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NFL Week 17: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 31, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams match was a lot of fun. The Rams were playing just because they had to play, as they didn’t have a chance of going to the playoffs or gaining division title over time. This a shame for this team, as c`est la vie. Mr. Mannion did start to show powerful performances, yet that is because he has not played the whole season. We have to understand this to understand what happened in the game.

The Falcons have now a playoff spot that they will truly enjoy this season. The Saturday night win was a great gift for this team, and they deserve every bit of it. The Falcons had to play in one of the most competitive divisions this year, yet that didn’t stop the team from getting what they wanted over time. The Falcons defeated their opponents close, and they did it with an amazing six-point average. The Falcons did an amazing job this season, and they didn’t have the outstanding offense that they enjoyed last season. However, the Falcons knew how to improve in terms of defense, and they did an amazing job at improving this aspect of their game.

NFL Week 16: San Francisco 49ers vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, December 24, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

San Francisco 49ers got another win whenthey hosted Jacksonville Jaguars in yet another entertaining NFL match. Thoughthey had a very strong defense and tried their best, the visitors couldn’tmatch the hosts’ techniques. Two touchdown passes and a run for a third scoreproved to be too much for the defense of the Jaguars as it allowed the 49ers toclinch a 44-33 victory. With successful 21 passes out of 30 by the second half,it was clear that 49ers were in the game to win it but the Jaguars weren’tgoing to lose without a proper fight.

As their frustration grew, the Jaguarsresorted to personal fouls and arguments on the sidelines that couldn’t gounnoticed. Three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown andtwo other touchdowns weren’t enough to give Jacksonville a win. Even though SanFrancisco had an early 16-0 lead, Jacksonville blocked one of their pointsreturning it for two, getting two more touchdowns and intercepting theiroppositions quarterback towards the end of the half leveling the score. Twoplayers for the Jaguar side suffered concussion and abdominal strain while oneplayer from the 49ers side got a stinger. Though the loss was painful for thevisitors, it still couldn’t steal their joy from winning the first divisiontitle that same day.

NFL Week 15: San Francisco 49ers vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 17, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Tennessee Titans were hoping to make a case to be considered a spoiler at the end of the season because they are no longer capable of winning the AFC South. However, the 49ers have been playing very well with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. They seem to have found their quarterback of the future, and they were able to stay with the Titans throughout this game. To be sure, Marcus Mariota played very well, but he was not good enough to put the Titans out in front for the whole game.

The Titans were able to take off some of the clock at the end of the game, but they left the 49ers a little over a minute to drive down the field and kick the game winning field goal. The 49ers have won yet another game with their new starter, and they are showing that their plan for rebuilding is working. They will not make the playoffs this season, but they will certainly be a threat in the future. The Titans, on the other hand, should have been better. The Steelers and Patriots could meet again in the playoffs, and that is a very interesting thing to behold. Will the game be just as good if it is played in January?

NFL Week 14: San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans on Sunday, December 10, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

With Years of struggling with the quarterback position, San Francisco 49ers have finally found their future. Jimmy Garoppolo in his 49ers starts is now 2-0 with his team beating the Texans 26-16.

Jimmy, who was acquired from New England, finished 20 of 33 with 334 yards and a touchdown. Though it was team of youngsters several exceptional performances aided jimmy to his 2-0 included, wing receiver Marquise Goodwin who had 106 yards, running back Carlos Hyde who chipped 78 yards and scored and an overall solid performance on the offense by the team.

Texans receiver, De-Andre Hopkins had a nice performance catching 11 for 149 yards and had two touchdowns. T.J. Yates who came in for Tom Savage who had a concussion in the second quarter, threw for 176 yards plus two touch-downs. Yates had not appeared for a game since 2015 and had been signed after Deshaun Watson’s knee injury last month.

Injuries suffered were Houston’s Kendal Lamm who had a concussion and Tom Savage while the 49ers had their corner-back Akhello Winterspoon out with a knee injury and rookie receiver Victor Bolden with an ankle injury.

NFL Week 13: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

San Francisco 49ers beat Chicago Bears with the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s kicking a field goal at the dying minutes to put them up 15-14 over the Bears at Soldier Field. Jimmy attempted a total of 37 passes completing 26 of them for 293 yards. Garoppolo had only one interception and no touchdowns, but it wasn’t his fault. The 49ers did not find much room, averaging a total of 3.2 yards per carry as a team.

On the other hand, the Chicago Bears and quarterback Mitchel Trubisky played conservatively and he went 12 of 15 for a total of 102 yards, and one touchdown. However, he had no turnovers. The rightback Jordan Howard was under pressure, rushing only 38 yards on 13 carries. When the San Francisco 49ers needed plays, Jimmy made them. He was 8 out of 16 on third down conversions. Kyle Juszczyk and Hyde picked the other two. Jimmy Garoppolo made the longest pass of the day, and it showed the San Francisco 49ers that he is totally different than everyone else who has been on the QB merry-go-round. One he is familiar with Shanahan and his offense, there is no telling exactly what he can do.

NFL Week 12: San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 26, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

When Seattle Seahawks crushed the San Francisco 49ers, QB Russell Wilson and the team’s five offensive linemen made a play for all 67 offensive snaps. This game marked the first time Ethan Pocic played as a right guard and also the first time Duane Brown played alongside Luke Joeckel. This was the first time that Wilson impressed in a game since 2015. Yes, he has been sucking at it!

Eddie Lacy made one of the largest workloads of this season, playing 52 percent of the snaps. Thomas Rawls made a play of one snap while J.D. McKissic played 43 percent only and got a start at running back.

Paul Richardson was the best Seattle receiver in this game making 84 percent play time. Doug Baldwin, Tyler Locket, and Tanner McEvoy made 79 percent, 69 percent, and 9 percent respectively. In spite of Tanner McEvoy playing only nine snaps, he caught two passes for 31 yards. He also made a 24-yarder that assisted to set up a touchdown in the third quarter.

NFL Week 10: San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants on Sunday, November 12, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

When the Giants faced the 49ers, no one was really expecting a very entertaining game together the two teams merge for a combined 1-16 record which is just awful. The Giants have been horrendous and they just look even worse after coming of another loss this time to the previous winless 49ers, the final result was 31-21. However there were some positives out of the game, rookie quarterback C.J Beathard has now made history by completing two 45 plus yards touchdown passes, and it was also C.J’s first time multi-touchdown game.

Even though it was a great game for the rookie, the game in itself was nothing amazing. And most people weren’t probably expecting the game of the year to come out of two teams that had a combined 1 win for the season so far. The only positive for the Giants now is that they inch closer to that first round 2018 draft pick, which after all canbe looked at as a positive from this loss to the 49ers.

NFL Week 9: San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 05, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

Adrian Peterson received constant questions from Bruce Arians if a breather is important. In most of the instances, Peterson will respond that he did not need a breather. The shock that Coach Bruce saw was that Adrian carried the ball for a long time than anyone in this category can do. Peterson moved the ball for one hundred and fifty-nine yards and thirty-seven rushes. This help to lead the Cardinals to a 20-10 win over the 49ers during the Sunday match. In his 3rd match, Adrian Peterson has ten more carries with the Cardinals than the former club called New Orleans.

Adrian has taken some time to post his performance with carrying the ball in the same category of the 30s. The truth is that the young lad beat the mark with one hundred yards in the 2nd time since he arrived in the new team. With the 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo proved himself to be a spectacular player. Jimmy emanates from the New England to operate as the quarterback of the 49ers. While having too much experience with the offense, Jimmy was not ready to play. In the match against the Cardinals, Jimmy dressed up as CJ Beathard’s backup and took part in pregame warm-ups. Jimmy checked out pictures and listened to the play calls.

NFL Week 8: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The San Francisco 49ers who faced the Philadelphia Eagles hoping to have their first win in the NFL season faced a humiliating 33-10 defeat. This brought the Eagles to 7-1 record in the 2017 NFL regular season. Leading the Eagles was the Eagles were their tight end Zach Ertz, wide receiver Ashlon Jeffery and quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz gave the team two touchdown passes; 1 yard pass to Zach Ertz and 53-yard pass to Ashlon Jeffery. He finished the game with 18 of 32 for 211 yards with one interception. Another touchdown pass was by C.L Beathard who threw a 21-yard pass to Matt Brendan to help the 49ers try to redeem their name.

He finished with 17 of 36 for 167 yards and two interceptions. This however was not enough to give them a win as the Eagles defense was unrelenting. 6 of the 49ers’ first possessions were punted. Wentz’s six touchdowns in a season made history for the franchise but that was not the only history recorded on the day. Josh Elliot, the Eagles rookie, scored a field goal over 51-yard distance. This was his fifth field goal of 50-yards plus.

NFL Week 7: San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 22, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the San Francisco 49ers 40 to 10 in a game that they surely needed to right the teams unbalanced season. Coming into the game, there was uncertainty about the status of Cowboy’s running back Ezekiel Elliot as he faces suspension over domestic violence issues. He was granted a second temporary stay of his suspension which made him available for the game with the 49ers. Elliot, to his credit, made the most of his opportunity and provided a huge boost to the Cowboys in route to their victory. Elliot gained 147 yards on the ground in 22 carries and amassed a career high 219 total yards from scrimmage to go along with 3 touchdowns. The victory for the Cowboys puts them back on even footing at 3-3 for the season and leaves them tied with the Washington Redskins for second place in the NFC East.

The 49ers fell to 0-7 with the loss as they introduced rookie quarter C.J. Beathard to the starting line-up. The rookie quarterback had impressive numbers for his first outing. He completed 22 passes on 37 attempts for 235 yards. He was pressured greatly most of the day resulting in 5 sacks. Beathard also had two fumbles on the day, one which stalled an good drive to the Cowboy’s five yard line. The young quarterback didn’t get his team into the end zone until late into the fourth quarter when the game was all but over.

NFL Week 6: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 15, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The San Fransisco 49ers woes continued after they were beaten by the Washington Redskins in a 24-26 thriller. San Fransisco has lost its fifth time in a row as by three points or fewer as Kirk Cousins blazes Washington Redskins victory. Cousins made a few touch downs and passes and the defense had its way with the San Fransisco’s, limiting them to just 32 yards in the first quarter-and-a-half-of -play. Nothing comes easy for sure and the Redskins had to look for victory in every sort of way as the 49ers only came up to be a shot away from their quest of victory.

