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Week 17 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 31, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals 26-24 which ended their 2017 regular season with a 9-7 record and did not qualify for the playoffs. The Seahawks needed to be more aggressive, despite being known as a “second half team”. The game was almost sealed by the end of the 2nd quarter with the Cardinals leading 20-7 but the Seahawks rallied by the 3rd quarter and almost won the game, but it was a little too late, and to add to the frustration had it not been for Phil Dawsons 42 yard field goal which stunned the crowd and allowed the Cardinals to clinch the victory in the dying minutes of the game.

Despite the loss, the Seahawks still had one awesome game and even broke some local records: Doug Baldwin passed Darrell Jackson for 4th on Seattle’s reception list. Jimmy Graham tied Green Bay receiver Davante Adams for 2nd most receiving touchdowns with 10. Shaquill Griffin finished the rookie season strong with 15 passes defended, ranks near top of NFC rookies. Russell Wilson is NFL’s leader in touchdown passes with 34. Doug Bladwin now 6th in Seattle’s touchdown list with 43.

Week 16 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs New York Giants on Sunday, December 24, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The New York Giants versus Arizona Cardinals game brought us an absolutely stellar match with lots of action throughout. Looking back, the Cardinals showed great performance in the 1st, with the pass to Larry Fitzgerald, giving them a 1st down. This was promptly followed by a great wobbler from Stanton to Fitzgerald again, this time with surgical accuracy, striking down the ball between three giants, to find Fitzgerald in the middle. All in all, this was a great 1st for the Cardinals. They kept advancing up the pitch, and with 7 minutes to go, they had secured the 10-yard line, and this was followed swiftly by a field goal from Dawson.

The Cardinals showed their strength again at the 2: 30-minute mark, with a great intercept from Antoine Bethea, which would otherwise have landed Manning a position somewhere between the 30-20 yard lines. The Cardinals dominated the 1st with 3-0 and furthermore added to the lead with 1 minute to go of the 2nd, with Fitzgerald landing a touchdown for the Cardinals. In the 3rd another great touchdown was landed by the Cardinals, this time by Browne, and in the 4th, the touchdown by Nkemdiche pretty much sealed the deal, securing the Cardinals the win of 23-0.

Week 15 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Cardinals lost to the Redskins 20-15, and they lost because they were just not in a position where they could score enough when it counted. They are getting much older, and they are learning that they need to have a plan for the future that will take them out of the Carson Palmer era. David Johnson is hurt, and their defense could not stop Washington when they needed to.

Kirk Cousins made a very good case that he could be paid a lot of money at the end of the season, and there are a few teams that would like to have him. Cousins is auditioning every week, and he looks great when he plays like this. He was able to get one over on the Cardinals, and they were just not good enough to respond. The Redskins could be very good if they just kept their team together. The Cardinals need to start over and will use losses like this to make changes to their organization.

Week 14 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 10, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals was an amazing match. The Cardinals beat the Titans with a 12-7 score, and the Cardinals’ fans were truly pleased by this result. We will take a look at the numbers behind the score, and you will be truly pleased with the results. HC Bruce Arians have given the Cardinals an excellent score of 28-2 when the team just wins the amazing battle of turnovers. This was the second game the Cardinals have just won the important turnover battle. The Cardinals also won the turnover battle when they defeated the Jaguars just 2 weeks ago.

The Cardinals have just lost the useful turnover battle 17-20 this season, and the team has just lost the important turnover battle in four games this season. In this game, the Cardinals have just won the important rushing battle 136 to 65. The Titans appeared to be a stronger rushing team against the Cardinals when you see the game at first sight. The Titans have one of the best o-lines in the game too. Mr. Williams outrushed Murray and Henry combined when he rushed for seventy-three gritty yards on twenty carries.

Week 13 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 03, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Los Angeles Rams met the Arizona Cardinals in one of the most entertaining games of the season. Although the way they played was below par compared to their previous performances, the Rams still managed to get a win against their competitors. They missed touchdowns only capitalizing on field goals, which made some fans question their strategy. With an early 16-0 lead, the Rams showed a promising win but the Cardinals tried to fight back making it harder for them. The defense team of Los Angeles side seemed to carry most of the weight during the game and their opponents took advantage of this, managing to score a long drive at 6 minutes.

