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NFL Season 2017 Wild Card Weekend: Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, January 07, 1:05 PM, Wembley Stadium

Jacksonville Jaguars beat Buffalo Bills 10 – 3 in ugly and harsh game. Bortles did absolutely amazing job putting together a decent drive all day, doing as much with his legs and arms and helping defensive – minded Jaguars secure a great victory. The first quarter was all defense with Buffalo Bills keeping close with Jaguars but both Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy had it tough trying to get through the opponent. Taylor had a hard time completing passes, managing with only 17 out of 37 attempts.

The Bills had plenty of chances down the stretch but the penalty against Charles Clay and a tackle that knocked Taylor out of the game ended any hopes for a comeback. Looking at several different measures, both teams were pretty even and it’s hard to say which one was ahead of which. But thanks to Bortles and his great ability, several long runs and the highlight that came in the fourth quarter, Jacksonville found a way to win. Guys played hard but in the game like this you either win or you lose. You’ve got to find a way, whatever it takes, to get the goals you want to achieve. Bills have a lot of work to do now to find a way back while the Jaguars will be taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the next game.

NFL Season 2017 Week 17: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

The game between Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins saw some crazy scenes as Kenyan Drake; Miami Dolphins running back and Jarvis Landry; wide receiver were ejected in the fourth quarter of the game. The game however remained one that the Buffalo Bills players and fans will remember for a long time to come. Buffalo Bills grabbed a 22-16 win against the Dolphins. This marked a victory of the teams first trip to the playoffs since 1999. The end of the 17-year-old drought was one that the players and fans will not be forgetting soon.

The Dolphins’s who ended their poor season with a disappointing performance had problems pointing towards poor coaching. The coaching staff kept making a series of mistakes and with every passing one the Bills kept getting closer to breaking their 17 -seasons run not making the playoffs. Laundry however was able to break his team record with 112 receptions for the season.

Kenyan Drake and Jarvis Landry’s poor behavior that led to both players ejection began with Laundry shoving Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer. This set off an unruliness in the game with players from both teams pushing over each other. Drake after being pulled from the pile ended up flinging his helmet across the field. Laundry has since apologized saying he was only trying to defend himself.

NFL Season 2017 Week 16: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots was an outstanding match, and we will let you know a little bit more about it. Trae Elston did a great job at turning an important and incomplete pass into a twenty-nine-yard gain which makes the Pats truly happy right away. There happened to be a defensive path fun in the game, and everything was truly great for fans. The Patriots had excellent penalties for 20 yards because they had 2 penalties for twenty yards.

The Patriots were too much of a team against the Saints, and the second half of the match was the evidence of this difference in terms of power. The Patriots defeated the Bills truly in the second half of the game when they scored twenty-four points to with the match with a score of 37-16. The defense of the Buffalos was great in the first part of the game and they just forced the Patriots 3-and-out. Next, the Bills just moved into the important red zone when they came out with 4 first downs. Mr. Hauschka made a goal giving the Buffalos the important 3-0 lead in the first part of the game. This was the longest drive when it comes to an opponent of the Patriots this year too.

NFL Season 2017 Week 15: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Miami Dolphins faced off against the Buffalo Bills in what was both a highly anticipated match for the fans and a crucial one for both teams. LeSean McCoy led the team of Buffallo Bills to beat Miami Dolphins 24-16. McCoy scored twice keeping the Buffalo Bills firmly in the AFG playoff picture and becoming the 30th player to hit 10,000. On the other hand Tyrod Taylorwent 17of 9 for 224 yards passing and scored a touchdown. Buffalo managed to intercept ay Cutler to bring to a stop Miami’s first two processions of the game’s second half. Another stunning performance was when TreDavious White intercepted with 28 seconds remaining.

Miami’s loss eliminated them (6-8) from the playoff contention. On the other hand, Buffalo’s win improved 8-6 which led them to match the team’s highest record in 4 games during the team’s 17-year playoff drought. With this record, the Bills can go on with their playoff pursuit in the net season at New England. In this match the Dolphins seemed frustrated and made too many mistakes as their defense allowed the Bills to turn 7 of 15 third-down opportunities to convert 1 of 24. Overall, both teams delivered a stunning performance but the Buffalo Bills were more prepared and they came out victorious.

NFL Season 2017 Week 14: Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 10, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The last game between buffalo bills and Indianapolis colts was just another football game, but, Thanks! To the snow, it made it a spectacular show. Almost everything was white, when the game began. It snowed so hard, that it was almost impossible to see West end from the East end stands. Anyways, the game had to be played and Buffalo Bills won by 13-7 after LeSean McCoy scored a 21-yard run and topped the 1000-yard mark for the sixth time, this time in extremely bizarre conditions. As soon McCoy touched down, Bill’s sideline celebrated with snowballs and snow angels.

One of the Bills player was deceived by the uniform of Colts. He couldn’t distinguish between his mates and Colts. It was such a weird game, I hope you didn’t miss it. At the end Bill’s fans took their shirts off despite the cold weather. The game had all the elements of a weirdness and coldness, I have never experienced such a game in my whole life. It was fun to watch. If you are wondering about penalties, there was a total of five penalties. Bill’s assessed 10 yards while Colt’s 20 yards.

NFL Season 2017 Week 13: Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Buffalo Bills had a good gameplan as they played against the New England Patriots but the lack of offensive execution and a weak defense led to their fourth loss in the last five games. The Patriot’s quarterback Stephen

Gilmore was in his best form on that game. Stephen Gilmore allowed two receptions on the 8 targets for 22 yards with two key pass breakups against his former team. Gilmore showed his strong tackling skill on the very first reception he allowed, stopping Buffalo’s Zay Jones short of a first down.

For Buffalo Bills fans, the one thing they could be proud of in this game was how well their players did against Brady and the New England Patriots in the first half, though there was a serious talent disparity. McDermott’s game plan for Patriots was working – using fewer pass rushers most of the time, and depending on the team’s front four to make a pass rush while maximizing the coverage on the back end.

This game plan was working as they were able to field goals every time the ball passed the 50-yard line. The Bills defensive line was getting too much pressure on the edges and at the middle, bring Tom Brady down 3 times and hurrying him another 3 times while the game was competitive. In this game, the Patriots big-ticket signing proved worth the price and the Buffalo Bills will need to think twice about targeting Gilmore in the rematch.

NFL Season 2017 Week 12: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 26, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Buffalo Bills turned up to produce a surprising win over the Kansas City Chiefs 10 – 16. The Chiefs were coming from a three game loss but i was the Bills who were underdogs. Unfortunately, the Chiefs din’t turn up and the Bills to take advantage of the few opportunities going their way. Buffalo Bills had been trending for the wrong reasons with defense and the niche department penalties. The Bills turned up holding their late defensive rotation against the Chiefs. The Bills after allowing 45 per game in their last three games somehow managed to hold out and surrender only 10 against the Redskins. The Bills win keeps them in the playoffs race.

Highlights of the game included: All through the game Bills Reck Dennison came up with play calls that disappointed anyone with an appreciation of the game. Reggie Regland showed a great performance for the Chiefs, his tackling was excellent. Matt Milano seemed to be free from his defensive duties and was showing signs of why he might be the best linebacker on the roster. A penalty was awarded against the Chiefs after Ross Travis was called for an illegal block. The Bills got a clean well deserved and proved they still had something to give. Kansas can only look to improve in their next game.

NFL Season 2017 Week 11: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, November 19, 4:05 PM, StubHub Center

Joey Bosa was seen around the Chargers locker room earlier this week. Other people seen were Jahleel Addae, Trevor Willians, Melvin Ingram and other secondary players. The match really featured rookie quarterbacks from both teams for a long time in the NFL champions. While the Buffalo Bills refuse to give rookie Nathan Peterman his premier National Football League start, they eventually paid bitterly from the hands of the Chargers. In the first half, the Chargers were able to intercept five solid passes. One of the Chargers interceptions was converted into a touchdown and forced the Bills into a 54-24 win. Since Miami performed the magic in 1973, the Chargers remain the premier team to have 5 interceptions in the first half.

In the second half, the Chargers were able to orchestrate 6 turnovers. This led to stripping quarterback Tyrod Taylor who replaced Peterman. Tyrod returned a fumbled that led to another defensive touchdown against his own team. This type of action was performed in 1990 to give a win over Tampa Bay. Ingram’s thirty-nine-yard fumble came back later in the 3rd quarter and Korey Toomer’s premier quarter fifty-yard interception return in the opening session. This occurred when the team’s 1st two defensive touchdowns of the season was recorded.

NFL Season 2017 Week 10: Buffalo Bills vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 12, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Although the Buffalo Bills made a few good plays they were no match for their opponents who beat them clean, Buffalo Bills 10, New Orleans Saints 47. This was the second loss in a row for the Buffalo Bills, although this time it seemed even worse with New Orleans Saints dominating the entire game. Highlights of the game included Buffalo Bills few good plays that proved a few Buffalo Bills players were still on alert even as they were loosing.

Set up at Buffalo Bills 9 yard line and Saints electing to pass on the 2nd and 5 saw a quick pass from Drew Brees to Josh Hill as Shaq Lawson came off the edge asserting pressure.

Well in position Lawson was able to block the pass, Ramon Humber proved he was not a fluke stopping Hill just two yards behind the line of scrimmage, Humber stood up Hill and kept working him eventually forcing a fumble.Kyle Williams finally fell on the ball preventing the Saints from scoring again. Bills visit Los Angeles Chargers for their next game, a game they will need to win if they want to make it to the playoffs in 2017. New Orleans Saints will be hosting Washington Redskins and they go to this game on a high after their win over Bills.

NFL Season 2017 Week 9: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets on Thursday, November 02, 8:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

If there was a club that fought so hard in their last Thursday, that team was not Buffalo Bills. The New York Jets helped to stymie the Bills strong race for the AFC East position. The New York Jets regulated the line of action on every side until they had a win of 34-21. This win did not come close in the second half. Four days after Matt Forte complained the New York Jets did not run the ball enough, he ran for two touchdowns. Tyrod Taylor sacked seven times as over amazing defender. In the last two wins, the Bills have scored sixty-four points, but they self-destruct themselves with miscues and turnovers. The Jets came in with a three-game slide and helped to hold a strong defeat on the opponent. Forte has fourteen carried for seventy-seven yards and scored on runs for both five and ten yards.

