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Denver Broncos NFL season 2016 recap

The Denver Broncos started this season as the defending champions of the Super Bowl, aiming to be the first team to be the first team to win consecutive back-to-back Super Bowl championship since the New England Patriots in 2004.

The Bronco’s 47th franchise season will also be the last one for head coach Gary Kubiak, who announced his retirement on New Year’s Day due to worries over his health condition.

Although they began with a 4-0 winning streak, some predicted a coming decline as the victories papered up the weaknesses that were exposed. And sure enough, the Broncos choked slightly against the Falcons and Chargers during the mid-season. Later on, they would come back fighting, gaining victories against the Houston Texans. But this would come at a cost as C.J. Anderson was forced to miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

There was no full recovery after that. The Broncos bounced back and forth and also went on an abysmal losing streak towards the end of the season which caused them to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2010, ending 9-7. This also made them the first reigning champion to actually miss the playoff, a feat not achieved sin the Ravens in 2013. Their lost to the Colts in January also ended any hopes of a Super Bowl return, making them the 12th consecutive team to fail to achieve back to back championships.

NFL Season 2016 Week 17: Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, January 01, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos was another NFL game that ended with the Raiders conceding a 24-6 loss to the hosts. The Denver Boys enjoyed most if the game advantages and they utilized the opportunities to crash the opponents. The most active player for the Raiders was Crabtree who recorded a remarkable receivership score in the NFL. However, the exit of Allen Nate seemed to leave a gap, which Trawick could not fill. The mid-play had many mistakes with some of them costing the team easy goals. Another blow to the teams positioning was Joseph Karl whose positioning became an obvious loophole for Broncos.

In the pasts games, Raiders always had a fast game and this led to the higher score average even with the loss. However, this Sunday match was different with most of the passes getting into the arms of the mid defense of Denver. During the second quarter of the match, the heat was on the line players as the Broncos displayed one of the remarkable NFL tricks for the season. Although the Broncos won the match, most of its players played on average. On the other hand, Raiders conceded due to lack of adequate players to create scores. This will be the purpose of the rematch in Mexico, where we might meet a different Raiders team.

NFL Season 2016 Week 16: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 25, 8:30 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs knew before kickoff against Denver that they were going to the playoffs. They began the game as Travis Kelce brought in eleven catches for the 160- yards and a touchdown, T. Hill added a seventy yard TD-run and in the end the Kansas City Chiefs routed the Denver Broncos, 33-10,win keeping their AFC West title hopes alive.

T. Siemian was seventeen of fourty three for 183-yards and a great interception which was the only TD-drive he led that came after he caught the ball at the Chiefs 6.

Later J. Forsett scored two plays, A.Smith capped a seventy seven yard touch-down with a ten yard keeper in the1st quarter, Hill out-ran the Denver Broncos a few minutes later to give the Kansas City a 14-0 lead.

Forsett made a touch-down that gave the Denver’s team hope which was short lived. Kelce took a pass that followed a great blocking for an eighty yard touch-down and a 21-7 points lead. Denver continued to struggle from there. They turned the ball over again to Kansas City, from another fumble, and they finished the game with an amusing twist.

NFL Season 2016 Week 15: Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots on Sunday, December 18, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field

The Denver Broncos hosted Patriots from New England on Sunday at the Sports Authority Field in Denver. The patriots won 16-3.The patriots were led by coach Bill Belichick and the Broncos were led by Von Miller.

The Patriots overcame a slow start with the help of Brady and led to their win that gave a blow to the Broncos playoff hopes.

He completed his 16 passes for 188 yards without touchdowns and interceptions for 68.2 rating passer. That was worse for Broncos player Siemian who had 25 for 282 with an interception of 73.1 rates. this numbers gave the Patriots the greatest challenge all around the game.

