Miami Dolphins Season 2015 Game Reviews

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Miami Dolphins NFL season 2015 recap

The Miami Dolphins’ season had several spectacular spots though they also didn’t finish the season well. They began with a 1-3 shortfall under coach Joe Philbin before he was ultimately fired from the team. Dan Campbell took over from him and led them to successive wins before their meeting with Patriots, who managed to beat them in Week 8 36-7. Thereafter, they lost 6 of the remaining 9 matches before 2015/2016 season came to an end.

For their few wins, Adam Gase was instrumental in helping Jay Cutler make attacking strides towards the opponents’ side. He also worked well Ryan Tannehill who sometimes showed trouble being brought to play in last-minute scenarios.

Earlier in the season, Dolphins had traded their 2nd round selection at No. 47 to Philadelphia Eagles exchanging it for Philadelphia’s 2nd round at No. 52 overall. Including two other 5th round selections at No. 145 and 156 respectively. The Dolphins have already signed in a new head coach, Adam Gase, who’ll be replacing former interim director Dan Campbell.

During a live TV interview on Saturday 9th, Gase refused to comment on his predecessor’s performance but instead directed the question back to Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. As if trying to avoid that moment. Critics are already arguing that inexperience will hurt the team again under their new coach, and that they should have instead learnt from past mistakes and hired someone who been in the NFL for much longer.

2015 NFL Week 17: Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots on Sunday, January 03, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The New England Patriots once against missed a chance to become the top seed by losing to the Miami Dolphins, 20-10. The Patriots looked dominating in the beginning of the season but they have collapsed recently and all of their losses have come in the past 6 games.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are out of the playoffs and will now start to search for their new head coach with interviews expected to begin shortly. It is expected to start with their interim coach Dan Campbell but he is not expected to be the one coaching them next season. New England is not assured of home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs but according to their coach, they will play wherever they need to play.

It looks like a show of confidence from a team that is expected to go all the way. Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross did not like the fact that they are not going to the playoffs for the seventh consecutive season. He spoke the team that he is going to make changes because he came aboard to win Super Bowls and not to sit at home while they are played.

2015 NFL Week 16: Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 27, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

By winning this game, the Colts stop the Texans (at least for now) from clinching the AFC South, and keep their own chances, however slight, of making the playoffs alive. If they had not won this game, they would have been eliminate from the playoffs.

Back up quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (who is starting for the injured Andrew Luck) completed eight passes after fifteen attempts, throwing for 99 yards, no touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Colts’s third string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst completed nine passes after fourteen attempts, throwing for 78 yards, throwing no touchdowns, and no interceptions. He played in this game to relieve Hasselbeck (for the fourth game in a row) after he left with another injury.

The Colts have used three quarterbacks this season (Andrew Luck, Matt Hasselbeck, and Charlie Whitehurst), after two have been injured.

Ryan Tannehill completed 26 passes after 38 attempts, throwing for 329 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception.

The Colts got out to an lead of nine points, going into halftime (15-6). The Dolphins scored six points in the second half, to only three that the Colts scored. The three the Colts scored in the second half, however, put the game away. It helped to that their defense was able to stop the Dolphins late in the game.

2015 NFL Week 15: Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, December 20, 4:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

In what could be the San Diego Chargers’ last NFL game in Sandiego, it concluded well after the San Diego Chargers beat the Miami Dolphins 30-14. Danny was the hero of the special day after scoring 4 touchdowns and receiving 3 touchdown passes from Philip Rivers. If the move pushes through, the Chargers will now be moving to Los Angeles. The planned move has disappointed some fans and it reflected on their signs. However after playing a game like that, a lot of fans were happy because what could possibly be the last game of the Chargers ended well. It was a nice way to cap off 55 years of memories.

The Chargers played strong early on as fans gave them a standing ovation at the half after putting up a 23-0 halftime lead. Lost in the emotion was that the Chargers played better than they did in failing to score a touchdown in three of their last four games, including in each of their last two home games.The Miami Dolphins just didn’t seem to be in it as they played both sides of the ball horribly. During the fourth quarter a video tribute was played for Malcom Floyd who was retiring after playing twelve gruelling seasons with the San Diego Chargers. After the game was done, it was closed off with Jackson Browne’s ”Stay” and even ”Auld Lang Syne” played on the sound system.

