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NFL Season 2017 Wild Card Weekend: Los Angeles Rams vs Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, January 06, 8:15 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The 3rd seeded Los Angeles Rams led by Jared Goff and Todd Gurley to face off against the 6th seeded Atlanta Falcons in what was a highly competed match. Two things played a key role in Ram’s loss, a weak offense and an inexperienced quarterback Jared Goff. The Rams lost 26-13. The Falcons had a strong defense which helped them dominate time of possession 37:34-22:26. The Falcons were able to contains Rams running back Todd Gurley. Gurley had 10 receiving yards on 10 targets. With this performance the Falcons advanced to the next divisional round of playoffs nad they will be facing Eagles.

One intense moment in the game was when Jared Goff’s fourth-down pass fell incomplete with just 1:08 left to play. The Rams were unable to convert a fourth-and-goal from the Falcons’ 5-yard line when Deion Jones broke up Jared Goff’s pass to Sammy Watkins. Ultimately, Los Angeles out-gained Atlanta in total yards but were not able to overcome two vital turnovers. Gurley had a total of 101 yards rushing on 14 carries. Both teams demonstrated an outstanding performance and we cannot wait to see more the both of them.

NFL Season 2017 Week 17: Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 31, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams match was a lot of fun. The Rams were playing just because they had to play, as they didn’t have a chance of going to the playoffs or gaining division title over time. This a shame for this team, as c`est la vie. Mr. Mannion did start to show powerful performances, yet that is because he has not played the whole season. We have to understand this to understand what happened in the game.

The Falcons have now a playoff spot that they will truly enjoy this season. The Saturday night win was a great gift for this team, and they deserve every bit of it. The Falcons had to play in one of the most competitive divisions this year, yet that didn’t stop the team from getting what they wanted over time. The Falcons defeated their opponents close, and they did it with an amazing six-point average. The Falcons did an amazing job this season, and they didn’t have the outstanding offense that they enjoyed last season. However, the Falcons knew how to improve in terms of defense, and they did an amazing job at improving this aspect of their game.

NFL Season 2017 Week 16: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The clash of Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans was definitely one of those must watch matches filled with promises of being a nail-biter; and it surely delivered. If the 27-23 final score is failing to provide an idea of how exciting the gameplay was, the fact that this is Rams 1st NFC West title win since 2003 will surely help. This game was quite important for the Rams (11-4) as they needed a win or a loss by Seattle in order to secure the division. Rams was trailing with 23-20 in the game when Cooper Kupp got a 14-yard touchdown pass from Jared Goff with just 11:41 left.

The MVP of the game was Todd Gurley II who with 118 yards rushing and receiving 158 yards because of two touchdowns. His performance earned him the honor of becoming the 3rd in NFL history when he took 80 yards to receive a touchdown (longest reception of his career as well). The game was not shy from injuries also; Rams safety Marqui Christian had a problem with his shoulder, whereas left guard Rodger Saffold injured his ribs. But Murray’s right knee injury seemed more serious which was evident when he was moved to the sidelines with just 2:23 left. Mularkey stated that it does not look good, but they will get a definite answer after an MRI exam. This was the 3rd straight game loss for Titans (8-7).

NFL Season 2017 Week 15: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 17, 4:05 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Los Angeles Rams squared off against Seattle Seahawks in what was a vital game for both teams due to its post season implications. The Rams demonstrated a dominating performance in the field resting any questions about their playoff potential. This was Ram’s biggest postseason blowout 24-7 against Seattle Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks came into the game rather hopeful since they have won the division three of the last four years now and hence there was a little skepticism about the Rams 10-4. The Rams took advantage of the Seattle’s uncoordinated defense to fruster Russell Wilson and eventually win the game.

One of the most incredible performances of the match was by Todd Gurley who carried the ball 1152 yards and another interception in the third quarter that gave the Rams a 20-7lead. Gury averaged 7.2 yards per carry and is the second player in Rams history after Marshall Faulk. Thomas was a star in the game demonstrating great defensive plays for Seattle. At one point Thomas stripped the ball from Todd Gurley to kill Ram’s opening drive and intercepted a red Goff pass at midfield with just 6:02 left to play. Overall, the game was highly competed Rams came out victorious. We can only wait to see more from these teams.

NFL Season 2017 Week 14: Los Angeles Rams vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, December 10, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Philadephia Eagles won their first division title since 2013 after wining at Los Angeles Ram. Before the game, both the Rams and the Eagles were both leading the NFC East and NFC West divisions respectively. The Rams converted all the red zones possessions and scored 35 points in the process. The exciting game saw Carson threw for 291 yards and also had four touchdowns. Jake Elliot gave the thriller a push with 3:45 left kicking the go ahead 33 yard field goal.

Although some very bad calls were made during the game by the referee, the Rams shouldn’t have lost considering they were play off bound. One of those bad calls was when Ram’s Josh Reynolds won a touchdown pass at the sidelines and it was very obvious he went out of bound before his two feet were down. Eagles’ CB pushed him and the referee kept his flag down.

The win however came at a great cost as Carson Wentz would be out for the rest for the season with an ACL tear. That shouldn’t be much of a concern as the much sort after title is now with the Eagles. The Rams also would be without CB Kayvum Webster for rest of the season after he also picked up an injury in the 43:35 loss thriller

NFL Season 2017 Week 13: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, December 03, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Los Angeles Rams met the Arizona Cardinals in one of the most entertaining games of the season. Although the way they played was below par compared to their previous performances, the Rams still managed to get a win against their competitors. They missed touchdowns only capitalizing on field goals, which made some fans question their strategy. With an early 16-0 lead, the Rams showed a promising win but the Cardinals tried to fight back making it harder for them. The defense team of Los Angeles side seemed to carry most of the weight during the game and their opponents took advantage of this, managing to score a long drive at 6 minutes.

Arizona followed this score with another similar one reducing the gap to 16-13. However, this was short lived as the Rams managed another score increasing the gap again to 19-13 by half time. Once Arizona side figured out that the other team was mostly using their defense, they tried to take advantage of that by tiring them and trying to score some more points. In a game that started with a 16-0 gap, they tried their best to turn the score sheet around without much success, giving the Rams a 32-15 win as the final score. The way the Rams was disappointing to some fans who felt that they would have done better but still they were happy with those final results.

NFL Season 2017 Week 12: Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 26, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

When New Orleans Saints faced Los Angeles Rams, Todd Gurley made seventeen carries. Jared Goff, on the other hand, slung the ball all over the field and made 43 passing attempts. In the second quarter, Goff the second year Quarter Back revealed that he has the capability of elevating his game when he needs to.

Drew Bees is the kind of player who always makes a throw of 350 yards and above. But on this game, his throws were weak. The Rams only managed to score 26 points against the Saints. The Saints secondary was filled with injuries as a result of strong defense by the Rams, mainly DE Cameron Jordan. This great defense gave OT Andrew Whitworth the worst game of that season. Jordan was very dominant sometimes that he racked up 2 battle passes, 4 hurries, and 2 sacks.

As usual, each NFL defense gives away touchdowns. But the Rams have a habit of giving up a big play that ends up in a touch down as the game starts. This play causes a tight defense for the remaining part of the game. This week, the Rams let RB Alvin Kamara to sprint 74-yards for a touchdown. But both he and RB Mark Ingram were put in a check for the whole game.

NFL Season 2017 Week 11: Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, November 19, 1:00 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The National Football Leagues highest-scoring offense was found in the side of the Los Angeles Rams before the match. The machine average per game is around thirty-three points. With this, the Rams are the team to talk about in the league under new coach Sean McVay. A determined Vikings defense tossed aside the 4 match victory streak of the Rams in a defeat of 24-7 in the game of NFC division champions. An additional punting exercise for Johnny Hekker remained the only resourceful attempt by the Los Angeles after a seventy-five-yard touchdown to commence the match.

With fifty-four yards emanating from the loss of possession, the Rams totaled around two hundred and fifty-four yards in the end of the match against Vikings backups. By forcing 4 punts, the Vikings were able to start the second half strong. This occurred in a row by the Rams at 7-3. The match remained a fascinating one that gave the Vikings the total victory of their opponent the Rams in a long struggle. One thing for sure in this game is that the Rams offense remain highly professional.

NFL Season 2017 Week 10: Los Angeles Rams vs Houston Texans on Sunday, November 12, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams was another outstanding game that you have to see to believe. The Los Angeles Rams beat the Houston Texans by a score of 33-7. This was an exciting game for the fans of these teams. The Rams know how to play well at home, and this is much fun for the fans of this outstanding team. The Rams were just 5-0 when they played away from the Coliseum but they had a score of 1-2 when they just played at home. The Rams routed the powerful Indianapolis Colts in the beautiful season opener.

The Rams lost to the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins in the season opener, and we have to take this into consideration today. They had to face a disappointed home crowd at that time too. The Rams quashed any doubt about whether they could entertain their fans on Sunday. This is truly awesome for the fans of this team and they will be coming back for more. Mr. Woods was great in the game, and he demonstrated that he is truly more than just a possession receiver. He just caught 8 passes, which is truly remarkable. This game was such a lot of fun and you should be there to have fun.

NFL Season 2017 Week 9: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants on Sunday, November 05, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Los Angeles Rams have shown once again that they are a force to feared when they completely crushed the New York Giants. The final score was 51-17 due to perfect teamwork on the Ram’s part. They made one amazing play after another with Jared Gott setting a career high with 4 touchdowns and a total of 311 yards passing. The Ram’s defence was working flawlessly, forcing three turnovers, and was outshined only by their offence which can be credited with scoring 8 out of their first 9 possessions.

This was the Ram’s best offence performance against the Giants since 1964 as Greg Zuerlein added three field goals. Eli Manning was responsible for two touchdown passes and in the process, became the 7th quarterback to reach 50,000 mark. This was the fifth in six games win for the Rams and now they are off to an impressive 6-2, the best one since 2001.

The Giants, on the other hand, are in a heap of trouble as this loss puts them to a 1-7 score and most of us are wondering if coach Ben McAdoo will stay on the team. What makes the Giants poor performance more shocking is that Ben McAdoo led them to the playoffs just last year.

