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NFL 2017 Week 17: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings quarterback led scoring drives thrice in the second-half in relief of Sam Bradford. Mitchell Trubisky, Vikings quarterback and the spoiled prized rookie made his official debut to affirm the 20-17 victory over their rivals Chicago Bears. The 26-yard field goal kick by Kai Forbath in the final seconds gave the Vikings (3-2) lead. It was awarded after an interception on Trubisky by Harrison Smith. He, Trubisky took control of the game after being called on to replace Mike Glennon who seemed to be struggling in his first four games.

With 2:32 still on the clock, the bears intercepted on their 10 and took over the game (1-4). A pass intended for Zach Miller was picked off by Smith at the 22 on the right sideline. With 16 seconds remaining, Forbath booted the winner for Vikings after an interception of the ball at the 28. Keenum replaced Branford who could hardly move because of his left knee swelling and soreness. He was sacked four times, had a safety by Floyd Leonard and only made a 5 of 11 for 36 yards. Keenum went a 17 of 21 for 140 yards and scored a touchdown with 25 seconds left to play. Ryan Pace, the Vikings general manager, was convinced that Trubisky was the man they need after he showed extra mobility and arms strength in addition to the extra blockers and fewer receivers he got from the bears.

NFL 2017 Week 16: Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Visiting the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns faced their opponents with courage but the opposition still proved that they are the better team. The Bears dominated the game from the beginning until the end scoring highest in every aspect. They had the highest number of first downs, yards as well as possession. With a lot to lose, the Browns tried but couldn’t get a win after facing the interceptions and turnovers in the red zone by the Bears. They are now one loss closer to being the team to never win in a season.

Ending in 20-3 against the Browns, the game turned out to be heartbreaking for both players and fans alike. Several interceptions weren’t enough to save the struggling team after losing a fumble to the opposing team near the end line. A 193-yard throw for Chicago followed by a touchdown helped them win the game, together with completing 14 out of 23 passes and dropping six or seven scores. With only a 6-3 lead at the beginning, it wasn’t clear the Bears could win but that changed when they drove 60 yards on four plays, scoring from a 4-yard draw. Both teams faced injuries with three Chicago players suffering knee and chest injuries and a Cleveland player being poked in the eye.

NFL 2017 Week 15: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions on Saturday, December 16, 4:30 PM, Ford Field

The Bears and Lions played in a very classic matchup, and they were facing off for pride more than anything else. The Bears are not able to make the playoffs, and they were not able to stop the Lions from making a bigger playoff push. The game ended in a 20-10 score, and it was a score that was largely expected because the Lions offense is so much better than the Bears defense. The Lions compiled enough yards to win the game, but they were not particularly efficient as they did it.

The Bears are learning how to play with Mitchell Trubisky, and the Lions are leaning on their superstar in Matthew Stafford. The game came down to the Lions offense being too much for a sluggish Bears defense. However, the Lions were not good enough to win a playoff game. They have a lot of improvement to do if they wish to make a move in the playoffs.

The Bears and Lions are both trending up, but they are not trending high enough to be considered contenders. The Lions could have a wild card spot locked up, but they need to play better than this going forward. Both teams are improving, and that was evident on Saturday.

NFL 2017 Week 14: Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 10, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

It was a very chilly and cold day when the Chicago Bears put up a huge fight which was unexpected by both the fanatics and the players. The Cincinnati never topped in the short times in Week 14 and totally played uninspired football because their season appeared to finally be officially over. One of the key winners of the Bengals is Giovani Bernard. The fact that he featured at the back for the first time after a long period of time made him an outstanding winner. However, No. 25 tried to answer the bell. He therefore experienced a good number of hard-fought run. You realize that Bernard owned 11 carries for the 61 yards and different other six catches for his 68 yards. The challenge was not with the player’s production, but the team’s capability to endure on the grounds and regularly try to feed him the ball.

Michael Johnson is also another amazing winner who is actually a veteran had a great day. Considering the Bengals’ issues during second half especially this year, if the Bengals would like to get away with a win in the upcoming matches, the team will need to definitely play well particularly in the first half. It is critical to understand that in case the Bengals wish to overcome the Vikings at 10-3 they will surely require to buck major trends that we have seen them fall into particularly this year.

