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Wild Card Weekend of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 08, 4:40 PM, Lambeau Field

The offense of the Giants just let them down when they played against the Packers this entire season. The playmakers of the Giants did not cut it, which is especially true in the very first quarter of the past game. The Giants lost a lot of opportunities when playing just against Mr. Rodgers, and they should not have done this. These situations make them lose a lot of good things in the game. Roger ended with no interceptions and 4 touchdown passes in the game, which is truly awesome for him.

The Giants` offense just bit the Packers. The Packers` defense needed some help just along with way, and this happened a lot of times during the game. The Packers were superior to the Giants in terms of offense, and that’s another reason why they ended up winning over time. The Packers have been a good team just on the road this amazing season, and the Giants could not make a dent on the offense of this famous team. The natural consequence of the superiority of the Packers` offense against the Giants is that the former ended up winning the game. This is not a surprise at all, and many fans a truly aware of this fact these days too.

Week 17 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Washington Redskins on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

1st January 2017, Americans were treated to a football game between the two old bitter rivals, the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, the game did not up to the billing since the Washington Redskins’ player were very poor on that day. Everyone expected the Washington Redskins to rise to the occasion and win the game since they were playing against a team that already sealed its place at the NFC playoffs and they were also playing at home in their famous stadium, the FedEx field.

The Washington Redskins were poor from the start since they fell 10-0 down to the Giants in the first two quarters of the match. In fact, in the first half they only totaled a meagre 83 yards of offence. Anyway, that is understandable due to the quality defense of the New York Giants. However, in the third and fourth quarter, the Redskin managed to restore parity and 10-10, which was commendable of their fighting. Unfortunately, they conceded two late scores in the last quarter that made them lose 19-10 to the Giants, which indicated a lapse in concentration as grew weary.

The loss of Washington Redskins to Giants killed their hopes of qualifying for NFL play offs and left them with a long offseason to ponder about the future of the club, such as offering Cousins a new deal or let him go.

Week 16 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, December 22, 8:25 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

New York Giants must have felt there were in for an easy ride when they jammed the Philadelphia Eagles. Well this was really understandable given that the Giants had gotten more gigantic after recording eight victories out of their pervious nine games, surely their pride and confidence must have gotten more muscular. They were truly some rugby Goliath; truly giants at the moment. And who were they meeting? Uhhh, the Philadelphia Eagles, that would be like going to war against a nuclear power with bows and arrows. Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles were reeling from a five-game losing streak, the game would be such a delicious sporting meal for the Giants.

Yet the tables turned violently as the Giants had their towering pride dwarfed with a 24-19 defeat at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles would carve the mouths of the audience wide open in shock in the first quarter as they gave the Giants a 14-point lead, holding off tolerantly for a revolutionary win.

The Eagles’ secondary was very crucial in the victory. They managed to stage a three times interception of Eli Manning. Malcolm Jenkins was pretty impressive as he unveiled a new defensive dimension to his game. By the end of the day, the Eagles had pulled together 286 yards of offense rolling in sufficient plays to leave the Giants drowning in the pool of disappointed eyes of a massive audience. Do eagles roar? But then that was a roaring statement of resurrection from the Philadelphia Eagles transfusing some pints of hope into their fans.

Week 15 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, December 18, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Detroit Lions faced off against the New York Giants in what was a game changing match. The Lions were looking to maintain their five-game winning streak but their efforts were snapped by the Giants in a 17-6 loss. This loss drops the Lions to 9-5 this season. On the other hand the Giants now have 10-4. The match kicked off on high momentum for both teams. Detriot has not had the strongest offense throughout the season an aspect that could be costing the game huge losses. This time round the Detriot’s offense had a hard time trying to put the ball at the end zone.

On the other hand, New York dominated the match and maintained a low touchdown percentage especially in the red zone (43.2 percent). The lions had a strong defense which did an exceptionally great job in holding the New York’s to 17 points. Both teams had lost some of their key players to injuries with Lions losing Darius Slay and New York losing Janoris Jenkins. One of the most outstanding moment in the match was when Eli Manning passed 20-28 for 201 yards with two touch downs without any interceptions and ended up finishing the game with a 115.3 passer rating. This was an incredible match.

Week 14 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, December 11, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The recent loss of the Dallas Cowboys to the New York Giants makes the misfortune additionally bothering for Cowboys fans since Eli Manning made a decent attempt as he could to give away the diversion — with some assistance from his hostile line.

After a great touchdown drive late in the first quarter, the Cowboys’ offense over and again slowed down. Of the 13 first downs the offense gathered all through the diversion, three went ahead that scoring drive. The Cowboys just increased nine all the more amid whatever remains of the amusement.

Of the 15 drives the Cowboys offense had, nine finished in punts, one in a missed field objective and three ended turnovers. The final two were a touchdown and a turnover on downs to complete the diversion.

With all due respect, neither one of the interceptions was entirely his blame. His objective on both was Dez Bryant, and on the principal, Bryant fell amid his course, so the ball just cruised into the shield’s hands. On the second pick, Bryant appeared not to complete his course. He unquestionably didn’t seem to anticipate that the toss will come his way with the security high over the center.

There was just a single another beneficiary past the first down marker and Prescott was hoping to attempt and make the first down. The other recipient wasn’t open, and Bryant could have changed by the ball and at any rate kept it from the shield’s hands.

The Giants weren’t any better, with only 12 first downs by and large, yet they have hostile line issues and no run diversion. The Cowboys were relied upon to be better.

Week 13 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, December 04, 4:25 PM, Heinz Field

New York giants winning streak was put to an end on Sunday when they lost to Pittsburgh Steelers. The Giants were thrashed 24-14 in a scintillating game. The game was played at Heinz Field. In fact, the game had presented the New York Giants an opportunity to prove themselves as real contenders.

It was expected that the Giants would win this match but that was not the case. Steelers were pitted as the underdogs going into the match, however, they proved most people wrong. Shockingly, the Steelers were capable of controlling the game in front of 65,825 fans. All through the game, Giants had a hard time moving the ball.

The Steelers made attained an 11-0 lead when Antonio Brown was set for a 22-yard touchdown by Ben Roethlisberger following a Timmons’ return. (58-yard)

During the game quarterback, Eli Manning was able to complete 24 passes out of 39 he tried. Furthermore, he completed 2 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. In fact, the quarterback threw an important interception in the second quarter.

The Giants defense suffered a lot during the game after Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a groin injury. Jason went out in the second quarter and this contributed significantly to the Giants loss. Giants now find themselves behind the Cowboys by three games with four games to go.

It was a great achievement for the Steelers while it was a pandemic for the Giants. The Steelers totally out competed the New York Giants Pittsburgh. They must do more if they have to clinch the title within the remaining 4 games of the season.

Week 12 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

New York Giants at Cleveland Browns was almost an obvious game, especially given the winning legacy of the Giants in the recent games. For the hosts, the 27-13 defeat was maintenance of their winless legacy in the season. The Quarter Back recorded a disappointing average play, with Manning Eli take over half of the days passes. The coordination between him and Beckham was not as fruitful with both of them missing the game at some point. Harris and Victor Cruz had perfect throws and team working that was always a tussle for the opponents.

