eagles hammered the rock at the running back with a five yard touchdown run from Ryan Mathews, position at the Running back. They used a three tight end set on the touchdown run. The Buccaneers did not expect this from the Eagles.

The Philadelphia defense team powered Buccaneers into a three and out run. On the second drive, Fletcher Cox Tampa Bay’s Defensive Tackler slip- bounce the ball to their Quarter back, Jameis Winston and they restore the ball. The Buccaneers did not make life easier for the Eagles even if the beat they with a higher score of 9 to 17. On their play, they had few injuries. Brandon Brooks, the guard suffered a biceps injury and was out of the game. Offensive backup lineman, Andrews Josh had an ankle injury and went for x-rays.

Philadelphia Eagles NFL season 2015 recap

The Philadelphia Eagles 2015/2016 season was their 83rd in the National Football League. It started with coach Chip Kelly who has also been acting as a General Manager cutting and trading prominent players and leaving the clubs leading receiver Jeremy Maclin as a free agent.

Chip Kelly ended up losing his job at the end of December and a new interim coach and manager had to be found. These changes have created a sense of unease with fans because they were left with questions about how well things could be at the end of the season if there was some stability within the club.

With three games played the crystal ball of what is likely to happen by the end of the season is cloudy. They have injured all the bad luck a team could endure in a very short space of time from close defeats to dismal performances and new players that look lost on the field. Some would say: ‘that’s the way the game goes’. The last Season hasn’t been particularly easy. It started off shaky and some would say there is still hope for the future especially after the 35-30 victory over the New York Giants. This game was also a sort of prelude to what needs to happen on the coaching side.

The Eagles finished the NFL at 7-9 which was too low. The quarterback had a good run completing 30-38 passes, two touchdowns and an interception in the last game they. The Eagles also managed to make fewer mistakes.

Week 17 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Both teams seemed to have had an upper hand in different areas and this is exactly what makes the game so interesting. We saw that QB Eli Manning did a very good job at covering as much as he could without doing too much running. The Eagles on the other hand have made it a gambling game as they seem not to be concerned with covering anymore. This clearly gives the Giants the upper hand. Injury did not do the Giants any good during game day. Their average was 3.8 yards each time they attempted.

This gave the Eagles an upper hand in the game. There are also certain things that evened out the score between the two teams. First and foremost, we have the return of Dwayne Harris and kicker Josh Brown to the Giants. The Eagles were also favoured by the return of some members like Darren Sproles and Josh Huff. The Giants have about 20 players on the injured side and the Eagles will be getting a new coach soon. This is another factor that seems to have evened out the two teams in the game.

Week 16 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins on Saturday, December 26, 8:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Yes, The Washington Redskins are the Division Champions and Kirk Cousins made that pretty clear in the post news conference. Throwing four TD passes is no small fete and Cousins did just that as well as clocking a season high of 365 yards. This saw the Redskins beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38 – 24 and also meant that they completed a successful worst-to-first season. Redskins haven’t won this title in 3years so it kind of well deserved for them which was last in 2012 and a 7 game winning streak saw them clinch the title.

The Eagles had hope of making it to the playoffs as they came into this game as all they needed to do was win this as well as their game against the Giants that is in a week’s time. This win also dashes the hopes of New York making it to the Playoffs. Cousins has been phenomenal for the Redskins and they owe so much to him having gotten 16 TD passes as well as two interceptions in his last seven games. He is a huge asset for the Redskins and they hope for better performance from him as they head into the playoffs. We hope that they replicate this amaizng result that they pulled as they head to the Playoffs.

Week 15 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Cardinals were battering the Eagles 40-17 and winning the AFC West title. David Johnson had a fantastic game as he completed three touchdowns and ran 187. Carson Palmer also had a memorable game as he threw a wonderful touchdown pass that saw the Arizona Cardinals thrash the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The win saw Arizona win their first NFC West title in six years.

The Cardinals will get a first round bye if they manage to beat the Green Bay Packers next week. They can still get the top seed if they claim a victory and Carolina makes a mess of its final two games.The Philadelphia Eagles can still claim victory this season. They will win the NFC East if they can defeat Washington at home this coming Saturday and then the New York Giants away on January 3.

However, it is all too obvious that the Eagles are nowhere near the league of the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona had a field day playing Philadelphia. They were outmatched and outclassed in every possible way while the Cardinals claimed an eighth win in a row.

David Johnson is a novice who stepped in for Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington, who are out injured, and he put in a very inspired performance on Sunday.

Week 14 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles clinched a very narrow win against the Buffalo Bills by 23 – 20. This was supposed to be the perfect homecoming for LeSean McCoy but Sam Bradford and a defense that can only be described as exemplary ruined the day. To summarize the win, Caleb Sturgis with three minutes and 26 seconds remaining on the clock got a 30 yard field goal. Ed Reynolds also intercepted a Tyrod Taylor’s pass which was in the final minutes of the game and the Eagles carried the night thanks to this. McCoy, who had 74 yards rushing as well as 35 on the receiving on his return to the Eagles.

