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NFL Week 17: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, December 31, 4:25 PM, StubHub Center

The Oakland Raiders visited the Los Angeles Chargers, and this was an amazing match. The Oakland Raiders did an amazing job at defeating the famous Chargers to finish with the powerful record of 6-10 this outstanding season. The score of the match was 30-10 in favor of the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders have an all-time regular season record of 62-52-2 against the Chargers. The famous Oakland Raiders fished 2017 with a record of 2-4 in the important AFC West division. Mr. Bowman led his team in tackles for the 9th time since he joined the team.

Mr. Carr recorded a terrific touchdown that culminated a 75-yard drive that lasted more than a minute. This drive tied the game at just seven apiece. Mr. Cooper has 7 touchdowns in his list this season, and this is a new high in his career. Mr. Ellis also did an amazing job at blocking a field goal attempt coming from the Oakland Raiders. Mr. Bowman has recorded double-digital scores seven times since he signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders. Mr. Bowman also split an important sack with Mr. Irvin. Mr. Bowman also took down Mr. Rivers for a total loss of 7 yards.

NFL Week 16: Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, December 25, 8:30 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia. The Raiders continued to stumble after a horrible defeat by the Eagles. The referee Ronald announced that the game was not over. Time expired at the end of the game which was 10-19 loss for the Oaklands. It was another nasty loss for Derrek Carr. Only one more game until the Raiders fades to an offseason game. It is their biggest disappointment of the year. Carr has gone to nearly an afterthought as compared to his performances previously, but the Raiders did their best to impress. The fumbles for the Raiders followed fumbles after fumbles that led to the Philadelphia victory. One of the best offenses was granted without Carsons Wentz caused zero fear for the Raiders. Carr said that they did not do well during this game.

Apart from the 63-yard touchdown pass to Cooper in the second quarter that had tied the game to a seven. Carr managed to acquire only 14 passes for 77 yards. He completed 15 passes. The Eagles converted 1-of-14 third downs but the Raiders still lost the game. Oakland still finds one way or another of coming short everytime. They have failed every time their quarterback fumble-causing a loss in the game. Carr said He will fix what he can fix and try help those who need help.You live with the results.

NFL Week 15: Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, December 17, 8:30 PM, Oakland Coliseum

During the first half, Oakland stringed together a long drive which ended with no points. The team Raiders quarterback Derek Carr floundered via the end zone within 31 seconds to play. This gave the opportunity to the Cowboys to achieve a 20-17 win in the last match. The Dallas (8-6) managed to kick a well field goal with 1:44 that was remaining in order to top just before Oakland (6-8) drove downfield for an opportunity to win. While trying to dive for the pylon, Carr lost the ball. The ball then turned over to the opponent, Cowboys, who managed to emerge as the winner and amazingly achieved all the victory. Quarterback Dak Prescott from the Dallas tried to throw two hot interceptions as well as rushing for a score. A score was added by Rod Smith on the ground specifically for Dallas.

Carr additionally did throw exactly two touchdowns to the famous player Michael Crabtree in the losing attempt while Marshawn Lynch scrambled for 76 yards. The Cowboys appeared ready to punt just after Prescott threw an incomplete pass on the third down. They then ran a fake. Punter Chris Jones ran for 24 yards so as to keep the Dallas’ drive alive. Oakland failed to punch it inside after the team Cowboys’ turnover when Carr threw two incomplete kicks. Marshawn Lynch on the other hand registered a short run. The player, Giorgio Tavecchio hit a 39-yard goal to tie the then score 10-10 with 6:14 left in the third quarter.

NFL Week 14: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 10, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The NFL has either lifted up one team or abased the others in the group. Some games in the National Football League have become a referendum on other opponents or champions. This is exactly how the match between the Chiefs and Raiders ended. The Chiefs were able to beat the Raiders on an aggregate of 26-15. The Chiefs have passed through obscure times and difficult moments, but this win against the Raiders raised the team’s spirit again. With Chiefs’ win against the Raiders, the team is now in a good position to become the champions of the AFC West competitions.

If the Chiefs will defeat the Charges in their upcoming match, then the team will claim victory in the AFC West competition. If the Chiefs lost to the Charges in the upcoming match, then things may become ugly. This is because there will be more emphasis on the game against these two strong NFL teams. The Chiefs will only miss playoffs after beating the Chargers to lose to the Broncos, Dolphins or Jets. In the meantime, the match between the Raiders and Chiefs proved tough for both teams at first. Without any iota of doubt, the Chiefs proved to be the stronger side and won the match with an outstanding 26-15 victory.

NFL Week 13: Oakland Raiders vs New York Giants on Sunday, December 03, 4:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

Oakland Raiders hosted New York Giants and got another slight victory from the game. This was a much needed win for Oakland who were already struggling to stay in the AFC play offs. Without their two best receivers, Oakland’s quarterback had a rough time trying to pass the ball across but the team managed to get a rhythm, which made the rest of the game easy. During the first three quarters, they struggled to score only managing a 10-7 lead in the fourth quarter, the continuous struggle and successful passes together with a touchdown gave them the win and the much needed improvement from 4-2 to 6-6 in the league.

Although the Giants tried to put up a fight, they lost two important touchdown passes, which could have been what caused them the game. The way they played wasn’t good enough even as they tried to keep the gap between the scores short. The game that ended with a 24-17 win for the hosts left the Giant’s supporters disappointed and the other side relieved but it was also very entertaining to the viewers. Oakland now has to keep up the winning streak even though they managed to get through the most difficult part to increase their ratings.

NFL Week 12: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 26, 4:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

Derek Carr came back to throw a pass with an opportunity to seal a win through a third down conversion. With a second hurt and one starting receiver removed, the Raider’s twenty-one points lead dropped to 7. In the defense, Carr was able to fling the ball into the empty space. Cordarrelle Patterson was able to run under the ball that Carr threw and had a rumble at fifty-four yards for the premier down that led to the victory of the Raiders with a 21-14 score. This match will be highly remembered for brawl between Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree, which led to the removal of three players. The scenario for both teams remains an upheaval as the Denver fired Mike McCoy the offensive coordinator. The Denver also replaced a quarterback before the commencement of the game against the Raiders.

The Raiders also removed Ken Norton Jr. before they battled with the Denver. The war between Talib and Crabtree covered the current disarray. In the first game under defensive play-caller, the Raiders were able to record their long-awaited premier interception of the season. For the first time in fifty years, the Denver has lost 7 matches in a row. The battle remains a continuation between Crantree and Talib in the last season. This year, Crabtree did not play the first game between the teams, but didn’t spend more time for revenge.

NFL Week 11: Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots on Sunday, November 19, 4:25 PM, Estadio Azteca

The New England Patriots put up a dominant display to easily dispatched the Oakland Raiders 33-8. New England Patriots, the defending Superbowl champions never looked threatened during the entire game and the Oakland Raiders will have few complaints; they surely lost to a much better team. Tom Brady, the Patriot’s quarterback put up an inspired performance and completed all his first 12 passes. He was definitely the crowd favorite and all through the game, the stadium echoed with chants of his name.

Nobody expected the Oakland Raiders to win the game against the reigning Superbowl champions. However, the casual manner in which the Patriots penetrated their defensive line on countless occasions raised a lot of questions about their attitude and overall preparedness. The game even experienced an ugly incident where the Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver Johnny Holton lashed out at the Patriot’s center back Johnny, hitting him on the head. The incident summarized the frustration felt around the stadium by all players and fans of the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots take on Miami Dolphins in their next game, wile the Oakland Raiders will host Denver Broncos.

NFL Week 9: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 05, 8:30 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

The Oakland Raiders visited Miami and defeated the Dolphins twenty-seven to twenty-four. The Raiders were led by the passing of Derek Carr. The young quarterback threw for three hundred yards and a touchdown. Although Carr had a decent day the Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was the star of the day as he ran for fifty-seven yards and two touchdowns. Carr’s main receiving target for the day was Tight end Jared Cook, who caught eight passes for one hundred and twenty-six yards. Carr’s second option Amari Cooper caught four passes for fifty-eight yards. Johnny Holston had one catch for a touchdown. The Raider Defense recovered one Miami fumble and sacked the quarterback once.

The Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler threw for three hundred and eleven yards and three touchdowns. He completed thirty-four passes and did not throw one interception. Running back Kenyan Drake ran for sixty-nine yards on nine attempts and caught six passes for thirty-five yards. Cutler’s main target was Julius Thomas who caught six passes for eighty-four yards and scored one touchdown. Damien Williams and Jarvis Landry were the other two receivers to catch touchdown passes from Cutler. The Miami defense sacked Carr once and recovered a fumble. The Miami kicker Cody Parkey kicked a field goal for forty nine yards to complete Miami’s scoring.

NFL Week 8: Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

The last game between the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills was very devastating. Oakland scored the first during the game but the Buffalo did not take it easy on them as the ran the ball against Oakland’s defense throughout the game. The Oakland Raiders had a problem controlling the ball. Oakland held the ball for about the 24:23 while Buffalo time of 35:37.

The Buffalo Bills were at the leaf just before halftime but got disappointed with Matt Milano’s fumble. Oakland clearly overlooked their opponent during the game and the Buffalo Bills had a complete game lead by their coach Sean McDermott. The Buffalo Bills had the victory over the Oakland Raiders The game wasn’t aired on National television luckily for the Oakland team.

LeSean McCoy did 27 carries for 151 yards run and a touchdown. He had 6 catches for about 22 yards. Tyrod Taylor caught the ball six times for a yard and had a touchdown. Tyrod Taylor made 20 of 27 passes for 165 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions. He also ran the ball six times for a yard and a touchdown. Trae Elston tackled the ball 11 times, had eight catches for a 22-yard and was later intercepted by Carr.

NFL Week 7: Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, October 19, 8:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

For the Oakland Raiders, wins have been difficult to come by. It took around 3 consecutive tried at the end of the game for the Raiders to pull this out. This helped the Raiders to save the season. On the final play, after the match was extended by 2 straight defensive holding calls, Derek Carr threw a two-yard touchdown pass to Crabtree. This helped the Oakland Raiders to grab a 4-game losing streak with a 31-30 win over the Chiefs on Thursday. Following the recent slump with their season on the line, Car led an eighty-five-yard touchdown drive in the final 2:25 to deliver the Oakland Raider 3-4.