The defense squad for the winners versus the attacking squad for the Browns was a display of skill and experience. Pierre, Harrison and Vernon created a string wall that rarely had holes, especially with Hankins always on sight against the opponents. Pryor made six remarkable catches, which was 50% of throws that came along his line. Another fantastic play was from Wing Brad, who had nine total punts with five of this being inside the 20. However, for players such as Trevin Wade, he seemed overconfident and slow to act which led to the Brown’s scoring an easy field goal. Sheppard was another player who played below his average, when compared to previous games.

Week 11 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, November 20, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Chicago Bears came into their game against the New York Giants with little hope after suffering defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . The Giants came into this one on a four game winning streak and were playing admirably on both sides of the ball. With such a foundation, the Bear still lost to the Giants 22-16 however

The Bears began the scoring off in the principal quarter on their first drive of the game. It truly was a story of two parts for the Giants defenders. Chicago would go up 9-6 taking after a 40 yard field goal by Connor Barth. The Bears had four great chances in the primary half and scored on their initial three

The second half had a place with the Giants. New York would tie the game on a nine yard touchdown go from Eli Manning to Will Tye. Chicago couldn’t answer the score or their next or consequent belonging. The Giants would lead the pack soon after the tying score when Manning hit Sterling Shepard for a 15 yard touch-down. That put it at 22-16 and with no scoring in the fourth by either group, that is the manner by which it would end.

This is the most noticeably awful season in late memory for the Bears’ and their fans. This game was a decent representation of what this group has been through in 2016. Injuries, lost goal chances and poor play.

Week 10 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, November 14, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Cincinati Bengals were also the losing side on Monday night at the Metlife Stadium, New Jersey against the New York Giants. It was a close tussle with the final score being 21-20. The final touchdown resulted from the Bengals costly mistake and the Giants’ quarterback Manning connected perfectly with Sterling for the night’s final touchdown. The Giants offensive game was on display on Monday and at the final whistle saw them have 72 offensive plays as opposed to 55 defensive ones. Bengals were up by six but were overwhelmed by the Giants’ offense that saw them recover and get all the points.

The Bengals’ quarterback, Andy Galton, particularly had quite a bad night due to the overall failure to protect him. This rarely happened last season but in the last few games we have seen it happen constantly and it is a key place where they will have to improve in their coming games.The Giants coach, McAdoo, was impressed by the offense players and believes the team is set to be more confident after the game. He mainly emphasizes on an attacking play and has attributed the success to how well the team has grasped the concepts in training and their execution in the field.

Week 9 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The game kicked off at 1.00 PM on Sunday, Nov 6, and it happened at MetLife Stadium. It was a nail-biter, but the Giants went on to win it 28-23.

The Eagles didn’t impress their fans with their sloppy game and will have to feel disgusted when preparing for their next match. During the first minutes of the game, Carson Wentz had his two throws intercepted. However, the player emerged with the most yards and helped his side generate a total of 443 yards.

One of the major highlights of the game was the Darren Sproles’ 66-yard kick return which he made at the 15-yard line. The side didn’t manage a touchdown this time, and just went on with a down.

Zach Ertz and Jordan Hicks contributed heavily, but their side made mistakes that kept them behind. Najee Goode, Destiny Vaeao and Bryce Treggs also showed good game.

The Giants generated only 302 yards, and the smaller number was as a result of great defense from their opponents. They had two of their throws intercepted in the dying minutes of the game, but Philadelphia didn’t make use of the interceptions. They performed an awful secondary coverage that caused touchdowns from New York.

Week 7 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, October 23, 9:30 AM, Twickenham Stadium

The New York Giants beat the Los Angeles Rams (17 – 10), Case Keenum with four interceptions on Sunday 23rd October. First time in his career Keenum made very nice start, who finished 32 of 53 for 291 – yards and one touchdown. The Giants (4 – 3) managed their win while The Rams (3 – 4) loses their third match in sequence. 44 yards Collin first pick for a second – quarter touchdown. His right to left run in the field was really good making rams several tackles to draw the Giants even.

Stadium was full with more than 74,000 fans of The Giants. This factor also held Giants very much. Second pick of Collins was winning move, with 22 – yard catch by Odell to the Rams. Lot of them said that the pass rush and multiple coverage made this tough match to get back in the rhythm and hit it back massively with big plays. Collins who had only one interception until Sunday in his whole career said “I must have run at least 100 – yards on that day’

Eli Manning had a pedestrian day, with 24 0f37 for 196 – yards and no touchdown. Coach Fisher aid that the moves were slow and throws must be more precise, so needs many changes. Keesum remains the hero of match by his four interceptions. The Rams managed 20 first downs to The Giants 13

Week 6 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

It was tough game for the Giants. It came down to seconds at the goal line. Odell Beckham Jr. made every single one of his 222 yards count – most coming in the second half. It took a good twenty minutes before the Giants achieved the first 1st down of the match. They got their offense together in the second half. Eli Manning produced 403 yards – two of those bombs to Beckham of course — reminding everyone why they are a serious combination. This is the first time this year we are seeing Beckham let loose down the field, proving that he’s the best player on Metlife Stadium.

The Ravens had their moments of self-sabotage throughout the game. With fifteen penalties that amounted to 111 yards. Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace, in post-game interviews, said that it was more of the same mistakes as the last games – jumping off sides, delay of game, unnecessary roughness. It will not help the Ravens next week now that outside linebacker Terrell Suggs is out next week on a biceps injury. His ability to stop the run and force the running back upfield was integral to the Ravens’ defense against the Giants.

Week 5 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 09, 8:30 PM, Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers improved their record to 3-1 last Sunday after defeating the New York Giants 23-16. That record is good enough for second place in the NFC North division behind the undefeated Minnesota Vikings. New York hoped to go into Lambeau Field and turn around their recent luck. The G-men had lost two in a row after a promising 2-0 start. New York now sits at the bottom of the NFC East with a record of 2-3. The impact of the Giants three losses is exacerbated because they were all close games. The Packers look like they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Many experts picked the Giants to win on the road. thanks to the injuries in the Green Bay secondary. Eli Manning and the offense came to Wisconsin hoping to take advantage of the weakened Green Bay secondary to no avail. On top of that, the Packers offense finally got things going. Both running backs, Eddie Lacey and James Starks, had great rushing days. The improved rushing game gave Aaron Rodgers time to throw the ball and hit his targets. The Giants did have a good day on defense. The unit held the Packers to 3 field goals on long drives. New York’s offense couldn’t get it going for the third week in a row putting just 16 points on the board.

Week 4 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings on Monday, October 03, 8:30 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings got an opportunity to give their best NFL’s defenses’ show in the U.S. Bank Stadium, and they show it in a big way. Vikings’ best defense gave just 10 points and continued their undefeated arrival with the victory of 24-10. The Score was held midway went through the second quarter.