On nine carries, Bilal Powell exploded with a seventy-four and fifty-one-yard burst. While on the fun, Josh McCown a stronger quarterback had a ten-yard scramble to get the scoring going. Overall, the Jets operated for one hundred and ninety-four yards. On the Jets 2nd touchdown drive, the Bills made a huge mistake. McCown was sacked by Cedric Thornton and later grabbed his face mask. There was a penalty of fifteen yards that later followed a twenty-yard pass to Kearse. A twenty-two yard run from Forte made Anderson beat a double coverage for a twenty-five-yard reception.

NFL Season 2017 Week 8: Buffalo Bills vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The last game between the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills was very devastating. Oakland scored the first during the game but the Buffalo did not take it easy on them as the ran the ball against Oakland’s defense throughout the game. The Oakland Raiders had a problem controlling the ball. Oakland held the ball for about the 24:23 while Buffalo time of 35:37.

The Buffalo Bills were at the leaf just before halftime but got disappointed with Matt Milano’s fumble. Oakland clearly overlooked their opponent during the game and the Buffalo Bills had a complete game lead by their coach Sean McDermott. The Buffalo Bills had the victory over the Oakland Raiders The game wasn’t aired on National television luckily for the Oakland team.

LeSean McCoy did 27 carries for 151 yards run and a touchdown. He had 6 catches for about 22 yards. Tyrod Taylor caught the ball six times for a yard and had a touchdown. Tyrod Taylor made 20 of 27 passes for 165 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions. He also ran the ball six times for a yard and a touchdown. Trae Elston tackled the ball 11 times, had eight catches for a 22-yard and was later intercepted by Carr.

NFL Season 2017 Week 7: Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Tre’Davious White rookie cornerback recovered and forced a fumble to arrange Stephen Hauschka’s thirty-yard field goal with fourteen seconds left. This helped the Bills win the game over Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 30-27. LeSean McCoy scored two times and has ninety-one yards rushing. This includes a seven-yard run to tie the score when the game remains 2:28. Tyrod Taylor had a touchdown and went twenty of thirty-three for two hundred and sixty-eight yards.The Buffalo’s defense eventually had and force 3 turnovers. Under rookie head coach Sean McDermott, Buffalo improve to maintain at 4-2.

This game makes it the four instances that Bills have won or overcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of their seven encounters. Winston did not have any problem with a sprained throwing shoulder that prevented him from operating well last weekend. Winston has three touchdowns and finished thirty-two of forty-four for three hundred and eighty-four yards passing. Winston lost a fumble and threw an interception. From the Buccaneers, O.J. Howard caught 2 touchdowns passes that have lost 3 straight. Tampa Bay was able to maintain the lead in the final minutes a week after moving behind 31-0 to Arizona via 3 quarters. In a nutshell, the match between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Bills ended up in favor of the Buffalo.

NFL Season 2017 Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

A.J. Green was taken at his word by the Bengals. While all balls slipped through repeatedly, they keep on throwing towards his way. Green later tries to create a difference in the condition he found himself. With Green’s participation, he was able to impact around three turnovers. Green had a catch that created the upcoming score and a 77-yard touchdown on Sunday. In a steady rain, the contribution of Green helped the Bengals to defeat the Bills at 20-16. The Cincinnati Bengals were able to salvage their season after losing three consecutive matches.

The Bengals were able to make passes top their active players at the most crucial moments. Joe Mixon was able to make a good use of the 5-yard touchdown run created by Green’s 47-yard catch. This helps to put the Bengals on the lead in the 4th quarter. The Cincinnati is premier in the AFC North after the Pittsburgh’s loss. By depending too much on Stephen Hauschka, the Bills had a good beginning in the season. The defense of the Bills remained strong through the NFL competition. The offense of the Bills failed thoroughly, making the Bengals to convert all chances provided. The Bengals had three wonderful turnovers and led to the victory of the game for the Cincinnati.

NFL Season 2017 Week 4: Buffalo Bills at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, October 01, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Buffalo Bills have had a bad lack for some time, having missed the playoffs for 17 seasons. However, in their recent game, their 23- 17 win over their rivals, Atlanta Falcons, could help the team snap the playoff drought.

By defeating not only a formidable but also a talented for like the Falcons, the Bills momentum could be attributed to their 26- 16 over the Denver Broncos, and gave the team a top-notch win since Christie scored five goals to lead the franchise to a 29-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins a couple of years ago.

But the win over the Atlanta Falcons was remarkable. For more than a decade the franchise has been out of the limelight and out of the league’s postseason. However, they boast of road victories 44 times. In all the contests, Bills managed to beat teams that did not even get a winning record.

This means the franchise has 11 wins against opponents that managed a winning record. If you boil it down, it gets even worse, only three teams recorded a playoff win the same year they lost to Bills in their place.

NFL Season 2017 Week 3: Buffalo Bills vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, September 24, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

When the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills met Sunday, most fans of football believed that the Broncos would prevail. The Broncos were undefeated and were coming off of a victory of the Dallas Cowboys where they looked very impressive. The Bills, on the other hand, were coming off of a loss to the Carolina Panthers where they only managed to score three points. Those who know football, however, realize that on any given Sunday any NFL team can be beat. The Bills defense stymied the Broncos offense early and often holding them to their lowest scoring output all season.

They also force the Broncos into two turnovers, picking off quarterback Trevor Siemian twice. On the other side of the ball, the Bills were able to move the ball despite a lackluster rushing attack. Running back LeSean McCoy barely broke 20 yards on the for the day and, as a team, the Bills only amassed 75 yards on the ground. This left the bulk of the offensive load on the arm of quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Bills quarterback was consistent and precise with his throws making plays when his team needed it. He also avoided any costly turnovers, Though the Broncos actually racked up more yardage than the Bills, two turnovers and good defense led to the 26 to 16 victory for the Bills.

NFL Season 2017 Week 2: Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The match Buffalo Bills played at Carolina Panthers was one of the most defensive. It wasn’t a high-scoring match like the one pitting Buffalo Bills against New York Jets at home, which ended 21-12 in favor of the hosts. At Carolina Panthers, the visitors failed to find a way past the highly defensive home side. In the end, the hosts emerged victorious by beating Buffalo Bills 9-3.

The first two matches of the new season have seen Buffalo Bills win one and lose the other. They have won a home match and lost an away match. Defensively, they have conceded 21 points, which is an average of 10.5 points per game. Offensively, they have scored 24 points, which is an average of 12 points per game. The front seven playing for Buffalo Bills had a superb game.

Buffalo Bills had enough chances to win the match. They just failed to make the most of those chances. Carolina Panthers were a much better opponent for Buffalo Bills compared to New York Jets. The match could have gone either way though. The match went Carolina Panthers’ way because they made their end zone impenetrable. Carolina Panthers also won because they took the chances that came their way.

NFL Season 2017 Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The match between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills remained the 113th regular season meeting. The Buffalo won with 59-53. Before getting swept during the 2016 edition, the Buffalo had won 5 in a row. The Buffalo experienced their first loss in their home opener after playing with the New York Jets. The offensive coordinator Greg Roman was fired by then-coach Rex Ryan. This remained a sign of the damage to occur in the future. The New York Jets giggle over having the Buffalo Bills as their opponent for the game.

This is because the Jets have already started to look on 2018 and beyond. If Josh McCown, Matt Forte and Bilal Powell are allowed to play, it will definitely affect the Buffalo Bills. It is important to know that the Jets and Bills will not be moving anywhere during 2017. In fact, both the Jets and the Billa already know this fact and did not voice out. Nevertheless, each team is trying to make the new season start on a platter of gold. This game may simply help any of the teams to win. Any win from both teams will help them have a great minset to start a new season.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 4: Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions on Thursday, August 31, 7:00 PM, New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Detroit Lions, 27-17, in both teams final tune up before the start of the regular season.

The Bills were the more motivated team as they did not want to go winless in the preseason under their new coach: Sean McDermott. Nate Peterman provided good leadership at quarterback for the Bills completing 9 passes for 81 yards on 11 attempts. However, it was the Bills rushing attack that was the key to victory. The Bills averaged an exemplary 4.6 yards a carry on 45 attempts for a total of 205 yards and 3 touchdowns to help grind out the victory.

The Bills defense also played well and made some key strategic stops to preserve their victory. Greg Mabin had an interception in the end zone and defensive end Ian Seau put an exclamation on his very strong game with a sack that caused a fumble which he then recovered to stamp out the Lions final drive of the game.

The Lions rested all their defensive and offensive starters. The highlight for the Lions without a doubt was the pulsating screen pass reception and subsequent run by running back Tion Green for 74 yards and a touchdown. That reception and run coupled with his overall good performance could be instrumental in Green earning a roster spot on the Lions.

The Lions, 2-2 in preseason games, play the Cardinals in their first game of the regular season. The Bills, 1-3 in preseason games, open their season against the Jets.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 3: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, August 26, 7:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

Even though the Saturday’s game was not badly off, I feel that the Baltimore side did not showcase sufficient effort typical of a third preseason game. Such a game is supposed to be a dress rehearsal as the start of the season approaches. Harbaugh was especially unable to enforce this rehearsal state of mind considering that Joe Flacco will not be available until the regular season. The Ravens were also missing key players among them, Danny Woodhead, Breshad Perriman not forgetting Ronnie Stanley meaning that a true dress rehearsal was not going to be possible in the first place.

The Bills, on the other hand, had an upper hand, the intentionally positioned most club’s starters throughout the first half. As a result of this properly calculated move, the Bills managed 94 passing yards as well as 15 rushing yard. The Baltimore backups on the other hand finally surrendered a touch down after numerous spirited quick stops.

Ravens have also suffered the biggest number of injuries in comparison to any other club this season. They lost Tavon and Dennis even before the training camp. Other key players that have also been lost for the season include: Keneth Dixon, Nico Siragusa as well as Crockett Gillmore. I can, therefore, conclude that even though they did bring up the expected fight in this game their position is understandable. Their defense therefore dominated and as a result, they were given the rest of Saturday night off.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 2: Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, August 17, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Buffalo Bills’ game against Philadelphia Eagles preseason game showed that the Buffalo had many offensive problems. As Tyrod Taylor struggled against the Eagles. The article will emphasize on the offensive line and problems caused during the game.

The game was weak at the beginning without enough energy for a push on players and lack of ability to provide a pocket and passing to Taylor.

The offensive line seemed out of the game they left lots of space and lacked depth. Momentum started to build as the 1st half continued, but still, the team seemed to miss the absence of Glenn who adds more depth behind at the tackle position.

