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NFL 2015 Wild Card Weekend: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, January 07, 8:15 PM, CenturyLink Field

Many sports fans were wondering whether this would be the year when the Lions would be able to end their playoff losing streak, though the Seahawks were still favored to win.

There were multiple things that worked together in order to bring the Seahawks to victory including phenomenal catches, a strong defense, and great throws from Russell Wilson. Thomas Rawls brought life into the crowd, as he was able to break the playoff record for rushing yards as he climbed the ladder to add a 161 total to his stats. Paul Richardson even made a catch that was one of the most notable of the season, helping to bring his team to a 26-6 victory.

The Lions have yet to see a postseason victory since 1992 and this was the 10th straight playoff game that Seattle was able to win at home. Unlike his regular performance this season, Thomas Rawls brought his running game to the field with runs ranging from 12 to 32 yards. One of the main issues the Lions faced were a numerous amount of dropped passes and penalties.

With this win in their pocket, the Seattle Seahawks are now off to face the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta and it’ll be exciting to see where both teams finish.

NFL 2015 Week 17: Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Green Bay Packers led by head coach Mike McCarthy got the best of Detroit Lions but the Lions did not surrender without a fight. With leadership and iron claw of their coach Jim Caldwell, Detroit Lions put up a good fight and a spectacular show! Even though the score was 31:24 we still have faith that the tables will turn and Lions will have their revenge. Ripkowski scores a first touchdown and opens up the scoreboard for Packers so they take on the lead! Few moments ahead Zenner returns the favor rising the Lions to a tie with their opponents. An eye for an eye touchdown is scored.

Soon afterwards another touchdown for the Lions is scored by Tate III coming up to the score 7:14 in Lions favor. Afterwards Crosby Mason kicks the ball in the field goal for the result of 10:14. The score of 17:14 is achieved by Adams with his touchdown, Packers are in the lead again. Using their overly practiced technique Packers score another touchdown by Allison making it 23:14. at this point it was only a matter of time when Packers were going to win but still the game was full of surprise.

NFL 2015 Week 16: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys on Monday, December 26, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys opened the game on offense and made a score on their 1st drive by D. Prescott with a twenty one yard pass to B. Butler on 3rd and 14 after few minutes. They gifted Detroit five yards on the opening-play and made a downfield pass which took another five yard penalty on J. Witten who was involved in a false start. Witten however, still caught a twenty three-yard pass and D. Bryant caught an eighteen-yard pass on 3rd down.

The Dallas Cowboys took a 14-7 lead with Elliott’s fifty five-yard touchdown run on the 5th play of the drive. Jackson later overran the play when Zeke Elliott ran a cut-back to the right, sprinted down the right side-line and beating G. Quinn with a great dive into the end- zone.

Detroit Lions took a 21-14 lead on Zenner with a five-yard run. On 3rd and six from the Cowboys 49, Ebron later made a catch for in the twelve yards. G. Tate caught a fourteen-yard pass to the Cowboys 16. On a play on 2nd-and-11 from the seventeen, Stafford made a throw at a side-arm pass to Ebron for twelve-yard gain.

Bryant also made a throw to Witten from 10-yards, the Dallas took a 35-21 lead. Williams had 2 nice catches, one for a fourteen yards and the other one for a thirty yard. The Dallas team looked unstoppable on the 95-yard drive. Prescott’s nineteen-yard touch-down pass to Bryant for a, 42-21, lead and the game was over.

NFL 2015 Week 15: Detroit Lions at New York Giants on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Detroit Lions faced off against the New York Giants in what was a game changing match. The Lions were looking to maintain their five-game winning streak but their efforts were snapped by the Giants in a 17-6 loss. This loss drops the Lions to 9-5 this season. On the other hand the Giants now have 10-4. The match kicked off on high momentum for both teams. Detriot has not had the strongest offense throughout the season an aspect that could be costing the game huge losses. This time round the Detriot’s offense had a hard time trying to put the ball at the end zone.

On the other hand, New York dominated the match and maintained a low touchdown percentage especially in the red zone (43.2 percent). The lions had a strong defense which did an exceptionally great job in holding the New York’s to 17 points. Both teams had lost some of their key players to injuries with Lions losing Darius Slay and New York losing Janoris Jenkins. One of the most outstanding moment in the match was when Eli Manning passed 20-28 for 201 yards with two touch downs without any interceptions and ended up finishing the game with a 115.3 passer rating. This was an incredible match.

NFL 2015 Week 14: Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions emerged victorious over the Chicago Bears last Sunday with a score of 20 to 17. However, it wasn’t on account of the fact that they were superior in their game play.

While the game was on the line – and when things were heated up and mattered most – the Bears found unique ways to get penalized severally. They snatched up the defeat from the very jaws of victory to the tune of 11 penalties over 139 yards.

Most of these penalties were leveled against the Chicago Bears during the 4th quarter when the team had the game right within their grasp. The clock management was also highly questionable.

Matt Barkley, the quarterback, got another chance on the field to relived Jay Cutler – who had been injured. He tried everything in his power to secure a win for the Bears.

However, seeing as how discipline is of utmost importance in the NFL, it seemed like the Bears had an easy time shooting themselves right in the foot during the 2nd half of the game.

Due to this loss, the Chicago Bears have fallen to 3 to 10 in the season. They are yet to battle it out with the Vikings, the Redskins, and the Packers.

NFL 2015 Week 13: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Despite New Orleans Saints’ powerful offense under control, Detroit Lions easily won against New Orleans Saints. A comfortable victory indeed as the final score has been 28 to 13, in favor of Detroit Lions. All the scrambling and passing from Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford is noteworthy. He finished with two touchdowns and ran the ball thrice for 22 yards. In the fourth quarter, the game was broken open with a 66-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate. Despite being hit by two defenders from New Orleans Saints, Stafford finished the pass.

The New Orleans Saints deserve credit for their defense strategy. The Detroit Lions team was forced to kick five Matt Prater field goals. The offense, however, never got into gear. New Orleans Saints’ NFL record of winning 60 consecutive home games was ended with a fail at throwing a touchdown pass. The real trouble for the Saints actually started on their very opening possession. The shotgun snap was mishandled by Brees on the third-on-1 quarterback. He was called for intentional grounding after throwing the ball away. The Lions, on the other hand, dominated at the time of possession. Stafford credited their victory to their defense by stating, “Our defense played unbelievably.”

NFL 2015 Week 12: Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, November 24, 12:30 PM, Ford Field

Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions played an exciting game that ended in OT, Lions won 22:16 (3:0, 7:3, 0:6, 6:7, 6:0).

Matthew Stafford’s 28-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate in overtime gave Lions their win over the Minnesota Vikings. Tate managed to finish his opening drive by running through arm tackles by Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith, a leap for victory.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell said that his team made yet another comeback: “Our guys have been able to do it. Not just once or twice, they’ve been able to do it a number of times.”

Stafford completed 23 of 36 passes for 219 yards. He had two touchdowns and an interception, and Tate had 11 catches for 79 yards. Sam Bradford completed 31 of 40 passes for 273 yards and one touchdown for the Vikings. Vikings’ Stefon Diggs had a career-high 13 catches for 80 yards.

Despite the loss, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said that: “For the first time in three weeks this team fought like I expected them to fight,” implying that he is satisfied with the level of commitment.

The Vikings were in the lead with 23 seconds of play left when Darius Slay intercepted the ball and set a game winning field goal. When Slay intercepted, he returned the pass 13 yard before he was tackled. The ball was ripped loose during the tackle, but the officials ruled that his knee was down.

NFL 2015 Week 11: Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Detroit Lions won over the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday, Nov 20, 2016 at the Ford Field. The Jaguars took a 3-0 lead on the first quarter of the game but Detroit managed to tie it up at 9 at the 2nd quarter. The Jaguars remained on lead on the 3rd quarter but Detroit Lions managed to win the game at the 4th quarter. Although Jacksonville Jaguars rookie player Jalen Ramsey showed to be a great advantage for the team as he plays good defense for the team, it’s still not enough. There are also some injured players at the end of the game from both teams.

