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NFL Divisional Playoffs: Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 15, 4:40 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Green Bay Packers met with the Dallas Cowboys, what about them. This follows after the Packers upset the Cowboys, it has been a long time as the NFL fans tried to figure out what actually happen for the Dak Prescott and of course his team.

At the moment of the Game, the Cowboys had started to accelerate during the second half of the game.

As the game begun the Green Bay had a kind of offense picking as they left off after about a 38 point against New York in the Last Week. Where they jumped out to have a 21-3 lead.Rodgers caught a 34-yard touch while the Montgomery has 2 drives of a 90 and 80yards scores while finishing off

On the other hand, the Dallas get out looking like a team that has not played any game recently. The cowboys had scored during their first possession while having a 50-yard goal of the Dan Bailey. During the next possessions, the Dallas found themselves being 19-points down.

The Cowboys got a lead during the first half while the Green Bay got an endless kick after the halftime was over. Jared Cook was open for 6 points while the Packers had a 23-13 lead.

During the moment the Dallas had rugged behind as they had a 3-14 while the Green Bay had 21-yard line. During the next game, the Packers will try to gain at the Atlanta.

NFL Week 17: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

When the Dallas Cowboys visited the Philadelphia Eagles, all they needed to do is prove their might. They had already qualified for the playoffs and stood tall as the NFC’s top seed. The Eagles however took the day with a 27-13 win but this was not enough to qualify them for the playoffs. The Cowboys did not put in their best players and actually played it as if it was a preseason game. Among the starters who did not play are Ezekiel Elliott the running back, Sean Lee the linebacker and Tyron Smith the offensive tackle. The top twp quarter backs were taken off in the first half as well.

Dak Prescott was replaced by Tony Romo playing his first game of the season. He led the Dallas team to a 10-3 lead and connected with Terrance Williams for a 3-yard touchdown. On the other side, the win was from the efforts of the Wentz-Ertz connection. Just before half-time, Wentz made a pass to Ertz who scored a 6-yard touchdown. In the third quarter, the duo was at it again. In the back corner, Ertz dived for a catch which he took for a 20-yard touchdown. He finished the season with 816 yards, 78 catches and 4 touchdowns.

NFL Week 16: Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions on Monday, December 26, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys opened the game on offense and made a score on their 1st drive by D. Prescott with a twenty one yard pass to B. Butler on 3rd and 14 after few minutes. They gifted Detroit five yards on the opening-play and made a downfield pass which took another five yard penalty on J. Witten who was involved in a false start. Witten however, still caught a twenty three-yard pass and D. Bryant caught an eighteen-yard pass on 3rd down.

The Dallas Cowboys took a 14-7 lead with Elliott’s fifty five-yard touchdown run on the 5th play of the drive. Jackson later overran the play when Zeke Elliott ran a cut-back to the right, sprinted down the right side-line and beating G. Quinn with a great dive into the end- zone.

Detroit Lions took a 21-14 lead on Zenner with a five-yard run. On 3rd and six from the Cowboys 49, Ebron later made a catch for in the twelve yards. G. Tate caught a fourteen-yard pass to the Cowboys 16. On a play on 2nd-and-11 from the seventeen, Stafford made a throw at a side-arm pass to Ebron for twelve-yard gain.

Bryant also made a throw to Witten from 10-yards, the Dallas took a 35-21 lead. Williams had 2 nice catches, one for a fourteen yards and the other one for a thirty yard. The Dallas team looked unstoppable on the 95-yard drive. Prescott’s nineteen-yard touch-down pass to Bryant for a, 42-21, lead and the game was over.

NFL Week 15: Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Sunday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was responsible for the 33% rating spike on NBC when compared to the previous week’s contest of 15. The Cowboys recorded a victory of 26-20 achieving a 15.3 rating overnight. The memorable 159 yard run and touchdown by Ezekiel Elliot helped the Dallas Cowboys overcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26-20. This incredible performance by Elliot earned him the game’s MVP.

Tampa seemed to be on the resurgence when the game had hit a tie of 20-20. This was till the interception made by Jeff Heath on Jameis Winston which changed the whole momentum of the game. The Cowboys placed two more field goals and dominated the fourth quarter. Dan Prescott displayed a remarkable performance that saw him complete 32 of 36 passes.

Tampa displayed a charged performance during the third quarter which saw them take the lead. Their opening drive saw Adam Humphreys score courtesy of a 42 yard touchdown pass from Winston. This marked the end of the Buccaneers five-game winning streak. On the other hand the Cowboys are closer than ever to clinching the NFC East title. Actually they are in a position to claim it when they face the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints – upcoming games.

NFL Week 14: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants on Sunday, December 11, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The recent loss of the Dallas Cowboys to the New York Giants makes the misfortune additionally bothering for Cowboys fans since Eli Manning made a decent attempt as he could to give away the diversion — with some assistance from his hostile line.

After a great touchdown drive late in the first quarter, the Cowboys’ offense over and again slowed down. Of the 13 first downs the offense gathered all through the diversion, three went ahead that scoring drive. The Cowboys just increased nine all the more amid whatever remains of the amusement.

Of the 15 drives the Cowboys offense had, nine finished in punts, one in a missed field objective and three ended turnovers. The final two were a touchdown and a turnover on downs to complete the diversion.

With all due respect, neither one of the interceptions was entirely his blame. His objective on both was Dez Bryant, and on the principal, Bryant fell amid his course, so the ball just cruised into the shield’s hands. On the second pick, Bryant appeared not to complete his course. He unquestionably didn’t seem to anticipate that the toss will come his way with the security high over the center.

There was just a single another beneficiary past the first down marker and Prescott was hoping to attempt and make the first down. The other recipient wasn’t open, and Bryant could have changed by the ball and at any rate kept it from the shield’s hands.

The Giants weren’t any better, with only 12 first downs by and large, yet they have hostile line issues and no run diversion. The Cowboys were relied upon to be better.

NFL Week 13: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, December 01, 8:25 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys, who had 10 straight wins, hoped to improve their record to 11-1 best in the NFL, when they confronted the Minnesota Vikings at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Wilber had stripped the Minnesota Vikings punt returner Thielen and recouped the ball. This occurred at the Minnesota eight-yard line of thequarter final, hence setting up a touch-down in a seventeen to fifteen triumph over them for the Cowboys’ eleventh straight win.

The Dallas Cowboys running-game had also experienced considerable difficulties against Vikings defense, Wilber’s great play had a big impact to their win. They were held to a season-lows in focuses, in the 264 yards and 1st-downs thirteen and also trailed nine to seven when Wilber finally got to punch the ball out. Bryant got a eight yard touchdown go from his team-mate Prescott that helped the Dallas Cowboys eleven to one squeak it out. While Bryant completed with 4 catches for eighty four yards, including a fifty six yard leading to a set up a one yard TD by Elliott in the main half.

S. Bradford tossed a three yard touchdown go to McKinnon with twenty five seconds to play, yet his two point transformation toss cruised over Thielen’s head, prompting to the 6th loss in 7 games for the Minnesota Vikings 6-6. The Cowboys had only 2 turn-overs in the game, followed by a strip-sack of Robison by Prescort and also a fumble from the receiver L. Whitehead. This lead to an initial two giveaways in 5 games.

NFL Week 12: Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins on Thursday, November 24, 4:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest surprise of the league so far because they made the league’s best record and the club-record winning streak. They haven’t lost since the season opener on September 11th. Washington Redskins are the defending NFC East Champion with a 6-3-1 score.

The Cowboys won 31:26 extending their record breaking winning-streak. Dak Prescott accounted for two touchdowns and Ezekiel Elliot also had two. Prescott tied a 50-year-old club record for quarterbacks with his fifth rushing touchdown. The Washington Redskins’ Kirk Cousins had 449 yards passing and three touchdowns, but Prescott also shined.

The Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett was quite happy with Prescott’s play saying that: “Over and over again, at crucial moments, he came up with a big play, whether it was a third down, down in the red zone, again and again and again he just played winning football for us.”

Ezekiel Elliot, a 21-year old had 97 yards passing. Reed had 10 catches for 95 yards despite his injury to his left shoulder. Cousins finished 8 yards shy of his career high, and Prescott was 17 of 24 for 195 yards, with eight carries for 39 yards and a career-long 18-yarder.

The Cowboys’ ended their eight-game streak of at least 400 yards on offense, as they finished with 353 yards. However, Dallas answered. With touchdowns when the Redskins pulled out a score on Cousins’ 5-yard pass to Jordan Reed, and again on Cousins’ 67-yard throw to De.Sean Jackson, who had 118 yards receiving.

NFL Week 11: Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens played the Dallas Cowboys five days ago. Both teams were on the same footing that is, they both were at the top of their divisions. The Dallas Cowboys were on a winning streak and maintained it with their ninth consecutive win, when they beat the Baltimore Ravens 27-17. Dak Prescott threw two touchdown passes to Dez Bryant, two of his three touchdown passes in the game. There were six catches to Bryant for 80 yards. Tony Romo, after his back injury, was back in the game as a backup.

The Dallas offense had a slow start but it picked up with Prescott being 14 of 15 in the second quarter. The first half of the game was controlled by the Ravens. Joe Flacco hit a five yards scoring pass to Steve Smith for the Ravens. Smith established himself as the 14th player in NFL history to have 1,000 catches in his career. Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas rushing leader, broke the rookie record held by Tony Dorsett in 1977, of 1,000 yards. It was a historic match for both teams but the Dallas Cowboys prevailed.

NFL Week 10: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 13, 4:25 PM, Heinz Field

A different scenario happened in Pittsburgh where Dallas Cowboys were better than Pittsburgh Steelers (35-30). According to many reviews, it was the best NFL game in the whole season. We agree with it. A long rivalry between the two teams is obvious every time. It gives a special attraction to every match between them. The game did not start well for the Cowboys. Ben Roethlisberger had a main role at the start and he helped in a 12-3 lead of the Steelers. Later on, the Steelers showed the necessary strength and scored two field goals.

The situation is getting a new turnover. These are the most recognizable teams in NFL and their game proves it. Cowboys’ first lead happened when Bryant made a long 50-yard pass and it was good enough for the important lead. The Steelers did not give up, but their lost the chance when Prescott made a 75-yard drive. Shortly after that, the Cowboys lead 29-24. At the end, a very fast touchdown was quite enough for the final 35-30 advantage of Dallas Cowboys. This team is now sitting at 8-1 in the season where the rivalry with the Steelers is always interesting. This season, it seems nothing can stop the guys from Dallas.

NFL Week 9: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Dallas Cowboys visited Cleveland Browns last Sunday, a match that was played at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland’s Ohio state. The match saw the Cleveland Browns slump to a 10-35 defeat against the Cowboys. This was despite the host scoring a touchdown before the half time to slightly reduce the difference.

There was nothing to cheer in the second half for the Brown fans. The Cowboys appeared to have taken control of the game as they blew out the Browns to comfortably secure a 9-0 win in the second half. For the Browns, they will have to fight back as they currently have seven more chances that can prevent them from being the second team in NFL history to slump in a 0-16 defeat.

During the game, we saw Brown’s Center Cameron Erving and Cowboys Defensive lineman David Irving being ejected due to foul play. Irving was actually chasing Cleveland’s quarterback Cody Kessler where Ervin tried to block and they end up tussling each other to the ground. Erving was later seen ripping off helmet from the Cowboys defensive and throwing it at him. Due to the fighting first offence that was exhibited by Irving, it is presumed that he may face a fine of up to $30,000. Meanwhile, Brown’s Erving and Cowboys Irving explaining how unfortunate they let their emotions get the best of them and pledge to learn from the mistake and put everything behind.

NFL Week 8: Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 30, 7:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

Philadelphia Eagles squared off against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in what was a highly competed match that revived the rivalry between the teams. The match that took place on NBC prome stage saw Carson Eentz lead the Philadelphia Eagles into a 4-2 lead. On the other hand, Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys brought their A game proving that they were not a team to be overlooked when they won the rookie quarterback.

Prescott lead the Dallas into a fierce fourth quarter and even threw a 5-yard pass to player Jason Witten during overtime giving the cowboys a 29-23 victory over their rivals Philadelphia. This was the sixth game that Prescott won after filling in for Tony Romo. Though Prescott had a shaky start with multiple poor throws one of which was the interception to Jordan Hicks which cost the Dallas points, he was able to get back on track and score for the team. Another impressive player was Dez Bryant who caught 22-yard touchdown with only 3:04 left as Dallas overcame the 10point deficit during the fourth quarter taking a two-game lead over Eagles. 4-3. Ultimately Prescott finished 19 of 39 for the 287 yards in an interception and two scores. Prescott impressed the fans with his outstanding performance. The Cowboys started with a rough first quarter but Whitehead recovered the opening kickoff. This was a highly competed match between two games but ultimately the better prepared team won.

NFL Week 6: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 16, 4:25 PM, Lambeau Field

The Cowboys dominated a Packers filled with mistakes over a 30-16 win at Lambeau Field on Sunday. They had seven fumble, three which were caught, and four turnovers. It came down to field goals while a stronger Dallas had the luxury of banging down a few more touchdowns to seal their victory.

Rodgers was not at his best last Sunday, and the Cowboys overpowered him, who has never had an issue in taking out the Cowboys in his career. In postgame interviews he admitted to his subpar performance out at Lambeau Field, and when continuing his answer, it was somber and funny: “I’m going to go home, have some scotch, and look at the film.” Clearly he had enough of both – the Packers handily defeated their NFC North rivals the Chicago Bears 30-26 on Thursday.

Dak Prescott continues to bring the Cowboys into focus, He made great distinction during the first quarter. He made another pass with no interceptions, adding his first career attempts up to 163. That breaks the previous record of 162 held by a one Tom Brady. Sadly the streak ended when a Packers blitz puts the ball in the hands of Joe Thomas.

The Cowboys capitalized on a Packers team filled with errors. Their offense had five fumbles, lost three, and had four turnovers. Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot proved he was not only special but potentially essential to Dallas, rushing 28 times for 157 yards.

NFL Week 5: Dallas Cowboys vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 09, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Cincinnati Bengals versus Dallas Cowboys match was a total disappointed for the Bengals fans and many of the experts as well. If we look at the result, the Bengals just could not put up a good performance at all. They lost badly to the Dallas Cowboys with the final score sheet reading 14 to 28 against them.

The match was played at the AT & T Stadium which was bursting with all the fun and the booze throughout the game. From the very start, the Cowboys dominated the match due to good execution of skills and better game play. The Dallas defensive line was getting a boost due to the return of their pass rusher Demarcus Lawrence, but the Cowboys could just gave up yards but not touchdowns. The Bengals were aware of such strategies and could not break into defense successfully.

The Cowboys only managed to give two plays to the opposition over the 20 yards as they ran stunts and twists with ease. As a result, they secured some better plays at the seven, eight and the 13 yards than the Bengals. As a result, the Bengals team was badly hurt as they couldn’t just match the skill and the accuracy of the Cowboys to score many points in the game. The fact is that the Cowboys cashed on the opportunities thrown to them and they kept the drives alive all the time.

NFL Week 4: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, October 02, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys win 24-17 against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday led by rookies Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott. The 49ers played straight on the offensive right away on the 1st quarter, overwhelming the Cowboys immediately with Blaine Gabbert’s incredible 33-yard pass to Jeremy Kerley who later scored a touchdown for the team.

The 49ers continue on this hype with Carlos Hyde scoring a touchdown, running 3 yards from Phil Dawson’s kick. But with less than 3 minutes remaining, the Cowboys stage their comeback with Terrence Williams scoring a touchdown from a magnificent pass made by Dark Prescott. And with just 12 seconds left into the 2nd quarter, Dak Prescott sends a 4-yard pass to Brice Butler which tied the game 14-14.