2015 NFL Week 14: Miami Dolphins vs New York Giants on Monday, December 14, 8:30 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The score was tied in the fourth quarter but thanks to a slipping of five yards by Odell Beckham Jr. behind the secondary which proved to be the winning margin that closed the game. An 84 yard touchdown is what put the game in the Giants hands with eleven minutes to spare on the clock. This also meant that there is now a three-way tie on the top of the NFC East. It was also a game that saw a career high for the Giants’ Eli Manning who had an 87 percent completion of passes.

The Giants’ (6 – 7) broke what was a three game losing streak with a win of 31 – 24 against the Miami Dolphins in a game that could have gone either way. The Dolphins (5 – 8) were thus eliminated from the race to the playoff bringing their drought to seven seasons which is a franchise record. The Dolphins’ who were really counting on this win could not match up to Beckham’s prowess and thus this led to the disappointing loss. It was really a great game and the Dolphins even brought their 50 greatest players to the field at half time which was in celebration of the franchise’s 50th season. Sadly, their season 2015 game isn’t living up the hisory of the franchise.

2015 NFL Week 13: Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 06, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

In a game of lowly teams that no one wanted to watch, the Miami Dolphins managed to out last the Baltimore Ravens to get the win on Sunday.It was a miserable game to watch but the Dolphins won to advance to 5-7, while the Ravens drop to 4-8. At one point the Ravens had to warm up Jimmy Clausen. Given the injuries that have ravaged the Ravens team, at this point losing might be the best thing. It will get them a higher draft pick and could set them up to get some needed help.

This game between two middle of the road teams flirting with .500 records may not seem like much to the untrained eye, but it has major play-off implications.

Three things to watch: 1. The Turnover Battle: The last time the Bills won was two weeks ago against Rex Ryan’s former team, the New York Jets, thanks in large part to winning the turnover battle. 2. Banged-Up Bills Defense: The mega contracts of Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus and the addition of Rex Ryan calling the shots may have placed lofty expectations on the Bills’ defense. 3. Resurgent Texans D: Over the past five weeks, J.J. Watt has reminded the football world why he is the two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

2015 NFL Week 12: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets on Sunday, November 29, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Jets were 1-4 in their last five games coming into this matchup against the Dolphins. They were, however, able to notch their fourth win of the last five against Miami in this game (including the blowout loss the Jets handed the Dolphins this year in London). Miami has lost four of five, making them win three of the seven games with interim coach Dan Campbell, who took over as coach after the London game. The Dolphins are last in the AFC East right now, while the Jets currently have the sixth seed (second wild card spot) in the AFC.

Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 22 passes out of 37, throwing for 277 yards with four touchdown passes and no interceptions. Two of his touchdown passes went to Brandon Marshall.

Ryan Tannehill completed 33 passes out of 58, throwing for 351 yards with three touchdown passes and one interception.

The Jets led early, pulling ahead 14-0 by halftime, the Dolphins would figure out how to score in the second half, scoring all 20 points in the second half (thirteen of which came in the fourth), but the Jets added 24 points to their total, to assure a win. The thing that won it was a 31 yard rushing touchdown by Chris Ivory that involved him breaking four tackles.

2015 NFL Week 11: Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 22, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The Miami Dolphins went down 14 – 24 against the Dallas Cowboys who haven’t won any game since their returning player; Tony Romo was injured back in week 2. It was a seven game losing streak which has never been seen since 1989 for them. They head to Carolina who are undefeated and one can only hope that they replicate this victory which is highly unlikely. Romo, overcame two interceptions to throw two touchdown passes to Terrance Williams and Dez Bryant of 31 yards and 16 yards respectively. The cowboys defense was solid too which meant that the Dolphins could only inflict minimal damage to them.

Rolando McClain scored his first career touchdown which was also apparently the first point of the game. It was an interception run of 12 yards to score the touchdown. The pass intended for Greg Jennings from Ryan Tannehill was the one that saw McClain to his first touchdown. This victory meant that the Dolphins sloppy defense could cost them the playoffs in the seventh year now running. Heavy rains at the start of the game made the game a little lackluster but it resumed its normal tempo once the rain had abated. It was a really great game that saw the victors, Cowboys well deserve the win.

2015 NFL Week 10: Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, November 15, 1:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

The recent match between Eagles and Dolphins did reveal some realities regarding the playing posture of either team as discussed hereafter. To begin with, the Eagles proved itself to be a lousy team despite having better talent than its competitor. A string of misfortunes plagued the team during the match, including mistimed penalties, several fumbles, blocked punts and a bungled field goal. Some commentators have attributed this loss to poor team construction but others accuse Andy Reid and Chip Kelly of mismanaging the team.