LB DeAndre suffered knee injury (Detroit Lions), De Ziggy Ansah, and RB Theo Riddick both suffered ankle injury. While on the other team, Jacksonville Jaguars De Chris Smith was out of the game due to eye injury, LB Dan Skuta was said to suffer from back injury, TE Neal Sterling suffered from foot injury, and WR Brian Walters suffered concussions. Detroit Lions has a current team standing of 5 wins and 4 losses while Jacksonville Jaguars is at 2 wins and 7 losses.

NFL 2015 Week 9: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The Detroit Lions celebrated their thrilling victory after beating the Minnesota Vikings (22-16). The Lions kicked off the game on a high momentum and even after Golden Tate catching a pass, Harrison Smith broke a tackle to reach the end zone. The Vikings on the other hand, were a bit reluctant allowing the Lions to convert a third down after Xavier Raider got called for pass interference. Matt Prater did an outstanding job as a kicker and he even scored 10 of the 22 points the Lions had and went 3-3 on consecutive field goals. It is safe to say that though the Vikings are a great team; this was not one of their best matches.

Though they later on got their heads in the game and tried to beat the Lion, it was not enough to win the match. Sam Bradford was on his A- game and even led the Vikings to win after he completed with 31 of 40 passes for the 273 yards and a single touchdown. This was a tough loss for the Vikings as they lost their third game after starting this year on a perfect 5-o score. Golden Tate: Tate was Stafford’s top target during the match. Stafford scored 11 catches for 79 yards leading his team in winning 28-yard touchdowns during overtime to defeat the Vikings. While the Lions had an outstanding performance and we can only wait to see more from them.

NFL 2015 Week 8: Detroit Lions at Houston Texans on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, NRG Stadium

It was a bitter defeat for the Detroit Lions against the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon. By the fourth quarter, the Detroit Lions had seen what points they had racked up ultimately lose, 20-13, with the Texans taking the lead, officially ending the Lions’ winning streak. Disappointed Lions fans are calling the fault of the loss on Coach Jim Caldwell’s questionable decisions towards the fourth-quarter and throughout the game. Caldwell, for reasons unknown, did not challenge a potential third-quarter fumble that came at the hands of Texans’ receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

According to Caldwell, his decision was due to his assistant coaches saying that the pass was incomplete on replay. Later in the game, Caldwell also decided to an onside kick with the Lions down seven points and with all three time-outs available to him still holstered. Ultimately, Robert Nelson recovered the onside kick and the Texans ran out the final 2:53 off the clock, remaining undefeated in their home.

For Lions fans, it was an infuriating experience. Caldwell has already been in the public eye for his previous losses and their defeat against the Houston Texans seems to have put him right back in the hotspot, though he feels justified.

NFL 2015 Week 7: Detroit Lions vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Washington Redskins travel to Detroit for the week 7 of the NFL game to take on the Lions. The game was played on Sunday, October 23. History was in the favor of Redskins as they were meeting in the 41st regular season redskins lead the series by 27-13. The Washington Redskins led by the quarterback kirk cousins entered the game with the four consecutive victories under their belt. Destroys lions led by their quarterback Matthew Stafford had also won in their last two games. The lions start with the offense and thereby go head and lift the Detroit Lions to the 20-17 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

The Lions thereby extended the winning to three games. Matthew Stafford, who played an important role as the quarterback and led the team to a win in the last two games has also led the team to one another win with his outstanding performance. He was 18 of 29 for 266 yards has no turnover and one TD. Though Kirk Cousins had also played a good game but was not enough to lead the team to the win. He had a scored a go ahead TD on a 19 yard run in the last minute of the game.In the third quarter of the game, it was looking like that cousins was found to make up for the lost fumble by putting the Washington ahead, but he faked a hand off to Chris Thompson tucked the ball away and run to the right which all messed up.

Cousins finished 30 of 39 for 301 yards with a Fumble and TD. Both teams had lost their top cornerback to an injury. Washingtons josh Normans was knocked out of the game after landing hard on the left shoulder. Detroits Darious slay left the game with a hamstring injury in the second quarter.

NFL 2015 Week 6: Detroit Lions vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions won their game against the Los Angeles Rams by a score 0f 31-28. The win was mostly due to a combination poor plays by the Rams and bad luck. The Ram’s loss came after Case Keenum’s’ 27 of 32 passes for 321 yards and three touchdowns. Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford completed 23 of 32 passes for 270 yards and four touchdowns. Case Keenum’s last-ditch effort at interception towards the end was a poor play. The Lions were just taking advantage of every opening that the poor plays and fumbles that the Rams made.

The Lions have always been known to surprise. Even though they lost to the Titans and the Bears, they turned around and beat the Eagles 24-23 when no one was expecting them to win. Going into the game with The Los Angeles Rams, they had odds in their favor with injuries plaguing the team. The best players the Rams have aren’t exactly potent. Todd Gurley, who has been touted as one of the league’s best-running backs could not make up for the yardage as the Lions fought to keep him grounded. Matthew Stafford made his mark on the field for the Lions with his 23 of 31 passes for 270 yards and four touchdowns, the highest score he has made this season. Another player who made his mark on game day was Golden Tate who made three catches for 39 yards and a reception that converted to give the team a winning kick. With that game out of the way, many people are left to wonder how the Rams will fare in London against the New York Giants at Twickenham. The Detroit Lions are riding high off this win and with a 3-3 winning streak, their next opponents need to be extra prepared.

NFL 2015 Week 5: Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 09, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Philadelphia eagles remain unbeaten in the week 5 of their game, led by their coach Doug Pederson and the coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Caleb Sturgis 49 yard score was his third for this season which put the Eagles ahead within six minutes left though they were unable to hold it on. The last Sunday game, the Eagles were held by the Lions in the field score allowing them to lead them a 21-20.

Meanwhile, the Eagles opened their second half with Wentz giving the team a nine play, a 75-yard score with a single yard to pass Josh Huff.

The Lions, on the other hand, gained 19 yards on the first four possessions fumbling only one they punted thrice.

Jim Schwartz, the Eagles defensive coordinator led the Lions from the year 2009-2013 made some player changes to change their game tactics.

Stafford, on the other hand, threw two important TD pass to Theo Riddick in the first quarter and then Marvin Johnes in the second quarter. The Eagles didn’t give up on the passing touchdown and a point in the first quarter. The Eagles didn’t allow any offenses to occur combining to make a score in three TDs throughout the three games.

NFL 2015 Week 4: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The game was played on the Sunday afternoon of the NFL schedule between Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. Two games were lost by the Detroit Lions continuously combining total of eight points and their three games have been decided by a total of 12 points. In the meantime the Chicago Bears were winless after 31-17 last Sunday night. Injuries became the factor for both the teams. The player of Detroit Lions’ Ameer Abdullah was out of the session and Jeremy Langford was expected to miss due to the ankle injury. In place of Abdullah Theo Riddick and Rookie Dwayne Washington were taking the charge. Instead of Langford, Jordan Howard has taken the charge. On the other hand in the Chicago Bear’s team Jay Cutler did not take part in the game because of injury in the right thumb.

The Chicago Bears are very fast and they are in top 5 pick in the NFL draft .The Detroit Lions must work hard to get back on the track in order to maintain the game within the NFC north. The Lions are facing as much difficulty running the balls as the Bears. Last week the Bear’s defensive front was exposed for using backups in key roles.

NFL 2015 Week 3: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

On Sunday, Detroit Lions lost to the opposing team, Green Bay and couldn’t stop the Packers offense. Green bay Packers Quarter back, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense struggled 2 Sundays ago in a loss to the Vikings. However, the unit ended the slump with a dominant first-half vs. the Detroit Lions. Rodgers tied a career-best with 4 first-half touchdown passes, which included two to Jordy Nelson, as Green Bay (2-1) held on for a 34-27 point victory over Detroit (1-2). For the very first time this season, Nelson played the most-snaps of any wide-receiver (49). He was-in on 96 percent of-the snaps in Week-2 and 84 percent in Week 1.