The first completion for Brady was 17 yard to player Edelman one minute before the second quarter. The patriots had two chances of putting the ball on the ground. first snap, Brady sack stripped and this left player Joe Thuney fumbled. Lewis recovered his fumble and then Blount scored. player Siemian did two great mistakes, a poor throw to player Emmanuel Sander which was poorly timed and also placed.

33-yard field goal for Brandon McManus only accounted for Denver’s points. The Broncos are slowest starters in the NFL with 26 points. Denver limited the Patriots from England with a goal during the first quarter but they came with a league that led to 103 points.

NFL Season 2016 Week 14: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 11, 1:00 PM, Nissan Stadium

It was another breath taking event in the home ground of the Tennessee Titans. Any NFL fan would not wish to watch such games more often. The game was one of its kinds; it was a lion-tiger game even if the Titans were able to come out strong and win with a narrow score of 13-10. The game was played on a cool Sunday and many NFL reviewers fell that it was an incredible game.

The visitors were charged after a crucial win against the jaguars and it appeared that they would win in this game too but the gods were against them. They are also going to try and revenge their loss by winning a game against the Patriots in the next outing when the patriots visit their ground. On the other hand the Titans were able to win their second consecutive NFL game after previously beating the bears 27-21 in the previous meeting. They will also be looking to make their third win by beating the Chief in the upcoming fixture. In the game against the Titans, Harris and Harry Douglas had an ugly confrontation where Harris almost most lost his leg after Douglas gave a low hit. Harris who had lastly experienced a torn ACl felt that the Titans-wide-receiver wanted to end his career completely.

NFL Season 2016 Week 13: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, December 04, 1:00 PM, EverBank Field

Jacksonville Jaguars faced a major blow at their own back yard after they were hammered 20-10 by the Denver Broncos. The Jacksonville needed a win in order to gain momentum in the AFC play-off race. However, the Broncos worked hard to deny them that victory. Their offensive and defensive skills turned to their advantage as they bagged a major win on Sunday at the EverBank Field.

At the start, both teams played sluggishly. The Broncos took a 10-3 early lead. Later in the game, Bortles teamed up with receiver A.Robinsonand cornerback B.Roby, to dash a 51 yards impressive touchdown.The Denvers maximized on an eight play, 75 yard scoring-drive in the 2nd-quarter to secure their only offensive touch-down. This was facilitated when Jacksonvilleline’s line-backer T.Smith was penalized for injuring Lynch. A 22 yard touchdown from Bortles in the first minutes of the 4th quarter caused the Jacksonvilleline Jaguars to trail 17-10, however, they wasted clear chances to equalize in the game. Miller later pulled a great perfomance to provide Broncos a one-last-stand in the dying moments of the game.

The win propelled the Denver Broncos to the 6th spot just ahead of the Dolphins, who were beaten by the Ravens . Having suffered this loss,Jacksonville Jaguars will be knocked off from the play-off for the 9th consecutive time.

NFL Season 2016 Week 12: Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 27, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field

The match was played on Sunday at Sports Authority Field. In fact, it is the second game the Broncos have lost in three games. They previously lost points against the Raiders and are currently at position seven in the AFC. Denver Broncos, who are the Super Bowl defending champions are left with an uphill task in the remaining five weeks of the season.

Denver lost the game in the crossing minutes when kicker Brandon McManus attempted a 62-yard field goal, but failed. The kicker slammed his right foot into the grass, which leads to a low drive kick. This was rewarding to the Kansas City Chiefs as they capitalized on the opportunity and set up Cairo Santos’ 34-yard winner as the overtime expired. Actually, it turned out to be a big win for the Kansas City Chiefs, who seem to get bigger and bigger in every game.

It all happened when Kubiak called on Brandon to try the kick. If McManus had not attempted the kick, the game was destined for a 27-27 tie. However, once the attempt backfired and the Chiefs capitalized on it, they won the game 30-27.

All in all the spectacular finish was fantastic for a match in NFL’s best division.