NFL 2017 Week 13: Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

San Francisco 49ers beat Chicago Bears with the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s kicking a field goal at the dying minutes to put them up 15-14 over the Bears at Soldier Field. Jimmy attempted a total of 37 passes completing 26 of them for 293 yards. Garoppolo had only one interception and no touchdowns, but it wasn’t his fault. The 49ers did not find much room, averaging a total of 3.2 yards per carry as a team.

On the other hand, the Chicago Bears and quarterback Mitchel Trubisky played conservatively and he went 12 of 15 for a total of 102 yards, and one touchdown. However, he had no turnovers. The rightback Jordan Howard was under pressure, rushing only 38 yards on 13 carries. When the San Francisco 49ers needed plays, Jimmy made them. He was 8 out of 16 on third down conversions. Kyle Juszczyk and Hyde picked the other two. Jimmy Garoppolo made the longest pass of the day, and it showed the San Francisco 49ers that he is totally different than everyone else who has been on the QB merry-go-round. One he is familiar with Shanahan and his offense, there is no telling exactly what he can do.

NFL 2017 Week 12: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, November 26, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Carson Wentz came up with another strong and amazing performance. The defense also experienced an amazing dominating effort. The Eagles also had another lopsided and great win this time. The National Football League leading Eagles were able to defeat the Chicago Bears at 31-3 when Wents tossed 3 touchdown passes. This is now the 9th consecutive win for the Eagles. To clinch the NFC East, the Eagles were able to lower their magic number. This leads to the 4th straight victory by at least twenty-three points. It is also the 3rd victory in a row with exactly twenty-eight points.

If the Cowboys tie or lose to Washington, the Eagles will secure their premier division title since 2013. LeGarrette Blount ran for around ninety-seven yards while Wentz had about two hundred and twenty-seven passing. For one hundred and three yards, Zach Ertz was able to catch around ten passes and one TD. Mitchell Trubisky was shut down by the defense as the Bears held the Eagles to zero first downs during the premier section of the game. While the Bears did nothing with the excellent field position, they tried to win the turnover battle.

NFL 2017 Week 11: Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, November 19, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Via the gusting wind right down the middle, Matt Prater started the go-ahead field goal. Matt had enough space to run pass the crossbar to accomplish his mission. Prater experienced a comeback against a coach who attacked him. With 1:35 minutes remaining in the game, Matt was able to kick a 52-yard field goal. Matthew Stafford had two touchdowns and threw for two hundred and ninety-nine yards. This helped the Lions to have a victory over the Bear at 27-24. After Tarik Cohen had tied for the Bears, the Lions came back to take the lead in the game.

This occurred with the help of a fifteen-yard touchdown that helped the scorer to leap over the goal line. After Matthew led a forty-two-yard drive to the 34, Matt Prater was able to kick the winner. When the Chicago Bears’ Barth was on a forty-six-yard in the closing seconds, the Lions eventually escaped with the 3rd consecutive victory. When the Broncos cut Prater, Fox was then coaching Denver around 2014. This occurred, a couple of days for Prater to rejoin the club with a four-match suspension for disobeying the NFL substance-abuse regulation to commence that season.

NFL 2017 Week 10: Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 12, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

Without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers were able to win the game against Bears. The only thing that Packers did was to appear at Soldier Field. With a touchdown, Brett Hundley threw up to two hundred and twelve yards. The Packers had victory over the Bears with 23-16 after Nick Perry threw sacks. This helps the Packers to end the three-match losing pattern. For an injured Aaron Rodgers, Hundley started the game with optimism. With 5:29 minutes to play, Hundley was able to throw a seventeen-yard touchdown to Adams, making the score 23-13.

In nine games, the Packers have been able to win the Bears for eight times. Of twenty-five passes, Hundley was able to complete eighteen passes. However, during the match, Hundley has a tight hamstring. This helped the Packers had their eighth consecutive victory over the Chicago Bears. Apart from Rodgers and Brett Favre, Hundley has remained the first Green Bay starting quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears threw a career-high two hundred and ninety-seven yards while Hundley was sacked five times. Josh Bellamy was picked as No. 2 overall and had a forty-six-yard touchdown in the early 4th quarter. The Chicago Bears tried everything within their reach, but the Packers showed dominance in the game.