Both Detroit and Green Bay were hurting coming into the game, as they were missing notable players because of injury. The Detroit Lions were without Pro-Bowl defensive-end Ezekiel Ansah, whilst Green Bay Packers was missing safety Morgan Burnett, cornerback Sam Shields, linebacker Clay Matthews, defensive tackle Letroy Guion, and defensive end Datone Jones. Therefore, the Lions had a fighting chance. Sadly, the chance wasn’t adequate to beat the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers finished this game 15 for 24-passing for 205 yards with a 129.3 passer rating, his best-mark since Week-3 of last season. Nelson caught 6 passes for 101-yards, while Eddie Lacy rushed for 103-yards on 17 carries, which is his first 100 yard effort in his past 8 games. Green Bay defense yielded 417-yards to Detroit, including 368-passing yards, as the Lions cut a 28-point Green Bay-lead to 7 by late in the 4th quarter. However, the Packers ran out the clock with an 8-play drive.

Rushing for the Lions was ineffective. They had 21 carries for 41-yards. Rookie Dwayne Washington was the leading rusher, ending with 10 carries for 38-yards. Theo Riddick had only 10 carries for just 9-yards. The Packers are better offensively than they showed against the Vikings 2 games ago. Unlike the Detroit Lions, Green Bay was able to run the ball. Its run-defense continues to be the best in NFL league, but the team is somewhat susceptible against the pass. However, the return of Shields could aide with that.

The Packers had 24 carries for 123-yards total while the Lions only got 2 sacks the entire game, just for 4-yards total. Haloti Ngata had one and Kerry Hyder as well. Kerry Hyder the defensive end, keeps on impressing teams. The Packers have a Week-4 bye before they host the New York Giants on October 9, the second of 4 straight home games.

NFL 2015 Week 2: Detroit Lions vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

“I have to play a lot better because I didn’t feel like I played to my standard,” Marvin Jones admits in response to his bad day on the field, losing to Tennessee Titans. Held responsible for three drops, Jones was believed to be the most confident player last year but it appears he could not summon this confidence during his team’s loss to Tennessee. Detroit Lions kept Titans on their toes for the first three-quarters. The last quarter was more like a flip of the situation as the Titans sought to turn the odds. It is amazing that they did not block the Lions defender and still won.

Titans chose the easier route: touchdown. Getting Tahir Whitehead on Andre Johnson, and checking if the shorter route is covered, everything started when Marcus Mariota threw the ball in the fourth quarter. The amazing contribution made by the quarterback and the receiver made the win possible for Titans. Credit goes to Lions for putting up a good defense. They played the coverage, keeping in mind the threat of quarterback from the backfield. Without dwelling on mistakes made by Lions, the players who made the win possible ought to be appreciated for their superb comeback which saved the game.

NFL 2015 Week 1: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 11, 4:25 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The Lions were the favorites before the kick-off and they didn’t disappoint as they went on to win against their opponents- Colts in the week 1 match at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

In the first quarter of the game, Theo Riddick put the Lions ahead with a 21-yard running play. The game entered the second quarter with the 7-0 Lions lead. Dwayne Washington team up well with Matt Stafford, Marvin Jones and Anquan Boldin to take the score to 14-0.

Later, Adam Vinatieri hit a 50-yard FG to pull back a score for the Colts. The Lions responded with Matthew Stafford showing a good game and helping the team win another score. Before the end of the first half, Hilton of Indianapolis pulled a score back through a controversial first down play.

The Colts started the second half on fire. They held their opponents to a 3-and-out, run 85 yards on a number of plays to earn a touchdown. The score stood at Lions 21-Colts 18 at this moment. In the dying minutes of the third quarter, Stafford converted on a 3rd-&-9 with a long pass to Golden Tate.

The game entered the last quarter with the scoreline at 28-18, but it didn’t take long before Adam Vinatieri hit a 40-yard field goal. An excellent play between Andrew Luck and Jack Doyle led to a level score.

Later, Riddick took the Lion’s score to 34 with a 13-yard reception before Doyle scored on a 6-yard pass. In the last minutes, Matt Prater hit a 43-yard field goal before his team converting penalty. The final stood at Lions 39-Colts 35.

NFL 2015 Preseason Week 4: Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills on Thursday, September 01, 7:30 PM, Ford Field

Detroit Lions finally carried the day with a massive 31-0 win against Buffalo Bills during their preseason game at Ford Field in Detroit. The Lions who entered into the game with a defensive undertone where they gave chances to overlooked defensive players to complete their 53-man roster. This tactic seemed to have worked magic for them as Dwayne Washington sped to the sideline for a 58-yard touchdown.

Jake Ruddock increased his chance of earning a spot on the roster by earning the team three touchdown passes which contributed for the big win. Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell was happy with everyone in the team and was more impressed with Washington’s performance.

A 2-yard TD pass from Rudock to Jay Lee earned Detroit 17-0 lead just before the end of the first half. Ruddock further converted third downs during the third quarter and also connected Adam Fuehne with a 10 yard TD pass to wrap up the 31-0 win.

Buffallo Bill’s coach Rex Ryan was a disappointed man after the game. His tactic of protecting his players from injuries backfired as at the end of the game a good number of his players went down with injuries. The most outstanding Buffallo rookie was Cardale Jones who entered the game in the second quarter. James Wilder walked out as a result of an injury while Jerel Worthy who had been helped off was cleared to return. Unlike the Bills who had a good number of players injured during the game, the Lions did not announce any injuries meaning that they will start the season on a safe note.

NFL 2015 Preseason Week 3: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, August 27, 7:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

It was an enthusiastic match for Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens took home advantage to award their visitors with a 30-9 defeat. Although they had an overwhelming defeat, they have many loopholes they require to feel. Most of the game play was in the attacking section, which is partly dangerous if the opponent is stronger.

Thornton and Ngata had weak defense ideas for the Lions and had many collisions that bore 35 carries on 134-coverage area. The most remarkable player for the team was Zettel who was all over the field and eventually scored. Levy DeAndre’s return to the game had zero impact maybe because the formation did not favor him.

Both teams lost goal opportunities but that of Pratter Matt was a lifetime miss. However, he scored three goals while Bell increased the lead with two swift goals. The most notable lack of the match was kick returns. It seems the coaches’ wants to maintain a skillful game. Nevertheless, one from Billingsley graced the whole match.

The Lions’ boys had a tough time in the match, as every player seemed to lose grip of the ball. In addition, they played a rough game that gave the Ravens enough penalty advantages to win the game. The Detroit coach will have to reorganize his whole team, if he wants to compete in the NFL season.

NFL 2015 Preseason Week 2: Detroit Lions vs Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, August 18, 7:30 PM, Ford Field

August 18 saw another clash of a lifetime between, Cincinnati Bengals and the Detroit Lions. The match had thrilling performances with both teams displaying confidence and football skill. The Bengals displayed a tough defense and an aggressive attacking combination that kept the Lions struggling. Marvin Jones made 32 and 19 yards, which was previously done by Mathew Strafford and this gave the match a new look.

The Lions had a remarkable attacking team of players but the tough defense wall by the Bengal was a major challenge. The red zone was a no-go zone thanks to Domata Peko and Marvin Lewis. Both teams had match standoff with each team displaying their best of tactics. Pat Sims and Margus Hunt put a lot of pressure on the defense that opened up Chris Lewis-Harris and Andre Roberts.

However, the Bengals added more line-pressure that reaped a field goal thanks to Vincent Rey. The Lions had some dangerous drives but the defense had tact and caught them at offside. Dan Orlovsky was at his best and hit Cole Wick gaining access to the tough Bengals defense with a 24-yard pass. He put in so much effort that ran into waste thanks to his line-support team.

The Bengals have improved on their defense and their red zone is a challenge for many teams. Lions need to organize the team and improve on the attacking if they are to compete effectively in future games. The NFL is getting more thrilling and remarkable.