In the second and third quarters the Washington’s offense stumbled, turning the ball over more than once.San Fransisco scored another 10 clear points to tie the game on another Hyde 1-run with almost 4 seconds left in the quarter.But Washington regrouped early in the fourth quarter, going a 72-yard drive that ended up in 21-yard field goal.The game was a hard one and the 49ers showed a worth-it fight before loosing closely to their opponents who barely managed to hold on to the close margin win.

NFL Week 5: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 08, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

Also, the game that was played in this round was by Indianapolis Colts vs San Francisco 49ers. Game finished with 26-23 after the extra time for Indianapolis Colts. The regular result was a draw 23-23. Episcopal Indianapolis Colts before this match was in the first and lost in the second and fourth rounds from the Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, while in the third round they beat Cleveland Brown. The San Francisco 49ers lost the previous four rounds of the Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals.

In the mutual ratio, the more successful team is Indianapolis Colts. The first quarter ended with a score of 3: 3. Point for Indianapolis Colts was scored by Vinatieri A. (Field Goal) and the San Francisco 49ers goal was scored by Gould R. (Field goal). The other quarter finished with the same score of 3-3. Point for Indianapolis Colts was scored by Vinatieri A. (Field Goal) for San Francisco 49ers points scored by Gould R. (Field goal). The third quarter was scored by Indianapolis Colts with a score of 10-0. The points were scored by Vinatieri A. (Field Goal), Mack M. (Touchdown – Run) and Vinatieri Ak. (Extra Point ). The fourth quarter ended 7-17 for San Francisco 49ers and played extra time. In extra time, the better team was Indianapolis Colts with a score of 3: 0. Point was scored by Vinatieri A. (Field Goal). The Indianapolis Colts are in 14th place and the team of San Francisco 49ers is in the 15th place in its group.

NFL Week 4: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 01, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

This was probably the worst game for the 49ers. Being the favourites at the start of the match, they lost to the Cardinals 18-15. More disheartening was the fact that they did not allow a single touchdown until the final play. But it was just fate that dictated the events because even after Robbie Gould’s outstanding field goal which took the 49ers in the lead, they lost to the Arizona Cardinals. Though the 49ers have now lost to the Cardinals five times in a row, they could have easily won this one.

The Arizona Cardinals looked a little out of place when they started the match trailing the 49ers 12-15 with only 2:24 remaining in overtime. However, the redeemer for the Cardinals would be in the form of Andre Ellington who nearly got a touchdown. There must be something about playing in your home ground that brings about some magic. The overtime finished with an Arizona Cardinals win. Though it was an ugly afternoon, it turned out be one of the greatest wins for the Cardinals.

There was only one touchdown throughout the game and it happened with 32 seconds left in overtime. Needless to say, the touchdown was done by Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. He is perhaps the greatest cardinal that ever walked. The other Cardinal worth the money is Phil Dawson. He was just remarkable at the match.

NFL Week 3: San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams on Thursday, September 21, 8:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The 49ers offense received the ball to begin the match for the first this reason. From scrimmage, Brian Hoyer threw an interception on the first play by Nickell Robey. For three-yard line, the cornerback of the Rams sends it back to the opponent. On the upcoming action, Todd speeds up to place the Rams up early 7-0. For the second time in the first quarter, Gurley located the end zone, which remains a seven-yard touchdown pass to render the Rams from the top. To make the Rams live above by 17-7, Zuerlein drilled the forty-eight-yarder well.

From the thirty-six yards, Robbie Gould remains great to make it 17-10 Rams. To put the Francisco closer 17-13, Gould drilled a forty-eight-yard field goal. Goff strikes Watkins on a quick slant after stuffing Gurley twice for a one-yard touchdown to make the Rams stay above at 34-20. At the end of the half in double coverage, Goodwin hauled in a fifty-yard bomb to get the 49ers back into Rams area within a twenty-five-yard line. The Rams hold on 41-39 at the end of the game. On the season, Francisco is now 0-3 in total. The match remains a fantastic game.

NFL Week 2: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 17, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The match was between San Francisco 49ers against Seattle Seahawks, which was played at CenturyLink Field kicked off at exactly 1:25 PM. Before this time, the fans were already seated and settled, waiting for the kickoff time for the match. The ticketing of these fans was being processed by TicketCity, which has been selling tickets for all NFL fans for the last 20 years. This was the week two for the NFL game schedule.

The two teams combined had 14 quarters without a touchdown in this season, until the Seahawks finally made it. Russell Wilson who was playing for Seattle Seahawks, was the man of the match as he made the San Francisco players go through a bit of hell inside the field. Wilson was both erratic and magical throughout the game. He was 23 of 39 passing for 198 yards. He then rushed for another 34 yards.

Unfortunately one of the Seattle Seahawks players had a dislocated right ring finger in the first quarter of the game. The player by the name Richardson had his finger put back into place and he got back into play and enabled the Seattle Seahawks to overcome the San Francisco 49ers.

The game ended with San Francisco 49ers at 9 while Seattle Seahawks won with 12. The San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was completely disappointed with the outcome of the match since he never expected that he would be defeated by the Seattle Seahawks.

NFL Week 1: San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 10, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Carolina Panthers have successfully steamrolled over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, September 10. With a score of 23-3, the Panthers ran away with the game. This isn’t surprising considering Kyle Shanahan had just made his debut as the San Francisco 49ers head coach in this season opener with a completely new team. He was also up against the Super Bowl 50 finalists and the 2015 MVP quarterback, Cam Newton, so winning was never going to be an easy feat.

Newton, however, was not at the top of his game and seemed to be unfocused during the first half, which might have made it easier for the Panthers if not for the incredible offensive line. Newton got his groove back in the second half and carried the Panthers to a win. All-in-all, the Panthers seemed to be a much stronger unit than the 49ers, each player doing his part to secure a victory, while the 49ers never fully meshed as a team. However, this devastating loss is not the end for San Francisco or Shanahan. He can still learn to utilize his team to the best of their abilities in this week’s game against the Seahawks. He’ll need to focus on creating a strong offense against another great team’s defense.

NFL Preseason Week 4: San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday, August 31, 10:00 PM, Levis Stadium

On the night of Thursday 31st August, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Los Angeles Chargers 23-13 at the Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California. The highlight of the match was a surprising 62-yard touchdown run by 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard. The 49ers targeted him as the player they wanted in the NFL draft due to his experience as a pocket passer. He proved that he can also do some damage using his legs. Beathard was drafted by the Niners in the third round, and he went on to justify the move by recording a 107.7 passer rating during the pre-season. The run is probably his most memorable play so far.

The way Beathard has been playing this pre-season has been the bright spot for the Niners. He has even outperformed veteran Matt Barkey, and is likely to go into the season as a backup for Brian Hoyer. He has the potential to even become a starter as the season progresses. The Los Angeles Chargers used this final pre-season game to access their third-string quarterback. Cardale Jones managed to start while backup Kellen Clemens and Phillip Rivers were rested. Jones finished the game 14-for-19 for 134 yards, and led the team to a field goal in first-half drives.

NFL Preseason Week 3: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, August 27, 8:00 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings triumphed against the San Francisco 49ers earning themselves a preseason win. Sam Bradford managed to make 21 attempts, out of which 17 were successful. Overall, the team’s quarterback managed to remain sharp and alert. In fact, he was the only good thing worth writing home about. However, his receiver, Stefon Diggs appeared a little relaxed. Despite the win, their overall performance in the game can only be regarded as terrible. It is clear that the Minnesota team still had issues observed in 2016 that were yet to be resolved.

While their offensive tried to push through the game, it is clear that they were still struggling at their best. There was an apparent lack of unity. It was also obvious that the 49ers were more physically fit that the Vikings. The Minnesota team was still trailing far behind at a 14-0 during the game’s half. Right from the game’s start, it became clear that that the Vikings were fraught. As they faced off against the tough Kyle Shanahan offense, their defense was unimpressive. They easily gave up 14 points. The 49ers Brian Hoyer practically matched down the field undeterred. Marquis Goodwin also managed to score a 46-yard touchdown.

NFL Preseason Week 2: San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos on Saturday, August 19, 10:00 PM, Levis Stadium

The Denver Broncos defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 33-14 in San Francisco in the second preseason game for both teams. Denver struck first, with running back C.J. Anderson running in a 1 yard touchdown to put the Broncos up 7-0 in the first quarter. The Broncos continued to build their lead in the second quarter, first with a Brandon McManus field goals, then with a 19 pass by quarterback Trevor Siemian to wide receiver Jordan Taylor to make the score 20-0. Meanwhile, the 49ers under quarterback Brian Hoyer were unable to score any points, in part because of a Hoyer interception. Going into halftime, the 49ers had been held scoreless.

The 49ers got on the scoreboard with the first drive of the half, as rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard found a fellow rookie, tight end George Kittle for a 29 yard touchdown reception. Denver answered back with another McManus field goal to extend their lead to 23-7. The fourth quarter saw the Broncoes score again via yet another McManus field goal, followed by a 20 yard touchdown run by running back Juwan Thompson to put the game all but out of reach. A rare bright spot for the 49ers was undrafted rookie return man Victor Boldin Jr. taking the ensuing kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown. However, that was the last scoring in the game, and the final score was 33-14 in favor of the Broncos.

NFL Preseason Week 1: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs on Friday, August 11, 9:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

San Francisco 49ers went home with a 27-17 win against Kansas City Chiefs. The scores not withstanding, the Chiefs were glad with Patrick Mohames. The first-round rookie quarterback made impressive touchdowns. It was not much of a rude shock. There had been high expectations on him and he delivered to impress a lot of people.

The Chiefs started off with an offensive with Alex Smith completing a deep ball from 32 yards to Tyreek Hill. Eric Reid committed a foul after a scramble with Smith that gave Kansas City an advantage as they moved the ball to the end of the field but then Ruben Foster almost had it until the ball slipped from his hands. Spencer Ware made a 2 yard touchdown for Kansas City at 11:38

The 49ers lost two chances to make it off field on third down. Jimmie ward who suffered an injury was replaced by Lorenzo Foster while Dontae Johnson filled in for Keith Reaser. The bad news of the day was the announcement that DeForest Buckner is down with an ankle injury. Matt Maiocco announced that it didn’t appear serious but he is sidelined for the moment.