Most of the players really struggled, this is very worrying considering most of them will be starters during open season games, Miller and mills are some of the probable starters and they both didn’t perform as expected.

Richie really performed extremely well he was the star man of the match I think. He seemed active in although he also did a nice job with a block of Kendrick.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, August 10, 7:00 PM, New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills succumbed to the Minnesota Vikings 17-10 Thursday night for the preseason opener at New Era Field in Buffalo. The most surprising performance came from the Viking’s formerly undrafted free-agent Tashawn Bower as a massive thorn in the side of the Bills defense. Bower racked up five quarterback pressures, a sack, and a tackle for a loss.

A season ending knee injury last season landed starting Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridewater on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list had put pressure on Vikings O line. Luckily, backup Vikings quarterback Case Keenum put on an impressive performance completing 11 of 16 pass attempts, including a 38-yarder to rookie Stacey Coley in the second quarter. Keenum also stood out on third down attempts, including a 3rd and 7 at the bills 26 for a completion to Coley as well as a seven-yard scramble on a 3 and 3 that would end with a field goal on the drive. On the other side of the ball, Rookie Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman highlighted his abilities with an impressive 13 play drive but ultimately was resisted the touchdown to tie by the Vikings defense in the 4th quarter.

The Buffalo Bills take on the Philadelphia Eagles on August 17, and the Vikings will battle against the Seattle Seahawks on August 18 in Seattle.

Buffalo Bills NFL season 2016 recap

Buffalo Bills have performed poorly in the 2016-2017 NFL season after being kicked off of the playoff contention for the 17th straight year. The Bills started the year well and had alternated wins and losses in the first six weeks of the season, with two of those three losses coming to the Patriots and Bengals. However, the Bills suffered major defeats. First they lost a second straight game for the first time thanks to the Jaguars then lost to teams like Oakland and Pittsburgh in the dying weeks of the season. These losses led to their playoff contention collapse.

Generally, Buffalo Bills won 7 games and lost 9 games of their 16 games in the season finishing a distant 3rd in the AFC East team. Consequently, the team did not reach the playoffs. The team made 328 first downs which were 10 less than those of the opponent. Touchdowns were 49 in number and they made 3036 passing yards.

When it comes to the players, the Bills appear to have finally found a great QB, Rex Ryan. TyrodTaylor was also a pleasant surprise for the Bills in the season, providing fans with the best quarter back play the team has seen since the days of D. Bledsoe. Next season, the Bills will have to work hard in order to improve their performance.

NFL Season 2016 Week 17: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Bills played against the jets in East Rutherford. Bilal Powell scored a 2 yard run from Ryan Fitzpatrick’s pass in the second quarter of the game. Fitzpatrick was a replacement for Petty as Petty suffered an injury in the Patriots game. The Buffalo Bills also put up a good show with Dan Carpenter scoring a 34 yard field goal for the Bills. The highlight of the second quarter was the Nick Folk 30 yard field goal. The New York Jets were leading by the end of second quarter with 24-6. The third quarter witnessed the Jalin Marshall’s 6 yard pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Marshall is an undrafted free agent for the New York Jets.

Nick Folk’s 36 yard field goal in the third quarter raised the score of New York Jets, putting them in the lead at the end of second quarter with a lead score of 37. Nick Folk made a 25 yard field goal in the beginning of fourth quarter. Nick did make a comeback and was at his best after his season-ending quad injury in 2015. Doug Middleton’s kick off recovery was a highlight for the fourth quarter. This is a standout failure from Buffalo’s. Nick kicked the ball to Buffalo’s 15 yard line. Mike Gillislee failed to field the kick. At this time, the ball bounced all the way into end zone. Gillislee failed for the second time as he allowed Jets’ Doug Middleton to recover the ball for a touchdown. Jets were leading in the fourth quarter with 83. It was a dismal show from Bills.

NFL Season 2016 Week 16: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

At the other end, it was such an exciting clash of muscles between Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. With the Dolphins desperately salivating the playoffs, the encounter was no round table truce, it was war at its violence. Most times this season, the Miami defence have been some NFL Santa Claus gifting other teams cheap comebacks. But in the game they held out impressively well to beat the Buffalo Bills 28-25 at the end.

In the game, Jay Ajayi was an everflowing spring of relish to the Miami Dolphins populace. In the the first quarter, he made that run that gets the hearts of the fans chasing after him in excitement. Well you may be sternly pragmatic and say it was just a two-yard touchdown, but hey Jay Ajayi showed Lamar Miller wore his shorts on diapers, he was such a crawling toddler compared to the forceful military Jay Ajayi.

Also Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh showed they were had that lovely Adam and Eve compatibility. Ndamukong Suh is surely the missing rugby rib of Cameron Wake as they have proven to be the one of the most dazzling DT-DE combinations in the league. One spectacular moment in the game was on a second quarter fourth-and-1. LeSean McCoy gets the ball from Tyrod Taylor, but before McCoy even nabs the ball, Suh is there already mauling the Buffalo’s right guard, who begs to hold him back. This creates an avenue for Kiko Alonso to crash a gap finishing off McCoy tastefully. It would be saying Afghanistan is a nice resort for a family vacation if you say McCoy had a chance there. Moore also had his contribution and Kenyan Drake was impressive with a remarkable 45-yard touchdown down the right sideline. In all the Miami Dolphins crowned everything with a thrilling exciting win that sends them to the playoffs!

NFL Season 2016 Week 15: Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills celebrated their win on Sunday after beating the Cleveland Browns. The Bills had earlier encountered a loss to the Pittsburgh last week but overturned their short two game losing streaks by proving their dominance in the field. It was nice to see the Bills taking care of business and sending the Browns to their 14 loss this season. Running back LeSean McCoy was on top of his game scoring two touchdowns while he pushed the offense to 33 points in victory. Both teams traded field goals. The Bills defense played a good game and held the Brown to 269 yards of total defense.

Buffalo had a strong defense that kept Griffin at bay throughout the game. Duke Johnson Jr was the bright spot for the team of Browns. Johnson led his team to receive yards and only finished behind Griffin. Though the game was out of hand for the Browns since start, the 23 year old Johnson played the game of his life. Both teams were strong and it was a stiff game. Ultimately the better prepared team, Buffalo Bills came out victorious. We can only wait to see more from these teams.

NFL Season 2016 Week 14: Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The Pittsburgh Steelers celebrated a win over their long time rivals Buffalo Bills in one highly competed match. The Steelers recorded an impressive 236 yards, three touchdowns performance which lead the team to a 27-20 victory against the Buffalo Bills. Ben Roethlisberger was on his A game throwing an incredible 220 yards in addition to three interceptions. One the outstanding performance was Antonio Brown who caught five passes for 78 yards leading the Steers to improve t 8-5 pushing them to the playoffs. Bell caught 4 passes in 62 yards leading him to the carrier high 298 yards from scrimmage. This was the second-most in the team history. On the other hand the Bills compiled 275.

To make matters even more intriguing, this was the second time Bell has managed to score three times in a game and the first time Bell had three touchdowns. In total, Bell has rushed for 620 yards in the Steelers’ four game winning streaks and he has surpassed 1,000 on this season for a second time in his career. The Pittsburg went on to outgain the Buffalo 239-81 to build a 14-7 halftime lead which had an impact on the outcome of the game. Steers have been on a high momentum in their past four games and have even outscored their opponents 63-14 in first half and it was not a wonder they won this one.

NFL Season 2016 Week 13: Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders on Sunday, December 04, 4:05 PM, Oakland Coliseum

In the NFL, it’s difficult to keep back an offensive team. This was the case when the Oakland Raiders turned the table upside down by beating by an already leading Buffalo Bills. The Bills play-off hopes of winning were high last Sunday as they visited Oakland to play the Raiders. With about past mid way of the game, they were ahead by 24 to 9.

Despite allowing 212 rushing-yards, the Oakland Raiders overcame their blunders and defeated the Bills in the last 24 minutes of the game. Bill’s offense lost its momentum, and Raider’s defense forced threeandouts and punts to beat them. An impressive 29 unanswered points from the raiders within 20 minutes, turned the game upside down. The 15 point lead was easily surpassed by the Raiders.

Buffalo Bills’ Alexander was well tackled in the game, as the Raiders offensive-line stone-walled him and the entire Bills’ defense. Consequently, Alexander recorded a very poor performance- 4 tackles and 1 quarter-back hit in the entire game. The Bills offense was very poor over the 24 minutes. They went threeandout 3times and turned the ball over two times. Oakland’s potent offense maximized the Bills’ defensive blunders to beat them 38-24. They did not go threeandout, did not turn the-ball-over, and had one punt.

The Raiders’ latest win clearly showcases their ability to win despite having a weak offense. Its offensive-line has shown consistency in the NFL all season, and the win on Sunday was enough to prove this.

NFL Season 2016 Week 12: Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills won to stay over the .500 mark (at 6-5), while the Jacksonville Jaguars have not won a game since week six and with this loss, have now lost six straight games now (putting them at 2-9). Buffalo is currently third in the AFC East Division, while Jacksonville is in last of the AFC South.

Blake Bortles completed thirteen of his twenty-six pass attempts, throwing for 126 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. He ran for eighty-one yards on eight rushes in the game.

Tyrod Taylor completed twelve of his eighteen pass attempts, throwing for 166 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions. He also rushed for thirty-eight yards on seven rushes in the game.

When the first half of this game ended, Jacksonville was leading in the game by one point with the score 7-6. The Bills would turn it on and score 22 points and they only gave up fourteen. Both teams scored in three quarters of the game, and both scored in both the third and fourth quarters. The only quarter that Buffalo did not score in was the first and Jacksonville went scoreless in quarter number two.

NFL Season 2016 Week 11: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

Buffalo Bills badly required a win to ensure its position in the finals. Taylor made optimum use of the situation and the second half showed an admirably tight defense, which led to a landmark victory. There were too many incidents of injuries that left spectators’ heads spinning. McCoy’s thumb injury and Woods’ knee injury put them out of action even before the game steamed up. Mike Gillislee hurried for 72 yards on 14 carries in McCoy’s place as Buffalo (5-5) broke the losing streak.