NFL 2016 Preseason Week 1: Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday, August 12, 7:00 PM, Heinz Field

Detroit Lions opened their preseason with a 30-17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but their reshuffled offensive line changed things from last year as there was a slight improvement. Mathew Stafford made and completed 4 of the six passes for 58 yards. He took two big hits and lost a fumble when Rockie left tackle. Taylor Decker granted a sack.

Last season Stafford struggled with turnovers but he was able to complete three long third downs and also made passes to Anquan Boldin, Cole Wick, and Marvin Jones before the turnover, and he almost made his fourth with his legs. On a third-and-2 which came from the Steelers’ 17-yard line, Stafford tried to scramble for a gain of 17 Yards.

Detroit seems to have some issues with the offensive line’s blocking and also receiving corps, drops. The defense, however, stepped up while the Steelers had 14 on board points. Not all of this was allowed by the defense. The coaching staff and the fans now have a piece of what is expected when the real season kicks off on September 11th.

Detroit Lions NFL season 2015 recap

The Detroit Lions had a slow start in 2015-2016 season. They started with five loses, then a very close win over the Chicago Bears. After a sixth lose on the season, it looked like the Lions were starting to make a come back. They won their next three games, giving them a 4-7 record mid season. After losing another two games, one to a division rival, and finished the season on three wins.

Their record ending the season was 7-9, another less than remarkable season for Lions. They did beat division rivals, the Chicago Bears, in both regular season games. Golden Tate seemed to be the best option for this Lions offense, with ninety targets for a total of eight hundred and thirteen yards and six touchdowns. Eric Ebron had five hundred and thirty seven yards and five touchdowns and Calvin Johnson had over a thousand yard and nine touchdowns.

Even though Matt Stafford had a season total of over four thousand yards and thirty two touchdowns it wasn’t enough to push the Lions into the playoffs. By only looking at the statistics you would think the Lions would have been a Super Bowl ready team but they missed the playoffs yet again, after years of only being a wild card contender.

NFL 2015 Week 17: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Coming into the game, the Lions were in 6th position overall in the NFL. They were also 4TH and 2nd place in total offense and passing offense respectively. Per game they had a 336 yards in total. Calvin Johnson and Mathew Stafford put the Lions in a very good position being the ones that lead the attack against the Bears.

Reggie Bush is also a great asset to the team seeing that he adds to the total attack through his dual threat which amounts to 125 yards in total. However, the team is weakened by the fact that one of their players, Nate Burleson is out with a broken arm. On the other hand, heading into the game, the Bears have a 96-65-5 record above the Lions which gives them quite the upper hand. This are some of the most wins that NFL has had in history.

In scoring, the Bears rank 3rd but when it comes to total offense they are 22nd. Brandon Marshal is by far the Bears’ greatest asset and has played a major role in getting the team to victory. The team however has other amazing and strong players that are also great assets to the team. Examples of these players are; Matt Forte and Jay Cutler who seems to be taking quite good offense for the team.

NFL 2015 Week 16: Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

This game was played on 27th December and the Lions became the winners with 32-17 over their opponents. The game began favorably for the 49ers after taking the opening kickoff and immediately recorded an offensive touchdown in the 1st quarter. This was their first time since December 2014. The 49ers were averaging 14.4 points they entered the game and had 265 yards, 16 first downs and 17 in the first half. However, the second half, they had 0 points, 57 yards and four first downs.

They had about 122 yards on twenty carries in the initial half. They however, had 3 carries for minus one yard in the last two quarters. The big problem was that they only possessed the ball at rare occasions. The 49ers had an offense in the filed for only 15 plays in the first twenty seven minutes in the second half as their opponents dominated ball possession. They scored drives of 8, 11 and 13 plays in total.

The tone of the game was established as soon as the game began. The 49ers started the second half with an 11-play, a drive of 64 yard play which netted a field goal and a massive lead of 23-17. 49ers kept on by running 4 plays and punting as they sought for a win. After the amazing match the Lions managed to defeat 49ers and went home with the winning record.

NFL 2015 Week 15: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints on Monday, December 21, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Detroit Lions had a good game against the New Orleans Saints, and they raced to a 28-3 lead, and even though the Saints made it interesting, the Lions prevailed. One thing that helped the Lions was running 150 yards, which is their second best haul this season. The second half saw the Lions almost squander a 25-point lead and with six minutes remaining, they lost yet another fumble. There’s no telling the outcome of this game if the Lions continued to play in such a manner.

At that point, the game was on a knife-edge and both teams were down there scratching, poking and clawing at each other. When the officials finally began to peel bodies from the pile, Michael Ola still held the ball and Detroit could finally see off the spirited Saints. The next play saw Mathew Stafford giving Eric Ebron an 18 yards pass, which allowed Joique Bell to score the game-winning touchdown. Coach Jim Caldwell later remarked that this was nothing but a team effort to get the win. The fact that the Detroit Lions won at the home of the New Orleans Saints is something that the team can be truly proud of.

NFL 2015 Week 14: Detroit Lions at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Rams won their first game, breaking a five game losing streak, since the first of November. They needed this win to try and get back on solid ground, at this point, they may not be going to the playoffs, but they should at the very least, try and win as many games as possible. It might not be a bad idea if the Lions did the same, as they have won even less games then them. The Lions did not play very well in this game after beating the Packers in their last game and a long layoff afterwards.

Matthew Stafford completed thirty of his 46 passes throwing for 245 yards, and had two touchdowns and one interception.

Case Keenum completed fourteen of his 22 passes, throwing for 124 yards and one interception. This is Keenum’s second start of the season, and his third game of the year; he is playing for Nick Foles (who was benched due to poor performance). Since stepping in for Foles, he has won one game (this one), and lost one.

The Rams scored touchdowns in every quarter but the first. The first was scoreless. The Rams went into halftime up 7-0, both teams would score two touchdowns in the second half.

NFL 2015 Week 13: Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers on Thursday, December 03, 8:25 PM, Ford Field

Despite a rather rocky start for the Green Bay Packers during their Week 13 game of the 2015 NFL season, they managed to pull off a very impressive comeback, beating the Detroit Lions with a final score of 27-23. For the first two quarters of the game, Detroit seemed to have a guaranteed win against Green Bay.

The Lions gained a 17-0 lead against Green Bay in the first quarter, making it appear that the game was theirs. However, a last-second Hail Mary by Aaron Rodgers to Richard Rodgers stunned Detroit and brought Green Bay an unexpected victory. After receiving the shotgun snap with no time on the clock, Aaron Rodgers managed to avoid a sack before rolling right and throwing a long 61-yard pass to Richard Rodgers who had all the while been drifting to the end zone.

Afterwards, Aaron Rodgers stated, “I knew I was going to have to buy some time to allow them to get into the end zone. I knew that once I got outside the right I was going to be able to set up and throw.” The Packers were given this play after Detroit Defensive End Devin Taylor grabbed Aaron Rodgers’ mask. After that call, the Packers knew that they had one more chance, and they used that chance in the best way possible.

NFL 2015 Week 12: Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, November 26, 12:30 PM, Ford Field

During thanksgiving, we saw a bounty of dominance in football for the Detroit Lions who won against the Philadelphia Eagles in a rout that saw a score of 45-14. During the first early quarter, there was a tie of 7 points between the two teams, but then the Lions started going on a scoring streak that went on to cover all four of the quarters. Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Lions, threw more than 200 yards and three touchdowns without any turnovers by halftime.

He saw a finish of 27 to 38 for 337 yards and threw five touchdowns. Calvin Johnson, the wide receiver for the same team, saw eight catches for 93 yards and three touchdowns which ended up matching his highest career record set in 2010. During the early game, Stafford did not throw to Johnson much, but later on, he started connecting well with the receiver and the Eagles couldn’t do much about this especially when Nolan Carroll, their starting corner-back, was substituted in the second quarter by Eric Rowe due to a right ankle that was broken. Stafford began the multiple scores with an eight yard pass to Theo Riddick, who made a distinctively sharp move on the inside so as to get away from the Eagles linebacker, Mychal Kendricks later on in the opening quarter.