San Francisco 49ers NFL season 2016 recap

To be honest, this last season wasn’t that good for the San Francisco 49ers at all. Or to tell it even clearer, this season was one of the worst in their history. 49ers can only be happy with the season finally getting over and they must turn their heads and minds to the next one. They can be only better than this one. This season was their 67th in the National Football League and their 3rd to play on new Levi’s Stadium. In this season, San Francisco 49ers finished at 2-14 summary which is quite a disaster for them.

At their home stadium, they had the record of 1 wins and 7 losses which aren’t good at all. When it comes to the points, you must know that they’ve scored 309 points and received 480 points which are great difference which resulted in bad season as it is. They’ve finished the season in 4th place in NFC West division and of course, they haven’t qualified for the playoffs. As a result, most of the players will be released as free agents and latest news about San Francisco 49ers tells us that they’ve fired their head coach Chip Kelly and general manager Trent Baalke. We can just hope to see brighter future for the 49ers.

NFL Week 17: San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, January 01, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Seattle Seahawks came into Sunday’s game as favorites (9-5-1), but the tables nearly turned, as San Francisco 49ers (2-13), who entered the game in 29th position for total offence, gave them a real run for their money.

For their opening possession, the 49ers fumbled, but for the next two attempts, the story was far from the same, as they navigated 75 and 80 yards, to take a shocking 14-3 lead. Although the Seahawks were able to stop the 49ers for the next 7 straight plays, the 49ers were still able to squeeze out another touchdown, to make the game even more exciting.

The major turning point that brought favour to the side of the Seahawks, came in the two middle quarters, as the resolute defensive efforts kept the 49ers at bay, while affording more room for Seahawks’ attack. Bobby Wagner played an important role in that solid defense, with 12 tackles, a defensed pass, two sacks and a fumble recovery.

The Seahawks eventually began putting major points on the board including a second-quarter touchdown, from a 42-yard pass caught by Jimmy Graham. Luke Wilson also enjoyed 3 catches, which included a touchdown reception of 11 yards. Brandon Williams was also not left out of the action, as he pulled off a 20-yard catch with a scintillating diving effort on the sideline.

However, the Seahawks still have some serious work to do, if they will succeed in improving their form and record substantially, but a win against the 49ers is a step in the right direction.

NFL Week 16: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, December 24, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

An un-wanting ordeal was witnessed at Los Angeles Rams when San Francisco 49ers endured their hyped game against Los Angeles Rams. They had the potential to easily tank the game so as to leapfrog the Cleveland Browns. San Francisco 49ers’ players played for pride after winning the fourth Quarter, which saw them come from behind to victory 22-21.

49ers’ head coach, Chip Kelly had a vision on how to win the game. He opted going for the two-point conversion and not kicking the extra touchdown points. Yes, this worked. Collin Kaepernick made the 10-yard throw touchdown perfectly well with just 31 seconds remaining. This made them scramble for a 2-point go-ahead conversion making the team to overcome the 14-point deficit. Fortunately, this gave the team what they needed.

They comfortably won a 13 game defeat streak, which no one saw coming. If it were not Kaepernick’s efforts, things could be opposite. He rolled his right while looking for a receiver before perfectly tucking the ball, to barrel it into the end zone. This gave 49ers a sweep into the renewal of the Rivalry state between them and the Rams. On a slant pattern, Kaepernick capped a 10-play, and 73-yard drive, to easily make 22-21, and that was a win for them.

NFL Week 15: San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 18, 4:05 PM, Georgia Dome

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a huge defeat from Atlanta Falcon 49-13 which was a big disappointment for the team as well as its fans. The 49ers didn’t score a single goal in the second half, which was not much of a surprise to anyone as this has been happening from 3 consecutive games.But they need to change this as soon as possible to make the their fans happy.

Colin Kapernick of 49ers could only manage 40 passing yards in the second half. Quinton Patton had to leave the game in the first half due to a foot injury whereas Blake Bell got hurt while he was making a yard catch. Carlos Hyde ran for 71 yards in total, of which 43 yards were passed in the first half.

San Francisco 49rs at Atlanta Falcons saw once again a terrible performance by the 49ers.The 49ers would be rightly disappointed as their losing streak increased to 13 with this loss. The defense of the team plagued with injuries, allowed the Falcons to pass 550 yards. The coaching of 49ers by Trent Baalke was a big letdown too as he failed to make use of his best players effectively. Neither the defense nor the offense part of the team made a positive impression and the performance of the tea was really subpar.

NFL Week 14: San Francisco 49ers vs New York Jets on Sunday, December 11, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

New York Jets came from a 14-0 beating in the first quarter to defeat the 49ers 23-17. The 49ers needed this win badly to cut their no-win stream. This is how the game unfolded….In the 1st quarter, Jimmie Ward’s attempt to intercept Bryce Petty put the 49ers in awesome field position at Jet’s 7 yard line. New York’s first hostile snap brought about San Francisco’s first interference of the season by a 49ers cornerback. The 49ers lead 14-0 toward by the end of the first quarter. The 49ers grabbed 10 first downs in the opening quarter, while the Jets had one.

Later in the dying minutes of the game…the Newyorks tied the game at 17 with a 50-yard Folk field-goal.

The 49ers went threeandout and Bradley Pinion’s punt back to New York went for 40 yards. New York has enough time for a couple of profound shots from their own particular 32-yard line. The Jets were not able get this show on the road the ball down the field, and this forced the game to go on additional time.

In the overtime, Pettyt simply passed through to one side and by one means or another could find Anderson down the field for a hop ball finish. The 26-yard pick up put the Jets in field-goal range with 10 minutes remaining in additional time. It was all joy when New York drove down and won with a 19-yard Powell touchdown run in the dying minutes of the extra time.

NFL Week 13: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The 49ers were the first to get the ball and start the game and in no time, they secured a penalty but had nothing to show for it. They again try to surge but were easily put away by the 49ers when Kaepernick got sacked again. The game appeared more of a defensive struggle in the first half as no side showed serious intentions of scoring a point.

In the second quarter, Draughn succeeded in blocking the Bears pint and Dontae Johnson scooped it then made for the end zone but San Francisco was flagged for celebrating the play, thus making them back up 15 yards. Eventually, Phil Dawson struck a thunderous 31-yard field goal to put the San Francisco ahead 3-0. He would later follow through with another 28-yard strike to put his team ahead 6-0.

However, Chicago responded before halftime through skillful displays by Meredith and Barkley to put his team ahead 7-6. Chicago offended again in the third quarter and his two chances put his team ahead 21-6. To seal the deal Leonard Floyd ensured his name was on the score sheet and the final score was 26-6 in favor of Chicago. The match meant the 49ers extended their losing streak to 11.

NFL Week 12: San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

Dolphins won for the 6th straight time beating the 49ers 31-24. Furthermore, they won fair and square by making an unequivocal play in the last dying game moments. The game started with a defensive snappy three and out. Colin Kaepernick exploited the energy and started walking the 49ers offense around the field quickly.

Tannehill started with a grip, 17-yard toss to J. Landry in the early minutes of the 2nd quarter . A 14-yard toss to K.Stills was a great movein the game. Miami seemed to have a touch-down on a blur course to Parker, yet the skilled wide-out couldn’t get his 2nd foot-down before his lower arm hit beyond the field of play.

Later, J. Ajayi found the end-zone in any case on a 2-yard rushed draw, 7-7. In the wake ball spiking, J. Kerley made a bazaar get on the correct sideline for a pickup of 18 yards. Ndamukong Suh handled Colin Kaepernick 2 yards shy of the objective line as time ran out, and the Miami Dolphins gave the 49ers a record tenth consecutive loss. Miami hung on for its 6th straight-win. The Dolphins still have the second-longest dynamic winning streak in the NFL behind just the Dallas Cowboys’ 10-game run. This denotes the eleventh time in 51 Dolphins seasons they’ve had a six-game winning streak.

NFL Week 11: San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots on Sunday, November 20, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The New England Patriots had a victory over San Francisco 49ers 30-17 on Sunday. For the first score of the game, Edelman caught a four yard touchdown pass. He finished off with eight catches for 77 yards and Mitchell with four catches for 98 yards. Tom Brady scored four touchdowns and threw for 280 yards. At the start of the fourth quarter, Brady found Danny Amendola for a 5-yard touchdown, then, for his fourth touchdown pass, hit Malcolm Mitchell on a 56-yard score. It was a career high for Amendola by catching his fourth touchdown of 2016.

Kaepernick managed to bring to score to 13-10 from 1-10 by throwing an 18 yard touchdown pass to Vance McDonald late in the first half. To start the fourth quarter Brady found Amendola for a five-yard touchdown under pressure. Due to his knee injury back in 2008 Brady never got to play a game against the 49ers, but, it wasn’t until his 17th NFL season that he got his chance to shine in the big moment.

NFL Week 10: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 13, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

When a win is a must, then the players will do anything to win. It was the case with Arizona Cardinals in the match against San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. They simply could not afford to lose. The Arizona Cardinals coach said that if you do not win at home, you should consider it bad. Luckily for him, the team won in the interesting game full of intensity. The first halftime was on the side of the Cardinals (20-10), but the second half was surprising. Two turnovers happened out of the nothing and the 49ers scored 10 points. The audience was little bit shocked and Arizona expected to see the win of their team.

It was expected, but the win was not easy. During the last minutes, the Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd did a good reception of 26-yard and made the way to the opposite territory. Catanzaro did the important break-though and scored. The audience wished a performance that is a little bit more convincing from the Cardinals. It is their home ground and their public. Nevertheless, the final score 20-23 was an important win for Arizona Cardinals in the game where they could show a little bit more aggression and determination. At least their supporters expected it.

NFL Week 9: San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 06, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The New Orleans Saints thrashed an out of form San Francisco 49ers team on match day 9 on the road to better their record (4-4) and worsen the situation for the 49ers (1-7). While the matchup seemed to have less significance for both teams nationally, it was pretty significant as the Saints desperately needed to work their way back to the .500 mark and avoid falling further behind the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South standings.

In the intense game, the Saints managed to average 4.5 yards on each carrying 32 attempts with Ingram having made 11, 14 and 19-yard explosive runs. The Saints passing was equally straight forward and they managed 31 of 39 attempts, 23 of which Drew Bees connected. He remains among the league’s elite signal-callers this season posting a total QBR of at least 80 in five back-to-back games.

The 49ers were left at a precarious position (1-7) with opponents averaging 193.0 rushing yards against them per game, the worst in the NFL and remain on course to allow 3,008 yards this season.

