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NFL 2017 Week 17: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had some setbacks due to players injuries and players like Antonio Brown has suffer feet injury making the team were not as strong as it could be going into their next games play last Sunday. Quarterback Kizer had a opportunity in the fourth down, with a pass to Coleman, but the pass bounced and became a missed play. Browns have a regular defeats in past, then it is good news that Jackson the team’s head coach is set for a return and we should see some improved play continuing through the season. Towards the end of play a 314 yard pass and 2 touchdowns to Higgins with some top play leading into the fourth quarter.

Jones completed some high quality pass and defense to continue his successful play for the Steelers. Schuster caught a 143 yard pass to make real gains and returned a 96 yard reply for a great mid game touchdown. Higgins and Gordon came across some tight defense from the Steelers, a few times in the first half, with the added disorganised play from the Browns hampering play throughout. Coleman made some fumbled play for the steelers giving the Browns a lucky break and some more time to get their act together. Generally resulting in a tough match for both sides with good passes but a lot of scrappy play and struggle. Browns win 38 – 24.

NFL 2017 Week 16: Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Visiting the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns faced their opponents with courage but the opposition still proved that they are the better team. The Bears dominated the game from the beginning until the end scoring highest in every aspect. They had the highest number of first downs, yards as well as possession. With a lot to lose, the Browns tried but couldn’t get a win after facing the interceptions and turnovers in the red zone by the Bears. They are now one loss closer to being the team to never win in a season.

Ending in 20-3 against the Browns, the game turned out to be heartbreaking for both players and fans alike. Several interceptions weren’t enough to save the struggling team after losing a fumble to the opposing team near the end line. A 193-yard throw for Chicago followed by a touchdown helped them win the game, together with completing 14 out of 23 passes and dropping six or seven scores. With only a 6-3 lead at the beginning, it wasn’t clear the Bears could win but that changed when they drove 60 yards on four plays, scoring from a 4-yard draw. Both teams faced injuries with three Chicago players suffering knee and chest injuries and a Cleveland player being poked in the eye.

NFL 2017 Week 15: Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Browns had no chance against the Ravens as they lost yet another game in their winless season. Joe Flacco almost threw for 300 yards, and the team ran for 70 yards. The Browns had Deshone Kizer on the field throwing the ball, and he threw two interceptions that made the offense look even worse than it already has. Josh Gordon was on the field for the Browns, but he was largely ineffective.

The Ravens showed that they are getting good at the right time, and they are making a push to perhaps get into the playoffs and make some noise. Joe Flacco has improved a lot this season as he has recovered from injury, and he is getting in the right groove at the right time for his team to make the playoffs. The Browns could go winless this season, and their organization looks completely inept when losing games like this 27-10.

NFL 2017 Week 14: Cleveland Browns vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 10, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

A very close game between the Green Bay Packers and the Cleveland Browns as it was all decided in overtime. This was the second overtime win for the Packers as the edged the Browns. It was not pretty but the Packers managed to secure the win. The game was sent into overtime by Huntley as he threw a magnificent touchdown pass with only seconds to spare. The match was secured by the Packers with a great interception and another touchdown by Devante Adams.

The hero of the match was rookie quarterback Hundley by setting up his second overtime wins and assisting in saving Green Bay’s season before the return of Aron Rogers after his collarbone injury. The Cleveland Browns team slumped to another defeat and could only blame that on critical errors they made, like the decision of the final throw from quarterback Kizer. The Browns also had the opportunity to run out the clock in overtime but the ball was dropped on a third down pass by the rookie David Njoku. This Game can only come down to Green Bay making sure they capitalize on the Browns mistakes and some incredible BMT from quarterback Huntley. Player of the game by far was Adams for the Packers as he ran some incredible lines to bring the Packers on level terms with the Browns. He finished the afternoon with and incredible 10 receptions and 84 yards.The Green Bay Packers season rescued and the Browns left wanting and just piling on their misery this week after firing one of their top executives Sashi Brown.

NFL 2017 Week 13: Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, December 03, 4:05 PM, StubHub Center

The football match played by the Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers, was filled with heat and aggression. The Los Angeles Chargers won with a lead of 19-10. The Cleveland Browns have to face defeat by lagging with 9 points to make it a draw. Allen came up with 10 catches for 105 yards which he proved in his 3rd game for the LA Chargers. Here, Travis Coons, featured as a new kicker listed his first win of this season and he performed off the charts. During the fourth quarter, Zane Gonzalez hit a field goal before the Browns managed to take a lead. The score at this instant was at 19-7.

The Browns have decent chances to hit the goal and call the touchdown but Adrian Phillip ended the game with perfection. Being an active member of the NFL, LA Chargers is not that charged since a long time. But after winning this match they got a good lead and courage to face more hurdles. In this match, they were hosting the Cleveland Browns and accepted the challenge to beat them.

NFL 2017 Week 12: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 26, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

At midfield, DeShone Kizer from the Browns and Joe Mixon of the Bengals exchanged jerseys. These two amazing rookies are in anticipation to make a mark in the National Football League. Running for a career of one hundred and fourteen yards, Mixon eventually had his time during a 30-16 win. This keeps the Bengals at 5-6 with the anticipation for a playoff match if they finish well and get a lot of assistance. It is another moment of wondering for the Browns and Kizer. The Brows are wondering if their team can even win a match in the NFL.

Since the 1970 merger, the Browns remain the second club to remain 0-11 in consecutive years. In 1976-77, it was the expansion Buccaneers that experienced the same scenario. To get the only victory last season, it took the Browns the fifteenth game to shine. To avoid 0-16, the Browns are really running out of chances to get a win. While the season started well, the Browns have tried their effort to make the games close to win. The only thing that keeps on occurring to the Browns is that they allow the game slip away in bad luck. Mixon, Jabrill Peppers and other players from the Bengals did everything to win the match against the Browns. At the moment, the Bengals are having their eyes on the next match against the Steelers.

NFL 2017 Week 11: Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 19, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Jacksonville is alone at the top of the AFC South with a smack-talking quarterback-lagging defense. The intention of the Jaguars is to remain at that same position. Linebacker Telvin Smith regained a fumble for a TD and Blake Bortles threw a touchdown pass with 1:14 remaining in the match. This helped the Jaguars had victory in the game at 19-7, making the team’s 4th consecutive win over the Browns. This match has helped the Jaguars to remain lonely at the top of their division. Sacksonville which is Jacksonville’s top-ranked player forced 5 turnovers. This includes 2 at the end of two minutes when the Browns still had 6 points. The Jaguars later turned things over to a defense match and built a 10-0 lead. This also helped the Jaguars developed a nasty and belligerent reputation.

DeShone Kizer Browns’ rookie quarterback was intercepted two times. He also recorded 5 sacks and damaged the Browns with 0-10 in the second section of the match. When Yannick Ngakoue swarmed Kizer the Cleveland Browns’ hopes come to a crashing end. It helped to hit the ball into the final area where Smith regained energy. Kizer was earlier sacked through the combined efforts of both Calais Campbell and Ngakoue. Kizer later fumbled by falling to the ground, while Dante Fowler recovered the ball with 1:48 remaining. With nothing to argue, the victory finally went to the Jaguars.

NFL 2017 Week 10: Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions on Sunday, November 12, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

When the match started, Matthew Stafford did not show much positivity. In his first recap, Stafford got sacked and managed to throw a pick on the second drive. In the second half, Stafford threw 3 touchdown passes that made the Lions revive to win the unbeatable Browns at 38-24. From the first and second half deficits, the Lions came back and rallied to have consecutive wins. This match marks the first moment after having victory in the first 2 games of the season. The job of the Browns coach is in the line.

A year after losing the premier fourteen matches in Jackson’s debut season, the Cleveland may be moving toward NFL disgrace. The Cleveland eventually finished with 1-15. Since 1960, Jackson remains at 1-24, which is on the match record and better than only Tampa Bay’s McKay 0-25. In 2008, the Lions remain the only club to go 0-16. The team has been able to draft Matthew Stafford as the best player overall. In the league, Stafford has done everything to make the club owner get the biggest contract. Stafford remains seventeen out of twenty-six for two hundred and forty-nine yards in his latest comeback win. Stafford did this run with 3 TD passes and an interception.

NFL 2017 Week 8: Cleveland Browns vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, October 29, 9:30 AM, Twickenham Stadium

Minnesota Vikings also had their fair share of opposition from Cleveland Browns in a separate NFL game. They came to the game with a clear intention of winning after a previous loss that dropped them to 2-2, and held up to their end of the deal managing a final score of 33-16. The game started off shakily for them with Cleveland leading until the third quarter when they turned things around gained the lead. With a throw for 288 yards and two touchdowns together with another 122 yards throw a win was inevitable for Minnesota.

With only a few minutes left in the game, it was still hard to predict the winner because the offense was coming back stronger and the defense hadn’t picked up a sack yet. This changed in an instant when they got a sack. Although they lost, the Cleveland side put up a good fight against Vikings who also played well and even had a better possession that gave them a 15 minute advantage over their counterparts, most of which was seen in the second half. As they look forward to their next game they hope to keep up the winning streak and move up the NFL ladder.

NFL 2017 Week 7: Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Titans know they can be able to get into the match when all else fails to turn the Ryan Succop. Mr. Automatic made it happen again on Sunday. Succop’s 4th field goal was magnificent. It came with the game was remaining 1:55 at a forty-seven yard. This helps to extend the record of Succop to make it from fifty yards to fifty-five straight. The helps to give the Titans an ugly win of 12-9 over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Joe Thomas who also lost durable Pro Bowl had triceps injury. The Titans maintained 4-3 with Succop’s clutch kick to get their second win after 6 days.

