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The Arizona Cardinals finished NFL season 2016/2017 and you have to wait for next season before you can watch Arizona Cardinals online again.

The Arizona Cardinals entered the season with very high hopes of winning the Super Bowl. If only wishes were horses. They did not even make it to the playoffs! They ended their season with a disappointing 7-8-1 losing record. This saw the Cardinals come second in the NFC West division. The division was headed by the Seattle Seahawks who ended the season with a 10-5-1 record. The Arizona Cardinals 2016/2017 season will be remembered as one that was marred by injuries and mishaps.

For starters, it began on a terrible 1-3 start. This was coupled with injuries on most of the offensive players. The scariest injury was to, however, be seen in week 17. The Arizona Cardinal’s running back RB David Johnson had his leg pinned by a Ram’s tackler. Everyone was fearful of a knee surgery but lucky we. He got away with an easily manageable MCL sprain. On a happy note, David Johnson demolished a streak of 15 games with 100 scrimmage yards (at least!). He is now tied for the third longest streak in the whole of NFL history.
They also enjoyed twenty touchdowns…… David Johnson happily supplying 16 of them. Aren’t we all happy it was just an MCL sprain?

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Week 17 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, January 01, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Cardinal’s Sunday game against the Los Angeles Rams was nothing short of a total demolition, as the Cardinals won the game 44-6. The win came as no surprise though, as the Cardinals came into the game as favorites with a record of 7-8-1 compared with the Rams’ 4-12.

Despite the win though, the match ended with mixed feelings for the Cardinals who lost their running back, David Johnson to a knee injury. Johnson came down with the injury in the first quarter, when he was tackled awkwardly by a swarm of opposition defenders, causing him to twist his knee. Though Johnson’s initial diagnosis looked positive, he is still expected to be out for a couple of weeks, which is a real blow for the cardinals, as they lose a player who is the only one in the history of the team to gain over 2,000 yards from scrimmage, not to mention his single-season 20-touchdown franchise record.

However, the loss of Johnson hardly mattered in the end, because the team never needed him to win such a routine game; all they needed was focus and seriousness, and they showed plenty of it! They sacked Jared Goff (Rams’ quarterback) on six occasions and the defense played no small role in Sunday’s victory, as they literally choked life out of the opposition attacks. Offense also did a great job, with a 16-6 half time lead, and a complete rout in the subsequent quarters.

In the end, the Rams were only able to gain 122 yards throughout the game and this rounded up a show of discipline and teamplay by the Cardinals. This win extends their 3-year on-the-road unbeaten record, in division games.

Week 16 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, December 24, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

Who knew Seattle Seahawks would suffer a 34-31 demolition in the final seconds against their opponent Arizona Cardinals? Yes, it happened, even after their thrilling comeback attempt. Unfortunately, this is not their firs time defeat.

The Cardinals have proved their capability by continually giving Seahawks headaches on their ground. This time, it is unfortunate to the Seahawks; it might even end up costing them to face the firsthand bye, just in the playoffs.

Chandler Catanzaro’s 43-yard hit goal, jus at the final play assured the Cardinals of the victory on Saturday. Seattle paced their way from a 31-18 deficit, by scoring the rare two touchdowns just in the final three minutes to make it 31-31. The Jimmy Graham’s 37-yard touchdown and a Richardson’s 5-yard ensured the tie.

Unfortunately, Stephen Hauschka missed his chance to make an extra point that could have made Seahawk to take the lead. The Catanzaro’s kick was perfect. It gave that unexpected menace to the Seattle’s chances of emerging victorious in the game. This was not only sad but also unforgotten experience as it was Seahawk’s first loss at home this season. Unfortunately, this sealed the seal of all NFL teams being beaten at home. The Seattle Seahawks had the potential to remain unbeaten, but they had no choice on this game.

Week 15 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, December 18, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The game between New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals took place on 18th December at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Saints defeated Cardinals 48-41.

The star of the New Orleans Saints was Drew Brees who became the first quarterback who was able to throw more than 300 yards this season against the Cardinals. Even with the team, New Orleans was eliminated from the South title tournament, as San Francisco got defeated by Atlanta earlier on Sunday.

Both of the teams made a combined score of 89 points, which is the highest number of points scored in this season. The teams combined first downs totalled to 59 points, of which 33 were made by the Saints. the wide receiver for New Orleans Saints Brandin Cooks for 186 yards caught seven passes. He also earned two touchdowns for his team(6-8) whereas David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals created an NFL record as well(5-8-1) when he became the first player in NFL league history to cross over 100 yards from the point of scrimmage in every one of his first 14 games. Overall, the game was an interesting one with remarkable performance from Saints as fans swarmed the stadium to cheer for their favorite teams.

Week 14 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals led by Quarter Back C. Palmer, barely missed a 23 all draw when they lost to Miami Dolphins 23-26. In this hard challenged game, accusations of cheating rent the air as Arians did particularly blame the Dolphins for cheating in the game. This happened after the Dolphins yelled out the Cardinals’ snap count and that brought about a missed additional point by Chandler Catanzaro ahead of schedule in the game. Obviously football authorities dependably grant a punishment if a defense copies an offense’s snap count. This was the situation.