It was during the 2nd half of the game when the Cowboys went full throttle from Ezekiel Elliot’s touchdown that made them take the lead 21-17 and then after Dan Bailey extended the lead with his 22-yard try at a field goal, making it a 7-point game in the last 4 minutes of the game.

It was the lack of defense that may have cost the game for the 49ers, letting the Cowboys stage their retaliation late into the game. If the Cowboys play offensively like they did, they’re probably going to win more games with rookies Elliot and Prescott.

NFL Week 3: Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 25, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

When Tony Romo went down with an injury that would sideline him for multiple weeks Cowboys fans nationwide showed concern. Turns out, no concern was needed. Dak Prescott and fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliott have Dallas off to a 2-1 start after soundly beating the Bears Sunday night. The final score was 31-17, but this game was rarely in doubt. Prescott led the Cowboys to four first-half scores and took a 24-3 lead into the intermission. He also threw his first career touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to salt the game away. The touchdown also got Dez Bryant into the end zone for the first time this year.

This game really summed up the struggles that the Bears have faced this season so far. The offense struggled for much of the game and the defense had no answers for the Cowboys offense. The started the game without Jay Cutler, their starting Quarterback, and ended it without running back Jeremy Langford. While Culter could return for week four, it looks like Langford will be sidelined for 4-6 weeks. If Culter can’t go then Brian Hoyer will get the start again, while Jordan Howard is expected to fill in at running back. The Bears will be hoping to get healthy as they dig themselves out of a 0-3 start.

NFL Week 2: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Redskins played on Sunday against the Cowbows, but both sides had good and bad things that everyone knows about. The Redskins were not able to do the right thing in terms of defense. In the first quarter, Dallas outperformed Washington in every sense of the word in the first quarter of the game. The Cowbows knew that the team will increase its power for their useful run game. Mr. Prescott had a lot of time to throw his ball, as Washing hit hard on their important play action as well.

Mr. Hood did a great job on a defense line, as he was working hard to create some powerful moves down the road. This created a lot of inside pressure in the game, which is awesome too. He has been a great addition in this interesting off-season. In the offensive side, we have to say that this was not quite right. The run game did not see a lot of dedication, and Mr. Cousin was not in his rhythm in any way. The strongest evidence was the missed pass to Mr. Crowder. In any case, the answering drive right after Mr. Elliott was truly solid.

NFL Week 1: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants on Sunday, September 11, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys hosted the New York Giants at their home only to be defeated by the 20-19 by the visiting team. With such a small win margin several things are to be considered so as to determine how the winning team actually pulled it off. In this game, the offensive plays and possession trophies go to the Cowboys. They were able to obtain 75 to 54 and 36:13 to 23:17 respectively.

The plays by the Cowboys were longer but resulted in fewer scores. They also mainly scored field goals with only a single touchdown. On the other hand, the Giants scored more touchdowns hence they were able to easily raise their scores. The Cowboys dominated most of the first half of the game. The Giants however overcame two holding penalties just before half time with Eli Manning scoring a 9-yard touchdown with only 7 seconds remaining on the clock.

The Giants quarter back would surge again in the last quarter with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz who goes on to score.

NFL Preseason Week 4: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans on Thursday, September 01, 8:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Texans were the visitors of Cowboys in an eventful NFL preseason match. The hosts started the match with confidence of winning but had many stops due to the reorganization of the Texans Boys. Prescott Dak, the replacement of injured Romo, had a great task to feed the ball from the quarter back region. He seems fit for the position regarding the perfect passes he had all over the game.

For the Cowboys, they had to reorganize the game after their ball possession went to less than 20%. Jerrod Johnson came in the Quarter Back region to save the team from the aggressive Texan attackers. Showers had some poor performance but had a touchdown with some minutes to the end of the game. He had however missed many opportunities thanks to the lazy wingers who ran only when it was needed.

Jackson had a lot of work to do for his team. The players surrounding him were all occupied and he was the only who could get some space. He had three successful catches and two kick returns that saved his team a great deal. At one time, the Dallas defense boys got confused and Jacksons made a touchdown leaving David a surprised man.

With such a remarkable performance from both teams, the coaches have done good training work,. However, the injuries on the defense lines of both teams are something to worry about. Most of the cornerbacks had no yields to show in the match.

NFL Preseason Week 3: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, August 25, 10:00 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Cowboys game to Seahawks at Seattle came as a great disappointed especially since they had greater chances and opportunities to win the game. There had been great expectations from the supporters of the Seahawks, that their team would quickly crash the Cowboys. The Cowboy team defence which has always been strong showed a lack of total committed. Only one player seemed up to the task during the game. Greg Hardy, one outstanding defensive player remained competitive throughout the game.

Matt Cassle’s long drives steered the Seahawks on as it created loopholes in the game which they took up to their advantage

Greg and Lawrence were instrumental in maintaining an even keel since they slid on the field and played from the backside. This prevented Lynch and Rawls from pulling through. The Dallas front seven were swift in getting to the ball.

The Cowboy’s one dimensional approach greatly contributed to their inability to score even one touchdown. The Cowboys did not play to their expectations. The team’s defence need to be double checked to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated in the future. The Seahawks need to improve on their speed if they want to do better

NFL Preseason Week 2: Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins on Friday, August 19, 8:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

This was a tremendous win for Dallas Cowboys as they thrashed Miami Dolphins 41 – 14 in a game which resulted in a hip injury for Pouncey, which could mean that he will miss out on the opener on September 11th at Seattle for Miami. With his previous history of hip trouble, it did not come as a surprise. Dallas had three holding penalties which stalled the game in the first five plays with a struggling defense from Miami Dolphins. Miami completed five of their seven third downs and Dolphins scored touchdowns on two of three red-zone trips. The success of Dolphins was from their athletic quarterbacks on the move.

Miami Dolphins had a great start with a victory of 27 – 10 against New York the previous Friday and with an injured player, we will see how they will tackle the game with Atlanta the coming Thursday as it puts a crimp in the team’s plans. Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, had a close tie against Los Angeles the previous Saturday. They will have renewed energy when they play against Seattle this Thursday, August 25th.

Be sure to tune in on the coming games as the Regular season will soon start in the middle of September with more exciting games coming up.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 1: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, August 13, 8:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Rams beat out the Cowboys in their Saturday preseason opener, which was their first game in Southern California since 1994. Initial excitement about the team’s return from St. Louis was largely halted early on, however, with a slow start. The Rams were trailing 24-7 at halftime.

Third-string quarterback Sean Mannion, who took over earlier than expected after rookie Jared Goff suffered a minor should injury, led the team to a comeback, ultimately throwing a 9-yard touchdown to running back Aaron Green with 1:54 remaining for the winning points. Mannion completed 18 for 25, 147 yards and three touchdowns total. He was no doubt the MVP of the game, raising questions about the future of the Rams’ QB situation.

Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo dressed for the game but did not play. Instead, Dak Prescott filled in, going 10 for 12, 139 yards, and throwing two touchdowns, one of which was an over the shoulder pass for 10 yards to Dez Bryant.

With the sentimentality of the game for the diehard Rams fans that followed the team when it was formerly in L.A., the stands went wild at the impressive comeback. It was truly an amazing start that will no doubt build needed momentum around the team’s return to its old stomping ground.

Dallas Cowboys NFL season 2015 recap

The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2015/2016 season with a 4-12 win-loss record and finished last in their NFC East division. They failed to make it to the playoffs. The Cowboys lost running back DeMarco Murray during the off-season, which was a big blow. It was unavoidable however as the Cowboys could only keep one of DeMarco Murray and wide receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant was given a $70 million record as he was deemed a franchise player.