McCoy also hugged the owner of the Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie and kissed the logo of the Eagles at midfield before the coin was tossed. He was also the first player off the field as soon as the game was over and he went straight for the lockers and actually slammed his helmet against the wall. Overall, it was a great game that could have gone either way if it wasn’t for the hard working defense of the Eagles which gave them a reason to smile at the end of the game emerging victorious, very narrowly to say the least but nonetheless a well deserved win.

Week 13 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots on Sunday, December 06, 4:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

Even a mere eight days ago, the Patriots were looking forward to an undefeated season of football. They had given their opponents a tough beatdown one after another, and the Eagles of Philadelphia didn’t seem to present much of a challenge. However, it all changed on December 7th, as the New England Patriots faced down the Philadelphia Eagles at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The Eagles beat the Patriots with an impossible 35-28! Here is what the Patriots had to say:

According to Coach Bill Belichick, ”Sort of had a chance there at the end. A comeback. But when you give up 21 points when your defense isn’t on the field, you’re going to lose 98 percent of those games.”

And thus, although grudgingly, the Patriots had to accept a humiliating defeat. What we do have to look forward to now is how the Patriots make a glorious comeback from this sudden but heinous setback. They seem to be hell-bent on righting the wrongs, and I think all their fans will be praying for the same. What do you think about the Chiefs vs. Raiders and the Eagles vs. Patriots? Were the winnings justified, were the losers somehow at fault? What is your opinion of the two matches? Do let us know in your comments.

Week 12 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions on Thursday, November 26, 12:30 PM, Ford Field

During thanksgiving, we saw a bounty of dominance in football for the Detroit Lions who won against the Philadelphia Eagles in a rout that saw a score of 45-14. During the first early quarter, there was a tie of 7 points between the two teams, but then the Lions started going on a scoring streak that went on to cover all four of the quarters. Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Lions, threw more than 200 yards and three touchdowns without any turnovers by halftime.

He saw a finish of 27 to 38 for 337 yards and threw five touchdowns. Calvin Johnson, the wide receiver for the same team, saw eight catches for 93 yards and three touchdowns which ended up matching his highest career record set in 2010. During the early game, Stafford did not throw to Johnson much, but later on, he started connecting well with the receiver and the Eagles couldn’t do much about this especially when Nolan Carroll, their starting corner-back, was substituted in the second quarter by Eric Rowe due to a right ankle that was broken. Stafford began the multiple scores with an eight yard pass to Theo Riddick, who made a distinctively sharp move on the inside so as to get away from the Eagles linebacker, Mychal Kendricks later on in the opening quarter.

Mark Sanchez, the Eagles starting quarterback, and the Eagles offence weren’t able to do much and the Eagles defense did even less. This resulted in a blow-out win for the Lions kicking off Week 12 of the 2015 NFL season.

Week 11 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, November 22, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Eagles defense did not put up much of a fight in the game; now they have lost their last two games, They allowed over 500 yards of total offense, almost three hundred of which came on the ground. The Bucs, have won two straight and have pulled to .500. for the first time since they beat New Orleans in week two; they have a lot to celebrate after this big win As this is the first time the Bucs have won two games in a row in two years

Jameis Winston completed nineteen passes after 29 attempts, throwing for 246 yards, no interceptions, and five touchdowns. The five touchdowns he threw in the game, ties a rookie record. Winston threw touchdown passes to five different receivers, which ties another record, set by Matthew Stafford.

Mark Sanchez threw two touchdowns of his own on 26 completions after 41 attempts, and 261 yards. He also threw three interceptions.

The game was close in the first quarter, ending with a tie score of 7-7. However, by halftime, the Bucs would outscore the Eagles 28-14; scoring 21 points in the second quarter. The second half was as close as the first, the Bucs would outscore the Eagles by another fourteen points, 17-3.

Week 10 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The recent match between Eagles and Dolphins did reveal some realities regarding the playing posture of either team as discussed hereafter. To begin with, the Eagles proved itself to be a lousy team despite having better talent than its competitor. A string of misfortunes plagued the team during the match, including mistimed penalties, several fumbles, blocked punts and a bungled field goal. Some commentators have attributed this loss to poor team construction but others accuse Andy Reid and Chip Kelly of mismanaging the team.

During the match, the players seemed shriveled when compared to their opponents from the Dolphins, with some players, including Sam Bradford and Darren Sproles, who played a very good game suffering misfortunes as they attempted to tackle their challengers. Despite the fact that Bradford missed some open receivers, his offensives during the game captivated the audience as well as slightly improved the overall offensive game played by the Eagles. Nonetheless, some sport analysts have expressed disappointment with the quarterback play put up by the Eagles, with some accusing the players of failing to master the game during the initial rounds thus handing over the initiative to the Dolphins.