However, this instance did not stop the Dolphins from winning the gamie. R. Tannehill tossed three touchdown before being injured on the knee, and A.Franks kicked a 20 yard goal as time lapsed to assist the Dolphins defeat the Cardinals 26-23 on Sunday. Despite Cardinals mounting touch-down drives of ninety nine and fifty yards to draw, however, Miami resisted with a punt. Moore tossed a 12-yard finishing to Stillsfor a touch down and later set-up Franks’ triumphant kick.

The Dolphins win marks a seventh win in the previous 8-games and boosted their 8-year playoff dry season. The Miami Dolphins are 8-5. By one means or another. Regardless of poor hostile and cautious rankings. In spite of wounds to Mike Pouncey and Reshad Jones and now Ryan Tannehill the game was fanciful to watch.

Week 13 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 04, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

In an NFC matchup, the Arizona Cardinals were set to meet Washington Redskins in a match of ages. This is because the game was featuring two teams who were willing and looking forward to making real noise this season in the conference. The cards were looking to ensuring they built something special in the west. The Redskins on the other hand as they are known, they wanted to go out and acquire big teams with big name players so to improve their roster. While in the game, the Cardinals were suited to ensure they slowed down Washington’s attack.

The Cardinals were ranked second in the NFL with tight ends and minimal passing yards. Regardless, this did not assist when it came to playing with Washington who was the NFL top-ranked offense as they lost by a 38-19 score. The Cardinals are well known for their undisciplined play as they receive much penalty which later frustrates the coach and the final score. The Washington’s were able to put point against the Cardinals and the match involved two quarterbacks who were in the opposite direction. Kirk Cousin who was a player of Washington was one of the people the cardinal focused on to ensure he did not make any throws or escape the pocket or pick any yardage on his own. They had to play a tighter game against the Redskins deep threats.

Week 12 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

Most people love the American Football, even the girls who don’t even understand the rules of the game. 4 days ago Arizona Cardinals faced the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The stadium was packed having an attendance of 92333. This was an away game for the Arizona who began this season recommended as a Super Bowl contender but have been 1 of the NFL’s most disappointing teams.

On Sunday, the Cardinals couldn’t keep up with the speed of one Atlanta’s Gabriel Taylor. With several of short passes into long touch downs that surely sparked his team to a 38 – 19 victory. “I felt like they were running in slow motion,” Gabriel said.

Earlier in the week, Arizona’s coach, Bruce Arians had spent a night in the hospital after complaining of chest pains. His team’s prompting wide receiver; Larry Fitzgerald said the team feels partly responsible for their coach’s condition.

Despite that, Bruce was on the pitch with his team on Sunday but it didn’t inspire his team that much. “There is not much you can take positive from this game,” Larry Fitzgerald said.

The Falcons have lost 2 straight and 3 of their past 4, putting them in the danger of not being on the playoffs after reaching the National Football Conference games last season.

Atlanta Falcons claimed the win with a final total score of 38 while the Arizona Cardinals had 19.

Week 11 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals versus the Minnesota Vikings game, played four days ago was a season saver. The Vikings had lost four games in a row and their 30-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals broke it. A kick return for touchdown and 100-yard interception return did the trick for them. The credit for it goes to the defense. Defending a game against Carson Palmer of the Cardinals is not an easy feat. They won the game and topped the division. Sam Bradford went 20 for 28 for 169 yards with no interceptions. He completed by throwing a touchdown to Adam Thielen.

Though not an offensive game, Bradford held solidly under center. It was also Kai Forbath’s debut for the Vikings with a field goal to his name. It was for 27 yards run and earned his team three extra points. Matt Asiata of the offense had a two yard run in the second quarter. So there was a field goal and a total of two touchdowns in the 30 points for the Vikings. The Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings game is noteworthy for various reasons. It is a feat that has been achieved by a team after 50 years in NFL history. The Dallas Cowboys did it last in 1962. In spite of all this, the Vikings’ per yard per carry statistics still needs improvement.

Week 10 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 13, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

When a win is a must, then the players will do anything to win. It was the case with Arizona Cardinals in the match against San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. They simply could not afford to lose. The Arizona Cardinals coach said that if you do not win at home, you should consider it bad. Luckily for him, the team won in the interesting game full of intensity. The first halftime was on the side of the Cardinals (20-10), but the second half was surprising. Two turnovers happened out of the nothing and the 49ers scored 10 points. The audience was little bit shocked and Arizona expected to see the win of their team.

It was expected, but the win was not easy. During the last minutes, the Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd did a good reception of 26-yard and made the way to the opposite territory. Catanzaro did the important break-though and scored. The audience wished a performance that is a little bit more convincing from the Cardinals. It is their home ground and their public. Nevertheless, the final score 20-23 was an important win for Arizona Cardinals in the game where they could show a little bit more aggression and determination. At least their supporters expected it.

Week 8 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, October 30, 3:25 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals returned to Carolina for their first time since last NFC Championship to face the Carolina Panthers in what was one in a lifetime match. The Cardinals did not know they came to face prepared Panthers in a match that ended in a 30-20 loss for the Cardinals. Panthers kicked on the game on a high note, putting pressure on the Cardinals. One of the highlights of the game was when Star Lotulelei pulled Carson Palmer to the ground early in the match an event that was ruled a fumble resulting in Thomas Davis returning it as a touchdown. At 3:12 the Panthers were already on a 7-0 lead.