Bradford connected Kyle Rudolph then extra point by Blair walk put the score towards 14-0. Rudolph got second place in Vikings and as its 25th match of his career. That was the moment when home team went into their locker room with a lead of 14-3. When a game has gone to minutes left in finishing the third quarter, Vikings was in the lead to 17-3. But josh brown worked and added some extra points to 17-10. Jerick Mckinnon took it all over, and the score was hitting at the 24-10 level when the game had remaining nine minutes to end. Walsh at the time tried harder to get that score. This made the Vikings 4-0 in the season of 2016 and got the reputation in the top three undefeated teams. Eli, this time again wasn’t performed well against Vikings. Vikings position of 4-0 in the regular season, put them hosting Houston Texans on a Sunday afternoon. Their hard work in the game paid them to win over New York Football Giants at night of Monday. Giants position dropped to 2-2, and they will move to Lambeau Field to confront Green Bay Packers.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Washington wins 29-27 over the new York Giants can rank as one of the greatest achievements in this season. They had an assist from several penalties and dumb plays. The win WAS unfair to the Redskins.

Washington Redskins will be without a perfect receiver. For the last two Wednesdays, Desean Jackson did not practice. He anticipated resting the remainder of this week just as it did with before meeting with New York Giants. He rested for the ankle and knee issues. The rest might cost his team.

The Redskins are now determined to leave New York with Victory. Chris Baker is motivating the team to get back on the right track.

The point that Skins lost both of their home games does not divine well for their first trip on the right track.

Washington has permitted the fifth most first downs, in spite of being in an inferior half of contrasting third downs. The plan predicts they cannot stop on either first, second or third down. Holding Drew Brees and Saints to 13 points require a lot of commitment. For this season the Giants have allowed just 5.3 Yards for each pass attempt.

Some Redskin players are supposedly turning on the quarterback, which indicates where Washington is at through just two weeks.

Week 2 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Many experts picked the New Orleans Saints visit to New York to play the Giants to be a repeat of last years game. You know, the one that ended 52-49 and had a total of 13 passing touchdowns. The experts were wrong. Both defenses showed up to Sunday’s contest with something to prove and the final score showed it. The Giants ended up prevailing with a 16-13 win over the now 0-2 Saints.

Remember those 13 TD passes? In this game, there was only one, a 17-yard strike from Drew Brees to Willie Snead in the 3rd quarter. That turned out to be the only offensive touchdown that would be scored. The Giants’ touchdown came as Janoris Jenkins returned a blocked Feild Goal for 65 yards in the 2nd quarter. The Saints will undoubtedly return to New Orleans feeling that they didn’t capitalize on opportunities in this game.

They won the turnover battle, forcing three Giants mistakes with none of thier own. With the victory, the Giants improve to 2-0 for the season and are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles atop the NFC East. The day wasn’t a complete loss for the Saints, though. Drew Brees passed Dan Marino on the all-time passing yards list. With 61,589 career passing yards he now only trails Peyton Manning and Brett Farve in that category.

Week 1 of NFL Season 2016: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 11, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys hosted the New York Giants at their home only to be defeated by the 20-19 by the visiting team. With such a small win margin several things are to be considered so as to determine how the winning team actually pulled it off. In this game, the offensive plays and possession trophies go to the Cowboys. They were able to obtain 75 to 54 and 36:13 to 23:17 respectively.

The plays by the Cowboys were longer but resulted in fewer scores. They also mainly scored field goals with only a single touchdown. On the other hand, the Giants scored more touchdowns hence they were able to easily raise their scores. The Cowboys dominated most of the first half of the game. The Giants however overcame two holding penalties just before half time with Eli Manning scoring a 9-yard touchdown with only 7 seconds remaining on the clock.

The Giants quarter back would surge again in the last quarter with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz who goes on to score.

Week 4 of NFL Preseason 2016: New York Giants vs New England Patriots on Thursday, September 01, 7:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

New England Patriots at New York Giants was a great preseason match. The hosts had a hard time defending against the Patriots who beat them by 17-9 scores. Most of the main players were on the bench except Tom Brandy. With the Giants having recovered most of their injuries, their squad was intact and strong. The offense squad for the hosts had a hard time defending the aggressive attackers.

During the first half, the Giants had some remarkable plays thanks to Beckham Odell and Eli Manning. The two drives they made yielded some future scores with the liners of the Patriots looking confused. Although both defenses made thrilling strides, the centre play for the Patriots took the day. King Tavarres made great ball formations in the second half that ended up to scores.

For players such as Ryan Nassib, nothing seemed to work out for them. His offense lines were always poor and ended with just sixteen shots for 210 yards. Although he threw a breathtaking 13-yard to Sterling, most of his other throws were futile. Wade and Eli Apple made the Giant fans scream with their back coverage especially as the game caught momentum.

The coaches seemed not to include the big players of their teams. With this, the season matches might be unpredictable but the Patriots seem to have enough motivation for the game.

Week 3 of NFL Preseason 2016: New York Giants at New York Jets on Saturday, August 27, 7:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

This game was quite exiting as the New York Giants played quite well. It was also quite a phenomenon as both teams are from New York. This made the battle more spectacular as each needed to prove their expertise to the home crowds. It was the battle of New York. Harris was at his best when he scored the first touchdown as he streaked past the yards for the Giants. The Jets had difficulty in catching him.Odell Beckham Junior once again played his part in the game, too, by catching theball from the Giant pass. He too scored a touch down in the game.

However, the Jets kept at it and scored with a touch down in return. The Giants came back with another touch down. The most interesting part of the game was that it was a running game from the start, and both teams were doing the running. It was a strange thing for the Giants, though, as they have not been doing much running for the season.However, in the end the Jets made the win over the Giants in overtime. It was a hard running game, and the Giants lost by a bad kick.

Week 2 of NFL Preseason 2016: New York Giants at Buffalo Bills on Saturday, August 20, 4:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

New York Giants at Buffalo Bills, there has never been fan full in the history of NFL like this. When the Giants came face to face with the Bills you would never predict the results by the time the last whistle was blown. These guys all got to the field with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to show their fans that they are the best or in simple terms they care for their money and buying tickets for the game was not a waste.

Although with a lot of determination the Giants still lost shamelessly to the Bills by the end of the game the final score was 21 for the Bills and 0 for the Giants. This was not a good show. However there are a few things that led to the loss for the Giants. As a Giant instructor there are a number of things that I would to improve on the team’s aggressiveness.

There are a number of players that I would have done a replacement so as to get hold the teams ground for a better show against the opponents. Players like Bobby Hart should be the key movers of the game till the end of the game. Obarski is among the players that need to be reviewed again and again for the team’s improvement when the season starts or he may bring a drastic downfall to the Giants.

Week 1 of NFL Preseason 2016: New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins on Friday, August 12, 7:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Miami Dolphins were minus two of their best players Odell Beckham and Eli Manning, but this did not prevent them from winning 27 to 10 against the New York Giants. The era of Ben McAdoo began with a bit of dull and anti-climactic game which was sabotaged by an awful quarterback play by one of their player Ryan Nassib. As always, the first Miami Dolphins pre season game is sloppy, and this was not an exception.

McAdoo needs to advise and make this team play more disciplined and a higher level football. In this game, Turnovers were too many, and the Giants were a bit lucky that there weren’t a lot more. Nassib could have pulled off more than twice. The Giants luckily recovered six of their six muffs.