This remained the thrilling return in a match they trailed by 9 points moving into the 4th quarter. Carr completed twenty-nine out of fifty-two for four hundred and seventeen yards and 3 touchdowns with Amari Cooper. This made Cooper catch eleven passes for two hundred and ten yards and 2 of the scores. While being held to seventeen or lesser points in 4 straight matches, the Raiders had struggled to get the ball downfield, but Carr constantly beat the Chiefs with powerful passes.

NFL Week 6: Oakland Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, October 15, 4:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

On Sunday, Nick missed his premier field goal. In the second instance, Nick tried very hard not to miss it. Nick sealed the Chargers 2nd victory of the season with less than 2 weeks after being removed from the free agency. From thirty-two yards away, it splits the south uprights at the Oakland-Alameda Center. The Chargers won the Raiders by 17-16 due to the field goal from Nick. This also marks the Chargers premier win in the AFC West encounter in almost three years. The win helped Novak to forget his first miss on target from an early forty-eight yard.

Novak way of playing the game caught the attention of the team two years ago. Nick was more favored over the then-rookie called Josh Lambo who remains a previous professional soccer goalkeeper. Just last month Lambo was more favored than Younhoe Koo the undrafted rookie, a previous Lou Groza award finalist. In the struggle for supremacy, the Chargers had a slight edge and won the game.

NFL Week 5: Oakland Raiders vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 08, 4:05 PM, Oakland Coliseum

On Sunday, the quarterback of Ravens responded to the call. While wearing the Oakland Raiders down up front, the quarterback played a mistake-free football. Without any interception, Joe Flacco completed his streak of ten games and the Ravens the attack to overcome the pressure against the Oakland Raiders and won at 30-17. The Ravens are back in a first-place tie in the AFC North with the Pittsburg Steelers’ home loss to the Jaguars. Having two road wins this season, they now broker their two-match losing mysteries. For 22 yards, Flacco finished nineteen of twenty-six passes.

The Raven went for two touchdowns and 143 yards. The Raven’s defense scored on a forty-seven return by Jimmy Smith. In the first half, the Ravens had two hundred and forty-one yards of offense. The Ravens scored on 3 of their 4 possessions after they did not turn the ball over. For the third quarter, the Ravens become highly conserved on their premier two drives. While quickly punting the back to the Raiders, the Ravens unleashed three times. Nevertheless, when EJ Manuel started for the injured Carr, the Ravens suffered back what they tried earlier.

NFL Week 4: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 01, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field@Mile High

It will not be out of place to describe this game as a raiding of Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos. In what can be best described as a near-impressive run of form, the hosts wasted no time in charging into the visitors in the opening minutes of the game. This attack saw the Broncos rack up some un-replied 10 touch downs in the first quarter.

Apparently, the hosts were hoping to hold on to this score line till the end of the game, but the visitors were determined to fight back. Down 10-0, the Oakland Raiders fought their way up in the second quarter but were still down 10-7 when it ended. This prompted the Broncos to attempt more runs in the third quarter which successfully brought the score line to 16-7 in their favor. And while the Derek Carr led Raiders managed another three successful runs in the fourth quarter; bringing the final score line to 16-10, it was the Trevor Siemian inspired Broncos that reigned supreme in the end.

Noticeably, the Broncos maintained their first quarter clean sheet as no team has scored against them in the first quarter so far this season. In this game, however, the Broncos did not enjoy the monopoly of momentum.

The obvious complacency in the second quarter allowed the momentum to shift to the Raiders as Carr, the visitors’ quarterback, successfully completed a 99-yard touchdown drive. Carr’s effort was his side’s first 99-yards touchdown since the last one happened on October 2nd, 2011.

NFL Week 3: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 24, 8:30 PM, FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins owned their home turf against the Oakland Raiders, dominating a game they had been expected to lose. The Redskins chalked up three touchdowns and over 470 yards: 188 yards from Chris Thompson (including a 22-yard touchdown reception) and 365 yards thrown by Kirk Cousins. This was over three times the Raiders’ weak 128 yards, thanks to the Redskins’ defense keeping the Raiders down.

The Raiders usually perform with a strong offense, but they were kept in check all game by the seemingly tireless Redskins’ defense. The Redskins sacked Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr four times, and Redskins rookie safety Montae Nicholson even scored his first professional interception off a pass Derek Carr threw for Amari Cooper. It was Carr’s lowest performance in weeks; this is the first time he threw two interceptions in a single game since December 2015.

At the top of the third quarter, the Raiders were still scoreless when Kirk Cousins threw a monster 52-yard pass to Josh Doctson, for the Redskins’ third touchdown. Finally, the Raiders broke their dry spell with a touchdown pass to Jared Cook. But in the fourth quarter, the Redskins landed another field goal and, crucially, ran five minutes off the clock, crushing any hope of a Raiders’ comeback. The final score was Washington 27, Oakland 10.

NFL Week 2: Oakland Raiders vs New York Jets on Sunday, September 17, 4:05 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Oakland Raiders have made many improvements over that last few years. Coming into this season, they were one of the teams mentioned who could make some noise in winning the AFC. The New York Jets are in a rebuilding phase currently. The question for them this season is not whether they will challenge for the AFC crown, but rather how competitive will they be. Against the Raiders, that answer came early.

The Raiders dominant offense line set the tone for the day. The kept quarter back Dereck Carr clean all day not allowing a single sack. This allowed Carr the freedom and time to throw three touchdown passes to Michael Crabtree. The offensive line also opened up huge running lanes which facilitated three different Raiders running backs to rush for touchdowns and rack up 180 yards on the ground. One of those backs was Marshawn Lynch who was able to score in his first home game with the team.

The Jets put up little resistance as Oakland was able to score at will and hold them in check offensively. Josh McCown was able to toss two touchdown passes but this was hardly enough to keep up with the Raiders potent attack. The Jets fall to (0-2) after the 42-20 loss to the undefeated Oakland Raiders.

NFL Week 1: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 10, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The NFL regular season saw a fascinating match between Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans on Sunday early night at 8.00 PM. The game went down at LP Field, Nashville at Tennessee. We must say it was a match of its own. The score box reflected the week one winner at 26-16 in favor of the Raiders. The Titans had tried to strike a fast one the Raiders at the kick off with their ultimate kicker Ryan Succop. The Raiders had to respond with a terrific set up in the field position to score an eight-yard play by their wide player Amari Cooper. This was a pass from a quarterback Derek.

The first half had a lot of dominance from Giorgio Tavecchio exchanging field goals with the teammate Ryan Succop. Giorgio sealed an optimistic first half with a 52-yarder which left the Raiders at 13-10. The second half was somehow full of defensive mechanisms, but the dominant Tavecchio and Succop took two more goals for their stats. The decision was set straight when Carr found his wide player Seth and gave a 19 yarder in the fourth quarter. And the rest of the match was a constant pressure or the steady raiders front. The week one win by the Raiders was excellent, and it should be an energizer for week two preparation. The Titans should also take it positively and use it as a development point for their week 2.

NFL Preseason Week 4: Oakland Raiders vs Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, August 31, 10:00 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Oakland Raiders 17-13 on Thursday night Coliseum, Oakland, California. The Raiders managed to play some solid defense during the first half. They forces two interceptions on Seahawks’ quarterback Trevone Boykin after piling some pressure up front. Rookie Shalom Luani managed to read Boykin’s overthrow pass to make an interception. Cornerback Breon Borders and lineback Nicholas Morrow, also rookies, were responsible for the second intercept.

All in all, the Raiders seemed to struggle in terms of offense. Running back John Crockett fumbled on the team’s opening drive, a situation that led in a Seahawks field goal. George Atkinson, another running back, fumbled in a way that no clear recovery was seen. The Raiders tied the game at 10 points each in the third quarter after Giorgio Tavecchio scored a 34-yard field goal. They had a chance to take the lead towards the end of the third quarter. However, Tavecchio missed his next attempt. The Seahawks struggled to move the ball as soon as Austin Davis, a backup quarterback, got into the game. Seattle went into the 2017 NFL pre-season with a perfect 4-0, while Oakland went 0-4. It will interesting to see how the Raiders will manage in the regular season. Their fans must be very disappointed and will hope that the coach makes some drastic changes to the team between now and the next game.

NFL Preseason Week 3: Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, August 26, 8:00 PM, AT&T Stadium

Another interesting match was fought between the two utterly amazing teams; Oakland Raiders vs.Dallas Cowboys. The two teams are famous in NFL for their expertise in the game. The players of both the teams were competitive and acted as a cutting edge against each other. In the recent match both the teams played pretty well while on the other side they both made mistakes, too. However in the end Cowboys won with 24-20. The score when comparing both the teams was not bad. The Oakland Raiders gave tough time to the competitors.

The cowboy’s fans boldly encouraged the Raiders’ fans and team for playing competitively in the match and giving the team a tough time though. The reason this match did not face much criticism from the followers was that of the absence of the rookies in both the teams. There were no inexperienced players and every player in the game knew the tricks and tips. The only critique that has been unfolded was about an overall game played by both the teams. It was said that the game was no different than any other season’s game. If the Raiders would remain unaware that how should they cover this tight end that they face then this game would be a much longer season as predicted by many supports and followers.

NFL Preseason Week 2: Oakland Raiders vs Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, August 19, 10:00 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Oakland Raiders by a score of 24-21 in Oakland in the second preseason game for both teams.Los Angeles jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter, when second year quarterback Jared Goff completed a 23 yard touchdown pass to rookie wideout Cooper Kupp. Oakland quickly hit back with quarterback Derek Carr finding tight end Lee Smith for a 19 yard touchdown pass. The Rams retook the lead with a drive capped off by a 2 yard touchdown run by running back Todd Gurley. Oakland responded with an early second quarter touchdown drive of their own, with Carr again throwing a touchdown pass, this time a 13 yarder to Michael Crabtree. The action slowed down for the rest of the second quarter, with the Rams again taking the lead on a Greg Zurlein field goal. At the end of the first half, the Rams led 17–14.