NFL Season 2016 Week 10: Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The New Orleans Saints is a shocking loss for the Denver Broncos in an NFC matchup held on Thursday (November 17, 2016). The latest loss for Saints was 25-23, a defeat to the Broncos, decided by an extra point kick and returned for just 2 point conversion. Another scenario was repeated and become familiar to the Saints. It was the 5th time that they rebounded from 1-3 or get 4-4 only, since 2007, only to lose the ninth game. Previously it happened in 2007-2012-2014 and 2015, they never got beyond 500 and lost. Against the Broncos, they had best games this season.

They got 11 combined in their first eight games and had six sacks.Jordan provided pressure and contains eight tackles, one sack also. Though, Orleans had total four turnovers. They had a slow start, that made them enable to get 3 points in the first half. Brees was 21 out of 29 for 303 yards, against to rated pass defence. He was sacked once, that had 28 sacks. The Saints won from the Panthers for 41-38 in the Superdome. The best thing for them was that there were four days to the next game. It was also good that they got the first chance to play at redemption.

NFL Season 2016 Week 9: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders on Sunday, November 06, 8:30 PM, Oakland Coliseum

The Raiders encountered the toughest match of this season, when they played the best NFL Denver defense. However, Oakland Raiders had their massive win over Broncos. The Raiders asserted themselves a favorite AFC West title contender on Sunday night with Latavius Murray putting three touchdowns scores and the Denver offense were given a rough time by the Raiders full back, the Raiders displayed a 30-20 incredible win over the Super Bowl defending champions. Denver Broncos made a 69-yard touchdown by Kapri Bibbs, Broncos running back with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter reduced the Raiders gap to 30-20.

The Raiders had their 30-13 lead after Latavius Murray made a 1yard run with 6 minutes left to end the fourth quarter. In the third quarter, The Raiders made their 20-10 lead against the Broncos. The Raiders seemed to be much prepared to pick up a tough game this year. They boast of having the best quarterbacks as well as Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, the top-class receivers this season. Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

NFL Season 2016 Week 8: Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 30, 3:05 PM, Sports Authority Field

The San Diego Chargers held up a fairly good defense in their match against the Denver Broncos, but ultimately fell short with the Broncos winning 27-19. Only seventeen days prior, the Chargers had seen success against Denver on Sunday – the Broncos pushed hard to avenge that loss, mind you, though many fans agree that the AFC West remains one of the toughest divisions in football, even midway through the season.

Fans of the Broncos are still groaning a bit, noting that the team still seems to be having the same difficulties as the 2015 Broncos line-up, but with their consistent victories, hope is holding strong. The Chargers have their own problems as well, however they are still holding strong in the AFC West in general. This game was a spectacle of both the problems of either team as well as how the AFC West is performing this season, and the match itself was undoubtedly heated. The Broncos did all they could to snag victory from the Chargers, keeping pressure on their defense throughout the game.

Both the Broncos and Chargers will need more decisive victories as the season continues, and fans on both sides are hoping for wins to follow.

NFL Season 2016 Week 7: Denver Broncos vs Houston Texans on Monday, October 24, 8:30 PM, Sports Authority Field

Brock Osweiler’s return to Denver did not go the way he wanted. He was constantly on the run, and the Denver defense harassed him the entire game, and the Broncos handed the Texans a 27-9 loss. The Broncos recovered after losing their last two games and are 5-2 on the season. The Texans returned home at 4-3.

Denver finally got the ground attack going with both Anderson and Booker getting touchdowns. Each had 107 and 83 yards on the day respectively. Trevor Siemian, who stepped in for Denver at QB when Osweiler bolted to Houston, definitely outplayed him. Osweiler was only 50% on the day with 131 yards. He had zero touchdowns. Siemian through for 14 of 25 and had 157 throwing yards. He even had a single touchdown. Both QB’s had no interceptions.

Coach Kubiak’s had another scare to his health but returned to see his Broncos take a 14-6 lead at halftime and just continued scoring in the second half. Houston’s drives that could have lead to touchdowns only ended in field goals. It was Osweiler’s first time playing against the Broncos since he left in free agency.