The Giants were on the offense which was not good. This was aided by the two Miami Dolphins penalties. The Giants team drove 74 yards in nine plays on their opening drive which made them score their only touchdown during that evening. The other points were set by a turnover which returned to the Dolphins 11-yard line. The Giants gained their first five downs on their first drive and only other seven on the remaining 13 drives. The passes made during the game were beyond pathetic accruing to a net of 69 yards. The running during the match was more productive with 158 yards rushing.

New York Giants NFL season 2015 recap

Injuries and irregularity from both ends of the ball plagued what should have been a pleasant way to cap off Tom Coughlin’s ornate legacy in New York.

The New York Giants might have done enhanced than their 6-10 record from 2014 would suggest thanks in large part to the 10th finest offense in the league in term of passing yards as well as total yards gained. Though, being the fifth-worst group in total defense in addition to third-worst alongside the run foiled any development made on the offensive end.

Fine, Coughlin is giving additional season of New York football a crack beforehand he calls it quits. Besides why would not he? The Giants completed previous season with a ton of benefit for the following year, as well as the 68-year old trainer does really have a great set of tools this 2015 to finish the team’s three-year playoff drought afterward winning Super Bowl XLVI.

New York’s blazing aerial attack propels the group towards more than just 8.5 win this season and eventually earn a playoff berth also as a division champ or else as a wild card. Manning obtains some MVP credit, and so does OBJ for Offensive Player of the Year reward. The defense moreover plays some enthused football en route to the team’s third Super Bowl journey in the previous decade.

Week 17 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Both teams seemed to have had an upper hand in different areas and this is exactly what makes the game so interesting. We saw that QB Eli Manning did a very good job at covering as much as he could without doing too much running. The Eagles on the other hand have made it a gambling game as they seem not to be concerned with covering anymore. This clearly gives the Giants the upper hand. Injury did not do the Giants any good during game day. Their average was 3.8 yards each time they attempted.

This gave the Eagles an upper hand in the game. There are also certain things that evened out the score between the two teams. First and foremost, we have the return of Dwayne Harris and kicker Josh Brown to the Giants. The Eagles were also favoured by the return of some members like Darren Sproles and Josh Huff. The Giants have about 20 players on the injured side and the Eagles will be getting a new coach soon. This is another factor that seems to have evened out the two teams in the game.

Week 16 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, TCF Bank Stadium

It’s difficult to picture a scenario where the Minnesota Vikings could have confirmed their place in the playoffs with a more commanding victory than the one they ran away with against the New York Giants. With a 49-17 win, Minnesota quarterback Teddy Bridgewater should be impressed with the performance of the squad under his leadership. The Vikings extended their winning streak at home with the win that vaults them close to the league’s greatest prize. Their commanding performance over the Giants should serve as notice to the next team before them that they have come to play as the stakes get higher.

Adrian Peterson proved his value to the team with 104 running yards and a touchdown. Not to be outdone, Jerick McKinnon scored twice in the fourth quarter to seal the fate of the Giants. Eli Manning is no doubt reviewing game tape and trying to re-assess the three interceptions that he allowed throughout the game. One could expect that hard decisions may be ahead for the Giants who have now been excluded from the post season for four straight years. The Giants’ strong start to the season had many predicting that they could go all the way, which just goes to show that anything can (and will) happen in the NFL.

Week 15 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, December 20, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Carolina Panthers have just shrugged off a record-tying New York Giants comeback with a wild 38-35 win at MetLife Stadium. It was Carolina’s 18th straight regular season victory. Panthers had to withstand a barn-storming comeback from the Giants on Sunday to maintain their perfect record. The Giants tied it when Odell Beckham Jr. got behind Norman for a 14 yard touch-down catch with 1:46 to go. Beckham, involved in a game long helmet-smacking, jawing and shoving session with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman, was suspended for one game because of his actions on the field against Norman.

The Panthers established a 28-point lead early on in the game. Giants then battled back to tie the score after trailing by 28-points in the 3rd quarter with 1:46 remaining, but the Panthers got to 14-0 lead on Graham Gano’s 43 yard field goal as time expired dashing New York’s hopes. Cam Newton, who threw for 5 touchdowns to further state his course for NFL Most Valuable Player honors, was not quite sure what he had just been through. Newton has thrown for nineteen touchdowns in the last 5 games and a career best 33 in this so-far special season. Play ranged from vicious to chippy, particularly since the Panthers banged Beckham around. The 18 straight-wins match the 3rd longest string in NFL history.

Week 14 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Miami Dolphins on Monday, December 14, 8:30 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The score was tied in the fourth quarter but thanks to a slipping of five yards by Odell Beckham Jr. behind the secondary which proved to be the winning margin that closed the game. An 84 yard touchdown is what put the game in the Giants hands with eleven minutes to spare on the clock. This also meant that there is now a three-way tie on the top of the NFC East. It was also a game that saw a career high for the Giants’ Eli Manning who had an 87 percent completion of passes.

The Giants’ (6 – 7) broke what was a three game losing streak with a win of 31 – 24 against the Miami Dolphins in a game that could have gone either way. The Dolphins (5 – 8) were thus eliminated from the race to the playoff bringing their drought to seven seasons which is a franchise record. The Dolphins’ who were really counting on this win could not match up to Beckham’s prowess and thus this led to the disappointing loss. It was really a great game and the Dolphins even brought their 50 greatest players to the field at half time which was in celebration of the franchise’s 50th season. Sadly, their season 2015 game isn’t living up the hisory of the franchise.

Week 13 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs New York Jets on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Giants are running out of time. They only have five short weeks to make the playoffs. If they fail they will have a four-year streak of not making the playoffs. Their Week 13 game against the Jets didn’t allow them to make any progress, with the final score being 23-20 in the Jets’ favor. The Jets only managed to gain 3 points in the first quarter and 7 points in the second, and when the Giants had the ball in the second quarter the scored a whopping 20 points, making it appear as if they had the game in the bag.

However, their luck soon ran out with the Jets securing 10 points in the fourth quarter, tying up the game and pushing it into overtime. With the score 20-20, it looked like anybody’s game until Randy Bullock kicked a field goal for 31 yards, giving the Jets a 3-point lead and making the final score 23-20. This shocking victory for the Jets marked the Giants’ third straight loss. Things may have gone differently had Josh Brown succeed in kicking his field goal for 48 yards with 6:33 on the clock in overtime, but his slip-up ended up costing the Giants the game and setting them back even further during an already lackluster season.

Week 12 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Washington Redskins on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The hyped rivalry between NFL teams New York Giants and Washington Redskins went down on November 29th at FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland. As expected the match was tough. Though Giants put up a good fight they ended up losing 14-20 to their opponents. Odell Beckham in particular had an impressive performance, he marked his 7th career game with a 140+ yards technical receiving. To put it into perspective, he surpassed Jerry Rice’s previous record of 6 such games in his initial two years of career play.

Another outstanding player was Will Tye, he made 45 successful snaps and snagged six catches for the 74 yards. He worked well with the team’s offense, despite 5 dropped passes with three of them coming from Jerome Cunningham, there were also some communication breakdowns which resulted in NY Giant’s ultimate loss. As for Redskins, they showed a better game right from the start and it eventually paid off. They had excellent coordination and team work which worked well in earning the team points. Their win is a major improvement considering that Redskins had earlier lost 44-16 to Panthers in Week 11, they looked unsalvageable but things have changed and now they are a favorite to win NFC East tournament.