The third quarter was relatively quiet, with no scoring on either side. In the fourth quarter, the Raiders broke through to take the lead, with second year backup quarterback Connor Cook hooking up with wideout Johnny Holton on a 17 yard score. But the Rams had one more score in them, a late 4th quarter 20 yard touchdown pass from backup quarterback Sean Mannion to rookie receiver Josh Reynolds. This would make the score 24-21, and the Rams would win by that margin.

NFL Preseason Week 1: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, August 12, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Oakland Raiders took on the Arizona Cardinals and lost by 10 points. The first highlight was Marshawn Lynch remaining seated for the National Anthem to protest injustice; he did not receive any game time. The game was a terrible one for the Raiders who trailed the Cardinals 17-0 until Tavecchio was able to put some points up for them. Several players made their debuts for the Raiders that day including Crockett, Manuel and Patterson. All three had good games with Crockett scoring a touchdown in the third quarter, Manuel setting up the initial points and Patterson having two receptions.

The Cardinals were a little bit more competitive with 8 first downs. Their offense was commended and several players stood out for the team. Bynes was everywhere and this was not necessarily a bad thing but he impressed and his presence was felt. Nkemdiche also had a good game; he was dominating and has shown consistency in the preseason. Will Holden had less luck than his teammates considering that he contributed to one of the accepted penalties that night and he noticeably struggled forcing his teammate Gabbert to pick up his slack.

Oakland Raiders NFL season 2016 recap

Oakland Raiders played the national Football Leagues’ 2016 season in its 47th season. It was its’ second one with Jack Del Rio as its head coach. This was the Oakland Raiders 57th overall season. The Oakland Raiders secured a winning record at 12-4, their first since 2002 and way up from their below average performance 7-9 in 2015.

In Week 15, the Raiders won and sealed a playoff, their first after a 14 years drought. The match of Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs ended in a tie. The Raiders fell on the tiebreaker because of a head-to-head sweep.

In Week 16, the Oakland Raiders fought the Indianapolis Colts. The Oakland Raider quarterback Derek Carr missed the remainder of the season along with the postseason game on account of a broken fibula. Derek Carr was replaced by backup quarterback Matt McGloin but he also was agonised with a broken shoulder. Connor Cook replaced Matt McGloin and he played the balance season. The Wild Card game was against the Houston Texans. Cook became the first rookie to begin this NFL start game with a playoff game. Oakland Raiders lost to the Houston Texans by a dismal 27-14. This season was the best for the Raiders since very long and a reason to cherish and celebrate.

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans on Saturday, January 07, 4:35 PM, NRG Stadium

With the rumors circling around the Houston Texans and Brock Osweiler’s benching, he truly brought his team to a victory with the help of Jadeveon Clowney. Not only were the Texans able to beat the Oakland Raiders 24-17, but the Texans also experienced their first win in the postseason since 2012. There were also rumors circling around Clowney’s placement in the 2014 draft and whether he really deserved to be the first round pick, but during the game, he showed his true strengths by grabbing his first interception of his career. The best part was that he picked the ball during the second drive for the Raiders.

With a touchdown throw and a running touchdown from Osweiler, he was able to pull out his best game of the season as a result of Tom Savage’s concussion, though the quarterback was only able to pull 168 passing yards. Clowney has had an equally as difficult road through the NFL with his numerous injuries during his first two seasons, though he was able to hold his weight for the Texans and pull out this crucial win.

Now the Texans are on to face the New England Patriots or the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Week 17: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos on Sunday, January 01, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos was another NFL game that ended with the Raiders conceding a 24-6 loss to the hosts. The Denver Boys enjoyed most if the game advantages and they utilized the opportunities to crash the opponents. The most active player for the Raiders was Crabtree who recorded a remarkable receivership score in the NFL. However, the exit of Allen Nate seemed to leave a gap, which Trawick could not fill. The mid-play had many mistakes with some of them costing the team easy goals. Another blow to the teams positioning was Joseph Karl whose positioning became an obvious loophole for Broncos.

In the pasts games, Raiders always had a fast game and this led to the higher score average even with the loss. However, this Sunday match was different with most of the passes getting into the arms of the mid defense of Denver. During the second quarter of the match, the heat was on the line players as the Broncos displayed one of the remarkable NFL tricks for the season. Although the Broncos won the match, most of its players played on average. On the other hand, Raiders conceded due to lack of adequate players to create scores. This will be the purpose of the rematch in Mexico, where we might meet a different Raiders team.

NFL Week 16: Oakland Raiders vs Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, December 24, 4:05 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The 24th of December, 2016 witnessed another great victory in NFL season! Though the stadium went through a series of torment, fans and followers of Oakland Raider finally got relieved after the final whistle!

A do or die situation for both the teams, this game between Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders played a deciding factor. Right from the first quarter to the final whistle, both the teams’ supporters and fans were uncertain about whose team will take the lead. However, after the final whistle, the scoreboard decided the final dot for Indianapolis Colts and declared the Raiders as the winner.

Oakland Raiders, with their excellent performances, took a lead of 33-25 and were declared as the winner of the day! It was for the first time, the Raiders created history by recording 12-3 for the first time since the last 16 years.

Though the first quarter was scoreless for the Oakland Raiders, they regained hopes after RB DeAndre Washington’s double score totaling over 100 yards. Post this, QB Derek Carr, WR Michael Crabtree, RB Jalen Richard, Amari Cooper, WR Andre Holmes, TE Clive Walford, and other players shot some amazing scores and gave the audiences an excellent and enthralling game! Stay tuned for other similar updates and reviews on NFL games and your favorite football team.

NFL Week 15: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, December 18, 4:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

Oakland Raiders versus Sandiego Chargers was a great match. The silver and Black are back in the playoffs. Oakland Raiders are back again NFL, officially clinching a great spot in the play offs with their 19-16 win over the San Diego Chargers. The Head coach Jack Del Rios is back and they also have two games left to play.

The offensive line for Sandiego had a problem protecting Rivers, who is sacked in thirty-three times this season. The offensive line for Raiders has done excellent job protecting Derek this year who is sacked only thirteen times.

In the waning minutes of the game, the Chargers had backed up right in front of their end zone. The Raiders defense asked for noise form the crowd and the fans responded well. This is not something that is often seen. The Raider nation was so proud at Qualcomm Stadium and their impact was felt throughout the game.

The Raiders week 15 win, combined with Kansas City loss to the Tennessee means that the Silver and Black are back at the top of AFC west. With the two games that are left in the regular season, there is still a bit left for the team to accomplish. The coach was happy with the team because clinching on the top is something worth celebration.

NFL Week 14: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, December 08, 8:25 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The team of Oakland Raiders squared off against the Kansas City Chiefs in what was a highly anticipated match. Oakland Raiders led by their favorite quarterback, Derek Carr kicked off the match on a high momentum as they tried to earn one more AFC West Division lead by beating the Kansas City Chiefs. On the other hand, the Chiefs led by their favorite quarterback, Alex Smith, tight end Travis Kelce and running back Spencer were on their A game making the match highly competed. In the division race, ramifications were the big deal as the Chiefs 10-3 had a tie with the Oakland 10-3.

However, the Chiefs went on to break the tie with two head-to-head wins which positioned them for their first round playoff with just three regular season games remaining. One outstand moment in the game was when West scored in the first half while Kansas City raced to a 21-3 lead. Though the Chiefs had an injured leader they continued to dominate the match throughout the whole time. Ultimately the better prepared team Kansas City Chiefs won 21-13. This was a big win for the Chiefs and we can only wait to see more from these teams.

NFL Week 13: Oakland Raiders vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 04, 4:05 PM, Oakland Coliseum

In the NFL, it’s difficult to keep back an offensive team. This was the case when the Oakland Raiders turned the table upside down by beating by an already leading Buffalo Bills. The Bills play-off hopes of winning were high last Sunday as they visited Oakland to play the Raiders. With about past mid way of the game, they were ahead by 24 to 9.

Despite allowing 212 rushing-yards, the Oakland Raiders overcame their blunders and defeated the Bills in the last 24 minutes of the game. Bill’s offense lost its momentum, and Raider’s defense forced threeandouts and punts to beat them. An impressive 29 unanswered points from the raiders within 20 minutes, turned the game upside down. The 15 point lead was easily surpassed by the Raiders.

Buffalo Bills’ Alexander was well tackled in the game, as the Raiders offensive-line stone-walled him and the entire Bills’ defense. Consequently, Alexander recorded a very poor performance- 4 tackles and 1 quarter-back hit in the entire game. The Bills offense was very poor over the 24 minutes. They went threeandout 3times and turned the ball over two times. Oakland’s potent offense maximized the Bills’ defensive blunders to beat them 38-24. They did not go threeandout, did not turn the-ball-over, and had one punt.

The Raiders’ latest win clearly showcases their ability to win despite having a weak offense. Its offensive-line has shown consistency in the NFL all season, and the win on Sunday was enough to prove this.

NFL Week 12: Oakland Raiders vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, November 27, 4:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Panthers were out-competed by the Raiders in the Sunday match. The game was played at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The Raiders won the match 35-32. The highly contested game was won by a field goal with only 1:45 minutes of play remaining. The defeat dwindled Panthers hope of a playoff. Panther’s next match is against the NFC West-leading Seattle, which will be on Sunday. They are three games behind Atlanta with five games remaining.

Raiders were the first to strike, with a 62-yard drive. However, the Panthers responded within 2 minutes of play by driving 75 yards. This was orchestrated by the 47-yard run from Jonathan Stewart together with two penalties.

Panthers got their first lead (35-24) when a two-point-conversion for Raiders failed. Early in the fourth quarter, Kelvin Benjamin gave the Panthers a 32-24 lead through a 44-yard attack. However, in the final minutes of the game, the Raiders out-competed the Panthers. Tight end Clive Walford made a strike, and then a two-point conversion drew the teams even. Finally, as the game came to an end, the Raiders got a 23-yard field goal which settled the highly contested match.