In general, there is consensus across the board that the Dolphins prevailed due to the blunders made by the Eagles, and not necessarily due to their inherent good game.

Week 9 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 08, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Cowboys losing streak continues; it is the longest they have gone without a win in 26 years. The Cowboys have lost six in a row after winning the first two games of the season. This latest loss comes against the Eagles in overtime, on their first possession in overtime. Their starting quarterback, Tony Romo will miss at least one more game with his broken clavicle.

This was one game for the Cowboys, that while they did make mistakes and featured a lack of defense, they were still holding their own against the Eagles.

Matt Cassel, the quarterback that has been filling Tony Romo’s shoes, threw 3 touchdowns, one interception that was returned 67 yards for a touchdown, and had 299 passing yards on 25 completions. Cassel also had 17 yards rushing on 2 carries. Sam Bradford had 295 passing yards, one touchdown pass on 25 completions of his own, and no interceptions. His only touchdown pass was for 41 yards after he threw to Jordan Matthews, in overtime.

The two teams were evenly matched throughout regulation, both teams entered halftime with seven points on the board, and 27 points at the end of the fourth quarter. Both teams scored seven points in the third quarter and thirteen points in the fourth quarter.

Week 7 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, October 25, 8:30 PM, Bank of America Stadium

True to their motto the Carolina Panthers pounded the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL game on Sunday night. The Eagles had a bad run of luck that started with eight dropped passes and ended up with a 27 – 16 loss to the Panthers who were on top form. The Eagles last chance to get back in the game with a fourth-and-9 with two minutes remaining resulted in yet another dropped pass dooming them to their inevitable loss.

The Eagles had a chance to win despite their fumbles when they were able to intercept Panthers quarterback Cam Newton three times and nearly over came their 15-point deficit. At one point in the fourth quarter they were within five points when they missed a field goal and the Panthers scored one thus putting the game out of reach for the unlucky Eagles. There were some highlights to the Eagles’ game play; early in the third quarter Ryan Mathews brought the Eagles to within 21-13 with his 63-yard touchdown run.

Unfortunately in this time the Eagles were fighting from behind for what seemed like the whole game. Having reached the halfway point of the season lets hope the team take some time out to re-evaluate and strengthen their game for the second half.

Week 6 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants on Monday, October 19, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The game between Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants was a great win for the Eagles who are currently 3-3 on the 2015 NFL regular season schedule due to the game’s final score of 27-7. It was a difficult game for the Giants who have managed only three turnovers during their first 328 offensive plays over a number of five games. The Giants didn’t come down easily because they gave it their best during Monday’s game and this was probably the best they’ve played all season.

The game started well for the Giants with Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who unfortunately had a hamstring injury and could not practice the week before the game, had a good run during opening and ended up with an excellent touchdown over 13 yards. This great lead did not hold down for long and their game wasn’t good enough to keep the Eagles away, who ended up taking the ball away three times in just 14 plays. The Eagles ended up turning the game and had an impressive head start of 24:5 in the first quarter. The Monday win for the Eagles and the recent poor performance by the rest of the NFC East teams, Philadelphia Eagles are now on top of the division!

Week 5 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, October 11, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

If you’re a struggling team and you need an opponent who will boost your confidence and give your fans some fleeting hopes for the rest of the season, then the New Orleans Saints is who you need to call. This past weekend’s recipient of the Saints gift for lifting an opponent’s self-esteem is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles looked like a dominant team in soaking the Saints 39-17.

To start the game, the Saints took the lead on a 80-yard touchdown drive after intercepting a pass in the end zone. The second quarter began with another end zone interception by the Saint’s Delvin Breaux to stop a Philly drive. The Eagles scored a touchdown and a field goal to take the lead at intermission, 10-7. The third quarter began with a Saints drive for a field goal. The game was tied despite the Eagles dominating the stats. Then things really fell apart for the Saints. The Eagles drove 9 plays in 4:28 to score a touchdown. The first play after the kickoff the Saint’s qb, Drew Brees, was sacked and fumbled the ball to the Eagles on the Saints 13. It took all of one play for the Eagles to score a touchdown for a 13-point lead after a missed extra point. On their next possession, the Saints punter shanked one out of bounds at the 50. Philly got a field goal from it to lead at the end of the 3rd, 26-10. The lead got to 39-10 before the Saints managed an inconsequential late score.