Week 10 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs New England Patriots on Sunday, November 15, 4:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New England Patriots have a knack for winning games this season, and many teams around the NFL are trying to find ways to beat them. Last time the Patriots lost a regular season game was the football season of 2014, and their winning ways have continued to be the talk of the National Football League.

New England faced off against the New York Giants in what was a thriller of an ending. The result, sadly for the Giants, was that the Patriots won yet another game on their quest to be undefeated. Tom Brady seems to be on a mission this season in the wake of Deflategate, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Brady threw for over three hundred yards again and went 26 for 42 with two touchdowns and one interception as they beat the Giants 27-26 in what was looking to be the Giants upsetting the Patriots with just under two minutes left.

Josh Brown of the Giants put the ball threw the uprights with 1:47 to go but that is not how you beat the best team in the National Football League. Tom Brady drove the Patriots down the field and gave Stephen Gostkowski a chance to win by one. He didn’t miss.

Week 9 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, November 08, 4:05 PM, Raymond James Stadium

Struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell 18-32 to a well oiled New York Giants side at their own backyard. In the first quarter, the Giants took off with gusto to take it 10-6. Try as they could, the Bucs struggled to catch up with them, losing the second quarter 3-7. Realizing that they were actually buckling under the pressure of the Giants, the Bucs held off the Giants in the third quarter for long. However, they failed to break the resilient back line of the Giants, who soaked in all the pressure from the Bucs striking force before finally drawing 3-3 with them. In the last quarter, the Giants were no match for the Bucs, outwitting them 12-6 for a glorious victory that places them at 5-4.

Going forward, the Bucs, at 3-5, have their work cut out if they have to put their target for the season back into perspective. It is not an easy task though. Their next opponents, the Dallas Cowboys, lie in wait, themselves having won only two matches since the season took off. On the other hand, the Giants have a morale boosting victory that will spur them better results against their next opponents, the New England Patriots, who have not lost any game this season. It will be a tough one for the Giants, so they cannot afford to rest on their laurels.

Week 8 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Giants (4-4) were losers as the game saw one of the second highest scoring game in NFL’s history on Sunday. The first was back in 2004, where a scoreboard registered 58-48 shootout between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. The Giants and Saints game ended 52-49 with the Giants losing to the Saints (4-4) in New Orleans.

The Giants and Saints had a total of 64 first downs. The most fantastic thing is that they could have scored more. especially, the facemask penalty on the Giants during the last moments of the game. The ball was however sent flying up into field-goal range. The Saints eneded up winning, however as the game mood suggested, an overtime was probable. The game saw eight players scoring touchdowns, and other three scoring multiple times for instance Odell Beckham Jr.’s three touchdowns

Week 7 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 25, 4:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

This was another match that was met with a lot of hype. The NFL is all about taking advantage of your opponents mistakes and the Giants were able to highlight this with a phenomenon victory against the Cowboys. The Giants coach, Coughlin registered his 100th win and put his name in the history books. He is now the second coach in giant’s history to register 100 wins.

New York had Dwayne Harris to thank for this incredible win. The former Dallas player had an incredible game scoring the winning points of the game. The Cowboys made some mistakes like losing an interception deep in New York’s territory and their mistakes cost them the game. It is worth noting that Orleans Darkwa was able to score a 15-yard run for New York in the first quarter.

McFadden made it his 14th 100 yard rushing game . His last 13 came when he was with Oakland. Dallas had Dan Bailey to thank for his field goals of 30 and 48 yards. Cassel was able to guide Dallas to an 80-yard drive. The final score was 27-20 and you can clearly tell that the game was a very tight one. The Cowboys made many mistakes and they proved to be quite costly.

They definitely need to retrace their footsteps so that they can find out where they went wrong. Generally, this was an incredible game with spectacular displays from both sides.

Week 6 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, October 19, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The game between Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants was a great win for the Eagles who are currently 3-3 on the 2015 NFL regular season schedule due to the game’s final score of 27-7. It was a difficult game for the Giants who have managed only three turnovers during their first 328 offensive plays over a number of five games. The Giants didn’t come down easily because they gave it their best during Monday’s game and this was probably the best they’ve played all season.

The game started well for the Giants with Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who unfortunately had a hamstring injury and could not practice the week before the game, had a good run during opening and ended up with an excellent touchdown over 13 yards. This great lead did not hold down for long and their game wasn’t good enough to keep the Eagles away, who ended up taking the ball away three times in just 14 plays. The Eagles ended up turning the game and had an impressive head start of 24:5 in the first quarter. The Monday win for the Eagles and the recent poor performance by the rest of the NFC East teams, Philadelphia Eagles are now on top of the division!

Week 5 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, October 11, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers lost their fourth consecutive game of the new season after merely losing to the New York Giants 27-30. The Giants on the other hand have won their last three consecutive games which places them at pole position in the NFC East standings. After losing three games in a row, the 49ers were deemed as the under dogs and the likely winners of this bout especially after making a memorable comeback in the third and fourth quarter. The damage was however done in the dying seconds of the game when Larry Donnell made a spectacular catch to beat two 49ers defenders to put the game to rest.

Carlos Hyde converted a 2-yard run with only 1:45 minutes left to give the 49ers a much needed lead in the final round. The attacking combination of Manning, Odell Beckham Jr and Donnell seemed too much for the 49ers defenders to withstand. Beckham played a great role in the first touchdown of the game when he made a 31 yard reception as well as a 15 yard catch which lead to a 17 yard score. Though he left the field of play with a hamstring injury, his contributions were enough to dent any hopes that the 49ers had.

Week 4 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 04, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

A nightmare that was recurring is what the Giants were going through again in the middle of the fourth quarter. Having dominated earlier on in the game and this coming in the wake of them being the underdogs against the Bills. Struggling to maintain their lead in the fourth quarter but this did not come as a surprise as they have been doing this in each of their three previous games this season.

Finding their energy real late in the game, the Bills pulled 6 points, and they were unstoppable from then on with the home fans roaring and urging them on to victory.The Giants had a good game, and you could tell by the way Eli Manning handled most of the play. It was a deserving win for the Giants who maintained their composure in the fourth quarter to make the game a one-way affair.

The Bills were really disappointing again, and you can’t blame them really, they lack the power to hold on to a lead and that is what cost them dearly on Sunday and in the other three previous games. Congratulations to the Giants for such a deserving victory.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs Washington Redskins on Thursday, September 24, 8:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

This was the first victory for Giants, winning by a margin of 11 points; final score was 32-21.

Giants lead through 18-6 in the third quarter when they had their key moment. Wining by two digits entering the second-half time has been their weakness. The Redskins almost made a touchdown which could have turned the game around when they ran from 24-yard line over to the giants’ 34 yard line but Kennard guessed Cousins pass towards Carrier and it was cut off by Unga with only 13.46 left of time to play. Giant’s player Odell Beckam Jr. scored a strike placing the score at 25-6 with an eight-play. From here of noteworthy Manning did a 41-yard-touchdown pass to Randle, Ross return a 101-yard kickoff and a glimpse on Whitlock on defensive tackle.