This kept the Titans tie for the first time in the AFC South. In Monday’s night’s win over Indianapolis, Succop made 5 field goals and later converted on kicks from 46, 23, and 43 yards prior to missing a fifty-three- yarder with the match left with 8:44 in the 4th quarter. Succop delivered with the Browns and Titans heading towards a tie. Zane Gonzalez, Brown’s rookie force overtime by moving a season-long fifty-four-yard field goal with forty-seven seconds remaining in the normal timing to tie at 9-9. The match ended in the favor of the Titans with an outstanding victory.

NFL 2017 Week 6: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans on Sunday, October 15, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

Deshaun Watson was the star performer as the Houston Texans overpowered the Cleveland Browns 33-17 in a game that witnessed Watson make NFL history by becoming the first rookie to have three touchdowns in three consecutive games. Braxton Miller made his first touchdown of the season after being set up by Watson.

The Browns, who benched Deshone Kizer in favor of Kevin Hogan, have now lost 16 consecutive away games. The Texans who had a 24-3 lead by halftime set a franchise record by scoring over 30 points for the fourth straight game. Having lost to the Jets in their previous match, the Browns were level on 3-3 with the Texans early on in the first quarter but were soon outdone by the Texans and finished the second quarter without a point.

In their first game without J.J Watt, the team whose next game is against the Seahawks had a fine display with their other star performers being DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller who both caught touchdown passes for the third game in a row. The Cleveland Browns will be looking to turn their tides when they host the Titans in their next game.

NFL 2017 Week 5: Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The fifth round of the American Football or NFL League was played. One of those matches played in the fifth round was between Cleveland Browns and New York Jets. This was a very interesting match in which the New York Jets celebrated the victory. The final result was 14-17 for Jets. The New Jork Jets won the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins team in the third and fourth round while in the first and second round they were defeated by Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills. The Cleveland Browns team in all four rounds defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Also, the New Jork Jets team’s interactions between these two teams were one of the last four in a row to win the match.

The first quarter ended in a draw with the result 0: 0. The secund quarter was crucial for New Jork Jets because they lead with a score of 0: 3. The key player for Jorks was Catanzaro C. who scored Field Goal. In the third quarter, the score was 7-7, and points for Browns were scored by Touchdown – Pass and Gonzalez Z. (Extra Point) while points for Jets were scored by Seferian-Jenkin A (Touchdown Pass) and Catanzaro C. (Extra Point). The fourth quarter also ended with a 7-7 result. The points for Browns were scored by Johnson D. (Touchdown – Pass) and Gonzalez Z. (Extra Point) and points for Jets were scored by Kearse J. (Touchdown – Pass) and Catanzaro C. (Extra Point). After this round, the New York Jets team is in eighth place on the table and Cleveland Browns is in the last and twelfth place.

NFL 2017 Week 4: Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 01, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Bengals required a stronger force to keep the team moving in the right direction in 2017. The best way for the Bengals to move into the right direction is by battling it out with the Browns. On the tune of 31-7, the Bengals led every section of the game against the Cleveland. When compared to a couple of days before the match, the feelings and enthusiasm of the Bengals rise to an all-time high. Among the winners of the day is Giovani Bernard. Giovani a specialty back sounds magnificent through the game. Giovani had about twelve carries while Joe Mixon received the biggest share of the overall carries. Bernard teamed up with Bill Lazor perfectly to get the game going. With a sixty-one-yard receiving score, Giovani shocked the world again before halftime.

Another outstanding player was Andy Dalton. Seventeen of eighteen passes was what Andy finished with, in the match between the Bengals and the Brows. With zero interceptions, three touchdowns and two hundred and fifteen yards, Andy played a nice game. After losing only five passes, Andy maintains the high spirit of the game and achieving four tossing touchdowns. Into the third quarter of the game, Dalton strikes sixteen straight passes. This makes Dalton’s initial game different from against the Browns. The truth is that Lazor has improved greatly from his counterpart Ken Zampese. The Bengals anointed the game with a win over the Lions.

NFL 2017 Week 3: Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 24, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

On Sunday, the Colts beat the Browns by a score of 31-28. On the season, this lost has made the Browns remain on 0-3. The Browns have lost twenty-eight out of the thirty games they have played. The Brown has last won since Week 5 of 2015. When the Browns had to meet with the Colts, things also went wrong again. The Colts were able to beat the Browns in the second quarter. This is because the Colts took advantage of the Browns and scored three times. The Cleveland used the opportunities they have in several instances. For instance, Jacoby Brissett had a rushing touchdown that made the Colts lead by 28-7.

When DeShone Kizer, the quarterback of the Browns scored, they were looking to return to the game. He hit ten plays by moving seventy-five yards and a striking rookie. David Njoku with a single yard touchdown pass supported his effort in the game as well. In the third quarter, the Browns had the opportunity to get into the game again while being down by 28-14. The offense of the Browns continues to fall and the Colts used their opportunities well. DeShone Kizer later had two amazing possessions was squandered. This helped the Colts to remain in the lead until the end of the game. One big lesson to learn in the match is that players must learn to use any opportunity available.

NFL 2017 Week 2: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens week two games held on 17 the September against the known Cleveland Brown went well and in a high defense. During the first half, the Browns started with a 25-yard line, and Crowell runs for the three yards on its first-down, and he had no gain on the second-down. There was a delay in penalty and the third-down played by DeShone was incomplete. The Ravens later started their 28-yard line where Terrance West lost in one yard during the first- down and on the second-down Flacco Joe finds the ever-active Maclin Jeremy for a gain of 19 yards.

However, Maclin was injured on his first play, and the first-down Flacco finds Watson Benjamin to get a 13 yard for Ravens. However, on the First-down Terrance rushes to get a two yard. During the first half, Baltimore Ravens plays a legit defense and gets two sacks, a forced fumble, and two interceptions. On the second half, the team manages to start with a yard line of 25 that leads to their success. The final scores show a win for Ravens with 24 while Cleveland’s managed to get 10.

NFL 2017 Week 1: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Antonio Brown wore a black & purple suit engraved with a fire-breathing dragon and a bow tie for Pittsburgh’s first road match. Antonio finished his expensive clothing with ruby red-sequined sneakers before traveling. The classic appearance remained jaw-dropping and dazzling. With less than three minutes left the widely known professional made an important catch. Ben Roethlisberger made two touchdown passes through Jesse James tighter corner. The Steelers had little assistance from Le’Veon Bell opened the season by defeating the Cleveland Browns to 21-18.

In a great career, Ben has improved to 21-2 against the Cleveland Browns. This made DeShone Kizer the rookie quarterback offered the opponents all they can handle. This remained a great sign for Cleveland fans and coach Hue Jackson after a tough 1-15 season. Brown held up to Ben’s throw with the Steelers leading with three points in traffic for a thirty-eight-hard win with 2:26 minutes left to seal the Steelers victory.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 4: Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears on Thursday, August 31, 8:00 PM, Soldier Field

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Chicago Bears by a score of 25-0 in Chicago in the final preseason game for both teams. Both teams gave most of their starters a rest, playing mostly backups and long shots to make the team. Both teams began slowly on offense, unable to string together a drive to put point on the board. Cleveland finally started the scoring in the 2nd quarter, as quarterback Cody Kessler found undrafted rookie wide receiver Rannell Hall for a 27 yard touchdown pass. That would be the only points of the half, as Cleveland went into halftime up 7-0.

Cleveland extended their lead in the 3rd quarter with a Zane Gonzalez field goal, and then further widened the margin when Bears quarterback Connor Shaw was sacked in the end zone for a safely. The Browns then took the ball and promptly scored again, this time on a 51 yard touchdown pass from Kevin Hogan to second year tight end Randall Telfer. Early in the 4th quarter, Cleveland further separated themselves from the Bears with yet another Kevin Hogan touchdown pass, this time to undrafted rookie Jordan Leslie. Gonzalez missed the extra point, but the 25-0 score would hold, giving the Browns the victory.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 3: Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday, August 26, 7:30 PM, Raymond James Stadium

In Tampa, the Cleveland Browns displayed a winning mentality, coming up with their third victory of the preseason thanks to a 5-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Leslie with just 1:53 left on the clock. The winning touchdown resulted from an impressive 87-yard drive during which Tampa Bay rookie, Justin Evans, conceded two penalties for roughness. The 13-9 victory for Cleveland had seemed unlikely as three field goals for Tampa Bay in the second, third, and fourth quarters put them in control with a 9-3 lead. However, Cleveland closed the gap with a 59-yard drive resulting in a 47-yard field goal with just 5:14 to play and closed the game out with their final drive inside the two-minute warning.

While Cleveland has yet to name their starting quarterback for the regular season, the performance by the rookie, DeShone Kizer, may have helped his chances for starting the first regular season game on September 10th. While he didn’t throw a touchdown pass, he made some good plays and was responsible for the early field goal for the Browns. Kizer was replaced at half-time by Cody Kessler, who played the third quarter, with Hogan playing the fourth and throwing the 5-yard touchdown pass for the victory.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants on Monday, August 21, 8:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Giants, 10-6, in both teams second preseason game. For the Browns, now 2-0, their defense provided hope for its beleaguered fan base by setting up the Browns first touchdown with a turnover and holding the Giants to only six first downs, 99 yards and three points with Eli Manning at the helm in the first half. Rookie Jabril Peppers started at free safety and was a bright spot with 4 tackles in the first half and he also returned a punt 31 yards.

However, the Browns offense really struggled. Rookie Deshone Kizer outplayed Brock Osweiler but both had limited productivity. As much as the Brown’s defense gave hope the offense raised questions. Kizer is a rookie and it shows when he holds the ball too long and has an inclination to run with the ball that in the in NFL will get a quarterback hurt. The Browns plan this year by necessity will be to emphasize defense and a rushing game.

For the Giants, the big focus was the health of star receiver, Odell Beckham who injured his ankle. X-rays turned out to be negative and it was classified as a sprain.