The Bills had not tasted victory since October and they were getting desperate. The absence of Green was conspicuous when you look at Bengals’ form and Dalton was sent off yet again this season. Mike Nugent too lost out on two additional points. Nugent had apparently lost out on points in a similar manner in the match with the Washington Redskins a couple of weeks back. Bengals (3-6-1) has missed three straight to yet again disrupt its lose all its hopes to make it to the finals. They said it was disappointing as there were plenty of chances to take on defense as well as offense, which they didn’t take.

NFL Season 2016 Week 9: Buffalo Bills at Seattle Seahawks on Monday, November 07, 8:30 PM, CenturyLink Field

Buffalo Bills faced off against the Seattle Seahawks in what was rather a highly competed match. One outstanding moment was Jimmy Graham making his first one handed catch; however his second one was even better. Graham used one hand in catching two first-half touchdown passes from Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks celebrated their 31-25 win over the Buffalo Bills in a Monday night rally. This was Seattle’s 11th Monday night game win. Buffalo Bills are a strong team and they did not make it easy for the Seahawks to win. Tough Graham had been removed after suffering a major knee injury, he demonstrated an outstanding performance.

Were it not for mistakes by the officiating crew, the Bills would not have needed a touchdown at the end of the first half that ended up costing the Bills an opportunity at a shorter field goal. To make matters even worse, Dan Carpenter missed a 54-yard attempt during the final play. However, Richard Sherman of Seattle got away with a roughness penalty that was unnecessary and only delayed the game. Both teams were very competitive but ultimately the better prepared team won.

NFL Season 2016 Week 8: Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, New Era Field

It was a smooth night for the Patriots as they beat Buffalo bills, influenced by the performance of quarterback Tom Brady. This takes the Patriots record to a total of four successive victories since Brady return from suspension.

It started as a cool evening with both sides looking like a likely winner of this game, though match previews submitted to the Patriots winning this match. The Game broke when the Patriots scored 27 points in 5 successive runs, the major move started or included.

It was a most flawless evening as the patriots scored 9 of 13 third-down balls, punting just three times. Also included on the score sheet were Mike Gillislee, who scored a 3-yard run, Jonathan Williams also added his name the score chart with a 1-yard run, Danny Amendola, LeGarette Blount, Julian Edelman all had their names on the scoreboard. Registering goals at different times of the match.

This is Brady’s best since Oct 12, 2014, where he threw four in a 36-7 win. This game proved to be superb for him as he had a four-TD to his name, winning the Buffalo bills by 7-1, making history with a record total of 26 NFL victories over the Buffalos across the years.

NFL Season 2016 Week 7: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

The Miami Dolphins won a close one against the division rival Buffalo Bills, largely on the back of Jay Ajayi’s second consecutive 200 plus yard game . Lesean McCoy was doubtful for the game, but suited up anyway. This may have proven to be a misguided call, however, as he was pulled out of the game in the first half with a nagging hamstring issue that has yet to be resolved. After the two teams only managed to match a pair of field goals in the first quarter, things started getting hot after a nifty read-option by Tyrod Taylor went for six.

Soon after, a long bomb to Goodwin found the Dolphins down 17-6 in the second half where the tide started to turn for the Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill made some great plays to keep alive a long drive at the end of the third quarter, plus a two point conversion pushed the score to within a field goal. On their next possession Jarvis Landry extended a crucial long 3rd down and Jay Ajayi pounded the ground relentlessly to push the Dolphins over the top at the end of the game. Jay Ajayi earned a feather in his hat during the game, becoming only the 4th Running Back in NFL history to rush for back-to-back 200 plus yard games. The others on that short list are name O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, and former Dolphin, Ricky Williams.

NFL Season 2016 Week 6: Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

What a remarkable run for Buffalo Bills. Before their game against San Francisco 49ers, they had recorded a three-game unbeaten run. Not only is it an unbeaten streak, but it is a winning one. They made it four wins out of four games by dismantling San Francisco 45-16 on Sunday, October 16.

Well, this is the first time Buffalo Bills have registered four wins in a row since the beginning of the 2008 season.

The Buffalo Bills win was orchestrated by the excellent work of LeSean McCoy. With 10:58 minutes left, LeSean put the Bills 31-16 up. He scored three times TDS. The first two scores he made were on 18-yard runs and finally scored the fourth on a 4-yard scamper.

In fact, McCoy was able to shook off what appeared like a frightening knee injury to his right knee. He made a total of 140 yards hastening.

On the other hand, Kaepernick made his first start for the 49ers in nearly a year. It was kind of an embarrassing day for him as he couldn’t stop the San Francisco being outshone by Bills. In fact, this was the fifth game they have lost so far. To make matters worse, they have lost back to back. Sadly, Kaepernick was booed as he kneeled during the national anthem. For him, he was delivering a message of protest against racial repression as well as police cruelty. Regardless of the defeat, Kaepernick was able to finish 13/29 for 187 yards.

McCoy said this at after the game, “To sit here and tell you that it didn’t affect me last year, I would be lying.” “It’s a whole year later.” He was referring to his move from Philadelphia to Buffalo.

The epitome of the defeat for the San Francisco was their porous defense. They gave up 312 yards. Due to this, they allowed Bills to score 21 points in a span of 7:02 minutes and blow the game open.

It was really a horrible day for the San Francisco 49ers. On the other hand, it was a joyous day for the Buffalo Bills, but specifically for LeSean McCoy.

NFL Season 2016 Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, October 09, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Buffalo Bills had come to the game having a 2-2 record against the opposition with only two-game winning streaks. However, the Rams on the other hand, were in a better shape having won three games out of the four games. Both the teams had one common opponent before this faceoff -, the Arizona cardinals – and they had emerged victorious against this team as well.

The match between The Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams went in favor of the buffalo Bills by 30 to 19 which was an impressive performance indeed. It should be mentioned that it was quite some years that the Bills had played in that venue and had even lost the game against the Los Angeles raiders at that time by 20 to 3 miserably.

The first half was in favor of the Rams and the Bills had fallen behind by the score of 3 points. However, the second half was a different one for the Bills. Despite having a jittery start, they took complete control of the game and the quarterback Tyrod Taylor along with the team’s offensive mode, the victory got near for them eventually. The fact is that the Buffalo Bills remained steady and calm so they achieved success with ease.

NFL Season 2016 Week 4: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The big historic thing happened on Gillette Stadium. This was the first shutout loss on this stadium for New England Patriots. Something strange was in the air but nobody expected that Buffalo Bills would win 16-0 in that game. Belichick said his team had to play much better in all phases of the game. They simply did not show enough passion this time.

The game started well for Buffalo Bills and the first minutes were promising. Tyrod Taylor was aggressive enough and achieved the advantage of 7-0 after 65 yards march. Later, it seemed that all luck was on the side of Buffalo Bills. Fast actions, offensive attacks and creative combinations. They showed strong team spirit in almost any action. Bills’ coach did not hide happiness about the great win and he also mentioned one important fact. Patriots were not complete because of Tom Brady’s suspension and it was obvious that the team is not in the best condition without him. However, Patriots did not look connected, especially in the front lines. All attacks passed without good ideas and the result is obvious. It was their first loss of this kind since 1993. Home ground was not big advantage for them this time.

NFL Season 2016 Week 3: Buffalo Bills vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Not anyone had given the Bills any chance of winning given the post game analysis, after all, they had limped their way into the new season.One would have thought the Cardinals winning streak after the last season would go uninterrupted, but that wasn’t to last. There is just something about Bulls that the Cardinals cannot handle. Bills won by 33-18.Despite the poor show that the Bills had displayed when they met the Jets, they opened up the defence pretty well in both rounds with Dan Carpenter starting off with a 3-0.

Le Shean took off with several big shots of 89 yards scoring at both 24 and 5 yards, with Mc Coy making the first touchdown. The game only took an interesting twist when the Cardinals’ finally woke up from their slumber when Aarons Williams sneaked in a second touchdown for the Bills. Arizona responded through the defence with by upping their score after Catanzaro’s 60-yard goal score. It was nauseating to watch the Arizona’s game with their poor passes and careless drops; they were out of form and shape. Attempts by the Cardinals to put up a defence was thwarted when their weak throw was intercepted by Gilmore and ended up with a second score by Mc Coy.

NFL Season 2016 Week 2: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets on Thursday, September 15, 8:25 PM, New Era Field

The NFL sure knows how to pick it’s prime time games. In the Thursday Night game, the New York Jets topped the Buffalo Bills 37-31. The game had everything fans could hope for. Turnovers, big scoring plays, and no shortage of offense made this a very interesting contest. The two teams marched up and down the field, combining for almost 900 yards of total offense. In the end, the Jets skill players were simply too much for the Bills defense. Two receivers, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, and running back Matt Forte all went over 100 yards from scrimmage during the game.

Buffalo wasn’t without its own highlight reel plays, though. Starting Quarterback Tyrod Taylor completed two touchdown passes for over 70 yards. The first came with five minutes left in the first quarter when he hooked up with Marquis Goodwin for 84 yards. Then, early in the 3rd quarter Taylor got the Bills back in the game with a 71-yard score to Greg Salas. Unfortunately for Bills fans, Talyor also made the crucial mistake of the game as he was picked off by Marcus Williams early in the 4th quarter. The win takes the Jets to even .500 at 1-1 and drops the Bills to the cellar of the AFC East at 0-2.

NFL Season 2016 Week 1: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Buffalo Bills didn’t have luck at making an upset in their game against the Baltimore Ravens. Instead they fell to the Ravens 7 to 13, losing by a touchdown. The loss was strange because there was a lot of faith put into the offensive team that the Bills have constructed, but they fell apart during the game with a terrible ratio of yards won to yards lost. They managed to gain about 7 yards to the Raven’s 204 in the first quarter alone.

Fans of the Bills had to be started by the performance that their team put on, managing to score only a single touchdown in the second quarter before they were thoroughly beaten by the Ravens. It looked, briefly, like they could catch up to the other team and that the third quarter would be theirs. But in the end they couldn’t put it all together and claim the victory that they were no doubt hoping for. Let’s hope that the Bills manage to step up their game by next time, and that the Ravens stay strong; after all, what’s football when both teams aren’t at their best? It certainly isn’t as entertaining, that’s for sure.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 4: Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions on Thursday, September 01, 7:30 PM, Ford Field

Detroit Lions finally carried the day with a massive 31-0 win against Buffalo Bills during their preseason game at Ford Field in Detroit. The Lions who entered into the game with a defensive undertone where they gave chances to overlooked defensive players to complete their 53-man roster. This tactic seemed to have worked magic for them as Dwayne Washington sped to the sideline for a 58-yard touchdown.