Mark Sanchez, the Eagles starting quarterback, and the Eagles offence weren’t able to do much and the Eagles defense did even less. This resulted in a blow-out win for the Lions kicking off Week 12 of the 2015 NFL season.

NFL 2015 Week 11: Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, November 22, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions narrowly beat the Oakland Raiders 18 – 13 in a heavily contested match that saw Matthew Stafford run for what was a 5 yard touchdown which sealed the game. He had also made some key moves in the game that proved to be really decisive as far as the game was concerned. The quarterback has never been known as a threat on the run but on this particular day, he let his presence be felt and in a game that was seen as to have gone to a draw, he made the decisive move that proved to be the winner.

The Lions have, this year, won consecutive games and actually improving to 3 – 0 when running the ball this season. The raiders however have a three game losing streak which is their worst form this season. Offensively, they even had their worst game of the season which was further evident in the stats of the game. The game was closely contested and could have easily gone the other way as the Lions did not look all that convincing either but they deserved the win. Oakland Raiders just seemed relaxed as they played a really low key game that saw them hit season lows in this game.

NFL 2015 Week 10: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

For the first time in almost twenty-five years, the Lions have defeated the Packers at Lambeau Field. This was a much needed win for the Lions, not just because it snapped a losing streak that stretched all the way back to the first Bush’s administration in the White House, but because they are playing poorly this season, winning only two games and losing seven so far. Including this one. They are tied for the second worst record in the league right now. The two teams will meet again in early December, with the game being played in Detroit.

Matthew Stafford threw two touchdowns, one interception on 242 yards, after 24 completions in the win.

Aaron Rodgers threw two touchdowns and no interceptions on 333 yards and 35 completions.

Going into halftime, the game was tied with each team scoring three points. The second half saw both teams score double digit points, with the Lions outscoring the Packers by two, 15-13. The game was almost won by the Packers after getting the ball back at the end of regulation; the Packers kicker, missed a crucial field goal from 52 yards out. The Packers missed a two point conversion that would have tied the game up right before this missed field goal.

NFL 2015 Week 8: Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 01, 9:30 AM, Arrowhead Stadium

Coach Jim Caldwell (for the Lions) cautioned us this week that the offense wouldn’t look vastly different with such a short turnaround from Monday’s progressions and a long excursion to England. He was correct, it didn’t look vastly different. The hostile line neglected to ensure Matthew Stafford (six sacks), which has been a noteworthy issue now and again this season. Detroit needed to forsake their run diversion once they fell behind and were only 2-of-12 on third down. Stafford was under coercion the majority of the challenge and exacerbated matters by tossing two first-half captures that put the Lions in a 24-3 halftime opening.

All the discussion this week in England has been about the offense and the progressions to that guiding staff, yet the guard has been generally as punishable in the group’s 1-7 begin and that was surely the case on Sunday. Kansas quarterback Alex Smith took on the Lions vigorously, with all arms and legs. He set a vocation high to rush yards 18 minutes into the diversion and completed with 223 aggregate yards (78 surging, 145 passing) and three aggregate touchdowns. Kansas City scrambled for 198 yards absolute in the diversion, the second most noteworthy aggregate set up on the Lions this season (199 in a Week 2 misfortune in Minnesota).

NFL 2015 Week 7: Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions in an NFC North showdown 28-19 behind the quarterbacking of Teddy Bridgewater. Detroit took an early lead in the game but couldn’t hang on once the Vikings cranked up their pass rush and Bridgewater caught fire with his passing.

In the first quarter, Detroit’s Calvin Johnson caught a 46-yard pass and finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford on a fade route. The Vikings answered with a field goal. The Lions scored another touchdown on an Eric Ebron reception from the 6-yard line and it looked like it was going to be Detroit’s day, but it wasn’t to be. The two teams traded two long field goals in the second quarter and the Vikings scored a touchdown and another field goal as the Lions held on to a 17-15 lead at halftime.

The Vikes took the lead in the third when Stefon Diggs caught a 36-yard touchdown pass from Bridgewater. They added field goals in both the third and fourth quarters. Detroit scored a safety for their only points of the second half when the Vikings punter purposely ran out of the back of the end zone with a minute left in the game.

The Vikings defense sacked Stafford 7 times. Minnesota’s rookie receiver, Diggs, caught 6 passes for 108 yards. It looks like Minny got a steal in the fifth round with him. Bridgewater was 25/35 passing and 316 yards with 2 touchdowns for a great game from Teddy. Adrian Peterson had a 75-yard run for the Vikes but couldn’t do much else on the day.

Detroit’s rookie defensive tackle, Caraun Reid, had a good game in keeping Minnesota’s run game mostly in check. Stafford was 18/26 for 256 yards while running for his life from the Vikings pass rushers.

Minnesota is eyeing a playoff spot with a 4-2 record while Detroit, at 1-6, might consider tanking the rest of the season to position itself for a high draft pick.

NFL 2015 Week 6: Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The eternal rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions is one of the most long lasting of the NFL history, since 1930 these teams have met at least once in every season, the results Detroit Lions (37) and Chicago Bears (34) at the Ford Field on last Sunday, the star Matt Prater kicked an extraordinary 27 yard field goal with only 2:29 overtime, helping Lions to get their first victory of the season, Chicago score a total of 444 yards, but Detroit got within 546 yards, having 3 turnovers, against Chicago that only had one, but leading in the ball possession with 38:57, moreover Lions got 26 1st downs, when Bears were close with 24. Chicago player Robbie Gould didn’t disappoint at the beginning of the first quarter with a 27 yd goal field, a 23 yard in the second, a extraordinary 38 yard goal field in the third and a 29 yard in the fourth, however, with their defeat Bears drop to 2-4 heading into their week. Nevertheless, Detroit Lions are placed in the last position in the NFC North Standing.

Nonetheless, both teams left so much effort in their plays on the field, and at the end Detroit just was a bit luckier than Chicago, but is notorious that Bears still have so much work to do in the few next matches, Detroit is having an encounter with Minnesota Viking next Sunday, Chicago is facing the same rival in the next week.

NFL 2015 Week 5: Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 11, 4:05 PM, Ford Field

Just how important is the crowd size to the team performance? Does it really have any connection whether directly or indirectly? Does cheering a team have any impact on the performance? Well, as you are pondering over those questions, think of what happened to the Detroit Lions in their recent game against Arizona Cardinals at Ford field. Early in the game, the Detroit Lions took the game to Arizona Cardinals but as the game progressed the tables turned and they found themselves wanting in more than one occasion. You may be wondering what caused the tricky and sudden turn of events but that’s why am here.

Their very own fans starting booing them! Weird isn’t it? Well, now there you have it. Although the fans do not get directly involved in the actual action, their cheering or booing in this case had a direct bearing on the eventual results of the game. Thus the cheering boosts morale and creates an atmosphere that makes the opponents to have butterflies in their stomachs. The presence of empty seats spelled trouble for the Detroit Lions with the booing as the match progressed pronouncing the sentence which some can say it was only a matter of time before it happened.

NFL 2015 Week 4: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks on Monday, October 05, 8:30 PM, CenturyLink Field

On Monday night, Kam Chancellor of the Seahawks saved the day by forcing a fumble on the 1-yard line by Calvin Johnson. The ball went rolling all the way toward the back of the end zone where linebacker KJ Wright of the Seahawks was there to battle the ball out of play and give them possession as well as a touch-back.

The time left was burned by the Seahawks to secure their win that was highly controversial. The ball, as it is should never have been awarded to the Seahawks, and this is what caused the upset for the better part of the game.The Lions instead should have had the ball, but the referee who was clearly in sight of all this happening just ignored the call and the play went to the Seahawks.

Though Seahawks played a good game and although the win was undeserving, sometimes luck can work wonders on the pitch as they found out. The Lions were infuriated by this decision, but that’s water under the bridge now. This call did cost the Lions their first win which they so desperately needed. Overall, the game was great and this moment just heightened the fact that it was a great game.