Eli Manning was 10-14 for 80 yards playing most of the first half but did not lead his team to a touchdown. The highlight for the Giants offense in a lackluster performance was rookie tight end, Evan Engram, who caught three passes.

On defense for the Giants, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul intercepted Brock Osweiler. Middle linebacker, B. J. Goodson led the Giants with seven tackle as, the Giants had five quarterback hits and two sacks. Defensive end. Oliver Vernon not only tipped the pass that led to PIerre-Paul’s interception, but he also made a spectacular defensive play running 30 yards down the field in pass coverage and leaping in the air to bat a pass out of bounds. The Giants defense held the Browns offense in check for most of the game.

It was a classic preseason game where both teams identified a lot areas in need of improvement.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 1: Cleveland Browns vs New Orleans Saints on Thursday, August 10, 8:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cleveland Browns led by Deshone Kizer got a victory of 20 – 14 against the New Orleans Saints in the NFL preseason opener. The Cleveland Browns came from behind to get the victory. Wil Lutz gave the New Orleans Saints an early 3 -0 lead when he scored a goal from a 22-yard distance. The Cleveland Browns an advantage of the New Saints miscue and overturned the scores to 7 – 3 in just five plays. Trevon Coley and Matthew Dayes did a good job to lead the Cleveland Browns in getting the scores. Wil Lutz’s restored the hopes of the New Orleans Saints when he scored a 42 – yard goal making the score 7 – 6 with only 40 seconds left to play to complete the first half.

The New Saints rose to the lead again when Ryan Nassib gave a touchdown pass to the wide receiver Tommylee Lewis who made a successful conversion turning the score to be 14 – 7. The Cleveland Browns got a one – yard touchdown from Terrence Magee who failed to make the conversion but he raised their score from 7 to 13 and the new score was 14 – 13. Finally, Deshone Kizer passed a 45 – yard touchdown pass to the wide receiver Jordan Payton who gave the Cleveland Browns a successful win of 20 – 14 against their opponents, the New Orleans Saints.

Cleveland Browns NFL season 2016 recap

The Cleveland Browns started their 68th season as a sports franchise optimistically, hoping to improve on the previous season’s record of 3-13 under new head coach Hue Jackson. However, this quickly became a nightmare when they ended up with their worst 14-game start in their franchise history, going 0-14 and also set the record for the most consecutive losses ever.

They may have ended the season 1-15, with only a lone 20-17 victory against the San Diego Chargers, but it’s not all bad news. Linebacker Jamie Collins was one of the few bright sparks of the season and Christian Kirksey had the fifth most tackles in the entire NFL. But all that aside, it is true that the 2016 seasons wasn’t exactly what the Cleveland Browns were looking for. Many records were broken for all the wrong reasons and the Browns couldn’t muster a victory against any of their AFC North challengers.

A helpless defense and an appalling offensive line might lead some fans to think that this the Browns are in an unrecoverable position. But in truth, they’ve managed to get themselves the top draft pick for the 2017 season. And that means their future is in their own hands.

NFL 2016 Week 17: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

The Browns played against the Steelers on the Steelers home turf. however. The very first few minutes of the game were characterized by exchanges in dominance before the Browns lost their footing. In fact, later on, The Browns performance could be best described as inconsistent. Like in their previous games, they showed moments of competence and even brilliance, followed by bad luck and dubious play calling decisions. The first quarter, Seth DeValve started the score for the Browns with a 12 yard pass. In second quarter, Gary Banbridge brought the score for the Browns to 14, but DeAngelo Williams got the Steelers on the scoreboard, bringing the score to 14-7. The third quarter didn’t change the score, but both sides played well.

The fourth quarter brought the Steelers score to 21, when DeAngelo Williams and Demarcus Ayers played a 1 yard run and an 11 yard pass respectively. George Atkinson III evened the score through a 5 yard run, ending the fourth quarter at 21-21. The game went into overtime. Cody Parkey put the Browns ahead of the Steelers with a 34 yard field goal, but a 26 yard pass between Cobi Hamilton and Landry Jones brought the score to 24-27 in the Steelers favor. This win over the Browns has given the Pittsburgh Steelers their seventh victory in a row. The other notable player for the game was the Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. He accomplished some impressive feats over the season and looks set to only improve.

NFL 2016 Week 16: Cleveland Browns vs San Diego Chargers on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

It had been over a year (377 days to be precise) since the Cleveland Browns ever won a game but on the eve of Christmas, Santa smiled on them as they beat the San Diego Chargers 20-17. They had suffered 14 losses this season without a single win (now 1-14). The team, the coach and the fans could now enjoy Christmas with a smile on their faces. The Chargers lost their fourth consecutive match with their stats currently at 5-10. By the third quarter, the Browns had a 10-point lead and kept it to the very end. Among the notable players who aided in the win is Isaiah Crowell who has 2 touchdown runs.

A little help also came from the Chargers. With a few seconds remaining on the clock for instance, the Chargers Josh Lambo missed a field goal attempt. He regretted his move very much though. Just after the failed field goal attempt by the San Diego team time elapsed and the small Browns’ crowd erupted in celebration. The players on field poured off their sideline. It was just as their coach described, “Finally getting that win is definitely amazing. You don’t want to say it was like our Super Bowl but it really was.” He was very ecstatic that the team will not join the list of shame of teams that went home 0-16 after an entire season.

NFL 2016 Week 15: Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills celebrated their win on Sunday after beating the Cleveland Browns. The Bills had earlier encountered a loss to the Pittsburgh last week but overturned their short two game losing streaks by proving their dominance in the field. It was nice to see the Bills taking care of business and sending the Browns to their 14 loss this season. Running back LeSean McCoy was on top of his game scoring two touchdowns while he pushed the offense to 33 points in victory. Both teams traded field goals. The Bills defense played a good game and held the Brown to 269 yards of total defense.

Buffalo had a strong defense that kept Griffin at bay throughout the game. Duke Johnson Jr was the bright spot for the team of Browns. Johnson led his team to receive yards and only finished behind Griffin. Though the game was out of hand for the Browns since start, the 23 year old Johnson played the game of his life. Both teams were strong and it was a stiff game. Ultimately the better prepared team, Buffalo Bills came out victorious. We can only wait to see more from these teams.

NFL 2016 Week 14: Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cincinnati Bengals required a triumph over the Cleveland Browns to stay in the playoff race in the AFC, and that is precisely what they got at FirstEnergy Stadium. The 2 passing touchdowns from quarterback A. Dalton to tight end Tyler Eifert with teammate Jeremy Hill, the Bengals,5-7-1, earned a 23-10 win over the Browns score 0-13.

In his come-back game from a injury in his left shoulder, Browns and quarterback Griffin III finished twelve of his twenty eight attempts for 104-yards and 1 interception of the Cleveland’s only touchdown of the game. The Bengals walked directly down the field after their first kick of and scored a touchdown to take, 7-0, lead over the Browns. Dalton punctuated the 6 play, seventy three yard scoring drive with a fourteen yard touchdown go to tight end to T. Eifert with few minute remaining in the first quarter.

Griffin played better in the 2nd half but not for long. He was 9 of 24 for seventy nine yards until the Browns took the ball back with no timeouts remaining and fifty seven seconds to play. He finished 3 of 4 passes for twenty five more yards making his final rating at 38.4.

Dalton, in the mean time, had a 132.9 passer rating in the 1st half. He had the opportunity to lead touchdown drives on each of the Bengals 1st two possessions. The first was a 6 play, seventy three yard march that ended in a fourteen yard touchdown pass to Eifert and after that a 9 play, forty five yard drive finishing in a one yard dive by Jeremy Hill. Dalton completed with twenty finishes in twenty eight attempts for 180-yards.

NFL 2016 Week 12: Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

New York Giants at Cleveland Browns was almost an obvious game, especially given the winning legacy of the Giants in the recent games. For the hosts, the 27-13 defeat was maintenance of their winless legacy in the season. The Quarter Back recorded a disappointing average play, with Manning Eli take over half of the days passes. The coordination between him and Beckham was not as fruitful with both of them missing the game at some point. Harris and Victor Cruz had perfect throws and team working that was always a tussle for the opponents.

The defense squad for the winners versus the attacking squad for the Browns was a display of skill and experience. Pierre, Harrison and Vernon created a string wall that rarely had holes, especially with Hankins always on sight against the opponents. Pryor made six remarkable catches, which was 50% of throws that came along his line. Another fantastic play was from Wing Brad, who had nine total punts with five of this being inside the 20. However, for players such as Trevin Wade, he seemed overconfident and slow to act which led to the Brown’s scoring an easy field goal. Sheppard was another player who played below his average, when compared to previous games.

NFL 2016 Week 11: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Pittsburg Steelers recently defeated Cleveland Browns in their recent game held last Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 at ET, First Energy Stadium, Cleveland. This has been a great game for the Steelers because Cleveland has the worst defense in the NFL though they remain dangerous in offense. Pittsburg took advantage of Cleveland’s weakness. This is now Pittsburg’s chance to get back to a healthy game. Pittsburg had a hard time playing their defense against Cleveland. Although the Browns have run well against the Steelers in their past match, there is something to look forward to in the line of defense of the Steelers.

In this game, quarterback Cody Kessler suffered a concussion and wasn’t able to finish the game. Final score is 24-9 in favor of the Pittsburg Steelers. The winless Cleveland Browns failed to get a taste of their supposedly first win in this season, with a team standing of 0 win and 11 losses. Cleveland Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam has already fired 3 coaches since buying the team in 2012. The Pittsburg Steelers on the other hand have had 3 coaches since 1969. Pittsburg Cleveland also suffered 4 losses in a row this season. Next week, Cleveland will be hosting New York Giant’s game.