NFL 2017 Week 8: Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints Ingram completed with 99 yards from scrimmage, including 75 on the ground, but his two late bungles kept the Bears in the game until the last minutes. Kumara had 76 yards from scrimmage – 48 accepting. The Saints were undermining to score twice in the final quarter when the Bears stripped the ball from Ingram. Chicago changed over the main bumble into its exclusive touchdown with 3:43 to go on Tariku Cohen’s short jump over a heap of players at the objective line. The second turnover happened with somewhat more than two minutes left on the Bears 30, but Chicago was not able to get a first down as new kid on the block Mitchell Trubisky’s fourth-and-1 pass fell inadequate. Chicago had one more opportunity to tie after Will Lutz’s 49-yard field objective with 1:35 remaining, but a capture attempt by Saints new kid on the block cornerback Marsh on Baltimore finished that danger.

Trubisky finished 14 of 32 goes for 164 yards in his fourth begin for the Bears (3-5). Chicago’s Jordan Howard had 102 yards hurrying on 23 conveys. Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints had a TD toppled on video survey after Zach Miller’s 25-yard discover, amid which the tight end’s left leg twisted unnaturally as he landed. As Miller was hauled away the field with evidently genuine knee damage, authorities decided that replayed demonstrated the ground made the ball relax in Miller’s grip as his abdominal area collided with the turf – after his knee had given out. For the Bears, notwithstanding Miller’s knee damage, Chicago right protect Kyle Long left the game with hand damage. Cornerback Prince Amukamara had clear lower body damage in the second quarter but could stroll to the sideline individually and returned.

NFL 2017 Week 7: Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The Bears defensive line with the likes of Leonard Floyd and Roy Robertson were able to be somewhat effective at making sure Cam Newton’s passes were hurried, tipped and re-directed. Akeem Hicks is the player that seems to be making the largest improvement when it comes to adding pressure to a quarterback. Cam Newton was able to find Kelvin Benjamin during the game, but not within the key situations where the team appeared to be ready to score points, instead the team ended up turning the ball over.

The Panthers were able to able improve the defensive back situation on their roster during the offseason. The wideouts were largely kept at bay for the Bears, but the receivers were able to do some good run blocking where the likes of Jordan Howard were able to find success in this game. Can that last? It will take some significant game management skills from young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears will continue to utilize tight end Zach Miller in future games this season in order to make sure their young quarterback is able to stay comfortable, it is always difficult to know whether Miller will stay healthy or not.

NFL 2017 Week 6: Chicago Bears at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 15, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

With over 5 minutes to play, it happened that the Baltimore Ravens came from eleven points down and delayed the inevitable. A forty-yard field goal emanates from Connor Barth the Chicago Bears kicker with only over 2 minutes remaining in overtime. This made the Baltimore Ravens lose by 27-24 at M&T Bank Stadium. Even with additional return touchdowns, the Baltimore Ravens dropped to 3-3. This includes a seventy-seven-yard orchestrated by Michael Campanaro. With 1:37 to go, Nick Boyle’s 2 point conversion catch draw the march. With a fifty-three-yard run, Jordan Howard, Bears running back gave the match decisive points, after a break from a defensive action by Eric Weddle. The Ravens had one overtime possession after struggling all day offensively.

Every struggle of the Ravens did not bring them any goal yet. On Sunday, the Ravens allowed a key opportunity dropped from their hands. The mistakes from the Ravens enabled the Bears to arranged 2 scores. On three separate occasions, the Ravens turned the ball over. This helped Adrian Amos, a Baltimore native returned an interception at ninety-yards. The touchdown of Amos helped the Bears lead by a 24-13. The clear winner of the game is the Bears both offensively and defensively.

NFL 2017 Week 5: Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings on Monday, October 09, 8:30 PM, Soldier Field

The Minnesota Vikings (3-2) spoiled Mitchel Trubisky’s debut with 20-17 win over Chicago Bears (1-4). Prized Chicago quarterback Trubisky failed to shine as he Minnesota Vikings man Case Keenum helped his team to triumph. The Vikings away win revived their hopes after losing two out of three of their recent games. Trubisky who was called on after Glennon failed to deliver in the team’s first four games was 12 out of 25 in 128 yards and one touchdown.

Kai Forbath took advantage of Chicago Bears and kicked a field goal from 26 yards with 16 seconds of play. In the play Bradford couldn’t continue playing due to swelling and soreness he felt in his knee. Keenum substituted him with 25 seconds remaining in first half. He went 17 out of 21 in 140 yards and one touchdown. Jerick Mckinnon ran for 59 yards to a touchdown. The Vikings got another field goal after Everson’s strip-sack against Trubisky.