NFL 2015 Week 3: Detroit Lions vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, September 27, 8:30 PM, Ford Field

The timeless Peyton Manning completed 31 out of 42 passes for 324 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Denver Broncos to a 24-12 victory over the winless Detroit Lions. Operating out of the shotgun formation for most of the game, he was sacked just once compared to 7 sacks in the previous 2 games. On the other side, Detroit’s Matthew Stafford was sacked 4 times.

The first quarter was listless as both teams struggled to move the ball. Denver took the lead in the second quarter when Ronnie Hillman scored from the 1-yard line at the end of an 80-yard drive. The Lions responded on the next possession with a touchdown drive featuring a spectacular catch by Calvin Johnson of a pass that was certain to be intercepted. Joique Bell finished off the drive with a 1-yard dive over the top of the pile for a touchdown. The extra point attempt was blocked and almost returned for a touchdown thanks to the new point after rules. With 5 seconds left in the half, Manning found Demaryius Thomas for a 45-yard touchdown pass. Detroit’s cornerback Darius Slay gave up the touchdown and was also picked on in the second half for a long reception in a touchdown drive for Denver. Owen Daniels clinched the win for Denver when he jumped high to catch a Manning pass with 2:28 left in the game.

The statistics for the game were fairly even between the two teams. The difference being the 4-1 advantage in sacks for Denver and more big plays by Manning than Stafford.

NFL 2015 Week 2: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, TCF Bank Stadium

The Detroit lions slumped to their second defeat on Sunday the 20th. In front of a crowd of slightly over 52,000, their hosts, the Minnesota Vikings at their home ground, the TCF Bank stadium in Minneapolis, thrashed the Detroit lions. This loss puts the Lions already (0-2) down in a tight spot with Denver who improved (2-0) on the same weekend, coming to the ford field this weekend. The Vikings were happy with the results, as they equaled their scores at (1-1). In addition, the Vikings were able to end the two-game losing streak to the lions with the win.

Although, the Lions knew they would be seeing more of Paterson, they did little to prepare for him. On the other hand, the Vikings came to make a statement, and this, they did immediately after the start of the game with an early touchdown by Kyle Rudolph. The Lions never looked any threatening until late in the second quarter when they reduced the deficit to 17-10. Stafford was never near accuracy for the Lions while Bridgewater, on the other side looked to be far much accurate. Overall, it was an entertaining game and we will wait to see what comes out of the weekends other big games.

NFL 2015 Week 1: Detroit Lions at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, September 13, 4:05 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

Whenever things went wrong last season, the Detroit Lions usually relied on their second-ranked defense to help them out of trouble. If the Sunday 13th September’s season opener against the San Diego chargers is anything to go by, they will not be so lucky this season. After creating an 18-point lead in the first half, the Lions let in 30 unanswered points to lose 33-28 at Qualcomm Stadium.

The Lions, who allowed the third-fewest and second-fewest points in the league last season, gave up 483 total yards in the season opener. This is the team’s most in regular season since they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the 2011 season. Darryl Tapp of the Lion’s defense said that the loss tells them to get back to work. The chargers held the ball for over 38 minutes, while the Lions had it for less than 22 minutes. According to Lions coach Jim Caldwell, there are several things that the team has to straighten up. The Packers did a good job of countering them, and the Lions did not do much to react. Their fans can only hope that the team will put the loss behind them and improve.

Detroit Lions’ NFL season 2014

The Detroit Lions appeared to have had an up and down year, but the Lions excelled under first year coach Jim Caldwell. For a team marred in futility for so many years, expectations to begin the season were pretty low. But after an 11-5 (division 5-1) record to end the season, it was clear the Lions had arrived as contenders in the NFC. Their reputation was founded on stopping the run, and they proved formidable all year long, ending the season with the league’s #1 run defense. However, one of their key players who play on the defensive line was sorely missed.

Nick Fairley may be an afterthought to some, but he has proven to be a key cog in the middle of a run stuffing defense. His injury in week 8 kept him out of the rest of regular season and their lone playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. Their wildcard playoff game against the Cowboys saw the Lions doing what they did best, running the football, throwing to Calvin Johnson and making life difficult on the defensive end. However, a very controversial pass interference call by the referees had a huge effect on the Lions possession.

They wound up giving the ball back to the Cowboys, who eventually drove down the field and took the lead. The Lions would wind up losing the game, but their season was a success. To make the playoffs and battle for the NFC Central crown on the last day of the season has shown that the Lions will be a competitive for years to come.

NFL 2014 Wildcard Weekend: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, January 04, 4:40 PM, AT&T Stadium

With Romo of the Dallas Cowboys giving his son the high-five before the game, everyone looked in good spirits on game day between the Lions and the Cowboys.

Straight away Detroit received to become 7 up in the 1st, with wild and scrappy play continuing until they stepped up to make it 14-0 – a scoring drive of 14 plays and 99 yards in just over 7 minutes.

On the other side, things weren’t going too well for Romo after his cheery pre-match persona – hitting deck three times in the first half. He soon countered is bad luck by opening up the middle to send Terence Williams like a lightening bolt to get 6 back for the Cowboys. The third quarter began with the Lions leading 17-7, but it was all still to play for as the Cowboys sure did try to put up a fight turning it around to just be three behind Detroit with the score being 20-17! Could it have been possible they could turn the game around? Well as the fans went crazy the Cowboys showed true form, with the final score 24-20 to the Cowboys – advancing them to the NFC Divisional.

Overall, the game ended up bringing some heart thumping moments, a lot of scrappy play, but some superb football as well!

NFL 2014 Week 17: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

In a heated NFC North battle, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Detroit Lions 30 to 20. In doing so, Green Bay clinched the NFC North title and a first round bye in the playoffs. Packers running back Eddie Lacy had a big day rushing for 100 yards and helped control the clock. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw two touchdown passes despite leaving the game with a left calf injury. Returning in the 3rd quarter, with the game tied at 14. Rodgers led the Packers with pure determination on a 60-yard drive which ended in a 13-yard touchdown pass to Randall Cobb. This all but secured the win for the Packers.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford struggled all game, completing less than 50% off his passes. Lions running back Joique Bell also lost a key fumble late in the game as Detroit was driving to try and get back in it. A little bit of controversy took place in the game as often fined Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stepped on the injured leg of Aaron Rodgers twice. The league has reviewed the tapes, and finding Suh guilty, the league has suspended him for Detroit’s first round game with Dallas.

NFL 2014 Week 16: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 21, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The Bears came out and played a very traditional game. You knew it would make sense to lean on running back Matt Forte given the fact that Jimmy Claussen was the starting quarterback for the game. The Lions were able to record four sacks in their 17-14 win against the Bears. The Lions still need to find a way to resurrect their kicking game. Matt Prater had a kick blocked that could have been crucial. He admitted to having a couple of wobbly kicks during his pregame warm up sessions as well.

Matthew Stafford was able to overcome two early interceptions by finding Golden Tate consistently in the slot. The Lions were also able to hold the Bears to a limited number of positive plays from their linebackers. Lance Briggs was not able to get off many of the blocks that were laid in front of him by Brandon Pettigrew. You have to wonder whether the Bears played with the kind of enthusiasm that they needed to win. Alshon Jeffrey was able to catch a touchdown pass, that is a positive sign.

NFL 2014 Week 15: Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions sit atop the NFC North thanks to a 16-14 win versus the Minnesota Vikings and the Bill’s upset of the Green Bay Packers in Buffalo.

The Vikings didn’t go quietly, limiting Matthew Stafford to 153 yards and 1 TD on 17 for 28 passing and keeping Calvin Johnson in check to the tune of a mere 53 yards receiving. On the other hand, the better Johnson in week 15 was Charles Johnson of the Vikings who is emerging as a legitimate weapon for Teddy Bridgewater, hauling in 5 catches for 77 yards. Bridgewater, meanwhile, continues to look like a real NFL quarterback, unlike Johnny Football. Bridgwater threw for for 315 yards on an efficient 31 for 41 passing, but ultimately also threw two costly interceptions late in the second quarter of the game. The Lions didn’t do much to take advantage of the turnovers, but two Matt Parter field goals were all they needed to tack on to come away with the W.

