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NFL Preseason 2017, Week 1

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Divisional Playoffs NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, January 14, 4:40 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The match of New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings evinced great interest and it was believed that Saints would give a tough fight to Minnesota Vikings. However, the final outcome belied all expectations as the Saints were handed out a sound thrashing by Vikings. There were many reasons for this stunning win and Stefon Diggs has a big role to play. He was literally unstoppable and he literally scored out of nowhere. This happened when he literally sprinted like crazy for around 61 yard for a majestic touchdown. This was the final straw for Saints because this awesome run helped Minnesota Vikings complete the match with a 29-24 victory. A portion of credit should also go to Case Keenum who was responsible for the heave which Stefon Diggs latched on and completed the dream run and touchdown.

The match was well and truly fascinating because the win was not easy at all and Saints did put up a very spirited fight and the outcome till that dream run of Diggs was not sure and the match could have gone any way and there were many twists and turns.

Wild Card Weekend NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, January 07, 4:40 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints, led by quarterback Drew Brees, won against Carolina Panthers led by their quarterback Cam Newton 31 – 26 in the last game. It’s the third in a row victory for the Saints in the same season against the Carolina Panthers and the team couldn’t just go home. The first half was full of frustration for the Panthers since they had the possession for long stretches but without any conversion of the drives into anything more than just field – goal tries. The Panthers held the ball for more than eight minutes and that was it, the end of the scoreless game.

Two plays later Brees hit Panthers Ted Ginn Jr. who got behind Bradberry for an 80 – yard touchdown. Panthers once again proved that the speed to beat opposing defenses has been their weakness. With the team controlling the possession for over eight minutes, it feels absurd to walk away with no points. Time can mean everything or nothing and it clearly meant nothing for Panthers this last game. Brees has proven that Saints have a lot of ways to be effective and while the ball was spread around for a bit by the opponent, they were making plans just when they had their chances.

Week 17 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, December 31, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

New Orleans Saints had a sought of bittersweet experience after their 31-24 loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite ensuring a home playoff game and achieving their dream of winning the division. Chris Godwin made an amazing 39-yard touchdown reception that secured a brilliant win for the Bucs with just a mere nine seconds left. The rookie wide receiver, Chris Godwin displayed quite an amazing performance leading to his seventh reception with 111 receiving yards. While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where trailing 24-23 with just one minute and fifty-eight seconds remaining, Winston moved them 95 yards with just 11 plays to ensure the winning TD.

Winston incredibly managed to find Godwin, despite the fact that he was intercepted not one but thrice, who was a rookie that got more gameplay time because of DeSean Jackson’s injury. It was an incredible play by Winston although it was considered risky by the coaches. Winston swears that he heard the coach say no, but he decided to go for it and luckily enough for him, it worked. Adam Humphries of Tampa Bay had seven catches for 102 yards which is quite impressive even though this is the 10th consecutive season his team has failed to reach the playoffs.

Week 16 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In the game of Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, the Saints just improve to 11-4. The Saints have just clinched the team`s 11th playoff berth in the world history of the franchise. This is the sixth playoff berth that happens when Sean Payton has been the coach of the team. Fox was airing the Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints match, and fans had fun quickly. The Saints had lost the last 3 games against the Falcons, yet Sunday`s win broke this losing streak right away.

The Mercedes-benz Superdome was an outstanding place for the Saints to improve their record. The all-time record of the Saints at the Mercedes-benz Superdome is 166-161, which was not bad for any team out there. The Saints hosted the Falcons on Sunday, and fans were just waiting for this day to come out. The Saints had to take care of their stuff if they wanted to defeat the Falcons on Sunday too. New Orleans was playing with two important members of the team`s defense, yet they managed to defeat their foes over time. They worked hard to achieve the victory, and they deserve every bit of it.

Week 15 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets on Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New York Jets squared off against the New Orleans Saints in a highly competed match that saw the Saints defeat the Jets 31-19. One of the most outstanding performances of the match was when Drew Brees even threw two touchdown passes as well as the 4-yard slant to Michael Thomas with just 7:39 left. The New Orleans was on top of their game even overcoming three turnovers to defeat the Ney York Jets. This victory retained the Saint first position in the NFC South (10-4). Though the Jets demonstrated a high defensive power they could not garner adequate offense under quarterback Bryce Petty who is a third player who just made his fifth NFL start. In fact Petty ultimately finished 19 of 39 for 179 yards, with two interceptions and scoring one touchdown.

On the other hand, Chandler Catanzaro’s 29-yard field goal played a big role in pulling the Jets within seven points three plays later. An intense moment in the match was when Brandon Coleman, who is a wide receiver, drove the ball away during the second half which ended the Saint’s scoring opportunities. The Saints performed incredibly even without some key players such as RG Larry Warford and TE Michael Hoomanawanui who suffered concussions during the first half and this shows that the Saints is a strong team. We can only wait to see if the Jets will get a chance to redeem themselves by being victorious in future matches.

Week 14 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, December 07, 8:25 PM, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

It has been a must-win game for Falcons against the Saints despite the awful offensive performance, during the last matches. The team took the worst contest, 20-17. One of the key players, Ryan played as if he tried to milk a 28-3 lead generally in the extremely super Bowl as well as giving out a 55.2 passer rating. The Falcons’ defense simply allowed Brees to average exactly 7.7 yards each attempt. Michael Thomas was also allowed to rack up at least 117 yards. However, the Falcons won because Ryan managed to throw a hot tying touchdown pass basically. Matt Bryant succeeded to kick a go-ahead 52-yard goal while Jones Deion picked Brees off in the end zone. Sean Payton was able to step out on to the ground. This incidence drew a controversial flag and gave the Falcons a quick first down that specifically ended the game.

This was a game kind and type whereby a yellow colored flag was actually the Falcons offense’s adopted mode of transportation. Well the Falcons won’t even care much. They are just a half game behind the Seahawks and the Panthers in the game race of the wild card. The Saints, at 9-4, are precisely just half game ahead of the team Panthers (although they possess head-to-head tiebreaker) and one game up on the Falcons. The Falcons were struck during the time when the player, Matt Ryan managed to throw at least three interceptions in a time period of four good passes.

Week 13 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, December 03, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Orleans Saints hosted the Carolina Panthers on Sunday during the week 3 of NFL Season. The battle of 8—3 teams with Orleans in a five-point favorite up to 1.5 from an open of 3.5. I would say that the Panthers had a perfect chance to assume the control in this game. Instead, they got decimated; the make many mistakes, and this gave Orleans the opportunity to beat them to a 31-21 Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Panthers never led the fell to 8-4 with Orleans moving to 9-3. Below is little analysis of players who had the most outstanding loss from the side of the Panthers. Michael Palardy, he inexplicably dropped the ball before he could punt it. He panicked after this. Julius Peppers, this star hardly makes a miss, however Peppers fired the ball carrier when he was apparently out of bounds, this gave Orleans a second chance. The most painful part was that this gave Orleans four points ahead of the Panthers.

Devin Funchess, this no 1-star player couldn’t just make it happen. He had a chance for 30 yards gain on a one on one ball, but this stripped out of his hands. Devin’s first catch didn’t come until after the last play of the third quarter of the game. Also, another came when he dropped the ball then picked up five yds. On 4th and 6th in the red zone via empty series. Even as he did score on 24- yard touchdown with3: 57 to go, he nearly made a unique play on the ensuing onsides kick. Other players like Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara also had their miss. The game was engaging though with sides striving to make a difference.

Week 12 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, November 26, 4:05 PM, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

When New Orleans Saints faced Los Angeles Rams, Todd Gurley made seventeen carries. Jared Goff, on the other hand, slung the ball all over the field and made 43 passing attempts. In the second quarter, Goff the second year Quarter Back revealed that he has the capability of elevating his game when he needs to.

Drew Bees is the kind of player who always makes a throw of 350 yards and above. But on this game, his throws were weak. The Rams only managed to score 26 points against the Saints. The Saints secondary was filled with injuries as a result of strong defense by the Rams, mainly DE Cameron Jordan. This great defense gave OT Andrew Whitworth the worst game of that season. Jordan was very dominant sometimes that he racked up 2 battle passes, 4 hurries, and 2 sacks.

As usual, each NFL defense gives away touchdowns. But the Rams have a habit of giving up a big play that ends up in a touch down as the game starts. This play causes a tight defense for the remaining part of the game. This week, the Rams let RB Alvin Kamara to sprint 74-yards for a touchdown. But both he and RB Mark Ingram were put in a check for the whole game.

Week 11 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins on Sunday, November 19, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Alvin Kamara took a position amidst the fans and moved along with the adulation that made the decision to stay with him. The eighteen-yard touchdown reception of Alvin Kamara remains an air presumption. To get rid of the 15-point deficit, the New Orleans needs two points to make the cancellation. With 5:58 in regulation, the Redskins were able to score a goal, making the game to take another shape. This also helped to understand the confidence of the Saints to a perfect level for not losing any game over two months.

To take a pitch into the final areas for a required conversion, Alvin was able to climb back down in time. When Wil Lutz’s twenty-eight-yard field goal capped a 34-31 victory in overtime, the Saints were able to win their 8th consecutive match. Drew Brees had two touchdowns and threw for around three hundred and eighty-five yards. This makes the eleven out of 11 throws of Drew for one hundred and sixty-four yards became successful. Josh Hill got a TD from Drew from three yards with 2:53 remaining in the match. Kamara got the last TD with 1:05 minutes remaining for the match to come to an end. Without much hesitation, the clear winner of the match went to the Saints.

Week 10 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, November 12, 1:00 PM, New Era Field

Although the Buffalo Bills made a few good plays they were no match for their opponents who beat them clean, Buffalo Bills 10, New Orleans Saints 47. This was the second loss in a row for the Buffalo Bills, although this time it seemed even worse with New Orleans Saints dominating the entire game. Highlights of the game included Buffalo Bills few good plays that proved a few Buffalo Bills players were still on alert even as they were loosing.

Set up at Buffalo Bills 9 yard line and Saints electing to pass on the 2nd and 5 saw a quick pass from Drew Brees to Josh Hill as Shaq Lawson came off the edge asserting pressure.

Well in position Lawson was able to block the pass, Ramon Humber proved he was not a fluke stopping Hill just two yards behind the line of scrimmage, Humber stood up Hill and kept working him eventually forcing a fumble.Kyle Williams finally fell on the ball preventing the Saints from scoring again. Bills visit Los Angeles Chargers for their next game, a game they will need to win if they want to make it to the playoffs in 2017. New Orleans Saints will be hosting Washington Redskins and they go to this game on a high after their win over Bills.

Week 9 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, November 05, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints are the division-leading team and it came as no surprise that they managed such an overwhelming victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers, led by quarterback James Winston, were aiming for a four-game skid but the Saints, led by quarterback Drew Brees, crushed their dreams and they crushed them badly. Drew Brees completed a whopping 81.2 percent of his passes for 263 yards and scored two touchdowns to extend the Saints winning streak to six games.