The two teams fought to prove their dominance in what can be regarded as a tight game. Later on in the game Tony Jefferson of Arizona came down with this Newton deep ball to Oslen which took place at the Carolina 2-yard line. Initially it was ruled an interception but replays proved Jefferson stepped out of bonds and officials had to overturn their call. The Panthers then kicked a field goal to gain a 24-0lead. We can only wait to see more from these teams in future matches.

Week 7 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 23, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

With a somewhat confusing, unusual and even aggravating ending, the Seahawks and the Cardinals ended their October 23, 2016 game with a tie. Ending with a final score of 6 to 6 the game was truly a game of defense and field goals with special teams ultimately defining the game. The Cardinals were able to score first in the second quarter with a field goal making the score 3 to 0. The Seahawks finally answered with a field goal in the fourth quarter tying the game 3 to 3. By the end of the fourth quarter with no additional points on the board, the game entered overtime.

Each team scored an additional 3 points keeping the scored tied at 6 to 6. Both the Seahawks and the Cardinals had the chance to win the game but both came up short missing short field goals for the win. The lackluster performances by the offense and the special teams on both sides have left some questions. Many have commented on this strange finale that left many questioning their choice to stay up late for the 8:30 pm game and others happy with their decision to end the night early.

Week 6 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs New York Jets on Monday, October 17, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

It was another day of non-stop action in the NFL. If you think that you are a diehard fan of the NFL games, I know you didn’t miss the action on Monday between the visiting New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals. Many people think that the game was tough to watch as the two sides crashed heavily. It was great day for the Cardinals as the thrashed the visitors a 28-3 win in a game that was amazing to watch.

The Cardinals were able to find their identity in this match, which was filled with penalties (23 penalties). This penalty-strategy is something that could be digging deep in the NFL games. The hosts were able to make drives 11, 14 and 14 plays Monday nights and all the three were able to produced touchdowns. However, none of them was highlight worthy or even decibel raising. In the actual sense the longest play in these drives was a 14 yard run on the left end by their receiver, J.J Nelson. The team was able to make methodical possessions throughout the game that were evident in their small-passes strategy. The only case of injury that was reported after the game was that of James Brown who left the game with a noticeable knee injury.

Week 5 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers on Thursday, October 06, 8:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals made good use of the San Francisco 49ers’ myriad of mistakes to take home the win with a final score of 33-21 at Santa Clara. The Cardinals managed a total of 17 points from three turnovers, a fumbled kick-off return, and two solid interceptions by the big Blaine Gabbert.

The first quarter of action saw absolutely no action with the scores level at 0-0, providing the fans with very little to get excited about. The action picked up a little in the second quarter where both teams managed seven points each, giving both sets of fans something to ponder in the break. In the third quarter the Cardinals started to pull away with double the amount of points on the board compared to the 49ers. A stunt which they were only two points away from completing in the final quarter, thus sealing the 49ers’ fate for the night.

The main issue for the 49ers was according to their coach, Chip Kelly, that not one of his players performed as they should have in the offensive zone. The main point of concern was protecting the ball, which was something he said they did poorly. Another issue seemed to be the passing that was not up to scratch, and of course the multiple turnovers that led to 17 extra points for the Cardinals.

Week 4 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, October 02, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Los Angeles Rams visited the Arizona Cardinals and embarrassed them in their home grounds. The game ended 17-13 in favour of the Rams who are currently ranked among the top teams in the division (3-1). The Cardinals were humiliated at their own home ground the University of Phoenix for the second time this season. The team now stands at 1 win to 3 losses. With the team’s quarterback Carson Palmer having had a concussion it is expected that their performance will keep deteriorating even in the Thursday game in Santa Clara, Calif. The one who replaced him, Drew Stanton, misused the only chance he had at making a comeback with both hi possessions ending up in interceptions.

The game was quite a showdown with critical events happening in the last quarter. The Cardinals seemed to be on the losing end till the third quarter when they took a 13-10 lead. With only six minutes to go before the final whistle, Palmer was sacked and his head slammed into the ground. He had to leave the game replaced by Stanton. Moments later the entire right sideline was left open when the Cardinals’ Justin Bethel was poked by a Ram defender in the eye. The offender, tight end Ifeanyi Momah was called for grabbing a facemask and the Rams given the ball at the 19-yard line. A few plays later the ball was in the hands of Case Keenum who threw his second touchdown pass of the game. This put the Rams score at 17-13 which would eventually be the final result. Generally, the cardinals made so many mistakes that put the ball in the hands of the Rams. The Rams in turn took advantage and made the most out of their opponent’s mishaps.

Week 3 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Not anyone had given the Bills any chance of winning given the post game analysis, after all, they had limped their way into the new season.One would have thought the Cardinals winning streak after the last season would go uninterrupted, but that wasn’t to last. There is just something about Bulls that the Cardinals cannot handle. Bills won by 33-18.Despite the poor show that the Bills had displayed when they met the Jets, they opened up the defence pretty well in both rounds with Dan Carpenter starting off with a 3-0.