San Francisco’s defensive linemen, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner did not quite impress in the game and 49ers defensive coordinator, Jim O’Neil pointed them out to line out tackling and getting off the blocks.

NFL Week 7: San Francisco 49ers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 23, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

Colin Kaepernick started his second game of the season, but he struggled all the way. He was only 16 for 34 and only threw for 143 yards. He also had two turnovers. He also took a knee again during the national anthem. Kaepernick has shown no signal that he can get back to the 2012/13 years where he lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship game.

Tampa bay scampered for 249 yards against the 49er defense which is allowing too many yards on the ground. They are set to surrender as many yards as the Patriots in 1981. Jameis Winston was a bright spot in the Tampa Bay offense as he threw for 269 yards and went 21 of 30. He also had three TD’s. Rodgers helped the offensive attack with 154 ground yards surpassing his 100 yard effort from last week, and the Bucs rolled over the 49ers 34-17.

Mike Evans had eight catches and 96 yards. He also had two touchdowns on the day. Tampa Bay fell down by 14 early but recover by scoring the next 27 points. They sealed the game when Peyton Barber went 44 yards for a touchdown, and brought their record to 3-3. They have won their last two and head into their bye week. Meanwhile, the 49ers fell to 1-6 on the season and collected their sixth loss in a row which matches their worst streak in over 8 years.

NFL Week 6: San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

What a remarkable run for Buffalo Bills. Before their game against San Francisco 49ers, they had recorded a three-game unbeaten run. Not only is it an unbeaten streak, but it is a winning one. They made it four wins out of four games by dismantling San Francisco 45-16 on Sunday, October 16.

Well, this is the first time Buffalo Bills have registered four wins in a row since the beginning of the 2008 season.

The Buffalo Bills win was orchestrated by the excellent work of LeSean McCoy. With 10:58 minutes left, LeSean put the Bills 31-16 up. He scored three times TDS. The first two scores he made were on 18-yard runs and finally scored the fourth on a 4-yard scamper.

In fact, McCoy was able to shook off what appeared like a frightening knee injury to his right knee. He made a total of 140 yards hastening.

On the other hand, Kaepernick made his first start for the 49ers in nearly a year. It was kind of an embarrassing day for him as he couldn’t stop the San Francisco being outshone by Bills. In fact, this was the fifth game they have lost so far. To make matters worse, they have lost back to back. Sadly, Kaepernick was booed as he kneeled during the national anthem. For him, he was delivering a message of protest against racial repression as well as police cruelty. Regardless of the defeat, Kaepernick was able to finish 13/29 for 187 yards.

McCoy said this at after the game, “To sit here and tell you that it didn’t affect me last year, I would be lying.” “It’s a whole year later.” He was referring to his move from Philadelphia to Buffalo.

The epitome of the defeat for the San Francisco was their porous defense. They gave up 312 yards. Due to this, they allowed Bills to score 21 points in a span of 7:02 minutes and blow the game open.

It was really a horrible day for the San Francisco 49ers. On the other hand, it was a joyous day for the Buffalo Bills, but specifically for LeSean McCoy.

NFL Week 5: San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals on Thursday, October 06, 8:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals made good use of the San Francisco 49ers’ myriad of mistakes to take home the win with a final score of 33-21 at Santa Clara. The Cardinals managed a total of 17 points from three turnovers, a fumbled kick-off return, and two solid interceptions by the big Blaine Gabbert.

The first quarter of action saw absolutely no action with the scores level at 0-0, providing the fans with very little to get excited about. The action picked up a little in the second quarter where both teams managed seven points each, giving both sets of fans something to ponder in the break. In the third quarter the Cardinals started to pull away with double the amount of points on the board compared to the 49ers. A stunt which they were only two points away from completing in the final quarter, thus sealing the 49ers’ fate for the night.

The main issue for the 49ers was according to their coach, Chip Kelly, that not one of his players performed as they should have in the offensive zone. The main point of concern was protecting the ball, which was something he said they did poorly. Another issue seemed to be the passing that was not up to scratch, and of course the multiple turnovers that led to 17 extra points for the Cardinals.

NFL Week 4: San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 02, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys win 24-17 against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday led by rookies Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott. The 49ers played straight on the offensive right away on the 1st quarter, overwhelming the Cowboys immediately with Blaine Gabbert’s incredible 33-yard pass to Jeremy Kerley who later scored a touchdown for the team.

The 49ers continue on this hype with Carlos Hyde scoring a touchdown, running 3 yards from Phil Dawson’s kick. But with less than 3 minutes remaining, the Cowboys stage their comeback with Terrence Williams scoring a touchdown from a magnificent pass made by Dark Prescott. And with just 12 seconds left into the 2nd quarter, Dak Prescott sends a 4-yard pass to Brice Butler which tied the game 14-14.

It was during the 2nd half of the game when the Cowboys went full throttle from Ezekiel Elliot’s touchdown that made them take the lead 21-17 and then after Dan Bailey extended the lead with his 22-yard try at a field goal, making it a 7-point game in the last 4 minutes of the game.

It was the lack of defense that may have cost the game for the 49ers, letting the Cowboys stage their retaliation late into the game. If the Cowboys play offensively like they did, they’re probably going to win more games with rookies Elliot and Prescott.

NFL Week 3: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 25, 4:05 PM, CenturyLink Field

San Francisco 49ers suffered a fifth straight loss at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, and the match was not even close as Seattle dominated and went ahead to win by 37 – 18. Seattle Seahawks entered the game wanting to score more than the 15 points they had so far gotten in the two games they had so far played this season, and the 49ers did little to make it difficult for them as Christine Michael tormented San Francisco’s right side’s defense easily and in the third quarter got a 41-yard touchdown.

Receiver Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham both had over 100 yards receiving during the first half. Wilson finished with a touchdown and with 243 yards enabling Seattle to finish with a total of 418 yards. For San Francisco, Blaine Gabbert was lacking form and Torrey Smith got off limping when there was still around 12 minutes of play left. San Francisco only managed 254 yards. After winning comfortably in week 1, the 49ers now look to be having a difficult season ahead of them as they are now already down 1 – 2 and have not won in Seattle since 2011.

NFL Week 2: San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers got the ball inside the twine at the 17 fourth points. Carolina Panthers Cam Newton came out with a 46-27 victory on Sunday recording new throws of 353 yards and 4 touchdowns in the week 2 victories for the Carolina Panthers. Kelvin Benjamin scored two after he has supported 108 yards on 7 interceptions.

The San Francisco 49ers Chip Kelly accepted the loss against the Panthers as he’s made several comments on different occasions. Meanwhile the San Francisco side accrued 6 penalties at s distance of 50 yards. These penalties were as a result of the faults at the defense side of the San Francisco side as they fumbled on the football miserably.

The bout was getting much fun when Blaine Gabbert made dual interceptions for the San Francisco side. Carlos Hyde was incomplete when a 34 yard long ball was smashed on 14 carries. Fozzy Whittaker on the Panther side frame worked a 100 yard shot on 16 carries after Jonathan had retained a hamstring.

San Francisco’s defense needed reinforcement and 4 switches were made instantly as the game was sojourning. Gabbert threw 243 yards, 2 descendants and scored on a single yard run in the 4th quarter.

Saving the heads for their side, Benjamin made some crucial saves in hard time. The interception was on 25 yards in length. The initial one came in during the third quarter. Jimmie Ward knocked the ball feebly but Benjamin managed to stretch out for it. Later in the game, Devin Funchess managed to get his hands to a 50-50 ball for 19 touchdowns.

NFL Week 1: San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams on Monday, September 12, 10:20 PM, Levis Stadium

San Francisco’s defense was more organized than Los Angeles’ line and the continuation of the all-California NFC West challenge showed to be undoubtedly one-sided. Hyde registered two scores for the team and the 49ers defense was outstanding, giving no chance to Gurley and the Rams ending with a 28-0 win that marked the first NFL huge loss for a Los Angeles team since 1994. Shaun Draughn also headed for a score and Vance McDonald scored from Blaine Gabbert’s touchdown pass to relief Chip Kelly with a first win in a perfect style. Keenum fought back but was repeatedly found off-target.

Kelly selected Gabbert as his first quarterback over Kaepernick because of his consistency during the course of offseason. That’s simply how Gabbert performed in the opening match, avoiding mistakes with no loss or blunders but making some big plays that went for over 20 yards. Aaron Donald, playing as Rams defensive linesman was suspended in the fourth quarter after clashing with an official.

The misconduct arose after Alec Ogletree push on Gabbert resulting from a scramble. After receiving a contract extension estimated to be worth $42 million, Tavon Austin won the ball five times on attack for only 15 yards. He managed to make 12 passes on his side for 13 yards and made 2 scores on an end-around.

NFL Preseason Week 4: San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers on Thursday, September 01, 10:00 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The final preseason NFL game between San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers saw the 49ers winning it in style against the Chargers. In a game where the coaches had to decide their best squad for the season, the match was even poised at times. But, in the end, the 49ers turned out to be far superior.

The first quarter was all about 9-yard pass play for the 49ers. They were able to pass without any major interceptions in the midfield. The first quarter was crucial for the 49ers because they managed to take a 6-0 lead early in the game. Rashard Robinson, the rookie from the 49ers impressed the coach a lot along with Shayne Skov and Michael Wilhoite. The second quarter was more of an even game with the home team getting a slender lead of 7-6. Phil Dawson scored an amazing 32-yard field goal just on the brink of half time.

The third and last quarter belong completely to the 49ers. Robinson, Blake Bell and Adrian McDonald intercepted any fruitful pass of the Rangers and soon they were leading the game 21-9. The Rangers could not make up for the points in the last quarter. There were many notable performances from the rookie players in the game and both the coaches would be happy to see the upcoming players making a mark in such crucial games.

NFL Preseason Week 3: San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers on Friday, August 26, 10:00 PM, Levis Stadium

The Green Bay Packers game was a highly anticipated one. There was a lot of speculation over the new quarterback who was making a debut for the first time in this match. The game however went well as the Quarterback; Jared Cook was able to develop the much needed chemistry. During the first series, the Packers seemed very fortunate. Quinton Patton was able to get past Sam Shields although he was overthrown by Gabbert. The 49ers were able to then score on their next possession. It was not a very good day for this first time defense team.