The luck was most definitely not on the Buccaneers side as quarterback James Winston had to leave the game after the first half with due to a shoulder soreness and William Gholston had to be carried off the field because of a neck injury which he sustained after a very aggressive tackle. Passion additionally flared up when Winston, after leaving the playing field, seemed to instigate a scuffle on the sideline. Brees was in the spotlight as his touchdowns went for 36 yards to Ted Ginn and 33 yards to Alvin Kamara. Kamara scored on a 6-yard run and made the crowd go absolutely wild after going for a waving, slipping tackle run after his short catch.

Week 8 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 29, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints Ingram completed with 99 yards from scrimmage, including 75 on the ground, but his two late bungles kept the Bears in the game until the last minutes. Kumara had 76 yards from scrimmage – 48 accepting. The Saints were undermining to score twice in the final quarter when the Bears stripped the ball from Ingram. Chicago changed over the main bumble into its exclusive touchdown with 3:43 to go on Tariku Cohen’s short jump over a heap of players at the objective line. The second turnover happened with somewhat more than two minutes left on the Bears 30, but Chicago was not able to get a first down as new kid on the block Mitchell Trubisky’s fourth-and-1 pass fell inadequate. Chicago had one more opportunity to tie after Will Lutz’s 49-yard field objective with 1:35 remaining, but a capture attempt by Saints new kid on the block cornerback Marsh on Baltimore finished that danger.

Trubisky finished 14 of 32 goes for 164 yards in his fourth begin for the Bears (3-5). Chicago’s Jordan Howard had 102 yards hurrying on 23 conveys. Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints had a TD toppled on video survey after Zach Miller’s 25-yard discover, amid which the tight end’s left leg twisted unnaturally as he landed. As Miller was hauled away the field with evidently genuine knee damage, authorities decided that replayed demonstrated the ground made the ball relax in Miller’s grip as his abdominal area collided with the turf – after his knee had given out. For the Bears, notwithstanding Miller’s knee damage, Chicago right protect Kyle Long left the game with hand damage. Cornerback Prince Amukamara had clear lower body damage in the second quarter but could stroll to the sideline individually and returned.

Week 7 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 22, 1:00 PM, Lambeau Field

It might serve as a valuable lesson in the bid to return to the playoffs the way that the Saints had victory on Sunday. On the premier series to the Green Bay Packers, the defense delivered a long touchdown run. The Saints were not out of the 1st quarter when Drew Bress has 2 interceptions at Lambeau Field. Brees later run for another after bouncing back to throw for a touchdown. The Saints recovered for a 26.17 victory after Mark Ingram rushed for a score. Starting at quarterback for the injured Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay lost its premier match with Brett Hundley.

Two second-half field goals came from Will Lutz. This includes a forty-four-yarder to make the New Orleans run up for good at 19-17 with only 10:26 remaining in the match. With 4:55 remaining, Brees’ one-yard sneak put the Saints up by having a two-score lead. The Saints even with a sloppy record were able to have their 4th straight win. They will garner a victory earned following several early errors in addition to Brees’ picks. The Saints took the first 3 matches by at least fourteen points. The Saints delivered a forty-six-yard touchdown run to Aaron Jones on the opening phase of the game. Lutz had a blocked additional point and the Saints 4-2 lead was penalized 7 times for eighty-yards.

Week 6 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, October 15, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In an intense and exciting game, The New Orleans Saints overcame the Detroit Lions 52-38 in a game that was fiercely competed up to the last minute. The Saints took the lead with 5 touchdowns but this did not deter the Lions, led by their quarterback Matthew Stafford, from attempting to launch a comeback in the third and fourth quarters but it was too little too late.

Having been dominant for much of the first three quarters of the game, The Saints nearly let The Lions stage one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history in the fourth quarter, something that greatly angered their coach Sean Pyton. Stafford, who is renowned for orchestrating Lions’ comebacks in the past was however unable to overturn the Saints’ lead. He made two fumbles and three interceptions. Pyton praised his defense which was outstanding for most of the game which was nerve wrecking for the coach and the fans.

The Lions may have lost Glover Quin who sustained a head injury in the second half and Greg Robinson who got injured in the third quarter. The Saints will be hoping that Nate Stupar who seemed to have sustained an injury in the fourth quarter will be fit to play when they play at the Green Bay in their next match.

Week 4 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 01, 9:30 AM, Wembley Stadium

Learn to accept a draw was what has been told to Americans if they want to love soccer. The Miami Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints battled it hard in front of the British fans in the last NFL game. While there were a stodgy stinker, penalty-strewn, and an error-riddled arena, the match went tough for two prepared teams. The fans at the stadium count up to eighty thousand, spending their lovely three hours watching both teams. The game ended in the favor of the Saints winning the second London match at 20-0.

A few field goals and two amazing touchdowns from Wil Lutz are able to make the team win the game. On the last play before half-time, the first points of the game come blowing in. The game was full of fun after experience nineteen penalties within a short period of time. The second half of the game played well for the Saints exceptionally. The game remained safe by the touchdowns from Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas. The football halfway through the 4th quarter displayed a major blunder from Cutler. It finally made the game went in favor of the New Orleans. This is one of the funny matches in the season. While the Saints did not do any spectacular in the game, the victory moved towards their favor against their counterpart.

Week 3 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 24, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The Carolina Panthers regressed heavily after a dominating defensive performance against the Buffalo Bills. However, the lethargic display by the Panthers defense was an even most disappointing outcome. The Panthers allowed to the Saints as many as 149 rushing years. The Saints were placing an emphasis on presnap motion in order to manipulate the gaps from the Panthers defense.

The Carolina Panthers were not able to win their first divisional game. They won two games without playing their best but New Orleans was a strong adversary that did not allow them wining three games straight. After two drives stalled, Carolina struggled. As New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees tossed three touchdown passes, the offense settled for three points twice.

On the road against Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints was able to rebound from their 0-2 start. The Carolina Panthers went through an offseason filled with questions. However, thanks to their top ranked defense, the Panthers were unbeaten. But now, against the Saints, they saw a regression on defense. However, for their run defense it wasn’t all bad. The edge players on the perimeter or the force were some positives aspects. After the motions, the Panthers communicated well. But the issues were caused by the combination of scheme problems, individual breakdowns, and gap fits. Hopefully defensive coordinator Steve Wilks will learn from this experience.

Week 2 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots on Sunday, September 17, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New England defense performance has come under severe criticism, and it is even viewed as the worst this week. On the other hand, New Orleans Saints performed quite well on their offensive and was ranked as the 10th best teams on the attack. The Saints were considered unlucky as they managed to attain one touchdown, which seemed to be misleading considering their performance. When the season was begun, Saints hopes were somehow crashed when they lost to Minnesota Vikings. However, Tom Brady managed to hit them even further by leading his team to a 36-20 win.

Form the game statistics; it is evident the Patriots were dangerous on the offensive. Tom Brady managed to get three touchdowns in the first quarter and did not need to do much as the game progressed. Rob Gronkowski also contributed to the team’s victory by getting one touchdown but had to leave the game with a groin injury. Additionally, the Patriots defense game was also tight since the Saint’s offensive strategies were kept in check.

The Saints also showed their dominance especially in their quick passing strategies against their opponents, and they do it so well by dashing only three players at the quarterback. However, the Saints needed to move the ball more in the fourth quarter, but the defense of the Patriots was tight. The way the Patriots well both in the offensive and defensive, which saw them win 36-20.

Week 1 NFL Season 2017: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings on Monday, September 11, 7:10 PM, U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints will battle for supremacy. The match will take place in the opening week of the National Football League 2017 regular season. At the US BANK Stadium in Minneapolis, the New Orleans will travel to play the opposition to the Minnesota Vikings. When talking about great records against the New Orleans Saints, the Vikings have a solid foundation. The Vikings have won eleven out of fourteen games played against the Saints. Nonetheless, this match remains the first face-to-face that the teams will encounter at the US Bank Stadium. The Vikings still have upper hand in the overall encounter between the teams. The Vikings are leading with 18-10.

The Vikings are hoping to maintain the lead if they win the Saints in the first opening match of the season. Since 2011, the New Orleans Saints have not played in Minnesota. The Saints came away with a 42-20 win the last time they visited. In the defense, the Saints have tons of healthy and skillful players. The defense of the Vikings remains the best among both teams. On the Return of Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are hoping to handle him professionally and perfectly. Peterson made his name in Minnesota and may wreck havoc against the team he played for before.

Week 4 NFL Preseason 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, August 31, 8:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Both teams went head to head in a final preseason exhibition match. The end result was a very close victory for the Ravens in a 14-13 win. Baltimore gained a total of 226 yards and New Orleans gaining 305 yards with both teams committing 2 turnovers in the game. New Orleans led the game in passing which came from QB Chase Daniel with 103 yards and 1 interception. Baltimore led the game in rushing with RB Bobby Rainy gaining 42 yards in 9 carries and also the Ravens also led the game in receiving yards with WR Chris Matthews gaining 66 yards in 3 receptions.

Baltimore gained the first touchdown of the game with a 1 yard pass from QB Ryan Mallett to WR Chris Moore in the early goings of the game. In the second quarter Baltimore gained another touchdown with a 2 yard rush from Bobby Rainey as well as the Saints gaining a touchdown with a 16 yard pass from QB Chase Daniel to WR Josh Hill. In the third quarter the Saints made a 28 yard field goal and again in the fourth quarter with a 48 yard field goal by kicker Wil Lutz that still wouldn’t be enough for the saints to beat the ravens.

Week 3 NFL Preseason 2017: New Orleans Saints vs Houston Texans on Saturday, August 26, 8:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The final match of the preseason for the Texans saw their offense struggle badly in a 13-0 defeat. The Texans struggled to move the ball, with the quarterback, Tom Savage, finishing the game with 10 of 16 for 79 yards. The result puts the Houston Texans at 1-2 for preseason and moves the New Orleans Saints to 2-1 for preseason.

The game didn’t come alive until the third quarter, with just a single field goal kicked by the Saints in the first half. It wasn’t until late in the third quarter, when running back Darius Victor completed a 3-yard run to put the Saints 10-0 up, that the crowd saw a touchdown. Another field goal late in the fourth completed the victory for the Saints, who will be very happy with the performance of their defense who have only allowed 7 first-half points in their three preseason games. The Saints will play one more preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans on August 31st before they open their campaign against the Minnesota Vikings on September 11th.

Week 2 NFL Preseason 2017: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, August 20, 8:00 PM, StubHub Center

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 13 – 7 in the second preseason game for both teams. The Saints took a 10 point lead in the first quarter and added a field goal in the fourth quarter. San Diego’s touchdown was scored on a 99 yard pick six by Dexter McColl off Ryan Nassib. The win was the first win for the Saints in 11 preseason games extending over 3 seasons.