Le Shean took off with several big shots of 89 yards scoring at both 24 and 5 yards, with Mc Coy making the first touchdown. The game only took an interesting twist when the Cardinals’ finally woke up from their slumber when Aarons Williams sneaked in a second touchdown for the Bills. Arizona responded through the defence with by upping their score after Catanzaro’s 60-yard goal score. It was nauseating to watch the Arizona’s game with their poor passes and careless drops; they were out of form and shape. Attempts by the Cardinals to put up a defence was thwarted when their weak throw was intercepted by Gilmore and ended up with a second score by Mc Coy.

Week 2 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, September 18, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The cardinals took away a 40-7 victory against the Buccaneers in their previous match. This grand victory restored the courage of the fans of the Cardinals. According to the fans of the Cardinals, their teams have bounced back into the competition with very tough defense and with a great team lineup. David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald were on the waving flags for the Cardinal side. During the game, the Cardinals scored a complete touchdown off the interception of James Winston.

From the benches of the Cardinals were some new faces including Stunt, Humphrey and Veldheer made them pushed pass their opposite counterparts? Chris Conte was too slow to convert a chance into a goal which made Brown blow by his shoulder and directed the ball to safety.

Greater portion of the work was done by Deore Buccanno, who lung filled and rapidly pushed the ball to his partner. He slowed down the movement of his opponent by coming before him for a while so he couldn’t run to intercept the passed ball. The passed ball escaped the receiver and immediately Cooper grabbed the ball and quickly run to the opposing side.

Brandon Williams had played so well in recent matches where he made great interceptions to save his side.

Week 1 of NFL season 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs New England Patriots on Sunday, September 11, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Patriots started their NFL campaign with a win over the Cardinals at their home ground- University of Phoenix stadium. The team showed the same quality they had in the NFC Championship match against the Carolina Panthers.

On the other side, the Cardinals showed little energy and low-level offense. In the first quarter, Brandon William made a blunder that led to the opponents kicking a field goal.

The game entered the second quarter with a 10-0 Patriots lead, but the visiting team started to show some rhythm in terms of the offense. Markus Golden & Rodney Gunter showed a good teamwork that led to the Cardinals first score.

In first minutes of the second half, the hosts physically pressed the opponents’ defense and ended up with a score. David Johnson managed to pull back one for the Cardinals during this period.

Continuing to push forward, the Patriots scored a 53-yard goal taking the scoreline to 20-14. Some few minutes later, Larry Fitzgerald earned his 100th touchdown and the visitors were leading.

The hosts were not disappointed and continued to press which caused them put one through. The game was over after this goal. New England won 23-21, meaning that Arizona are 0-1 down on the season.

Week 4 of NFL season Preseason 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos on Thursday, September 01, 9:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Denver Broncos lost 17-38 to the Arizona cardinals in the preseason finale on September 1st. Denver’s no.3 quarterback Paxton Lynch (may be moving on to no.2) had some great moments in the game and a bad one. He managed two touchdowns after 13 passes over 214 yards. He however had an interception returned 29 yards for a touchdown by Gabe Martin. The Cardinal’s no.3 quarterback Matt Barkley had a better time in the field with 20 passes over 269 yards and two unintercepted touchdowns.

Denver began with a 10-0 lead in the first quarter but the Cardinals scored 23 points. This was capped by Chandler Catanzaro’s longest field goal. It was a 59-yar field goal scored early in the third quarter. Catanzaro has played for two seasons in the NFL. The Broncos’ Kapri Bribbs ran 51vyars with 10 passes. He was aiming at the no.3 running back which was also coveted by Ronnie Hillman who only had three attempts and ran 9 yards. Riley Dixon had had an 18-yard run in late first half and this resulted in a 45-yard Cardinals touchdown. As for the Cardinals, the rookies to note were Robert Knemdiche who spent most of his time in the backfield. He had missed out on the training thanks to an ankle sprain.

Week 3 of NFL Preseason 2016: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans on Sunday, August 28, 4:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Houston Texans stamped their authority in a dominating 34 – 24 win over the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals just could not find their rhythm as the Texans strong defence strangled them and kept them in check.

Things started poorly for the Cardinals as Patrick Peterson was held back and things never got better for the rest of the game. The second quarter was really the difference between the two teams and overall the five turnovers committed by Arizona hurt them badly.

The Texans’ receivers consistently got the better of the Cardinals’ cornerbacks. Quarterback Tom Savage and Kicker Nick Novak also impressed and the Texans pressed home.

With a 0-3 record in the pre-season, Cardinals fans have a lot of reasons to worry. However, coach Bruce Arians is not too concerned and feels that the team is moving in the right direction.

What should also encourage Cardinals supporters is the running game, where Johnson and Ellington combined well and showed that they can be pretty dangerous. Also, quarterback Carson Palmer threw nearly 250 yards and seems to be keeping age at bay. The season is just starting and there is a long way to go. Arizona fans would be hoping for a change in fortunes for their team.

Week 2 of NFL Preseason 2016: Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers on Friday, August 19, 9:00 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

San Diego Chargers and their defensive tactic paid off as they crushed Arizona Cardinals 19-3. Even though offensive game of Cardinals lead them to a short lead; keeping of the corners on the side of Chargers, followed by a good game of R. Mathews helped Chargers to get a little bit redemption after giving up nearly 300 rushing yards last week.