It was however the loss of starting quarterback Tony Romo for the majority of the season that really hurt them. He was injured during game 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles and missed 9 weeks. From here they would go on a 7-game losing streak. Upon returning, he got injured against the Panthers on thanksgiving and was ruled out for the season. The game 2 win against the Philadelphia Eagles was arguably the team’s best performance.

With a healthy Tony Romo, the Cowboys completely dominated offensively and former cowboy DeMarco Murray was completely kept in check. Of the rookies, La’el Collins who quickly adapted and fitted into the team, gaining a starting berth and nailing it down. More is surely expected of this young star.

NFL Week 17: Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

Kirk Cousins once again had the most excellent game of the season as he has been all through, made some quick scores to help the Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys 34 – 23. He went also to the bench way early in preparation for the playoffs that they head into with his team. Throwing three TDs in the game and left before the first half was over leaving his team to hold on the rest of the play to beat the Cowboys. They are now the NFC East champions and this comes after them winning four straight matches to finish the season on a high as the last time they did this was in 2012.

They will host Green Bay come next Sunday and everyone is just excited about how Cousins has been playing. This marks the Cowboys most losses since 1989 when they were bought by then general manager Jerry Jones. These losses this season have come due to the lack of their Quarterback Tony Romo who is out for a twice broken collarbone. The odds were never in their favor and the Redskins eased through this to ensure that their perfect end to the season is maintained at a high note.

NFL Week 16: Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Cowboys have had trouble running this season. After losing in the last match up against Buffalo Bills, Jones, the chief operating officer thinks they are in serious need for a quarterback. This is true because Tony Romo has broken his collarbone, not once but twice. His agility and burst was still desperately needed by the cowboys. Tony has proved to be an effective quarterback, never shying from contact. It was quite a setback forcing Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden start the game without him.. Cowboys’ fans are apparently not impressed with this season’s performance it is something they would rather not remember.

Although Cowboys lost, their mock draft prospects are promising. Jerry Jones is of the opinion that they still have an advantage since most of their players are relatively young and at their best in their careers. Bills on the other side have also had their struggle. Ryan, their coach is well known for his strong defense. However, complains have been fronted for late play calls. The slow reaction gives room for offenses to easily take down the Buffalos. No major adjustments have been made so far. Chances are that they are still going to play a defensive game in the forthcoming matches. Rex Ryan can still hope to keep his job when the season ends.

NFL Week 15: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Jets on Saturday, December 19, 8:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

The New York Jets had a very close game versus The Dallas Cowboys on this Saturday night football. Their game ended up with this score – 19-16. The Jets now move to 9-5 this season. The Cowboys drop to 4-10 and sadly eliminated from the playoff.

The Cowboys began their game starting with a field goal after an opening drive stalled in the red zone. Then Matt Cassel got flagged of his intentional grounding on an interception to Darrelle Revis. Jets could not take on no more with The Cowboys player Cris Ivory on his foot down in the red zone so far.

There were some scare thoughts about Eric Decker with his serious-looking injury, but everything was alright as he returned in the second quarter of the game. At that time of the game Bilal Powell found the end zone with a 12 yard touchdown.

The Jets definitely had some chances to take control of this game, but Dallas made them pay. Cowboys took a 10-9 lead.

Something happened with The Jets in the fourth quarter. Fitzpatrick turned into a superhero. He hit up Decker for a 10 yard touchdown. Then Moore set up Dan Bailey for a 50-yard field goal.

Jets were having the moments of their time. Fitzpatrick hits Kenbrell Thompking for a major 43 yard reception. Then Bullock made up his unbelievable miss by hitting 40 yard field goal and gave the Jets the lead.

NFL Week 14: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 13, 4:25 PM, Lambeau Field

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers avoid their third loss at home in a row with a win against Dallas. After the Packers stomped on Dallas in the first half, leading 14-0, this looked like it was going to be a blow out. But, in the third quarter, Dallas got a touchdown which cut the deficit down to only 7 points. This game all of a sudden looked a lot closer. It was 14-7 until 4:44 in the fourth quarter when the Packers scored again, and then two minutes later again to put the game away.

Overall, the Packers annihilated the Cowboys in time of possession, Yards, first downs, turnover game, and total plays called. With the combination of Aaron Rodgers’ arm, Eddie Lacy, and James Starks at running back, this team looked unstoppable. Through all of the struggles that Lacy has had on and off of the field, Lacy came through and reminded us why Lacy was a second round draft pick out of Alabama. The Packers proved to us that they are still the #1 team in the NFC North like they once were.

NFL Week 13: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins on Monday, December 07, 8:30 PM, FedEx Field

A low scoring game between two teams who are under performing this season got exciting late. A game winning kick by Dan Bailey of the Dallas Cowboys won the game. The Cowboys, who are in last place in the AFC East, beat the team that is currently occupying first (technically, it’s a three way tie with the Eagles and Giants), the Redskins. Even without Tony Romo, the Cowboys find a way to win.

Matt Cassel completed sixteen passes after 29 attempts, throwing for 222 yards, no touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Kirk Cousins completed 22 of his 31 passes throwing for 219 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions in the loss.

The game was tied at the end of the second quarter at three points each, and tied at the end of three quarters at six points each. The start of the fourth quarter caused both teams to start scoring like they hadn’t been all game. The Cowboys scored a decisive thirteen points to Washington’s ten to win the game. In the fourth quarter, 23 of the game’s 35 total points were scored in the game. Seventeen of those points came in the last minute and a half. In said last minute and a half, they almost doubled the amount of points they had scored up to that point.

NFL Week 12: Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers on Thursday, November 26, 4:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Carolina Panthers feasted on the Dallas Cowboys winning with a score of 33-14 at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas. Tony Romo, the star quarterback for the Cowboys, had just returned from a left clavicle that was fractured in Week 11 and led the Dallas to victory against the Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately, his clavicle got injured again and his rust went on to persist so he was forced to exit the field after he was hit by Thomas Davis in the final play of the third quarter and the Cowboys could not win without him.

Cam Newton, the Panther’s start quarterback, did his part very well as he went on to get the Panthers only offensive touchdown on a 4 yard run for a 30-6 lead just moments before Tony Romo’s injury. He has a passing of 183 yards with several third down conversions and also another rushing of 45 yards. Romo’ injuries happened during the second play of Dallas’ possession after Newton’s score where Romo was hit by Thomas Davis and went down on his left shoulder similar to the way he went down 10 weeks ago in Philadelphia.

Newton had three 24 yard completions on third down and went on to lead the panthers into the end zone after Bryan Jones from the Cowboys was penalized because of leaping on top of his linemen when Graham Gano made a field goal of 48 yards.

NFL Week 11: Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 22, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The Miami Dolphins went down 14 – 24 against the Dallas Cowboys who haven’t won any game since their returning player; Tony Romo was injured back in week 2. It was a seven game losing streak which has never been seen since 1989 for them. They head to Carolina who are undefeated and one can only hope that they replicate this victory which is highly unlikely. Romo, overcame two interceptions to throw two touchdown passes to Terrance Williams and Dez Bryant of 31 yards and 16 yards respectively. The cowboys defense was solid too which meant that the Dolphins could only inflict minimal damage to them.

Rolando McClain scored his first career touchdown which was also apparently the first point of the game. It was an interception run of 12 yards to score the touchdown. The pass intended for Greg Jennings from Ryan Tannehill was the one that saw McClain to his first touchdown. This victory meant that the Dolphins sloppy defense could cost them the playoffs in the seventh year now running. Heavy rains at the start of the game made the game a little lackluster but it resumed its normal tempo once the rain had abated. It was a really great game that saw the victors, Cowboys well deserve the win.

NFL Week 10: Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys traveled to Florida last weekend to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an NFC showdown. The Cowboys, led by backup quarterback Matt Cassell attempted to end their six game losing streak by wanting to run the football since their passing game is largely ineffective. The story ended up the same with Dallas losing to the Bucs 10-6 in a game where Jameis Winston, the rookie quarterback for Tampa scored with 54 seconds left in the game. The winning drive was a 9 play 56 yard drive which was capped off with a 1 yard touchdown run from Winston.