The 49ers Colin Kaepernick was tackled by Datone Jones who made a quick correct read on the false hand off. Datone is still on transition from the defense to being an outside linebacker. The players who were off the field during this match were Rodgers Limited and Bret Hundley. This made Joe Callahan to be the go to quarterback. He however was able to handle it very impressively as he threw good throws. Callahan at some point hit Geronimo Allison during a scramble which was not very impressive. Overall, the 49ers had only two drives which both resulted to a score. The Green Bay on the other hand had three drives all which ended up in touchdowns.

NFL Preseason Week 2: San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos on Saturday, August 20, 9:00 PM, Sports Authority Field

The San Francisco 49ers whooped the Denver Broncos in their game, with the score ending at 31-24 to the 49ers. Their coach, Gary Kubiak promised that Siemian would get his turn to start, and this promise was followed through with. He immediately led the team on an 86-yard sprint up the field, resulting in a great 19-yard touchdown from C.J Anderson!

This really was an exciting game to watch, it’s just unfortunately that it was a clear win for San Francisco 49ers. If the Denver Broncos focused on team work more, rather than just glory – they could’ve possibly won the game. It was a close game, with only 5 points in-between the two teams. It would’ve been a really exciting match if the Broncos focussed on a strategic playing strategy, making use of the full team rather than individual glory, either way – it was a great game. If you didn’t get the chance to see it, try to find a copy of the game online or find a re-run, it was one of the best games of football recently.

NFL Preseason Week 1: San Francisco 49ers vs Houston Texans on Sunday, August 14, 7:00 PM, Levis Stadium

Another big day for the NFL family was finally here with the big games played ever. Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers was down to show case new talent and ability to occur this season. On the preseason opener both teams were seen working harder and making that extra unique move so as they can remain on top of the game.

The 49ers lost to the Texans 24-13. This was just a small margin which may be closed if only they will work out a little extra. Things were expected to be much more complex for them especially now that they are getting in the new season with a new head coach. Chip Kelly is the new head coach for the team. He is an ex-Eagles coach. During his time with the Eagles he performed much better and the same strengths are expected in this season so as to push the 49ers to that next level. He has never missed the playoffs during his previous seasons with the Eagle, not until his last season there when he was fired. The teams performance in the first and second quarters is a clear show on the teams determination to get on top when the season begins.

San Francisco 49ers NFL season 2015 recap

The San Francisco 49ers have completed their 66th NFL season and like many teams, they have also been plagued with changes in their coaching staff and changes and players being dropped or traded. To say, the 49ers had a difficult year, would be an understatement.

Their game against the Cleveland Browns was testament of how bad things really were and it completely erased the great performance against Chicago in the preceding week. They allowed nine sacks on Blaine Gabbert, the quarterback and managed to only launch 127 yards offense against their opponents. They lost by a vey wide margin 24-10 against the Browns.

There has been a lot of excitement over the return of NaVorro Bowman to the team who is regarded as one of the best linebackers in the NFL but in this particular game the guy who made most of the moves that were good and not so good was Johnny Manziel but all in all, things just fell apart for the 49ers. The 49ers could have made the mistake of underestimating their opponents seeing that the Cleveland Browns made a dismal start to the season and continued to lose most of their games.

Isaiah Crowell made a 1 yard run to the end zone which put Brown in the lead in the first quarter, and then he did a 50-yard run, which Cleveland had not had all season to set up an early touchdown. Cleveland seemed to be on form with kicker Phil Dawson kicking a 44-yard field goal and getting a standing ovations from the fans.

NFL Week 17: San Francisco 49ers vs St. Louis Rams on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

Jim Tomsula delivered a win in what turned out to be his last game as coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It was a shocking turn of events as his firing was announced two hours after the game ended. After the game, Tomsula made it clear that he did not want it to be about the jeopardy of his job. He wanted it to be about the game his players had won and they deserve all the spotlight. Phil Dawson had the winning field goal 11:33 into overtime and it was also his fourth of the game.

Dawson’s winning field goal came after Donate Johnson blocked Greg Zuerlain’s 48 yard field goal attempt with still under 5 minutes to play. The game was close the entire time with neither team gaining an advantage as it headed into the extra session. The loss once again brings out rumors that the Rams are going to move to Los Angeles next year. In fact, some are saying that it is a matter of “when” and not “if” they are moving. The game has its fair share of casualties as the Rams’ Daren Bates suffered a knee injury. Both teams appear to be headed into an offseason of questions.

NFL Week 16: San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

This game was played on 27th December and the Lions became the winners with 32-17 over their opponents. The game began favorably for the 49ers after taking the opening kickoff and immediately recorded an offensive touchdown in the 1st quarter. This was their first time since December 2014. The 49ers were averaging 14.4 points they entered the game and had 265 yards, 16 first downs and 17 in the first half. However, the second half, they had 0 points, 57 yards and four first downs.

They had about 122 yards on twenty carries in the initial half. They however, had 3 carries for minus one yard in the last two quarters. The big problem was that they only possessed the ball at rare occasions. The 49ers had an offense in the filed for only 15 plays in the first twenty seven minutes in the second half as their opponents dominated ball possession. They scored drives of 8, 11 and 13 plays in total.

The tone of the game was established as soon as the game began. The 49ers started the second half with an 11-play, a drive of 64 yard play which netted a field goal and a massive lead of 23-17. 49ers kept on by running 4 plays and punting as they sought for a win. After the amazing match the Lions managed to defeat 49ers and went home with the winning record.

NFL Week 15: San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 20, 8:30 PM, Levis Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers committed four turnovers and lost for the fourth time in their last five games, falling to the Cincinnati Bengals 24-14. Perhaps the worst thing is that they were playing at home and they went into halftime trailing 21-0. The second half saw the 49ers scoring 14 points without reply but the damage had already been done and they could not salvage the game. Bruce Miller’s rushing touchdown was the first one in his career and it also sparked his team into trying to make a comeback only to fall short.

Even though the 49ers had some positive aspects in this game, it was not enough to win the game. One of the high points of their game was holding the first-place Bengals to just 242 net yards of offense but they failed to induce newbie Cincinnati quarterback A.J McCarron into throwing an interception. Another good thing that the 49ers did was that they played with lots of energy until the final whistle, unlike the other week when they faced Cleveland. The 49ers have the worst offense in the NFL and so they need to rely on their defense to win games. However, their performance in the first half was hard to watch and when the game resumed after the break, the already sparse crowd had thinned out to the level of friends and family.

NFL Week 14: San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Johnny Manziel shows that he is the man who should have been starting all year for the Browns, with this win. This is the Browns’s first win since early October. It does not make much sense why Manziel, who clearly makes the team better and everyone seems to want him playing, is played so rarely. It is a wonder he does not try to leave this team and find one that will play him. Both teams are at the bottoms of their respective divisions right now, so there does not seem to be much reason to be happy about a win from either team.

Johnny Manziel completed 21 of his 31 passes, throwing for 270 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He also rushed the ball seven times, moving the ball fifteen yards. Manziel has only started four games this year, but has played in seven games this year.

Blaine Gabbert completed eighteen passes of 28, throwing for 194 yards, throwing one touchdown, and no interceptions. He is starting for Colin Kaepernick (currently on injured reserve) who has been out for the last five games. They are currently 2-3 since Gabbert took over, but he has still doubled the amount of wins they had with Kaepernick.

Cleveland scored points in all four quarters, including touchdowns in the first, third, and fourth. They also scored a field goal in the second. They led at the half 10-3 and would score fourteen more in the second half, giving up only a touchdown in the fourth.

NFL Week 13: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

On December 6, 2015 the 49ers, as guest team pulled off a 26-20 overtime upset, leaving the Chicago Bears too surprised to react on the field or off in the margins.

It might have been a good game for the Bears if its kicker Robbie Gould didn’t missed a field goal that for sure it would’ve helped them to win the game. But the 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert, not a very good quarterback, throwing Torrey Smith a 71-yard touchdown that won the game, didn’t help the Bears at all.

Maybe it would’ve been better for the Bears not to underestimate Gabbert at focus more on him then on Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback he replaced. As Tomsula said, Gabbert listened and he really enjoyed the game.

The Bears seams to play a good and effective game, but all the effort of their quarterback Jay Cutler who completed 18 of 31 passes for 202 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception, couldn’t help them.

Even with Matt Forte’s rushing for 84 yards and a touchdown and Jeremy Langford adding 59 yards on 10 carries, the game in Chicago will mostly be remembered for the missed opportunity of the Bears to reach the playoffs.

Well Gould’s miss didn’t helped them too, but dreams are dreams.

NFL Week 12: San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 29, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The Cardinals have already entered the 12th week of the season with a divisional lead of five games over the 49ers; they fought throughout the 60 minute tough contest where the 49ers tries their level best in pushing the visitors to the extreme limits.

However, it was towards the end when some controversial penalties making way for the 14-play Arizona with the game-winning touchdown. The Cardinals at 49ers games was an interesting one where the 49ers lost to 3-3 at home with a 20-13 loss to the Cardinals on the 29th of November. The comeback chance of San Francisco feel short with Blaine Gabbert hitting Anquan Boldin for 18 yards on 4th and 20 close to midfield.

This loss resulted in the 49ers having their 6 games home winning line up snapped over Arizona. Blaine Gabbert had done the right job of completely avoiding pass rushes and minimizing mistakes in the first two starts.

The 49ers, considered worst team in NFC West could possibly use the big special teams play for toppling the Cardinals which are considered the best team in this division.

NFL Week 11: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 22, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Seattle Seahawks swept the San Francisco 49ers in a 29-13 win due in large part to the outstanding performance of rookie running back, Thomas Rawls, who ran for over 209 yards and scored two touchdowns. Rawls was replacing veteran Marshawn Lynch who was out with an injury. Rawls scored his first touchdown early in the game on the Seahawks’ third play at offense and seemed to set a tone that carried on consistently throughout the rest of the four quarters.

After a twenty point lead from the Seahawks, San Francisco was able to eventually put some points on the board with a touchdown and two field goal kicks but it was never enough to close the gap. Rawls wasn’t the only Seattle rookie that helped lead his team to victory as wide receiver, Tyler Lockett, scored two touchdowns one of which was done with a San Francisco defender literally hanging on to Lockett’s back as he ran it into the end zone. Thanks to their impressive victory over the 49ers the Seahawks might be able to clinch a playoff wildcard spot as their currently ranked second for the position, just behind the Atlanta Falcons.