Leading the Saints defense was Manti T’eo with a fumble recovery, a quarterback sack and 8 tackles. T’eo played for the Chargers the last four seasons. The star of on offense for the Chargers was the rookie running back from Tennessee, Alvin Kamara, who scored on a 50 yard run on the Saints first offensive play of the game. Kamara rushed for 96 yards on 9 carries.

The Saints defense was the dominant unit on the field with 8 quarterback sacks and finished the game with two consecutive sacks and then an interception.

Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingrahm all sat the game out for New Orleans. Chase Daniel played quarterback in the first half; Ryan Nassib and Garrett Grayson in the second half for the Saints.

For the Chargers, Philip Rivers did not play. Kellen Clemens and Cardale Jones played quarterback but were constantly harried and pressured. The blocking for the Chargers was very poor as evidenced by the 8 sacks which inhibited offensive production. The Chargers offense is yet to score in two games and is averaging just 2.7 yards per rushing attempt.

The bright spot for the Chargers besides McColl’s interception for a touchdown was the play of fifth round draft pick from Iowa, Desmond King, who contributed three big plays on third downs: a sack, a pass break up and tackle that prevented the Saints from converting a first down. The Chargers need to improve significantly if they hope to attract more fans in their new home of Los Angeles.

Week 1 NFL Preseason 2017: New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns on Thursday, August 10, 8:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

The Cleveland Browns led by Deshone Kizer got a victory of 20 – 14 against the New Orleans Saints in the NFL preseason opener. The Cleveland Browns came from behind to get the victory. Wil Lutz gave the New Orleans Saints an early 3 -0 lead when he scored a goal from a 22-yard distance. The Cleveland Browns an advantage of the New Saints miscue and overturned the scores to 7 – 3 in just five plays. Trevon Coley and Matthew Dayes did a good job to lead the Cleveland Browns in getting the scores. Wil Lutz’s restored the hopes of the New Orleans Saints when he scored a 42 – yard goal making the score 7 – 6 with only 40 seconds left to play to complete the first half.

The New Saints rose to the lead again when Ryan Nassib gave a touchdown pass to the wide receiver Tommylee Lewis who made a successful conversion turning the score to be 14 – 7. The Cleveland Browns got a one – yard touchdown from Terrence Magee who failed to make the conversion but he raised their score from 7 to 13 and the new score was 14 – 13. Finally, Deshone Kizer passed a 45 – yard touchdown pass to the wide receiver Jordan Payton who gave the Cleveland Browns a successful win of 20 – 14 against their opponents, the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints NFL season 2016 recap

Has Payton run his course? Is Brees over the hill? I don’t want it to be true. They’ve done so much for the New Orleans community. If it wasn’t for the Saints, after Katrina the city would have died. They gave us something to believe in, something to root for. The 2010 Super Bowl unified the city. Rich and poor, black and white. We all came together as one. The Sean Payton/Drew Brees Saints carried New Orleans through its darkest hours, gave everyone a reason to believe in the recovery efforts. The city owes them a debt of gratitude.

But that was then. We can’t let sentiment dictate the future of the Saints. Over the past few years the product on the field has deteriorated. Brees is getting older and tensions have grown between Payton and management. Admittedly what I am about to ask is heresy but is it time to blow up the Saints and rebuild? We are in an easy, winnable division and this is the 3rd year in a row we have not made the playoffs. Meanwhile Tampa Bay and Atlanta are getting better and we are falling further behind.

Sentiment doesn’t change the realities of business. Our Saints are stale, we need to change, to move forward with a new culture, to move beyond Payton and Brees.

Week 17 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

If you have a favorite sports team, if you’re a sports person, you know what’s the biggest wish and the biggest dream for your team? Of course you do. You want the opponent crushed, swiped, nailed to the ground. Well, that’s exactly what the Atlanta Falcons did the last game. There was not much left of the New Orleans Saints but their everlasting love towards the team.

By the middle of the timer on the screen, we were all crystal clear what is about to happen. The Atlanta Falcons played the game one will hardly forget. A „touchdoooown“ was all you could hear on all five possessions. Although the Falcons made it pretty hard for them, the Saints never gave up, which resulted in more intense game but the score wasn’t that much different.

The Falcons still have to work very hard to their goal, though. To get to the Super Bowl, they will have to be working on their defense much more. It is obvious that that is the only thing that might bring them down. They have to stop looking at the clock and start playing the whole game as if it was the first minute. They played a great game, but great is not enough.

Week 16 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Last Week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against the New Orleans Saints as per the schedule. They ended up losing to the New Orleans 31 to 24 after having enjoyed victory two weeks ago at home by scoring 16-11.The main underlying reason behind the failure was the impetus from the other team, which was too much for the defense to sustain and as result, they lost.

Vernon Hargreaves did not seem to be highly impressive in the game, although he had some few best shots. Additionally, Chris Conte didn’t also demonstrate his mettle to the fullest during the game. Jameis Winston had a poor gameplay during the first half but improved tremendously when the second half set in, in an effort to retain the teams’ glory. The Buccaneers had a really hard time trying to knock off New Orleans’ strong defense which was steady all through the game. As a result they definitely need to step up if they’re actually aiming at achieving stunning victory. The two teams are entangled in an interestingly fierce competition.

Week 15 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, December 18, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The game between New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals took place on 18th December at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Saints defeated Cardinals 48-41.

The star of the New Orleans Saints was Drew Brees who became the first quarterback who was able to throw more than 300 yards this season against the Cardinals. Even with the team, New Orleans was eliminated from the South title tournament, as San Francisco got defeated by Atlanta earlier on Sunday.

Both of the teams made a combined score of 89 points, which is the highest number of points scored in this season. The teams combined first downs totalled to 59 points, of which 33 were made by the Saints. the wide receiver for New Orleans Saints Brandin Cooks for 186 yards caught seven passes. He also earned two touchdowns for his team(6-8) whereas David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals created an NFL record as well(5-8-1) when he became the first player in NFL league history to cross over 100 yards from the point of scrimmage in every one of his first 14 games. Overall, the game was an interesting one with remarkable performance from Saints as fans swarmed the stadium to cheer for their favorite teams.

Week 14 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

The Tampa Buccaneers were busy thrashing their visitors on Sunday, the New Orleans. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were happy to extend their winning streak to a fifth consecutive win. It was another game that involved the whistling and the shouts from the audience. The win of 16-11 left the Buccaneers’ coach happy. The game appeared very tight and to some extent (in the first quarter) the Orleans appeared to be the best team but the final score was not on their side.

In the first quarter Robert Aguayo was able to score a 41 yard field-goal for the buccaneers and the rest of the action was uprooted in the other quarters. In the second quarter Doug Martin was also able to extend the lead to 10 points after an Aguayo kick. Later Aguayo was able to score another 39 field goal and extend the lead to 13 goals. The visitors were able to get 11 goals from Will Lutz and Paul Kruger before the Buccaneers reached a score of 16 goals after an Aguayo field goal from 26 yards. The action was thrilling and we hope that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will continue with their winning streak in the upcoming fixture against the Cowboys. .

Week 13 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Despite New Orleans Saints’ powerful offense under control, Detroit Lions easily won against New Orleans Saints. A comfortable victory indeed as the final score has been 28 to 13, in favor of Detroit Lions. All the scrambling and passing from Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford is noteworthy. He finished with two touchdowns and ran the ball thrice for 22 yards. In the fourth quarter, the game was broken open with a 66-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate. Despite being hit by two defenders from New Orleans Saints, Stafford finished the pass.

The New Orleans Saints deserve credit for their defense strategy. The Detroit Lions team was forced to kick five Matt Prater field goals. The offense, however, never got into gear. New Orleans Saints’ NFL record of winning 60 consecutive home games was ended with a fail at throwing a touchdown pass. The real trouble for the Saints actually started on their very opening possession. The shotgun snap was mishandled by Brees on the third-on-1 quarterback. He was called for intentional grounding after throwing the ball away. The Lions, on the other hand, dominated at the time of possession. Stafford credited their victory to their defense by stating, “Our defense played unbelievably.”

Week 12 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, November 27, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The defensive disappointment for the Los Angeles Rams was an exceptionally unwelcome indication of how hard it is to support the sort of defensive exhibitions we had become acclimated to this season. Having won only one of their last seven games, this 21-49 annihilation is truly baffling for them.

As the game started, the Rams, looked strong. However, it was the eight play two minute game-plays towards the dying minutes of the first-half that surprised many. Quarter Back demonstrated one of the most impressive performances in simply his second NFL game and his first road-contest. The issue for Goff and the offense is that the second half worked similarly to his first game . Over the last two quarters, Goff went 8/12 for 47 yards and nothing near a touchdown.

The Saints started transforming a 28-21 half-time lead into a defeat when running-back M.Ingram ran for a 61-yard keep running on the principal play of the second half. He then transformed a screen-pass into a touchdown. Brees associated with Mike Thomas for a touchdown and afterward, apparently to add affront, Payton closed down beneficiary Willie Snead’s 50-yard play touchdown-pass to running back Tim Hightower.

This game didn’t end without injuries. The greater hit was OL Rodger Saffold who caused hand injury and didn’t return. We’ll need to check whether the sustained injury is sufficiently critical to warrant developed time out, yet his failure to come back to the game is troubling. A 1-6 keep running from the last seven games hasn’t permitted the Rams to remain aggressive in the NFC West in spite of the failings from the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers. The Rams need to go to New England before getting back home to confront the NFL’s most astounding scoring offense in the Atlanta Falcons before turning back around to visit the NFC West-driving Seattle Seahawks.

Week 11 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers on Thursday, November 17, 8:25 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The New Orleans Saints’ second-half rally missed the mark as the Carolina Panthers secured a 23-20 triumph Thursday night at Bank of America Stadium. The Panthers, entered the final quarter with a 23-3 lead before injuries started to incur significant damage.

The Panthers endured a series of injuries in the second half. At the point when Luke Kuechly was hauled away the field with a blackout, the tears spilling down his face as he cleared out, it showed up the Carolina Panthers may be prepared for another crumple. Their protective pioneer was gone and another huge final quarter lead was disintegrating. Players accumulated around him as he was put on a truck close midfield. Be that as it may, the Panthers (4-6) could run out the greater part of the clock on their ownership, making significant touch downs and augmenting on field goals. The Panthers punted yet the Saints neglected to get up to speed with the score in the rest of the part of the game.

Rather, the Panthers did sufficiently only to hang on and beat the New Orleans Saints 23-20 on Thursday night in a game damaged by injuries to key players. This is the third win for Carolina in four games.