NFL Season 2016 Week 6: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers on Thursday, October 13, 8:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The Denver Broncos started off the season on a good note with wins against the Panthers, Colts, Bengals and the Buccaneers. Coming into the game against the San Diego Chargers, they had one loss to the Falcons and were sitting pretty at 4-1. Their loss to the Chargers was the second loss this season and it snapped them off their winning streak. The chargers have been struggling this season having lost their opening game against the Chief, winning against the Jaguars and losing three consecutive games after that. Coming into this game they were sitting at a 1-4 record and needed a win badly.

The Chargers made their intentions to win early with Phillip Rivers throwing a 5-yard pass to rookie Hunter Henry to cap the team’s first possession. Rivers who is in his 13th season at the Chargers has made 43,094 yards passing surpassing Hall of Famer’s Dan Fouts record of 43,040 yards record in 15 seasons. Josh Lambo scored four field goals at 37, 21, 31 and 32 yards and a safety ball which was for him his career high since he has been with the Chargers.

The Broncos had a harder time at the start of the game. Trevor Siemian returned as quarterback after sitting out of games for more than a week. The quarterback was 30 of 49 for 230, scoring one touchdown and two sacks. They struggled to get yardage for the offensive line and the defense seemed to be out of sync. The game was painful to watch for a lot of Broncos fans as they made one mistake after another giving the chargers free yards and free points. All the late starts, the sluggish play, and unnecessary mistakes cost the Broncos to lose to the chargers by 21-13 effectively losing their reign as AFC’s Western Champs.

NFL Season 2016 Week 5: Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, October 09, 4:05 PM, Sports Authority Field

Atlanta had their first 23-16 win against Denver. The Broncos, pursuing a 5-0 start, came negated behind the struggles of their quarterback, unstable offensive line as well as a weak run defense. Atlanta started the match with the league’s most prolific attack and quickly taking opportunity of the available chances. The Falcons outweighed Denver Broncos in yards 118-59 while finishing the first-quarter with a 10-0 lead. Atlanta ended the game with 372 total yards, surpassing the Denver’s 267.Broncos defense held Atlanta’s wide receiver Julio Jones, flaking a 300-yard performance six days before the match, to zero attempts in the first half. But Atlanta’s offense posed a threat to the Broncos’ defense, finishing with 122 yards.

Cleared lanes and missed tackles exposed the massive weakness of Blanco’s defense. The Falcons’ offense also took advantage of gaps left by Denver’s miss-passes in defense, accounting for 180 yards. Denver’s performance was generally weak as their attack failed to take necessary action as Lynch’s first start was showered with signs of possibilities but disfigured by a missed throws, miscues and indecision and managing only 84 yards on twenty four carries. The first pass he made was a 14-yard finish to Emmanuel Sanders that converted a third play. Denver’s offense was without Donald Stephenson; who has a calf injury. Ty Sambrailo made his third game appearance after missing several matches from series of injuries, was often confronted by Atlanta’s defenders before he was being substituted in the fourth quarter.

NFL Season 2016 Week 4: Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, October 02, 4:05 PM, Raymond James Stadium

Despite the uninviting weather conditions, the Denver Broncos delivered a strong statement over their Tampa Bay opponents by flooring them 27-7.With just 6 over six minutes remaining on the clock, the game had to be halted for an hour 26 minutes as lightening crashed through the Raymond James Stadium. Looking at our statistics since 2000, only 1,153 teams have led by 20 points or more with less than 7 minutes remaining on the clock. Only one comeback has ever been witnessed in such a situation. Surprisingly that single exception happened at the same Raymond James Stadium about 13 years ago.