Actually, this was the fifth Raiders win in a row. They have clinched their first winning season after 14 years.

NFL Week 11: Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans on Monday, November 21, 8:30 PM, Estadio Azteca

The NFL played a regular season match for the first time in Mexico since 2005. Over 75,000 fans attended the Match which Raiders enjoyed a 27-20 victory in the week extending their lead in AFC West table. Despite the fact that Texans played at home, they were suppressed by the visitors in the fourth quarter. With just 11 minutes remaining, Houston’s quarterback allowed a 75-yard try pass to Jamize Olawale, which leveled the game to 20-20 score. After a poor start, Raiders offense onslaught in the last quarter with Derek Carr scoring two touchdowns in the final quarter to give the visitors a win.

He completed 21 passes, three touchdowns as well as one interception for 295 yards. Texans defender Brock Osweiler struggled with a green light pointing at him during the course of the game. In spite of the distraction, he played well, completing 26 passes for 246 yards. On top of that, he made an interception and converted a touchdown. However, Oakland’s bid for a 34-yard score came up short while after the referee ruled out after Hopkins stepped out of the restricted area at the one yard line. Then again with eight minutes remaining in first half, HHouston Texans at Oakland Raiders:ouston leveled up 10-10 after Braxton Miller connected a 12-yard assist from Osweiler.

NFL Week 9: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 06, 8:30 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Raiders encountered the toughest match of this season, when they played the best NFL Denver defense. However, Oakland Raiders had their massive win over Broncos. The Raiders asserted themselves a favorite AFC West title contender on Sunday night with Latavius Murray putting three touchdowns scores and the Denver offense were given a rough time by the Raiders full back, the Raiders displayed a 30-20 incredible win over the Super Bowl defending champions. Denver Broncos made a 69-yard touchdown by Kapri Bibbs, Broncos running back with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter reduced the Raiders gap to 30-20.

The Raiders had their 30-13 lead after Latavius Murray made a 1yard run with 6 minutes left to end the fourth quarter. In the third quarter, The Raiders made their 20-10 lead against the Broncos. The Raiders seemed to be much prepared to pick up a tough game this year. They boast of having the best quarterbacks as well as Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, the top-class receivers this season. Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

NFL Week 8: Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

The Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers square off in one sensational and captivating match. The Raiders asserted they were not complacent even after their powerful start. The Raiders started the game on a high momentum quickly asserting their dominance early in the match. The match came down to what team has a better defense and though the Raider’s defense was not strong, their offense was on point.

One aspect that has always made the Raiders victorious is their strong defense over the years. The Raiders offense took over the match and the Buccaneers could not overpower them. Raiders continue that momentum to the upcoming matches they will dominate all other teams. These two great teams gave fans the match of a life time. Though the Buccaneers lost they did not go down without a fight and Raiders had to defend themselves against Buccaneers competitive offense. Buccaneers were also prepared and played a fierce match.

However, they were unable to beat the Raiders. Raiders came out victorious. We can only wait to see more from these powerful teams in the upcoming matches.

NFL Week 7: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

33-16. This was one of the most competed matches in NFL history. The win came with rough patches due to both team’s indiscipline in the play. Surprisingly both teams accumulated a total of 24 penalties, three ejections and 239 yards lost. Jacksonville had a high rate of drops, penalties and turnovers which the Raiders capitalized on to score.

Raiders seemed determined to keep their 4-0 winning streak. After coming back, Latavius Murray was on top of his game with 3.2 yards per carry on the 18 carries for 59 yards. On the other hand, Michael Crabtree managed to catch eight passes in 96 yards. Raider’s kicker Sebastian Janikowski was unbeatable in the game and even converted all 4 field-goal attempts and earning three extra points’ touchdown scores. Andre Holmes also helped his team by muffing a punt return, which eventually led to a field goal. Jaguars had a strong defense that put up a challenge for the Raider’s offense.

Ultimately defense forced three turnovers lagging the Jaguars behind. Raiders held their opponents to a total of 344 yards which is the fewest ever allowed into one game this season. Though the completion was high, the better prepared team won. We can only wait to see more from these great teams.

NFL Week 6: Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, October 16, 4:05 PM, Oakland Coliseum

After an embarrassing start this NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to finally bag a win. This came after losing their last four games and a bye week to ruminate over. The Oakland Raiders received the beating right at their home ground with the game ending 26-10. This put the two teams at a draw in the loss column in the division and will be in the near future battling for supremacy.

The Chiefs managed to run 183 yards and throw 223 yards with three touchdowns which is one of their best performances. Their quarterback Alex Smith was particularly very helpful. Though he was not able to make a touchdown pass, he was able to complete 19 of the 23 passes he received. Another commendable team member is Jamaal Charles who managed to make a score and run 33 yards this being only his second game after ACL surgery. Spence Ware managed a touchdown and 131 yards run.

The Raiders on the other hand only managed 286 yards and converted four third downs. Unlike the Chiefs’ Smith who was sacked once, Carr was sacked twice. He failed the team further by throwing an interception.

NFL Week 5: Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 09, 4:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

With all the chances favoring the Raiders, many people expected a clear Chargers’ defeat, but it did not happen that way. Oakland could have finished with more yards but wasted most of their chances looking for field goals all the way through the first half. The Chargers finished with a 10-9 first half lead over Raiders who were struggling to escape the red zone. Before the Sunday’s game, Oakland scored touchdowns on their 10 red zone attempts. Unlike their previous games, the Raiders ended the match strongly after a weak start. Michael Crabtree made an outstanding contribution, while quarterback Derek Carr at long last released the jitters and scored with better accuracy. Nevertheless, the secondary handed over chunk plays during the contest.

At the start of second half, the Chargers created their usual fourth-quarter slide, whereas the Raiders took advantage of the miscues. The offense made 17 scores unreciprocated points in the third and fourth quarters. Drew Kaser, the Chargers’ punter then messed up the snap on a prospective game-tying goal, which gave the Raiders a chance to pause. Oakland misused many chances in the first half of the game and committed unexpected mistakes. However, the attack kept on firing, and the NFL team made more chances than the opponent and they ended with a victory.

NFL Week 4: Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, M&T Bank Stadium

Last game day saw a football clash with Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens. The hosts seemed confident but the Raiders had surprise preparation for the clash. For both teams, they seemed to prove their best of skills and tricks. With the previous tight games that the Raiders have had, they have polished most of their accuracies, even in the cornerbacks.

The choice to bring in Rivera Mychal brought more thrilling performances, and a rough time for the Ravens. Another remarkable player for the day was Marquette, with over five punts in the 20-yard line. The Raven had swift pass-through, thanks to the coordination between the line markers and the attackers.

Although they conceded a 28-27 defeat, their players had great performances, only that the goal accuracies have a slight problem. Crabtree was the man for the Raiders with Touchdown record against the well-set Ravens. The defenders for the hosts always had a hard time stopping this player, especially with the hidden passes from the centre backs.

A critical look on the gameplay showed a struggling third down efficiency for the Oakland Boys. Of all the third downs in the game, they only managed 25%, which is dangerous, if the team is to play with a stronger team. For the Baltimore Boys, the relax mood may not be working for them.

NFL Week 3: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

Nashville Nissan Stadium pitted two teams with a similar goal of winning, Oakland’s defence was weak but magic happens in NFL, and they won with a 17-10 points lead. Their offence started off early to their advantage with Lativas Murray touchdown that was aided by a lovely collaboration between Derek, Richard and Amari at 25 yards. Ryan Succop opened the game for the Titans at 34 yards goal. Despite them starting, the Raiders took off, and the Titans couldn’t catch up. The Titans opened the second drive with a touchdown from Demarco Murray.

The Titan’s attempt in the fourth quarter to even the game was smashed when Sean Smith intercepted a pass to Rishard. The game ended on a defensive note with no offences from either team. Previews had put Titans ahead of Oakland. Taylor was flagged for being too brutal.The last score had been the Tennessee last touchdown, with the game coming to an end with Mirato’s incomplete pass. David Carr finished with 21/35 of 249 yards a single touchdown, while it was Demarco that made the Titans shine.The Raiders are now two points ahead of the season with only three turnovers in the win.

NFL Week 2: Oakland Raiders vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 18, 4:25 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Atlanta Falcons-made it clear that opposing defenses have more to be concerned with than All-Pro wide-receiver Julio Jones in-the passing match. After a disappointing Week 1 divisional loss to the Buccaneers, the Falcons had to travel to Oakland for game number two.

Quarterback Matt Ryan and the offense initially struggled in the red-zone before finding a rhythm and holding on for a 35-28 win over Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday. A rather uneventful start led to a combined 6 touchdowns between the 2 teams over the second half. Ryan was highly effective after settling for 2 field-goals and throwing an interception during the Atlanta Falcons first 3 trips into the red-zone. The following 3 red-zone drives resulted in touchdowns. Ryan threw for 396-yards and 3 touchdowns while tight ends Austin Hooper, Levine Toilolo and Jacob Tamme combined to catch 10-passes for 179-yards and one touchdown.

The Falcons spent-much of the game using a 3 tight-end formation. They outgained the Raiders 227-yards to 167 in the 1st half and then built a 13-7 lead. The Raiders’ defense-allowed over 500 total net-yards for the 2nd straight match and coach-Jack Del Rio, a former-NFL linebacker & defensive-coordinator, vowed to have the problems fixed. Overall, the Falcons offense proved to be highly efficient and versatile, attacking with several players. Though good enough for the win, the defense will have to improve so as to remain successful moving forward.

NFL Week 1: Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Sunday was an exciting day for football, especially when audiences got to see the Oakland Raiders take down the New Orleans Saints by only a single point. An exciting game day turnaround as the Raiders won their first week 1 game since 2011. This has to be exciting for Raider fans, but crushing for the Saints fans. The game was intense, it had a few bad calls, and it had a few injuries that everyone is going to claim decided the game rather than anything else. But really, that’s all window dressing to the fact that the game was a great upset for both teams for very different reasons.