NFL Season 2017 Week 7: Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, Twickenham Stadium

The third of the fourth NFL London games this autumns saw the Los Angeles Rams against the Arizona Cardinals once more. Last year the teams had a thrilling play off where the Rams faced a startling defect against the Cardinals. This time the match was all about instating their honor and yes, about pure revenge. The falling standards and loss game play of the Cardinals was quite evident during the game and has been a constant problem throughout the season. While the Rams were strategic, clean and coached effectively.

The out of focus, weak game played by the Cardinals could fore tell their loss from the very beginning. The Rams won by a perfect score and without much of a struggle either. The Cardinals faced a great loss as both their star players faced injury and were unable to perform for the game. David Johnson was injured in the very first week of the season and the sole responsibility of the game fell on quarter back Carson Palmer’s shoulder. When Palmer had to be sent to the stands with a broken arm, all hopes for the cardinals were lost. Backup quarterback Drew Stanton’s meek attempts to revive the game were futile against the strong and efficient rams.

NFL Season 2017 Week 6: Los Angeles Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 15, 4:05 PM, EverBank Field

The Los Angeles Rams were able to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars despite the fact that Sammy Watkins did not have a big game. Jared Goff is truly finding his way and Todd Gurley is quickly becoming one of the elite backs in the leage. Colais Campbell and other people tried to do everything they can in order to stop Gurley, but the Rams offensive scheme is very good.

You have to know that the teams were viewed as evenly matched, you are going to find that the Rams were able to put extra pressure on Blake Bortles, forcing him to turn the ball over twice. A blocked punt also made a big difference in the game, these kind of mistakes are what allowed the Rams to win the game by a 27-17 score. The Rams were able to score a touchdown on the opening kickoff, which gave the team a certain amount of confidence. The Rams defense had a hard time stopping Jacksonville’s running game.

The Arizona Cardinals were able to outscore the Tampa Bay Buccaneers partially because of the renewed enthusiasm that running back Adrian Peterson brought to the table, after being traded to Arizona earlier in the week. Peterson scored two touchdowns in the game. You were watching two teams that try to have balanced offenses when you watch a Bucs-Cardinals game. The Bucs have never been able to have Doug Martin out on the field often enough in order to build a consistent flow within their offense.

NFL Season 2017 Week 5: Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 08, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks met in the fifth round of the NFL league. The match ended with a victory by Seattle Seahawks with a score of 10-16. The Los Angeles Rams team won the first, third and fourth round against the Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys while losing in the second round against the Washington Redskins team. The Seattle Seahawks lost in the first and third round against the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans team and in the second and fourth round they beat the teams San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts.

In the last five matches were better than Los Angeles Ram. This match was watched by around 60,744 thousand fans. The first quarter ended up with no points and the result was 0: 0. The second quarter was the highest point and the result was again unsettled 10:10 . The Los Angeles Rams point was scored by Austin T. (Touchdown – Run) and twice Zuerlein G. (Extra Point, Field Goal). For Seattle Seahawks points were scored by Graham J. (Touchdown – Pass) and twice Walsh B. (Extra Point, Field Goal). The third quarter ended with a 0: 3 result in Seattle Seahawks.Poen was scored by Walsh B. (Field Goal) .The Los Angeles player Rams Zuerlein G. missed Field Goal. The fourth quarter ended up in favor of Seattle Seahawks with a score of 0: 3. Point was again scored by Walsh B. (Field Goal). In addition, Seattle Seahawks was placed fourth in the table while Los Angeles Rams on 8th place.

NFL Season 2017 Week 4: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 01, 1:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

The Dallas cowboys lost at home to the Los Angeles Rams by a score of 35-30. So far the Los Angeles Rams looks an outstanding outfit and are showing people that they will surely be a formidable force this season. Sean McVay, the Los Angeles Rams coach seems to be getting everything right and has got his team firing on all cylinders. Coach of the Year might just even be coming he’s way. Not only has he greatly improved what was once a terrible football team, he has made them extremely exciting to watch.

Todd Gurley is showing the world that his dominant rookie season was no fluke. He showed in this game that he’s officially back in top form once again. This Los Angeles Rams running back showed that he will continue to be an absolute force much like he was last year. He happens to be one of the most exciting running backs of the decade. The Dallas Cowboys, however, showed that they have not fully addressed the team’s deficiencies of yesteryear. Dak Prescott, the Cowboys quarterback, needs to work on getting Bryant more consistently involved in the game.

NFL Season 2017 Week 3: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers on Thursday, September 21, 8:25 PM, Levis Stadium

The 49ers offense received the ball to begin the match for the first this reason. From scrimmage, Brian Hoyer threw an interception on the first play by Nickell Robey. For three-yard line, the cornerback of the Rams sends it back to the opponent. On the upcoming action, Todd speeds up to place the Rams up early 7-0. For the second time in the first quarter, Gurley located the end zone, which remains a seven-yard touchdown pass to render the Rams from the top. To make the Rams live above by 17-7, Zuerlein drilled the forty-eight-yarder well.

From the thirty-six yards, Robbie Gould remains great to make it 17-10 Rams. To put the Francisco closer 17-13, Gould drilled a forty-eight-yard field goal. Goff strikes Watkins on a quick slant after stuffing Gurley twice for a one-yard touchdown to make the Rams stay above at 34-20. At the end of the half in double coverage, Goodwin hauled in a fifty-yard bomb to get the 49ers back into Rams area within a twenty-five-yard line. The Rams hold on 41-39 at the end of the game. On the season, Francisco is now 0-3 in total. The match remains a fantastic game.

NFL Season 2017 Week 2: Los Angeles Rams vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 17, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The game was between Washington Redskin against Los Angeles Rams which was played on the 17 of September at 4:25 PM. The venue for this match was at, L.A Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. The game was also in the second week of the NFL schedule.

Washington Redskin was in control for the most part of the match. They had an early lead over the Los Angeles Rams in the second quarter with a 13-0 lead, thanks to one of their best players, Chris Thompson. He took a toss, ran in from 7 yards and finally getting the ball right inside the pylon. He also scored on the runs of 61 and 7 yards.

The match did not end without some few injuries. Rob Kelley of the Washington Redskin got a rib injury in the second quarter of the match and he never played the rest of the match. Gerald Everett of the Los Angeles Rams also injured his thigh. The game ended at 27-20, with the Washington emerging as the winners.

NFL Season 2017 Week 1: Los Angeles Rams vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 10, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

This past Sunday, September 10, the Indianapolis Colts suffered a devastating loss to the Los Angeles Rams at the season opening game. The season started off strong with quarterback Andrew Luck looking like he was set to be the natural predecessor to Peyton Manning. Then, Luck’s shoulder was injured and he was unable to play in the game. The replacement quarterback, Scott Tolzien, was unable to hold his ground and might or might not be the starting quarterback in future games. Coach Chuck Pagano is staying mum about the decision for now.

The rest of the team didn’t do much better. The defense was embarrassingly bad. They made it easy for Jared Goff to make the best pass in his entire career. This was, of course, not the only cringe-worthy decision made by the Colts last Sunday, and the game ended in a disastrous score of 46-9. It’s safe to say that whether Tolzien or Jacoby Brissett is used in this week’s game, it won’t do much to alleviate the disappointment of devoted Colts fans. Ticket prices are plummeting for their future games and will most likely continue to drop if the Colts can’t manage to turn things around for Indianapolis. Rumors of Luck being traded are not helping matters. The future of the Colts, at this point, remains unclear.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 4: Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers on Thursday, August 31, 7:00 PM, Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams, 24-10, in both teams final preseason game. Traditionally and strategically in the final preseason game, teams rest a good number of their star players and starters to avoid injury before the commencement of the season. The Rams rested 33 players and 28 Packers did not participate. As a consequence, it was a sloppy game punctuated with penalties. 8 penalties were committed by the Rams and 11 penalties were called on the Packers. Both teams together only generated a dismal 452 yards of offense.

The Packers used the game to give playing time and take a look at quarterback Brett Huntley, who performed adequately against the weak opposition. Huntley ran for one touchdown and passed for 99 yards and one touchdown going 11-21. 5th round draft choice, running back, Aaron Jones was the standout for Green Bay scoring on a pass reception and on only 6 carries rushing for 48 yards.

For the Rams, Dan Orlovsky played the entire game at quarterback. He played poorly going 16-30 for 149 yards and surrendered an interception that led to a Packer touchdown as his passing accuracy was dismal throughout.

The Packers finished the preseason 3-1 and look forward to the first regular season game at home against the Seahawks.

The Rams finished 2-2 in the preseason and open their season against the Colts.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 3: Los Angeles Rams vs Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday, August 26, 8:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Innumerable responses have been given after the game ended in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Charges strived hard in winning this battle but ended up hearing a negative feedback by viewers. Few declared that Los Angeles Rams have no good players left and it is the Chargers who deserve the LA but few defended this statement by quoting the player Aoran Donald. But if the two teams are to be compared then both of them have good players but the question is how many? Rivers and Gordon & Donald and Gurley. These two players in both teams. Bill’s mistake of trading Cardale Jones away was high lightened. Chargers who lost by 15 points in the recent game played hard. The most discussed or critiqued player, Cardale Jones was the center of attention for the viewers. The game was played between the Chargers and Rams.

However, the Chargers were the ones who were being discouraged. Rams were neither impressive in this week 3 match. The NFL site showed an offensive breakdown graph that compared the passing yards and rushing yards on the axis. The graph showed, however, a downward trend, not depicting any positive change.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 2: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders on Saturday, August 19, 10:00 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Oakland Raiders by a score of 24-21 in Oakland in the second preseason game for both teams.Los Angeles jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter, when second year quarterback Jared Goff completed a 23 yard touchdown pass to rookie wideout Cooper Kupp. Oakland quickly hit back with quarterback Derek Carr finding tight end Lee Smith for a 19 yard touchdown pass. The Rams retook the lead with a drive capped off by a 2 yard touchdown run by running back Todd Gurley. Oakland responded with an early second quarter touchdown drive of their own, with Carr again throwing a touchdown pass, this time a 13 yarder to Michael Crabtree. The action slowed down for the rest of the second quarter, with the Rams again taking the lead on a Greg Zurlein field goal. At the end of the first half, the Rams led 17–14.