As much most of the Tampa fans wished this legendary performance repeated itself on Sunday 2nd October at the Raymond James Stadium, history did not repeat itself. When the game eventually resumed each team got one series before Paxton Lynch, Broncos quarterback finished off the big win. Patrick Smyth the Broncos head coach remained on the game sidelines for most of both games. Back during the historical 2003 game he was just a PR intern at Tampa Bay. After the game Smyth ushered Gary Kubaik the broncos head coach off the field as he headed to deliver a post-game press conference.

NFL Season 2016 Week 3: Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, September 25, 1:00 PM, Paul Brown Stadium

Denver Broncos continued their perfect run to go 3 – 0 after beating Cincinnati Bengals 29 – 17. Trevor Siemian, who has since replaced Peyton Manning, continued his perfect record as a starter and on Sunday the young quarterback reached career highs in 4 touchdowns and 312 passing yards. Even though the youngster made some mistakes, the Bengals did make some too.

They dared the young quarterback to beat them and they will live to regret that since that is what he did. Generally, the Cincinnati Bengals game-plan cost them the game besides Darqueze Dennard still lacking his form after his injuries and Josh Shaw being injured during the game. The Cincinnati Bengals defense shambled with their play of relying on their front four to get to the quarterbacks and using the zone defense tactics. The let down in this plan was that they failed to get to the quarterback, and a wide receiver opened the field; case in point the touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders in the early minutes of the second quarter.

Their offense that included Andy Dalton was facing a Broncos defense that is standing out to be one of the best. Though there were bad calls like the illegal penalty called on Dre Kirkpatrick that could have derailed their players, Bengals plan to force errors from Siemian shambled, with the quarterback making some great throws that won the game for Denver Broncos.

NFL Season 2016 Week 2: Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, September 18, 4:25 PM, Sports Authority Field

Andrew Luck and the rest of Indianapolis team was no match to the defence line up of the Broncos. The quarterback of the Colts, Luck, was sacked four times during the game, three of which came from Von Miller. The two primary cornerbacks of the Colts- Patrick Robinson and Vontae Davis weren’t playing at Denver because of injury. Halfway through the game, the two active cornerbacks Darius Butler and Antonio Cromartie had to be ruled out of the game due to an injury. However, Cromartie did come back in the second quarter. The tackle of the Denver Broncos, Donald Stephenson had to be ruled out due to a calf injury in the first quarter of the game.

Andrew Luck had to be the lucky charm in the game and try to lead the bruised and battered Colts to victory. The Broncos had been able to gain only a total of 72 yards in the first half and gaining a lead wouldn’t have been tough for the Indianapolis Colts. However, the commendable defence that was put up by the Broncos in the Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos game led them to forfeit a victory of 0-2 against the Colts on Monday.

NFL Season 2016 Week 1: Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers on Thursday, September 08, 8:30 PM, Sports Authority Field

Losing by one point is never easy, especially when you were leading for most of the game. It must have been devastating for the Carolina Panthers when they just couldn’t make that one point to change the face of the game, and even more devastating for them when the Denver Broncos managed to come back in the fourth quarter of the game and claim victory. It was a powerful week 1 for both teams, though clearly for different reasons. There’s something special about a comeback, and no doubt the Broncos were feeling the hype for at least a few days after the game ended.

Even more devastating to the Panther and exciting for the Broncos is that this is the same way that they ended their last season. Maybe not by score, but the battle between the Broncos and the Panthers had to have some high stakes in it. It seems that history chose to repeat itself and the Broncos took victory by the metaphorical horns at the end of the game. The game was a lot closer than their last one though, with the finishing score of 21 for the Broncos and 20 for the Panthers being very different from the 24 to 10 defeat that the Panthers suffered in last season’s championship. Hopefully they’ll get better and hopefully the Broncos will keep up the heat.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 4: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals on Thursday, September 01, 9:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

The Denver Broncos lost 17-38 to the Arizona cardinals in the preseason finale on September 1st. Denver’s no.3 quarterback Paxton Lynch (may be moving on to no.2) had some great moments in the game and a bad one. He managed two touchdowns after 13 passes over 214 yards. He however had an interception returned 29 yards for a touchdown by Gabe Martin. The Cardinal’s no.3 quarterback Matt Barkley had a better time in the field with 20 passes over 269 yards and two unintercepted touchdowns.