The defense of the Chargers started really fast and from the beginning they were dominant on defense and their aggressive game rallied to the football. Worth mentioning is the play of Brandon Williams, an undrafted rookie who finished with four receptions for 55 yards on six targets in the second half.

The play of kicker Josh Lambo and his four offensive field goals to peace Chargers made him a key player. Clemens was 11 of 20 for 134 yards and to compare it with Palmer on the side of cardinals, who finished 4 of 8 for 37 yards, with one interception; we can see that result of the game was not so unexpected. This game was the 22nd time the Chargers faced Arizona in a preseason and San Diego is holding 13-9 edge in the series.

Week 1 of NFL Preseason 2016: Arizona Cardinals vs Oakland Raiders on Friday, August 12, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Oakland Raiders proved their dominance during the preseason after beating the Arizona Cardinals 31-10. Oakland was on a high momentum and the lead occurred early in the game after forcing the first quarter turnovers. Oakland’s favorite player Derek Carr was 3 of 7 for the 44 yards despite playing only briefly. On the other hand Cardinals, Palmer was 3 of 5 for 38 yards. The game was hectic and the most part was played by the team’s backups and players vying for roster positions. George Atkinson of Raiders was on top of his game with 5 carries for 97 yards and two touch downs.

David Johnson of the Cardinals also had an outstanding performance with 3 rushes for 31 yards. Though the offense of each team started strong, both teams settled for field goals to kick off the game. The match was one of a kind as Sebastian Janikowski was outstanding hitting a 53 yard field goal in the third quarter. The Raiders took advantage of the Cardinal’s fumbling of the ball to score. Matt McGloin completely stole the show for his team after fighting Clive Walford successfully for a 19-yard touchdown. This was a highly competed match as both teams were eually strong. Ultimately, Oakland Raiders were better prepared and came out victorious against the Raiders.

Arizona Cardinals NFL season 2015 recap

The Arizona Cardinals season came to an unceremonious end last Sunday (Jan 24th). The franchise was handed a 49-15 thrashing by the Panthers. Nonetheless, the Arizona Cardinals finished the season with 13-regular season wins (a record in the franchise history) which earned them their 3rd NFC West division title.

All season long, the Cardinals produced some of the most fantastic moves and finishes of the season thoroughly entertaining their fans. The 2015 season marked the franchise’s 117th season since establishment (this makes them one of the most oldest franchises in the NFL), the 28th since they moved to Arizona, the 96th season in the NFL, the 10th playing their home games at the University of Phoenix Stadium and the 3rd season under Bruce Arians as their head coach. The NFC West Division title was their first since 2009. The Arizona Cardinals also earned a 1st round bye for the first time in the franchise’s history.

The defeat in the hands of the Panthers saw the cardinals commit 7 turnovers which tied with the most turnovers in the post season in this Super Bowl era committed by the Los Angeles Rams during their 28-0 defeat by the Cowboys in 1978.

NFL Conference Championships of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, January 24, 6:40 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Carolina Panthers routed Arizona Cardinals 49-15 to challenge Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Cam Newton of Panthers threw for two touchdowns and managed to run for two others. The Panthers defense stopped Cardinals famous offense. Panthers defense picked off Carson Palmer of Cardinals four times and forced two fumbles by him.

Carolina won 13th straight home game with Newton finishing with 335 yards passing and 47 rushing.

Ted Ginn Jr. of Panthers made a 32 yard punt return and set up a weaving 22 yard TD run and chased Patrick Peterson and prevented a second quarter touchdown.

Scoring started very early in the game. Newton managed to hit four passes for 35 yards on the opening drive and Graham Gano hit from 45 yards for a 3-0 lead over Broncos.

Panthers defense was unbeatable and made Palmer uneasy in the pocket and turned Larry Fitzgerald who was the star of last week’s victory against Green Bay into an unknown. The aggressive Arizona team could not make any significant moves against the Carolina’s impenetrable defense.

Linebacker Kuechy capped the barrage by returning an interception 22 yards for a score. He said, ”There was pressure all day and the guys up front played exceptional”. Panthers made the most points this season by achieving 49, and led the NFL with 500. The last time so much score was made by a tem was in 1990: Buffalo 51, the Raiders 3 in the AFC.

NFL Divisional Playoffs of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers on Saturday, January 16, 8:15 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

During the second quarter, it was all about the Packers as they kicked two field goals by Mason Crosby, thus making the score 7-6 going into halftime.

In the third the Packers came out strong as Aaron Rodgers found Jeff Janis for the second touchdown of the game, putting Green Bay up 13-7. It wouldn’t be until near the end of the quarter when Arizona would score a field goal by Chandler Catanzaro. The score was 13-10, very close to be going into the fourth.

The fourth begins with a very even matched game as nobody had scored until the very end. Palmer found Floyd for his second touchdown of the game, making the score 17-13 Cardinals and shortly after that, the Cardinals line up for a field goal attempt and score making it 20-13, seemingly out of hand for the Packers down by a touchdown. Quickly, the Packers march down field and score a touchdown sending the game into overtime.

Within the first minute of overtime, Palmer finds Larry Fitzgerald in the end zone to seal the deal for the Cardinals with a final score of 26-20.