The game ended at 32-21 whit Manning making 23 of the 32 points, two touchdowns and 279 yards. Odell Beckam made a 30-yard touchdown pass, 262 in the total, making him the 12th in the NFL history. He also manages to catch 79 yards from passes and Randle an impressive 116 yard with only seven catches and a score. The Giants interceptions were made by amukamara and Unga.

Week 2 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Two flawed teams went head to head in this game, one had a win, the other had a loss. Now both teams have 2 of each. The Falcons pulled out a win by the skin of their teeth to go 2-0.

The Falcons outscored the Giants 14-0 in the fourth quarter to pull out this win, including the touchdown that won them the game with under two minutes left in the game. Two plays after a big 37 yard catch from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones, they scored a much needed touchdown to win the game.

The Giants just could not pull out a win and they ended up beating themselves yet again. The momentum had shifted in their favor and had an opportunity to pull ahead 17 points, they wound up blowing their lead in the fourth quarter and losing by 4. Part of the Giants’ problem is their defense allows a lot of third down conversions, forcing many drives to continue.

Just because the Falcons won, doesn’t mean they do not have a lot of work to do moving forward. They just have a have better record starting out and in a division as tough as the NFC South, it could be the difference between watching the playoffs at home and playing in them.

Week 1 of NFL Season 2015: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 13, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

NFC East Champions Dallas Cowboys made an emphatic fight back to record a narrow 27-26 win over the New York Giants. Tony Romo once again came to the rescue of the Dallas Cowboys by throwing an 11 yard touchdown which was converted by Jason Witten with only 7 seconds left to seal a remarkable comeback. He also threw a total of 356 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. The Cowboys won the last two quarters by recording 7-3 and 14-10 points in the third and fourth quarter respectively. The Giants only won in the second quarter and drew in the first quarter.

The Dallas Cowboys recorded 72 yards in just under 1:27 minutes after they forced the Giants to settle for fourth field goal courtesy of Josh Brown. Had the Giants won this game, it would have been their first ever win in an opener against the Cowboys. This was the Cowboys eighth win in a row against the Giants in all openers.

The New York Giants will be thirsty for a win when they face Atlanta Falcons who will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday 14th. The Cowboys on the other hand will be looking for their second win they face Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday the 20th.

New York Giants NFL season 2014 recap

The New York Giants finished off the 2014 season third in the NFC East Division with 6 win and 10 losses – not a stellar year for the Giants and it was hardly a surprise when they didn’t make it to the playoffs. There is some talk now that team owner Mara is extremely angry and that the coach has some serious issues to iron out.

The game against the Philadelphia Eagles was particularly embarrassing with the Giants not scoring a single point. Overall, this was a lackluster and frustrating season for the Giants – here’s hoping that things improve for them in 2015.

Week 17 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants couldn’t prevent Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez from throwing two touchdowns in a defeat that could be Tom Coughlin’s final game as the Giants head coach. The game remained close until the third quarter when Eagles tight end Trey Burton blocked a Giants punt and returned it 27 yards for a touchdown. That was the seventh touchdown of the season for the Eagles’ special teams unit, which has been through a very difficult season. The victory for the Eagles means they will end the season with a 10-6 record. However they have been out of playoff contention since last week when they lost their third game in a row.

The Giants have now missed the playoffs for the third straight season after closing this campaign with a 6-10 record. The only real positive from the defeat for the Giants was rookie Odell Beckham Jr. recording a career-high 185 yards from 12 catches, one of which included a 63-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to keep the Giants in the game. Rumors are now circulating about the future of coach Tom Coughlin, who has won two Super Bowl titles during 11 seasons with the Giants. Coughlin refused to comment after the game about what the future holds for him and the Giants.

Week 16 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, December 21, 4:05 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The New York Giants and St. Louis Rams both entered Sunday’s game being eliminated from the playoffs, but both teams played hard and were trying to finish their seasons on a strong note. Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr had a big day with 148 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He broke the Giants rookie records of Jeremy Shockey for most touchdowns in a season and also most receptions. On one reception, Beckham was hit late out of bounds by Rams linebacker Ogletree leading to a huge fight and four players were ejected. The Giants scored first, kicking a field goal. On the ensuing kick off Rams returner Benny Cunningham fumbled the ball and the Giants recovered. This led to Beckham’s first touchdown and an early 10 – 0 lead for the Giants.

The Rams fought back and quarterback Shaun Hill threw two touchdowns and running back Tre’ Mason rushed for another. The New York Giants just played better football all day long. The Rams committed two turnovers, while the Giants committed none and the Giants dominated the time of possession 35 minutes to 25 minutes. Some highlights include Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for 391 yards and 3 touchdowns. Rookie running back Andre Williams had 110 yards rushing, and Giants rookie defensive end Kerry Wynn had his first career interception and fumble recovery. Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt had a good day with 9 receptions for 103 yards.

Week 15 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The 166th meeting between division rivals, Washington Redskins and New York Giants, left the Redskins in despair. Manning was on fire against the Redskins as he hit Beckham with three consecutive touchdown passes and completing 28 of his 39 passes. The passes combined with one overturned touchdown let the Giants to victory in a 24-13 win over the Redskins. The Good news cannot continue with the Redskins’ quarterback, McCoy, who has a neck injury that did not allow him to return to the game. This gave Cousins a chance to play, where he had 4 interceptions and one fumble all in the second half. An early hole from a first-quarter turnover began the Redskins long run to a loss. The Redskins almost blew a touchdown at the end of the first half with a fumble.

Griffin was able to recover it and scramble for an 8 yard touchdown. Unfortunately review of the play showed that Griffin lost control of the ball while diving over a pylon and the play was ruled a touchback. This play caused receiver Santana Moss to storm the officials and be ejected from the game. With the Redskins’ fire extinguished, the Giants took over the second half. A 76 yard drive, with 5 catches, clinched the game for the New York Giants leaving the Redskins on their losing streak.

Week 14 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, LP Field

After registering disappointing results of narrow losses in weeks twelve and thirteen, the Giants were finally able to break the losing jinx in week fourteen. They tore apart the Tennessee Titans, posting an impressive 36-7 result. The clueless Titans were unable to make any inroads in the Giants territory in the first two quarters. They managed to get the only points in the third quarter. This was their seventh straight loss and the eleventh of the season. The team had never lost so many games in a row since 1994 when they lost eleven in a row, playing as the Houston Oilers. In this game, they received wild disapproval from their fans, with some of them booing and jeering them, while others wore paper bags on their heads.

The Giants defied their injury woes to win the game. Rashad Jennings, the running back, was out with a knee injury, together with seventeen others. Ken Wisenhunt, the Titans coach, acknowledged his teams tough luck this season. He said that his charges are working hard and it is just but a matter of time and they shall be out of the woods. But when is soon? One wonders. While the Giants will be tackling the Redskins in their next game, the Titans will be facing the the Jets in bottom of the table duel. The Giants will rely on inspiration from this victory in their endeavor to maintain their winning ways against the the Redskins.