The third quarter was relatively quiet, with no scoring on either side. In the fourth quarter, the Raiders broke through to take the lead, with second year backup quarterback Connor Cook hooking up with wideout Johnny Holton on a 17 yard score. But the Rams had one more score in them, a late 4th quarter 20 yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Sean Mannion to rookie receiver Josh Reynolds. This would make the score 24-21, and the Rams would win by that margin.

NFL Preseason 2017 Week 1: Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, August 12, 9:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Dallas Cowoys played the Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles and lost by 3 points. There were new faces to the team like Cooper Rush who had a really impressive game. Despite his team’s loss, he was a beacon in the stormy performance and made their offense look really good and even contributed to a touchdown. McCown, the team’s quarterback, struggled throughout the game and was responsible for several fumbles. Wilson, Hitchens and Woods also had a good game in the defense.

The Rams had a much better game obviously as they won. Fans saw a lot of new faces and young talent with the likes of Justin Davis, former USC star player. Cooper Kupp scored his first NFL touchdown and seeing it would make you wish you were in LA watching the game. It was the fourth quarter that sealed Dallas’ fate when the home team kicked a field goal to put them in the lead. Dallas was unable to recover from the 3 point lead.

Los Angeles Rams NFL season 2016 recap

For Los Angeles Rams the 2016 season was the 79th in the National Football League, and this was their fifth under their head coach Jeff Fisher. This was their first franchises 50th season in what is known as Greater Los Angeles Area since the year 1994.Rams is set to appear in the new E series of football and Hollywood, and they made their first appearance in the Hard Knocks in what is known as HBO. In 2015 Rams had a miserable record of 7-9 and they sought to improve this score. Rams started quite impressive with the 3-1 score, but they struggled later in the second half falling to 1-11 in their twelve games, and as of not enough, they also went down 1-7 at home in 2016.Through this bad result, Rams missed the playoffs for the 12th straight season which was quite unfortunate for them.

This was the third-longest streak in the NFL streak in history competing with Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills they were also the only team to lose to the 49ers in 2016.

These poor results led to the firing of head coach Fisher and were immediately replaced by John Fassel as the interim coach. Jared Golf was an outstanding quarterback, and Tyler Higbee was excellent in his role as tight ends.

NFL Season 2016 Week 17: Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, January 01, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Cardinal’s Sunday game against the Los Angeles Rams was nothing short of a total demolition, as the Cardinals won the game 44-6. The win came as no surprise though, as the Cardinals came into the game as favorites with a record of 7-8-1 compared with the Rams’ 4-12.

Despite the win though, the match ended with mixed feelings for the Cardinals who lost their running back, David Johnson to a knee injury. Johnson came down with the injury in the first quarter, when he was tackled awkwardly by a swarm of opposition defenders, causing him to twist his knee. Though Johnson’s initial diagnosis looked positive, he is still expected to be out for a couple of weeks, which is a real blow for the cardinals, as they lose a player who is the only one in the history of the team to gain over 2,000 yards from scrimmage, not to mention his single-season 20-touchdown franchise record.

However, the loss of Johnson hardly mattered in the end, because the team never needed him to win such a routine game; all they needed was focus and seriousness, and they showed plenty of it! They sacked Jared Goff (Rams’ quarterback) on six occasions and the defense played no small role in Sunday’s victory, as they literally choked life out of the opposition attacks. Offense also did a great job, with a 16-6 half time lead, and a complete rout in the subsequent quarters.

In the end, the Rams were only able to gain 122 yards throughout the game and this rounded up a show of discipline and teamplay by the Cardinals. This win extends their 3-year on-the-road unbeaten record, in division games.

NFL Season 2016 Week 16: Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, December 24, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

An un-wanting ordeal was witnessed at Los Angeles Rams when San Francisco 49ers endured their hyped game against Los Angeles Rams. They had the potential to easily tank the game so as to leapfrog the Cleveland Browns. San Francisco 49ers’ players played for pride after winning the fourth Quarter, which saw them come from behind to victory 22-21.

49ers’ head coach, Chip Kelly had a vision on how to win the game. He opted going for the two-point conversion and not kicking the extra touchdown points. Yes, this worked. Collin Kaepernick made the 10-yard throw touchdown perfectly well with just 31 seconds remaining. This made them scramble for a 2-point go-ahead conversion making the team to overcome the 14-point deficit. Fortunately, this gave the team what they needed.

They comfortably won a 13 game defeat streak, which no one saw coming. If it were not Kaepernick’s efforts, things could be opposite. He rolled his right while looking for a receiver before perfectly tucking the ball, to barrel it into the end zone. This gave 49ers a sweep into the renewal of the Rivalry state between them and the Rams. On a slant pattern, Kaepernick capped a 10-play, and 73-yard drive, to easily make 22-21, and that was a win for them.

NFL Season 2016 Week 15: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, December 15, 8:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The game between Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams held on 15th December 2016 was a he win for the Seahawks. The couch Pete Carroll was especially proud of the of the win because of what t meant in the play offs. The Seahawks are the first to get its division mostly because of playing in NFC West were there are no strong teams. Russell Wilson made one score and three touchdown passes over the last four games. Jared Goff, who replaced Jeff Fisher, is a fresh quarterback and needs more experienced for the sake of the Seahawks defense.

The game ended in a 3-24 win for Seattle which was much needed after the game they had with Green Bag. The Rams can blame their first timer coach in NFL in his career. The win was unexpected since the Rams usually play better than how they fared last Thursday. The Rams also had a poor defense strategy which left the back wide open for a score to go through. There are speculations on what will happen next because the Rams have also lost three games in a row.

NFL Season 2016 Week 14: Los Angeles Rams vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 11, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The LA Rams have lost 3 straight games, but with this lose against the Falcons, they have gone back in the rank for the play-off hunt. They suffered a 14-42 defeat against their rivals the Atlanta Falcons.

Matt Ryan had a 3-yard touchdown go to J. Hardy only 10 seconds into the game. The Rams started first with the ball. M. Thomas, who was filling in as the kick returner, bobbled. In the meantime, the Atlanta Falcons scored on their first game possession.

The Atlanta Falcons scored on a screen-pass touchdown to give them an early lead. The LA Rams had scored 14 points in their last 6 games. The resolve at game was uncomfortably low and their defense did not look strong.

J. Goff tossed a pick-6; his 2nd interception of the 1st half, the Atlanta Falcons looked phenomenal even without Jones. M. Ryan hit Gabriel with a sixty four yard touchdown.

The Falcon’s running back and Coleman scored his 2nd touchdown of the day against the Los Angeles. V. Beasley, Jr. constrained a fumble then scooped it up for a twenty one yard touchdown in a defense. Jared Goff scored his 1st surging touchdown of his vocation yet took two hard hits on his way into the end zone. The Rams scored 14 points in the 4th quarter.

NFL Season 2016 Week 13: Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The other interesting match was between the Los Angeles Rams Vs the New England Patriots. As the game began the New England patriots had a complete control over the game. A nice amount of clear passes and goals alredy mentioned the viewers that it was going to be a one sided game. The score at the end of first quarter was 0-7. Subsequently a fair game was played and again the Patriots dominated even in the 2nd quarter an additional time was provided and it ended with a score of 0-17. Now this was the time for the Los Angeles to buck up and they did it so.

Managed to score 3 goals conceding too many as compared to it. In the next quarter to improve their situation in the match and the score was now 3-23. The 4th quarter began and the Patriots were very sure about their win and perhaps did not put much efforts and ended the game with a final score of 10-26 which was a one sided match and great victory for the New England Patriots.

NFL Season 2016 Week 12: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The defensive disappointment for the Los Angeles Rams was an exceptionally unwelcome indication of how hard it is to support the sort of defensive exhibitions we had become acclimated to this season. Having won only one of their last seven games, this 21-49 annihilation is truly baffling for them.

As the game started, the Rams, looked strong. However, it was the eight play two minute game-plays towards the dying minutes of the first-half that surprised many. Quarter Back demonstrated one of the most impressive performances in simply his second NFL game and his first road-contest. The issue for Goff and the offense is that the second half worked similarly to his first game . Over the last two quarters, Goff went 8/12 for 47 yards and nothing near a touchdown.

The Saints started transforming a 28-21 half-time lead into a defeat when running-back M.Ingram ran for a 61-yard keep running on the principal play of the second half. He then transformed a screen-pass into a touchdown. Brees associated with Mike Thomas for a touchdown and afterward, apparently to add affront, Payton closed down beneficiary Willie Snead’s 50-yard play touchdown-pass to running back Tim Hightower.

This game didn’t end without injuries. The greater hit was OL Rodger Saffold who caused hand injury and didn’t return. We’ll need to check whether the sustained injury is sufficiently critical to warrant developed time out, yet his failure to come back to the game is troubling. A 1-6 keep running from the last seven games hasn’t permitted the Rams to remain aggressive in the NFC West in spite of the failings from the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers. The Rams need to go to New England before getting back home to confront the NFL’s most astounding scoring offense in the Atlanta Falcons before turning back around to visit the NFC West-driving Seattle Seahawks.

NFL Season 2016 Week 11: Los Angeles Rams vs Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 20, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The path to the Super Bowl is littered with last minute victories and closeouts this year. The Miami Dolphins took on the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on November 20, 2016. The Rams didn’t look too shabby at the beginning of the game when Coach Jeff Fisher started the new quarterback Jared Goff. Though the Dolphins have been under the radar this season, they were collecting a nice trail of winning games leading up to last Sunday’s win against the Rams. Though the Rams, were on a 4-game losing streak (they had one win against the Jets before they played against the Dolphins), they were able to hold their own against the Dolphins and shut them out for the first half of the game.

A huge moment of the game was during the 3rd quarter, when Lance Kendricks, tight end for the Rams, fumbled the ball which was received by Kiko Alonso, middle linebacker for the Dolphins. Greg Zuerlein, the place kicker for the Rams, kicked a 46-yard goal with 1:43 remaining in the third period, his second at that distance with Los Angeles. But it was not enough. Adding insult to injury, DeVante Parker caught a 9-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill, to cement Miami’s path to victory and called a decided end to a hard-hitting game.