NFL Week 17 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Seattle Seahawks did not experience much competition from the Arizona Cardinals as they were able to dispose of them rather easily with a score of 36-6. They were also able to get revenge on them since this was the same team that dethroned them as NFC West champions. The nine game winning streak of the Cardinals ended in emphatic fashion when they were witnesses to Russell Wilson throwing three touchdown passes in the second quarter that blew the game wide open.

It was the most lopsided loss in coach Bruce Arians’ tenure for the Cardinals and it was not exactly the way he wants the regular season for his boys to end since they already clinched the NFC’s no. 2 seed and a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Perhaps, his boys were playing a little light as they were already looking forward to the playoffs. Arians admitted that everyone already pegged them as the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year so they got beat in every phase of the game. Despite the loss, Arizona’s Carson Palmer says they are not panicking in any way and he’s right. The team is looking forward to whoever they play next.

NFL Week 16 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 27, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

With this win, the Cardinals have clinched a first round bye in the playoffs. As of now, they are second to the Panthers (who finally lost their first game of the season). Both teams have both clinched a playoff spot. Green Bay has yet to clinch their division, however, they do have a half game lead over Minnesota; whom they will play in the last game of the season.

Carson Palmer completed eighteen of his 27 pass attempts, throwing for 265 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

Aaron Rodgers completed fifteen of his 28 pass attempts, throwing for 151 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He also was sacked eight times, and fumbled the ball three times, two of them were recovered by Arizona and returned for touchdowns.

This game was scoreless at the end of the first quarter. All of the scoring in this game took place in the second and third quarters. The Cardinals led by seventeen unanswered points going into halftime and would score 21 in the third. It was in the third quarter that the Packers scored all eight of their points. This was by far the biggest margin that the Packers have lost by this season.

NFL Week 15 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Cardinals were battering the Eagles 40-17 and winning the AFC West title. David Johnson had a fantastic game as he completed three touchdowns and ran 187. Carson Palmer also had a memorable game as he threw a wonderful touchdown pass that saw the Arizona Cardinals thrash the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The win saw Arizona win their first NFC West title in six years.

The Cardinals will get a first round bye if they manage to beat the Green Bay Packers next week. They can still get the top seed if they claim a victory and Carolina makes a mess of its final two games.The Philadelphia Eagles can still claim victory this season. They will win the NFC East if they can defeat Washington at home this coming Saturday and then the New York Giants away on January 3.

However, it is all too obvious that the Eagles are nowhere near the league of the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona had a field day playing Philadelphia. They were outmatched and outclassed in every possible way while the Cardinals claimed an eighth win in a row.

David Johnson is a novice who stepped in for Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington, who are out injured, and he put in a very inspired performance on Sunday.

NFL Week 14 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, December 10, 8:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals are going to look back at this game and thank one Dwight Feeney who earlier on had no team and it was already a month into the season. When they came calling and he obliged, he proved why he shouldn’t have considered retirement at all. Stripping the ball from the Vikings’ Teddy Bridgewater with five seconds to spare on the clock, Feeney deprived the Vikings a chance at field goal and this proved to be the deciding factor in the Cardinals win of 23 – 20. In a closely contested game that saw a lot of life in it.

Chandler Catanzaro also had a glorious moment when his 47 yard field goal that came with one minute and twenty three seconds to go was the winner for the Cardinals. Vikings, who were playing with a defense that had no regular starters, really gave the Cardinals a great game even though they won. Carson Palmer also had a great game by throwing 310 yards and two touchdowns and if Seattle loses at Baltimore then the NFC West is securely theirs. This was a really great game overall and it proved to show hat a great player Feeney is in the field.

NFL Week 13 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who is said to have the biggest office and personality was very confident they would do well. He always asks his assistants the best running play that will help them win especially in the second half. Harold Godwin, the offensive coordinator suggested a running play named FAY’ as part of their plan. The game that was held at Saint Louis saw the Cardinals win with a whopping 27-3 against the Rams after using this master trick. It was used in two touchdown drives and helped them win the game. It was the first time they used it this year and it worked with perfection they couldn’t imagine.

David Johnson scored on a ten yard reception. Kerwynn Williams also managed to sneak in a score from 35 yards. They did have casualties during the season, Chris Johnson who suffered a broken leg and Andre Ellington but this did not deter their spirit. All in all it was an impressive performance.

NFL Week 12 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 29, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The Cardinals have already entered the 12th week of the season with a divisional lead of five games over the 49ers; they fought throughout the 60 minute tough contest where the 49ers tries their level best in pushing the visitors to the extreme limits.

However, it was towards the end when some controversial penalties making way for the 14-play Arizona with the game-winning touchdown. The Cardinals at 49ers games was an interesting one where the 49ers lost to 3-3 at home with a 20-13 loss to the Cardinals on the 29th of November. The comeback chance of San Francisco feel short with Blaine Gabbert hitting Anquan Boldin for 18 yards on 4th and 20 close to midfield.

This loss resulted in the 49ers having their 6 games home winning line up snapped over Arizona. Blaine Gabbert had done the right job of completely avoiding pass rushes and minimizing mistakes in the first two starts.