The Chicago had trailed behind 17-9 when they lined up against the Vikings ready to face them. They did what they does at best and after passes and calculated moves they were at 17 up with 12:24 time left to play. It was not over though when Forbarth changed things in the final seconds to give The Minnesota Vikings a win of 20-17 over the Chicago Bears.

NFL 2017 Week 4: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers on Thursday, September 28, 8:25 PM, Lambeau Field

It is evident that the Bears are practically into their season. While a slogan for the Bears may have emerged, the team may really be undisciplined and sloppy. This is one of the primary reasons why the team is to a 1-3 start. The Bears lost their game against the Packers at 35-14 in the last gameday. One amazing move of Mike Glennon puts almost 3 of the Bear’s first 5 possesses. Later in the third quarter, Mike added another turnover. While the head coach John Fox has not yet identified Mike for the hook of Mitch Trubisky, he is still doing well.

The game was filled with a dirty hit by Danny Trevathan against Devante Adams of the Packers. The game also unleashed a plethora of injuries and looks too messy. Before the first play of the second quarter, the match was stopped. This is because of lighting warning leading to interruptions. Fans were immediately taken off their seat because of sheets of rain blew through the environment. After the match started, it is clear that the Bears are behind the Packers with 14-0. From the inception, Green Bay took the lead.

NFL 2017 Week 3: Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, September 24, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

This game saw the Pittsburgh Steelers get humiliated and humbled by the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears seemed to have a well-calculated plan on how to deal with the opponent. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers also seemed to have well prepared for this match. The Chicago’s applied various tactics including, counter attacks, cutbacks, inside zone, and stretch play which delivered the win.

Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, and Benny Cunningham were the most visible and active players for the Chicago Bears side. These three had 289 of the 304 total offensive yards that Chicago Bears got in the match.

The game had some injuries where Ramon Foster of Pittsburgh Steelers left the game with a thumb injury and his teammate Sean Davis who suffered an ankle injury.

Pittsburgh Steelers have won their two previous games in the NFL, so it was thought that they were in good form and they would also get a win from this match. However, they were very much disappointed with the loss. The extra time score from Jordan Howard sealed the win for Chicago Bears with the final score being 23-17.

NFL 2017 Week 2: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

As for Chicago Bears, their match against Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a one-sided affair. The side from Chicago lost 29-7. The Bucs were dominant from the first whistle to the last. They obliterated the Bears in the first half. In the second half, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cooled off a bit after realizing that Chicago Bears could not get back into the game. The situation might have been different for the Bears if only Mike Glennon hadn’t played poorly. Glennon was responsible for turning the ball over several times in the first half. Tampa Bay Buccaneers failed to play their season opener in the first week because of the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

Failure to play in the first week didn’t make the Bucs any lethargic though. They were strong in all areas. Their display in the match against Chicago Bears has already seen many analysts refer to them as potential contenders for this year’s Super Bowl. The impressive performance by the Bucs was due to many factors – including Jameis Winston, their quarterback. Against the Bears, the Bucs put on a powerful defensive show. Their opponents were also unable to match the offensive play they displayed on the day. At the moment, Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem almost unstoppable.

NFL 2017 Week 1: Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

It’s open season games and the Atlanta Falcon met Chicago Bears at Chicago home ground Soldier Field. The NFC champions Atlanta Falcon held the game to beat Chicago Bears 23-17 in the opening season game. Matt Ryan delivered an 88-yard touchdown to Austin Hooper and the Falcons led the scoring drives for two fourth-quarter. Despite their previous epic super Bowl fall against New England, they survived the Bears however the Bears had several chances to score a touchdown but failed to in the final moments of the game. The Bears had their first down at the Atlanta in the closing minutes. Glennon’s pass to Josh Bellamy on first down hit Bellamy’s hands, and Jordan Howard dropped an easy catch at the 1. After another fail on third down, Glennon got mound by Brooks Reed ending the drive.

Bears went 75 yards with Glennon hitting Tarik Cohen a 19-yard touchdown to cut 20-17. Atlanta’s Matt Bryant responded with a 37-yard score making it 23-17 with almost three minutes left. Hooper two catches on his name for 128 yards. Jones had 66 yards receiving and Bryant had three goals. Cohen made a spectacular debut with 66 yards ran and 47 receiving. He helped set up Howard’s 4 yards touchdown towards the end of the game. RB Benny Cunningham Jr hurt his ankle when blocking a pass early second quarter. LG Kyle Long – coming from ankle surgery and was inactive. Former Falcon Tom Compton started in his position.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 4: Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns on Thursday, August 31, 8:00 PM, Soldier Field

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Chicago Bears by a score of 25-0 in Chicago in the final preseason game for both teams. Both teams gave most of their starters a rest, playing mostly backups and long shots to make the team. Both teams began slowly on offense, unable to string together a drive to put point on the board. Cleveland finally started the scoring in the 2nd quarter, as quarterback Cody Kessler found undrafted rookie wide receiver Rannell Hall for a 27 yard touchdown pass. That would be the only points of the half, as Cleveland went into halftime up 7-0.