Week 10 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints is a shocking loss for the Denver Broncos in an NFC matchup held on Thursday (November 17, 2016). The latest loss for Saints was 25-23, a defeat to the Broncos, decided by an extra point kick and returned for just 2 point conversion. Another scenario was repeated and become familiar to the Saints. It was the 5th time that they rebounded from 1-3 or get 4-4 only, since 2007, only to lose the ninth game. Previously it happened in 2007-2012-2014 and 2015, they never got beyond 500 and lost. Against the Broncos, they had best games this season.

They got 11 combined in their first eight games and had six sacks.Jordan provided pressure and contains eight tackles, one sack also. Though, Orleans had total four turnovers. They had a slow start, that made them enable to get 3 points in the first half. Brees was 21 out of 29 for 303 yards, against to rated pass defence. He was sacked once, that had 28 sacks. The Saints won from the Panthers for 41-38 in the Superdome. The best thing for them was that there were four days to the next game. It was also good that they got the first chance to play at redemption.

Week 9 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 06, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

The New Orleans Saints thrashed an out of form San Francisco 49ers team on match day 9 on the road to better their record (4-4) and worsen the situation for the 49ers (1-7). While the matchup seemed to have less significance for both teams nationally, it was pretty significant as the Saints desperately needed to work their way back to the .500 mark and avoid falling further behind the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South standings.

In the intense game, the Saints managed to average 4.5 yards on each carrying 32 attempts with Ingram having made 11, 14 and 19-yard explosive runs. The Saints passing was equally straight forward and they managed 31 of 39 attempts, 23 of which Drew Bees connected. He remains among the league’s elite signal-callers this season posting a total QBR of at least 80 in five back-to-back games.

The 49ers were left at a precarious position (1-7) with opponents averaging 193.0 rushing yards against them per game, the worst in the NFL and remain on course to allow 3,008 yards this season.

San Francisco’s defensive linemen, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner did not quite impress in the game and 49ers defensive coordinator, Jim O’Neil pointed them out to line out tackling and getting off the blocks.

Week 8 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints on Sunday almost pulled off a rally. This did not happen since Jermaine Kearse’s possibility to win ruled out by the expiry of time which saw Seahawks lose the game by 25-20 to the Saints. The Saints recorded an improvement from 3 to while Seahawks dropped from 4 to 2 then to 1.

Seattle quarterback Russell struggling in less than two minutes to play drove the Seahawks down in the game on the final drive. As stated by Doug Baldwin’s 27-yard it was a simple catch-and-run very fast into the Saints territory with only sixteen seconds remaining. Wilson passed a long straight pass to C.J Prosise who was at the 8-yard line. Unfortunately, the time Wilson spiked the ball only 2 seconds were remaining. This gave the Seahawks one final attempt.

The Seahawks drop (4-1-1) left Arizona with a clean tie. Under Coach Pete Carroll, Arizona now continues to lead the NFC West. The Saints come in the position three after their previous win over Seahawks (2-4) in the NFL. They now have a total score of 29.3, but the league may allow a worst of 32.5 points a game.

Week 7 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Saints versus the Chiefs had an exciting battle that went down to the wire in Kansas City on Sunday. While the Saints earned the first points of the day, the Chiefs were quick to take control of the game, and the Saints found themselves at the wrong end of a 21-7 hole. However, as so many teams over the years have found out, you can never sleep on a talent like Drew Brees, who ended the day with 367 passing yards and three touchdowns on 37 for 48. The Saints refused give up the ghost, and after working the lead down to a field goal with 2:33 left to play, had an onside kick find its way out of bounds.

The illegal procedure call eventually gifted the Chiefs a field goal of their own and the ability to run the clock down to a paltry 28 seconds. Along the way, Alex Smith showed some flashes of brilliance, getting the ball to Tyreek Hill on a long bomb down the sideline, and a nifty catch and run by the ever dangerous Spencer Ware. A bright spot of the Saints would be young Michael Thomas who put up a whopping 130 yards on ten catches.

Week 6 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, October 16, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints had already won in a tough game against the Carolina panthers on Sunday. It was another game that was action-packed beyond reasonable doubts. At the Superdome the display from the Saints was very efficient. The hosts were able to ensure that the pass and rush strategy of the Panthers was incompetent. The Panthers were able to allow the Saints to pick apart a secondary for 465 complete passing yards and four excellent touch downs.

It was also a great night for Wil Lutz, Orleans Kicker, because he was able to score his first game winning field goal in the NFL after Brandin Cooks caught a six yard pass to set him up with a 52-yard goal that crossed through the goal with just eleven seconds remaining.

Actually, the Panthers had originally trailed ahead of the Orleans 21-0 were required to fight back to a 31-30 score in the 4th quarter but it was unfortunate for them to see Grahams extra-point kick go very wide. And finally the hosts punished them for their inefficiency. Daryl Worley (Panthers rookie Corner-back) left the game with a concussion in the 4th quarter.

Week 4 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 02, 4:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers had a tight game that ended with a comeback win by the Saints with a very close score of 35-34. This was the Saints’ first win of the season at the Qualcom Stadium. This however was not an easy win for the Saints with the Chargers having taken possession in the fourth quarter after a Punt by the Saints. But a mistake made by the Chargers’ Melvin Gordon gave the New Orleans side the ball. Drew Bree took advantage of the chance and used to chance to throw a 5-yard touchdown pass to Michael Thomas who made the score to stand at 34-28 in favour of the Saints with less than five minutes left on the clock.

The Chargers then took possession of the ball and though the Travis Benjamin was hit and fumbled linebacker Nate Stupar saved him at the 25-yard line. For the final score of the game, John Kuhn made his third score in the match with less than two minutes left. This was a 1-yard touchdown. The final move was by the Saints’ B.W. Webb who intercepted San Diego’s River with only 1 minute and 10 second left to the end of the game.

Week 3 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons on Monday, September 26, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Atlanta Falcons emerged victorious Monday night when they visited New Orleans. This game marked a rematch of the game that was held 10 years ago for the Superdome’s reopening after Hurricane Katrina. Sadly for Saints fans, their victory from that night wouldn’t be repeated as they fell 45-32. The Falcons running back duo of Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman proved to be too much to handle for an injury-riddled Saints defense. Coleman rushed for three touchdowns on the night and Freeman rushed for 152 yards on 14 attempts.

For the Falcons it was a good thing the running game was working as star receiver Julio Jones was held to one catch for 16 yards. New Orleans actually started very strong in this game, scoring a quick offensive touchdown and then forcing a punt from Atlanta. On the resulting punt, two Saints collided resulting in a Falcons recovery deep in Saints territory. After capitalizing with the first of Coleman’s scores the Falcons never looked back.

New Orleans faces an uphill battle to improve both their defense and special teams units. The loss sends them to the cellar of the NFC South at 0-3, while the Falcons are on top of the division at 2-1.

Week 2 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints at New York Giants on Sunday, September 18, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Many experts picked the New Orleans Saints visit to New York to play the Giants to be a repeat of last years game. You know, the one that ended 52-49 and had a total of 13 passing touchdowns. The experts were wrong. Both defenses showed up to Sunday’s contest with something to prove and the final score showed it. The Giants ended up prevailing with a 16-13 win over the now 0-2 Saints.

Remember those 13 TD passes? In this game, there was only one, a 17-yard strike from Drew Brees to Willie Snead in the 3rd quarter. That turned out to be the only offensive touchdown that would be scored. The Giants’ touchdown came as Janoris Jenkins returned a blocked Feild Goal for 65 yards in the 2nd quarter. The Saints will undoubtedly return to New Orleans feeling that they didn’t capitalize on opportunities in this game.

They won the turnover battle, forcing three Giants mistakes with none of thier own. With the victory, the Giants improve to 2-0 for the season and are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles atop the NFC East. The day wasn’t a complete loss for the Saints, though. Drew Brees passed Dan Marino on the all-time passing yards list. With 61,589 career passing yards he now only trails Peyton Manning and Brett Farve in that category.

Week 1 NFL Season 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Sunday was an exciting day for football, especially when audiences got to see the Oakland Raiders take down the New Orleans Saints by only a single point. An exciting game day turnaround as the Raiders won their first week 1 game since 2011. This has to be exciting for Raider fans, but crushing for the Saints fans. The game was intense, it had a few bad calls, and it had a few injuries that everyone is going to claim decided the game rather than anything else. But really, that’s all window dressing to the fact that the game was a great upset for both teams for very different reasons.

Try as they might, the Saints never managed to land a sack on the Oakland quarterback, Derek Carr, who helped bring his team to victory by supplying the ball for the 75-yard drive that ended just yards from the goal line. With a final score of 35 to 34 in favor of the Raiders, you have to know that the Saints are beating themselves up for failing to stop the last two-point conversion. If they’d only managed that then the game could have turned out very for the Oakland Raiders’ visit to New Orleans

Week 4 NFL Preseason 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, September 01, 8:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Last Thursday was a sequel to the New Orleans Saints, and their preseason losses. They lost to Baltimore Ravens 23-14 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Hoping to bring some good Karma Saints head coach, brought Dew Brees, Saints quarterback to play for the first time since his first season with the New Orleans Saints in 2006, in the final preseason game.

The Saints started with anearly lead when Brees charged an offense through a 61-yard goal drive. He completed 50% of his 6 passes for 40 yards including a spectacular back-shoulder connection with receiver Willie Snead IV, then Luke McCown took over. The first team offense came from Running back, Mark Ingram, who had three carries for 21 yards.

Garrett Grayson ended the game as quarterback for the saints. He went for 98 yards, 11 to 16 with a no interception touchdown.

For the Baltimore Ravens, the preseason ended with an outstanding 4-0 record. Unlike Brees, Joe Flacco maintained his no-playing streak for the 7th year. Ryan mallet completed 8 of 12 passes for 65 yards whereas Josh Johnson, had a great night completing 18 of 24 passes for 181 yards and a fourth quarter 2-yard touchdown. Looks like his dreams to take the backup spot from Mallet just got realer.

Week 3 NFL Preseason 2016: New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday, August 26, 8:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints were hosts to Pittsburgh Steelers in a Preseason clash. The two teams seemed to insinuate on their performance in the NFL season. The hosts played a slow but not very confident game that gave Steelers a chance to defeat them with 27-14. The defense of the Big Easy seems not well coordinated, which allowed easy attacking from opponents

The efforts of Ben Roethlisberger and Brown Antonio gave the audience some emotional performances. They had fast tactics and their hands were always stable on the ball. The Steelers coach did some great training on Jones Landry who had 19/22 for 200 yards of play. Jones and Coates Sammie had some part of game play where they shook the defense of the hosts.

However, both teams lost many chances especially for cornerbacks. Although it was a preseason match and we are to expect no skill, the utilization of cornerbacks is not yet appealing. The determination to score and defend was high especially when nearing the end of the match. Both teams suffered major injuries that would have some impact in the next game.

Shamarko Thomas had a groin injury as the game caught momentum, which seemed fatal. Heyward Cameron also had a rough game that saw him injur his ankle. Given his big role in the match, the coach will have a hard time replacing him.