NFL 2016 Week 10: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, November 10, 8:25 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens will be an amazing game for any football fan out there. The Browns have not won a single game this regular season, and that’s a shame for this famous and outstanding team these days as well. Some people think that this might go the whole year without winning a single game. The Browns have lost their very first 9 games. Can you believe it? Yes, this situation has happened to this fabulous team, but it might change in the future as well. They will soon visit the powerful Ravens at Baltimore in Week 10 Thursday night.

The Cowboys defeated the Browns 35-10 recently. On Sunday, Baltimore won the game against the Steeler by a great touchdown. The Ravens are just now atop the famous AFC North as they have now a record of 4-4. The team should keep this place for at least an additional week, which is truly awesome for them as well. Baltimore is the favorite team to win the match at Las Vegas, as the Brown has not managed to defeat a single team this season. The team might also work hard to avoid any kind of blowout these days as well.

NFL 2016 Week 9: Cleveland Browns vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Dallas Cowboys visited Cleveland Browns last Sunday, a match that was played at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland’s Ohio state. The match saw the Cleveland Browns slump to a 10-35 defeat against the Cowboys. This was despite the host scoring a touchdown before the half time to slightly reduce the difference.

There was nothing to cheer in the second half for the Brown fans. The Cowboys appeared to have taken control of the game as they blew out the Browns to comfortably secure a 9-0 win in the second half. For the Browns, they will have to fight back as they currently have seven more chances that can prevent them from being the second team in NFL history to slump in a 0-16 defeat.

During the game, we saw Brown’s Center Cameron Erving and Cowboys Defensive lineman David Irving being ejected due to foul play. Irving was actually chasing Cleveland’s quarterback Cody Kessler where Ervin tried to block and they end up tussling each other to the ground. Erving was later seen ripping off helmet from the Cowboys defensive and throwing it at him. Due to the fighting first offence that was exhibited by Irving, it is presumed that he may face a fine of up to $30,000. Meanwhile, Brown’s Erving and Cowboys Irving explaining how unfortunate they let their emotions get the best of them and pledge to learn from the mistake and put everything behind.

NFL 2016 Week 8: Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The New York Jets which is led by Brandon Marshall played their game against the Cleveland Browns which is led by Hue Jackson. The games were held at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Although this felt like Brown’s chance, they lost to the Jets with a huge difference of zero against sixteen. The Browns led the underachieving Jets by thirteen at halftime, and their home fans were rowdy and excited after their baseball team almost clinched the world series. Unfortunately, this was not so as they coughed twenty-four unanswered points in the second half dropping theirs to zero versus eight in the season.

The Jets was a team full of question marks after having knocked off Baltimore earlier, and therefore predictors viewed this match as the most favorable one for Browns. However, this was not the case as after completing three passes in the first half, it was all evident that they are going to lose to the Jets. The New York Jets said that their win came after ignoring the Browns record of zero against seven teams and them relentless put effort without considering what past results indicated. The Jets team is composed of very able players and thus this attributed to their win.

NFL 2016 Week 7: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

Jeremy Hill got things started on Sunday by busting a huge run off the right side against the Browns in Cincinnati, and that was only a glimpse of things to come. A mighty looking Bengals offense got off to an early lead, only to find themselves trailing late in the 2nd quarter. However, a strong passing game by Andy Dalton soon pulled the Bengals ahead, as Dalton seemed to find Bradon LaFell and A.J. Green with ease all over the field. With essentially no time left on the clock the end of the 1st half A.J. Green caught a Hail Mary–with multiple Browns draped all over him–in an amazing play that is sure to be remembered as one of Green’s signature moments.

From that point on, there was really no doubt about the outcome of the game as the combination of Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard steamrolled through the secondary of the Cleveland Browns, each gaining touchdowns along the way. The Browns cut the lead to as few as four before a breakaway 74 yard run by Hill put the game out of reach.The game wasn’t a wash for the Browns though, as the rotating door at quarterback for Cleveland showed some promise from Kevin Hogan who, despite two late interceptions, was able to accrue over one hundred yards on the ground and an impressive scramble that led to a touchdown. Result: Bengals 34-17

NFL 2016 Week 6: Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Browns nearly pulled off the comeback versus the Titans, but Tennessee held their ground this time. Marcus Mariota was good for 284 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Titans to the 28-26 victory improving to 3-3 on the year. The Titans have now matched their win total from all of last year when they went 3-13. The have won consecutive games for the first time since the 2013 finale and improved to 3-16 in Nashville. Cleveland is now 0-6 and in danger of matching their worst start since 1999.

After last year’s record setting comeback, overcoming a 25 point deficit against the Titans, the Brown’s Kody Kessler set his sights to do it again, and the effort to overcome the 28-13 deficit began with a 5 yard TD to Terrelle Pryor Sr. with just 2:10 left to play in the fourth, but his 2 yard pass on the ensuing 2 point conversion failed. Duke Johnson Jr. scored nine plays later on a run up the middle after Cleveland recovered their first onside kick attempt.

Their second onside kick was handled by Titans potential hall of famer Andre Johnson as it went out of bounds, and Mariota simply took a knee to finish the game.

NFL 2016 Week 4: Cleveland Browns at Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

There was already a public perception that Brown’s team is not good. They are just young squad and their coach Hue Jackson’s 1st season for this team. They have their chief strategic officer’s 1st year Paul Depodesta. Overall it was not good to bet on them.

But all other expectation on the side this Brown team has shown their courage in Miami on Sunday. These young studs show their aggression to play hard further in their way. Cleveland has already lost two games with Raven and Dolphins with the combine points of 11. Washington had a chance to win 2-2. While Browns still got a chance of their first win of Hue Jackson era. On the other hand, It is not clear that Haden would be ready to appear on Sunday. He has married with lots of injuries.

Kirk is so ambitious that he draw three passes to include tight end Jordan Reed. Although, the Washington Redskins pumped up and made moved on several destinations to show the power to Cleveland Brown by 31-20 on Sunday. Washinton Redskin has (2-2) scored four touchdowns red-zone against Browns of (0-4). Browns can not be for granted. It’s right, they have the first season to match under his coaching, but he is a very excellent football coach. He will make his team ready to give it short best and especially for Hue. Gruden said that It would be the biggest stupidity if they take brown lightly. They could have to pay the very high price.

NFL 2016 Week 3: Cleveland Browns at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

Sunday is a great day as the Browns prepare to meet Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium. Onset at 1 pm. Last Sunday Miami lost the match to the Browns with a score of (0-2). The game was tight, and Miami Dolphins committed to winning.

The Browns are the youngest participants in the NFL in this season. However, they are limping to Miami as they will be without top quarterbacks. They will also be disadvantage without rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman, injured during practice on Wednesday.

Browns LT Joe Thomas Vs De Mario Williams from Dolphins: In week 2 William had one tackle for the entire game at New England. But he is an outrageous pass rusher. Since entering the league in 2006, he has 97 career sacks. Tomas may have to defend a little longer with rookie Cody Kessler.

A groin injury may keep Arian Foster on the bench, but the Dolphins rarely run (36 times in two games), and QB Ryan should take a chance to rock and score against front seven from Cleveland. Miami could turn to a bib number if Dolphins get traction in the running game. For the last two weeks, passing game for the Browns has been an issue.

NFL 2016 Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The comeback witnessed when the Baltimore Ravens came from behind to beat the Cleveland Browns is the second biggest in the franchise’ entire history. Earlier, Timmy Jernigan had spoken about playing with more energy on each play. True to his words, Jernigan proved he meant what he said by beating Josh McCown, Brown’s quarterback in the third quarter. Kamalei Correa lost his helmet while blocking at the scrimmage line but that did not distract him from helping his team inflict damage to their opponents.

He kept on blocking around 25 yards downfield. During that time, he even received a sizeable blow on his face from Tank Carder, Brown’s linebacker. Ravens start was slow in the first half but by the second quarter, they were determined to score by all means possible. Indeed, the team did struggle during the first quarter of the game. Fortunately, though, they got back on their feet around the end of the game through a pass from Joe Flacco. Cleveland Browns may have started with a quick pace, but the Baltimore Ravens were the ones who had the final showdown with a heavy total score of 25 points. The Cleveland Browns finished about 126 yards, with seven first downs in the second half of the game.

NFL 2016 Week 1: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Carson Wentz’s Philadelphia Eagles started the NFL season on the right footing as they smashed Cleveland Browns 29-10 on Sunday . In a weekend loaded with scores that were quite identical in the NFL, the Eagles maintained the lead for the entire game. This was a tip in the right direction for the new coach in the block Carson Wentz as he proudly celebrated this triumph over the visitors Cleveland Browns.

The Eagles scored first in the early 1st quarter and hit again in the early 2nd quarter to secure a 10-0 lead. Trailing 10-0, the Browns got once more into the game. They replied with a touch-down amidst the second quarter, however the Eagles responded well just before halftime to maintain the lead. The scores read 13-7 by halftime.

However, the game had some ups and downs where the fans witnessed Malcolm Jenkins get an obstruction call – a huge pinch against Malcolm Jenkins caused by a fragmented fourth-down pass. This did not kill the Eagles morale; they still could move the ball with consistency for the duration of the evening in spite of battles with punishments and leaving focuses on the field. The offense completed the day with a respectable 403 yards. By and large, it was an empowering execution from the youngster quarterback and his colleagues.

Organizer Jim Schwartz will be content with the execution of his unit, yet it should fix things up before the following game. The Browns were constrained to only 288 yards and a poor 50 offensive-snaps. Save a few profound passes, they were in control of the game. Through Sunday’s games, the Eagles are the main group to enlist a win by twofold digits.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 4: Cleveland Browns vs Chicago Bears on Thursday, September 01, 8:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Chicago Bears made their first preseason win against the Cleveland Browns. At last! Though the Browns may not have been pretty impressive with their defense, that’s not to say the Bears had it easy. Kevin White stayed in action for some time and was quite amazing. Jordan Howard was late in running over people. The Bears after falling behind 7-3 Browns, kept the Browns scoreless over the final three quarters. The usual Bears starters were on the sideline during the first quarter. Probably why they took the 7-3 whooping.