The 49ers, considered worst team in NFC West could possibly use the big special teams play for toppling the Cardinals which are considered the best team in this division.

NFL Week 11 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 22, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Cincinnati Bengals suffered a 34-31 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, it was the second of the season and second in a row for the Bengals who lost just a week earlier to the Houston Texans. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the game, in large part due to the history between current Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer and the Bengals, a team he played with for eight consecutive seasons. Neither team disappointed as it was a fierce back and forth competition beginning with an early 7-0 lead from Cincinnati in the first quarter. The lead went back in forth until the third quarter when a relentless Cardinals offense was able to score an impressive three consecutive touchdowns, putting them ahead at 28-14.

The Bengals weren’t done however and were able to tie the game up to 31-31 in the fourth with only seconds left on the clock. Seconds were all that was needed however as Cardinals kicker Chandler Catanzaro was able to put the ball through the uprights during the last two seconds of the game. Notably, and much to the chagrin of Bengals fans, Catanzaro was helped by a penalty call for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Bengals giving the Cardinals an additional ten yards. It was an exciting ending to an exciting game.

NFL Week 10 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 15, 8:30 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Arizona Cardinals pulled off a win after their halftime lead of 22-7 was soon erased in the fourth quarter on a Bobby Wagner 22 – yard fumble return. Unfazed by the turn of events Carson Palmer continued to impress as he threw for 363 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception and went 29/48 as the Cardinals beat the Seattle Seahawks 39-32 to keep their season rolling at 7-2 and a comfortable 3 game lead in the NFC West. They have their eyes on the playoffs and will be a serious contender.

The Seattle Seahawks gave the division leading Cardinals a run for their money. Being down 22-7 at halftime, they came back in the fourth quarter and took the lead 29-25 with not much time run off the clock after a 22 yard fumble recovery for a score by Bobby Wagner.

Carson Palmer has been there and done that. And, like a true pro quarterback he is, he led the Cardinals on a scoring drive of 83 yards and finished it off with an impressive touchdown pass of 14 yards to Jermaine Gresham with almost 9 minutes remaining on the game clock. That was all the scoring that needed to take place in that game to give the Cardinals the big win on their run for the playoffs.

NFL Week 8 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Arizona cardinals Carson Palmer who is the quarterback did not complete over half of his twenty throws against the Browns. However, after halftime break, he was critical in engineering the 24-point performance that yielded a 34-20 come back for his team. He did complete 12 out of his 18 attempts for three touchdowns and 229 yards against one interception during the second half of the game. The cardinals’’ drive to score begun after the Cleveland 48-yard line right after Patrick returned a 56-yard punt that came from Andy lee 38 yards.

In addition, the cardinals got their lead over the brown to the 31-20 upon the Palmer’s 6-yard touchdown pass towards Fitzgerald with 9:32 to play regulation. Palmer went quickly and found Fitzgerald breaking free on the left sideline. The Browns’ defensive back Bademosi was focused to guard the face rather than looking for the ball, thus this gave Fitzgerald the chance to score. In the bid to keep the scoring drive alive, the cardinals did convert a three third-down attempts which included the third-and-four from the nine-yard line of the browns after Palmer did escape the pocket and also rumbled into the end zone. The cardinals were able to stay calm in the second half and managed to win the game.

NFL Week 7 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs Baltimore Ravens on Monday, October 26, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Despite pulling within eight points late in the fourth quarter when Arizona missed an extra point and had a blocked punt Joe Flacco’s pass was intercepted by Cardinals defensive back Tony Jefferson with only six seconds remaining on the clock resulting in a defeat of 26-18 for the Ravens. The Ravens were really hurt by the nine penalties and two turnovers that contributed to their eight point loss marking their largest defeat in 2015.

The only turnover of their game came at the half, before Jefferson’s interception, and led to a touchdown putting the Cardinals up 14-10, unfortunately Arizona never trailed again. Apparently they were having problems with their communications systems, particularly during the final drive. Coach John Harbaugh said that the phones were going out so Flacco couldn’t hear the offensive coordinator. What ever the cause of the challenges that they faced during the match It looks likely that they are now staring down at a lost season whilst the Cardinals continue to fly higher and higher.

Ironically Baltimore actually won the time-of-possession battle by about a minute and out-gained the Ravens 414 yards to 276. It is hard to imagine the Baltimore Ravens having any chance at the playoffs after this latest defeat at University of Phoenix Stadium.

NFL Week 6 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

While the Cardinals leave for Detroit on Saturday, they might not be home for pretty a while. They will be inside the hills of West Virginia among Sunday’s sport in opposition to the Lions and Coach Bruce Arians’ go back to Pittsburgh Steelers the subsequent week.

It’s an awful lot simpler to live in time area. Relaxation and recuperation is so much better for the next game.” They’ll live at the luxury Greenbrier hotel in White Sulphur Springs and exercise there on the facilities utilized by the Saints for learning camp.

“If you have the capability which could beer what you want to get completed,” Arians said. “That’s the main factor. It is no longer a distraction. As long as we’re feeling there is no distraction to our work week, then it’s honestly healthy for our guys.”

Coming again Chris Johnson said its miles the initial time in his entire career that he’s stayed on the road among video games. He backed up Arians’ philosophy although. Numerous years ago, he stated, he injured his knee in a sport, and when the group traveled pass United States the subsequent week, there was extra swelling inside the knee.