Try as they might, the Saints never managed to land a sack on the Oakland quarterback, Derek Carr, who helped bring his team to victory by supplying the ball for the 75-yard drive that ended just yards from the goal line. With a final score of 35 to 34 in favor of the Raiders, you have to know that the Saints are beating themselves up for failing to stop the last two-point conversion. If they’d only managed that then the game could have turned out very for the Oakland Raiders’ visit to New Orleans

NFL Preseason Week 4: Oakland Raiders vs Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, September 01, 10:00 PM, Oakland Coliseum

In a match that was mostly played in the final quarter …the Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders game was a nail biter. The away team emerged victorious in the end and the coach was really happy with what he saw in the final preseason matchup. In a match where the backup players dominated the game, the starters were hardly effective. Seahawks being the away team played most of their starters in the first three-quarters. The Raiders on the other hand, rested their starters in the first two-quarters.

However, that was not enough for them to pull off a home win. With the first quarter being scoreless, the coaches had to think of something different. The offensive attacks were stopped with a very organized defense and that made the first two-quarters quite uneventful. It was in the fourth quarter that the Seahawks took a Pick-6 lead when Ryan Robinson intercepted early and converted it into a touchdown. The Raiders did end the second quarter with an advantage of 2 points, but they could not hold on to the lead in the last quarter.

George Atkinson made a very impressive 80 yards touchdown from his half to the Raider’s half. The away team also managed to get an additional touchdown in the end. The coach said that the win has uplifted the team spirit and they would be hoping to do well when the season starts.

NFL Preseason Week 3: Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titans on Saturday, August 27, 8:00 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The first touch down by the Raiders was almost a no-score. Yet, when one looks at the playback, Honner’s sharp moves get him the touchdown way from two defenders. In return, Marcel Reece scores another touch down. The Titans seemed to have been at a loss. They just did not seem to get past the defense. Heir own defense was also lacking quite a bit, and losing the ball on an occasion does not help the Titans either. Even so, the Titans made up for it and eventually won the Raiders. The game was a reasonably good running game, even though it was a bit messy at times.

The two teams were also well pitted against each other. Even though the Titans won the game, they were not after the kind of score. Mack Reddy is certainly part of the team, and is showing some of his hand on the field. However, as this was just a preseason match, none of them wanted to really show their hand. The Raiders looked good at the start, but in the end, the Titans took the win. The playbook was not that clear on both ends, but it was definitely a start for the next time when they meet again.

NFL Preseason Week 2: Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers on Thursday, August 18, 8:00 PM, Lambeau Field

This Thursday evening Green Bay Packers toppled Oakland raiders in a football match by the score of 20-12. Green Bay packers had a great game going as they racked up almost 150 yards on the ground against the Oakland raiders. Eddie Lacy was the lead and carried eight carries and the score. While three other Packers namely John Crockett, James Starks and Joe Callahan each had a 20 yards’ rush. The packers also had some brilliant moves from Damarious Randall and Josh Hawkins as each picked off passes.

Here’s how the game picked off, the Packers had a nice start on the offensive as the running backs went center stage early in the match. As the match progresses Eddie Lacy burst open a huge gap on the left side for 20 yards. The Packers also picked first downs on passes to Davante Adams and Jared Crook before Lacy made another sweeping move to give the Green Bay Packers a 7-0 lead.

In the second half of the match after a quick three and half out by Oakland, Callahan took the offensive downfield. He had to scramble a few times and had one remarkable play on which he had to rush a few times.

Another three and out by the Green Bay Packers was spurred on by some good passes and a drop on third down. Trevor Davis this time around made a mark. Crockett then got a chance to work. Finally the lead remained at 8 points at 20-12.

NFL Preseason Week 1: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals on Friday, August 12, 10:00 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

Oakland Raiders proved their dominance during the preseason after beating the Arizona Cardinals 31-10. Oakland was on a high momentum and the lead occurred early in the game after forcing the first quarter turnovers. Oakland’s favorite player Derek Carr was 3 of 7 for the 44 yards despite playing only briefly. On the other hand Cardinals, Palmer was 3 of 5 for 38 yards. The game was hectic and the most part was played by the team’s backups and players vying for roster positions. George Atkinson of Raiders was on top of his game with 5 carries for 97 yards and two touch downs.

David Johnson of the Cardinals also had an outstanding performance with 3 rushes for 31 yards. Though the offense of each team started strong, both teams settled for field goals to kick off the game. The match was one of a kind as Sebastian Janikowski was outstanding hitting a 53 yard field goal in the third quarter. The Raiders took advantage of the Cardinal’s fumbling of the ball to score. Matt McGloin completely stole the show for his team after fighting Clive Walford successfully for a 19-yard touchdown. This was a highly competed match as both teams were eually strong. Ultimately, Oakland Raiders were better prepared and came out victorious against the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders NFL season 2015 recap

The 2015/2016 NFL season saw the raiders commence with suspensions, overruled suspensions and lots of questions concerning integrity of the game as a whole. The year saw a new head coach Jack Del Rio and an improved roster with 53 man players that gave the team a lot of optimism.

Nevertheless, the Raiders were eliminated from the playoffs contention in week fifteen when they lost to Green Bay Packers irrespective of their great improvement. The team had applied for relocation that had been filed early in the year marking the season as their last in Oakland.

For 2016, Oakland, basing on their free agency and the draft can easily improve by three to four games. The team passing capability has improved with additional players while the defensive front line has emerged as one to be feared in the league. For 2016 therefore, the raiders need to play with great defensive skills with the ability to ground and fend off attacks.

The pass defense has to be adept and the future will be brighter for Oakland. They have recruited more players and a new coach during the off seasons. The incorporation of the defensive tackle Dan Williams, safety Natey Allen and Linebacker Curtis Lofton to the defense will come in handy.

NFL Week 17: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs thrashed the Oakland Raiders by 23 – 17 to keep their momentum straight as they head into their playoff opener next weekend at Houston. They made this possible without their two key men and that was Running Back Jamaal Charles who had been sidelined for the most part of the season with a knee injury as well as their Linebacker Justin Houston ho also had his knee injured. Their season had been on the brink after a five game losing streak but they recovered to do a ten game winning streak that has gotten them to where they are now. Two of these ten victories come courtesy of the Raiders.

Mustering only a field goal in what is their last game in Oakland, which came at the final minutes thanks to a connection of 31 yards between Carr and Michael Crabtree. With a minute and a half left on the clock, they did finally get one back but Carr took a final sack which saw the game drag until the time had expired. Overall it was a well deserved win for the Chiefs and no one really didn’t see it coming as the Chiefs have been on fire in their last ten games.

NFL Week 16: Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers on Thursday, December 24, 8:25 PM, Coliseum

It was all celebration for the Raiders when Philip Rivers’ last pass failed to get to Charles Woodson. It was not really a game that had all the energy that a Raiders’ game normally has but this was also Woodson’s last game on the Raiders’ field and the victory was a welcome for him. The San Diego Chargers were sopped by the Raiders defense which meant a victory for the Raiders with Sebastian Janikowski kicking a 31-yard field goal that was in overtime. This meant that the Raiders won by 23 – 20 in a game that was not really good.

The Raiders victory came despite having 16 penalties 5 of which came while on their overtime drive. This also saw them get their only touchdown of the second half that was on a 3 yard touchdown drive. The chargers however were unable to actually muster their first down which led to this loss being their seventh straight in the division game. The Raiders defense gave the team a reason to march on for the most of the game but the offense just lacked what it took. Though lacking a lot, the game was generally okay and I was nice to see Woodward play his last game in Oakland.

NFL Week 15: Oakland Raiders vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, December 20, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

The next game we shall look at is Packers at Raiders, which ended with Green Bay defeating Oakland 30-20. Upon further review, this was not the most convincing of the Packers’ ten wins but there’s still the division title that’s still to play for and so they won’t mind. In addition, the fact that they won on the road will also fill them with confidence, and their overall offense against Oakland was 293 yards. The Packers are also bound for the playoffs, which is great news. Green Bay can now concentrate on two decisive matches against Minnesota and Arizona to finish their regular season.

The fact that Aaron Rodgers is still continuing to struggle for a fifth consecutive game should be of concern to the Packers. His contribution to the team was throwing 204 yards while contributing only one touchdown but it was just enough to defeat the Raiders. However, the Raiders are ranked 29th when it comes to defense but this is not the caliber of defense that awaits the Packers when they embark on their playoff adventure next month. The red zone is where the Packers were particularly ineffective, converting one out of five opportunities. If the Green Bay Packers have any ambitions of going far into the playoffs, they will have to improve and they have two regular season games in which to do so.

NFL Week 14: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos on Sunday, December 13, 4:05 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High

On Sunday, there was a hard fought game between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos. Although Vegas had the Broncos winning by 9 points, the Raiders held their ground and came off with a win in Denver. What was the main factor? Defense. The score was 15-12, which was 12 points lower than the score that Vegas put on the game. Denver’s defense shutout Derek Carr and the Raiders offense, only allowing 8 first downs and a total of 126 yards. However, the Raiders took advantage of Denver’s lack of ball security and forced two fumbles, not to mention all of the drops that the receivers of the Broncos had. On top of that, the Raiders defense forced a safety.

Although the Raiders offense ended the first half with a pitiful -12 yards, but they also missed a field goal and later in the game almost missed an extra point. The second half was when they got their offense together and start moving the ball against arguably one of the best defenses in all of football. While Carr threw for only 12-29, he managed to score two touchdowns through the air. Brock Osweiler and his offense just could not seem to get the ball across the paint, thus settling for 4 field goals. The now 6-7 Raiders are still trying to get their spot in the AFC wildcard, and with this victory, that may very well happen.

NFL Week 13: Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 06, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

This Sunday, the exciting match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders at NFL ranked a head-to-head 7-5, with Chiefs gaining the upper hand. Despite a very tough and brave attempt from Derek Carr, the Raiders saw a depressing loss, while the Chiefs moved on with their heads held high. While the Chiefs were swiftly racing towards January, the Raiders couldn’t have afforded another loss, so we can expect this defeat to come off to them as especially expensive.