Week 2 NFL Preseason 2016: New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans on Saturday, August 20, 8:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The Texans won the pre-season game against the Saints by a score of 16-9. In this game, the offense just couldn’t be tracked, though the Saints defense handed in a truly strong effort during the game just lose it all to the Texans on a splendid Saturday night. The Saints worked hard to keep the Texans just out of the important end zone just in the second half, and the former had 2 takeaways and 4 sacks during this amazing game. P.J. Williams did an amazing feat with his end zone interception.

Mr. Williams just took an important touchdown away from his foes with this end zone interception, and this happened in the second quarter. This was an excellent play in this strong pre-season for this Florida State sibling. Craig Robertson of the Saints just got a fumble back in the important fourth quarter to generate the second takeaway for the Saints in this pre-season game. Anyway, the Saints just had 3 turnovers. The only touchdown in the game was the product of a fumble that happened to Marcus Murphy during an important punt return which led to this situation right away. One of the 3 field goals of Nick Novak were the product of an interception made by Drew Bress. In the final section of the game, Garret Grayson made an interception for the final turnover the game.

Week 1 NFL Preseason 2016: New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, Gillette Stadium

New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints squared off in what can be regarded as once in a lifetime match in Fox borough, Mass. This match was crucial for both teams as they seem equally powerful and have proved their dominance in previous matches. A twist of events occurred when Trey Flowers, the defensive lineman of New England, sacked New Orleans Saints quarterback, Luke McCown, an event that caused major fumble for the second half of the preseason. However, Flowers recovered the ball and made a move on a touchdown.

This was the 12th time both teams competed against each other since 2010. Contrary to the expectations of many fans, Julian Edelman was on the field despite the fact that he was in a limited capacity. According to Mike Reiss, both Patriots and Saints practiced what he regarded as situational football. The Patriots were at a disadvantage as some of the key players including Julian Edelman suffered injuries and their absence would impact the team’s performance. However, the Patriots seemed to be at the top of their game giving the Orleans a run for their mony. This was a highly competed match and though both teams are equally powerful the Patriots were better prepared and scooped the win -Patriots win 34-22.

New Orleans Saints NFL season 2015 recap

The New Orleans Saints started the current 2015-2016 Season full with hope and high prospects. This team supposed it would be a higher echelon squad, one that will be in contention for postseason play with a chance to advance all the method to the Super Bowl.

The Saints could move the ball offensively and spread the opposing end zone in addition to most other groups in the National Football League (NFL). However, this squad’s protection has been awful, constantly porous. Groups that line up opposed New Orleans’ defense appear to “score at will” which creates it hard playing in the NFC South alongside groups like the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, in addition to Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have crimes proficient of placing up large numbers.

But, with the group’s franchise quarterback still playing at a great level, perhaps for another two or else three years, there is urgency to construct a defense rapidly so that New Orleans could, whereas Drew Brees is still calling signal, compete for the sport’s topmost prize, an invite to the Super Bowl.

Week 17 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

A big game that promised to start off 2016 in style was that of Saints at Falcons. This was a much awaited event with anxiety growing amongst the fans. However the Saints proved their might by beating the Falcons thoroughly. The Falcons poor defense gave a chance to the saints who wasted no time in exploiting the opportunity. The saints calculated their moves and executed a mission after another all proving successful. At the end of the game it was clear that the saints had left a mark at the Georgia Dome.

With the final score at 20-17 in favor of Saints, it was clear that the wits and skills all combined had successfully bore fruits. However sporting being unpredictable, all we wait to see is what they have in store next. However all the Saints’ fans are optimistic that the future holds even better times. Time being the ultimate test; we are all keen to see if the start of the race has any signals on the progress and the end of the same race. All said and done, we may the best team grab the NFL 2016 win.

Week 16 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The match between the Jaguars vs Saints was played on 28th December and saints emerged the winners with 38-27. Hightower ran for about 122 yards on 27 carries and other two touchdowns. He also caught 3 passes for forty seven yards that helped to diversify the saints’ felony that saw them win 38-27 over the Jacksonville in the sixtieth week. Since 2010, He rushed for 100 yards in a single game for the first time.

Four Jaguar defenders got sucked in deep in backfield when Drew Bree’s floated the screen pass to Hightower. Tim lined up Brees’ left him in the short gun and other two receivers to both sides.

Max Unger, a center, locked off a defender before Tim Hightower on the left side. Tim Letito, a guard, from the right shielded a defender from Hightower on the right side. Willie Snead took another defender about 5 yards before Max Unger to the left. Jahri Evans, a guard, also deluded a Jaguar player along the left close to Snead.

Hightower played around the blocks and almost diverted Davon House for a touchdown. The game ended by Saints emerging as the winners despite the challenges faced in the game.

Week 15 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions on Monday, December 21, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Detroit Lions had a good game against the New Orleans Saints, and they raced to a 28-3 lead, and even though the Saints made it interesting, the Lions prevailed. One thing that helped the Lions was running 150 yards, which is their second best haul this season. The second half saw the Lions almost squander a 25-point lead and with six minutes remaining, they lost yet another fumble. There’s no telling the outcome of this game if the Lions continued to play in such a manner.

At that point, the game was on a knife-edge and both teams were down there scratching, poking and clawing at each other. When the officials finally began to peel bodies from the pile, Michael Ola still held the ball and Detroit could finally see off the spirited Saints. The next play saw Mathew Stafford giving Eric Ebron an 18 yards pass, which allowed Joique Bell to score the game-winning touchdown. Coach Jim Caldwell later remarked that this was nothing but a team effort to get the win. The fact that the Detroit Lions won at the home of the New Orleans Saints is something that the team can be truly proud of.

Week 14 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

The New Orleans Saints beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 – 17 thanks to Drew Brees who threw a pair of touchdown passes to one Marques Colston. This helped the Saints avoid a four game losing streak which also unfortunately put a dent in the hopes of the Buccaneers hopes of playoff spot. Brees’ who is 36 years took possession, solely in the list for December Touchdown passes with 112 and this puts him at third behind Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. Brees also tied with Manning on career 300 yard games with this being his 93rd.

This is the eighth victory out of nine for the Saints in the NFC South rivalry. Tim Hightower also had a great game with 3 yard touchdown run which was in the third quarter. This loss meant that the hopes of the Buccaneers’ reaching the playoffs suffered another blow as this comes in the wake of a second loss in just two weeks. Adam Humphries reduced the deficit from 14 points to 24 – 17 and that is how the game ended finally. This was a great game for Drew Brees who once had seen Manning’s achievements hanged in a stadium and said that one day he had wanted to replicate that or even do better, well he has lived the dream.

Week 13 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

As of now, there is only one team undefeated, only one team going to the playoffs, and only one team who has clinched their division as of right now. The Panthers are all three. The Saints are simply trying to limit how many losses they wind up, and trying to win as many games as they can before the season is over. This is what some may call garbage time for them.

Drew Brees completed 24 of his 42 passes throwing for 282 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. He ran once and got twelve yards, no touchdowns.

Cam Newton completed 28 passes of his 41 attempts, throwing for 331 yards, five touchdowns and one interception. He also had 49 rushing yards on ten rushes.

This game was all over the place, scoring wise. The Saints ended the first quarter having scored the all of the game’s fourteen points. However, by halftime, they would have allowed their lead to slip to 16-13. When the second half got going, the Panthers would figure out how to score, scoring 28 of their 41 points (fourteen in both the third and fourth quarters) in the second half; while the Saints would only score 22. The game started out going the Saints way, and then turned into a much closer game and something of a shootout, without much defense.

Week 12 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, NRG Stadium

The game was won by Houston in a landslide win. Texans defensive end J.J. Watt sacked quarterback Drew Brees twice, and ended up actually making a hit on the quarterback eight other times in the 24-6 win against the Saints, despite the fact that Watt was not released into the game until the second quarter. Watts was quoted as saying “You might want to try somebody else at right tackle….” “I like Drew, I don’t like hitting him like that,” Watts explained further.

The jocular statement was a comical take on the fact that the New Orleans team did extremely poorly. The game was off to an early 14-0 lead by the Texans in the first quarter, and the game is being called a statement win for the Texans, who are enjoying a four game winning streak with this victory. This loss by the Saints had no touchdowns and marked the end of a 9 year, 155 game touch down streak. On Twitter, ESPN tweeted that in “a 24-6 loss to the Texans, the Saints failed to score a touchdown for the first time since Sean Payton and Drew Brees arrived in 2006.” Brees ended the day with 228 yards and an interception on 25-of-44 passing.

Fans and critics are claiming that the New Orleans Saints’ inability to convert on third downs is what ultimately hurt them. The Texans have a stifling defense, and have only conceded only two touchdowns in the past 18 quarters. During one occasion in the middle of the fourth quarter, the Saints seemed close to scoring but the drive ended with an interception by the Texans’ player Kareem Jackson at the goal line, who then managed to return the pick a grand total of 50 yards.

Week 10 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Washington Redskins on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

The Redskins were able to defeat the New Orleans Saints 47-14 in another breathtaking match on Sunday. After their lose to the Patriots, the Redskins got back to winning ways against the New Orleans Saints in a very thrilling encounter. The quarterback, Kirk Cousins had an impressive day at the office managing to make 59 snaps and playing 100% on offense.

The real question is whether he can maintain his current impressive form. Colt McCoy on the other hand had 5 snaps and played 5% on offense. When it comes to the running back Alfred Morris, he was the player who made things happen in the game for the Redskins. He managed to get 15 carries for 92 yards. When it comes to Morris, the hardest part was waiting. When it comes down to the wide receiver, Jamison Crowder who was a rookie before this game but proved his sceptics wrong by scoring his first touchdown ever, receiving a pass from Cousins from 11-yards.

The Redskins were able to gain big chunks when it comes to utilizing their underneath crossing patterns. The New Orleans Saints need to ensure that they avoid any further losses if they intend to make it to the playoffs. The New Orleans definitely have to improve their style of play.

Week 9 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Tennessee Titans on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Spanning 4 quarters and an overtime, the Titans vs. Saints game Sunday was not one to miss.

The Saints, with a record of 2-6, came into this game feeling confident from winning their last 3 games, and with the weight of making the post-season weighing on their shoulders. Leading 21-10 early in the game, the Saints just couldn’t get the Titians off their tail.

The Titans, with a record of 4-5, also had much to prove; this game marked the return of Mariota’s return from a knee sprain, and their new head coach, Mike Mularkey’s, first game. They had also just lost 6 games in a row, adding to the challenge.

Mariota threw a personal-best 271 yards and four touchdowns to snap the Titans 6 game losing streak with a 34-28 win over the Saints. He also had a 5-yard pass that won the game in overtime.