NFL Week 9: San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, November 08, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers fought hard to overcome a gritty Atlanta Falcons side 17-16 in a very closely contested tie. But questions abound in many a fan’s mind: Is it possible that the Falcons under-rated the 49ers? Very possible. Before playing the 49ers, the Falcons had lost only three of their eight games, unlike the 49ers, who had lost a whooping six. It should be noted that this was their second loss in a row, having lost 20-23 to Buccaneers the previous weekend.

This must have been a demoralizing defeat. As for the 49ers, this is a very famous and pivotal victory that could become a turning point for their fortunes this season. Prior to playing the Falcons, they had lost six games, the most recent loss being the one to St Louis Rams, to whom they succumbed 6-27. It is amazing how they picked themselves up speedily to beat the 49ers.

Being their third victory, it could boost the morale in the team for their upcoming assignments, the next one being against the Seattle Seahawks. With two weeks of rest, they should be able to prepare well and conquer the Seahawks.

NFL Week 8: San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Rams recorded a 27-6 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The 49ers at Rams was an interesting game. Almost the end of the third quarter that is seven minutes to the end of that quarter the scoreboard was 6-20. The 2-5 49ers took on the 3-3 Rams. Moreover, Colin was seen struggling to catch up with the game.

The 49ers hardly had 21 yards into the third quarter. At that time, 49ers Patton was topping the receiving with 33 yards 2 catches, however no touchdowns. The game saw the 49ers with only 107 yards receiving, 14 catches, with no touchdowns as far as the third quarter was concerned.

The Rams had a stout defense. Actually, their defense has not permitted any touchdown in their last two games. Gurley registered 71-yard touchdown run. He even made some big plays on the 49ers. At some point of the game, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks anticipated going against Gurley. Nevertheless, maybe the results or the loss of 49ers was due to their (2-6) getting hard injuries. They lost Reggie Bush who was in for Carlos Hyde with a knee injury. Well that is just how NFL games are, they are unpredictable sometimes.

Both 49ers and Rams were called for 93 yards in penalties. Gurley made the 49ers sweat as he went untouched on his 71-yarder in the middle during the second quarter. 49ers defenders lost it as Gurley continued to make a mess when he picked up speed to pass to Jared Cook who made it 10-3.

NFL Week 7: San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, October 22, 8:25 PM, Levis Stadium

High flying defense and power running by Marshawn Lynch were enough to see the Seattle Seahawks thrash the 49ers 20-3 in a one sided match in the San Francisco’s side home field.

Russell Wilson was on song as he threw a 43 yard touchdown pass to Tyler Locket as the 1st half was winding up and Lynch also added a leaping one yard score to record a fourth straight win for the Seahawks against their bitter rivals.

There was an early scare for the Seahawks as Lynch was caught on camera vomiting after getting winded up during a busy opening drive but he was able to shake off the opening discomfort to produce 122 yards in the first half. Wilson made key plays while Collin Karpernick continued to struggle facing Seattle. Wilson was also sacked five time to increase his NFL leading total to 31 with a pair of interceptions.

With the game very one sided, the home fans left early prompting the 49ers CEO Jed York to apologize on twitter about dismal performance. Karpernick epitomized the 49ers difficult night with errant passes with even one of his passes hitting a 49ers staff member on the head.

The 49ers 55 yards in the first half were the least allowed by the Seattle defense in an opening half for more than 12 years showing how the 49ers lacked bite in their offensive half.

NFL Week 6: San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 18, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers ended a four game losing streak on Sunday with their win over the 1-5 Ravens. This game is a rematch of the Super Bowl from three seasons ago that the Ravens won. Phil Dawson kicked four field goals in the win.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed 33 passes on 53 attempts for 343 yards and 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. On the last play of the game, the Ravens had a chance to pull ahead, but a desperate pass from Flacco went incomplete, ending their hopes to win their second game.

Colin Kaepernick threw 2 touchdowns, no interceptions on 16 completions and 27 attempts for 340 yards in the win. One of his touchdowns was for 76 yards to Torrey Smith; it put San Francisco up 13-3 early in the second quarter. He also had 3 rushes for 10 yards.

In a battle of two underwhelming and last place teams, the 49ers outlast the Ravens, even after getting outscored 14-9 in the second half.

The Ravens have been losing games, but by a slim 14 points. Even their win against the Steelers was by a field goal. Whereas the 49ers have been outscored by 82 points in their four losses this season. Both teams are showing the different ways that you can lose games, either by close margins or by being blown out.

NFL Week 5: San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants on Sunday, October 11, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers lost their fourth consecutive game of the new season after merely losing to the New York Giants 27-30. The Giants on the other hand have won their last three consecutive games which places them at pole position in the NFC East standings. After losing three games in a row, the 49ers were deemed as the under dogs and the likely winners of this bout especially after making a memorable comeback in the third and fourth quarter. The damage was however done in the dying seconds of the game when Larry Donnell made a spectacular catch to beat two 49ers defenders to put the game to rest.

Carlos Hyde converted a 2-yard run with only 1:45 minutes left to give the 49ers a much needed lead in the final round. The attacking combination of Manning, Odell Beckham Jr and Donnell seemed too much for the 49ers defenders to withstand. Beckham played a great role in the first touchdown of the game when he made a 31 yard reception as well as a 15 yard catch which lead to a 17 yard score. Though he left the field of play with a hamstring injury, his contributions were enough to dent any hopes that the 49ers had.

NFL Week 4: San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 04, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Green Bay Packers continues their winning spree by putting a decisive loss on San Francisco 49ers with a huge margin of 17-3 at Levi’s Stadium on 5th October. Judging from their previous wins of the season, it came as unsurprising. On top of the cake, this win marks their fourth decisive victory over the 49ers.

Looking aggressive and revengeful, the Packers defense and Clay Matthew gave their fullest to contain the 49ers’ quarterback Collin Kaepernick who had trolled them in the same way in previous matches. The run down was powerful and delightful. With their powerful run defense line, the Packers proved again that if they concentrate on this front, there can be no other winners. As seen in their recent matches, the run defense line in this one was also strong enough to penetrate and then disrupt the opponent’s formation.

As long as Packers have Aaron Rodgers, there can expect to be on the safe and winning side. The besty quarterback makes everything easy for Packers.

The Packers defense line seems to be focused on playing with raw emotions than cool practicality and if they continued their winning streak in the same manner, they will soon become a team to be feared not in just NFC but the whole league.

NFL Week 3: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 27, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals are starting the season strong by rolling over teams this year. This game was over quick, Arizona scored a quick 14 points. At halftime, the score was 31-7. Arizona quarterback, Carson Palmer, threw for 311 yards, two touchdowns, one interception on 20 completions and 32 attempts.

Palmer has won nine games straight, the longest current streak in the NFL currently, and has won sixteen of his last eighteen games. He was also sacked for the first time this year, intercepted, and fumbled the ball one time. 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, threw 4 interceptions-two were returned for touchdowns- he had 9 completions on 19 attempts for 67 yards. He threw two quick interceptions within four pass attempts.

This after going 142 pass attempts and five starts without throwing one. The Cardinals’ defense, even scored a safety in the third quarter to add to their two touchdowns. Their defense alone scored 14 points, more than the whole 49ers team did. The only bright spot for the 49ers in this game was that former Rugby star, Jarryd Hayne, returned a punt 37 yards to put them at the Arizona 19 right before halftime. A twelve yard run from Kaepernick put all the points on the board that San Francisco would score in this game.

NFL Week 2: San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

Ben Roethlisberger threw for 3 touchdowns and 369 yards on 21 completions out of 27 pass attempts as the Pittsburgh Steelers easily defeated the San Fancisco 49ers 43-18. His quarterback rating of 99.4 more than doubled the San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick’s rating of 44.8. The Steelers defense sacked the 49ers’ quarterback 5 times and hit him a total of 8 times. The Steelers offensive line protected its quarterback effectively, allowing no sacks or hits. The disparity in quarterback pressure between the two teams was the key factor in the lopsided outcome of the game.

Pittsburgh dominated the second quarter 21-0 and led at halftime 29-3 as their fans relaxed while their team remained unchallenged in the second half on the way to the easy victory.

The Steelers star receiver, Antonio Brown, consistently beat defenders on his way to 195 yards on 9 catches. His 28-yard catch on the game’s opening drive was instrumental in Pittsburgh’s first touchdown. DeAngelo Williams scored 3 touchdowns on short runs as his signing this past off-season continues to pay dividends.

Defensively, Pittsburgh held 49ers runner Carlos Hyde to 43 yards as compared to his previous game’s 168 yards. The 49ers offense played from behind the whole game and was forced to pass. Kaepernick completed passes for 335 yards on 46 attempts but most of it was after the game’s final outcome had already been decided.

Linebacker Ryan Shazier had 15 tackles in a game he described as his best of his NFL career. Last week, San Francisco easily dispatched the Minnesota Vikings and the Steelers took a disappointing loss to the Patriots. How each team’s season plays out from here is difficult to predict after 2 games of up and down play.

NFL Week 1: San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings on Monday, September 14, 10:20 PM, Levis Stadium

A new attitude has come to the San Francisco 49ers with the hiring of Mike Singletary as the head coach. The 49ers are in the same division with the Arizona Cardinals; the reigning NFC West champs. Since they are so well coached the 49ers have a higher chance of winning in overall over the NFC West taking into consideration that they rather weak. The 49ers have to compete for the division crown that will get them in the playoffs regardless of whether they are in a weak division or not.

Even If the San Francisco 49ers won’t worry about the teams in their own division, they need to worry about other potential NFC contenders the likes of the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers among others.

If you are looking for the Hawks offense to explode on the soft 49ers’ secondary, this team; the 49ers gave up more than 40 points to Kansas City, Chicago and San Diego. They also gave up 38 to Philadelphia and 34 to Arizona.

San Francisco 49ers 2014 season recap

People really seem to wonder about the play calling of Mark Roman for the San Francisco 49ers. Colin Kapernick simply did not have the kind of success that he needed late in the season, in order for the 49ers to make the playoffs. Patrick Willis was hurt at linebacker, so he couldn’t help the team, but you could definitely see the fact that the 49ers missed he and Glenn Dorsey as they were blowing a lead to a team like the San Diego Chargers.

The 49ers were able to find the running back of the future, Carlos Hyde this season. Hyde was able to stay healthy while their other young backup running back Marcus Lattimore had to retire.