Jake Ruddock increased his chance of earning a spot on the roster by earning the team three touchdown passes which contributed for the big win. Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell was happy with everyone in the team and was more impressed with Washington’s performance.

A 2-yard TD pass from Rudock to Jay Lee earned Detroit 17-0 lead just before the end of the first half. Ruddock further converted third downs during the third quarter and also connected Adam Fuehne with a 10 yard TD pass to wrap up the 31-0 win.

Buffallo Bill’s coach Rex Ryan was a disappointed man after the game. His tactic of protecting his players from injuries backfired as at the end of the game a good number of his players went down with injuries. The most outstanding Buffallo rookie was Cardale Jones who entered the game in the second quarter. James Wilder walked out as a result of an injury while Jerel Worthy who had been helped off was cleared to return. Unlike the Bills who had a good number of players injured during the game, the Lions did not announce any injuries meaning that they will start the season on a safe note.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 3: Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins on Friday, August 26, 7:30 PM, FedEx Field

The Buffalo Bills fell short of the Washington Redskins 21-16. The Redskins, coming off a 9-7 2015 record and at the top of a struggling NFC East division, started the contest slow, but found their rhythm in the beginning of the second quarter. With all the controversy surrounding new addition, Josh Norman, all eyes would be rested on him to witness him back up his statements made in a prior interview. He delivered and stepped up to the plate, breaking up an intended touchdown pass to Robert Woods.

Curt Cousins, coming off a new big contract underperformed as he overthrew his receivers and missed targets, also throwing an interception. But his receivers can take some of the blame too. Jordan Reed dropped the football twice (should have been catches). Ryan Grant and fellow receiver, Pierre Garcon both had a drop and the vast majority is expecting big things from these guys this season.

The Buffalo Bills are coming off a mediocre 8-8 2015 record. Quarterback EJ Manuel took the Bills all the way down to the seven yard line in the final 30 seconds, but couldn’t capitalize against a stingy, tenacious Redskins D.

Both squads strap again next week to finish off the preseason.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 2: Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants on Saturday, August 20, 4:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

New York Giants at Buffalo Bills, there has never been fan full in the history of NFL like this. When the Giants came face to face with the Bills you would never predict the results by the time the last whistle was blown. These guys all got to the field with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to show their fans that they are the best or in simple terms they care for their money and buying tickets for the game was not a waste.

Although with a lot of determination the Giants still lost shamelessly to the Bills by the end of the game the final score was 21 for the Bills and 0 for the Giants. This was not a good show. However there are a few things that led to the loss for the Giants. As a Giant instructor there are a number of things that I would to improve on the team’s aggressiveness.

There are a number of players that I would have done a replacement so as to get hold the teams ground for a better show against the opponents. Players like Bobby Hart should be the key movers of the game till the end of the game. Obarski is among the players that need to be reviewed again and again for the team’s improvement when the season starts or he may bring a drastic downfall to the Giants.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, August 13, 7:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The Colts beat out the Bills 19-18 in their preseason opener against Buffalo on Saturday. The Colts announced just a couple of hours before the game that starting quarterback Andrew Luck wouldn’t be playing. Backup Scott Tolzien started the game off for the Colts, with a moderate performance most hindered by accuracy. Tolzien had one touchdown through a catch-and-run by Jordan Todman and led the way to a first half field goal kick. Stephen Morris came in for the second half, clinching the victory for Buffalo with a 57-yard touchdown pass to Chester Rodgers with 10:42 remaining. Tolzien went 12 of 23 for 140 yards while Morris went 5 of 9 for 149 yards. Morris’ performance shows promise for his chances at solid playing time this season.

The game was heated near the end, as Bills quarterback Cradle Jones nearly pulled out a comeback with just seconds left. Jones threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Jarrett Boykins in the final seconds, however, Jones’ throw was incomplete in his effort at a 2-point conversion. Bills starting quarterback Tayrod Taylor went 2 of 3 for 7 yards, Manuel went 10 of 18 for 91 yards, and Jones went 11 of 21 for 162 yards.

Buffalo Bills NFL season 2015 recap

Buffalo Bills occupied position 8 in the 2015/2016 American Football League. The team won and lost eight matches respectively thereby attaining 379:359 points and winning percentage of 0.500 percent.

The statistics stamps Buffalo Bills position in the American Football League and makes it a team to watch in the new season that is yet to commence. The Buffalo Bills have not reached the playoffs for the last 16 years. They were eliminated in the playoffs after registering a record of 8-8-0. However, the current team rejuvenation offers immense confidence for better results compared to the past seasons. In the road to the playoffs, Buffalo Bills won the tie-break against Indianapolis arising from a decent head to head win percentage.

However, New England was the only team that proceeded from the division with a record of 12-4-0. Despite the unsatisfactory results at the level, the achievements served as a morale-boosting experience for the playing unit and the technical bench. In addition, individual players displayed master class in the quest for premiership title. Specifically, Tyroid Taylor marshaled the passing yard while Corey Graham and LeSean McCoy evidenced plenty of skills in tackling and rushing yards respectively. Perhaps, they played a crucial role in improving the team’s overall performance alongside players like Watkins and Chris Hogan.

NFL Season 2015 Week 17: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The New York Jets’ playoff hopes are up in smokes thanks to a 22-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Rex Ryan got fired by the Jets last season and took over the Bills this season and he got his revenge. The end of the game saw Ryan Fitzpatrick getting intercepted in the final three possessions. It is hard for a team to reflect on a season where they tried so hard and they came up short in their attempt to make the playoffs. Words can’t describe their feelings as they hop on their bus as they have nowhere else to go but home.

Fitzpatrick returned to Bufffalo three years after he was cut by the Bills and his collapse saw the crowd stand up to a magnificent roar because they knew they had won the game. The Bills were already eliminated from the playoffs for the 16th straight season which is the league’s longest playoff drought. They basically had nothing to play for when they suited up against the Jets. Of course, Rex Ryan would not have it any other way than to end the playoff chances of the Jets and that is exactly what happened. He said he had friends there so he wants them to succeed one day.

NFL Season 2015 Week 16: Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Cowboys have had trouble running this season. After losing in the last match up against Buffalo Bills, Jones, the chief operating officer thinks they are in serious need for a quarterback. This is true because Tony Romo has broken his collarbone, not once but twice. His agility and burst was still desperately needed by the cowboys. Tony has proved to be an effective quarterback, never shying from contact. It was quite a setback forcing Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden start the game without him.. Cowboys’ fans are apparently not impressed with this season’s performance it is something they would rather not remember.

Although Cowboys lost, their mock draft prospects are promising. Jerry Jones is of the opinion that they still have an advantage since most of their players are relatively young and at their best in their careers. Bills on the other side have also had their struggle. Ryan, their coach is well known for his strong defense. However, complains have been fronted for late play calls. The slow reaction gives room for offenses to easily take down the Buffalos. No major adjustments have been made so far. Chances are that they are still going to play a defensive game in the forthcoming matches. Rex Ryan can still hope to keep his job when the season ends.

NFL Season 2015 Week 15: Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Redskins won the game, beatig the Buffalo’s 35-25. Kirk Cousins was the star of the game, he scored four touchdowns. Kevin Durant was not present at the game. However, his support for the Redskins was evident as he tweeted during the game. His tweet read “You like that!” This phrase has developed as a chant by the Redskin fans after they have managed three wins in four games this season. The loss is devastating for the Bills, it assures that they will miss out the postseason again. The players have taken the loss emotionally.

The Redskins offensive line was tested during the game. Morgan Moses, the right guard, and Josh LeRibeus, who plays center, were both injured on Sunday. Redskins also showed several defenses to defeat Bill’s Taylor. The alterations in coverage by the Redskins made it possible for Taylor to sack them only five times. The Redskins were also able to recover the ball after Taylor held it. Within the second half it was observed that the Bills could hardly stay within a striking distance. The Redskins were able to make a 16-yard run missing five tackles. The Bills will have to improve their defense.

NFL Season 2015 Week 14: Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles clinched a very narrow win against the Buffalo Bills by 23 – 20. This was supposed to be the perfect homecoming for LeSean McCoy but Sam Bradford and a defense that can only be described as exemplary ruined the day. To summarize the win, Caleb Sturgis with three minutes and 26 seconds remaining on the clock got a 30 yard field goal. Ed Reynolds also intercepted a Tyrod Taylor’s pass which was in the final minutes of the game and the Eagles carried the night thanks to this. McCoy, who had 74 yards rushing as well as 35 on the receiving on his return to the Eagles.

McCoy also hugged the owner of the Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie and kissed the logo of the Eagles at midfield before the coin was tossed. He was also the first player off the field as soon as the game was over and he went straight for the lockers and actually slammed his helmet against the wall. Overall, it was a great game that could have gone either way if it wasn’t for the hard working defense of the Eagles which gave them a reason to smile at the end of the game emerging victorious, very narrowly to say the least but nonetheless a well deserved win.

NFL Season 2015 Week 13: Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The Texans are one of the NFL’s hottest teams and have played their way back into the AFC play-off picture. The Bills are just one game behind and always tough in Buffalo.

A month ago, Bill O’Brien and the Houston Texans were in shambles. The Texans were sitting at 2-5 after getting absolutely dismantled by the now corroded Miami Dolphins. What was supposed to be the Texans’ backbone, the defense, surrendered 509 total yards and 44 points to Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins.

Yes, that Ryan Tannehill — you know, the one that has only been playing quarterback since Johnny Football’s freshman year at Texas A&M. In that blowout win, the Texans allowed Tannehill to have a career day, completing 18 of 19 pass attempts and throwing for four touchdown passes.

Five things that were to watch: 1. Only three teams had longer winning streaks than the Texans’ current four. 2. The Bills’ sputtering offence was catching the Texans’ suddenly dominant defence at a bad time.

3. Key to the defensive revival had to return. 4. Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, starting for the first time in his five-year career, deserved kudos for taking care of the football. 5. For the first time all season, the Texans offence marched down the field on the first possession and scored a touchdown.

NFL Season 2015 Week 12: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

On the wet and sloppy Sunday afternoon in a densely packed Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, the Kansas City chiefs (6-5, 3-2) subdued the visiting Buffalo Bills (5-6, 3-3) to an exhilarating 30-22 win. After a tough opening drive, and falling behind 10-0 in the first quarter of the match, Kansas City Chief’s star player Alex Smith made an impressive throw of 255 yards and 2 touchdowns to seal their victory in the game.