NFL Season 2016 Week 10: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets will be fun too. This is just the 14th regular meeting of this season for the team. The famous Rams just lead this series 9-4. In the latest game, the Jets just won their second straight win of the series. In the game, Powel just rushed to score 2 touchdowns, while Folk just booted two 51-yard field goals to defeat the Rams. The two teams have also played 2 overtime games. Petty will truly make his first start in the NFL Sunday against the Rams replacing Fitzpatrick, as many reports say.

Fitzpatrick was just injured with a knee sprain last Sunday, though it was just a minor injury. This happened when his team lost to the Dolphins. He also practiced on a very limited basis just this week. This player will be truly a game-time decision. Hackenberg will just be active if Fitzpatrick cannot play. Petty was playing for the first time in the NFL after taking the place of Fitzpatrick last week. Petty just scored 19 yards by completing two path attempts in just four snaps, and this happened before the famous Fitzpatrick just entered the game again. Petty is now No.2 when Smith just suffered a knee injury that ruined his season right away. The Jets will need to rely a lot on Forte so they can win the game.

NFL Season 2016 Week 9: Los Angeles Rams vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, November 06, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Carolina Panthers narrowly edged out the Rams from Los Angeles in a less convincing 13-10 victory at the Coliseum. Panthers QB Cam Newton expressed his pride and happiness for getting the job done despite feeling it not pretty an outcome.

What is even astonishing is that Carolina, in its victory, only had one touchdown in the first quarter through Cam Newton’s 9-yard bolt down the seam to find Greg Olsen on a tight end. This was followed by an array of field goals which came from all directions- both made and missed.

The third period was rather sluggish and devoid of action before Rams’ line-backer, Thomas Davis picked out Case Keenum in the dying moments of third period. At third-and-2, defensive tackle Aaron Donald sacked Cam Newton, forcing Panthers to settle for a field goal from Graham Gano from 38 yards, extending their lead to 10 points.

Case Keenum drove in a 25-yard field goal for the Rams to take the score to 10-3, but Gano was hot on his kick and replied for Panthers with a 37-yard field goal. This restored their 10 point cushion but a calculative touchdown pass from Keenum to Kenny Britt completed a 75-yard play and Panther ran down the 34 seconds of play to protect maximum points.

NFL Season 2016 Week 7: Los Angeles Rams vs New York Giants on Sunday, October 23, 9:30 AM, Twickenham Stadium

The New York Giants beat the Los Angeles Rams (17 – 10), Case Keenum with four interceptions on Sunday 23rd October. First time in his career Keenum made very nice start, who finished 32 of 53 for 291 – yards and one touchdown. The Giants (4 – 3) managed their win while The Rams (3 – 4) loses their third match in sequence. 44 yards Collin first pick for a second – quarter touchdown. His right to left run in the field was really good making rams several tackles to draw the Giants even.

Stadium was full with more than 74,000 fans of The Giants. This factor also held Giants very much. Second pick of Collins was winning move, with 22 – yard catch by Odell to the Rams. Lot of them said that the pass rush and multiple coverage made this tough match to get back in the rhythm and hit it back massively with big plays. Collins who had only one interception until Sunday in his whole career said “I must have run at least 100 – yards on that day’

Eli Manning had a pedestrian day, with 24 0f37 for 196 – yards and no touchdown. Coach Fisher aid that the moves were slow and throws must be more precise, so needs many changes. Keesum remains the hero of match by his four interceptions. The Rams managed 20 first downs to The Giants 13

NFL Season 2016 Week 6: Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions won their game against the Los Angeles Rams by a score 0f 31-28. The win was mostly due to a combination poor plays by the Rams and bad luck. The Ram’s loss came after Case Keenum’s’ 27 of 32 passes for 321 yards and three touchdowns. Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford completed 23 of 32 passes for 270 yards and four touchdowns. Case Keenum’s last-ditch effort at interception towards the end was a poor play. The Lions were just taking advantage of every opening that the poor plays and fumbles that the Rams made.

The Lions have always been known to surprise. Even though they lost to the Titans and the Bears, they turned around and beat the Eagles 24-23 when no one was expecting them to win. Going into the game with The Los Angeles Rams, they had odds in their favor with injuries plaguing the team. The best players the Rams have aren’t exactly potent. Todd Gurley, who has been touted as one of the league’s best-running backs could not make up for the yardage as the Lions fought to keep him grounded. Matthew Stafford made his mark on the field for the Lions with his 23 of 31 passes for 270 yards and four touchdowns, the highest score he has made this season. Another player who made his mark on game day was Golden Tate who made three catches for 39 yards and a reception that converted to give the team a winning kick. With that game out of the way, many people are left to wonder how the Rams will fare in London against the New York Giants at Twickenham. The Detroit Lions are riding high off this win and with a 3-3 winning streak, their next opponents need to be extra prepared.

NFL Season 2016 Week 5: Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 09, 4:25 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Buffalo Bills had come to the game having a 2-2 record against the opposition with only two-game winning streaks. However, the Rams on the other hand, were in a better shape having won three games out of the four games. Both the teams had one common opponent before this faceoff -, the Arizona cardinals – and they had emerged victorious against this team as well.

The match between The Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams went in favor of the buffalo Bills by 30 to 19 which was an impressive performance indeed. It should be mentioned that it was quite some years that the Bills had played in that venue and had even lost the game against the Los Angeles raiders at that time by 20 to 3 miserably.

The first half was in favor of the Rams and the Bills had fallen behind by the score of 3 points. However, the second half was a different one for the Bills. Despite having a jittery start, they took complete control of the game and the quarterback Tyrod Taylor along with the team’s offensive mode, the victory got near for them eventually. The fact is that the Buffalo Bills remained steady and calm so they achieved success with ease.

NFL Season 2016 Week 4: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 02, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Los Angeles Rams visited the Arizona Cardinals and embarrassed them in their home grounds. The game ended 17-13 in favour of the Rams who are currently ranked among the top teams in the division (3-1). The Cardinals were humiliated at their own home ground the University of Phoenix for the second time this season. The team now stands at 1 win to 3 losses. With the team’s quarterback Carson Palmer having had a concussion it is expected that their performance will keep deteriorating even in the Thursday game in Santa Clara, Calif. The one who replaced him, Drew Stanton, misused the only chance he had at making a comeback with both hi possessions ending up in interceptions.

The game was quite a showdown with critical events happening in the last quarter. The Cardinals seemed to be on the losing end till the third quarter when they took a 13-10 lead. With only six minutes to go before the final whistle, Palmer was sacked and his head slammed into the ground. He had to leave the game replaced by Stanton. Moments later the entire right sideline was left open when the Cardinals’ Justin Bethel was poked by a Ram defender in the eye. The offender, tight end Ifeanyi Momah was called for grabbing a facemask and the Rams given the ball at the 19-yard line. A few plays later the ball was in the hands of Case Keenum who threw his second touchdown pass of the game. This put the Rams score at 17-13 which would eventually be the final result. Generally, the cardinals made so many mistakes that put the ball in the hands of the Rams. The Rams in turn took advantage and made the most out of their opponent’s mishaps.

NFL Season 2016 Week 3: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, September 25, 4:05 PM, Raymond James Stadium

In this game, the Los Angeles Rams emerged victorious over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a 37-32 win at the Raymond James Stadium. The game was not exactly played under ideal conditions considering it had to be stopped after about two minutes, for approximately one hour ten minutes due to bad weather.

Overally, the Buccaneers played quite well and almost won the game within the last seconds but the Rams defended what turned out to be their first win on the road all year. Despite having the home crowd advantage, Buccaneers seemed uncomfortable and uncoordinated with their offense being obscured by the Ram defense. Ram’s offense applied effort only neccessary to beat Tampa scores, all factors that made the game ugly. However, a win is a win.

In their next game, the Rams face Arizona in the divisional game. Arizona is recently coming off a loss that was very brutal and they need to win their next game to stay relevant. The Rams, on the other hand, are riding on the glory of a win away from home, all factors at play awaiting the next game. The upcoming game will test emotions and the results may have major effects on the finality of the playoff.

NFL Season 2016 Week 2: Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 18, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The win over LA Rams against the Seattle Seahawks was purely due to the loose offence offered by the Seahawks. Although the Rams got a win at their home opening, the score still stands at 1-1 for both the teams. The Seattle due Cliff Avril and Frank Clark gave a tough time to the tackle of the LA Rams, Robinson, who was flagged twice for offensive holding. The Rams gave whopping 254 yards in the game and Trumaine Jhonson’s role in keeping the receiver from the Seahawks in check is applaudable.

Seattle’s defender Kam Chancellor was another show stealer in the game. He made five stops during the game on Sunday. The defence line up of the Rams stood nowhere in front of the league’s leading rushing team. The final finishing rushes made by Thomas Rawls during the end of the game did prove for the Rams. Their 9-3 victory against the Seattle Seahawks makes them the only team in the third week that hasn’t had a single down. It did seem like they would get a touchdown in the second quarter of the game but the situation was controlled after Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin got tackled while Case Keenum threw an incomplete pass to receiver Kenny Britt.

NFL Season 2016 Week 1: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers on Monday, September 12, 10:20 PM, Levis Stadium

San Francisco’s defense was more organized than Los Angeles’ line and the continuation of the all-California NFC West challenge showed to be undoubtedly one-sided. Hyde registered two scores for the team and the 49ers defense was outstanding, giving no chance to Gurley and the Rams ending with a 28-0 win that marked the first NFL huge loss for a Los Angeles team since 1994. Shaun Draughn also headed for a score and Vance McDonald scored from Blaine Gabbert’s touchdown pass to relief Chip Kelly with a first win in a perfect style. Keenum fought back but was repeatedly found off-target.

Kelly selected Gabbert as his first quarterback over Kaepernick because of his consistency during the course of offseason. That’s simply how Gabbert performed in the opening match, avoiding mistakes with no loss or blunders but making some big plays that went for over 20 yards. Aaron Donald, playing as Rams defensive linesman was suspended in the fourth quarter after clashing with an official.