Arizona followed this score with another similar one reducing the gap to 16-13. However, this was short lived as the Rams managed another score increasing the gap again to 19-13 by half time. Once Arizona side figured out that the other team was mostly using their defense, they tried to take advantage of that by tiring them and trying to score some more points. In a game that started with a 16-0 gap, they tried their best to turn the score sheet around without much success, giving the Rams a 32-15 win as the final score. The way the Rams was disappointing to some fans who felt that they would have done better but still they were happy with those final results.

Week 12 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 26, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The record is clear and up that the Cardinals have eventually won a great team. With one second remaining, Phil Dawson was able to kick a fifty-seven yard field goal. This helped the Cardinals have a super victory of 27-24 over the Jaguars. In fact, this remains the first time that the Cardinals will win the Jaguars in the history of the NFL. The Jaguars have been able to main a 4 straight win against the Cardinals in time past. In the AFC South, the Jaguars have dropped with a draw against the Tennessee for the first position.

Dawson, Tyrann Mathieu and Blaine Gabbert had a great combination to help the Cardinals maintain their led. These players were able to connect from 48,42, and 43 yards while playing against the Jaguars. For two hundred and forty-one yards, Gabbert had twenty-two out of thirty-eight with one interception and two touchdowns. Gabbert has improved from ten to thirty-one as a National Football League starter. Gabbert started his NFL career with the Jacksonville and later moved to San Francisco during 2014.

Week 11 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans on Sunday, November 19, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

Cardinals right now are focusing on taking down the Texans with Tom Savage’s maximum strength, whereas Texans are protecting the football and are trying to run the football more effectively and more often Lamar Miller’s bility. The Texans have allowed the long touchdown passes to the fast and wide receivers in the past two games of NFL. Cardinals’ team isn’t that fast, but the players have the hands, running skills and the perfect body control of the game that would definitely turn the coming gameday into a favorable one.

Chandler Jones of Cardinals was a sack master in the last game of the NFL. He has only one of the multi-sack play, whereas the BrenoGiacomini of Texans is a tough veteran and isn’t going to go easy on his opponents. Cardinals could easily get into the spotlight by taking over Texans by their potential. For thecoming to NFL Gameday, Cardinals would be able to comeover the injuries they have in a better way in comparison to the Texans which isn’t going to be good for the opponent team. And for Texans, they might have to give more for the win as the Cardinals aren’t going to be easy at all at the coming NFL Gameday.

Week 10 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, November 09, 8:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals was much fun and you just have to know more about it. The Seahawks beat the Cardinals with a 16-22 score, and that was just amazing. Mr. Wilson led the team to the victory on Thursday night, which is truly great for him. He has been working hard to make things happen and he deserves every bit of the victory. Mr. Sherman just limped off the game with his Achilles tendon ruptured. He was just part of the players who were just knocked out of the game by the Cardinals.

Mr. Wagner said that this was a good team win. He wanted to appreciate the game even more. But the problem is that he saw a lot of other players going down the drain with many serious and minor injuries. This is a shame for the team because they need these players to keep the winning streak alive. Players don’t love any kind of Thursday night football but they have to do it anyway. They were hit by many injuries, and this is an example of the things happening here. It is truly hard to get back and recover too.

Week 9 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 05, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

Adrian Peterson received constant questions from Bruce Arians if a breather is important. In most of the instances, Peterson will respond that he did not need a breather. The shock that Coach Bruce saw was that Adrian carried the ball for a long time than anyone in this category can do. Peterson moved the ball for one hundred and fifty-nine yards and thirty-seven rushes. This help to lead the Cardinals to a 20-10 win over the 49ers during the Sunday match. In his 3rd match, Adrian Peterson has ten more carries with the Cardinals than the former club called New Orleans.