Week 13 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Blake Bortles led his first game-winning drive and the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10, 4th in AFC South) rallied from a 21-0 deficit to earn their second victory of the season, beating the New York Giants (3-9, 3rd in NFC East) by a score of 25-24. The Giants led 21-0 before a Josh Scobee 28 yard field goal got the Jaguars on the board with two minutes left in the first half. The Jacksonville defense led the way, scoring two touchdowns on fumble returns. The first, J.T. Thomas recovered an Eli Manning fumble in the end zone at the beginning of the third quarter, gave the Jaguars some life.

They scored again when QB Blake Bortles hit WR Marqise Lee for a 30 touchdown late in the third quarter. Bortles finished with 194 yards and a touchdown. Rookie CB Aaron Colvin returned a fumble 41 yards for a touchdown minutes into the 4th quarter to give Jacksonville its first lead of the game, 22-21. Manning managed to get the Giants in to the red zone with just over three minutes left in the game, but they only managed a field goal. Manning finished with 247 yards and a touchdown. Bortles then marched the Jaguars down the field and Josh Scobee kicked a 43 yarder to win the game. The Jaguars face the Houston Texans next week, while the Giants play the struggling Tennessee Titans.

Week 12 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 23, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Unfortunately the host of the game did not record the win. New York Giants were very determined to win against the Dallas Cowboys in the last NFL game day. The scores were 31-28 with Dallas winning. These two teams have been NFL rivals since time in memorial. They have played against each other in 105 matches. It has been bad for New York Giants as this is their second lost game against Dallas Cowboys. This is because they lost their October 19th game. The first quarter after half time was the period where the Giants fell back thus being beat by Dallas.

In the first quarter of the game, Giants scored 7 points while the Dallas scored 3 points. In the second quarter, Giants scored 14 points while Dallas scored 7 points concluding the first half. Up to that point, Giants were leading 21 to 10 points. All this changed drastically after the second half. This is because the Giants scored 7 points only. The Dallas on the other hand recorded 21 points. These scores changed the overall score sheet of the game. E. Manning of the Giants passed 338 yards making 3 touchdowns with only one interception. O. Beckham Jr. on the other hand had 10 receives with 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. D. Murray of the Dallas had 24 carries over 121 yards.

Week 11 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 16, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

New York QB Eli Manning struggled mightily and the San Francisco 49ers (6-4, 2nd in NFC West) barely scraped by the New York Giants (3-7, 3rd in NFC East) by a score of 16-10. Manning had five interceptions, to go along with 280 yards and a touchdown. He threw a touchdown on the Giants’ first possession of the game but struggled to keep that momentum going. The five turnovers gave the 49ers the ball for almost 35 minutes of the game. Even so, the San Francisco offense struggled, scoring only one touchdown in the third quarter and kicker Phil Dawson kicked three field goals.

QB Colin Kaepernick had 193 yards and a touchdown. The Giants had their chances, including a goal line chance with 4:43, but Manning was intercepted by rookie LB Chris Borland. The loss puts the Giants in the midst of a five game losing streak, after starting the season 3-2. San Francisco, meanwhile, has won consecutive road games. The New York Giants desperately need to get back to winning if they hope to make the playoffs, but that won’t be easy as they face the Dallas Cowboys next week. The 49ers are also in the midst of the NFC playoff race, face off against the Washington Redskins.

Week 10 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 09, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Giants and the Seahawks went into this game needing a win. The world champions did what they needed and defeated the Giants in spectacular fashion. The victory was done with their specialties, defense and running. The defense held the Giants to 270 yards total offense, and forced two turnovers and two sacks. They set a team record for rushing the ball, they ran for 350 yards and scored five touchdowns.

Marshawn Lynch ran for 140 yards and scored four touchdowns. The Seahawks quarterback ran for 107 yards and a touchdown. The star quarterback threw for 172 yards and two interceptions. Jermaine Kearse was the leading receiver with seventy yards.

The Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for 283 yards, one touchdown, and an interception. His top receiver Odell Beckham caught seven passes for 108 yards. Preston Parker caught Mannings only touchdown pass. He also accounted for seventy-nine yards. Andre Williams ran for thirty-three yards and a touchdown. He had only thirteen carries, averaging 2.5 yards a carry.

The Seahawks are traveling to Kansas City for a battle with the top AFC team. The Giants are heading home to the city that never sleeps to face off against the tough San Francisco Forty-Niners.

Week 7 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 19, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

DeMarco Murray continued his march to a record breaking season as an NFL running back for the Dallas Cowboys. He was able to rush for over one hundred yards once again. The Cowboys are now 6-1. Tony Romo and Jason Witten were able to exploit some of the holes in the Giants defense, particularly with a veteran linebacker being taken out of the game with a toe injury. Dez Bryant continues to progress as the show stopping receiver that was able to make plays against Prince Amukamara and Antrell Rolle.

George Selvie and Barry Church are really starting to emerge for the Cowboys on the defensive side of the ball, particularly Selvie who is really taking to the gang tackle, everybody get involved type of system that is being run by defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. Selvie had four tackles in the game. Larry Donnell fumbling twice in the game certainly stopped the momentum for the Giants by fumbling twice as a tight end. The fumbles played a key part in the outcome of a 31-21 game. Odell Beckum is emerging as the number one target for Eli Manning, particularly with Victor Cruz being out of the lineup. The Giants simply did not exploit a cornerback like Brandon Carr in the proper fashion. Carr has shown a propensity to get burned on a deep ball in the past.

Week 6 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 12, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Over the past few weeks Eli Manning has been leading his team to victories and improving his game skills until Sunday night’s game against Philadelphia. The Giants became minions as the Eagles defense shut them down resulting into a big goose egg. Philadelphia’s defense manages to continue to take down offensive lines all over the NFL. Lesean McCoy showed that he is back from his sleeper position by doubling his yards for the season and adding 22 carries. He manage to break his season high with 149 yards this game.

He still has not scored a touch down but he is showing promise that he is back to the Lesean that everyone has grown to love. Manning on the other hand just couldn’t get it right with Philadelphia’s defense. Philadelphia managed to sacked Manning 6 times throughout the game with total of 8 sacks. Manning lost Victor Cruz during week 6 possibly for the rest of the season, allowing Odell Beckham to step in. Even with Randle and Beckham out there Manning only managed to throw 13 completions in the game. The Giants were not the only ones that featured a loss in this game. Philadelphia had to go without Darren Sproles due to an injury. This game was a complete catastrophe With the Eagles shutting the Giants out 27 to 0.

Week 5 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants thrashed the Atlanta Falcons 30-20 in a match played at the MetLife stadium on Saturday afternoon. The Falcons who had been leading for the most part of the game were surprised when tables turned in the fourth quarter. A draw in the first half (7,7) a lead in the second half (6,3) saw the falcons dominate the better third of the game. In the fourth quarter, the cheering home ground fans motivated the Giants to gain momentum over the struggling Falcons to claim the win.

A calculated pass from Eli Manning saw Rueben Randle’s 3-yard touch down and a kick from Josh Brown place the Giants in the first place with seven points. Steven Jackson’s 10-yard run and a kick from Matt Bryant helped the Falcons equalize the match. Matt Bryant scored two 20-yard field goals in the second half to see the Falcons take a lead in the game. Josh Brown’s 49-field goal did not help the Giants equalize ending the half in Falcons favor. In the third quarter Antone Smith 74-yard score and Matt Bryant’s kick helped falcons maintain their lead. Four consecutive goals from the Giants, two field goals from Josh Brown (50 and 26 yards), a 3-yard run from Andre William and a 15-yard goal enabled them win their third match in a row.