Spencer Ware made a dash for 114 yards while Superstar Jeremy Maclin had 9 receptions for 160 yards and a touchdown.

It is the fifth straight victory for the chiefs and cements their position in their quest for the playoffs with only five games left in the AFC regular season. Both teams heavily sustained injuries. Kansas Chief all pro linebacker Justin Houston sustained a knee injury after tripping in the heated first half. His teammate Mitch Morse sustained a concussion while left tackle Eric Fisher sustained a neck injury and both left the field.

The Bills had their fair share of injuries too, as their highly regarded defensive linesman Alex Carrington hurt his right knee while Karlos Williams, the Buffalo’s running back hurt his left shoulder. The Bills gave an outstanding and impressive performance that will definitely leave fans yearning for their AFC appearance.

NFL Season 2015 Week 11: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots on Monday, November 23, 8:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

A controversial officiating was witnessed as the play was halted in the third quarter because of an inadvertent whistle in a game that saw the New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills 20 – 13. The whistle as well as the placement of the ball after the play by the referee, Gene Steratore was wrong according to NFL rules. This controversy was the main talk of the night which saw the Pats miss a 54 yard field goal that was clearly in sight. The line judge was sort by the referee as to the placement of the ball after the whistle was wrongfully blown.

The rules of the NFL clearly state what should be done about this and the ball should be returned to the player that had the ball or the team can choose to redo the entire play which can be found in Rule 7, Section 2, and Article 1 of the rule book by the NFL. The controversy aside, the game was a really great one and the fact that the win went to the deserving team which did a really great job at out playing the opponents at every turn was really great. Congratulations to the Patriots for the amazing game.

NFL Season 2015 Week 10: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets on Thursday, November 12, 8:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Bills win the game over a fellow AFC East team, the Jets by five points. They took advantage of three field goals made by kicker Dan Carpenter, and a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown to win the game and further their chances at making the playoffs. On the other hand, the Jets are 1-3 in their last four games. The two teams will play again this season, the next matchup will take place in Ralph Wilson Stadium, where the Bills play, in the very last game of the regular season.

Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor completed 17 passes after 27 completions, with one touchdown pass and no interceptions.

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two touchdowns and two interceptions on fifteen completions and 193 yards in the loss to his former team.

The Bills outscored the Jets 12-3 in the first half of the game, and it would help them win the game. Because even though they would be outscored 14-10 in the second half of the game, they still wound up finding a way to win. A key play in the game, was the Jets moving the ball deep inside the Bills territory, without being able to push the ball into the end zone.

NFL Season 2015 Week 9: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The NFL game ended on a very sad note for the Dolphins. This is with regards to the game that took place between Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Things did not go well for the Dolphins because they lost to Buffalo Bills. Upon arrival at western New York, the dolphins were showed dust by the buffalo bills. It was all about the bills. The dolphins the bills started on a heated note. Sammy Watkins did a great job for the Bills. He got eight passes for 168 yards. This has really led to a boost in his career.

Taylor also gave teh Bills a great finish by completing 11 passes out of 12. This was for 181 yards. He also had a touchdown. The Dolphins lost the Buffalo Bills 33-17. This is the fourth time that the Dolphins have been beaten by Bills. It seems that the Dolphins are losing their grip of the game. All in all it was a great game and the Bills won fair and square. The Buffalo Bills players had the scars to show off their victory. It was definitely worth every injury that they succumbed while playing as the players would testify.

NFL Season 2015 Week 7: Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 25, 9:30 AM, EverBank Field

The Jaguars came from behind to beat the Bills 34-31 in a thrilling match at the Wembley stadium in London. A victory for the Bills looked certain when the Jaguars squandered a big lead to the Bills but Blake Botles came through late on to rally the Jaguars to victory.

Bottles produces a moment of inspiration with a 31 yard match winning touchdown pass to Allen Hurns when it seemed as though the Bills would run away with the victory with just 2:16 to go. That was Botles’ second touchdown pass of the game and it came when he seemed to have space for him to run through for a first down but he was able to spot Hurns heading towards the end zone and produced the pass. This was the Jaguars first win at the wembley stadium after losing their first two games in England.

Due to the absence of the injured Tyrod Taylor, EJ Manuel started at quarterback for the second match in a row summarizing the Bills current injury crisis and it was Manuel’s early lapse that allowed the Jaguars to take a 27-3 lead but recovered well to rally the Bills to take the lead until the last minutes of the game.

The Jaguars defense was brilliant scoring 2 touchdowns in a 7 second span and setting up one for T.J Yeldon who finished with 116 Yards short of Botles’ 182 yards.

NFL Season 2015 Week 6: Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

In the encounter between Cincinnati Bengals (34) and Buffalo Bills (21) at the Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday October 18, Bengals victory represents only 355 yards, and Buffalo 368 yards, however, the ball possession was quite equal, and with the help of the star receiver AJ Green and Andy Dalton gave the final touch with 20 of his 33 passes to Jones, Tyler Eifert and Jeremy Hill within 5 yards of the line scrimmage, giving Bengals what they needed to remain unbeaten after six straight matches. Despite of Buffalo Bills made a good entrance, and with a total of twenty two (22) 1st Downs and 1 turnover, facing injuries and several penalties it looks like they couldn’t overcome Bengals defense, allowing Cincinnati representatives take advantage.

On the other hand, Buffalo Bills are now placed on the third place of the AFC East Standing with only 6 points, New England Patriots and New York Jets are leading the chart.

Bengals are on the top of the AFC North Standing with 60 points, leaving behind Pittsburgh Steelers with 37, Cleveland Browns -17, and Baltimore Ravens with -19.

Let’s see if Bengals remain unbeaten on their next match this Sunday November 1st when they are face to face with Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Season 2015 Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, October 11, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

For American football lovers, nothing waters their mouths than a game between outstanding clubs and bitter rivalry that exists between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans. For those who follow or have been following the game will straight away know what am speaking about.

Think of what happened in 1999- 2000 National Football league’s playoffs. Just to refresh your memory a little bit, the game between these American football giants took place at Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville. With the Bills having taken a lead of 16 – 15 on a field goal with just but exactly 16 second left for the game to come to an end, a genuinely genius moment came in the Titans way in the form of Frank Wycheck who threw a lateral pass across the field, the awesome and perfectly timed pass met Kevin Dyson who made no mistake to dispatch the ball by running 75 yards to score the winning touchdown and earn a 22 – 16 victory.

For those who were in attendance, I bet they still can’t forget the rapturous shouting that ensued, the fans went wild most of them falling in love with the awesomeness shown by the two lads. Well, that is for the winning team fans, not much can be say about the disappointment of the losing side though. That just tells you what to expect when these two sides meet…

NFL Season 2015 Week 4: Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants on Sunday, October 04, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

A nightmare that was recurring is what the Giants were going through again in the middle of the fourth quarter. Having dominated earlier on in the game and this coming in the wake of them being the underdogs against the Bills. Struggling to maintain their lead in the fourth quarter but this did not come as a surprise as they have been doing this in each of their three previous games this season.

Finding their energy real late in the game, the Bills pulled 6 points, and they were unstoppable from then on with the home fans roaring and urging them on to victory.The Giants had a good game, and you could tell by the way Eli Manning handled most of the play. It was a deserving win for the Giants who maintained their composure in the fourth quarter to make the game a one-way affair.

The Bills were really disappointing again, and you can’t blame them really, they lack the power to hold on to a lead and that is what cost them dearly on Sunday and in the other three previous games. Congratulations to the Giants for such a deserving victory.

NFL Season 2015 Week 3: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 27, 4:25 PM, Sun Life Stadium

In the Bills vs. Dolphins game, the Bills hit the field running. Coming off a loss against the Patriots the Bills were looking for a win. Buffalo scored their first touchdown in the first three minutes of the game. They didn’t disappoint their fans with 27 points scored in the first half, leaving the Miami Dolphins flapping the water with 0 points on the board. It was the largest deficit this the team has faced in eight years. The second half didn’t prove much better for the Dolphins who were no match for the Bills defense. Tyrod Taylor threw for 277 yards and three scores in his first NFL road start.

This was an opening home game for the Dolphins and it seems they weren’t there to play. They had six penalties, three interceptions and the defense allowed 429 yards. The Dolphins certainly didn’t bring their running game.

The Miami Dolphins were the pick by 2.5 points, but in the end they just couldn’t pull out a win against Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins had high hopes for this season, but after yesterday’s game, this leaves Joe Philbin on the hot seat after his team played horribly. With a 41-14 win Buffalo Bills move on to the Giants with a 2-1 record.

NFL Season 2015 Week 2: Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Wildly entertaining- this is a great way to describe this exciting game that was played on Sunday. The Patriots maintained a well deserved lead throughout the game. By the time only 12 minutes of play were left, scores of Bill’s fans could be seen exiting the Ralph Wilson stadium, utterly disappointed. The Patriots were enjoying a 24-point lead. This quickly changed as the game went on. The game quickly changed as the Bills continuously scored while the Patriots kept passing. However, despite the effort the fell to the Patriots who took the 40-32 victory.

The hero of the game was with no doubt Tom Brady, having thrown one of the longest passes-over 466 yards. Brady also helped covert three scores when he threw for three touchdowns; two of them to Julian Edelman. Tom is quoted to have to have said that he didn’t expect to have thrown that far. Bills he said have wonderful players and a wonderful coach so it would be a hard team to beat. Hard work and determination on the side of the Patriots is what enabled them beat the Bills. The Patriots said that they still want to continue with the winning streak even in the future seasons.

NFL Season 2015 Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 13, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Rex Ryan, Bills’s new coach proved his worth on Sunday with Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills. Bobbie Dixon and Karlos Williams rushed for touchdowns with the Buffalo’s defense dominating in a 27-14 victory. This can be described as the type of approach Ryan had envisioned upon stepping into Doug Marrone’s shoes as coach in January.

Tyrod Taylor was made starting quarterback two weeks ago, a decision that really paid off. He went 14 of 19 for 195 yards. In addition to this, Taylor also managed a 1-yard touchdown pass to his college Percy Harvin. His dual-threat mobility was seen when he ran 41 yards on 9 carries. He outplayed Luck

Luck managed to finish 26 of 49 for 243 yards together with 2 touchdowns. Both of these scores by Dwayne Allen’s (a 6-yard score) and Donte Moncrief’s (a 2-yard catch) occurred in the second half, after Colts had fallen behind 24-0. Additionally, luck threw 2 interceptions. Rookie Ronald Darby and safety Aaron Williams grabbed the first and second interceptions respectively.