During the match, the players seemed shriveled when compared to their opponents from the Dolphins, with some players, including Sam Bradford and Darren Sproles, who played a very good game suffering misfortunes as they attempted to tackle their challengers. Despite the fact that Bradford missed some open receivers, his offensives during the game captivated the audience as well as slightly improved the overall offensive game played by the Eagles. Nonetheless, some sport analysts have expressed disappointment with the quarterback play put up by the Eagles, with some accusing the players of failing to master the game during the initial rounds thus handing over the initiative to the Dolphins.

In general, there is consensus across the board that the Dolphins prevailed due to the blunders made by the Eagles, and not necessarily due to their inherent good game.

2015 NFL Week 9: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, November 08, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

The NFL game ended on a very sad note for the Dolphins. This is with regards to the game that took place between Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Things did not go well for the Dolphins because they lost to Buffalo Bills. Upon arrival at western New York, the dolphins were showed dust by the buffalo bills. It was all about the bills. The dolphins the bills started on a heated note. Sammy Watkins did a great job for the Bills. He got eight passes for 168 yards. This has really led to a boost in his career.

Taylor also gave teh Bills a great finish by completing 11 passes out of 12. This was for 181 yards. He also had a touchdown. The Dolphins lost the Buffalo Bills 33-17. This is the fourth time that the Dolphins have been beaten by Bills. It seems that the Dolphins are losing their grip of the game. All in all it was a great game and the Bills won fair and square. The Buffalo Bills players had the scars to show off their victory. It was definitely worth every injury that they succumbed while playing as the players would testify.

2015 NFL Week 8: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots on Thursday, October 29, 8:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

Dolphins offense came to this match including the best surging assault in the league in the course of recent weeks, however it was no place to be seen on Thursday night. Lamar Miller conveyed the ball nine times for 15 yards in the wake of scrambling for about 300 yards the past two diversions. Taking all things together, the Dolphins just ran the ball 13 times for 15 yards in a diversion that was 9-0 for a great part of the first half. One of the greatest keys for Miami coming into this amusement was to stay with what got them there, which was run in the first place, pass second.

Shockingly, the Patriots guard took away the run right off the bat, and the Dolphins stayed away forever to it. Yes, there were times amid the first a large portion of the Dolphins protection kept Tom Brady within proper limits, in any case, for a lion’s share of the diversion, Brady did what he’s done throughout the entire season — dissect any and each scope you tossed at him. Brady completed the night with 356 yards and four touchdowns, and finished an amazing 68 percent of his passes along the way. The Dolphins front four started to produce weight on Brady in the second quarter, and it brought about four New England punts consecutively. However, the weight wasn’t about sufficiently predictable, and it wouldn’t be much sooner than Brady got back in synch with his collector

2015 NFL Week 7: Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans on Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

A one sided affair saw the Miami Dolphins thrash the Houston Texans 44-26 in a day that saw the Texan’s Arian Foster carried off the pitch with a torn Achilles. Though Arian has always been injured most of his playing career, he has a pretty great record that can’t be easily ignored and this is why he is one of the best in his game.

The day though was for the Dolphins that dominated much of the game and you can’t really blame the Texans, their play was outsmarted at every intersection and this is why the Dolphins emerged as the victors. Some might say that that was Arians last game but we are yet to see what results come from the doctors after he undergoes an MRI.This game saw the worst halftime score in this franchise history with the Texans trailing from a 40-0 deficit and they never recovered from this.

This is why it was mostly seen as a one sided affair even after the Dolphins managed to pull a startling score in the second half of the game for it to end at 44-26 which was a remarkable feat for them. We wish Arian all the best as he recovered and hope to see him play again.

2015 NFL Week 6: Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, October 18, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

The Dolphins finally saw their first win this week. Dolphins were not performing well enough as they were a mess in last four games. Nobody could tell that this team finished second last season when they saw Dolphins at number 21 position. Finally, they won a match in Dolphins at Titans battle. A lot happened with Dolphins this season.

Due to the bad performance, the management team already sacked the head coach Joe Philbin and defense co-coordinator Kevin Coyle. The supporters also started to give up on this team. Hopefully, this is a new start for them as they showed their real power in this game. Miller was the one who shredded Titan defense at ease without even getting the long run benefit. The supporters were excited to see this change in Dolphins and they thurrily enjoyed the Dolphins at Titans match.