The misconduct arose after Alec Ogletree push on Gabbert resulting from a scramble. After receiving a contract extension estimated to be worth $42 million, Tavon Austin won the ball five times on attack for only 15 yards. He managed to make 12 passes on his side for 13 yards and made 2 scores on an end-around.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 4: Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, September 01, 8:00 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

Thursday night saw a big NFL preseason match when Vikings played hosts to the Rams. The match had many thrilling performances by players of both teams. Pressley and Kearse Jayron had a very great and accurate formation and they caught the crowd almost all the time. A few remarkable faults in the game include that of Alexander Mackensie who gave the Rams the first breakthrough.

The Wide receiver Wright was also a great day’s player with almost four passes in the 36 yards range. For Presley, it was easy to score and he utilized every opportunity that came along. He seems to bring in Mexican tactics to the game and they are working out well. Rams defenders had a hard time stopping Treadwell who seems very fit for this season. His moves were accurate and yielding.

Although the Vikings won the match, it was a combination of poor Rams defense play and opportunity utilization. They need to work on ball feeding to Presley who is now a very great attacker for the team. The Rams needs some team organization and training to cover all the loopholes. With the season nearing, this game might indicate how they perform later.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 3: Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos on Saturday, August 27, 9:00 PM, Sports Authority Field

Los Angeles visit to the Broncos was a week 3 preseason encounter that did not work any good for Los Angeles. Both teams performance was not to the best. However, Broncos got themselves a better starting point for the preseason.

To start with, Trevor Siemians did some really good job for the Broncos. Paxton Lynch also did the best he could for the team. These two gave Los Angeles quiet a lot of trouble to see Broncos to the victory.

Trevor Siemian did an interception as a result of a mistake done by a defensive player during the first half. However, the attempt was not confirmed. Nevertheless, and he came out and made one of the best deep ball throws in the preseason to Demaryis Thomas.

Broncos knew that Los Angeles is a team that has lead NFL preseasons in the past attempts. To open the game they opted to take six runs. They made it in the second quarter by taking a 10-9 lead.

Broncos’ Cody Latimer was injured in the second half. Lynch was thus forced to work without Bennie Fowler, Jordan Taylor and Cody Latimer.The Broncos eventually managed to sustain a 17-9 win against Los Angeles that night.

Things worked really well for the Minnesota Vikings in their new stadium-US Bank Stadium. To the contrary, San Diego Chargers visit at the Minnesota was a not a good experience. Minnesota Vikings took a clear win of 23-10.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 2: Los Angeles Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, August 20, 9:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams was very close, the Rams won with a 21-20 victory. If there was an extra minute of play, the Chiefs could have easily turned this game into a tied victory for both teams. It was a great NFL game, and one of my favourites. Full of action-packed play and sportsmanship from both sides. Todd Gurley scored in his debut, which was definitely exciting to watch. Within the first quarter of the match, RB Spencer Ware from the Chiefs took a 2-yard run, resulting in a touchdown – putting the Chiefs 7 points in the lead.

This was levelled out when Todd Gurley took a 3-yard carry, resulting in a score. This left the game score at 7-7 by the end of the first quarter. By the end of the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs were 6 points ahead with an overall score of 20-14. The rams only managed to make this up in the fourth quarter, when Malcolm Brown caught a 10-yard pass from Jared Goff, ending in a touchdown. This gave them 7 points, leaving the total score at 21-20 to the Rams.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 1: Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, August 13, 8:00 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Rams beat out the Cowboys in their Saturday preseason opener, which was their first game in Southern California since 1994. Initial excitement about the team’s return from St. Louis was largely halted early on, however, with a slow start. The Rams were trailing 24-7 at halftime.

Third-string quarterback Sean Mannion, who took over earlier than expected after rookie Jared Goff suffered a minor should injury, led the team to a comeback, ultimately throwing a 9-yard touchdown to running back Aaron Green with 1:54 remaining for the winning points. Mannion completed 18 for 25, 147 yards and three touchdowns total. He was no doubt the MVP of the game, raising questions about the future of the Rams’ QB situation.

Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo dressed for the game but did not play. Instead, Dak Prescott filled in, going 10 for 12, 139 yards, and throwing two touchdowns, one of which was an over the shoulder pass for 10 yards to Dez Bryant.

With the sentimentality of the game for the diehard Rams fans that followed the team when it was formerly in L.A., the stands went wild at the impressive comeback. It was truly an amazing start that will no doubt build needed momentum around the team’s return to its old stomping ground.

Los Angeles Rams NFL season 2015 recap

After the completion of the 2015 season the team owner; Stan Kroeke agreed of the team relocation to California, Inglewood .The Stan Kroeke`s request will be fulfilled by the league on 12th January 2016.
In the NFL season week 7 the St.Loius Rams appeared and did its things commendably. They played relentlessly with pressure, Todd Gurley being the youngest superstar on quarterback. They commenced in a low start getting 3 yards in the beginning (first quarter).The Rodney McLeod and the Janaris Jenkins rely assisted Ram who could have gone for a tie in the halftime.

Through the strength of the Todd`s leg, there was an offense in the second half and the team defeated the Cleveland 24-6 getting a five hundred record. Although the slow start, the Rams managed to win the game. The injured player, Chris Long is to be replaced by William Hayes on his task and rush.

On week 9 the St.Louis Rams defeated the Vikings having the young superstar Todd assisting the team. From the analysis and statistics done the St.Lois Rams is among the best playing team as compared with other teams such as the Jaguar.

NFL Season 2015 Week 17: St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, January 03, 4:25 PM, Levis Stadium

Jim Tomsula delivered a win in what turned out to be his last game as coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It was a shocking turn of events as his firing was announced two hours after the game ended. After the game, Tomsula made it clear that he did not want it to be about the jeopardy of his job. He wanted it to be about the game his players had won and they deserve all the spotlight. Phil Dawson had the winning field goal 11:33 into overtime and it was also his fourth of the game.

Dawson’s winning field goal came after Donate Johnson blocked Greg Zuerlain’s 48 yard field goal attempt with still under 5 minutes to play. The game was close the entire time with neither team gaining an advantage as it headed into the extra session. The loss once again brings out rumors that the Rams are going to move to Los Angeles next year. In fact, some are saying that it is a matter of “when” and not “if” they are moving. The game has its fair share of casualties as the Rams’ Daren Bates suffered a knee injury. Both teams appear to be headed into an offseason of questions.

NFL Season 2015 Week 16: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 27, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Rams entered this game with one win against Seattle this year. After the win, they completed the season sweep against this divisional team. Even with this loss, the Seahawks are still assured a spot in the playoffs this year (albeit the final wild card spot). All the NFC playoff teams have been decided so far. Much better than the AFC, where not a whole lot is known yet (still two teams, including one division winner needs to be decided).

Case Keenum completed 14 of his 23 attempts for 103 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. He’s only thrown one interception in his four starts all season.

Russel Wilson completed 25 of his 41 attempts, throwing for 289 yards, two touchdown passes, and one interception. He also rushed for 39 yards on 6 attempts. Wilson has thrown 31 touchdowns on the season, already a career high, besting the 26 he threw in both his first and second seasons as a professional.

The Rams led in the game going into halftime 16-3. The Seahawks would get their feet under them in the second half, scoring fourteen of their seventeen total points. They also only allowed seven points in the second half. But by then, the damage was already done.

NFL Season 2015 Week 15: St. Louis Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, December 17, 8:25 PM, Edward Jones Dome

St. Louis Rams totally dominated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the score of 31-23. 21 points were scored by The Rams in the first half. Buccaneers tried to put some aggression on their opponents in the second half, but it was too late.

Let’s talk about some highlights.

On Thursday night Case Keenum threw for 234 yards and did a pair of touchdowns with no interceptions. Rams made up 98 yards rushing the ground this game. They did a perfect job of taking on control on Buccaneers player Jameis Winston, do have to mention that they generally controlled the speed of the game there in.

On the opposite side Doug Martin also did a pretty good job for the Buccaneers. He made up rushing for 91 yards. Winston have managed to complete only 29 of his 50 passes for 363 yards, also mentioning all the touchdowns and only one interception. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to rush for 145 yards on the ground.

NFL Season 2015 Week 14: St. Louis Rams vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Rams won their first game, breaking a five game losing streak, since the first of November. They needed this win to try and get back on solid ground, at this point, they may not be going to the playoffs, but they should at the very least, try and win as many games as possible. It might not be a bad idea if the Lions did the same, as they have won even less games then them. The Lions did not play very well in this game after beating the Packers in their last game and a long layoff afterwards.

Matthew Stafford completed thirty of his 46 passes throwing for 245 yards, and had two touchdowns and one interception.

Case Keenum completed fourteen of his 22 passes, throwing for 124 yards and one interception. This is Keenum’s second start of the season, and his third game of the year; he is playing for Nick Foles (who was benched due to poor performance). Since stepping in for Foles, he has won one game (this one), and lost one.

The Rams scored touchdowns in every quarter but the first. The first was scoreless. The Rams went into halftime up 7-0, both teams would score two touchdowns in the second half.

NFL Season 2015 Week 13: St. Louis Rams vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who is said to have the biggest office and personality was very confident they would do well. He always asks his assistants the best running play that will help them win especially in the second half. Harold Godwin, the offensive coordinator suggested a running play named FAY’ as part of their plan. The game that was held at Saint Louis saw the Cardinals win with a whopping 27-3 against the Rams after using this master trick. It was used in two touchdown drives and helped them win the game. It was the first time they used it this year and it worked with perfection they couldn’t imagine.

David Johnson scored on a ten yard reception. Kerwynn Williams also managed to sneak in a score from 35 yards. They did have casualties during the season, Chris Johnson who suffered a broken leg and Andre Ellington but this did not deter their spirit. All in all it was an impressive performance.

NFL Season 2015 Week 12: St. Louis Rams at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

The game between Rams and Bengals was eagerly awaited as the team has a history of accrued wins. After the referee blew the whistle the game kicked off and Andy Dalton threw three touchdown passes before the team had a 31-7 victory over Rams. He threw two of these passes t A.J Green. The three touchdown passes had three interceptions inclusive of the one that Leon Hall returned for a score. After dropping two close-time games, the Bengals returned to sync against a team that toils to score.