Colts on the other hand had to finish the game without T.Y. Hilton, their top receiver. Hilton had left in the third quarter for some tests to be carried out on his injured knee. He returned later to the sideline finishing with 7 catches for 8 yards.

Recap of Buffalo Bills’ NFL season 2014

2014 was Buffalo Bill’s 45th season in the National Football League which they finished and you can only watch Bills streaming again next season. All eyes were on them because for the first time they were competing without Sir Ralph Wilson as the owner. Coach Doug Marrone helped the team improve on their 2013 record of 6-10, by taking them up 9-7 in 2014. This marked their 1st ever straight winning season since they last emerged victorious in 2004.

Despite the good run, Buffalo Bills was eventually eliminated from playoffs on the 16th week following a loss to the Oakland Raiders. On Dec 7th, two game officials acknowledged a touchdown by Denver Broncos’ running-back CJ Anderson by performing a celebratory fist bump. The Broncos were playing against Buffalo Bills. Many BB players and fans alike were appalled by this insensitive gesture.

NFL Season 2014 Week 17: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots played in a long-time AFC East rivalry game. New England had nothing to play for, having already clinched the number one seed in the playoffs. Patriots coach Bill Bellichek decided to hold out Rob Gronkowski and five other starters, and star quarterback Tom Brady only played the first half. New England was willing to take the loss to the Bills, in order to go into the playoffs healthy. The Bills wanted to win this game desperately and did 17 to 9. The win gives Buffalo a 9 and 7 record and their first winning season in 10 years.

In his last game before retiring, Bills quarterback Kyle Orton threw for 176 yards and a touchdown. Anthony Dixon added a rushing touchdown and rookie receiver Sammy Watkins added 57 yards receiving to end a successful rookie season. The Bills defense was solid Sunday as they have been all year. They recorded four sacks and held the Patriots to 33% conversion rate on third downs. In Doug Marrone’s second year as the Bills head coach, he has built a positive system and the team is headed in the right direction.

NFL Season 2014 Week 16: Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders on Sunday, December 21, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

The Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders played Sunday, with Buffalo needing to win their last two games to make the playoffs. The Raiders played spoilers again this week beating the Bills 26 to 24 and knocking the Bills out of the playoffs. Oakland rookie quarterback Derek Carr threw two touchdown passes and Sebastian Janikowski kicked four field goals. Oakland’s defense also played well sacking Bills quarterback Kyle Orton twice and intercepting him twice.

Raiders oft injured running back Darren McFadden finally showed up in this game, busting a 25 yard run down to the Buffalo one yard line. The Raiders took a 19 to 10 lead into the fourth quarter, when Kyle Orton hit Scott Chandler with a 29 yard touchdown pass to close the lead to 19 – 17. The Raiders were able to hold onto the lead and finish off the Bills once and for all. A few highlights from the game include the Raiders rushing for 143 yards. Bills rookie receiver had three receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown in the losing effort. The Raiders will miss the playoffs again for a twelfth year, but they have won three of there last five games after starting the season 0 and 10.

NFL Season 2014 Week 15: Buffalo Bills vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The Bills (8-6) pulled off an upset of the Green Bay Packers (10-4) in week 15 thanks to a Marcus Thigpen punt return TD, four Dan Carpenter field goals, and, oh yes, perhaps the best defense in the NFL this year.

The Bills didn’t put Rodgers on the ground much, and didn’t even hit him much, but they were almost there all day. Rodgers was clearly uncomfortable and has little time to make his second (let alone third) read, which was usually tightly covered by the Bills secondary, which to some extent overshadowed the defensive line, which has been doing much of the damage all season.

Last year’s 6th round pick of Washtingon, Baccarri Rambo, picked Rodgers off twice, which just goes to show you that good things happen when you leave Washington. Rodgers was the victim of a lot of drops by his recivers, with the Pack dropping nearly as many passes in this one game as they had all season.

However, the tendency is to give Rodgers a pass and blame the drops, but the reality is that he played a pretty bad game, thanks to unrelenting pressure and tight coverage. He ended up going 17 for 42 and 185 yards. But Packer fans should not get too worried. The last time Rodgers played a game this bad, he went on to rip off a streak of 30 TD to zero interceptions.

NFL Season 2014 Week 14: Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos on Sunday, December 07, 4:05 PM, Sports Authority Field @ Mile High

Coming into this game, not many people expected a blow out, but not many expected a Buffalo win either. This is largely because the Bronco offense has been sputtering (relatively) and the Bills D is the real deal. In the end however, the Broncos did pull out a close win, outlasting Buffalo to the tune of 24-17.

Although the Broncos were in control of the game more than the score would indicate, it’s obvious that this team is not currently the juggernaut we saw in 2013.

The Broncos scored first on a C.J. Anderson touchdown run, but the Bills got the board with a field goal, keeping things close. Then things started to get a bit out of hand. Anderson scored on 2 more runs, putting the Broncos up 21-3. The Broncos added a field goal later, making it 24-3. At this point, you could be forgiven for writing this game off. However, Kyle (The Neckbeard) Orton led the Buffalo offense to two scores, throwing a TD pass to Chris Hogan (who is really coming on) and running for a touchdown of his own.

The Bills couldn’t pull out the win despite scrappy play and some very good defense, but it’s clear that the continued absence of Julius Thomas and the continued disappointing production from Demaryius Thomas is obviously a potential worry for Bronco nation.

NFL Season 2014 Week 13: Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Buffalo and Cleveland came into the game playing for a wild card spot in the playoffs. The game started out exactly as it was expected as the two teams only scored three points in the first half of the game. The second half was the opposite of the first half as both teams scored thirty-three total points.

Cleveland’s Rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel came into the game to replace an ineffective Brian Hoyer. Hoyer threw two interceptions causing the change. Manziel scored the Browns only touchdown. The top receivers for the Browns were Miles Austin and Josh Gordon.

Buffalo’s quarterback Kyle Orton had a decent day as he threw for 190 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Orton’s main target was Robert Woods, whom caught four catches for seventy-one yards. Chris Hogan caught Orton’s only touchdown ass. Fred Jackson ran for seventy yards. He also caught three passes for twenty-seven yards. The Buffalo defense scored a touchdown for the Bills.

Buffalo is traveling to Denver for an important match up for the two teams as Buffalo needs to continue to win to have a chance at the playoffs. Cleveland is playing at home against the Colts. The Browns are looking to rebound after their loss to the Bills.

NFL Season 2014 Week 12: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Scott Chandler capped an impressive performance by the Bills by doing a celebration mimicking a persons shoveling motion as an appreciation to the Bill’s fans that have spent a large part of previous few days digging out snow. Later he acknowledged that he wanted to do something special for the fans. After a physically draining week caused by frightening weather that caused heavy snowing, despite all this the Bills played a perfect game mauling the New York Jets 38-3. Despite not training until when they arrived in Michigan but it was the Jets that looked in sixes and sevens.

It was the second win of the season for the Bills having beaten the Lions in October. Robert Woods caught a career high of 9 for 118 yards. Rex Ryan the Jets Coach was fuming as he claimed that his team did nothing to stop the bills almost implying that the hammering was deserved. Since the 37-0 win in Dec 1989 this has been the second most lopsided victory for the Buffalo’s over the Jets. Unfortunately during the game the Bill’s lost Tight-end Chris Gagg to a knee injury the Jets lost Defensive-Lineman Muhammad Wilkerson to a toe injury and Tight-End Jace Amaro to a head injury.

NFL Season 2014 Week 11: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins on Thursday, November 13, 8:25 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The first game of the weekend was between the Buffalo Bills and their hosts, the Miami Dolphins. The visitors were in for a rude shock as their hosts routed them 22-9. The Dolphins took made good use of their home ground advantage. They outplayed the Bills in all departments. With several key injury victims on the sidelines, there was no way the Bills were going to beat the Dolphins.

The first quarter was quite lethargic for the Dolphins. It ended 3-3, followed by a 0-3 score in favor of the guests in the second quarter. In the third quarter, the tide turned against the Bills after the Dolphins piped up both their offense and defense. Their defining moment was when their defense denied the Bills offense entrance to the end zone. The third quarter ended at 10-3, followed by a 10-0 score in the final quarter, both results in favor of the hosts. The results mean the Bills are at 5-5 and the Dolphins at 6-4, average performances by both teams. However, it is the Bills to work hard and regain their shattered confidence and morale ahead of the next game.

NFL Season 2014 Week 10: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills resulted in a 17-13 Chiefs victory, consequentially improving their season record to 6-3 and putting them in a good position for the season endgame. Just like the Browns and Bengals games, this show-off was heavily influenced by one team clearly being off their game and causing several key mistakes. Early on in the game the Bills’ defence was unrelentingly, forcing the Chiefs to put from their own end zone, which was fielded by McKelvin. However after catching the ball and taking a couple steps he was hit head on by special team’s members Albert Wilson and Anthony Sherman, who caused the ball to be knocked loose.

The ball was subsequently recovered by Sherman and after a short serious of plays by the Chiefs resulted in a touchdown. The next key point of the match came in the beginning of the second half which set the mood for the rest of the game. Buffalo Bills’ Bryce Brown had possession of the ball just mere steps outside of his own end zone, when it was stripped off of him by Parker which caused the ball to bounce into the end zone, couldn’t be controlled by the tight end Scott Chandler and finally went out for a touch back. In this game it seemed like nothing was going right for the Bills’ offence, and the Chief’s defence played an excellent game, diminishing any hopes for a Bills’ comeback.

NFL Season 2014 Week 8: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets on Sunday, October 26, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Buffalo Bills Inflict The New York Jets With Their Seventh Loss Of The SeasonIt was another losing weekend for the New York Jets as they fell to a well oiled Buffalo Bills side. The Jets have won only one game this season and losing 23-43 to the Bills only worsened their woes. They are now the whipping boys of the season. It seems like it will take magic for them to rise again and throw a credible challenge against their opponents in the rest of the season. As for the Bills, this was an inspiring victory for them as they seek to reignite the fire that keeps faltering as the season wears on.