Adrian has taken some time to post his performance with carrying the ball in the same category of the 30s. The truth is that the young lad beat the mark with one hundred yards in the 2nd time since he arrived in the new team. With the 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo proved himself to be a spectacular player. Jimmy emanates from the New England to operate as the quarterback of the 49ers. While having too much experience with the offense, Jimmy was not ready to play. In the match against the Cardinals, Jimmy dressed up as CJ Beathard’s backup and took part in pregame warm-ups. Jimmy checked out pictures and listened to the play calls.

Week 7 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, Twickenham Stadium

The third of the fourth NFL London games this autumns saw the Los Angeles Rams against the Arizona Cardinals once more. Last year the teams had a thrilling play off where the Rams faced a startling defect against the Cardinals. This time the match was all about instating their honor and yes, about pure revenge. The falling standards and loss game play of the Cardinals was quite evident during the game and has been a constant problem throughout the season. While the Rams were strategic, clean and coached effectively.

The out of focus, weak game played by the Cardinals could fore tell their loss from the very beginning. The Rams won by a perfect score and without much of a struggle either. The Cardinals faced a great loss as both their star players faced injury and were unable to perform for the game. David Johnson was injured in the very first week of the season and the sole responsibility of the game fell on quarter back Carson Palmer’s shoulder. When Palmer had to be sent to the stands with a broken arm, all hopes for the cardinals were lost. Backup quarterback Drew Stanton’s meek attempts to revive the game were futile against the strong and efficient rams.

Week 6 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 15, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Bucs weren’t able to stop the Cards because of the improvement that the Cards have seen in their run blocking. The defensive coordinator, Mike Smith really did not know what to expect with Peterson now on the Cardinals roster. The Bucs lost the game by a 38-33 score. The Bucs thought they could win that shootout, but Jameis Winston got hurt during the game. The Bucs still do not trust their kicking game. You have to be able to find a reliable kicker, but it was obvious during the Arizona game that the slightest amount of penetration would scare Tampa Bay’s kicker.

Troy Niklas is going to become a more crucial player in the Cardinals offense, as we saw with the fact that he caught a touchdown pass in this game. Both teams are likely to continue to fight and claw within some very tough divisions. The Bucs cannot currently find their way in all three facets of the game.

Week 5 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Without further deliberation, Carson appeared like the vintage Palmer. To help the Eagles win the Cardinals, Carson threw a career-best 4 touchdown passes to bring the score to 34-7. The teams and quarterbacks look like those moving in the opposite directions. In the 2nd season, Carson helped the Patriots moved ahead of the opponents with an outstanding 4-1 lead. The Cardinals and the 37-year old Palmer may be experiencing a closed window. The Cardinals comes back home to encounter a huge battle with Tampa Bay while Philadelphia gets ready to make a trip to Carolina. In the first quarter, Carson tried three consecutive attempts by tossing 3 scoring passes. This includes eleven yards to Zach Ertz, fifty-nine yards to Torrey Smith and fifteen yards to Trey Burton.

For a seventy-two-yard TD, Carson connected with Nelson Agholor on the 3rd and 19th minutes of the third quarter. In the first quarter of a game, Carson remains the premier Patriots’ player to throw for 3 touchdowns. The Patriots played with the National Football League’s second-best third-down offense. The surprise is that during these situations, the Eagles moved from 9 points to 14. The complete review of the game showed that the Patriots were eager to win the match. At the end of the game, the Cardinals realized that the win went immediately to the Patriots.

Week 4 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, October 01, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

This was probably the worst game for the 49ers. Being the favourites at the start of the match, they lost to the Cardinals 18-15. More disheartening was the fact that they did not allow a single touchdown until the final play. But it was just fate that dictated the events because even after Robbie Gould’s outstanding field goal which took the 49ers in the lead, they lost to the Arizona Cardinals. Though the 49ers have now lost to the Cardinals five times in a row, they could have easily won this one.

The Arizona Cardinals looked a little out of place when they started the match trailing the 49ers 12-15 with only 2:24 remaining in overtime. However, the redeemer for the Cardinals would be in the form of Andre Ellington who nearly got a touchdown. There must be something about playing in your home ground that brings about some magic. The overtime finished with an Arizona Cardinals win. Though it was an ugly afternoon, it turned out be one of the greatest wins for the Cardinals.