The prospects for Derek Carr himself didn’t look to bleak however, as he managed to become the fifth passer in NFL history to throw for 3,000-plus yards and 20-plus touchdowns in his first two seasons. As for others, Alex Smith did a pretty good job for the Chiefs, making him the third player in league history to attempt 300-plus throws in a row without a pick.

It was all sealed once Sebastian Janikowski missed an extra point in the first half of gameplay, the Chiefs now had a huge advantage which they made perfect use of. They broke a 20-20 tie in the fourth quarter by defeating the Raiders to the core in this NFL smackdown.

NFL Week 12: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The mighty Oakland Raiders (5-6) highly anticipated clash against the legendary Southerners, the Tennessee Titans (2-9) was played at the Nissan Stadium in the Titan’s home turf of Nashville, Tennessee. The Raiders narrowly escaped with a monumental victory with a final whistle score of 24-21 in the Raiders favor. The Raiders reigned supreme in the showdown after coming from a consecutive losing streak of three games. This was the eleventh consecutive loss for the Titans at Nashville.

In an emotionally charged game which had its highs and lows, corner-back Coty Sensabaugh was embarrassed by Seth Rogers for a powerful touchdown later on stormed off the field after Derek Carr’s lackluster forth down-pass effort. The Raiders first went through a 6-17 lead by the Titans in the first quarter until they recovered. The Titan’s loss further sealed their fate while removing them as contenders for the fourth season.

The Raiders star player, Derek Carr won the highly contested battle by throwing a 12 yard touchdown and passing Seth Roberts with a tense 1 minute 21 seconds left to save the game and redeem him while sealing the fate of the Titans.

The electrifying Bills at Chiefs, Raiders at Titans games drew massive crowds and their outcomes were certainly unexpected. They are probably a sign of great and interesting things to come in the professional American football circuits as we know it.

NFL Week 11: Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions on Sunday, November 22, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The Detroit Lions narrowly beat the Oakland Raiders 18 – 13 in a heavily contested match that saw Matthew Stafford run for what was a 5 yard touchdown which sealed the game. He had also made some key moves in the game that proved to be really decisive as far as the game was concerned. The quarterback has never been known as a threat on the run but on this particular day, he let his presence be felt and in a game that was seen as to have gone to a draw, he made the decisive move that proved to be the winner.

The Lions have, this year, won consecutive games and actually improving to 3 – 0 when running the ball this season. The raiders however have a three game losing streak which is their worst form this season. Offensively, they even had their worst game of the season which was further evident in the stats of the game. The game was closely contested and could have easily gone the other way as the Lions did not look all that convincing either but they deserved the win. Oakland Raiders just seemed relaxed as they played a really low key game that saw them hit season lows in this game.

NFL Week 10: Oakland Raiders vs Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, November 15, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

It was the Vikings taking on the Raiders at the latter’s own playing ground. This game was a trending talk of the town topic thanks to the much quality that the players gave out throughout the game. The winners of the day were however the Vikings as they topped their opponents in a 30-14 win on points. After the loss, the Raiders can now shift their attention to the upcoming game with the Lions in an effort to bolster much of their lost glory to the Minnesota’s much loved football team. Though the Raiders did really show some high quality offensive display much of the game’s control aspects were however showered unto the Vikings who made sure that the Raiders threats were neutralized from all corners. In the press conference briefing, Ravens coach Mr. Del Rio attributed their loss to lots of defensive errors; a move which his key players acknowledged and promised to work on further. To the Vikings this was just but another celebratory feat has for their last five games for most part has been nothing but winnings. For the both teams this was truly a defying moment in an effort to live up to the huge expectations which has always been levered onto the teams.

NFL Week 9: Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

This game was described by pundits as a really tough loss for the Raiders considering the fact that The Steelers are among the most probable contenders in the playoff spot this season. The Pittsburg Steelers this season have also been on a winning streak that sure gave them an upper hand against the Steelers. The Raiders can only blame their defense which was just lackluster in terms of their performance on this game. The offense really had a good day and if only the defense hadn’t let them down, the day would have turned out totally different for them.

The fact that Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams were the only players from Steelers who caused the most harm with 525 and 597 yards respectively come from the duo. It is a stat that has left many with their mouths gaping as this is really extreme. The fact that most or rather the entirety of the offense of the Steelers came from just two players on the field is a sad realization for the Raiders who at no single point in the game thought that the ball is going to either of the two and each time they were left unawares. Otherwise, it was a well deserved victory for the Steelers.

NFL Week 8: Oakland Raiders vs New York Jets on Sunday, November 01, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

The Raiders had a big day against a team that is struggling. But they also proved that they are to be taken seriously as a playoff contender.

Derek Carr threw four touchdowns, and 333 yards on 23 completions in the win against the Jets. One of his touchdown passes was for 49-yards to Holmes that gave the Raiders a 21-3 lead at the end of the first half. He has no interceptions and seven touchdown passes in the last two games.

Geno Smith threw two touchdowns and had 265 passing yards on 27 completions in the loss. He replaced the injured Ryan Fitzpatrick, who left in the game with a torn ligament in his thumb on the very first Jets drive.

The Raiders have their first winning record in November in four years. They had some other players step up big in this game; Charles Woodson added an interception, Andre Holmes caught two touchdowns, Michael Crabtree had one touchdown catch and 102 yards receiving, and Latavius Murray rushed for 113 yards. At the same time, the Jets are on a bit of a slide, they have lost their last two games.

The Jets gave up 21 points in the first half, and only scored six. They would, however outscore the Raiders in the second half by one point, 14-13, but by then the damage had been done.

NFL Week 7: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 25, 4:05 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The San Diego Chargers went against the Oakland Raiders and anyone who saw the game can actually tell you that it was a thing of beauty. It was a very tight game and the final scores are a true testament of just how the game was breathtaking. The Chargers tried to make a dramatic comeback but the win had already been sealed by the Raiders. At halftime, the Raiders were up 30-6 and by second half the scores were 37-6. Sebastian Janikowski was the man of the moment after making touchdowns on the 3 chip shot field goals.

The Oakland Raiders showed great maturity by ensuring that they bagged the win even when the San Diego Chargers looked like they could make a dramatic ending. However, Raiders need to be careful not to repeat some notable mistakes. They completely dominated the game but nearing to the end, they relaxed a bit providing Chargers with an opportunity to pounce back. Amari Cooper had a very incredible match. He was the man who engineered the win with his amazing displays throughout the game. Basically, this player was just unstoppable.

Both the offense and the defense did a good job. There was a time when both teams had equal opportunities to seal the match but the Raiders were just too good to lose their win.

NFL Week 5: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 11, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

The Broncos vs the Raiders was another classic between these two rivals that came down to the very end. Manning was having a rough day and just could not get anything going offensively. In the past Manning was known for leading his team into victory and this year it seems he is just a long for the ride.

Not to say he is not an important part of this Denver Broncos team, but the defense had to take over for him this time as he had no touchdowns and two interceptions. For the Raiders, Derek Carr was the only person to be able to provide a touchdown for the whole game as with the Broncos the rest were field goals. It was a slow game throughout and was not anything very exciting until the very end when the Broncos stole the game away from the Raiders.

A seventy four yard interception returned by a touchdown by Chris Harris Jr. how has done a solid job for this Defense all year. This game was a battle of defenses and it came down to which defense was going to have the bigger play at the right moment and the Broncos were able to pull it off.

NFL Week 4: Oakland Raiders at Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 04, 1:00 PM, Soldier Field

The game between the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders played saw the Raiders lose to the Bears. This win put an end to the back and forth between the two teams. As most sports analysts will agree, this was not an easy win. It was even tougher for the bears bearing in mind that one of their key players, Jay Cutler, had a hamstring injury. This however did not stop him from starting the game.

The hook up between Jay and Marquess Wilson completed with a pass to Eddie Royal who did the touch down. This saw the Bears take lead. This lead no doubt put pressure on the Raiders to equalize. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so in the first quarter.

To ensure that they reclaim the game, the raiders started the second quarter on a offensive. Unfortunately, this did not proceed as expected. Despite the multiple tries and the tough game they were unable to match up to the bears.

The bears were also keen on making sure that they take the win home. They put up a spirited fight to stay on top of the game. This game was a do or die as they had not secured any win in the season. In the end it was rewarding as the Bears managed to safely secure their first win in the season. The Raiders on the other hand lost and fell to 2-2.

NFL Week 3: Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

Oakland ended an 11 game road losing streak- that dates back to November of 2013- and a 16 game losing streak, that stretches back to 2009, in the Eastern time zone with this win against the Browns on Sunday. This is the first time the Raiders have been over .500 since the 2011 season.

Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr threw two touchdowns- both in the first half, throwing for 314 yards on 20 completions and running back Latavius Murray had 139 rushing yards in the win. Carr also had a late interception, but was able to recover from it. Oakland’s offense had no problem moving the ball, they put up 469 yards of total offense.

Josh McCown, who sat out last week, got the start this week. He threw for 341 yards, but was sacked five times. He made the game close at the beginning of the fourth, throwing a six yard TD half a minute into the final quarter. And while driving to try to tie up the game, he threw an interception, caught by Charles Woodson that ended the game.

With this interception, Charles, who is now in his eighteenth season, now has 61 for his career, good enough for 11th on the all-time interceptions.

NFL Week 2: Oakland Raiders vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 20, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

Ravens, which opened up the season on a high struggled badly in the face of the Raiders on Sunday. The Raiders were surprisingly quite remarkable in this game having come from a defeat at the hands of the Ravens next opponents, the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a game with its own highs as well lows but generally it was a good game despite the Ravens lackluster performance.

The Carr actually threw for yards totaling 351 and 3 touchdowns with a whole 6 passes that were longer than the 20 yards of the Ravens secondary. This performance was just what the Raiders needed in their quest to ensure that this game was theirs.

Oakland actually did convert 9 third downs in fourteen tries that were all through the air and this made the game pretty interesting on some part. Almost every member of the secondary was actually called for either pass interference or holding the ball at most points in the game that was really a dismal performance. Lewis and Smith missing two tackles each.