The Lions now control their own destiny as they lead the division and face the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay in two weeks. Although the offense didn’t show it Sunday, it’s good enough to support its formidable defense and make a serious run in the playoffs if they can get by their next two foes.

NFL 2014 Week 14: Detroit Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

Tampa Bay at Detroit was an NFL game that did not go well for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is because they scored half what Detroit Lions scored. In summary, Detroit Lions were playing home and they did not let their home fans down. The game came to a final score sheet of 17-34 with the Lions taking the victory.

In the first quarter, Buccaneers did not manage to record any score. On the other hand, the Lions scored 7 points. In the last quarter of the first half, the two teams performed competitively to record the same scores. Each team scored 10 points. The first half was concluded with scores of 10-17 with the Lions taking the lead. In the second half, the Buccaneers did not record a score again. The Lions did not hold back as they scored 10 points. In the final quarter of the match, the two teams again scored equal points to end the match. Both teams recorded a score of 7 points each giving an overall score of 17 points to 34 points.

The Buccaneers offense could not handle the Lions’ pressure. Mathew Stafford passed over 311 yards with 3 touchdowns. His team mate Joique Bell had 18 carries over 83 yards and 1 touchdown. V. Jackson of Buccaneers recorded 10 receives over 159 yards.

NFL 2014 Week 13: Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears on Thursday, November 27, 12:30 PM, Ford Field

In a game that the Detroit Lions took the field without their versatile running back Reggie Bush, they scored their second highest point total of the season against an NFC North rival. And they did so after the Bears go out on top of them early in the Thanksgiving day game. After an early drive and a strip-sack-fumble-recovery combo by Jared Allen turned into a touchdown, the Lions were down 14-3 before the first quarter was out. Things looked grim for a team trying to beat out Green Bay for the top spot in the division.

But thanks some stout play by the Lions defense and a pair of Calvin Johnson touchdowns, the Lions came storming back to take a 24-14 lead going into halftime. After that, the Bears struggled to find any rhythm with two Jay Cutler interceptions and not a single rushing first down all game. Chicago’s defense also couldn’t find an answer for Matthew Stafford and his receiving core, as he posted 390 passing yards with no interceptions. After dropping back-to-back games to Arizona and New England, Detroit now sits one game behind the Packers in the division standings.

NFL 2014 Week 12: Detroit Lions at New England Patriots on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

New England came into the game with Detroit with a winning streak of 6 games. The first Detroit possession, however, ended in a 48-yard field goal, putting Detroit up 3-0 to start the game. After trading punts several times, New England put themselves ahead with a 4-yard touchdown pass. In the second quarter, Detroit again scored off a field goal, this one only 20 yards. The ensuing kickoff was returned for 81 yards, allowing New England to have good possession, resulting in a 3-yard touchdown run. After a Detroit punt, New England struck again with an eight yard touchdown pass.

An attempted Detroit field goal was no good, allowing New England enough time to score again with a 35-yard field goal at the end of the first half, leaving New England up 24-6. Although New England started off strong with a long drive, Detroit managed to intercept a Brady pass deep in Detroit territory. Detroit was forced to punt again, however, and New England got yet another field goal, this time 43 yards. Although both teams were forced to punt during the rest of the third quarter, Detroit managed a 49-yard field goal to start the fourth quarter. Detroit did not manage to score again in the rest of the game, going four-and-out and throwing interceptions on their following possessions. A one yard touchdown run by the Patriots put New England up 34-9, which was the final score of the game.

NFL 2014 Week 11: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 16, 4:25 PM, U of Phoenix Stadium

Facing his old team as a starter, Drew Stanton threw for two touchdowns and lead the Arizona Cardinals (9-1, 1st in NFC West) to a 14-6 win over the Detroit Lions (7-3, 1st in NFC North). Stanton threw both his touchdowns in the first quarter, both to WR Michael Floyd. He finished the game with 306 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. The potent Lions offense was shutdown by the Cardinals defense, not scoring a touchdown for the first time in five years. Detroit only had the ball inside the Arizona 20 yard line once, as a result of one of Stanton’s interceptions.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford became the fastest quarterback to throw for 20,000 career yards, doing it in 71 games. He finished the game with 183 yards and an interception. The duo of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate combined for only 100 yards, with Tate only being targeted twice the entire game. Johnson, who was lined up against All-Pro DB Patrick Peterson, only had 5 catches for 59 yards. The Lions four game win streak was snapped in the loss. Their season doesn’t get any easier, as they face the New England Patriots next week. The Arizona Cardinals face the struggling Seattle Seahawks.

NFL 2014 Week 10: Detroit Lions vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions rallied for quick scores before the final whistle to beat the Dolphins 20-16. Buoyed by their home fans, the Lions fought hard in the very last minute of the match to rout their stubborn guests. With just 29 seconds left in the game, Mathew Stafford threw an 11 yard touchdown pass to Theo Riddick for the hard earned victory. Coming back from injury, Calvin Johnson made seven catches for 113 yards and a touchdown. This was the Lions Fourth straight victory. They have now won seven games and lost only two this season. The fact that most of their victories have been won in the dying minutes of the match explains their resilienceand determination.

On the other hand, the Dolphins managed just a single touchdown in the entire game. This came as a result of a blocked attempt at a field goal, returning it deeper into the Lions territory. Ryan Tannehill was at his best for the Dolphins, throwing for 215 yards. However, the Lions Stafford had the last laugh when he made the final bold move. He snapped a sidearm pass a flying Riddick in the back left corner of the end zone. This was the Dolphins forth loss of the season.

NFL 2014 Week 8: Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, October 26, 9:30 AM, Wembley Stadium

Detroit Lions recorded a last minute comeback to outclass the Atlanta Falcons 22-21. The Lions had Matt Prater to thank after he kicked a 48 yard field goal. The Lions had trailed the Falcons throughout the entire game by 21 points the largest gap in Atlanta’s history. The Lions came to this game boosting as been the only team with the best ranked defense. Though Matt missed a 43 yard goal attempt in the final 40 seconds, he surely couldn’t afford to lose a second chance which originated from a penalty. He didn’t disappoint and eventually nailed the 48 yard which decided the game. Matt also capped a second consecutive late winning drive to see his team beat the Falcons by a single point.

The game also saw Matthew Stafford break the Lions record of 118 TDs which was previously held by Bobby Layne. He threw 325 yards with two touchdowns which gave him 120 TDs in total. On the other end, Matt Ryan led the Falcons 2-6 after he covered 228 yards with two touchdowns. The Falcons in the long run had themselves to blame after they gave away a penalty and dropped a pass in the final minutes of the game. The win was Detroit Lions second last minute comeback in two weeks after they outclassed the Saints in the same manner a week ago.

NFL 2014 Week 7: Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The New Orleans Saints visited Detroit needing a win and failed to accomplish that task. The Saints had a ten to three lead in the first half, but could not hold on to it in the closing moments of the game. The Lions relied on Golden Tate to fill the void left by the Lions best player Calvin Johnson, who is still injured. Tate came up big in the contest by catching ten passes for one-hundred fifty four yards and one touchdown.

The touchdown that Tate scored, brought the Lions within one score with under four minutes in the game. After the Lions Scored they needed a stop by their defense, which they got and then Corey Fuller took a Mathew Stafford pass for the game winning score. The Saints offense struggled through out this game. Their running backs were held below the one-hundred yard mark, and only two of the receivers caught the majority of the passing yardage. Even with the loss the Saints are half a game from first place in the NFC South, where as the Lions kept pace with the Green Bay Packers. The Lions are traveling to England to face the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints are playing in an important game against the Packers on Sunday Night.