NFL Week 5 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions on Sunday, October 11, 4:05 PM, Ford Field

Just how important is the crowd size to the team performance? Does it really have any connection whether directly or indirectly? Does cheering a team have any impact on the performance? Well, as you are pondering over those questions, think of what happened to the Detroit Lions in their recent game against Arizona Cardinals at Ford field. Early in the game, the Detroit Lions took the game to Arizona Cardinals but as the game progressed the tables turned and they found themselves wanting in more than one occasion. You may be wondering what caused the tricky and sudden turn of events but that’s why am here.

Their very own fans starting booing them! Weird isn’t it? Well, now there you have it. Although the fans do not get directly involved in the actual action, their cheering or booing in this case had a direct bearing on the eventual results of the game. Thus the cheering boosts morale and creates an atmosphere that makes the opponents to have butterflies in their stomachs. The presence of empty seats spelled trouble for the Detroit Lions with the booing as the match progressed pronouncing the sentence which some can say it was only a matter of time before it happened.

NFL Week 4 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs St. Louis Rams on Sunday, October 04, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Todd Gurley was unarguably the star performer in securing 24-22 road win over the Arizona Cardinals by the St. Louis Rams on 5th October. Never before such an explosive show of defense and offense has been seen on a NFL game! The 227 pound rookie covered up 146 yards on 19 carriers. Now that is very impressive even for the best rookies. Todd showed an impressive intellectual ability by putting up obstacles and blocks as the game progressed. He effortlessly trampled the two large defensive linemen showing an uncanny ability and ferocious will to continue towards his target. The obduracy to not give in to the defensive backs or linebackers puts him apart from other players.

The Rams put on exceptional game at all three levels on Sunday. It was a spectacular game to watch. Todd removed much of the pressure from the quarterback Nick Foles. The victory means much to the Rams following the disparaging remarks of the Cardinals’ head coach last year. They came and they played their best to let Cardinals know who is the boss in the field! The Rams although started from a shaky opening but luckily Cardinals could not use it to their advantage. But even after the defeat, Cardinals remain at the top in NFC West.

NFL Week 3 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, September 27, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals are starting the season strong by rolling over teams this year. This game was over quick, Arizona scored a quick 14 points. At halftime, the score was 31-7. Arizona quarterback, Carson Palmer, threw for 311 yards, two touchdowns, one interception on 20 completions and 32 attempts.

Palmer has won nine games straight, the longest current streak in the NFL currently, and has won sixteen of his last eighteen games. He was also sacked for the first time this year, intercepted, and fumbled the ball one time. 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, threw 4 interceptions-two were returned for touchdowns- he had 9 completions on 19 attempts for 67 yards. He threw two quick interceptions within four pass attempts.

This after going 142 pass attempts and five starts without throwing one. The Cardinals’ defense, even scored a safety in the third quarter to add to their two touchdowns. Their defense alone scored 14 points, more than the whole 49ers team did. The only bright spot for the 49ers in this game was that former Rugby star, Jarryd Hayne, returned a punt 37 yards to put them at the Arizona 19 right before halftime. A twelve yard run from Kaepernick put all the points on the board that San Francisco would score in this game.

NFL Week 2 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The Soldier Field in Chicago was the home of another adrenalin drawing game. This time it was the Arizona Cardinals taking on the Chicago Bears. At the end of the day, the cardinals triumphed over the bears, thrashing them 48-23. With the results, the Cardinals improved their season to (2-0), while the Bears declined (0-2). The Cardinals were on a demolition mission with Carson parker throwing four touchdowns. Although, the Bears suffered an upset with Jay Cutler leaving with a hamstring injury, their performance was still lackluster compared to the display created by the Cardinals. Having only returned a week earlier, Carson showed that he was here to stay and the Cardinals know with him on the line up they can beat anybody.

Fitzgerald also looked to be on his way back to his glory days as he connected with palmer’s three touchdowns and made 112 yards equaling a career high he set seven years ago. The bears had never given up 48 points in a home game and this is disappointing news for new coach John Fox, who up to now remains winless. However, the season is only two games old and there is a lot to learn and adjust in future. Let’s wait and see what this weekend has in store for both teams.

NFL Week 1 of NFL season 2015: Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 13, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The University of Phoenix Stadium was like an amusement park for the almost 63,000 fans in attendance. This was on the first day of the stadium’s 10th season as an NFL venue. The Arizona Cardinals took the fans to nauseating lows, dizzying heights and at the end did just enough to leave them wanting more. By beating the New Orleans saints 31-19, the Cardinals provided both optimists and cynics with something to argue about how the team performs this season. What really matters is that the cardinals won the first game of the season.

After the match, the Cardigans’ coach said that it is always nice to win and have a number of things to work on. For instance, the team needs to work on how to prevent opposing running backs from gaining 148 yards. They also need to avoid going without scoring in four possessions in the heart of the game. There were positive moments for the Cardigans too. For example, they yielded only only touchdown to the Saints, a team that has always had one of the league’s best offense. No previous Arizona Cardinals team has opened a season so promisingly. All the fans can hope for is the team to continue losing.

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