Cleveland extended their lead in the 3rd quarter with a Zane Gonzalez field goal, and then further widened the margin when Bears quarterback Connor Shaw was sacked in the end zone for a safely. The Browns then took the ball and promptly scored again, this time on a 51 yard touchdown pass from Kevin Hogan to second year tight end Randall Telfer. Early in the 4th quarter, Cleveland further separated themselves from the Bears with yet another Kevin Hogan touchdown pass, this time to undrafted rookie Jordan Leslie. Gonzalez missed the extra point, but the 25-0 score would hold, giving the Browns the victory.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 3: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, August 27, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Chicago Bears defeated the Tennessee Titans in Tennessee by a score of 19-7 in he third preseason game for both teams. The Bears started strongly in the first quarter, with embattled starting quarterback Mike Glennon leading a long touchdown drive capped off by a 1 yard touchdown pass to tight end Dion Sims. The Bears extended their lead in the second quarter when they blocked a Tennessee punt attempt, resulting in a safety and making the score 9-0. Chicago added a Connor Barth field goal, and went into halftime leading the Titans by a 12-0 score.

The third quarter saw no scoring, as neither team managed to extend a lengthy drive for much of the quarter. But toward the end of the third quarter, third year quarterback Marcus Mariota led the Titans on a scoring drive finished off by a 3 yard touchdown pass to running back Derrick Henry. The Bears responded with a touchdown drive of their own, featuring the biggest play of the game, as number two overall pick quarterback Mitchell Trubisky hit rookie wide receiver Tanner Gentry on a 45 yard touchdown pass to extend Chicago’s lead back to 12. This would prove to be the final score, as Chicago prevailed over the Titans 19-7.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 2: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, August 19, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Chicago Bears narrowly defeated the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 24-23 in Arizona in the second preseason game for both teams. In the first quarter, neither team moved the ball terribly effectively, though Bears rookie running back Tariq Cohen showed a flash or two. The Bears took the lead on a 42 yard field goal by Connor Barth. Both offenses got on track in the second quarter, with Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer throwing a touchdown to tight end Jermaine Gresham and Bears quarterback Mike Glennon finding wideout Kendall Wright in the end zone. At the very end of the half, the Cardinals lined up for a 63 yard field goal, which kicker Phil Dawson left short, allowing Deonte Thompson of the Bears to run the missed field goal back 108 yards for a touchdown as time expired. Chicago went into the locker room leading 17-7.

In the third quarter, Arizona answered with second string quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s 4 yard touchdown run, to make the game 17-14. But the Bears started the 4th quarter by scoring a touchdown of their own, with rookie first round draft pick Mitchell Trubisky finding receiver Benny Cunningham for a touchdown strike to make the lead 10 again. Arizona would get a 52 yard field goal and a touchdown, but their 2 point conversion attempt fell incomplete, giving Chicago the victory by 1.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 1: Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos on Thursday, August 10, 8:00 PM, Soldier Field

One look at the game where Denver Broncos played against Chicago Bears could leave you astonished. So many chances on each side were spectacular and the crowd really enjoyed. More precisely, the fans of Denver Broncos enjoyed much more, because their team won 24 to 17 against the Bears. Some crucial players definitely won the game and their presence was more than helpful for the Broncos. One of them is De’Angelo Henderson who had an amazing 41-yard run with a great touchdown.

His performance was the best in this game. Besides Henderson, other Broncos’ players like Orion Stewart and Shelby Harris were helpful for the team. They pushed the defensive line a little bit forward and that was the key point of this exciting win. On the other side, we have to mention Mitch Trubisky who was the main player for the Bears.

His spikes, drops and passes were really good, but not good enough to save the Bears from defeat. This time, the energy was on the side of the playful Denver Broncos. They simply showed more passion in crucial moments. More running, more passes and more touchdowns gave them the opportunity to celebrate at the end of the game.

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