Overall, the game was interesting despite it not having seen the best from both teams as far as performance is concerned and the victors really deserved the win without a doubt. Congratulations to the Raiders.

NFL Week 1: Oakland Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, September 13, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

The Cincinnati Bengals mauled the Oakland Raiders 33-13 at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland California. The Bengals’ quarter back Andy Dalton threw the ball over 269 yards which led to two touchdowns. Moreover, running back Jeremy Hill added two more scores to lead the Bengals to victory. The back end of the Raiders line-up was weak since there were Bengals’ receivers all over the Raiders secondary end. It was obvious that the Raiders were going to have a bad day when their starting quarterback left the field with a hand injury.

When Derek Carr clutched his hand in pain in the second quarter, the Raiders had lost of reason to worry. According to analysts and critics, the Bengals have a very healthy offensive line-up. Their receiver Tyler Eifert was on point. He caught all the passes from the quarterback and buried them deep in the Raiders secondary helping to seal a victory for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Oakland Raiders’ NFL season 2014

The team has to be happy with the way that Derek Carr progressed during the season at quarterback. He was able to team in passing and keep Matt McGloin on the bench, as the backup for most of the season. The team did not get the kind of rushing performance that they needed from Darren McFadden, the truth of the matter is that the team needs more than 734 yards from a guy like Darren McFadden.

You would hope that McFadden would be able to put more yards once an old offensive line coach like Tony Sparano took over for Dennis Allen. The Raiders finished 3-13, stunning the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland on a Thursday night.

NFL Week 17: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos on Sunday, December 28, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field @ Mile High

Latavius Murray was not able to get the kind of yards that he needed in order to be competitive against a Broncos team that beat the Raiders in a 47-14 rout. C.J. Anderson was able to get his eighty seven yards on just thirteen carries in the game, while relaxing for the most part. Peyton Manning was able to hit a number of deep passes to Demaryius Thomas. Thomas needs that kind of credibility against an experienced safety like Charles Woodson. The Raiders weren’t really able to get anything from Darren McFadden in the game, expect for some decent pass blocking. You do need that kind of pass blocking when Derek Carr feels obligated to make risky throws to Marco Rivera in the fourth quarter, passes that were picked off.

T.J. Ward was able to rest his bad neck during this game, and you can certainly make the point that the Broncos were using their backup personnel during the second half. The Broncos were able to gain confidence in their entire roster, given that people like Emmanuel Sanders didn’t have to play during the second half.

NFL Week 16: Oakland Raiders vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, December 21, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

The Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders played Sunday, with Buffalo needing to win their last two games to make the playoffs. The Raiders played spoilers again this week beating the Bills 26 to 24 and knocking the Bills out of the playoffs. Oakland rookie quarterback Derek Carr threw two touchdown passes and Sebastian Janikowski kicked four field goals. Oakland’s defense also played well sacking Bills quarterback Kyle Orton twice and intercepting him twice.

Raiders oft injured running back Darren McFadden finally showed up in this game, busting a 25 yard run down to the Buffalo one yard line. The Raiders took a 19 to 10 lead into the fourth quarter, when Kyle Orton hit Scott Chandler with a 29 yard touchdown pass to close the lead to 19 – 17. The Raiders were able to hold onto the lead and finish off the Bills once and for all. A few highlights from the game include the Raiders rushing for 143 yards. Bills rookie receiver had three receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown in the losing effort. The Raiders will miss the playoffs again for a twelfth year, but they have won three of there last five games after starting the season 0 and 10.

NFL Week 15: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 14, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Oakland Raiders lost their twelveth game of the season to Kansas City Chiefs in a one sided encounter at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas. The 13-31 result inflicted more injury to the already ailing Raiders who have been unable to pose any serious threat to opponents this season. Derek Carr and the entire Raiders offense were completely shut down, making them unable to penetrate the Chiefs’ defense. The Chiefs’, who are smarting from a three match losing streak, played their hearts out, pinning the Raiders down and escaping with the victory they badly needed to rebuild their confidence.

The Chiefs were in control throughout the match. They led 7-0 by the end of the first quarter and drew 3-3 in the second. However, it was in the third quarter that they pressed harder to seal the victory with a 21-3 score. It was in this same quarter that the Raiders showed some few flashes of brilliance, albeit too late. Had they used C J Wilson’s recovery well when the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce fumbled, they would made the affair very interesting indeed.

However, Janikowski was at hand to rescue the Chiefs, scoring a field goal, with Wilson getting hurt in the process. It was but a summation of the Raiders horrible season. They won the fourth quarter 7-0. However, their resurgence was of no consequence. It came a little too late. The Chiefs had already sealed the victory to revive their hopes for a playoff berth.

NFL Week 14: Oakland Raiders vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 07, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

The Oakland Raiders came into Sundays game riding high from their first victory of the season, two weeks earlier. The San Francisco Forty-Niners have been struggling recently, and the results of the game reflected the challenges that the team has been having this season.

Oakland’s Rookie quarterback Derek Carr played a solid game as he threw for three touchdowns. The quarterback threw for 254 yards, he also did not throw an interception. Carr’s top receiving target was Mychal Rivera. He caught seven passes for 109 yards and a touchdown. Marcel Reese also caught seven passes for sixty-four yards and scored a touchdown.

San Francisco’s offense was led by running back Frank Gore. The star running back ran for sixty-three yards and zero touchdowns. Colin Kaepernick struggled in the game as he passed for 174 yards. He threw two interceptions and one touchdown, and was sacked five times. Although the San Francisco offense sputtered Michael Crabtree caught nine passes for fifty-six yards.

Oakland is heading to Kansas City. Oakland is looking to get their third victory this season, by defeating the Chiefs for the second time this season. San Francisco is heading to Seattle to take on one of the hottest teams in the league.

NFL Week 13: Oakland Raiders at St. Louis Rams on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, Edward Jones Dome

The Oakland Raiders didn’t stand a chance against St. Louis in Week 13, taking a 52-0 loss after throwing for 183 yards with only 3 interceptions. Wideout Vincent Brown got a 10-yard grab. Wideout Andre Holmes caught half his targets – three out of six – for 28 yards. Receiver Brice Butler caught both of his targets for 27 yards, while Tight end Mychal Rivera caught three of eight for 27 yards and Wideout Kenbrell Thompkins caught two of five for 28 yards.

Though the Raiders walked away with a gloomy outcome of 52-nil for Week 13, Oakland Wideout James Jones had a brighter finish to the week as he tied for the team lead in targets, catching six of eight for 33 yards for a total of 60 catches so far this season.

The St. Louis Rams pounded out a series of quick-strike dives early on in the game. They were able to take advantage of the Raiders’ poor defense before rookie QB Derek Carr was lifted in the fourth quarter and replaced by vet Matt Schaub. The Rams played strong, building a total of 348 yards of offense on 49 plays and taking home the victory of Week 13 against the Raiders.

NFL Week 12: Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, November 20, 8:25 PM, Coliseum

Out of the games played this season, Kansas City has shown that they are ready to move on undeterred; this is evident in their latest performance when they visited the Oakland Raiders. The Kansas City proved that they are tired of the losing trend when they regained a better position after awarding the Oakland Raiders a fourth defeat in a row.

By such humiliation, the Oakland Raiders were able to build momentum and this will be of great use to help them keep going for the remaining part of the season. On the other hand, the Kansas City used this as a jerk to help them build a solid and all round performance. With good game averages and persistence push to hold on, the game is a solid base with which the Oakland can avoid a consecutive 4-12 finish.

With the two giants sharpening each other, they were able to stretch muscles to the maximum and bring out the best of each other. The average on pass and rush yards allowed grew greatly and the game is a clear indicator that the next victim who will face them will have quite a hard time. Furthermore, the morale of the team coaches is clear proof that this was not just a game, it meant more to them than the points, getting ready to complete the season with a victorious tone.

NFL Week 11: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, November 16, 4:05 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

With both teams entering the game on losing streaks, the San Diego Chargers (6-4, 3rd in AFC West) snapped their three game losing streak by beating the Oakland Raiders (0-10, 4th in AFC West). In their last meeting, the Chargers won in a high scoring shootout. This time neither team could get much going on the offensive side of the ball. Philip Rivers completed a 22 yard touchdown pass to WR Malcolm Floyd on the third play of the game. Rivers finished with 193 yards and a touchdown. He also hurt his leg midway through the third quarter.

On the other side of the field, the Oakland Raiders have lost 10 straight games this season, and 16 straight games dating back to last season. Rookie QB Derek Carr finished the game with 172 yards on 16 of 34 passing with no touchdowns or interceptions. He fumbled on the first play of the game, botching a shotgun snap. The Chargers recovered and were able to score the only touchdown of the game two plays later. Each team was able to kick two field goals as well. Chargers kicker Nick Novak snapped his streak of 32 consecutive kicks made, missing a 48 yard attempt as the first half ended. Next week, San Diego plays the Saint Louis Rams while the Raiders take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Week 10: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 09, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

The game between Denver Broncos and Oakland raiders was an interesting game to watch. Denver Broncos registered a win over the Oakland raiders. The first touch of the match was great. Peyton Manning of Denver Broncos began the play by throwing the ball to Julius Thomas who registered a first down. An interception occurred during the second pass of the match that made the Raiders dominated the field. The raiders managed to move the ball for over 23 yards in the field but the strong defense of Denver Broncos stopped the offensive move.

When the first quarter came to an end the Broncos faced a long and third. During the second quarter a pass from Peyton Manning was intercepted by the raiders placing the Broncos at a disadvantageous position. The Raiders utilized the chance and scored a touch down. A competitive play went on an Anderson scored a touchdown. Bronchos won the second quarter by the score of 20 to 10. The Raiders began the second half. Julius of Denver Broncos made to the end line making the score read 27 to 10. The intelligent moves of Denver Bronchos made the team win third quarter by 41 to 10. The fourth quarter ended with the score of 47 to Denver and 17 the raiders.

NFL Week 9: Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 02, 4:25 PM, CenturyLink Field

The Oakland Raiders came into the game against the Seahawks without a win for the season. The Seahawks came into this contest in the need of a win as they have lost the two previous games.