Brees threw 28 completions of 39 for 387 yards and three touchdowns, but was held back by the offensive line. He ended the game with 4 sacks, and had a pass intercepted in the end zone late in the third quarter.

Both teams missed field goal attempts in the last two minutes of the game that led to the overtime. The Titans hit the cross bar on a 55-yard try, and the Saints had their 46-yard try deflected

Week 8 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs New York Giants on Sunday, November 01, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Giants (4-4) were losers as the game saw one of the second highest scoring game in NFL’s history on Sunday. The first was back in 2004, where a scoreboard registered 58-48 shootout between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. The Giants and Saints game ended 52-49 with the Giants losing to the Saints (4-4) in New Orleans.

The Giants and Saints had a total of 64 first downs. The most fantastic thing is that they could have scored more. especially, the facemask penalty on the Giants during the last moments of the game. The ball was however sent flying up into field-goal range. The Saints eneded up winning, however as the game mood suggested, an overtime was probable. The game saw eight players scoring touchdowns, and other three scoring multiple times for instance Odell Beckham Jr.’s three touchdowns

Week 7 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Lucas Oil Stadium

The New Orleans Saints took a big lead on the Indianapolis Colts and held on to win 27-21. Mark Ingram led the way on offense by rushing for 143 yards on 14 carries. The Saints defense continues to improve each game after looking pitiful at the start of the season.

Khiry Robinson of the Saints opened the scoring with a short touchdown run after a 10-play 78-yard opening drive highlighted by a fake field goal attempt when holder Luke McCown took the snap and found Ben Watson on fourth and nine. In the second quarter, Saints rookie linebacker Stephone Anthony intercepted a pass at the Indy 23 and Robinson finished off the short drive with a 6-yard rush. Michael Hoomanawanui caught a 16-yard pass from Drew Brees and the Saints were up 20-0 at halftime.

Mark Ingram scored a touchdown to put New Orleans ahead 27-0 in the third quarter. Indianapolis finally put some points on the board in the third when wide receiver T.Y. Hilton caught two long passes of 87 and 46 yards for touchdowns. Both plays came after defender Delvin Breaux tripped over Hilton’s foot and fell to the ground. Breaux later batted away a pass in the end zone intended for Hilton on an impressive play. Breaux didn’t play college ball because he broke his neck in high school. He worked his way up from a sand lot league to the NFL. He’s very talented but his inexperience showed on those two plays.

The Colts scored again in the fourth quarter to pull within 6 points. They almost recovered the ensuing onside kick but the Saints recovered and were able to run out the clock.

The Colts gave up 5 sacks to the Saints and quarterback Andrew Luck was ineffective until his team was far behind. They had trouble running the ball with only 75 yards net rushing.

The turnaround the Saints defense has made from the beginning of the season may be a mirage but it looks like they have some young guys on that side of the ball who can play. Both teams are 3-4 on the season but the Saints seem to be ascending while the Colts are heading in the opposite direction.

Week 6 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, October 15, 8:25 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Tight end Ben Watson of the New Orleans Saints caught 10 passes for 127 yards including a touchdown in leading the Saints to a victory over the Atlanta Falcons, 31-21. This was the first loss of the season for the Dirty Birds and it was their arch rival Saints who put it on them. New Orleans played its best game of the season to go 2-4.

Mark Ingram of the Saints started the scoring when he ran it in from the 2-yard line after a 12-play, 80-yard drive in the first quarter. The highlight of the game also came in the first quarter when the son of a former Saint, Michael Mauti, blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown. The Superdome crowd was reminded of Steve Gleason’s emotional punt block in the first game back in the dome after Katrina, also against the Falcons. The Saints took a 14-7 lead into halftime after Roddy White caught a Matt Ryan pass for a touchdown in the 2nd quarter.

Drew Brees came out of halftime on fire and led the Saints to 10 points in the 3rd quarter. Davonta Freeman scored two touchdowns in the fourth and Mark Ingram scored another for the Saints to complete the scoring. Freeman had a big game for Atlanta with 100 yards rushing on 13 carries and 8 pass catches for 56 yards.

Brees turned back the clock by going 30/39 for 312 yards. Matt Ryan went 30/44 for 295 but fumbled 3 times, losing 1, and was sacked 5 times. Falcons turned the ball over 3 times on fumbles. Crowd noise seemed to affect the Falcons offense at times.

The Saints defense was led by Dannell Ellerbe with 12 tackles and Cam Jordan pitching in with 3 sacks. The secondary kept Julio Jones in check by limiting him to 93 yards on 6 catches.

It was one of those Saints games where a few plays go their way and, with the home crowd spurring the team on, everything snowballs in their favor. They will have to win a couple more times before observers and fans alike will begin to consider them a threat to make the playoffs.

Week 5 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 11, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

If you’re a struggling team and you need an opponent who will boost your confidence and give your fans some fleeting hopes for the rest of the season, then the New Orleans Saints is who you need to call. This past weekend’s recipient of the Saints gift for lifting an opponent’s self-esteem is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles looked like a dominant team in soaking the Saints 39-17.

To start the game, the Saints took the lead on a 80-yard touchdown drive after intercepting a pass in the end zone. The second quarter began with another end zone interception by the Saint’s Delvin Breaux to stop a Philly drive. The Eagles scored a touchdown and a field goal to take the lead at intermission, 10-7. The third quarter began with a Saints drive for a field goal. The game was tied despite the Eagles dominating the stats. Then things really fell apart for the Saints. The Eagles drove 9 plays in 4:28 to score a touchdown. The first play after the kickoff the Saint’s qb, Drew Brees, was sacked and fumbled the ball to the Eagles on the Saints 13. It took all of one play for the Eagles to score a touchdown for a 13-point lead after a missed extra point. On their next possession, the Saints punter shanked one out of bounds at the 50. Philly got a field goal from it to lead at the end of the 3rd, 26-10. The lead got to 39-10 before the Saints managed an inconsequential late score.

Sam Bradford of the Eagles had a big game despite the 2 interceptions in the end zone – 32/45 for 333 yds and 2 td’s. Philly ran the ball as a team for 186 yards. On defense, Fletcher Cox had a big game with 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

The Saints defense is worthless. They are starting rookies and undrafted free agents. Their 2 big free agent acquisitions the past two off seasons, Jairus Byrd and Brandon Browner, have not earned their pay checks. A series of bad drafts have caught up with New Orleans. Andrus Peat, this past draft’s 1st round pick, was lined up opposite Fletcher Cox and couldn’t get the job done, but on his behalf, having left guard Lelito next to him must be an awfully lonely feeling. Drew Brees can barely get the ball 20 yards down field anymore even when he can hop, skip and jump his way into a throw, but, when he’s passing off his back foot while getting sacked, it’s like stealing candy from a baby for the secondary. The death watch on defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s coaching career is ticking loudly.

Week 4 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 04, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The game of the Cowboys playing the Saints at New Orleans was an intense back and forth throughout the entire game, with the score at 20-20 deep in the 4th quarter. The Saints were set up for a field goal that would earn them the victory, however, in a stunning turn that shocked the dome, Saints Kicker Zach Hocker pelted the ball off of the upright. The game went into overtime. However, in an almost anti-climatic turn of events, Drew Brees hit C.J. Spiller for a short 11 yard pass, but then the running back turned that pass into an 80-yard touchdown!

This not only marked the Saints victory on the 2nd play of overtime, but also Brees’s earning his 400th touchdown pass. He is the 5th quarterback to achieve such an accomplishment and did it in only 205 games. Considering the accolade and that this was the Saints first win of the season, it was an incredible night for New Orleans.

Week 3 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers on Sunday, September 27, 1:00 PM, Bank of America Stadium

The last time the saints played in Carolina, Mark Ingram grounded out 100 yards on 30 carriers enabling the saints to win the game with a score of 28 against 10 scored by the Carolina panthers. The New Orleans Saints however were beaten by the Carolina panthers in just the concluded match that was played at the Bank of America stadium on Sunday as they lost to a score of 22 to 27 scored by the visiting team the Carolina panthers.

The quarterback Luke McCown who replaced the injured Drew Bress showed a good performance but was not able to laed the New Orleans Saints to their first victory as they were out played tactically and physically by the Carolina players. The New Orleans Saints player of the match was McCown who was perceived to be very decisive and accurate during the match which was his first start match since 2011. He was able to go 31 for 38 for 320 yards but could not hit deep and neither could he throw a touchdown pass as expected from him by his team mates.

The saints managed to score through the 2 yard run by Khirty Robinson who came back after being out of the starting season due to an arm injury. They also managed to score by the 5-yard run by Mark Ingram and a 74-yard run by Marcus Morphy. The Carolina side however proved to be the best team of the day and this was due to the marvelous and interesting play done by the panthers’ strong players such as Charles Johnson and Thomas Davis who was doing a better as a linebacker.

Week 2 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, September 20, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In New Orleans, the Who-dat fans are dusting off their paper bags to wear over their heads in shame as their Saints looked dismal in a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team who played woefully in their game against the Tennessee Titans the previous weekend. The final score was 26-19 in an upset, probably the last time in the foreseeable future the Saints will be favored in an NFL game.

Jameis Winston connected on 14 out of 21 pass attempts for 207 yards. The number one overall pick in last springs player draft won for the first time in his career, outplaying veteran star quarterback Drew Brees of the Saints. The most important sequence of the game came in 3 straight Tampa drives beginning at the end of the second half and scoring 17 points to give the Bucs a lead they held through to the end of the game. Winston threw a 15-yard pass for a touchdown to Vincent Jackson with 12 seconds left in the first half. The Bucs received the second half kickoff and drove the field in 2 minutes with Winston scoring on a run from the one yard line. On his next drive, he completed a 54-yard pass off of one foot to Louis Murphy to set up a field goal.

The Saints managed to make a game of it at the end as Tampa tried to give away the game with 2 fourth quarter fumbles but it was too little, too late. The Saints themselves fumbled last to doom their final chance at sending the game into overtime.

The Saints’ left guard Lelito could not block the Buc’s defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to save his life. If he wasn’t harassing Brees, then he was drawing double and triple teams, allowing his team mates to apply pressure. Brees’ deep passes resembled wounded ducks, leading Saints fans to wonder if he still has the talent to play the game at the level of one of the best in the game. Nevertheless, Brees passed Dan Marino for third place in most career completions and threw a touchdown pass in his 37th straight game.

Week 1 NFL Season 2015: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 13, 4:05 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The University of Phoenix Stadium was like an amusement park for the almost 63,000 fans in attendance. This was on the first day of the stadium’s 10th season as an NFL venue. The Arizona Cardinals took the fans to nauseating lows, dizzying heights and at the end did just enough to leave them wanting more. By beating the New Orleans saints 31-19, the Cardinals provided both optimists and cynics with something to argue about how the team performs this season. What really matters is that the cardinals won the first game of the season.