The Bucs were down in the game 6-3 when Winston scored by faking a handoff to Doug Martin and circled around to find himself all alone in the endzone. The Buccaneers win gives them a record of 4-5 to the Cowboy’s 2-7 dismal record.

The Cowboys did have a chance to win the game when they reached the Tampa Bay 44 yard line. Cassell attempted a pass in the endzone to Dez Bryant, but it was intercepted by safety Bradley McDougald. It appeared that Bryant was pushed in the back, but no pass interference call was given, and the game was over for the lowly Cowboys.

NFL Week 9: Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, November 08, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Cowboys losing streak continues; it is the longest they have gone without a win in 26 years. The Cowboys have lost six in a row after winning the first two games of the season. This latest loss comes against the Eagles in overtime, on their first possession in overtime. Their starting quarterback, Tony Romo will miss at least one more game with his broken clavicle.

This was one game for the Cowboys, that while they did make mistakes and featured a lack of defense, they were still holding their own against the Eagles.

Matt Cassel, the quarterback that has been filling Tony Romo’s shoes, threw 3 touchdowns, one interception that was returned 67 yards for a touchdown, and had 299 passing yards on 25 completions. Cassel also had 17 yards rushing on 2 carries

Sam Bradford had 295 passing yards, one touchdown pass on 25 completions of his own, and no interceptions. His only touchdown pass was for 41 yards after he threw to Jordan Matthews, in overtime.

The two teams were evenly matched throughout regulation, both teams entered halftime with seven points on the board, and 27 points at the end of the fourth quarter. Both teams scored seven points in the third quarter and thirteen points in the fourth quarter.

NFL Week 8: Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 01, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

This win for the Seahawks meant a lot for them. They got off to a bad start, 0-2, but turned the season around by winning four of their last six games.The Cowboys, on the other hand, will have to try again next week to break the losing streak they are on right now, without Tony Romo, who broke his left collarbone.

Matt Cassel, filling in for starting quarterback Tony Romo, had 97 passing yards on 13 completions. He also had four rushes that accounted for 43 yards; two of Cassel’s rushes kept two drives going, one of which was a career long of 24 yards.

Russell Wilson had 19 completions for 210 yards and threw the game’s only touchdown that was caught by Luke Wilson, a tight end. Wilson also rushed for 32 yards on six carries.

The Cowboys have struggled without Tony Romo, who has been absent for the last five games . They have lost every single game that he has been absent from the lineup. The Seahawks are enjoying the win, as it puts them at .500 for the first time all season.

The Cowboys scored points in every single quarter of the game, unfortunately, all they could manage were field goals each time. The Seahawks scored a touchdown, the only one of the game, that wound up deciding the game.

NFL Week 7: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants on Sunday, October 25, 4:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

This was another match that was met with a lot of hype. The NFL is all about taking advantage of your opponents mistakes and the Giants were able to highlight this with a phenomenon victory against the Cowboys. The Giants coach, Coughlin registered his 100th win and put his name in the history books. He is now the second coach in giant’s history to register 100 wins.

New York had Dwayne Harris to thank for this incredible win. The former Dallas player had an incredible game scoring the winning points of the game. The Cowboys made some mistakes like losing an interception deep in New York’s territory and their mistakes cost them the game. It is worth noting that Orleans Darkwa was able to score a 15-yard run for New York in the first quarter.

McFadden made it his 14th 100 yard rushing game . His last 13 came when he was with Oakland. Dallas had Dan Bailey to thank for his field goals of 30 and 48 yards. Cassel was able to guide Dallas to an 80-yard drive. The final score was 27-20 and you can clearly tell that the game was a very tight one. The Cowboys made many mistakes and they proved to be quite costly.

They definitely need to retrace their footsteps so that they can find out where they went wrong. Generally, this was an incredible game with spectacular displays from both sides.

NFL Week 5: Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots on Sunday, October 11, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

Well with the Patriots vs the Cowboys there was a big worry that the Patriots might actually lose because of how long it took there offense to get started. Teams in the past have blitzed Tom Brady giving him the ability to find an open receiver to throw the ball to. In this case the Cowboys decided not to blitz Brady making it much harder for him to complete throws that he had done so easily before.

The Cowboys had a game plan for the Patriots of making Brady’s inexperienced offensive line have to try and stop their more experience defense. The Cowboys went with a defense they have never shown before and were dropping eight players and only rushing three and it took a little while for the Patriots to do something about it as they were held to only three points on their first four drives. Luckily they have this pretty decent running back named LeGarrette Blount who apparently hadn’t shown the Cowboys defense that he needs to be respected.

He did not score any touchdowns but he took some of the pressure off of Tom Brady as he would gain a good amount of yards every time they would run the ball. The Patriots, although the slow start, still proved they are Patriots and came away with the 30-6 victory.

NFL Week 4: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, October 04, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The game of the Cowboys playing the Saints at New Orleans was an intense back and forth throughout the entire game, with the score at 20-20 deep in the 4th quarter. The Saints were set up for a field goal that would earn them the victory, however, in a stunning turn that shocked the dome, Saints Kicker Zach Hocker pelted the ball off of the upright. The game went into overtime. However, in an almost anti-climatic turn of events, Drew Brees hit C.J. Spiller for a short 11 yard pass, but then the running back turned that pass into an 80-yard touchdown!

This not only marked the Saints victory on the 2nd play of overtime, but also Brees’s earning his 400th touchdown pass. He is the 5th quarterback to achieve such an accomplishment and did it in only 205 games. Considering the accolade and that this was the Saints first win of the season, it was an incredible night for New Orleans.

NFL Week 3: Dallas Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Falcons won against Cowboys on their first game by 39-28 without Tony Ramos and Dez Bryant this Sunday at AT&T Stadium..

The highlights of the game were the two touchdowns made bay Julio Jones and Matt Ryan and the three scores and 141 yards ran by Devonta Freeman. The Cowboys seemed in control with an offensive line very in domain and with the defense was keeping up until the end of the first half where the story game took a turn.

With only 40 seconds to play, the Falcons made a score on four possessions, making 25 points and taking the lead of the game from here on.

Cowboy’s defense had no solutions for Freeman’s, who made an incredible 141 yards and 30 carries during the game and Jones was unstoppable with 164 yards and 12 catches, resolving the game with only 3.04 to play by scoring a 2 yard touchdown.

On the second half, Atlanta already had an 11 points advantage and the Cowboys only caught one pass by Beasley.

The Cowboys lost their 11 points advantage and end up losing by also 11 points. The Falcons made an astonishing comeback and turn the game around in a game to remember. Cowboy’s defense failed to stop Falcons massive offensive with incredible performances from Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan, the men of the game. Falcon’s team seems to be a serious contender to the play offs, this year.

NFL Week 2: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 20, 4:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Dubbed, the worst loss in the history of the NFL, as far as a 20-10 loss is concerned anyway. Kelly actually looked so pale and small after the loss that saw them really smashed. The Lincoln’s offense lacked everything you would look for in a team on such a day. With a 7 yards total on 17 carries which was by far the worst effort that Kelly’s offense has had in his era. 15 carries for yards of minus 2 which were made on runs that weren’t even Sam Bradford scrambles.

Dallas, without their star receiver Dez Bryant also suffered the loss of their quarterback Tony Romo who got a broken collarbone. This happened in the third quarter with 9 minutes and 44 seconds left on the clock. No offensive touchdown was scored by Dallas at all until the last minutes of the game. Despite securing the victory all through the second half, Dallas Cowboys were still 18 times penalized for 142 yards.

This loss left the Eagles really devastated as they head into their next game and the Dallas Cowboys earned a not so deserving victory but which was really well fought for. Overall, the game was good but still lacked the magic that it should have.