It is good to note that their defense proved to be more solid than ever before. restricting the jets offense to the periphery of their area, except in the second and third quarters, in which they penetrated and scored consolation points. The Bills offense responded in kind and did the necessary, scoring crucial points when it mattered most. They took the first and third, and fourth quarters 14-0, 6-0 and 13-6 respectively, losing the third 10-17. This should inspire them to do even better in their forth coming matches.

NFL Season 2014 Week 7: Buffalo Bills vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The Bills won on the scoreboard Sunday against the Vikings, 17-16. They were able to make Teddy Bridgewater feel very uncomfortable in his first road game. Leodis McKelvin led the way for the Bills with 2 interceptions, giving him 4 on the year which puts him in a tie for the league lead. Despite having four turnovers, including two 2 from QB Kyle Orton, Buffalo was able to overcome them and win. Leading an impressive 80 yard 3 minute drive which had many of its moments, Kyle Orton stayed composed and was able to come up with passes like a 22 yarder to TE Scott Chandler on a fourth-and-20 and a 29 yard pass to WR Chris Hogan which put them on the 1-yard line.

Orton capped the drive with a touchdown pass to Sammy Watkins, and the extra point gave the Bills the lead. Teddy Bridgewater has now been sacked 20 times over his last three games. A quarterback cannot develop when he has no time to throw. While the Bills won on the scoreboard, they lost both their star RBs in Fred Jackson (pulled groin, 2-4 weeks) and CJ Spiller (broken collarbone, season). This game was a good example of a good team finding a way to win, and a bad team finding a way to lose.

NFL Season 2014 Week 6: Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

This game was played on 12th Sunday in the month of October at exactly 1300hrs. It was played in Orchard Park, New York in the Ralph Wilson Stadium. The New England Patriots managed to defeat the Buffalo Bills at a final score of 37-22 points. The two teams are known to be longtime rivals. They have played 109 games. New England has managed to win 67 games while Buffalo Bills winning 41 games and tied once.

The game was attended by 70,185 people. Here is a breakdown of how the points came about in the four quarters of the game. In the first quarter, there were no scores that were registered from both teams. In the second quarter, New England managed to score a total of 13 points while Buffalo scoring a total of 7 points. These were the scores that took both teams to half time.

After the half time, New England scored 10 points while Buffalo scored 7 points. So far the New England was leading with a difference of 9 points. In the last quarter, New England managed to be victorious by scoring 14 points, bringing the total to 37 points. Buffalo Bills scored 8 points to give them a total of 22 points. Tom Brady made a 361 yard throw and four touchdowns. He also made a 43 yard to Brian Tyms.

NFL Season 2014 Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Lions suffered yet another defeat thanks in part to the inaccuracy of their kicker. Tied at 14-14, Lions kicker Alex Henery missed his third field goal attempt of the night with 21 seconds remaining on the clock. After the miss, Kyle Orton, who made his starting debut after the Bills decided to bench E. J. Manuel, marched his team down field including a 20 yard catch by rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins to setup the 58 yard game winning field goal by Dan Carpenter. Carpenter missed a 50 yard attempt earlier in the game but was able to split the uprights with 4 seconds left giving the Bills the 17-14 victory.

Detroit was plagued with injuries most of the night with Calvin Johnson, Joique Bell, and Reggie Bush all having sustained injuries. Lions receiver Golden Tate had a big day making several clutch catches and finishing the day with 7 catches for 134 yards and a touchdown. Matthew Stafford had a relatively quite day finishing 18 of 31 for 221 yards and one interception while Kyle Orton finished 30 of 43 for 308 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. On a side note, the Bills filed a complaint after alleging that laser pointers were being pointed at their players during the game. Specifically, in the face of holder Colton Schmidt during Dan Carpenter’s earlier miss and at Kyle Orton during various moments of gameplay.

NFL Season 2014 Week 4: Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans on Sunday, September 28, 1:00 PM, Reliant Stadium

Week 3, was the time when Buffaloes locked horns with Houston. This game was a fair reflection of two NFL teams with a long history of football rivalry. The game started on a low mark but eventually gained momentum and just after the first quarter mark, Buffaloes were at their best with a 10 points score. The defense of Buffalo bills gave the Houston Texans a very difficult moment during the last quarter of the first quarter of the game. However, Houston never accepting to lay down, J.J. Watt was the man who restored hope and glory to the wounded Houston Texans. This game changer was a remarkable turn point for the second quarter which saw the Houston Texans turn the game around with a lot of gusto to beat Buffalo Bills 23-17 from behind.

The Bill’s fans had a great game while they watched their first four display a remarkable action against their opponents. Overall, did an outstanding defense against Alfred Blue and Arian Foster. Daries Ducell was among the high ranking players amongst these first fours with a 3.69 grading. Signature play was well displayed by Daries again, who got better of Jones to tackle Arian in his one of the three stops in the backfield. Another outstanding performance was displayed by Aaron Williams who has been enjoying a great form since the start of the season. On the third quarter, Williams tackled J. Fiedorowic to prevent a first down. However, Sammy Watkins didn’t seem to put much energy into the game. His performance is not one he would like to talk about since it earned him a -2.3 rating.

Having earned a +11.4 grading last season, no one would ever think that J.J. Watt would replicate the same kind of form this season as it was portrayed last Sunday at Houston. Watt had a good time beating Erick Pears twice to give his side a match winning display. The +13.5 grading was hard earned by tailing fifteen pressures and hitting nine times. Leodis McKelvin and Ryan J. Fiedorowic were other players who stepped up to the game when needed especially during the second quarter. Jonathan Joseph experienced a tough day having been targeted 10 times.

NFL Season 2014 Week 3: San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Sunday, 21st was the day and Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, New York was the venue where the Buffalo Bills lost their week three game to charging San Diego Chargers. The 22-10 Victory ensured the Chargers start their season with a 2-1 record for the third time in four seasons. The visitors rallied to 7-0 in the first quarter, before extending their lead to 13-3 at the end of the second quarter. The hosts put up a spirited fight in the third quarter, tying 7-7 with their visiting tormentors in the quarter. The last quarter saw the Chargers prevail 2-0 to set the final score at 22-10. The Chargers must have been inspired by their win over the super bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks the previous week, when they prevailed 30-21 at home. The Buffalo Bills blew away their golden opportunity to go up 3-0. It would have been their third time to go 3-0 up since 1993. They will now have to regroup as fast as possible for their next game.

NFL Season 2014 Week 2: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

This was the Bills day and heeding toe the words of their hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly who proclaimed ‘Squish the Fish’, the Bills went on to do just that by handing the Dolphins a 29-10 loss.

The Bills win was carried on by a fist clash win in Chicago and the expected sale of the franchise to new owners Terry and Kim Pegula. The stadium was flocked by fans of either side and was in a frenzy all along. The ecstatic mood went on to become more delirium as the Bills water tight defense was significantly dominant and the offense kept diving in for the points. Some of the big hitters of the night include C.J. Spiller who returned a 102 yards kick off for a touchdown and also made a 47 yard dash from scrimmage to set up another touchdown. Other top performance in this meeting include rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins who caught 8 passes as well as Dan Carpenter who kicked 4 goals from the field to seal a very convincing victory.

NFL Season 2014 Week 1: Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 7, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

On Sunday, September 7, 2014, at 1 PM EST, the Buffalo Bills played the Chicago Bears at Chicago’s home stadium, Soldier Field. After a Buffalo punt, Chicago struck first, scoring a touchdown off a 12 yard pass from Cutler to Bennett. On Buffalo’s next possession, however, the score was evened at 7 after a 2 yard run by Manuel. In the second quarter, Buffalo scored twice, starting with a 50 yard field goal. Buffalo’s Graham then intercepted Chicago’s quarterback, which, combined with a penalty against Chicago, resulted in good field position for Buffalo. They scored on the next play, with a 7 yard touchdown pass to Spiller, making it 17-7 at halftime. On the first possession of the second half, Chicago scored a 41 yard field goal. An interception by Chicago’s Conte allowed Chicago to regain possession and score a touchdown, which was an 11 yard pass to Marshall by Cutler, tying the score at 17-17. With four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Buffalo managed a 33 yard field goal. However, Chicago managed to score a tying 37 yard field goal with 35 seconds left. In overtime, Chicago was unable to get on the board, while Buffalo scored off a 27 yard field goal, so that Buffalo won, 23-20.

What you missed in the 2013 season of the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills 2013 season was the 44th season of the franchise in NFL and the first under the guidance of head coach Doug Marrone. Since Ralph Wilson died in March 2014, the season was also the last under his ownership.

The Bills entered the 2013 season with a new starting quarterback, E. J. Manuel after the starter quarterback of the team Ryan Fitzpatrick refused a reduction in the contract and was eventually released and can only watch Buffalo Bills football now. Ryan had been the Buffalo Bills’ starter for past 2.7 seasons.

The Buffalo Bills 2013 season culminated with a 6-10 record. This record is the same as last year however, the team certainly had a very different look and feel to it in 2013. The team displayed some bright sparks with their rushing attack being ranked second in the league. Their defense was no less and was ranked 2nd in NFL in sacks. A number of players in defense had excellent season. Few names include rookie Kiko Alonso, Kyle Williams, Jerry Hughes, Nickell Robey and Jairus Byrd. Dan Carpenter went for an outstanding 30 for 36 on field goals which is a rare feat to achieve.

There is no denial that there were certain weak spots in the team as well. Their run defense which you can often see when you watch Buffalo Bills live coverage has been ranked 28th. They showed awful teams play and offensive guard. The team appeared to be mentally caving in during the crucial last minutes’ play. Penalties remained a gray area during the entire season. The team missed the presence of Andy Levitre and the benching of Marcel Dareus was also an issue. T. J. Graham didn’t evolve as it was expected and the team displayed very weak passing skills. The team missed the playoffs and increased their playoff draught to 14 seasons.

Watch Buffalo Bills OnlineThe team needs to answer a few questions. QB is one position which needs to be strengthened. E. J. Manuel had an incomplete season due to frequent injuries. The franchise needs to reduce the instances of injuries. Manuel was also not very accurate with the long ball. He was seen throwing the ball out-of-bounds thereby not allowing his receivers to make a play. Stevie Johnson also did not do as expected with only 52 catches to his credit. C. J, Spoiler’s performance also took a downturn due to high ankle sprain that lasted for much of the year.

The Bills need to overhaul in a big way before they enter the next season. The quarter back position issue needs to be addressed urgently. Besides QB, a run-stiffing linebacker is also a pressing requirement and you will have fun again to watch Buffalo Bills online.

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