After the match, the Cardigans’ coach said that it is always nice to win and have a number of things to work on. For instance, the team needs to work on how to prevent opposing running backs from gaining 148 yards. They also need to avoid going without scoring in four possessions in the heart of the game. There were positive moments for the Cardigans too. For example, they yielded only only touchdown to the Saints, a team that has always had one of the league’s best offense. No previous Arizona Cardinals team has opened a season so promisingly. All the fans can hope for is the team to continue losing.

New Orleans Saints NFL season 2014 recap

The team finished the season second in the NFC Southern Division with 7 wins and 9 losses. The Atlanta Falcons took the Saints out of the running for the playoffs this year. The game with Atlanta was hotly contested with a loss of only 3 points – so agonizingly close.

And there is a lot of pressure on coach Sean Payton for next year – this was the first time, barring the incident in 2012, that the Saints have not made it to the playoffs. Looks like they’ll be having some tough decisions to make going into the new 2015 season.

Week 17 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, Raymond James Stadium

Drew Brees was able to find different receivers when it truly mattered against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, despite throwing three interceptions in the game. Despite the fact that Doug Martin was able to have around 4.5 yards per rush by finding Saints that weren’t able to maintain their gaps, the Saints and Mark Ingram were still able to outrun them in the fourth quarter when it counted.

Bradley McDouglas was able to make a great interception against Bress as he targeted Colton, but the Saints were able to outscore the Bucs by a 16=0 score in the fourth quarter. This fact appears to be symbolic of Tampa’s season. Mike Evans still catches a touchdown, but he will be overshadowed by people like the aggressive ball hawks for the Saints when he is going against Rob Ryan’s defense. Daquan Bowers and William Gholston continue to make plays for a Bucs team defense that still has a steep learning curve, based upon the slants that Drew Brees was able to hit on them in the second quarter. The Saints beat the Bucs by a 23-20 score. You have to wonder whether the Bucs and Dashon Goldson were too focused on defending Jimmy Graham, Graham was able to play a role in the run blocking scheme for the Saints as well. Graham and his comrades were able to keep the Bucs secondary honest when looking like a good play action option.

Week 16 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 21, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints lost their first game to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, due to a fumble on the second play of overtime, and were expected to be fired up for this game. Unfortunately for the Saints, they didn’t take good care of the ball in this game, turning the ball over four times. Quarterback Drew Brees, was responsible for three of them, throwing two interceptions and losing one fumble, while tight end Jimmy Graham was credited with a fumble, on a controversial play that the Saints thought was a touchdown, but the referees ruled a fumble instead, in what ended up being a turning point in the game.

While the Saints were having trouble holding on to the ball on offense, Matt Ryan continued having success against the Saint’s defense, and followed up his career high game in the season opener, by completing 31-40 passes, for 322 yards, and one touchdown. The Falcon’s defense, which has struggled a lot this year got in on the scoring action, when Osi Umenyiora returned a Drew Brees fumble for an 86 yard touchdown, as time expired.

The win by the Falcons eliminated New Orleans from the playoffs, and set them up with a winner take all showdown with the Carolina Panthers for the NFC South title.

Week 15 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears on Monday, December 15, 8:30 PM, Soldier Field

New Orleans came into the game needing to defeat the Chicago Bears. A win keeps the Saints in first place in the NFC South. The Saints proved to be too much for the Bears, as they took a twenty-four point lead into the fourth quarter. They were never challenged as the bears could only muster fifteen points.

Drew Brees had another outstanding game for the Saints as he completed twenty-nine passes for 375 yards and three touchdowns. Brees spread the ball around to five different receivers. Jimmy Graham and three others caught five passes. Graham accounted for 87 yards, but did not score a touchdown. Marques Colston had sixty-five yards and one touchdown. Brees’ other two touchdowns were caught by Josh Hill.

The Bears struggled throughout this game. Quarterback Jay Cutler threw for 194 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions. Matt Forte was kept in check as the star running back did not gain one-hundred total yards. Alshon Jeffery caught four passes for 78 yards and a touchdown, for the Bears lone bright spot of the game.

The Saints are at home to play the Falcons in another NFC South showdown. Chicago will play Detroit at home.

Week 14 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Carolina at New Orleans was a dramatic game played. This match was marked by Carolina’s Brandon Williams being fined for fighting in the game. Carolina Panthers took the victory in a very massive way. The overall final score of the NFL game was 41-10. Despite the fact that New Orleans Saints was playing home, they were not able to control the scores by the Carolina Panthers.

D. Brees of the Saints passed 235 yards recording 1 touchdown and 1 interception. J. Stewart of the Panthers recorded 20 carries over 155 yards and 1 touchdown. His teammate G. Olsen recorded 10 receives over 72 yards and 1 touchdown. In the first quarter, the Saints did not record any score. The Panthers however scored 17 points. In the second quarter, the Saints managed to score 3 points while the Panthers scored 7 points. The game went into half time with the Panthers leading at a score sheet of 24-3. This was one major reason for the New Orleans saints to lose morale. Their fans were hoping for different results in the second quarter.

In the first quarter of the second half, the Saints did not record any score once again. The Panthers however recorded 14 points to end that quarter. In the final quarter, the Saints’ fans were already disappointed with the overall performance of their team. The Saints scored 7 points while the Panthers recorded 3 points. This brought the final score of 41-10 rendering the Saints losers of the game.

Week 13 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

Jimmy Graham does not catch a pass for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints still win the game by a 35-32 score. The rookie out of Oklahoma Kenny Stills was able to make a solid contribution in the passing game for the Saints. You want to be able to find a way to defend the pass better if you are the Steelers, but Ike Taylor simply got lit up on a few plays during the game. The Saints were also able to get solid runs from Mark Ingram in the game, these runs came at vital time periods because some of the defensive ends for the Steelers, like James Harrison were starting to get the Saints snap count figured out.

Sean Suisham was still solid in the kicking game for the Steelers, despite the fact that he did miss a kick in the game. The Steelers largely lost the game due to the interceptions that were thrown. Kenny Vaccaro obviously wasn’t afraid to stick his neck out there for the Saints and get an INT. The Steelers have to find some more balance in their running game between Archer and Bell.

Week 12 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens on Monday, November 24, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Visiting Baltimore Ravens fought tooth and nail to condemn their hosts, the Saints to their third loss in a row, and the seventh this season. On the flip side, this was the seventh win of the Ravens this season. The game was a very closely fought affair. The Saints, playing under pressure, must have lost concentration in the second and third quarters. This is actually where they lost the game. The teams drew 7-7 and 10-10 in the first and last quarters. In the second quarter, the Ravens took advantage with 10-7, before whitewashing the Saints 10-0 in the third quarter without reply.

Justin Forsetts contribution to the Ravens victory cannot go unmentioned. He rushed for 182 yards and made two touch downs for the Ravens 34-27 victory. In the third quarter, Will Smith made a 44 yard interception return for a go ahead score for the Ravens. Meanwhile, Steve Smith caught four passes for 89 yards. These included a fifteen yard touchdown for the Ravens. The results pushed the Ravens to 4-0 against the NFC South. They also remain half a game of Cincinnati (7-3-1), the AFC North leader. On the Saints side, Drew Brees passed for 420 yards, making and made three touchdowns. They remain tied for first with Atlanta, who are weekend losers to Cleveland. Jimmy Graham made two TD catches for the Saints. Until this game, the Saints had made an impressive record of winning fourteen home night matches.

Week 11 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, November 16, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Cincinnati Bengals needed a win to take the division lead in the AFC North. Leading into this game the Saints were very difficult to play in New Orleans. Throughout the first half of the game the Saints did play well, and kept the game very close. The second half of the game was a different story as the Bengals outscored the Saints fourteen to seven in the second half.

The Bengals out gained the Saints 405 total yards to 330 yards. They out rushed the Saints 186 yards to 75, which carried the team to the victory. Jeremy Hill rushed for 152 yards on 27 rushes to lead all rushers in the game. Bangels quarterback played a solid game. He completed sixteen passes for 220 yards and three touchdowns. His top target was A.J Green whom caught six passes for 127 yards and one touchdown.

The Saints top offensive player was Drew Brees. The quarterback completed thirty-three passes for 255 yards and a touchdown. Receiver Marques Colston was his top target as the receiver caught four passes for fifty-six yards. Mark Ingram caught seven passes for thirty yards. The running back also ran twenty-three times for sixty-seven yards.

The Bengals travel to Houston to play the Texans. A game that could have very important playoff ramifications. New Orleans is getting a visit from a very tough opponent. The Baltimore Ravens come to the Super Dome in a game that is must win for both opponents.

Week 10 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In a wild ending, the San Francisco 49ers (5-4, 3rd in NFC West) came from behind to beat the New Orleans Saints (4-5, 1st in NFC South) by a score of 27-24. San Francisco kicker Phil Dawson kicked a 45 yard field goal with 44 seconds left to send the game into overtime and the a 35 yarder to win. The game tying field goal was only possible after a 51 yard pass by QB Colin Kaepernick to WR Michael Crabtree on 4th and 10 set the 49ers up on the Saints’ 27 yard line. Kaepernick finished the night with 210 yards and a touchdown.

New Orleans, who had won 11 straight home games, had erased an 11 point halftime deficit and taken the lead with 1:52 left on a 2 yard pass from QB Drew Brees to TE Jimmy Graham. This pair almost won the game for the Saints on the final play of regulation as Graham caught a Brees pass in the end zone but the play was called off because of offensive pass interference on Graham. 49ers LB Ahmad Brooks forced Brees to fumble the ball in overtime which set up the winning field goal for San Francisco. Brees ended with 292 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. Next week, San Francisco will face off against the New York Giants, while the Saints will battle the Cincinnati Bengals.

Week 9 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers on Thursday, October 30, 8:25 PM, Bank of America Stadium

New Orleans and Carolina faced off Thursday for the lead in the NFC South. The Saints took the lead with two minutes left in the second quarter, and never relinquished for the rest of the game.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw for 297 yards. He threw for one touchdown and ran for another. The star player for the Saints was running back Mark Ingram. He ran for one-hundred yards and two touchdowns. Jimmy Graham lead all receivers with eighty-three yards and a touchdown. The tight end caught the ball seven times.

Carolina’s strength is in the running game. Running back Jonathan Stewart ran eight times for forty-six yards and no touchdowns. Quarterback Cam Newton had seven rushes for forty-three yards and a touchdown. He also completed ten passes for 151 yards. Newton did not throw for a touchdown but he did throw an interception.

Carolina is traveling to Philadelphia and play the Eagles. Fortunately for the Panthers, the Eagles are playing with their second string quarterback. Starter Nick Foles is injured and may be out for the rest of the season. New Orleans is playing the Struggling San Francisco 49ers. Both teams need a win just to maintain their current position in the standings.