NFL Week 17: San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, December 28, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals were playing for a possible first round bye in the playoffs. Two things had to happen, they had to beat the Forty-Niners and Seattle has to lose to ST. Louis. Arizona did not accomplish either one of their objectives.

Arizona started the game with a 17-13 halftime lead. They did not score any points in the second half, even though their quarterback threw for 316 yards and two-hundred touchdowns. The Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley threw three interceptions. The top running back rushed for sixty-seven yards. The Cardinals top receiver was Michael Floyd. He caught eight passes or 153 yards and he scored both of the Cardinals touchdowns.

The Cardinals defense was solid as they played held the Forty-Niners running game to zero touchdowns. They sacked the San Francisco quarterback once, and did not force any turnovers.

San Francisco’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick completed fifteen passes for 204 yards and two touchdowns. Anquan Boldin caught one of Kaepernick’s touchdown passes. Bruce Miller scored the other touchdown. The Forty-Niners biggest offensive threat is their running game. This game was no different. Frank Gore ran for 144 yards on twenty-five attempts. Kaepernick was the second leading rusher on the day with sixty-three yards.

The Forty-Niner defense sacked the Cardinals quarterback twice, and intercepted three of his passes. The defense also held the Cardinals running back under a hundred yards rushing.

NFL Week 16: San Francisco 49ers vs San Diego Chargers on Saturday, December 20, Levis Stadium

The San Diego Chargers came into the contest against the San Francisco Forty-Niners needing a win to solidify their playoff position. The went into overtime and the chargers took a Niners turnover and scored to take the win.

The Chargers veteran quarterback Phillip Rivers threw three interception. The quarterback fought through the struggles and led his team from a twenty-on point deficit by throwing four touchdowns. He completed thirty-three passes for 356 yards. Rivers top receiver for the game was Eddie Royal. The receiver caught ten passes for ninety-four and one touchdown. Arguably Antonio Gates was Rivers top target for the game. The veteran Tight-end scored two of the Chargers four touchdown passes. He had accounted for ninety-two yards. The Charger running game was steady as two running backs ran for over eighty yards but they did not score any touchdowns.

The Chargers defense forced three fumbles and sacked the Forty-Niner quarterback twice. The defense also scored a touchdown as they recovered one of San Franciscos fumbles in the end-zone.

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not pass for a lot of yards, but he did run seven times for 151 yards and one of San Francisco’s touchdowns. The quarterback passed for 114 yards and one touchdown. He did not throw any interceptions. Veteran running back Frank Gore ran twenty-six time for 158 yards and one touchdown. San Francisco’s Bruce Ellington scored another rushing touchdown. Ellington also caught Kaepernicks only touchdown pass. The top San Francisco Reciever for the game was Anquan Boldin, he aught seven passes for sixty0one yards.

The San Francisco defense had the three Rivers interceptions but those were the only turnovers the defense made. The defense also sacked Rivers twice.

San Francisco is playing at home against the Cardinals. San Diego is finishing up the regular season in Kansas City.

NFL Week 15: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 14, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Seattle Seahawks wore down west coast rival the San Francisco 49ers with the relentless rushing of Marshawn Lynch, who carried the ball for 76 yards total and a touchdown. There was nothing pretty about this victory; it was simply solid football well played on Seattle’s part. The Seahawks gave a solid defensive performance and limited the 49ers offense to a mere 67 yards, sacking quarterback Colin Kaepernick a whopping six times. Seattle was plagued by injuries in the contest, losing running back Frank Gore to a concussion and middle linebacker Chris Borland to a hurt ankle.

Seattle is already looking ahead to the postseason – although coach Pete Carroll claimed that the club is just taking it one game at a time. Meanwhile, San Francisco fans are coping with the reality that their (7-7) program has been mathematically eliminated from postseason play. For a program with San Francisco’s tradition of excellence, this is likely to be unacceptable and coach Jim Harbaugh’s future is uncertain. Harbaugh, like Carroll says that he is only thinking about the next game, although not making the playoffs for the first time in his four years with San Francisco has to be a bitter pill to swallow.

NFL Week 14: San Francisco 49ers at Oakland Raiders on Sunday, December 07, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

The Oakland Raiders came into Sundays game riding high from their first victory of the season, two weeks earlier. The San Francisco Forty-Niners have been struggling recently, and the results of the game reflected the challenges that the team has been having this season.

Oakland’s Rookie quarterback Derek Carr played a solid game as he threw for three touchdowns. The quarterback threw for 254 yards, he also did not throw an interception. Carr’s top receiving target was Mychal Rivera. He caught seven passes for 109 yards and a touchdown. Marcel Reese also caught seven passes for sixty-four yards and scored a touchdown.

San Francisco’s offense was led by running back Frank Gore. The star running back ran for sixty-three yards and zero touchdowns. Colin Kaepernick struggled in the game as he passed for 174 yards. He threw two interceptions and one touchdown, and was sacked five times. Although the San Francisco offense sputtered Michael Crabtree caught nine passes for fifty-six yards.

Oakland is heading to Kansas City. Oakland is looking to get their third victory this season, by defeating the Chiefs for the second time this season. San Francisco is heading to Seattle to take on one of the hottest teams in the league.

NFL Week 13: San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, November 27, 8:30 PM, Levis Stadium

One of the games that was played last Thursday was the Seattle at San Francisco game. The Seahawks took the prize with a 19-3 win. Seattle is the defending Superbowl champion team that has struggled a bit in recent weeks. This game was played before a packed audience. The Seahawks won a decisive 19-3 victory against the struggling 49ers. Even though Seattle had a penalty prone performance. This is the thing that caused Seattle some issues as they lost 105 yards due to penalties.

The penalty prone Hawks even had a The only touchdown for the Seahawks was the Wilson to Sherman TD that set up the score. In other play action, Steven Hauschka set up 4 field goals for the Hawks garnering 12 points. Colin Kapernick had one of his worst days ever when he played against the Hawks and made their (5-7) play off hopes even slimmer as they struggled against that the Hawks. . Kapernick was 16 for 29 yards when they they played against the Seahawks. Nothing went the 49er’s way and a lone field goal was the only bright spot in the entire game. Kapernick’s misfortune was the lack of passing yardage. He threw 16 or 29 yards and the 49ers were outgained 329 to 214.

NFL Week 12: San Francisco 49ers vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, November 23, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

Washington at San Francisco was a much anticipated game by the NFL fans all across the world. The game was very tight and competitive. The San Francisco 49ers who were playing home took the victory of the game. The game ended at a score of 13-17 where Washington Redskins lost to San Francisco 49ers. C. Kaepernick of the 49ers passed the ball over 256 yards giving 1 touchdown and one interception. A. Boldin of the 49ers had 9 receives across 137 yards and 1 touchdown. A. Morris of the Redskins recorded 21 carries over 125 yards and 1 touchdown. Here is a breakdown of the scores during the game.

In the first quarter, Redskins did not record any points. 49ers on the other side recorded a score of 7 points which concluded the first quarter. In the second quarter, Redskins came in hard recording a score of 7 points. The 49ers scored 3 points only. The teams went into a half time score of 10 points to 7 points with the home team leading. In the second half, the home team did not record any score. On the other hand, Redskins scored 3 points. In the final quarter, 49ers scored 7 points while the Redskins recorded 3 point score. The final whistle was blown which gave the San Francisco 49ers the win.

NFL Week 11: San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants on Sunday, November 16, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

New York QB Eli Manning struggled mightily and the San Francisco 49ers (6-4, 2nd in NFC West) barely scraped by the New York Giants (3-7, 3rd in NFC East) by a score of 16-10. Manning had five interceptions, to go along with 280 yards and a touchdown. He threw a touchdown on the Giants’ first possession of the game but struggled to keep that momentum going. The five turnovers gave the 49ers the ball for almost 35 minutes of the game. Even so, the San Francisco offense struggled, scoring only one touchdown in the third quarter and kicker Phil Dawson kicked three field goals.

QB Colin Kaepernick had 193 yards and a touchdown. The Giants had their chances, including a goal line chance with 4:43, but Manning was intercepted by rookie LB Chris Borland. The loss puts the Giants in the midst of a five game losing streak, after starting the season 3-2. San Francisco, meanwhile, has won consecutive road games. The New York Giants desperately need to get back to winning if they hope to make the playoffs, but that won’t be easy as they face the Dallas Cowboys next week. The 49ers are also in the midst of the NFC playoff race, face off against the Washington Redskins.

NFL Week 10: San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In a wild ending, the San Francisco 49ers (5-4, 3rd in NFC West) came from behind to beat the New Orleans Saints (4-5, 1st in NFC South) by a score of 27-24. San Francisco kicker Phil Dawson kicked a 45 yard field goal with 44 seconds left to send the game into overtime and the a 35 yarder to win. The game tying field goal was only possible after a 51 yard pass by QB Colin Kaepernick to WR Michael Crabtree on 4th and 10 set the 49ers up on the Saints’ 27 yard line. Kaepernick finished the night with 210 yards and a touchdown.

New Orleans, who had won 11 straight home games, had erased an 11 point halftime deficit and taken the lead with 1:52 left on a 2 yard pass from QB Drew Brees to TE Jimmy Graham. This pair almost won the game for the Saints on the final play of regulation as Graham caught a Brees pass in the end zone but the play was called off because of offensive pass interference on Graham. 49ers LB Ahmad Brooks forced Brees to fumble the ball in overtime which set up the winning field goal for San Francisco. Brees ended with 292 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. Next week, San Francisco will face off against the New York Giants, while the Saints will battle the Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL Week 9: San Francisco 49ers vs St. Louis Rams on Sunday, November 02, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The St. Louis Rams certainly woke up their defensive line, sacking 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick eight times. Robert Quinn was able to get two sacks in the game, along with the work that Geno Hayes was able to accomplish on the defensive line.

Austin Davis would admit that he did not play very well in the Rams 13-10 victory. You have to be happy with the fact that he was able to connect on a touchdown pass with Kenny Britt however. The Rams have now seemingly decided that Tre Mason should be their featured running back. Mason did show some explosion with his nineteen carries in the game. Tavon Austin has also helped diversify the Rams offense. keeping the 49ers off balance. He certainly had an impact on special teams, the whole Rams special teams unit had 49ers punter Andy Lee off balance. This is why Lee had that poor punt during the game. You have to give the Rams credit for their solid run defense. Rodney McLeod came up from the safety position and made a number of great tackles.