Week 4 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Washington Redskins on Thursday, September 25, 8:25 PM, FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins hosted the New York Giants at their backyard in Washington. However, their home advantage counted for nothing as they were outsmarted 14-45 by the recharged Giants. Their third loss of the season prompted their coach to call for time off the pitch to reflect on the results and to dig in for new strategies going forward. So, this past weekend has been quite a breather for them. They resumed training on Tuesday, still looking dazed by the 28th Thursday loss. Both teams desperately needed victory in this game to put their season back on track.

However, it was the Giants who seemed to have a working strategy for the game. The Redskins were outsmarted, outwitted and outplayed in all departments. Their defense did not have an answer for the explosive offense of the Giants. Neither did their offense trouble the solid defense of the Giants. On Tuesday, they went through the paces for an hour and 15minutes under the watchful eye of coach Jay Gruden. They will rest on Wednesday as a ‘bonus day’, before resuming on Thursday to plot how to get past the Seattle Seahawks come Monday. Their win-loss record for the season now reads 1-3, while that of the Giants is now 2-2. The victory was a great morale booster for the Giants as they prepare to face the Falcons on Sunday 5th Oct.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Houston Texans on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Visiting New York Giants smacked their hosts, the Houston Texans 30-17 to avoid a 0-3 start to the season. The game, played at the Met Life Stadium, Rutherford, New Jersey, saw the hosts trail the visitors 0-14 by the end of the second quarter. After holding out a 0-0 scoreline in the first quarter, the visitors seemed to have found confidence and inspiration to torment their hosts in the second quarter, going up 0-14 without reply. However, the story was different in the third quarter as the hosts seemed to have woken up from slumber. They rallied to beat the Giants 10-3. This was not enough to give them victory though. In the last quarter, they lost 7-13 to the Giants. It was a very closely fought quarter, with the Texans giving their all against the Giants, to whom they eventually surrendered 17-30 after the final whistle.

The Texans would have recorded 3-0 this season, had they not lost the match. The Giants desperately needed this victory as they had lost all their first two games. The victory was very crucial, and they will be seeking to keep the momentum going into week four. The Texans made some unnecessary mistakes that gifted the Giants the victory, and they have to fix them in time for their next game.

Week 3 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Houston Texans NFL on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Visiting New York Giants smacked their hosts, the Houston Texans 30-17 to avoid a 0-3 start to the season. The game, played at the Met Life Stadium, Rutherford, New Jersey, saw the hosts trail the visitors 0-14 by the end of the second quarter. After holding out a 0-0 scoreline in the first quarter, the visitors seemed to have found confidence and inspiration to torment their hosts in the second quarter, going up 0-14 without reply. However, the story was different in the third quarter as the hosts seemed to have woken up from slumber. They rallied to beat the Giants 10-3. This was not enough to give them victory though. In the last quarter, they lost 7-13 to the Giants. It was a very closely fought quarter, with the Texans giving their all against the Giants, to whom they eventually surrendered 17-30 after the final whistle.

The Texans would have recorded 3-0 this season, had they not lost the match. The Giants desperately needed this victory as they had lost all their first two games. The victory was very crucial, and they will be seeking to keep the momentum going into week four. The Texans made some unnecessary mistakes that gifted the Giants the victory, and they have to fix them in time for their next game.

Week 2 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Arizona vs NY Giants’ game that was played at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ. It saw Arizona Cardinal emerging winners with 25 points as compared to 14 points of their opponents. The starting quarterback Carlos Palmer was not featured in this game. This win was remarkable because it made their 9th win out of the eleven games they have played.

The first quarter saw Arizona Cardinal Gunner 10 points. In the second and third quarters, New York giants placed their 14 leads by getting seven points in both the second and third quarters each. This made the Arizona cardinal (2-0) to rail it, in the final quarter registering 15 point which placed them leading at 25 points.

The game statistics showcased a close rivalry. Arizona had 21 first downs while NYG had 24. The New York Giants went further to have 68 plays as compared to 61 of Arizona. NYG majorly was maintained by recording a total of 341 as compared to 266 yards of Arizona. Despite the majority of NYG, both teams had 11 drives and had one point difference in fast drives. Arizona recorded 28 while NYG recorded 27. NYG had a possession of 32:29 while Arizona 27:31.The game ended with the NY giant captain Walter Thurmond sustaining pectoral injuries while Jon Beason had his left toe injured.

Week 1 of NFL Season 2014: New York Giants at Detroit Lions on Monday, September 8, 7:10 PM, Ford Field

The NY Giants played Lions at Detroit in a tough game that led to many fans yelling and screaming in great multitudes in support of their teams. The game was tough and competitive as they two sides were involved in a lot of energy and great push and pull. The NFL continues to register great performances every year from such teams and we can always witness what greatness can give back as a result in a world class team that has top quality and highly skilled players. There are always offensive tackles, penalties and foul play as the players struggle to outdo each other in a tough competition and be in a position to win the game in the most perfect ways. NY Giants were hammered by the Lions making a score of 14 while Lions 25.

Recap of watching New York Giants last season

Ever since the NFLs regular season came to an end, there have been many reviews and recaps of the performances of the teams that took part in all the games that were played. There have been great resources available to read and which prepare you for what is to come in each NFL’s team during this offseason. In this article, you get to read all about the favorite New York Giants team.

Let us start with the good ‘ yes the good. You could call Peyton Hillis and Brandon Jacobs resurgence a good thing that happened on that season. This is especially given the fact that coming back from the dead is not an easy task. Aside from that, there were really some good in the Giants 2013 season. It just did not emanate from the offensive side of their play. The New York Giants, despite the fact that they finished in 10th place when it came to passing yards, they finished with the 6th-best pass defense in the league.

Watch New York Giants OnlineTo be honest it was very impressive and it was actually the reason they kind of came back after their 0-6 start. By the end of the 6th week, the Giants were ranked 28th against the pass, having allowed 52 points. However, by the end of the season, the number had dropped to 27, a difference of 79. This is to say that from week 7-17, the New York Giants were playing 7.79 points higher than expectations in the secondary, which made them just as good as any other team in the league. The Giants weren’t all that bad were they?

However, on second thought maybe the season was that terribly bad for the Giants. For starters, their defense in 2013 was underrated and they were literally getting slapped. Taking a quick look at the fantasy football, David Wilson was for many a break out candidate, but failed to match up to the expectations of many. He only needed 44 carries to be ranked the 8th worst running back in the league.

However, let’s not dwell on that much. Let’s have a look at Eli Manning, who had an even worse year. Manning finished the season with the 4th worst passing NEP in the whole of the league, coming after two rookies. He lost 43.56 points effectively for the Giants in the entire season. To put it succinctly, Manning’s season is one to be forgotten. The random fill-ins and the poor passing had the Giants finish with the 2nd worst offense in the whole league. Fans from the big apple who are following New York Giants Streaming next seasons are keen to see the team winning regularly again.

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