Week 8 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 26, 8:30 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints dropped the Green Bay Packers 44-23. Things looked good initially for the Packers when QB Aaron Rodgers connected with WR Randall Cobb deep on a 77 yard touchdown pass to begin the game. The decline came soon after when Rodgers tweaked his hamstring also in the first quarter and spent the rest of the game limping around the field. Rodgers could not catch a break after that as two of his passes were tipped for interceptions, one occurring in the red zone. The star QB did finish the game and even managed a rushing touchdown before it was all over. Running back Eddie Lacy and Wide Receiver Randall Cobb both enjoyed hundred yard nights.

Sean Peyton’s Saints were propelled by the remarkable play of their veteran signal caller, Drew Brees. Brees threw for three hundred yards on an 84% completion percentage, three of those passes ending up in the end zone. Contributing in his second week back from injury was Mark Ingram, who had an impressive 172 yards on the ground with a twenty yard touchdown run. Jimmy Graham also looked good coming back from a shoulder injury and pulled in a touchdown of twenty-two yards along the sideline. The Saints were reaffirmed of their first round draft pick Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks as he enjoyed a career night, including a fifty yard TD grab and a rushing touchdown that came on an end around. The win puts the Saints back on the map in the playoff hunt.

Week 7 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions on Sunday, October 19, 1:00 PM, Ford Field

The 4-2 Detroit Lions played host to the 2-3 New Orleans Saint and the match would prove to be anything but boring. Although the game began with Saints domination, with the Lions being held only to a field goal the entire first half as opposed to the Saints’ 10 points, the second half provided a showcase of offensive as Drew Brees came out with 4 plays for 80 yards in just over 1 minute to complete a 46 yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills and gave the Saints a 17-3 lead.

However, as the Lions were trailing 23-10 going into the fourth quarter, both sides of the ball for the Lions began to pin back their ears and take control of the game. With 3:38 left in the game, Golden Tate nabs the largest play for Detroit in the game with a 73 yard catch for a touchdown with 63 yards resulting after the catch. Tate gave Detroit a shot of hope as the score narrowed to a one score lead for the Saints. With 3:20 left in the game, Lions safety Glover Quinn put Detroit in a position to capture the victory as he snatched an interception from Drew Brees at the Lions’ 37 yard line and returned it for 23 yards, setting Matthew Stafford up on the 14 yard line with 3:20 left in the game.

Detroit’s Matthew Stafford tied Bobby Layne’s franchise record with his 118th touchdown pass to Corey Fuller (Fuller’s first career touchdown) in the back of the end zone to give Detroit the 24-23 victory over the Saints.

Overall, the Saints’ Drew Brees had a strong day with completing 28/45 passes for 342 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception as opposed to Detroit’s Matthew Stafford completing 27/40 for 299 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Brees was sacked once for a loss of seven and Stafford was sacked 3 time for a loss of 14. Both teams had 67 plays each with the Saints gaining 408 yards and the Lions capturing 344 yards. Only one yard average per play separated the teams with the Saints gaining the slight edge of 6.1 yards per play over the Lions 5.1 yards per play.

However, the Saints struggled in penalties and discipline with 12 penalties which cost them a total of 134 yards during the game as opposed to the Lions 9 penalties for 71 yards.

The New Orleans Saints dropped to 2-3 while the Detroit Lions go to a promising 5-2 start.

Week 5 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 05, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

New Orleans Saints beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37-31 in a game that saw both teams hold up to a draw during regular time. The game had to be sent into overtime where the Saints rose from the draw to claim the win. The Sunday game saw the Saints come from a 11-point deficit in the forth quarter to dominate the rest of the game and win it.

The Saints started the game off on a high notch by scoring three consecutive goals. The first two goals from Shayne Graham being 30-yard and a 29-yard field goals saw the Saint take an early lead. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated the second and third half scoring four goals out of the six scored in these two quarters leaving the teams at; Buccaneers 24 – Saints 20.

In the fourth quarter a 9 yard touch down by Robert Herron saw Buccaneers give Saints an 11-point difference. However, Saints responded to this attack by a 27-yard run by Pierre Thomas, Mike Glennon was sacked in end zone by Junior Galette for a safety and Shyne Graham scored a 44-yard field goal to equalize the game. In the overtime period Khiry Robinson made an 18-yard touch down sending the Saints into the first place and earning them the much deserved home win.

Week 4 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, September 28, 8:30 PM, AT&T Stadium

The New Orleans Saints entered the season tabbed as a legitimate Super Bowl contender but they definitely haven’t looked like championship material so far. On Sunday, the Saints were routed 38-17 by the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys’ Stadium. The game wasn’t even as close as the final score suggests–Dallas led 31-3 at the end of the third quarter before New Orleans scored a couple of touchdowns in ‘garbage time’. Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo threw three touchdown passes while running back DeMarco Murray added a pair. More significantly, the much maligned Dallas defense held Drew Brees and the highly potent Saints attack scoreless in the first half. Dallas improved to 3-1 with the victory while New Orleans dropped to 1-3.

While there are concerns among the Saints’ faithful about their substandard record to this point things might not be as bad as they look. All three of New Orleans’ losses have come on the road with two of those defeats coming by a combined total of 5 points. The Saints have been a team known for home field dominance during the Drew Brees era so their poor start could be a function of scheduling as much as anything else. In any case, New Orleans has a home game against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers up next followed by a week off during which they can hopefully get back on track.

Week 3 NFL Season 2014: Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, September 21, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

In a game of two quarters per side, it were the hosts who prevailed 9-20 against their visitors, the Vikings. It was a game of two quarters per side because each side won two quarters, the margin of victory making the difference. The Saints prevailed in the first and last quarter, 0-13, 0-7 respectively, while the Vikings took the second and third quarters 6-0, 3-0 respectively. This was the Saints first victory this season. It was a morale booster for them.

The match was played over a week of distractions on the Vikings side. Adrian Peterson had been drafted into the starting line up, only for him to be withdrawn indefinitely to deal with child abuse accusations facing him. During the match, they lost Matt Cassell to a toe injury, replacing him with rookie Teddy Bridgewater. They will have to rise above the distractions and the loss as they prepare for their next game against the Falcons on Sunday, 28th. On the other hand, The Saints will be seeking to win their next game against the Cowboys, to prove that their victory over the Vikings wasn’t a fluke.

The game was played on Sunday 21st at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans Louisiana.

Week 2 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM, First Energy Stadium

This was a very tight game that was played on Sunday, 14th of September at 1300hrs. It was played at the FirstEnergy Stadium which is located at Cleveland in Ohio. New Orleans at Cleveland lost by 2 points to give a score of 24-26. In the first quarter, New Orleans did not get lucky to score any points. In the second quarter, they started off 10 points down. In the second quarter, they managed to score more points as compared to Cleveland Browns. They were however down 10-16 points. The game received same points from the two teams in second half. As they entered the fourth quarter, New Orleans was down 17-23 to Cleveland Browns.

New Orleans gave a terrible defense making them have 0-2 start. This start means that a team has 12% chances of making it through playoffs. They have lost twice in a row. Something that has really disappointed the fans of this team. Cleveland on the other side are doing well in this season. They have had a draw and a win in their past 2 matches. Brain Hoyer, Cleveland’s quarterback went 8 for 11 for 77 yards. This was the game winning drive. The Saints tight end Jimmy Graham had 10 catches for 118 yards with two touchdowns.

Week 1 NFL Season 2014: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 7, 1:00 PM, Georgia Dome

The New Orleans Saints surrendered a large number of the yards in passing in franchise history in a 37-34 loss to Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Below is a summary of the game:

In the first quarter, the score was a 31-yard field goal achieved by Shayne Graham while the time of possession was 4:27 with a remaining time of 10:33. The key play was recorded when drew Brees hit Brandon Cooks. The scond score was a 50-yard field goal made by Graham with a time of possession of 3:59 and remaining time of 4:39. The key play was recorded where the saints took a number of long shots in the field but they found it difficult to connect. A great play was realized from Pierre Thomas who had an 8-yard reception. The quarter ended with a 9 to nothing for the Saints

In the second quarter the saints scored a 2-yard touchdown by Khiry Robinson with a time of possession of 4:10 and a remaining time of 11:46. The key play was realized when the Saints started with an end-round to Cooks in the quarter that netted 18 yards with an accompanying 21-yard dash by Robinson.

In the third quarter the Saints still led with 20 to 14 that to Levine Toilolo who made a score from a 2-yard touchdown catch from Ryan. The time of possession was 5:37 and a remaining time of 9:22. Ryan made a key play by hitting Julio Jones.

But then the Falcons fought back, Mark Ingram made a score from a 3-yard touchdown run with the possession time being 6:35 and a remaining time of 8:46 with a standing of 34 to 31 for the Saints. The Falcons’ Matt Bryant were able to score another field goal and the game went to overtime. In overtime Matt Bryant scored another field goal to win the game with 37 to 34.

A lot of surprises for the New Orleans Saints last season

The last season was one full of surprises for the New Orleans Saints. From an uncharacteristic 2012 campaign in which they only managed 7 wins, Drew Brees and the company managed to come back to their usually dominate form in the NFC south. Besides the somewhat puzzling losses they had to the Rams and the Jets, there isn’t so much that you can complain about the New Orleans Saints. From the perspective of the fantasy football, the Saints season gets murkier. An 11-win is sure to attract its fair share of fantasy goodies and the New Orleans was not out of this. However, regardless of this, there are some players that caused the team more pain than gain within the 16 weeks.

This won’t come as a surprise but the New Orleans offense was outstanding. When adjusted for strength for schedule, they ranked 2nd best passing attack by the NEP metrics. But it is kind of difficult to have a very bad passing offense when Drew Brees is around. Jimmy Graham on the other had continued with his massive domination in the end position. He led the Saints receivers in 86 receptions and was the 8th best reception by the NEP among all the other receivers. Needless to say, the man is a monster which you already know.

If you watch New Orleans Saints online, you might even find new Fantasy Football opportunities

A development that was very interest in the 2013 season was that concerning Pierre Thomas. For most of his NFL career, he has been on fantasy football’s radar and has had a very healthy workload in 2013. As a matter of fact, he hit 147 carries for the second time and managed to get the most receptions for the Saints backfield. As far as the Saints defense is concerned however, they have a secondary that was respectable. In the Adjusted Defensive Passing, they were ranked 7th.

The bad? Well’ there is not much to say about that but nevertheless let’s have a look at that. In as much as Drew was in tip top shape, there was no elite wide receiver that benefited from his work. Marques Colston has in the past been that receiver but 2013 was different. According to fantasy football, Colston was drafted in august. This put him as WR2 or WR1 on many of the rosters. And by the look of things, this preseason perception was not accurate. He finished at 27th place. The touchdown was what was missing from this receiver’s campaign in 2013. However, as mentioned, their pass defense was solid but their run defense was not. The team finished 12th worst defense rushing and many fans watching New Orleans Saints streaming were not satisfied with the performance of their team.

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