During the first quarter, the Rams wasted good field position in a number of times. After they forced Cincinnati to punt from deep in its end they were flagged for roughing the punter for resulting in their first down.

In the second quarter, a 30-yard gain on a reverse to Marvin Jones set up a 21-field score by Nugent Mike which constituted to a 10-0 score. Austin made a 5-yard score. The Bengals however, regained their 10-point lead with a 22 touchdown pass that originated from Dalton to Tyler increasing the score to 17-7. Cincinnati, on the second half, came out running the ball on the opening possession but was intercepted by Janoris Jenkins. The defense of Bengals side however defended Rams from scoring. Bernard had a 44-yard catch and ran to make an 18 yard touchdown pass to Dalton putting Cincinnati ahead with 24-7. Leon Hall who is a Cornerback concluded the win with a 19-yard interception return for an amazing touchdown.

NFL Season 2015 Week 11: St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, November 22, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens won against the St. Louis Rams by 16 – 13 but this came at the expense of their quarterback Joe Flacco and their running back Justin Forsett who both got injured in the game. Flacco who tore ligaments in his left knee, in the dying seconds of the game but managed to hold on with the offense until the game was over. It would be considered a good victory but the quarterback being injured won’t come much of a celebration for the Ravens. Forsett on the other hand broke both bones in his arm was off in the first quarter and as per the stats, he is The Ravens leading rusher.

Case Keenum was the player who gave the game to the Ravens having fumbled with the ball and Lawrence Guy recovering it with 51 seconds on the clock. Rams RT also left the field in the second quarter with an injury to his knee. The game had a fair share of dramatic moments and this is what led to the Ravens stealing the show. This win comes much needed for the Ravens who have been looking for one for quite some time now and this means that the Rams go into their next game with a loss and need to win, desperately.

NFL Season 2015 Week 10: St. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Chicago Bears played the St. Louis Rams in a very breathtaking game. The Rams lost and their ambitions to reach the playoffs now hang on a thread. The Rams defense is quite a formidable force but what we learnt is that just like any other defense, they can have a bad day in the office. The Bears defense was amazing and ensured that they got one big play after another. The Rams were unable to cope with Zach Miller and in the end paid the price.

He had 107 yards and on top of that scored twice. He was definitely the player who stood out in the game. The game also confirmed that Todd Gurley is a very important player in the Rams offense. However, the Bears limited Gurley to 45 yards on 12 carries. Basically, if any team wants to stop the Rams, Todd Gurley is the player to mark. The Rams dream of reaching the playoffs is not entirely over. All they have to do is avoid any more losses and their dream will remain valid. Their schedule is against two teams which they can easily win but they still need to work on their offense.

NFL Season 2015 Week 9: St. Louis Rams at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, TCF Bank Stadium

The Rams at Vikings was held in Minnesota and saw the Vikings win 21-18 against the Rams. The Vikings started the game on a lighter note but the overtime saw them win over their counterparts. Vikings showed the Rams how it is done. Adrian Peterson had a touchdown on 29 carries and went for 125 yards. This is one of the actions that gave Vikings a win. Vikings rarely get a penalty because they always play by the set rules. The game went on overtime and that is what led to the Vikings win.

There is no doubt that Vikings have gained a lot of points over Rams. It was unfortunate for the Rams to lose since they are the 6th best when it comes to defense. The game was tough but there has to be a winner and a loser in any game. The players had their own views regarding how the game was played. Some of the Vikings players were of the opinion that the Rams did not play the game fairly. No matter was conspired between these two teams; the winner went home with smiles on their faces. It is tough but they managed to pull it off and emerged the winner by 21 points.

NFL Season 2015 Week 8: St. Louis Rams vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Rams recorded a 27-6 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The 49ers at Rams was an interesting game. Almost the end of the third quarter that is seven minutes to the end of that quarter the scoreboard was 6-20. The 2-5 49ers took on the 3-3 Rams. Moreover, Colin was seen struggling to catch up with the game.

The 49ers hardly had 21 yards into the third quarter. At that time, 49ers Patton was topping the receiving with 33 yards 2 catches, however no touchdowns. The game saw the 49ers with only 107 yards receiving, 14 catches, with no touchdowns as far as the third quarter was concerned.

The Rams had a stout defense. Actually, their defense has not permitted any touchdown in their last two games. Gurley registered 71-yard touchdown run. He even made some big plays on the 49ers. At some point of the game, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks anticipated going against Gurley. Nevertheless, maybe the results or the loss of 49ers was due to their (2-6) getting hard injuries. They lost Reggie Bush who was in for Carlos Hyde with a knee injury. Well that is just how NFL games are, they are unpredictable sometimes.

Both 49ers and Rams were called for 93 yards in penalties. Gurley made the 49ers sweat as he went untouched on his 71-yarder in the middle during the second quarter. 49ers defenders lost it as Gurley continued to make a mess when he picked up speed to pass to Jared Cook who made it 10-3.

NFL Season 2015 Week 7: St. Louis Rams vs Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

In the game between the Browns and the Rams, one of Browns best players Mccown is nursing a shoulder injury which happened during the forth quarter of the tournament which resulted in a 24-6 loss for the Browns. The extent of the injury is not known but from the team’s coach response, it seems like it might be something serious. However, he did not let that bring his down by saying that he can’t miss a way out in their next game. Like I said, Mccown is one of Brown’s best players which is probably why the team still needs him. With 4 turndowns and 11 penalties, this team should be very worried about their next game with the Cardinals more than having a good player who is injured.

The drama does not end there are the coach is still faced with other misfortunes like the one involving him hitting his girlfriend while driving. Even though he denied the allegations, his girlfriend seems pretty sure she was hit even though no action was taken against him and he has not yet reported the incident to NFL. Despite this and many other cases still following him, his team still have confidence in him and have even publicly announced their support for him. Manziel says he loves his team a lot and they are the reason why he enjoys his job. Catch them on their next match this Sunday.

NFL Season 2015 Week 5: St. Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 11, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers stretched their winning streak with a 24-10 win over the St. Louis Rams. They have made a perfect start and are 5-0. The defense was the main reason for their win as they forced the Rams into four turnovers and made up for the offensive woes. It was a scratchy victory with Aaron Rodgers throwing an interception at home which was his first in three years. He managed to throw another pick and fumbled the ball as well. But he redeemed himself with two touchdowns and the stellar defense ensured that those were enough.

The Rams defense also worked hard with the two interceptions from Rodgers but were let down by the offense. Nick Foles was kept under pressure by the Packers defense and ended up throwing four interceptions which was the most he had ever thrown in a game. The Rams came into the game having won against the previously unbeaten Arizona team but could not replicate that win here. The Packers will be heartened at the way their defense is playing this season having previously been known as an offensive team. In times when their offense fails, they can now rely on their defense to prop them up.

NFL Season 2015 Week 4: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 04, 4:25 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Todd Gurley was unarguably the star performer in securing 24-22 road win over the Arizona Cardinals by the St. Louis Rams on 5th October. Never before such an explosive show of defense and offense has been seen on a NFL game! The 227 pound rookie covered up 146 yards on 19 carriers. Now that is very impressive even for the best rookies. Todd showed an impressive intellectual ability by putting up obstacles and blocks as the game progressed. He effortlessly trampled the two large defensive linemen showing an uncanny ability and ferocious will to continue towards his target. The obduracy to not give in to the defensive backs or linebackers puts him apart from other players.

The Rams put on exceptional game at all three levels on Sunday. It was a spectacular game to watch. Todd removed much of the pressure from the quarterback Nick Foles. The victory means much to the Rams following the disparaging remarks of the Cardinals’ head coach last year. They came and they played their best to let Cardinals know who is the boss in the field! The Rams although started from a shaky opening but luckily Cardinals could not use it to their advantage. But even after the defeat, Cardinals remain at the top in NFC West.

NFL Season 2015 Week 3: St. Louis Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

NFL Season 2015 Week 2: St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

Having worked hard to beat the Seatle Seahawks 34-31 in week 1, the Rams found the going tough against the Washington Redskins, to whom they lost 24-10. This was always going to be a fifty-fifty encounter, given that the Washington Redskins had lost their opening game 17-10 to the Miami Dolphins. They were bound to come into the game like wounded lions, which they did in style, taking the first ad second quarters, 10-0 and 7-0 respectively.

In the third quarter, the Rams seemed to have woken up to the reality that they were bound to lose at home. They rallied to take it with a 10-0 score before the Redskins stamped their authority I the game to seal their victory a 7-0 score in the last quarter. Matt Jones was the man to beat on the Redskins side. He ran rings around the Rams defense, opening it up at will. The Rams coach, Jeff Fisher, admitted that their game plan was simply torn into shambles, to say they least. He said that the laid down game plan was only on paper. They could hardly settle down and implement any of it consistently. Going into week three, they have a lot of work to do if they have to bounce back to winning ways. As for the Redskins, they can’t rest on their laurels.

NFL Season 2015 Week 1: St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 13, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Seattle Seahawks let the St. Louis Rams walk away with a victory at extra time. Although there weren’t that much stakes hanging in this game, the Rams walked away with a somewhat non deserved victory. The choice of Coach Carroll for the Seahawks was a subject for debate again as his boys failed to impress.

There were a lot of good moments as well as there were bad moments in the game on Sunday. The Seahawks defense at times really gave a really great display of athleticism and this was clearly seen when they were 31-24 up with only five minutes of play left. Cary Williams especially was really superb when he came on and this made the defense even more imposing as they already were. With Kam Chancellor missing, his presence in the field was deeply missed as the Seahawks gave away almost 350 yards in the game.

After the failure to convert by the Seahawks, the Rams walked away the victors. The Seahawks now have to wait till next Sunday to try and redeem themselves. Congratulations to the St. Louis Rams for the victory that was well deserved despite the fact that they really had to fight and come from behind to win it.