Sam Bradford of the Eagles had a big game despite the 2 interceptions in the end zone – 32/45 for 333 yds and 2 td’s. Philly ran the ball as a team for 186 yards. On defense, Fletcher Cox had a big game with 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

The Saints defense is worthless. They are starting rookies and undrafted free agents. Their 2 big free agent acquisitions the past two off seasons, Jairus Byrd and Brandon Browner, have not earned their pay checks. A series of bad drafts have caught up with New Orleans. Andrus Peat, this past draft’s 1st round pick, was lined up opposite Fletcher Cox and couldn’t get the job done, but on his behalf, having left guard Lelito next to him must be an awfully lonely feeling. Drew Brees can barely get the ball 20 yards down field anymore even when he can hop, skip and jump his way into a throw, but, when he’s passing off his back foot while getting sacked, it’s like stealing candy from a baby for the secondary. The death watch on defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s coaching career is ticking loudly.

Week 4 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 04, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

Eagles at Redskins rivalry has been in news since 1934. The final match on October 4 2015 was a great victory for the Washington Redskins. Kudos to Quarterback Kirk Cousins who despite fumbling in the beginning, scored the first rushing touchdown of his career. Cousins became the star as he used a fabulous arm drive his team about 90 yards and earn the victory.

Eagles-Redskins matches are always a treat to watch for the fighter spirit in each player but this season has been slightly disappointing from the Eagle’s side. Though they managed to lock their opponents they did not do any magical touchdowns through all the three games. But the Redskins left no stones unturned with some great passes and excellent team work. Cousins along with Ryan Grant provided great yardage and finally he along with Peirre Garcon created the four yard touchdown to win the game.

In this Eagles-Redskins match the team from Washington possessed the ball and controlled it for a good 40 minutes out of the total 60 there by giving the Philadelphia Eagles very less time to play and gain control. The surprise package of the entire show was Kirk Cousin whose retention in the team squad proved to be a wise decision leading the team to victory.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Jets by scoring 27 to 17. This win has now made the eagles to climb up the NFL 2015 regular season and are now 1-2 on the standing table. The eagles who showed their winning intention in the early minutes of the game never disappointed their funs as they were able to marshal their players both tactically and physically therefore being able to defeat the sluggish New York Jets.

Despite missing the services of key players such as Kiko Alonso, Mychal Kendricks, Cedric Thornton and Taylor Hart, the remaining eagle players tried all their best and were able to force four turnovers and the linebackers only allowing 17 points from the jets’ players. It was the eagle defense that was so powerful and was able to carry the team to victory.

During the match Sam Badford proved be pretty brutal to the jets. Badford who played in a similar manner to Nick Fules and at some point he could be seen struggling to throw accurate passes and even looked too hesitant and slow. However with everything that happened in the field, the funs of the playing teams were contented with the results of their respective team showing the sign of maturity and true sportsmanship during the game.

Week 2 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 20, 4:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Dubbed, the worst loss in the history of the NFL, as far as a 20-10 loss is concerned anyway. Kelly actually looked so pale and small after the loss that saw them really smashed. The Lincoln’s offense lacked everything you would look for in a team on such a day. With a 7 yards total on 17 carries which was by far the worst effort that Kelly’s offense has had in his era. 15 carries for yards of minus 2 which were made on runs that weren’t even Sam Bradford scrambles.

Dallas, without their star receiver Dez Bryant also suffered the loss of their quarterback Tony Romo who got a broken collarbone. This happened in the third quarter with 9 minutes and 44 seconds left on the clock. No offensive touchdown was scored by Dallas at all until the last minutes of the game. Despite securing the victory all through the second half, Dallas Cowboys were still 18 times penalized for 142 yards.

This loss left the Eagles really devastated as they head into their next game and the Dallas Cowboys earned a not so deserving victory but which was really well fought for. Overall, the game was good but still lacked the magic that it should have.

Week 1 of NFL Season 2015: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons on Monday, September 14, 7:10 PM, Georgia Dome

For now, you and everyone else know about the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback situation. It is among the things that every team would like to have for themselves. Every team would love to be in that position because at times it appears that there is a shortage of really good quarterbacks in the league. However on the contrary, no one would like it on a certain level.

Philadelphia Eagles’ traded one of their greatest quarterbacks in record in the offseason. They now find themselves at 2-1 and with 2 good quarterbacks which are both able to lead the team to good performances. Taking into consideration the players in that position, it becomes hard not knowing what the future holds. It appears that the Michael Vick experiment will continue in Philadelphia for now.

Michael Vick is a great player who attacks the opposing team on the ground or through the air. He is always surrounded with opponents during his entire time and each time they help him become the player he is now. It was a good idea for Michael Vick to the start beside a lot of talk during the week regarding whether he should.

It may be clearly shown by an Atlanta Falcons quiz how the rising success Philadelphia Eagles had in the early twenty first century which was largely based on their 2001 draft’s first round pick. Michael Vick is the player they would draft who would go on to be among the most controversial in the NFL in the last decade, quarterback.

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