NFL 2014 Week 6: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, Mall of America Field

The Detroit Lions and their top-ranked defense proved that they can win without the likes of star receiver Calvin Johnson and starting running back Reggie Bush, who were both out with injuries this week. The Lions defense dominated the game and Detroit got the 17-3 win on the road in Minnesota against the 2-4 Vikings that now occupy last place in the NFC North. The Lions defense came up with 8 sacks and 3 interceptions against the Vikings and QB Teddy Bridgewater.

Lions QB Matt Stafford’s only TD pass came on a 41 yard pass to third-string running back Theo Riddick in the first quarter. That would be all the Lions needed to come away with the win but they also got a solid effort from Joique Bell with 74 yards and a TD. The Vikings offense proved incapable of moving the ball downfield. The Lions defense held the Vikings to only 258 total yards. The only thing that went wrong for the Lions was continued woes in the kicking game as newly signed Matt Prater was 1 for 3 on field goal attempts. The Vikings travel to Buffalo for week 7 while Detroit will be home to the New Orleans Saints.

NFL 2014 Week 5: Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Lions suffered yet another defeat thanks in part to the inaccuracy of their kicker. Tied at 14-14, Lions kicker Alex Henery missed his third field goal attempt of the night with 21 seconds remaining on the clock. After the miss, Kyle Orton, who made his starting debut after the Bills decided to bench E. J. Manuel, marched his team down field including a 20 yard catch by rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins to setup the 58 yard game winning field goal by Dan Carpenter. Carpenter missed a 50 yard attempt earlier in the game but was able to split the uprights with 4 seconds left giving the Bills the 17-14 victory.

Detroit was plagued with injuries most of the night with Calvin Johnson, Joique Bell, and Reggie Bush all having sustained injuries. Lions receiver Golden Tate had a big day making several clutch catches and finishing the day with 7 catches for 134 yards and a touchdown. Matthew Stafford had a relatively quite day finishing 18 of 31 for 221 yards and one interception while Kyle Orton finished 30 of 43 for 308 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. On a side note, the Bills filed a complaint after alleging that laser pointers were being pointed at their players during the game. Specifically, in the face of holder Colton Schmidt during Dan Carpenter’s earlier miss and at Kyle Orton during various moments of gameplay.

NFL 2014 Week 4: Detroit Lions at New York Jets on Sunday, September 28, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New York Jets played host to a determined Detroit Lions side at East Rutherford, New Jersey. They lost the game 17-24. Fresh from another victory the previous week, the Lions were not in losing mood. It was always going to be difficult for the Jets to defeat them. They have now won all their past two consecutive games. It looks like it will take something special to stop them. Matthew Stafford made two touchdown passes to Eric Ebron and Jeremy Ross, before going for one more score himself. Coach Jim Caldwell confessed that though they won, it wasn’t an easy game. He added that both teams played well, though he thought his boys could have done better.

After their third consecutive loss, the Jets only victory this season remains their season opener. In this game, they rallied to tie 3-3 score at the end of the first quarter, before falling 0-14 in the second. In the third quarter, they struggled to beat the lions 7-0 before tying again at 7-7 in the last quarter for a 17-24 loss. Their work is cut out. They have nowhere to hide. They have to pull themselves together and salvage some honor against the Chargers on Sunday 5th and the Broncos on 12th Oct.

NFL 2014 Week 3: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

It was one of those special and suspenseful NFL games that was witnessed with Detroit at Green Bay, we were stunned when Detroit got a two points from an interception from Matthew Stafford. This smothering play from the defence front of the Lions got them a 19-7 win over the team, Green Bay Packers. After the game, ‘Ndamukong Suh said that he thinks that they had an opportunity to win and dominate their games. The team had honed their tactics well and had executed it to perfection. We had seen the Lions and Suh who had made sure that Aaron Rodgers was pressured and also the injury that had plagued Detroit was not an issue.

Don Carey had made a striking fumble just forty yards for a stunning touchdown but the Lions have held their opponent, the Green Bay to a 223 yards. Even Rodgers was unable to take advantage of the injuries displayed by Detroit. Unfortunately, he was seen sacked two times. Rodger admitted later that their opponent had a better defense. At the end, we saw that Green Bay could only win 15 out of its previous games with Detroit and even with Rodgers being a marks man in their game.

NFL 2014 Week 2: Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Carolina Panthers hosted the Detroit Lions on Sunday 14th Sep, in their week two match, played at the Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. The visitors were clueless in the match, going down 24-7 to give their hosts a 2-2 record. Cam Newton was at his best, guiding the Panthers to victory in style. This was his first game since he fractured his rib in a pre-season build up. The Panthers are now at the pole of the NFC South. However, the Lions shouldn’t have lost by such a margin. They failed to utilize their first half opportunities to score.

Nate Freese was guilty of missing two field goals, while Joique Bell’s lack of composure in the Panther’s territory, denying the lions very vital points. As if that wasn’t enough, Johnson dropped a potential TD catch. During the match, Nevin Lawson, Lions cornerback, was taken off with an injury, never to return again. The Panthers seized their opportunities when it mattered most. They put the game away in the fourth quarter when Graham Gano recovered Jeremy Ross’ fumbled kickoff. His third field goal of the game sealed off the victory. Stafford confessed that it was just not their day.

NFL 2014 Week 1: New York Giants at Detroit Lions NFL on Monday, September 8, 7:10 PM, Ford Field

The NY Giants played Lions at Detroit in a tough game that led to many fans yelling and screaming in great multitudes in support of their teams. The game was tough and competitive as they two sides were involved in a lot of energy and great push and pull. The NFL continues to register great performances every year from such teams and we can always witness what greatness can give back as a result in a world class team that has top quality and highly skilled players. There are always offensive tackles, penalties and foul play as the players struggle to outdo each other in a tough competition and be in a position to win the game in the most perfect ways. NY Giants were hammered by the Lions making a score of 14 while Lions 25.

High Hopes of Fans in 2013 season, but…

Detroit Lions fans went into the 2013 season with the hope that their team could be rebound from the crushing disappointment of 2012. The Lions had failed to build upon their strong 2011 season, in which they posted a winning record for the first time in years, going 4-12 with a slew of heartbreaking close loses and an eight game losing streak. Fans hoped that the 2013 season would provide a return to glory and the team would build upon superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson’s recording breaking 2012 performance. Sadly, it was not to be.

Detroit entered 2013 after signing promising defensive end Ezekiel Ansah in the first round of the draft. Free agent additions such as former first round pick running back Reggie Bush and safety Glover Quin and a strong preseason performance of 3-1 gave hope to fans that 2013 would be something of a comeback year for the Lions. The team entered week 1 of the regular season with playoff ambitions very much alive.

The Lions started the first half of the 2013 season strongly. The team had a 5-3 record entering their week 9 bye week and an undefeated home record. The three losses were racked up on the road in Arizona, Green Bay and Cincinnati, with the Bengals and Cardinals losses being nail-bitingly close at 3 and 2 points respectively. Highlights from the team’s 5 wins included high scoring home victories over the Vikings and Bears and a thrilling week eight victory over the Dallas Cowboys by a single point.

The team’s strong record gave fans a strong sense of optimum heading into the week 9 bye and the Detroit Lions live stream of week 10 was highly anticipated. The Lions returned in Week 10 with a memorable road win against the Chicago Bears, Detroit’s first victory at Soldier Field since 2007. This win gave the team division leading status and a strong chance of returning to the playoffs after the disappointment of 2012.

Following the memorable win over the Bears the 2013 Lions collapsed. Following two losses to the Steelers and Buccaneers in weeks 11 and 12 respectively the team had a comprehensive victory over the Packers which gave fans home that the playoffs remained in reach. The Lions closed out the season with four straight losses however and were eliminated from playoff contention in Week 16. The team finished the year with a 7-9 record.

In summary, the 2013 season was bittersweet for Detroit fans. The early stages seemed to suggest a resurgence following the appalling 2012 collapse but in the end it was not to be. The franchise failed to live up to their potential in 2013, but in 2014 you will see them return to their winning ways.

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