Alex Ogletree was all over the field, even able to tip a couple of passes along with the process of limiting the number of carries that Frank Gore had in the game. Anquan Boldin still had a very solid game for the 49ers with his six catches. The Niners did try to spread the ball around with Michael Crabtree also making some great plays, but they were still afraid to give the ball to Frank Gore down on the goal line. The decision not to give the ball to Gore probably cost them the game.

NFL Week 7: San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 19, 8:30 PM, Sports Authority Field @ Mile High

Peyton Manning certainly showed an ability to tear apart what happens to be a very capable 49ers defensive unit. The Broncos won their game by a 42-17 score. Manning went 22-26 in passing during the game. You continue to see Juwan Thompson filling the gap as the number 2 running back for the Broncos. The Broncos rushed for a solid 115 yards in the game.

Anquan Boldin did catch seven passes in the game, but the Broncos secondary had a good bend but not break philosophy that players like Rahim Moore were able to follow. The 49ers did not get to run the ball like they typically do given the fact that they got down by such a large margin. Frank Gore still showed some allusiveness as a veteran ball carrier though, he was still able to make things difficult for a talented tackler like T.J. Ward. Ward was able to raise a little havoc in the backfield when other backs were called upon.

There is a certain amount of talk about where the 49ers will go for the rest of the season. They did get solid performances from Tremaine Brock and Craig Dahl on the defensive side of the ball. The team also is beginning to see Bruce Ellington and Stevie Johnson grow more comfortable with the offensive system. Johnson was able to catch five balls in the game. this is something that the 49ers can hang their hat on.

NFL Week 6: San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams on Monday, October 13, 8:30 PM, Edward Jones Dome

San Francisco at St. Louis was another game where Colin Kaepernick showed his true player abilities. Kapernick started off at a slow started, getting sacked by the Rams defense and unable to connect with his receivers. There were a few bloopers throughout the game, however Kaepernick managed to put his game face on and with the help of the rest of the team brought down the Rams house. First points brought on the board by the 49er’s was done by Phil Dawson with a 50 yard field goal, since Kapernick and his team couldn’t make a completion in the red zone. An example was when Vance McDonald was standing in the end zone about to catch his first career touchdown and Vernon Davis jumped in the way and neither of the team mates caught the ball, which cost San Francisco a touchdown. The first touch down was an 80 yard pass to Brandon Lloyd.

Kaepernick didn’t connect with his usual targets like Gore or Davis. Instead TD’s were captured by Lloyd, Crabtree, Boldin and Jenkins. After the first half the Rams defense fell apart and Austin Davis couldn’t get the offensive line to connect for the remainder of the game. This resulted in a San Francisco victory of 31 – 17 over St. Louis.

NFL Week 5: San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, October 05, 4:25 PM, Levi’s Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers won their second game in a row against the Kansas City Chiefs, who dominated the New England Patriots in their previous game to get back to 2-2, after a slow start to the season. The 49ers had a lot of success running the ball, they gained 171 yards on the ground, and were led by Frank Gore, who had 107 yards on 18 carries. Colin Kaepernick also had a good game, passing for 201 yards and a touchdown. The team did have problems in the red zone, and had to settle for 5 field goals from Phil Dawson.

Alex Smith played his first game against the team that drafted him, but didn’t have the homecoming he was hoping to have, the Chiefs running game which accounted for over 200 yards against the Patriots was effectively shut down by San Francisco’s defense, which limited them to 90 yards on 19 carries. The Chiefs also couldn’t get much going in their passing game, and gained only 175 yards through the air, with a last minute interception that sealed the game for San Francisco. The Chiefs willtry to get back on track this week when they the San Diego Chargers, while the 49ers will be going for their third straight win against the St. Louis Rams on Monday night.

NFL Week 4: San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, September 28, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers needed a win to avoid falling to 1-3 on the season and after a tough battle with the Philadelphia Eagles at Levi’s Stadium they emerged victorious by a final score of 26-21. The Niners’ defense did a good job of containing Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles holding him to just 195 yards and forcing two interceptions. Despite Foles’ struggles Philadelphia controlled the first half thanks to their special teams play–the Eagles scored a total of 21 points on an interception return, a punt return and a blocked punt. Even with the offense sputtering Philadelphia opened up a 21-10 lead midway through the second quarter and entered the locker room at halftime leading 21-13.

After the halftime break the Niners held their opponent scoreless and scrapped their way to the victory by virtue of a Colin Kaepernick touchdown pass and a pair of Matt Dawson field goals. The win evened San Francisco’s record at 2-2 but provided little comfort to their fan base who expected to have a better record at this point. The media has been even more critical, focusing on the status of head coach Jim Harbaugh with some suggesting that the players ‘want him out’. Harbaugh has denied this assertion and insisted there’s no cause for alarm over the Niners’ play up to this point.

NFL Week 3: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 21, 4:05 PM, U of Phoenix Stadium

No Carson Palmer, no problem for the Arizona Cardinals. For the second week in a row, back up quarter back Drew Stanton led the Cardinals to a decisive victory over conference foe 49ers. The win on Sunday gave the Cardinals a surprising 3-0 record, giving the team the top spot in a much contested and brutal NFC West.

Stanton threw a couple of third-quarter touchdown passes to the rookie John Brown while the teams defense became more stifling as the game went on. The 49ers did no favors for themselves by allowing nine penalties, rolling out the red carpet of 107 yards to the Cardinals. This game snaps a four game losing streak the cardinals had going against the 49ers.

The 49ers fell flat in the second half for the second week in a row, they were outscored 17-0 in the second half. In this young season opponents have outscored the 49ers 52-3 in the last half of the game. San Francisco can take heart in the acknowledgement that the team went 1-2 last year and ended up winning ten straight to cap off a pretty spectacular season which ended in the epic battle in Seattle.

NFL Week 2: San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 14, 8:30 PM, Levi’s Stadium

The game between Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers took place at the new Levi’s Stadium which is estimated to be worth a whooping 1.2 billion dollars. The game took place on Sunday, 14th of September 2014 at 8.30pm ET. The Bears won 28-20 away from home game over the 49ers. The Bears started off badly in the first half with Chicago outdoing them 197-93 and out penalizing them at 10-7 for 85 yards lost. Despite all this the Bear still managed to beat the 49ers as the stepped up in the second half with Jay Cutler throwing three touchdowns and the defense stepping up forcing two huge interceptions from Colin Kaepernick who is a quarterback. San Francisco 49ers continue with the shoot at their own foots with penalties and turnovers. The Bears who were at 1-1 went home victorious despite a few injuries here and there. 49ers Patrick Willis admitted that the loss was huge on them and they had to cut back on the penalties. The win was a way of Chicago to forget the bitter memories of their loss to the Bills in Week 1 at home. It was the first home game the 49ers lost under their couch Jim Haubough who has been serving for four year.

NFL Week 1: San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 7, 4:25 PM, AT&T Stadium

In a long awaited Sunday game, the 49ers from San Francisco managed to get a result against the Cowboys of Dallas, holding them 28 to 17. Quarterback Tony Romo had just “another bad day in the office”, lacking efficiency in play despite being the top passer of the game, throwing for two hundred and eighty-one yards and one touchdown, as well as three interceptions throughout the contest, with the latter leading to a hungry San Francisco team taking advantage of it. “… Romo failed his team”, stated Jean-Jacques Taylor about the thirty-four years old NFL veteran. The AT&T stadium of Arlington, Texas witnessed a shambolic Dallas offensive co-ordination as Romo made numerous, noticeable decision-making errors. Efficiency lacked in this department, apparently. Running back Frank Gore of San Francisco particularly impressed as he rushed 63 yards, to become the 29th player with ten thousand in his career. DeMarco Murray was the game’s best rusher, while wide receiver Boldin of Cowboys managed to impose himself by being the contest’s top performer in the aspect of receiving. Defensive back Spillman, and Cowboys’ linebacker Justin Durant sustained groin injuries, forcing them out of the match, sadly.

Highs and lows of the 49ers season 2013

After an impressive year in 2012, the San Francisco 49ers were under immense pressure to replicate the same success in 2013 and they didn’t disappoint. Under the guidance of their head coach Jim Harbaugh, they beat all odds to reach the NFC Championship finals for 3rd consecutive year. Here’s a recap of how things were in 2013 for the Niners

The Dominating Defense and Their offensive Attack

The 49ers defense maintained its dominance thanks to perfect coordination from Vic Fangio. The unit was placed 3rd in NFL scoring defense (17.0 points per game), 4th in rushing defense (9539 yards per game) 7th in passing defense (221 yards per game) and an impressive 5th in total defense (316.9 yards per game). The San Francisco 49ers were the only team which didn’t allow a 100 yard rusher for the whole season.

The San Francisco 49ers displayed an offensive attack in 2013. Frank Gore’s 1,128 yards rush was ranked 6th in the NFL. Anquan Boldin ensured the team registered its highs in receptions (85) and receiving yards (1,719). This was the first time the Niners were recording a 3,000 yard passer and a 1,000 yard rusher as well as a 1,000 yard receiver since 2003.

There was also a San Francisco 49ers live stream of the Teams participation in the NFL international series where they overcame the Jacksonville Jaguars 42 -10 at the Wembley Stadium in London, becoming the second team to ever win multiple games the stadium.

San Francisco 49ers Streaming – The Game to Remember and The Dramatic End of the Season

Watch San Francisco 49ers OnlineThe most memorable game in the 49ers 2013 calender was when they hosted the Atlanta Falcons on December 23 at Candlestick Park. This was their last game here before the move to their new home in Levi’s Stadium and the coach said it would be something special if they won it. They would later win the game in an epic fashion to give the fans something to remember. While it was almost certain that the Falcons would carry the day, Tramaine Brock broke up a Matt Ryan pass and Bowmann was in position to make and interception before returning it 89 yards for the score which sealed the legacy of the iconic venue and effectively catapulting the 49er into the playoffs.

The 2013 season came to an end in a dramatic match where the 49ers were beaten by arch rivals the Seattle Seahawks 23 – 17 in the NFC game played at CenturyLink Field. Despite the loss, match saw Harbaugh become the first coach ever in the history of NFL to guide his team to a conference tittle game in his first 3 seasons.

With such an eventful calender in 2013, watching San Francisco 49ers Streaming will show that the Team will perform even better this season which means the coach and his players have their work well cut out.

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