Seattle took the lead from the Raiders as they scored a touchdown with four minutes left in the first quarter. The Seahawks followed up their offensive score with a defensive touchdown. Bruce Irvin intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown. Seattle held the Oakland offense to 226 total yards and caused three total turnovers.

The offensive leader for the Seahawks was running back Marshawn Lynch. He accounted for 143 total yards and two touchdowns. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had a very effecient game, completing fifty percent of his passes for a 179 yards. He also ran for thirty-one yards.

The Raiders offensive struggles can start with their running game. Their running backs accounted for 28 yards on fourteen carries. Rookie quarterback Derek Carr completed fifty-nine percent of his passes for 194 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw for two interceptions. Carr’s main target was Mychal Rivera, he caught eight passes for thirty-eight yards and caught Carr’s two touchdown passes.

Oakland plays division leading Denver at home this week. The Seahawks are facing off against the struggling New York Giants.

NFL Week 8: Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 26, 4:25 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Oakland Raiders tried to get things going against the Cleveland Browns. Darren McFadden fumbled the football at a key time for Raiders however. The fact that the Browns won the game by a 23-13 score is quite surprising, given that the Raiders ran 81 plays in comparison to just 54 plays for the Cleveland Browns. Denico Autry deserves credit for the plays that he was making for the Raiders from the defensive end position, he is one of the lesser paid defensive ends and they continue to get a fair amount of production from him.

Derek Carr threw only one interception in the game, this is despite putting up 56 attempts. The Browns were certainly more efficient with their passing game, and we cannot deny the big numbers that Andre Hawkins put into the game. Mychal Rivera was able to get in a groove with Derek Carr, but the yardage numbers were not that substantial. Rivera did catch 7 passes for 86 yards. You have to be aware of the performance of the Browns safeties in the game, they truly limited the options for a young quarterback like Derek Carr. Joe Haden, Donte Whitner and Justin Gilbert are truly becoming comfortable with each other. Karlos Dansby has proven to be a steady force for the Browns at linebacker. The Browns appear to be ready to remain competitive for the rest of the season.

NFL Week 7: Oakland Raiders vs Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, October 19, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

Arizona Cardinals won their second game in a row after they humbled Oakland Raiders at home to record a 24-13 point win. The Cardinals seemed to be motivated by the return of Carson Palmers who recorded his return by throwing two touchdown passes and covering 253 yards to hand the Raiders their sixth straight loss of the season. The loss for the Raiders means that they are reeling at the bottom of the AFC West conference with no percentage win. On the other hand, Arizona Cardinals recorded their fifth win which comfortably put them at the peak of their NFC West conference with a percentage win of .833. Arizona Cardinals top performers were Palmer, Ellington, S. Taylor and M. Floyd.

Palmer had a total of 31 attempts and covered 253 yards. A. Ellington made 24 carries, covered 88 yards and averaged 3.7 points. Ellington also received 6 passes, covered 72 yards and recorded an average 12 points. On the Oakland Riders part, top performers were D. Carr, D. McFadden, B. Butler and J. Jones. D. Carr made 16 complete passes with 18 attempts covering 173 yards. D. McFadden had 14 carries averaging 3.4 points with 48 yards coverage. B. Butler was the best receiver after he covered 55 yards with a single reception.

NFL Week 6: Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 12, 4:05 PM, Coliseum

Oakland Raiders continued their poor start of the season by losing their fifth straight game at home to San Diego Chargers. San Diego Chargers on the other hand continued their impressive start by winning their fifth game. The game which was played on the 12th of October at the Oakland Coliseum saw the San Diego Chargers cruise to a comfortable 31 to 28 points against the Oakland Raiders. San Diego Chargers are currently at pole position in their AFC Conference group with a .833 win percentage while the Oakland Raiders are sitting at the bottom after losing their five games and have a .000 win percentage. The game which tied at the first 3 quarters at 21 points apiece was headed for a draw not until the San Diego Chargers overturned the game in the final quarter which saw them beat Oakland 10-7 to decide the game.

Top performers at the game were San Diego’s P. Rivers, Oakland’s A. Holmes and San Diego’s B. Oliver. P. Rivers from San Diego was the highest performer when it came to passing. He had a successful -313 yards with 3 total drives. His counterpart B. Oliver was the highest performer when it came to Rushings. He had -26 CAR, 101 YDS and 1 TD. Oakland’s highest performer was A. Holmes who received -4 REC, 121 YDS and 2 TD.

NFL Week 3: Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

These are no doubt, uncertain times for the once powerful New England Patriots offense who struggled mightily through an entire game against the typically unthreatening Oakland Raiders. The rookie quarterback Derek Carr and his winless Raiders gave the great Tom Brady and the New England Patriots all they could handle until the final snap.

The Patriots won their 12th home opener in thirteen seasons, even though the offensive struggled and sluggishly fought it’s way through 4 quarters against the Raiders (0-3) who have lost their 15th straight game while in the eastern time zone.

The Patriots scored 10 points in the waning moments of the 2nd quarter which included when Tom Brady threw a six yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski, three field goals were made by Stephen Gostkowski and big man Vince Wilfork made an interception at the Patriots red zone to seal the deal.

Derek Carr went 21-34 with 174 passing yards for the Oakland Raiders but having the continued loss of the sidelined Maurice Jones-Drew, still remains winless as a pro. Darren McFadden started in place of Jones-Drew, rushing for 59 yards on 18 carries.

Behind Brett Farve and Peyton Manning, Brady became the third quarter back with 150 regular season wins. The Raiders left for London after the game to compete against the Miami Dolphins next Sunday.

NFL Week 2: Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans NFL on Sunday, September 14, 4:25 PM, Coliseum

On Sunday, 14th September this year Houston Texans beat Oakland Raiders 30-14 making it their second straight win this season. The game was played at Coliseum stadium, Oakland, California and it started at 4:25 PM. Watts stood out during the whole game despite his usual defensive position. He started by giving Houston Texans a 2 point lead. Arian Foster was also on form as he scored and ran 138 yards.

Raiders made several mistakes in the scoring territory. In the second quarter Oakland’s Carr made a good 41 yard run only to lose the ball to Kareem Jackson who eventually set up another player, Randy Bullock, for a goal. Fitzpatrick was also instrumental for Houston in third quarter. He was set up by Joseph and DeAndre Hopkins making it 24-0. I almost forgot Foster’s contribution; he made the movement of the ball down the field smooth by making 40 to 100 yard runs. With his 5 yard run he put Houston’s on a 14 – 0 lead.

Lastly, Raider’s defense was in ruins just as in their last game. Their offensive line was also rendered ineffective the entire game. Even the gifted Derek Carr didn’t make any impact as he could not get comfortable with the ball.

NFL Week 1: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets on Sunday, September 7, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Oakland Raiders and New York Jets played on Sunday, September 7, 2014, at 1 PM EST at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the Jets’ home stadium. The Jets received the ball first and scored first, using almost six minutes to score a 45 yard field goal. Oakland scored next, however, late in the first quarter with a 12 yard pass from Carr to Streater, putting Oakland up 7-3 at the end of the first quarter. New York was unable to respond until late in the second quarter, with a 5 yard touchdown pass from Smith to Johnson, putting New York up 10-7 at halftime. Both teams struggled in the third quarter, with the only score coming with a 42 yard New York field goal. Midway through the fourth quarter, New York struck again with a 71 yard touchdown run by Ivory. In order to secure the game, New York attempted a two point conversion, but failed, leaving them up 19-7. With a minute and a half left in the game, Oakland scored their only other points of the game off a 30 yard touchdown pass to Jones. After Oakland’s onside kick failed, New York walked away with a 19-14 victory. New York was plagued by penalties, with a total of 11 penalties for 105 yards, and two turnovers.

Didn’t follow the Oakland Raiders last season? Find out what you missed:

Watch Oakland Raiders OnlineThe 2013 Oakland Raiders finished the season 4-12, missing the playoffs for an eleventh straight season, and going 4-12 for the second straight season under head coach Dennis Allen. After the Raiders traded starting quarterback Carson Palmer at the end of the previous season to the Arizona Cardinals, backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor was elevated to the starting spot, after showing glimpses of great potential in previous action. Pryor played well early in the season, setting the franchise record in Week 1 for rushing yards by a quarterback with 112 yards on 13 carries. After a concussion in Week 3, Pryor lost his starting job to Matt Flynn for a week but regained it back in Week 5. In Week 6 against the Kansas City Chiefs, Pryor had the worst game of his career, getting sacked nine times and throwing three interceptions. After setting the NFL record for the longest touchdown run by a quarterback in Week 8 against the Steelers with a 93 yard touchdown run, Pryor sprained his MCL against the New York Giants in Week 9, opening the door for backup Matt McGloin to take his starting job. In nine starts, Pryor led the Raiders to a 3-6 record.

Matt McGloin, an undrafted rookie out of Penn State, came in and performed well during his first start, leading the Raiders to a win over the Houston Texans, but that would be the last win of the season for the Raiders and they would go on to finish the season 4-12.

Follow the performance of Raiders Players with an Oakland Raiders live stream

The Raiders brought in former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Rashad Jennings to team up with starting running back Darren McFadden to help bolster their running game, but that didn’t go according to plan as McFadden battled injuries all season and Jennings had to start eight games in his place. While Jennings finished the season with decent numbers, scoring six touchdowns and rushing for 733 yards on 163 rushes, he left the team after only one season and now is with the New York Giants. Darren McFadden meanwhile finished the season only playing in ten games, rushing for only 379 yards and five touchdowns. This combined with an equally disappointing passing game gave the Raiders little chance of succeeding in 2013.
The Raiders draft class didn’t prove to be productive either, as 12th overall pick out of Houston, cornerback DJ Hayden, struggled through much of the season, recording only one interception and 26 tackles. The only real bright spot for the Raiders in 2013 was fullback Marcel Reese, who was the only Raider selected to the Pro Bowl in 2013. By watching Oakland Raiders streaming, you will find out of the players do better this season.

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