There was only one touchdown throughout the game and it happened with 32 seconds left in overtime. Needless to say, the touchdown was done by Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. He is perhaps the greatest cardinal that ever walked. The other Cardinal worth the money is Phil Dawson. He was just remarkable at the match.

Week 3 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys on Monday, September 25, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Cardinals in front of their Arizona fans, bouncing back from their own crushing humiliation last week against the Broncos. The two teams were neck-and-neck for most of the game, much like their preseason match-up in August.

The Cardinals held the ball longer, ran more plays, and allowed no turnovers. Their problem was they kept throwing away their chances in the red zone. And at one point, Cardinals’ kicker Phil Dawson missed a field goal at the end of a grueling 65-yard drive. By contrast, the Cowboys kept up by following through on their plays. They completed more passes, threw longer passes, and ran more yards at a time than the Cardinals. The Cowboys also completed a few huge plays, including two touchdowns from rushes (their first this season).

At the top of the fourth quarter, the game was a nail-biter, tied 14-14. Then, with under twelve minutes left, Dak Prescott broke the tie and gave the Cowboys’ a lead with a 37-yard scoring pass to Brice Butler. At six minutes and change, the Cardinals’ Phil Dawson made a 37-yard field goal, narrowing the spread to 21-17. Finally, Ezekiel Elliott gave the Cowboys a definitive lead by running eight yards for a touchdown. The final score was Cowboys 28, Cardinals 17.

Week 2 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The Cardinals were able to get through the overtime with the support of Carson Palmer. Phil Dawson and Tyrann Mathieu tried to ebb away from the Colts as quick and possible they can get. From scrimmage in the extra period, Mathieu rejected new Indianapolis Colts quarterback called Jacoby Brissett on the first play. In four plays later, Dawson was able to make a thirty-yard field goal to provide the Cardinals a 16-13 victory. The rally was not a small feast on day that is full of comebacks. For Palmer, he seems not to connect with every receiver throughout the day. In the final 8 minutes of the regulation period, Palmer delivered exceptionally to give the Cardinals an opportunity.

Palmer was among the sixteen of thirty-nine who had three hundred and thirty-two yards, one interception and a single touchdown. The defense of the Cardinals enabled scoring to reach fourteen, eight and sixteen plays. They also endeavor to keep the Colts and Brissett out of the final area for the rest fifty-two minutes prior to Mathieu showing up with the play of the day by getting rid of Colts Aiken. After pushing a forty-two-yards field goal wide right, the dependable Dawson used the advantage of rare 2nd half opportunity as time expired in regulation. The Colts did not attempt to improve on their game until the last play while struggling in the red zone. The match ended in favor of the Cardinals.

Week 1 of NFL season 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Early interceptions were traded by Carson Palmer and Mattew Stafford. Detriot took advantage when Palmer kept on misfiring. The Lions walked past Arizona in the 4th quarter when Stafford threw 4 touchdown passes to win at 32-23. Against the Cardinals, Detroit snapped a 7-game losing streak and prevented an event that will have been a disaster home loss in a tough early plan. On the game’s early possession, Palmer unleashed his first of three interceptions. However, the first pass by Stafford was knocked off and went eighty-two yards for a brilliant touch from Justin Bethel. In the end zone of the Lions, there was a nice punt and the Arizona took the led at 10-0 after one-quarter. The truth is that the Cardinals wasted much of their opportunities to control the match.

While moving into the 4th quarter, the Cardinals led by 17-15 prior to Stafford connecting two times for success with Kenny Galladay the rookie receiver. The Lions led by 35-17 when Miles Killebrew made a brilliant touch by intercepting thirty-five yards for a TD. In the upcoming events, the Detroit still have games against the Falcons and Giants. For this reason, taking care of business at home remains a great opportunity to exploit against an Arizona club that did not participate in playoffs last season. In the last season, the Lions flexed their muscles and performed well.