How the NFL season 2014 went for the St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams were 6-10 this season, they weren’t able to get the kind of performance from their defense that they need in order to win their last few games. Shaun Hill was serviceable as their leading passer, but cornerbacks like T.J. McDonald got burned for too many yards as he was working against players like Odell Beckham.

The Rams were able to find their running back of the future as well. Tre Mason appears to fit really well into a good, ground and pound system that many teams could use in order to be competitive in the NFC West.

NFL Season 2014 Week 17: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 28, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

Seattle needed to win to wrap up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Rams have shown that they are tough defensively. Throughout the first half the Rams lead six to zero. The Seahawks came back in the second to defeat the Rams.

The Rams quarterback Shaun Hill completed twenty-six passes for 243 yards and two interceptions. The top rusher for the Rams was Tre Mason, whom ran for twenty-eight yards on eleven carries. Benny Cunningham was the top receiver for the Rams, catching seven passes for fifty-seven yards.

The Rams defense sacked the Seahawks quarterback three times and forced two turnovers.

The Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 239 yards on seventeen completions. The strength of the Seattle offense is their running game. Marshawn Lynch an for sixty yards and scored the only offensive touchdown of the game. Paul Richardson was the Seahawks to receiver for the game. He caught five passes for sixty yards.

The Seahawks defense scored a touchdown. Bruce Irvin intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown. They sacked the quarterback four times and accounted for three turnovers.

NFL Season 2014 Week 16: St. Louis Rams vs New York Giants on Sunday, December 21, 4:05 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The New York Giants and St. Louis Rams both entered Sunday’s game being eliminated from the playoffs, but both teams played hard and were trying to finish their seasons on a strong note. Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr had a big day with 148 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He broke the Giants rookie records of Jeremy Shockey for most touchdowns in a season and also most receptions. On one reception, Beckham was hit late out of bounds by Rams linebacker Ogletree leading to a huge fight and four players were ejected. The Giants scored first, kicking a field goal. On the ensuing kick off Rams returner Benny Cunningham fumbled the ball and the Giants recovered. This led to Beckham’s first touchdown and an early 10 – 0 lead for the Giants.

The Rams fought back and quarterback Shaun Hill threw two touchdowns and running back Tre’ Mason rushed for another. The New York Giants just played better football all day long. The Rams committed two turnovers, while the Giants committed none and the Giants dominated the time of possession 35 minutes to 25 minutes. Some highlights include Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for 391 yards and 3 touchdowns. Rookie running back Andre Williams had 110 yards rushing, and Giants rookie defensive end Kerry Wynn had his first career interception and fumble recovery. Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt had a good day with 9 receptions for 103 yards.

NFL Season 2014 Week 15: St. Louis Rams vs Arizona Cardinals on Thursday, December 11, 8:25 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The St. Louis Rams faced their second defeat against the Arizona Cardinals after the latter displayed exceptional defense during their recent NFL game. It was a battle between the offense of the Rams against the defense of the Cardinals with the defense playing off well, giving the Cardinals better chance to clinch a spot in the play offs.

The Rams were put against a tough defense displayed by the Cardinals and found it difficult to get the ball over the line even though it was in their zones several times. With Drew Stanton going down because of knee injury during the game, it was left to the cardinals defense strategy to tackle the strong offense displayed by the Rams, which proved to be fruitful for them after they let in only 20 points to go through them in the last 2 games. Chandler Catanzaro’s 4 field goals pushed cardinals to their 11th win of the season.

‘They played well upfront and we found it difficult to get the run game going!’ ‘Jeff Fisher, Rams Head Coach tells the media after their loss to the cardinals. Shaun Hill, Rams Quarterback was seen quoting ‘Lack of execution of plans and mental break downs’ being reasons for their poor performance. While for the Cardinals Head coach Bruce Arians ‘It is one of the best wins in his coaching career!’

The Cardinals proved once again that games can be won on a great defense even without a strong offense!

NFL Season 2014 Week 14: St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The St Louis Rams found it easy to dismiss the Washington Redskins in their week fourteen game played on Sunday. The 24-0 mauling of the Redskins was quite a morale booster, although it looks unlikely to revive the slightest hopes for the playoffs. The Redskins were outplayed in all departments by the Rams. They had no response to the marauding Rams. Their offense was kept at bay by the Rams solid defense. However, their defense showed signs of resilience, especially in the first and last quarters of the game, in which the scores were 0-0. The defense could not withhold the Rams offensive pressure in the second and third quarters, soaking in 24 points altogether in the two quarters.

With victory, the Rams showed that their week thirteen 52-0 victory over the Oakland Raiders was not a fluke. But do they have what it takes to sustain the resurgence? One may argue that their two consecutive victories since 1945 were played against weak opponents. Their next game against the Arizona Cardinals will be an acid test for them. Should they bring down the Cardinals, then they have disapproved any doubting Thomases. The Redskin’s loss was the fifth in a row. Can they pick themselves up and overcome the Giant’s challenge in week fifteen?

NFL Season 2014 Week 13: St. Louis Rams vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Oakland Raiders didn’t stand a chance against St. Louis in Week 13, taking a 52-0 loss after throwing for 183 yards with only 3 interceptions. Wideout Vincent Brown got a 10-yard grab. Wideout Andre Holmes caught half his targets – three out of six – for 28 yards. Receiver Brice Butler caught both of his targets for 27 yards, while Tight end Mychal Rivera caught three of eight for 27 yards and Wideout Kenbrell Thompkins caught two of five for 28 yards.

Though the Raiders walked away with a gloomy outcome of 52-nil for Week 13, Oakland Wideout James Jones had a brighter finish to the week as he tied for the team lead in targets, catching six of eight for 33 yards for a total of 60 catches so far this season.

The St. Louis Rams pounded out a series of quick-strike dives early on in the game. They were able to take advantage of the Raiders’ poor defense before rookie QB Derek Carr was lifted in the fourth quarter and replaced by vet Matt Schaub. The Rams played strong, building a total of 348 yards of offense on 49 plays and taking home the victory of Week 13 against the Raiders.

NFL Season 2014 Week 12: St. Louis Rams at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, November 23, 4:05 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The Saint Louis Rams were unlucky to lose to their week twelve hosts, the San Diego Chargers in a very closely fought encounter. Both teams were meeting after registering very convincing victories in week 11. Both were set on extending their winning ways, but after the last whistle, it was the Chargers who prevailed. With about 56 seconds left on the clock, the Charger’s Marcus Gilchrist intercepted the Ram’s Shaun Hill at the goal line, denying the Rams a chance to go top. This proved to be very decisive as it preserved the Chargers 27-24 victory over the Rams in a match played on Sunday.

Journeyman Shaun Hill tried to force a pass to Kenny Britt on second and goal from the 4. This was not to be, as Gilchrist jumped the route to intercept him. With 2.04 to go, Hill had beaten Gilchrist with a 7 yard TD pass Stedman Bailey, who made no mistake, reducing the gap between the teams to three points only. With the victory, the Chargers have only tightened the AFC West race. Their victory condemns the Rams to their seventh loss of the season. The Chargers can now look forward to their next game with glee. However, they can’t afford to rest on their laurels; the league just got hotter and tougher.

NFL Season 2014 Week 11: St. Louis Rams vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 16, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

In a surprise win, the Saint Louis Rams (4-6, 4th in NFC West) beat the Denver Broncos (7-3, 1st in AFC West) by a score off 22-7. The Broncos, who hadn’t scored less than 21 points in a game all season and more than 30 in five of their last six games, was only able to manage a touchdown late in the first half. The Broncos had more total yards than the Rams, but also had two turnovers to the Rams zero. Both turnovers were Peyton Manning interceptions, who snapped a streak of 15 consecutive games with two touchdown passes.

On the other side of the field, Rams QB Shaun Hill took over the starting job from Austin Davis, who was benched for too many critical mistakes in the last few weeks. Hill was the backup behind Davis for the last eight weeks before getting his chance. He finished the game with 220 yards on 20 of 29 passing, with a touchdown. Saint Louis running back Tre Mason had 113 yards rushing, the first 100 yard rushing game of his career. The Denver Broncos look to get back into the win column next week against the Miami Dolphins, while the Saint Louis Rams take on the San Diego Chargers.

NFL Season 2014 Week 10: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, November 09, 4:25 PM, U of Phoenix Stadium

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the St. Louis Rams. The defensive strategy employed by the Cardinals enabled the team win the game. The back up quarter back Drew Stanton three touch downs that enabled the Arizona Cardinals to win the game. The combination of the quarterback and the teams defense made the offensive play a success during the match. Carson Palmer’s injury motivated the players to play defensively during the match. Drew Stanton replaced the quarterback and enabled the team win by throwing a 48 yard touch down pass to John Brown. The new back up quarterback Drew Stanton enables the Cardinals win the competitive game. The defensive play enabled the team’s offensive play to improve.

The defense of the team made the quarterback develop confidence during the competitive match. During the match st. Louis Rams managed to come up with offensive play that made lead to a crucial penalty but Lance Kendricks had to be called out for a blindside block. The blindside block resulted into a 15 yard penalty. The penalty pushed back the St. Louis team. Arizona’s corner back Patrick Patterson contributed to the victory. The corner-back contributed to the victory by intercepting two passes that made the team claim victory over the rivals.

NFL Season 2014 Week 9: St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 02, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The St. Louis Rams certainly woke up their defensive line, sacking 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick eight times. Robert Quinn was able to get two sacks in the game, along with the work that Geno Hayes was able to accomplish on the defensive line.

Austin Davis would admit that he did not play very well in the Rams 13-10 victory. You have to be happy with the fact that he was able to connect on a touchdown pass with Kenny Britt however. The Rams have now seemingly decided that Tre Mason should be their featured running back. Mason did show some explosion with his nineteen carries in the game. Tavon Austin has also helped diversify the Rams offense. keeping the 49ers off balance. He certainly had an impact on special teams, the whole Rams special teams unit had 49ers punter Andy Lee off balance. This is why Lee had that poor punt during the game. You have to give the Rams credit for their solid run defense. Rodney McLeod came up from the safety position and made a number of great tackles.