They used their second string offense against the first string players of the Browns, after which, Ka’Deem Carey delivered some short touchdowns for the Bears. A great highlight for the match was Josh Howard, who took a short field and took up the whole yardage through to the end zone all for himself. Deiondre Hall and Jacob Glenn pulled some good pass breakups against Josh Gordon. The Bears first victory may however come with a few pointers to note. The team has a number players who may not be playing anymore including Cornelius Washington who left the night with another knee injury. These will be part of their major form challenges moving forward.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 3: Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday, August 26, 8:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

Friday night saw the Browns bag a 30-13 defeat to the Bay boys. With the home advantage, the Buccaneers utilized every opportunity they had to the maximum. The Browns had an average mid play that bore no goals at the end. They struggled in all fields of play to their hosts who seemed confident of winning the match.

Gordon Josh was always a threat to Grimes Brent since he is an idea machine. Josh had enough space to speed up between the reception of Grimes and Conte. Browns had started the game with a very fast pace but they had to keep changing their tactics. The game went a bit dull when Grimes left out of injury but Taylor, his replacement put equal effort as Brent.

Denver Broncos unleashed his full potential in defense and it shows he has good preparations and training for the season. Maybe for the Browns the season has not yet started but they might keep their slow game to the end. At one time, they seemed to take charge of the game but the psyche went down even before the fans enjoyed.

However, Tampa Bay boys should improve on their mid play game if they are to have a great attacking team. For Browns, I do not think that is their best team. The season might be full of positive surprises.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, August 18, 8:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Last NFL game-day Atlanta Falcons Versus Cleveland Browns played at FirstEnergy stadium on Thursday. Carl Nassib continues to make his presence felt. He continues his preseason tear. He continued with a fumble and strip sack in a loss that was 24-13 and succumbed to the Atlanta Falcons. The former product of Pennsylvania state has scored a sack in each of his preseason games. He continues to live up to the considerable hype coming from the Browns camp about his future.

Nassib consistently put pressure on Falcons. Starting with quarterback Matt Ryan and sacked the backup Matt Simons in the third quarter. Nassib acted like a one-man army wrecking the advances of Falcons. He flew into the edge unblocked and drove the ball himself by knocking it off loose. He further deflected a Ryan pass in the first quarter of the match and had another pass of Matt Schaub negated by the Browns penalty in the second quarter. Initially the Cleveland Browns got the ball to begin the game. During the Browns next offensive series, things were a lot better, and then at midfield quarterback Robert Griffin III flew a perfect 50-yard touchdown.

The Browns defense made Atlanta a punt on next series. Cleveland Browns finally succumbed to Atlanta Falcons.

NFL 2016 Preseason Week 1: Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers on Friday, August 12, 8:00 PM, Lambeau Field

The encounter between these two yielded a unlikely result as Browns received a drubbing from the home team as the Packers secured a good victory. The hosts, being at the bottom of the league table last season had a few points to prove and played without the regulars such as Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson. Also, it seems they are on track to find their own reputation of being the most productive offense.

Though the game play was pretty ordinary but still the Packers managed to pull off a good disciplined show that help them romp home with a good margin. With the rookies stepping up and the regulars returning to the team, this could be the season that the Packers will bounce back from the shatters of the last season. The home team will definitely take a lot of heart with the result but have to shell out the deficiencies to make any real impact this season.

Cleveland Browns NFL season 2015 recap

The Cleveland Browns finished the season with a 3-13 record, the joint worst win-loss record in the league. They finished in last place in their AFC North division and second last in the overall standings. The Brown’s defense really let the team down, coming of a 2014 season in which the defense had really improved. They finished the 2015/2016 season with only 21 turnovers and they had a 6-game stretch in which they didn’t force a single turnover.

The lowest point of the season came in December’s 37-3 blowout defeat by Cincinnati, with fans really expressing their discontent. In the next game, Johnny Manziel was elevated to starting quarterback and the Browns achieved a 24-10 win. The win was their most dominant performance of the season. The season’s brightest performer on the team was tight end Gary Barnidge who put up career highs in almost every stat. He finished the season with 73 receptions, 1043 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Joe Thomas, a nine-time Pro Bowl, continued his usual consistent production. He was even ranked as the league’s best tackler by Pro Football Focus. The Brown’s drafted 12 rookies with only two, Duke Johnson Jr. and Danny Shelton, getting to play in every game. Duke Johnson Jr. finished with the second most receptions by a rookie in the Cleveland Brown’s history. He was also second in his draft class behind Amari Cooper from Oakland.

NFL 2015 Week 17: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

In the Steelers vs Browns game, Steelers won 28-12 against the Browns and qualified for the AFC playoffs. The team is clearly chasing a Super Bowl lead title once again. Touchdown passes were thrown by Roethlisberger to steer the Steelers into the winning position. The Steelers have generally had a rough season. They overcame numerous injuries, suspensions, as well as an unexpected loss in Baltimore the previous week. Roethlisberger is definitely the man of the match with his 349 yards throw and not forgetting the 187 throw to Antonio Brown, a sensational receiver, who managed a TD and 13 catches.

According to the coach, Mike Tomlin, it had been a 16-week tough fight for the entire team and he is happy with the results so far. It was necessary for the Steelers with 10-6, to win, in addition to needing Buffalo’s win over New York’s jets so as to qualify for the postseason playoffs. It was the end of a losing season for Browns (3-13) who were left in doubt and disarray. There is a high likelihood that the Brown’s coach, Jimmy Haslam will be fired following the team’s poor performance. This is after vowing in August not not mess up things for the Browns football team.

NFL 2015 Week 16: Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Browns came close to coming back in this game, they got the ball back at their own thirty, with almost two minutes left, but no timeouts. Manziel also converted on a fourth and ten, inside Chief territory, but was unable to parlay this with another play, due to the fact that time expired shortly after.

Alex Smith completed fifteen of his 22 pass attempts, throwing for 125 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. He also had 54 rushing yards after six carries.

Johnny Manziel completed thirteen passes after 32 attempts, throwing for 136 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. He also had 108 rushing yards after eleven carries; he had the most rushing yards in the game. He seems to be getting more confidence from his coaches because he has started six games this season, already three times the amount of starts he got last season.

Kansas City scored all seventeen of their points in the first half, while only giving up three points by halftime. Cleveland would score ten unanswered points in the second half, while the Chiefs became a little sluggish on offense. At the same time, Manziel was able to get it together and almost brought the Browns back to win.

NFL 2015 Week 15: Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 20, 4:05 PM, CenturyLink Field

Browns at Seahawks ended with Seattle beating Cleveland 30-13, and this meant that the Seahawks clinched a fourth consecutive trip to the postseason, and they are also assured one of the two NFC wildcard spots. The Seahawks are the fifth seed in their conference but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go on and win it all like they did last season. It also marks the first postseason appearance by veterans Ahtyba Rubin and Fred Jackson, who have achieved the dream of playing in the playoffs after ten years. Here are two interesting facts about Seattle’s win over Cleveland.

With his three touchdown strikes on Sunday, Russell Wilson became the first player in NFL history to throw for at least three touchdowns and no interceptions in five consecutive games. In his last five games, Wilson now boasts of 19 touchdowns with no interceptions, and even Brady, Mannning, Rodgers and Montana would be envious of such ab achievement. Seattle held Cleveland to just 94 yards when rushing, and it’s the ninth match this season in which the Seahawks defense held the opponent to less than triple numbers when it comes to the ground game.

NFL 2015 Week 14: Cleveland Browns vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Johnny Manziel shows that he is the man who should have been starting all year for the Browns, with this win. This is the Browns’s first win since early October. It does not make much sense why Manziel, who clearly makes the team better and everyone seems to want him playing, is played so rarely. It is a wonder he does not try to leave this team and find one that will play him. Both teams are at the bottoms of their respective divisions right now, so there does not seem to be much reason to be happy about a win from either team.

Johnny Manziel completed 21 of his 31 passes, throwing for 270 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He also rushed the ball seven times, moving the ball fifteen yards. Manziel has only started four games this year, but has played in seven games this year.

Blaine Gabbert completed eighteen passes of 28, throwing for 194 yards, throwing one touchdown, and no interceptions. He is starting for Colin Kaepernick (currently on injured reserve) who has been out for the last five games. They are currently 2-3 since Gabbert took over, but he has still doubled the amount of wins they had with Kaepernick.

Cleveland scored points in all four quarters, including touchdowns in the first, third, and fourth. They also scored a field goal in the second. They led at the half 10-3 and would score fourteen more in the second half, giving up only a touchdown in the fourth.

NFL 2015 Week 13: Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The recent clash between Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns that took place on Sunday was not even a challenge for Bengals. Bengals completely demolished Browns in a one sided game. The final score was 37-3. It was the second most humiliating defeat for Cleveland since 41-0 against Pittsburgh back in 2005. This season is full of despair for Browns as they lost their seventh game in a row, while there are 4 more weeks left till the end of the season. After winning this game Cincinnati Bengals is one more step closer to secure their spot in the playoff.

The hero of the match for Bengals was its QB Andy Dalton who threw two passes that were converted into touchdowns. And he also ran for a score too. With this win now Cincinnati stands at 10-2 for the second time. But Dalton said that they it’s a new season, we are playing very well and they would not be brought to a halt but aim for 11-2. While it is well known that Cincinnati has never been able to win a single Playoff game in the presence of Andy Dalton but they would like to put an end to this misery this year. It is an event to remember.