Week 4 of NFL season Preseason 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos on Thursday, August 31, 9:00 PM, Sports Authority Field@Mile High

Broncos defeat Cardinals 30-2 in final preseason game. The Denver Broncos tripled the Arizona Cardinals in their pre-season finale with 30-2 win. This denotes Denver’s 1st un-defeated preseason since the year 2015. In the wake of beating a couple of early struggles in the 1st half, quarter-back K. Sloter brought his A game. His touch-down pass to tight-end S. Scheu has made it a 30-2 win.

QB B. McManus field goal, took Denver to a 20-2 lead in-to the 2nd half. Denver will later get the ball to begin the 3rd quarter. The Denver Broncos new kid on the block defense D. Thomas captured a pass close to the mid-field and turned on the opponents, returning the ball fifty eight yards for a score. K. Sloter gave a strong performance on his 2nd drive while enabling his teammates to be within field-goal-range before Jordan dropped a pass on 3rd touch-down.

With a strong defense and fight put on by the Cardinals the end results could not be avoided. They had to settle for a 30-2 defeat from the Broncos who carried the day.

Week 3 of NFL season Preseason 2017: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, August 26, 7:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals had their gameday with magnificent splendid and hope of winning. However, the winner of the game cannot be announced without any physical engagement. For the Arizona Cardinals, this game simply means time to rise up from the slumber. After a trip to the NFC, anticipations remained high for the Cardinals last season. However, the Arizona Cardinals later stumbled to a 7-8-1 record. While the Cardinals have also lost Calais Campbell, the team later added to one of the favorites in the competition through former Washington safety Budda Baker.

By a total of four points, the Falcons have lost their first two preseason battles. This was due to the poor play strategy from the third-string units of the team. The beginners will be featuring in the second half again the Arizona Cardinals. While people keep on speculating on the game, players are ready to fight it out. This is a game that can be compared to as the survival of the fittest. The Arizona wants to pull off any attack against them, while the Falcons will also show a dominating persona.

Week 2 of NFL season Preseason 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears on Saturday, August 19, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Chicago Bears narrowly defeated the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 24-23 in Arizona in the second preseason game for both teams. In the first quarter, neither team moved the ball terribly effectively, though Bears rookie running back Tariq Cohen showed a flash or two. The Bears took the lead on a 42 yard field goal by Connor Barth. Both offenses got on track in the second quarter, with Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer throwing a touchdown to tight end Jermaine Gresham and Bears quarterback Mike Glennon finding wideout Kendall Wright in the end zone. At the very end of the half, the Cardinals lined up for a 63 yard field goal, which kicker Phil Dawson left short, allowing Deonte Thompson of the Bears to run the missed field goal back 108 yards for a touchdown as time expired. Chicago went into the locker room leading 17-7.

In the third quarter, Arizona answered with second string quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s 4 yard touchdown run, to make the game 17-14. But the Bears started the 4th quarter by scoring a touchdown of their own, with rookie first round draft pick Mitchell Trubisky finding receiver Benny Cunningham for a touchdown strike to make the lead 10 again. Arizona would get a 52 yard field goal and a touchdown, but their 2 point conversion attempt fell incomplete, giving Chicago the victory by 1.

Week 1 of NFL season Preseason 2017: Arizona Cardinals vs Oakland Raiders on Saturday, August 12, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Oakland Raiders took on the Arizona Cardinals and lost by 10 points. The first highlight was Marshawn Lynch remaining seated for the National Anthem to protest injustice; he did not receive any game time. The game was a terrible one for the Raiders who trailed the Cardinals 17-0 until Tavecchio was able to put some points up for them. Several players made their debuts for the Raiders that day including Crockett, Manuel and Patterson. All three had good games with Crockett scoring a touchdown in the third quarter, Manuel setting up the initial points and Patterson having two receptions.

The Cardinals were a little bit more competitive with 8 first downs. Their offense was commended and several players stood out for the team. Bynes was everywhere and this was not necessarily a bad thing but he impressed and his presence was felt. Nkemdiche also had a good game; he was dominating and has shown consistency in the preseason. Will Holden had less luck than his teammates considering that he contributed to one of the accepted penalties that night and he noticeably struggled forcing his teammate Gabbert to pick up his slack.

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