NFL Week 1: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants on Sunday, September 13, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

NFC East Champions Dallas Cowboys made an emphatic fight back to record a narrow 27-26 win over the New York Giants. Tony Romo once again came to the rescue of the Dallas Cowboys by throwing an 11 yard touchdown which was converted by Jason Witten with only 7 seconds left to seal a remarkable comeback. He also threw a total of 356 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. The Cowboys won the last two quarters by recording 7-3 and 14-10 points in the third and fourth quarter respectively. The Giants only won in the second quarter and drew in the first quarter.

The Dallas Cowboys recorded 72 yards in just under 1:27 minutes after they forced the Giants to settle for fourth field goal courtesy of Josh Brown. Had the Giants won this game, it would have been their first ever win in an opener against the Cowboys. This was the Cowboys eighth win in a row against the Giants in all openers.

The New York Giants will be thirsty for a win when they face Atlanta Falcons who will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday 14th. The Cowboys on the other hand will be looking for their second win they face Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday the 20th.

Dallas Cowboys Season 2014

The Dallas Cowboys had a great season in their division. The Dallas Cowboys conquered the NFC East Division after Indianapolis Colts were thrashed. Since 2009, this was the first time they made it to play offs. Cowboys won over Detroit Lions, but eventually they couldn’t get the job done vs. Green Bay Packers at the divisional round. They are continuing to build their legacy as they ended up at #1 spot in NFC East Division with 12 wins and 4 losses. Some of the top notch players during the season who proved their worth were Bryant, Smith and then some more of these.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 11, 1:05 PM, Lambeau Field

The game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers ended with the Packers winning 26-21, moving them one step away from the Super Bowl. The Packers had to come from behind to win the game, and they had Aaron Rodgers to thank for providing two touchdown passes in the second half. The game turned on a controversial decision by the referee to overturn Dez Bryant’s catch, which Coach Mike McCarthy had challenged. The referee decided that Brant did not have full control of the ball when he touched down, making his catch incomplete. However, Bryant was not amused by the decision, claiming it was the weirdest decision he’s seen in his entire career.

With that being said, Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers deserved to win this game as they were absolutely terrific in the second half. Even with an injured calf, Aaron Rogers still showed up for the game, and the Packers were indebted for his overall contribution towards their win. The good thing is that the Dallas Cowboys have accepted the referee’s decision, claiming that there is no biasness when it comes to officiating NFL games. The Green Bay Packers now head to Seattle to battle the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game.

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, January 04, 4:40 PM, AT&T Stadium

With Romo of the Dallas Cowboys giving his son the high-five before the game, everyone looked in good spirits on game day between the Lions and the Cowboys.

Straight away Detroit received to become 7 up in the 1st, with wild and scrappy play continuing until they stepped up to make it 14-0 – a scoring drive of 14 plays and 99 yards in just over 7 minutes.

On the other side, things weren’t going too well for Romo after his cheery pre-match persona – hitting deck three times in the first half. He soon countered is bad luck by opening up the middle to send Terence Williams like a lightening bolt to get 6 back for the Cowboys. The third quarter began with the Lions leading 17-7, but it was all still to play for as the Cowboys sure did try to put up a fight turning it around to just be three behind Detroit with the score being 20-17! Could it have been possible they could turn the game around? Well as the fans went crazy the Cowboys showed true form, with the final score 24-20 to the Cowboys – advancing them to the NFC Divisional.

Overall, the game ended up bringing some heart thumping moments, a lot of scrappy play, but some superb football as well!

NFL Week 17: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Cowboys proved victorious in a decisive victory against the Redskins final 44-17. This game was deja vu all over again for the Redskins as they struggled to halt the advance of the Cowboys. The Redskins 4-11 before the game had issues containing the Cowboys early on. The game marked Dallas’s 12th victory of the season and made the total for their on the road winning streak rich 8-0. This makes the Cowboy’s the first team to win as many consecutive road games as the Patriots. The Cowboys used their conventional forces of Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray to score. Romo shined with 299 passing yards on two touchdowns and an interception. Murray picked up 100 yrds. Champ Bailey contributed to the Cowboy’s total with a 32 yard field goal.

Later gameplay had Spencer and Randle for the other scores. It was all Dallas throughout the first half. It was a 27-10. Robert Griffin III was able to connect with his favorite target Desean Jackson for a 69 yard TD. A Kai Forbath field goal was the other score for the Redskins. They showed problems maintaining possession of the ball with two fumbles and interception.

NFL Week 16: Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 21, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Indianapolis Colts and the Dallas Cowboys played Sunday with playoff implications on the line. While the had less to play for as they’ve already locked up the AFC South, the Cowboys needed to win in order to take the NFC East title and it showed. The Cowboys came out on fire and never let up. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo had a huge day, throwing four touchdowns. DeMarco Murray added a rushing touchdown for the Cowboys in the 42 to 7 beat down of the Colts. Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck got off to a rough start as tight end Duane Allen dropped several passes which would have been first downs. A missed opportunity on a fake punt also gave Dallas great field position. Luck finished his day being sacked twice and throwing two interceptions before being replaced by Matt Hasselback.

Hakeem Nicks was the one bright spot for the Colts, catching nine balls for 72 yards. Highlights for the Cowboys include tight end Jason Witten had seven receptions for 90 yards and a nice 25 yard touchdown grab. Receiver Dez Bryant added five catches for 73 yards and a touchdown for Dallas. Tony Romo broke Troy Aikman’s career passing yards record, and is now number one on the Cowboys all time list. Murray needs 29 yards next week to beat Emmitt Smith’s season rushing record for Dallas.

NFL Week 15: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, December 14, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Dallas Cowboys traveled to Philly to face off with the Eagles. The winner of the game will be in first place in the NFC eastern division, and control their destiny for a playoff run. The Cowboys showed the Eagles that they were ready to take control of the division. They took the a twenty-one to nothing lead early in the game and never looked back. The victory did come at a cost as they lost their potential league MVP DeMarco Murray with a serious injury.

Before Murray was injured he ran for 81 yards and two touchdowns. Murray was not the only star in Dallas’ victory. Dez Bryant caught all three of Tony Romo’s touchdown passes. The receiver also caught six passes for 114 yards. Jason Witten also caught seven passes for 69 yards. Quarterback Tony Romo played solidly in the game, completing twenty-two passes for 265 yards. Romo had no interceptions in the game. The Dallas defense was very strong, they caused Philedelphia to turn the ball over four times. They also sacked the Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez four times.

The Eagles top scorers for the game, was seldom used Chris Polk. The running back scored two touchdowns on two carries. The other touchdown was scored by Darren Sproles. The Eagles top offensive threat, LeSean McCoy struggled for most of the game as he only ran for sixty-four yards. The star running back only had one reception for one yard. Sanchez’s top target Jeremy Maclin caught four passes for 98 yards.

Philadelphia is visiting Washington in another NFC East show down. The Eagles need a win to stay in the playoff chase. The Cowboys are playing at home against the Indianapolis Colts.

NFL Week 14: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears on Thursday, December 04, 8:25 PM, Soldier Field

Dallas Cowboys recorded their 9th win of the season when they outsmarted Chicago Bears 41-28 to solidify their second position as well as pile pressure against pole position holders the Philadelphia Eagles. The night saw DeMarco Murray run an impressive 179 yards as well as a touchdown. Tony Romo also recorded three scores from three throws. He also completed 21 of 26 passes which covered 205 yards. Murray on the other hand is the league leading rusher with 32 carries. He also boosts 9 catches with 49 yards on receiving.

The Bears who lost their star receiver Brandon Marshal to a rib injury had their misery piled up at home by the Cowboys. The Cowboys (9-4) scored 21 unanswered points in the third quarter with the Bears (5-8) rallying behind in the fourth quarter. The Bears now are at risk of missing out on the playoffs for the seventh time in a period of eight years. The Bears now sit fourth in their Division and will be hoping to bounce back when they welcome New Orleans this coming Monday.