NFL 2015 Week 12: Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens on Monday, November 30, 8:30 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

This game was played on Monday night, but it was not a game anyone really looked forward to playing or watching. It features two teams whose seasons are pretty much over at this point, there does not seem to be much reason to even play the game other than simply nothing else better to do. It is too bad that ESPN does not have Flex Scheduling the way NBC does on Sunday Night Football. That being said, the two teams put up sixty points. The Browns continue to confuse people by making Johnny Manziel the third string quarterback and starting Josh McCown instead.

Matt Schaub had twenty completions after 34 attempts throwing for 232 yards and two touchdowns, two interceptions in the win. This is Schaub’s first start for Baltimore this season, in his first season for the Ravens. This was his first start since 2013.

Josh McCown had 21 completions after 38 attempts, throwing for 212 yards and one touchdown pass, no interceptions. He would injure his shoulder and was replaced by Austin Davis, who threw a 42 yard touchdown pass.

Going into halftime, the Browns were down 17-13 after putting up all the points they had scored in the second quarter. In the second half, the Ravens put up another sixteen points to the Browns’s fourteen. This game was all Ravens, all the way.

NFL 2015 Week 10: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

Antonio Brown, of Steelers, surprised everyone with his new end-zone acrobatics. He even conceded that scoring touchdowns are pretty difficult, and since he managed to score a couple of them, he is now planning to do a cartwheel and a backflip. He also commended the coaches of his team for not deterring him from performing more flips in the future.

Brown executed the difficult jump by leveraging his 39-inch vertical as well as taking advantage of his full speed. This impressive feat did not go unnoticed within the sporting universe after Mary Retton praising Brown for accomplishing such an exploit.

Brown, while recounting his childhood history, has repeatedly pointed out that he had a passion for flipping since he was quite young and that he used to go to the local yard with friends in order to flip as well as improve their jumping skills. With this revelation in hindsight, it is quite clear that Brown does not fear challenges, and he is certainly ambitious and motivated to attempt to create a new world record. With such ambition and zeal, it should not surprise anyone if he executes a successful cartwheel or backflip.

NFL 2015 Week 9: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, November 05, 8:25 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The game was tight and the Bengals managed to score a 31-10 win over the Browns. It seems like the Browns’ defense was weak because it is not normal for a team to be scored so many yards as such.

The most impressing thing of Dalton’s performance is how casual it was. Bengals succeeded because yards came easily to them and they also had a strategy of positioning their players and score. Browns ought to have claimed their defense for the scoring from the beginning of the derby.

The Bengals’ strikers were excellent and did much on their part. Every time they scored, they did it in style and inserted new techniques that the Browns’ defenders were unaware of. Even though the Browns’ were defeated, they also managed to score ten yards, which were unexpected.

For now, the challenge has been thrown to the defense team of the Browns. May be the administration will consider recruiting a new defense team which will not allow yards to be scored easily.

Bengals will still continue raising their flag after beating the Browns because it is was a good show by defeating them with so many yards. The browns felt disappointed because that was not what they expected and also the Bengals should continue with the same spirit.

NFL 2015 Week 8: Cleveland Browns vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer who is the quarterback did not complete over half of his twenty throws against the Browns. However, after halftime break, he was critical in engineering the 24-point performance that yielded a 34-20 come back for his team. He did complete 12 out of his 18 attempts for three touchdowns and 229 yards against one interception during the second half of the game. The cardinals’’ drive to score begun after the Cleveland 48-yard line right after Patrick returned a 56-yard punt that came from Andy lee 38 yards.

In addition, the cardinals got their lead over the brown to the 31-20 upon the Palmer’s 6-yard touchdown pass towards Fitzgerald with 9:32 to play regulation. Palmer went quickly and found Fitzgerald breaking free on the left sideline. The Browns’ defensive back Bademosi was focused to guard the face rather than looking for the ball, thus this gave Fitzgerald the chance to score. In the bid to keep the scoring drive alive, the cardinals did convert a three third-down attempts which included the third-and-four from the nine-yard line of the browns after Palmer did escape the pocket and also rumbled into the end zone. The cardinals were able to stay calm in the second half and managed to win the game.

NFL 2015 Week 7: Cleveland Browns at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

In the game between the Browns and the Rams, one of Browns best players Mccown is nursing a shoulder injury which happened during the forth quarter of the tournament which resulted in a 24-6 loss for the Browns. The extent of the injury is not known but from the team’s coach response, it seems like it might be something serious. However, he did not let that bring his down by saying that he can’t miss a way out in their next game. Like I said, Mccown is one of Brown’s best players which is probably why the team still needs him. With 4 turndowns and 11 penalties, this team should be very worried about their next game with the Cardinals more than having a good player who is injured.

The drama does not end there are the coach is still faced with other misfortunes like the one involving him hitting his girlfriend while driving. Even though he denied the allegations, his girlfriend seems pretty sure she was hit even though no action was taken against him and he has not yet reported the incident to NFL. Despite this and many other cases still following him, his team still have confidence in him and have even publicly announced their support for him. Manziel says he loves his team a lot and they are the reason why he enjoys his job. Catch them on their next match this Sunday.

NFL 2015 Week 4: Cleveland Browns at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 04, 4:05 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

San Diego Chargers and Cleveland Browns engaged in a tight tussle on the 4th October 2014 whereby the former secured a very close win against the latter. San Diego Chargers was fortunate enough to secure a win of 30 against their opponents who lost with 27 points. However, Chargers could have secured a more commanding win of 39 points only that their opponents managed to save the situation.

The browns ought to have beefed up their defense from the beginning. Leading sport analysts pointed fingers to the defense of the Browns and said that the loss could have been avoided if only they had a better mechanism at the scoring end.

The Browns strikers did so well on their part. They were able to combat the strong defense wall put by the Chargers. Despite the heavy challenge, the Browns still made it possible to hit 27 points and register a very close loss to their opponents.

Now the challenge is thrown to the defense team. Perhaps the Chargers Administration should consider recruiting at least one more defense team player. That way, it will be much easier to combat even stronger teams in the long run. The Browns cannot afford to lose any more matches since the competition landscape is quite steep already.

NFL 2015 Week 3: Cleveland Browns vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Oakland ended an 11 game road losing streak- that dates back to November of 2013- and a 16 game losing streak, that stretches back to 2009, in the Eastern time zone with this win against the Browns on Sunday. This is the first time the Raiders have been over .500 since the 2011 season.

Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr threw two touchdowns- both in the first half, throwing for 314 yards on 20 completions and running back Latavius Murray had 139 rushing yards in the win. Carr also had a late interception, but was able to recover from it. Oakland’s offense had no problem moving the ball, they put up 469 yards of total offense.

Josh McCown, who sat out last week, got the start this week. He threw for 341 yards, but was sacked five times. He made the game close at the beginning of the fourth, throwing a six yard TD half a minute into the final quarter. And while driving to try to tie up the game, he threw an interception, caught by Charles Woodson that ended the game.

With this interception, Charles, who is now in his eighteenth season, now has 61 for his career, good enough for 11th on the all-time interceptions.

NFL 2015 Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Johnny Manziel threw 2 touchdown passes in this game, a game where he needed to prove himself. He started in place of the injured Josh McCown, giving Manziel his third career NFL start and his first since last season. He completed 8 passes on 15 attempts for 172 yards, ending the game with a passer rating of 133.9. One of his completions was a 60 yard touchdown that he threw to Benjamin. Benjamin scored two touchdowns in this game as well, one receiving and a punt return.

The Titans made things interesting after falling behind 21-0 at the end of the first half, after a 78-yard punt returned for a touchdown by Benjamin. The Titans turned the ball over twice, after one of which the Browns scored their second touchdown of the game and racked up 45 yards in penalties in the first quarter alone. They would end the game with 9 penalties for 85 yards, but only one 5 yard penalty in the second half.

The second half for the Titans made up for their sloppy first. Marcus Mariota, in only his second NFL start, would go on to throw two touchdown passes. They would go on to outscore the Browns in the second half 14-7, but by then, it was too late.

NFL 2015 Week 1: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets on Sunday, September 13, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Ryan Fitzpatrick led the Jets to a decisive 31-10 victory over the Browns on Sunday. Fitzpatrick, who took over the staring position after Geno Smith was injured in a preseason fight, had 179 yards passing and two touchdowns. The turning point in the game came in the 2nd quarter, just after the Browns had jumped out to 7-0 lead, when Fitzpatrick threw an interception to Tyresse Gipson who in turn fumbled the ball. The Jets receiver, Brandon Marshall, recovered the ballat the 9 yard line and setting up their first score of the game — a 10 yard run up the middle by Ivory. The victory was the first for the Jets new head coach Todd Bowles, who replaced Rex Ryan in January.

The victory celebration was dampened by two injuries to key Jet players. Rookie linebacker, Lorenzo Mauldin, was taken off the field with head and neck injuries during the fourth quarter. The latest reports are that he sustained a concussion has all of the feeling in his extremities. The Jets also lost Antonio Cromartie during the second quarter of play with a leg injury. The good news is that the MRI shows that Cormartie did not tear his ACL and has been diagnosed with a sprained knee. There is no word yet on when he might be able to return.

Josh McCown started the day at quarterback for the Browns but sustained a concussion late in the 1st quarter. Johnny Manziel replaced McCown, throwing for 182 yards, one touchdown and one interception. After throwing his first touchdown pass in the 2nd quarter, Manziel committed three turnovers in the second-half, the Jets turned two of the three into touchdowns.

Cleveland Brown’s last season

The Cleveland Browns were entering the 2014 NFL Season with high hopes, having just acquired a new coach by the name of Rob Chudzinski. They had earlier fired Rob Chudzinski after he ended the previous season on a low campaign of 4-12. The Browns started off on a high note, going 7-9 within the first few weeks and completing their first season without suffering double-digit loses as was the case in previous seasons. However, they still failed to move past the playoffs stage for a 12th consecutive year.