Alex Ogletree was all over the field, even able to tip a couple of passes along with the process of limiting the number of carries that Frank Gore had in the game. Anquan Boldin still had a very solid game for the 49ers with his six catches. The Niners did try to spread the ball around with Michael Crabtree also making some great plays, but they were still afraid to give the ball to Frank Gore down on the goal line. The decision not to give the ball to Gore probably cost them the game.

NFL Season 2014 Week 8: St. Louis Rams at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, October 26, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

Elsewhere Kansas City Chiefs put on a show for their fans at home to remember when they hosted St. Louis Rams by hammering them 34-7. With 100-yard kickoff return from Knile Davis and Jamaal Charles’ touchdown runs, the Rams endured a miserable day that they would wish to quickly erase from their memories.

In the first quarter, Charles powered over the left side of the line for a touchdown and added a 36-yard score early on in the fourth after accelerating past the Rams’ defense while he had initially dodged a defender at the line of scrimmage.

Cairo Santos added a pair of field goals for Kansas City before halftime including a career-best of 53 yards. Davis had the final say in the string of 34 unanswered points with a short touchdown run in the final quarter.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid blamed his injury prone defensive backfield for the loss after the game. “You looked at the injuries they had today, they had three or four rookies starting for them on the defensive side,” he said. “That’s tough.”

It was a tough day for the Rams especially In the second half and their attention now shifts to their next game hoping to bounce back from this heavy loss. “We clearly got outplayed in the second half of this game in all three phases,” Fisher said. “It wasn’t a good effort and we’ve got our work cut out for us.”

NFL Season 2014 Week 7: St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The champions are having a tough time as of late losing a second game in a row. The Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl winning defense has disappeared lately. The St. Louis rams third string quarterback Austin Davis completed eighteen of twenty-one passes. He threw two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Rams running backs ran for a combined one-hundred-two yards for the game.

The Seahawks fell behind early by a score of twenty-one to three. The champions finished the first half down by fifteen, but the team pulled it together in the second half scoring two touchdowns to bring the game within a two point margin. The Seahawks did miss a two-point conversion that would have tied the game at twenty-one.

The Rams took the ball on the next drive and went down the field and scored giving them a nine point lead. A major play during the drive was a forth down that was converted to a first down when the Rams faked a punt and got a badly needed first down to keep the eventual winning drive alive. The Seahwaks did score another touchdown in the closing moments of the game to make it a two point contest, but that was as close as they were going to get on Sunday afternoon. The Rams will have a tough battle as they face off against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Seahawks are playing against a struggling Carolina Panthers team.

NFL Season 2014 Week 6: St. Louis Rams vs San Francisco 49ers on Monday, October 13, 8:30 PM, Edward Jones Dome

San Francisco at St. Louis was another game where Colin Kaepernick showed his true player abilities. Kapernick started off at a slow started, getting sacked by the Rams defense and unable to connect with his receivers. There were a few bloopers throughout the game, however Kaepernick managed to put his game face on and with the help of the rest of the team brought down the Rams house. First points brought on the board by the 49er’s was done by Phil Dawson with a 50 yard field goal, since Kapernick and his team couldn’t make a completion in the red zone. An example was when Vance McDonald was standing in the end zone about to catch his first career touchdown and Vernon Davis jumped in the way and neither of the team mates caught the ball, which cost San Francisco a touchdown. The first touch down was an 80 yard pass to Brandon Lloyd.

Kaepernick didn’t connect with his usual targets like Gore or Davis. Instead TD’s were captured by Lloyd, Crabtree, Boldin and Jenkins. After the first half the Rams defense fell apart and Austin Davis couldn’t get the offensive line to connect for the remainder of the game. This resulted in a San Francisco victory of 31 – 17 over St. Louis.

NFL Season 2014 Week 5: St. Louis Rams at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles earned their fourth win of the NFL 2014 season after beating St. Louis Rams 34-28 on Sunday. It looked as though the game would easily end in Philadelphia’s favor but Austin Davis had the final word after rallying St. Louis from a 34-7 deficit to reduce it to

34-28 with three straight scores including a superb 5-yard pass to Brian Quickwith 4:41 left.

“We have to learn how to finish better,” Foles said. “As a team, we’re not there yet.”

This was after the Rams came close to snatching the win when they got the ball at their 7 with 1:47 left when Austin Davis threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to Brian Quick but the Eagles defense was alert enough to make a stop.

“We were rolling. I had no doubts in my mind we were going to win, ‘Davis said referring to the final drive.

The Eagles coach, Chip Kelly had a different opinion after seeing his side rebound from a tough loss at San Francisco with a strong performance that survived the fourth quarter scare from a spirited Rams side. “Tough 4-1, soft 4-1, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “You’re 4-1 and you go back to work Tuesday.” The win ensured the Eagles extended their home winning streak and moved to 4-1.

NFL Season 2014 Week 3: St. Louis Rams vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Dallas Cowboys pulled off a stunning 34-31 wins against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, September 21st at 1pm EST in the Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri. The Cowboys managed to come back from a 21-0 Rams lead, making last Sunday’s game one of the most thrilling for Cowboys fans all over. The Rams took charge early, scoring 3 touchdowns by the middle of the second quarter, including one interception return by Janoris Jenkins. Although it appeared that the game was one-sided, the Cowboys stepped up to the challenge, scoring a touchdown and a field goal by halftime to lower the Rams lead to a 21-10.
Closing the gap even farther in the third quarter, the Cowboys brought the scoreboard to 21-20 with another touchdown and field goal combination. The game intensified as the Rams tried to solidify their lead with an early field goal in the fourth quarter, but the Cowboys quickly turned around and scored 2 more touchdowns. The Rams last touchdown was not enough for them to regain the lead, bringing them their second loss at home this season. Highlights included Tony Romo’s impressive 68yd pass to a wide open Dez Bryant in the third quarter. The last Cowboys touchdown was a 25rd interception return by Bruce Carter. Austin Davis threw for 3 Rams touchdowns. The Cowboys have a season record of 2-1 so far and the Rams are at a 1-2.

NFL Season 2014 Week 2: St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, September 14, 4:05 PM, Raymond James Stadium

The Buccaneers hosted the Rams on Sunday 14th Sep at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. It is a game they will want to forget very fast. They lost it 17-19 to their visitors, the Rams. Their coach, Smith, confessed that he, together with his staff, was to blame for the loss. He was simply very conservative in his fielding. The focus seemed to be the defense, leaving the offense to struggle and just get by. This was a grave mistake in a very winnable game that would have boosted their fortunes this season.

The Rams, on the other hand, played with a lot of determination, which saw them choke up a very vital away victory. Their comeback quarterback, Austin Davies, was very composed, calm and efficient to guide his side to their first and very important victory of the season. He replaced their veteran, Shaun Hill, who was out with a thigh injury. This was Austin’s first NFL start and he did not disappoint. The Rams will be seeking to build momentum in their next game, while the Buccaneers have to rise above this loss and bounce back to winning ways quickly.

NFL Season 2014 Week 1: St. Louis Rams vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, September 07, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Minnesota Vikings set of the new era of Mike Zimmer in style. They took out the St. Louis Rams on Sunday at 36-6 at the Edward Jones Dome. The defense and Coedarrelle Patterson wee the talk of the game. The game ended with him having only three catches over 26 yards on a total of five targets. However, he ran 102 yards with the ball which includes the 67-yard ran that triggered the rout.

The defense on the other hand had five sacks and two turnovers. One of the turnovers came back to be a touchdown. The turning point of the game was probably at the very first interception. As the first half was coming to an end, the Vikings were 6 points up. Shaun hill, Vikings former quarterback tried to force out a pass and a catch was made by Josh Robinson. The Vikings had to make four plays and move 35 yards before they could get their first touchdown. Matt Cassel made a pass to Greg Jennings over the defenders to the end zone, which took them to a 13-0 lead.

The Rams got Austin Davis in the second half but the Vikings still dominated. The only productions that the Rams got was when in the third quarter drive and their very last drive on the offensive which both ended in field goals.

Disappointing NFL season 2013 for the Rams

For the St. Louis Rams, the 2013 NFL season was another mediocre disappointment. As head coach Jeff Fisher entered his second season in charge of the St. Louis franchise, he would have hoped to improve on the Ram’s 2012 record of 7-8-1. In 2013, they could only equal their previous year’s win total with a disappointing record of 7-9, meaning they missed out on the playoffs for the ninth season in a row.
With the number 8 and 30 picks in the 2013 Draft, the Rams picked wide receiver Tavon Austin and linebacker Alec Ogletree as the main rookies to strengthen their chances for reaching the post-season. The Rams entered their 76th season as a franchise with little momentum after a disappointing pre-season. With a record of 1-3, the only bright moment of their pre-season campaign was a narrow 24-21 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.
Despite this, they kick started their 2013 season in impressive fashion by beating the Arizona Cardinals at home. Despite being behind 24-13 going into the third quarter, two touchdowns from debutante Jared Cook and a last minute 48 yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein resulted in a dramatic 27-24 for the Rams on opening day.

The Rams would slump from 1-0 to 1-3 over the course of their next three games. Consecutive losses against the Falcons, Cowboys and the 49ers put serious dents in the Rams playoff hopes. It would take a comfortable 34-20 victory over the mediocre Jacksonville Jaguars to end their three game losing streak. They were able to carry this form into their clash with the Texans at the Reliant Stadium. In one of their most impressive 2013 season performances, they ran away as victors with a scoreline of 38-13.

However, the Rams went onto prove once again that their lack of consistency was their biggest problem throughout the season. After annihilating the Houston Texans, the St. Louis Rams would go on to lose disappointingly lose three games in a row once again, this time against the Carolina Panthers, eventual Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans. While a shocking 38-8 crushing of the Indianapolis Colts away from home left fans jubilant, the Rams would need to string together a conisderable amount of wins to make the playoffs.

In the end, inconsistency led to the Rams failure to make the playoffs. While they won the remainder of their home games against the Bears, Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their poor form on the road meant that they would finish the 2013 season with a poorer record than their 2012 effort. It was always going to be difficult to qualify from a division that contained both the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers and losses against all of three of their NFC West rivals in their final six games left them sitting bottom of the division by the end of the season.

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