Denver began with a 10-0 lead in the first quarter but the Cardinals scored 23 points. This was capped by Chandler Catanzaro’s longest field goal. It was a 59-yar field goal scored early in the third quarter. Catanzaro has played for two seasons in the NFL. The Broncos’ Kapri Bribbs ran 51vyars with 10 passes. He was aiming at the no.3 running back which was also coveted by Ronnie Hillman who only had three attempts and ran 9 yards. Riley Dixon had had an 18-yard run in late first half and this resulted in a 45-yard Cardinals touchdown. As for the Cardinals, the rookies to note were Robert Knemdiche who spent most of his time in the backfield. He had missed out on the training thanks to an ankle sprain.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 3: Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, August 27, 9:00 PM, Sports Authority Field

Los Angeles visit to the Broncos was a week 3 preseason encounter that did not work any good for Los Angeles. Both teams performance was not to the best. However, Broncos got themselves a better starting point for the preseason.

To start with, Trevor Siemians did some really good job for the Broncos. Paxton Lynch also did the best he could for the team. These two gave Los Angeles quiet a lot of trouble to see Broncos to the victory.

Trevor Siemian did an interception as a result of a mistake done by a defensive player during the first half. However, the attempt was not confirmed. Nevertheless, and he came out and made one of the best deep ball throws in the preseason to Demaryis Thomas.

Broncos knew that Los Angeles is a team that has lead NFL preseasons in the past attempts. To open the game they opted to take six runs. They made it in the second quarter by taking a 10-9 lead.

Broncos’ Cody Latimer was injured in the second half. Lynch was thus forced to work without Bennie Fowler, Jordan Taylor and Cody Latimer.The Broncos eventually managed to sustain a 17-9 win against Los Angeles that night.

Things worked really well for the Minnesota Vikings in their new stadium-US Bank Stadium. To the contrary, San Diego Chargers visit at the Minnesota was a not a good experience. Minnesota Vikings took a clear win of 23-10.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 2: Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, August 20, 9:00 PM, Sports Authority Field

The San Francisco 49ers whooped the Denver Broncos in their game, with the score ending at 31-24 to the 49ers. Their coach, Gary Kubiak promised that Siemian would get his turn to start, and this promise was followed through with. He immediately led the team on an 86-yard sprint up the field, resulting in a great 19-yard touchdown from C.J Anderson!

This really was an exciting game to watch, it’s just unfortunately that it was a clear win for San Francisco 49ers. If the Denver Broncos focused on team work more, rather than just glory – they could’ve possibly won the game. It was a close game, with only 5 points in-between the two teams. It would’ve been a really exciting match if the Broncos focussed on a strategic playing strategy, making use of the full team rather than individual glory, either way – it was a great game. If you didn’t get the chance to see it, try to find a copy of the game online or find a re-run, it was one of the best games of football recently.

NFL Preseason 2016 Week 1: Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears on Thursday, August 11, 8:00 PM, Soldier Field

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears was the other game that graced the love of football on Thursday night. The Broncos victory against the bears is another way to show that this season is full of so much fun and surprises from every team.

During the training sessions the defense squad from the Chicago Bears showed that they were able and ready to face the challenge from the opponents. The swagger in which they were exhibiting on the catches and passes would all tell they were ready enough. But when it was time for the real thing I guess they fell under the pressure and gradually they had to take on the blame of losing the game to the opponents. It was so clear that they were missing the strength of their injured Hroniss Grasu though they did not want to show it by feeling in the space with other experience players in the team. The bears need to work out on some areas for them to get better results in the games to come in the season. From the Broncos side, this was a good start this season. Although they need to improve on the team coordination as well for greater results in the next games.

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