So, before NFL season 2015, you won’t find any Cleveland Browns live stream. Marking the longest ever postseason drought in this sport franchise’s history. Cleveland Browns didn’t have selections from round 5-7 because of making too many tradeoffs, for instance, they exchanged the No. 145 spot with Minnesota Vikings.

NFL 2014 Week 17: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens played the Cleveland Browns Sunday with everything at stake. If they won and San Diego lost, they would make the playoffs, if they lost they were out. Cleveland made it extremely tough for the Ravens, leading 10 to 3 halfway into the fourth quarter. With the Browns playing their third-string quarterback Connor Shaw, they relied heavily on their running game. Rookie Terrance West rushed the ball 18 times for 94 yards and a touchdown. While the Ravens struggled throughout the first three quarters, they battled back in the fourth. After a field goal by Justin Tucker cut the Browns lead down to 10 to 6, the Ravens got the ball and scored again.

Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco hit Torrey Smith with a 16-yard touchdown to finally take the lead 13 to 10 with a little over seven minutes left. Again the Ravens stopped the Browns and Joe Flacco hit Kamar Aiken for his second touchdown which sealed the Ravens victory 20 to 10. The Ravens defense played well all day, holding the Browns to a total of 259 yards. They also had three sacks and an interception of Shaw. Baltimore still needed help to make the playoffs for the sixth time in seven years by Kansas City beating San Diego. That happened with a 19 to 7 victory by the Chiefs and sealed the deal for Baltimore.

NFL 2014 Week 16: Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, December 21, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Cleveland Browns had already been eliminated from the playoffs, and were hoping to see if Johnny Manziel could bounce back from his disappointing first start of the season, to guide the team to victory against the Carolina Panthers, who have struggled all year long. Unfortunately for the Browns and their fans, Manziel hurt his hamstring in the second quarter, and was unable to finish the game. He was 3-8, for 32 yards, in another unimpressive performance.

Brian Hoyer came into the game to replace Manziel, and tried to rally the team from a 10-3 halftime deficit. He came close to leading his team to victory, completing 7-13 passes, for 134 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. He led the Browns to 10 unanswered points, but the defense couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain, and let the Panthers score, less than three minutes after the Browns took the lead.

Cam Newton made his return for the Panthers, after missing last week’s game, because he had two fractures in his lower back, due to an automobile accident. Newton led his team to victory, completing 18-31 passes, for 201 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. He also added 63 yards and one touchdown on the ground, giving their offense the boost it needed.

James Stewart also ran for over 100 yards, for the second time in three weeks, and is averaging 109 yards per game in his last four games, after rushing for over 50 yards once in his first eight games. The win puts the Panthers in first place in the NFC South, with one game left to play.

NFL 2014 Week 15: Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

As a rookie, Manziel had his first start as Brown’s quarterback against their rivals the Bengals. During the Brown’s second drive, Gilberry sacked Manziel and followed up with Manziel’s signature money sight. Later on, linebacker Rey Maualuga flashed money signs in front of Manziel’s face after he batted down a pass. This cost the Bengals 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Combined with two more Bengal’s flags the Bengal’s easily made it to field goal range. During the third quarter Thompson got in on the action and flashed money signs after sacking Manziel. Manziel had a rough starting debut and only completed 10 of his 18 passes with two interceptions leading to Cleveland’s 30-0 loss to Cincinnati.

Two touchdown runs by Jeremy Hill helped the Bengals take a 17-0 lead. After which, he attempted to jump into the stands but was rejected by the Browns fans. This lead did not last long as rookie Manziel continued to have bad throws, sacks, and interceptions. It’s not all on Manziel, he did have one good throw to receiver Andrew Hawkins. Hawkins dropped the ball, another pass to Hawkins was intercepted by Dre Kirkpartrick. Even with this loss, this is a critical time in the season and the Bengals must push on if AFC North and a postseason are to be a reality.

NFL 2014 Week 14: Cleveland Browns vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Colts rallied from 0-7 in the first quarter to defeat their hosts, the Browns 25-24 in a very closely contested match. The game was so tight that it took a last minute gasp 1-yard touchdown pass by Andrew Luck to T.Y Hilton to secure the important victory for the Colts. The Browns did their best to contain the Colts quarterback for much of the game. However, slight complacence and split lapse of concentration in the last minute gifted the Colts the precious win. The Browns got two defensive touchdowns, but were let down by a blunt offense that couldn’t reciprocate and seal the victory. Their offense, led by the struggling quarterback, Brian Hoyer, was the difference between them and the Colts.

The loss was very disappointing for the Ravens. With 7-6, their hopes for playoffs are now very distant. They have very remote chances of securing a wild card for the playoffs. Meanwhile, the victory ensures that the Colts are firmly in contention for the playoffs. However, they must continue playing hard and tough as they have done the entire season.

NFL 2014 Week 13: Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Buffalo and Cleveland came into the game playing for a wild card spot in the playoffs. The game started out exactly as it was expected as the two teams only scored three points in the first half of the game. The second half was the opposite of the first half as both teams scored thirty-three total points.

Cleveland’s Rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel came into the game to replace an ineffective Brian Hoyer. Hoyer threw two interceptions causing the change. Manziel scored the Browns only touchdown. The top receivers for the Browns were Miles Austin and Josh Gordon.

Buffalo’s quarterback Kyle Orton had a decent day as he threw for 190 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Orton’s main target was Robert Woods, whom caught four catches for seventy-one yards. Chris Hogan caught Orton’s only touchdown ass. Fred Jackson ran for seventy yards. He also caught three passes for twenty-seven yards. The Buffalo defense scored a touchdown for the Bills.

Buffalo is traveling to Denver for an important match up for the two teams as Buffalo needs to continue to win to have a chance at the playoffs. Cleveland is playing at home against the Colts. The Browns are looking to rebound after their loss to the Bills.

NFL 2014 Week 12: Cleveland Browns at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

Cleveland at Atlanta, better known as Browns and Falcons were out to show that none was lesser than the other was. Although the Browns carried the day, this game had more than this. First, most of the top performers were from Cleveland, the pain of being dominated at a home game was real pain in the fresh for the Falcons. They thus had to stretch further to appease their home fans.

With this, they were able to make away with the first half; this was with a very clean sheet. However, the Browns got such an amazing comeback in the second half and they Clearly manifested their expertise. This was until the blowing of the last whistle. Both teams had a great defense; this is a big reason as to why there was little disparity among the scores. Any team caring the day was not a surprise as the odd was close. The Browns winning gave them an upper hand in running to the stretch run.

For the Falcons, it was merely an extension of hopelessness as they are in great tussle to continue in the league. Although they put up great resistance and brought up better tactics in this game, the question is, will they be able to continue this way and get a better position before the season ends.

NFL 2014 Week 11: Cleveland Browns vs Houston Texans on Sunday, November 16, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

At the start of this game the Cleveland was in first place of the AFC North, but they needed to win to stay at their spot in the standings. Houston needed to win this game to keep their playoff chances alive. Houston took the field and defeated the Browns easily. The Texans scored first, the Browns tied the score half way through the second quarter with their only touchdown of the game. The rest of the game was a complete domination by the Texans.

The Texans were led by running back Alfred Blue. He ran for 156 yards and no touchdowns. Quarterback Ryan Mallett got the start over Ryan Fitzpatrick and played in his first start. He threw for 211 yards and two touchdowns. The only blemish on a relatively good start, Mallett had the ball intercepted once. Defensive Lineman and possible NFL MVP J.J. Watt also caught a pass for a touchdown.

The Cleveland Browns Quarterback Brian Hoyer played well. The quarterback threw for 330 yards, one touchdown and he threw an interception.Two receivers Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel were the top receivers for Cleveland. Hawkins scored the only touchdown pass.

Cleveland needs a bounce back game and they may get that as they are playing the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta. Houston is playing at home against Cincinnati in a game that may have playoff implications.

NFL 2014 Week 10: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, November 06, 8:25 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

This late-night game featuring the two rivals Cleveland and Cincinnati was to be a perfect feature game, to display salvaging the division for both teams and so hopefully proving themselves to be play-off material. In this game the Browns looked to win their third straight game and Cleveland was hoping to change their franchise’s history as they hadn’t won a road game in the North since 2008. The eventual 24 over 3 victory for the Browns pushed them up their division standing, to tie them for first place with Pittsburgh. Cincinnati looked out of their element and the efficiency of their game play was lacking, as Andy Dalton of the Bengals completed only 30% of his passes for a miserable 86 yards, including three interceptions, two sacks, and one the lowest possible passer ratings of 2. He was not only inconsistent, but also off target as his second pass of the game led to an interception by Cleveland’s linebacker Craig Robertson who ran it back for a huge return.

These quarterback errors resulted in Cleveland having the biggest half-time lead in franchise history since 1994. On a more positive note for the Bengals, this game featured Leah Still, the daughter of Cincinnati’s Devon Still who was brought onto the field to be handed a check for her cancer treatment, as she had flown all the way from Philadelphia to see her father play for the first time in her life. The point scorers for Cincinnati’s lone three points was kicker Mike Nugent with a 43 yard field goal. All three touchdowns for Cleveland resulted from an about five yard run from Ben Tate, Isaiah Crowell, and Terrance West. Finally the Browns capped off their 24 point victory with a 32 yard field goal from Billy Cundiff.

NFL 2014 Week 9: Cleveland Browns vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, November 02, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

An interesting duel was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Cleveland Browns played in Ohio. The poor Buccaneers were out to stop their free fall, but this was not to be. They lost the game 17-22. However, they can take consolation in the fact that they lost narrowly. For a team that has been on a losing streak, the result was quite encouragement. This was their seventh loss of the season. Their wait for a second victory of the season continues. As it is, it may take longer for them to turn their fortunes around.