When Wake was asked that how Dolphins turned up against all odds, he smiled and replied that Dolphins is still the same team that they had in week 1. He also said that players still have the same ability and they are trying to enjoy and have fun on the field.

2015 NFL Week 4: Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets on Sunday, October 04, 9:30 AM, Sun Life Stadium

Chris Ivory ran for the 166 yards of career high and a touchdown in the Jets at Dolphins. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 218 score on Sunday to lead the Jets far above the Miami Dolphins at the Wembley Stadium. Ivory ran in from the three yards on the first possession. The New York Jets finally managed to pile up the yards and got a superb win.

The Jets managed to gain 425 yards and this score includes the career high of 166 for Chris Ivory in the 27-14 win. Jets’ Linebacker clearly remarked “We Play Aggressive” and so such instances occurred. Ryan Fitzpatrick started playing well for the Jets by completing the 58-yard pass to Marshall. It was Ivory who kept getting the ball and carried the milestone of 5.7 yards per run and that too 29 times. The Jets ended with the 207 yards and this includes 34 from Fitzpatrick. Jets could take a sigh of relief when Brent Grimes suffered a knee injury. However, Dolphins failed to carry through the big game.

So, it was the first occasion when Jets played in the International Series while 3rd times for Dolphins. Last year it was Dolphins who beat Oakland Raiders and they lost their first game in the year 2007.

2015 NFL Week 3: Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, September 27, 4:25 PM, Sun Life Stadium

In the Bills vs. Dolphins game, the Bills hit the field running. Coming off a loss against the Patriots the Bills were looking for a win. Buffalo scored their first touchdown in the first three minutes of the game. They didn’t disappoint their fans with 27 points scored in the first half, leaving the Miami Dolphins flapping the water with 0 points on the board. It was the largest deficit this the team has faced in eight years. The second half didn’t prove much better for the Dolphins who were no match for the Bills defense. Tyrod Taylor threw for 277 yards and three scores in his first NFL road start.

This was an opening home game for the Dolphins and it seems they weren’t there to play. They had six penalties, three interceptions and the defense allowed 429 yards. The Dolphins certainly didn’t bring their running game.

The Miami Dolphins were the pick by 2.5 points, but in the end they just couldn’t pull out a win against Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins had high hopes for this season, but after yesterday’s game, this leaves Joe Philbin on the hot seat after his team played horribly. With a 41-14 win Buffalo Bills move on to the Giants with a 2-1 record.

2015 NFL Week 2: Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, September 20, 4:05 PM, EverBank Field

At the Everbank Field in Jacksonville Florida, the Miami Dolphins hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in another closely contested week two clash. The same scenerio as above seemed to have been replicate here. While the Dolphins were fresh from inflicting a week one 17-10 loss to the Redskins, their week two guests had just been humiliated 9-20 by the Carolina panthers. They seemed to have worked hard and rectified the mistakes made against the Panthers.

The same cannot be said of the Dolphins, who seemed to have rested on their laurels, only to be woken up from reality by the 20-23 loss to the Jaguars. There simply no team to undermine this season. However, the Dolphins defense has to blame for the loss since they committed unnecessary fouls, which acted spurred the Jaguars final surge to victory. After two weeks, both teams have now recorded a win and a loss. It remain to be seen how they both proceed in the league going into week three. Given the tight game as it was, both coaches have their work cut out. Whoever has the best tricks still intact in the bag will definitely prevail against forthcoming opponents.

2015 NFL Week 1: Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins on Sunday, September 13, 1:00 PM, FedEx Field

It was an intense match with Miami falling to an early hole with only a single touchdown drive in a game that was dominated by the Redskins. However, everything flipped around with Jarvis Landry. With only 10:22 left on the clock, Landry made a touchdown to give the Dolphins a much-needed lead. They held on to this and managed a 17-10 Victory.

For the first time, Kirk Cousins started as an opener finishing 21 for 31 for 196 yards. He also got two interceptions. After recovering from a concussion, Robert Griffin III was inactive during the match.

In the second quarter, Miami tailed 10-0, made it to 10-7 at halftime and finally pulled even with Andrew Franks’s Kick. This lead the dolphins to force a punt with Landry taking the ball at the center and darting up the middle while dodging any would-be attacker on the way.

DeAngelo Hall, the Redskins CB had to leave because of a rib injury. He however returned to the field and finished the game. CB Justin Rogers also fell victim to injury as he hurt is foot and now faces a possibility of being sidelined for a few days.

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