The win for the Dallas Cowboys was important when putting into consideration the fact that they lost to Eagles on Thanksgiving Day. They travel to face the Philadelphia Eagles in a match that will certainly indicate the likely winner of the Division.

NFL Week 13: Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, November 27, 4:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys, in their signature Thanksgiving day game, were beaten in just about every phase of the game by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles rushed for over 256 total rushing yards in the 33-10 victory over their division rival, 159 of those yards being credited to star running back Lesean McCoy who also had a touchdown. The most surprising performance of the day may have been the efficient Mark Sanchez. He completed 69% of his passes and didn’t throw a pick while throwing and running for a touchdown each.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had one of his worst performances of the season, throwing two interceptions -one of which in the closing minutes of the game- and being sacked four times. The Cowboys defense was also bothered by mistakes and missed tackles all game, giving up three first downs to penalties to the Eagles offense. Dallas wide receiver Cole Beasley also fumbled just before halftime when the Cowboys were trying to mount a drive to stay in the game. The Eagles were able to shut down all of the cowboys top offensive weapons, holding Dez Bryant to only one big play and Jason Witten to only a single catch.

NFL Week 12: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants on Sunday, November 23, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Unfortunately the host of the game did not record the win. New York Giants were very determined to win against the Dallas Cowboys in the last NFL game day. The scores were 31-28 with Dallas winning. These two teams have been NFL rivals since time in memorial. They have played against each other in 105 matches. It has been bad for New York Giants as this is their second lost game against Dallas Cowboys. This is because they lost their October 19th game. The first quarter after half time was the period where the Giants fell back thus being beat by Dallas.

In the first quarter of the game, Giants scored 7 points while the Dallas scored 3 points. In the second quarter, Giants scored 14 points while Dallas scored 7 points concluding the first half. Up to that point, Giants were leading 21 to 10 points. All this changed drastically after the second half. This is because the Giants scored 7 points only. The Dallas on the other hand recorded 21 points. These scores changed the overall score sheet of the game. E. Manning of the Giants passed 338 yards making 3 touchdowns with only one interception. O. Beckham Jr. on the other hand had 10 receives with 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. D. Murray of the Dallas had 24 carries over 121 yards.

NFL Week 10: Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, Wembley Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell again for the ninth time this season. This time round, their tormentors were the Dallas Cowboys. The 31-17 victory was the seventh of the Cowboys this season. It was the Cowboys who were the first off the blocks to take the first quarter 10-7. They tightened their leaking defense in the second and third quarters, keeping of the Jaguars offense. This allowed their offense to continue tormenting their hosts. They took the second and third quarters 14-0 and 7-0. In the last quarter, the Cowboys defence must have gone to slumber. It allowed the Jaguars offense to make last ditch efforts at a come back. The Jaguars took it 10-0, but they still lost convincingly to the Cowboys.

Going forward, the Jaguars will need a miracle of resurrection to rise again from the bottom. With so many losses, the technical bench and the players must be at their lowest levels of mental strength ever. For the Cowboys, the victory was good as it boasts their morale as they prepare to face tougher opponents. Prior to this game, the Cowboys had lost two matches on the trot. It was vital for them to win in order to rebuild their confidence. They should be in better mental shape for their next game.

NFL Week 9: Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 02, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

Carson Palmer moved to a perfect 5-0 as a starter this season as the Arizona Cardinals beat the Dallas Cowboys 28-17 in Texas. Palmer got off to a shaky start with an early interception that was returned for a touchdown, but he rallied to go 22 for 34 and 249 yards and three touchdowns. The Cardinals (7-1) became the first team to hold NFL rushing leader DeMarco Murray to under 100 yards rushing, ending his NFL-record streak at eight games. He finished with 79 yards on 19 carries. The Cowboys (6-3), playing without the injured Tony Romo, struggled to get their offense going with backup Brandon Weeden under center.

Weeden threw for 183 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. Dallas started off strong, leading by 10 after the first quarter, with a 58-yard interception return by rookie Tyler Patmon and a field goal by Dan Bailey. Arizona stormed back with 28 unanswered points, not allowing Dallas to find the end zone until late in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals are on a four-game winning streak and have the best record in the NFC, with a two game lead over Seattle in the NFC West. Dallas, meanwhile, is on a two game losing streak and has fallen half a game behind Philadelphia for first place in the NFC East.

NFL Week 8: Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins on Monday, October 27, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

Washington Redskins finally outclassed the Dallas Cowboys after numerous tries extending back to 2012 playoffs. The Cowboys had themselves to blame for their disastrous display. The Cowboys, who until the shock loss had a 6 game winning streak, were left speechless and outclassed to the disbelief of many. The Redskins had their intentions known from the start when they registered 3-0 points in the first quarter against the Cowboys. The Redskins had McCoy to thank after the game. He threw a remarkable 45 yard deep pass which was received by DeSean Jackson. This game also saw the return of Romo to the Dallas team after he successfully recovered from a back surgery.

However, the result and hope the Cowboys had with his return were dashed thanks to McCoy. McCoy had a game to remember when he extended his record by registering his eighth straight 100 yard rushing. He didn’t stop there since he had an extra 141 yards rushing and 80 receiving. He also had his fifth fumble of the season at the end of a 36 yard pass inside the Redskins 10 in the first quarter. McCoy threw an extra 23 yards to Garcon who recorded more points and kept the Redskins on edge to their hard fought victory. In the fourth quarter, McCoy put the Redskins 17-10 against the Cowboys with the final straw of the game been settled at 20-17.

NFL Week 7: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants on Sunday, October 19, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

DeMarco Murray continued his march to a record breaking season as an NFL running back for the Dallas Cowboys. He was able to rush for over one hundred yards once again. The Cowboys are now 6-1. Tony Romo and Jason Witten were able to exploit some of the holes in the Giants defense, particularly with a veteran linebacker being taken out of the game with a toe injury. Dez Bryant continues to progress as the show stopping receiver that was able to make plays against Prince Amukamara and Antrell Rolle.

George Selvie and Barry Church are really starting to emerge for the Cowboys on the defensive side of the ball, particularly Selvie who is really taking to the gang tackle, everybody get involved type of system that is being run by defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. Selvie had four tackles in the game. Larry Donnell fumbling twice in the game certainly stopped the momentum for the Giants by fumbling twice as a tight end. The fumbles played a key part in the outcome of a 31-21 game. Odell Beckum is emerging as the number one target for Eli Manning, particularly with Victor Cruz being out of the lineup. The Giants simply did not exploit a cornerback like Brandon Carr in the proper fashion. Carr has shown a propensity to get burned on a deep ball in the past.

NFL Week 6: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 12, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

This game which was played at home to Seattle Seahawks saw the Dallas Cowboys recorded their fifth win by thrashing Seattle Seahawks 30-23 at home. The Dallas Cowboys won this game thanks to Demarco Murray who recorded his name in the NFL history books by becoming the second running back to complete 6 full 100 yards. Murray run a comfortable 15 yards with just under 3.16 minutes left. More records were also set in this game as the Cowboys became the first team outside the NFC West conference to beat Seattle Seahawks at home since 2011. Quarterback Tony Romo was also impressive in this game as he converted a third from Murrays 75 yard drive. Russell Wilson also ran a 9 yard touchdown with Mike Morgan returning a 25 yard punt for a score.

Highest performers from both sides were Tony Romo from the Cowboys who had 21 complete passes with 250 yards. Demarco Murray had a record 115 yards with 29 CAR. In the receiving end, T Williams from the Cowboys had 2 receives and covered 70 yards. On behalf of the Seattle Seahawks, the highest performers were R. Wilson who had 14 complete passes with 126 yards. In the rushing position, M. Lynch was the best performer with 10 carries and 61 yards. J. Kearse was the best in receiving since he had 3 receives with 62 yards.