For the Browns, this was sweet victory, the fifth of the season. They were obvious favorites in the game. However, the victory did not come easy. The Buccaneers gave them a hard time. They had to fight hard to earn their points. They won the first quarter 3-0 before the Buccaneers gave them a scare in the second quarter, handing them a 6-10 loss. The resurgence of the Buccaneers seemed to hold in the third quarter in which the teams tied at 7-7. The last quarter was a do or die affair. A draw of any kind would have handed the Buccaneers a famous victory. With this realization, the Browns threw in all their remaining ounce of strength, coming out tops with a 6-0 victory.

NFL 2014 Week 8: Cleveland Browns vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, October 26, 4:25 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Oakland Raiders tried to get things going against the Cleveland Browns. Darren McFadden fumbled the football at a key time for Raiders however. The fact that the Browns won the game by a 23-13 score is quite surprising, given that the Raiders ran 81 plays in comparison to just 54 plays for the Cleveland Browns. Denico Autry deserves credit for the plays that he was making for the Raiders from the defensive end position, he is one of the lesser paid defensive ends and they continue to get a fair amount of production from him.

Derek Carr threw only one interception in the game, this is despite putting up 56 attempts. The Browns were certainly more efficient with their passing game, and we cannot deny the big numbers that Andre Hawkins put into the game. Mychal Rivera was able to get in a groove with Derek Carr, but the yardage numbers were not that substantial. Rivera did catch 7 passes for 86 yards. You have to be aware of the performance of the Browns safeties in the game, they truly limited the options for a young quarterback like Derek Carr. Joe Haden, Donte Whitner and Justin Gilbert are truly becoming comfortable with each other. Karlos Dansby has proven to be a steady force for the Browns at linebacker. The Browns appear to be ready to remain competitive for the rest of the season.

NFL 2014 Week 7: Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Week seven was one that the Jaguars shall remember for a long time. It was during the week seven weekend that the Jaguars hammered the Cleveland Browns 24-6. This was very sweet victory that the Jaguars will savor for long. It was their first victory of the season. This was the sweetest way of announcing their wake up from slumber. Definitely this will inject some self belief in the team and inspire it to perform even better against their upcoming opponents.

In this match, the Browns were completely outplayed and outwitted in every way. In the first quarter, the match was quite even, though Browns emerged top with 3-0 score. From there on-wards, the game belonged to the marauding Jaguars. They took the second and third quarters 7-3 and 3-0 before finishing on a high of 14-0 in the last quarter for a final score of 24-6. However, it remains to be seen whether the Jaguars shall be able to sustain the winning momentum in their next game against the Dolphins. Victory over the Dolphins will prove that indeed the win over the Browns wasn’t a fluke. As for the Browns, another winless side, the Raiders, lie in wait. If they took the Jaguars for granted, they learned their lesson the hard way.

NFL 2014 Week 6: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cleveland Browns are one of the surprises in the young 2014 season. The biggest surprise to date, the Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers for the second time in Ben Rothlisberger’s career, which has spanned a total of twenty games. The Browns did more than shock the Steelers on Sunday, they dominated the game. Pittsburgh scored late in the fourth quarter making the score closer then the game really was. The challenge for the Steelers was that they could not score points, which has been an issue this season.

The Browns defense did not allow the Steelers to gain many positive yards. They held the second ranked rusher in the NFL (LeVeon Bell) under a jundred yards. The Browns defense also held Rothlisberger to 228 passing yards, on forty-two attempts. The biggest story for the Browns is that they had three rushing touchdowns, which included one from rookie running back Isaiah Crowell.

Cleveland will play the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars on the road in week seven, while the Steelers will contend with a feisty Houston Texans team at home on Monday night.

NFL 2014 Week 5: Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, LP Field

Cleveland Browns fought back from a 25-point deficit to stunTennessee Titans 29-28 on Sunday after trailing by a 28-3 score line by halftime.

This was after Travis Benjamin received a 6-yard touchdown pass from Brian Hoyer with 1:09 left to seal a sensational second half comeback. It marked the greatest regular-season comeback by a road team in the league’s history.

Only two other clubs in NFL’s history have come back from such bigger deficits. On Sept. 21, 1997, Buffalo lagged 26-0 before thereafter beating

Indianapolis 37-35 and San Francisco rallied a spirited comeback on Dec. 7, 1980 from 28 down to beat New Orleans. It was also Browns’ biggest comeback in their history which was previously held by a 49-40 win over the Giants on Dec.4, 1996 after trailing 34-14.

The Browns’ win on Sunday ended their seven-game losing streak and gave them their first road game win since 22nd Sept, 2013, at Minnesota. This looked much unlikely after they fell to a shock 28-3 score line in the first half. It was also the biggest lead squandered by the Titans

in a regular season after they had once blown a 35-3 lead to Buffalo the Houston Oilers to Buffalo.

“Unbelievably tough loss for us today after we played so well in the first half,” Ken Whisenhunt, The Titans coach said. ‘I felt like with Cleveland having one timeout, we had a chance to win the game,’he added.

NFL 2014 Week 3: Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Ravens won 23-21 over the browns at the FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleaveland, Ohio. They managed to pull a comeback to win the game as Justin Tucker managed to kick a thirtytwo yard field goal to give his team a deserved win at injury time. This win saw them knock out another division rival. Tucker’s winning goal was set up by Joe Flacco. Flacco managed to finish the game with nineteen of thirtyone for two hundred and seventeen yards and one touch down. During the second half, the Browns squandered several chances which could have crashed the Ravens.

They missed a field goal and saw one get blocked, they also committed twelve penalties and their receiver, Taylor Gabriel, fell after after he cought a long pass, thereby failing to scorean otherwise easy touchdown. Brian Hoyer of Cleaveland managed nineteen of twentyfive passes for two hundred and ninety yards. The Cleaveland Browns two losses have come on the last-play field goal.

NFL 2014 Week 2: Cleveland Browns vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

This was a very tight game that was played on Sunday, 14th of September at 1300hrs. It was played at the FirstEnergy Stadium which is located at Cleveland in Ohio. New Orleans at Cleveland lost by 2 points to give a score of 24-26. In the first quarter, New Orleans did not get lucky to score any points. In the second quarter, they started off 10 points down. In the second quarter, they managed to score more points as compared to Cleveland Browns. They were however down 10-16 points. The game received same points from the two teams in second half. As they entered the fourth quarter, New Orleans was down 17-23 to Cleveland Browns.

New Orleans gave a terrible defense making them have 0-2 start. This start means that a team has 12% chances of making it through playoffs. They have lost twice in a row. Something that has really disappointed the fans of this team. Cleveland on the other side are doing well in this season. They have had a draw and a win in their past 2 matches. Brain Hoyer, Cleveland’s quarterback went 8 for 11 for 77 yards. This was the game winning drive. The Saints tight end Jimmy Graham had 10 catches for 118 yards with two touchdowns.

NFL 2014 Week 1: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, September 07, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

Brian Hoyer, who won the Heisman Trophy displayed a stellar lesson on endurance while Ben Roethlisberger and the whole Pittsburgh Steelers team showed the people on how finishing should be done.Roethlisberger beat Markus Wheaton two times during the last drive to put the 41 yard field goal as the Steelers survived through the game. Cleveland has ever for 11 years now beat the Steelers while on the road. However, for the very first time the gap seems to be closing and getting narrower.

Roethlisberger passed over 365 yards and had a touchdown while Le’Veon had a total of 197 yards as well as a score and Brown made due with 5 passes over 116 yards and a touchdown. Roethlisberger had this to say,’we cannot apologize for the means we use to win. We just have to keep winning games’.

Cleveland’s 2nd half was without josh Gordon the receiver, Ben Tate a running back who faces a knee injury and Jordan Cameron the tight end.

The highlight of the game was however in the second quarter when Brown tried going over lanning only to smash into his face. This play drew a roughness penalty on him, and probably the very first on a punt returner.The game played on 7th September 1:00pm at the Heinz Field ended at a 27-30 in the favor of the steelers.

Season 2013 recap of Cleveland Browns

There aren’t too many good things I can say about the Cleveland Brown’s 2013 NFL season. Although it was a season of great change as they played every home game in a new stadium, following the direction of a new head coach, general manager and owner, there was no positive change to their overall record. Unable to improve from the previous season’s 5-11 record, the Brown’s finished the season 4-12, marking their sixth consecutive 11+ loss season. This is nothing new to fans of the team or sport in general, as they have become the laughing stock of the league. Year after year the Cleveland Browns consistently find a way to let down their fans while embarrassing their city with loss after loss.

As usual, the season started with much promise and optimism. With the additions of quarterback Jason Campbell, kicker Shayne Graham and running back Willis McGahee, the Cleveland Browns’ roster was looking to be a high contender in the American Football Conference North Division. With an impressive 3-1 preseason, the fans and city alike, were excited as ticket sales soared. Newscasters and sports analysts thought that the Cleveland Browns could finally be on the right track, 2013 was going to be their season of redemption.

We all know that preseason should not be considered an indicator of a team’s potential, though we do use it as a barometer. With such a great start no one thought The Cleveland Browns would begin the regular season with two consecutive losses. The season began on September 8 with a loss to the Miami Dolphins, followed by another loss to the Baltimore Ravens. In a false anticipation of a turn around, the Cleveland Browns then won three back-to-back games, improving their record to 3-2. The fans thought the Browns were back on track, but soon learned different. Outside of a revenge victory against the Baltimore Ravens, the Cleveland Browns did not win another game for the rest of the season.

The Cleveland Browns ended their season in last place in their division, second to last overall. Another year of failed potential coupled with lost opportunity made it difficult for even the toughest fans to remain loyal. Fans demanded a change and new owner Jimmy Haslam responded swiftly and harshly. After the season ended, head coach, Rob Chudzinski, was fired after just one season and the general manager, Michael Lombardi, did not make it through another full season either. The head office made several changes to the roster in an attempt to free space and salary for new acquisitions for the following year. All the fans had left was hope that next year would be their best year, filled with redemption and dominance.

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