NFL Week 5: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

one of the matchups that had viewers on their feet was Sunday’s dual between the Dallas Cowboy’s (4-1) and the Houston Texans. The game featured the QB talents of Tony Romo and Houston’s. In close game Kicker par excellance Dan Bailey made the difference and was able to rally Dallas to a 20-17 win over the Texan is a close match up on Sunday in Texas stadium that went into overtime. The game featured a long 37 yard catch by Dez Bryant.

The Cowboys had the privilige of winning their 4th straight game on the match up between the two, even though they blew a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter. The (3-2) Texans rallied behind the rushing talents of Adrian Foster who had 157 yards rushing. A tie to the game in the last 41 seconds o the game seem to win it for the Texans but the OT score handed the win to the cowboys. In earlier game action for the Texans, kicker Bailey missed a 53 yard kick to break the franchise record of continuous field goals. Texan QB Fitzpatrick had 16 passes for 154 yards. Hopkins was the leading receiver or the Texans with 6 grabs for 63 yards. Excitement in football was what this game was all about.

NFL Week 4: Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 28, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The New Orleans Saints entered the season tabbed as a legitimate Super Bowl contender but they definitely haven’t looked like championship material so far. On Sunday, the Saints were routed 38-17 by the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys’ Stadium. The game wasn’t even as close as the final score suggests–Dallas led 31-3 at the end of the third quarter before New Orleans scored a couple of touchdowns in ‘garbage time’. Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo threw three touchdown passes while running back DeMarco Murray added a pair. More significantly, the much maligned Dallas defense held Drew Brees and the highly potent Saints attack scoreless in the first half. Dallas improved to 3-1 with the victory while New Orleans dropped to 1-3.

While there are concerns among the Saints’ faithful about their substandard record to this point things might not be as bad as they look. All three of New Orleans’ losses have come on the road with two of those defeats coming by a combined total of 5 points. The Saints have been a team known for home field dominance during the Drew Brees era so their poor start could be a function of scheduling as much as anything else. In any case, New Orleans has a home game against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers up next followed by a week off during which they can hopefully get back on track.

NFL Week 3: Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Dallas Cowboys pulled off a stunning 34-31 wins against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, September 21st at 1pm EST in the Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri. The Cowboys managed to come back from a 21-0 Rams lead, making last Sunday’s game one of the most thrilling for Cowboys fans all over. The Rams took charge early, scoring 3 touchdowns by the middle of the second quarter, including one interception return by Janoris Jenkins. Although it appeared that the game was one-sided, the Cowboys stepped up to the challenge, scoring a touchdown and a field goal by halftime to lower the Rams lead to a 21-10. Closing the gap even farther in the third quarter, the Cowboys brought the scoreboard to 21-20 with another touchdown and field goal combination.

The game intensified as the Rams tried to solidify their lead with an early field goal in the fourth quarter, but the Cowboys quickly turned around and scored 2 more touchdowns. The Rams last touchdown was not enough for them to regain the lead, bringing them their second loss at home this season. Highlights included Tony Romo’s impressive 68yd pass to a wide open Dez Bryant in the third quarter. The last Cowboys touchdown was a 25rd interception return by Bruce Carter. Austin Davis threw for 3 Rams touchdowns. The Cowboys have a season record of 2-1 so far and the Rams are at a 1-2.

NFL Week 2: Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, LP Field

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 14, at 1pm at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee. They won the game with a final score of 26-10, but it was far from a totally dominating performance.

The Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, have been having trouble in recent years. They nearly started this season out with a 0-2 game deficit. The entire upper management of the team would likely face some serious changes if they had lost this game and, potentially, not made it into the playoffs for another year. The Cowboys were able to beat the Titans based on a strong defensive show (which is somewhat rare) and a standout performance by DeMarco Murray. He took control of the game in a big way. Two sacks and two interceptions led the defense of the Cowboys to score 10 defensive points. Tony Romo, as always, came back from throwing three interceptions in the season opener against the 49rs and scored one touchdown and threw for 176 yards in this game.

The Titans failed on both offense and defense. Offensive errors led to defensive points being scored by the Cowboys. The missed tackles by the defense of the Titans caused problems in stopping the massive offense of the Cowboys as well. For the first thirty or so minutes of the game, it is hard to imagine the Titans looking much worse. They were falling behind in every aspect. After halftime they were able to pull it together but not enough to pull out a win.

NFL Week 1: San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 7, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

It is because of games like this that you should not overvalue the glorified and televised practice sessions that are the pre-season! San Francisco starters did not find the End Zone throughout August but TE Vernon Davis (44 yards, 2 TD) found it twice along side the impressive RB Carlos Hyde who crossed the goal line in the 2nd quarter for his first NFL touchdown.

Rookie Back out of Ohio State Carlos Hyde, who is taking over for the injured Kendall Hunter while he is nursing a season ending right knee ligament tear on the Injured Reserve list, showed why he was a steal in the 2014 NFL draft! He took the ball 50 yards in 7 carries (7.1 average) and crossed the goal line on a 4 yard rush. Not only that, he was explosive through holes, had great footwork for a big guy (being listed at 6’0″ 235lbs), AND showed that he can throw up some clutch blocks. The 49ers basically drafted a younger clone of their #1 back, Frank Gore (who broke 10,000 career rushing yards in the 1st quarter of Sunday’s game).

Colin Kaepernick (201 yards, 2 TD, 11 rushing yards, 125.5 Rating) also impressed with his footwork and ability to throw on the run, however his offensive line showed that they could tire (specifically #77 Mike Iupati who has been struggling).
Finally, the 49ers DBs and Linebackers wreaked havoc on Tony Romo (281 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT) and his offense, picking off Romo three times (LB Patrick Willis, FS Eric Reid- Pick-6, and DB Perrish Cox) as well as LB Dan Skuta (in for the injured Novorro Bowman) forcing DeMarco Murray to fumble a minute into the game, which was picked up by Chris Culliver for a 35 yard TD.

A note: The 9ers were reluctant to go to the ground in the first half, this may be an attempt to preserve Frank Gore or to flex their depth at Wide Receiver. I am anxious to see what Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman has in his bag of tricks, especially after that 13 yard WR screen pass to Michael Crabtree up the middle on 3rd & 20 in the 2nd quarter.

What was the 2013 season like for the Dallas Cowboys?

The last few seasons have been a bit of a disappointment with them finishing with an 8-8 record and always missing out on the Playoffs. Hopes were high that this season may be a bit of a breakthrough and perhaps get back more to the heydays of several years ago. This was the 54th season of playing in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and each season they start off by being optimistic about what the season may bring.

However, for the third season in a row, the Cowboys finished with a record of 8-8, but for the fourth season running they managed to miss out on the Playoffs. This season, they missed out on the last day of the season after a defeat by the Philadelphia Eagles and I even saw that Cowboys game live. This was certainly a disappointment for people who watched Dallas Cowboys Football live streaming especially after they got off to a fantastic start in the regular season with a victory against the New York Giants. However, there was a distinct lack of consistency throughout the season with the team unable to really gain any momentum and to string a run of victories together. They were unlucky in a number of games, but ultimately coming up short by the end of the regular season.

There were a number of both highs and lows in the season including 5 players being voted into the Pro-Bowl. Game highs included that victory against the Giants as well as 2 victories against the Redskins including a victory by a single point to the end of the season which you may have missed if you didn’t have access to Dallas Cowboys Streaming. There was however disappointing games such as losing 51-48 against the Broncos and losing by a single point against the Detroit Lions and the same thing happening in Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs. This really was a season that could have been so different if it were not for the smallest of margins.

Overall, this was a season that did not see much progress under the watchful eye of coach Jason Garrett and they will certainly be hoping to break this run of 8-8 finishes that they seem to be stuck in. The NFC East is undoubtedly there to be won as can be seen by their victories against the other teams that make up the division. However, the issue for the Dallas Cowboys is how they fare elsewhere and if they can sort out the problems that they have elsewhere, then you may see them make the playoffs in the 2014 season when you watch Dallas Cowboys online.

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