New York Jets Season 2014 Game Reviews

Read New York Jets season 2014 game reviews and relive the best moments of the Jets’ NFL Season 2014. If you are looking for more recent games, click here to find New York Jets game reviews of NFL season 2015.

New York Jets’ NFL season 2014

The New York Jets finished off the 2014 season fourth in the AFC Eastern Division with only 4 wins and a soul-destroying 12 losses and you can only watch Jets games online again next season. No guessing why they didn’t make it to the playoffs and also then not surprising the Black Monday saw Head Coach Rex Ryan getting axed.

The low-point of the season was losing to the San Diego Chargers without putting a single point on the scoreboard. Whilst there is clearly a lot to be done still, Geno Smith does seem to be making progress and was lauded for his efforts in the later stages of the game.

NFL Season 2014, Week 17: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 28, 1:00 PM, Sun Life Stadium

The New York Jets signed off their season in style, beating the Miami Dolphins in 37-24 at their backyard. By the end of the second quarter, the Dolphins were on top and looked set to run away with the victory at home. However, the third quarter introduced a different Jets side, a side hungry for a final bite. If only they had been this zealous for victory from the beginning of the season! They rallied like wounded lions from behind to register this famous victory that is unlikely to save coach Rex Ryan from being sacked. Geno Smith tried his best to redeem himself, going for three crucial touchdowns, having set a personal record of 358 yards.

The Jets, 4-12, have had a very rocky season. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Jets are staying out of the playoffs. However, a cloud of uncertainty surrounds coach Ryan’s job. He is widely expected to be replaced. The owner of the Jets, Mr Woody Johnson, is expected to ring changes in the club, relieving both the coach and the manager of their duties. As for the Dolphins, this was their eighth loss of the season, marking an average performance from the side.

NFL Season 2014, Week 16: New York Jets vs New England Patriots on Sunday, December 21, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots clinched one of the top two spots in the AFC Sunday when they squeaked by the New York Jets 17 to 16. Brady had an early touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski to take the lead. Jordan Gray of the Patriots scored the go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter after a Geno Smith interception. The Jets had a chance later in the fourth quarter with five minutes left, Nick Folk lined up for a 52 yard field goal. The kick was partially blocked by New England’s Vince Wilfork and the Patriots were then able to run out the clock.

The New York Jets have now missed the playoffs for a fourth straight year, probably marking the end of Rex Ryan’s tenure as the head coach. The Jets defense really came to play Sunday sacking Tom Brady 4 times and intercepting him once. The Jets also held the potent Patriots offense to only 231 yards total offense and 85 rushing yards. Even with all that, Tom Brady found a way to get the job done and clinch a first round bye in this years playoffs.

NFL Season 2014, Week 15: New York Jets at Tennessee Titans on Sunday, December 14, 4:05 PM, LP Field

The New York Jets came away with a 16 -11 win over the Titans in a battle of two teams slogging through lost seasons. The low score was exactly what you’d expect from two teams that seem to have no offensive identity, or talent for that matter.

Although you wouldn’t have said “game over”, to some extent it was when Charlie Whitehurst came in for an injured Jake Locker in the second quarter. After that, the offense that wasn’t good to begin with got worse. Shonn Greene and Dexter McCluster combined for 65 yards rushing, while Nate Washington and Delanie Walker combined for 10 catches and 195 to lead the team’s receiving attack. For the Jets, Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory combined for an anemic 80 yards rushing, although Eric Decker had a relatively good day with 100 yards on 7 catches.

In the end, the Jets won in fitting fashion, taking advantage of two penalties on what proved to be the game winning drive.

The most excitement in the game was probably when Titan linebacker Wesley Woodyard got into it with Jet’s QB Geno Smith, touching off a brawl that surprisingly resulted in no ejections.

NFL Season 2014, Week 14: New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, December 07, 1:00 PM, Mall of America Field

The game was competitive as the score ended at a 24-30 giving Minnesota the win. This was after the game had an overtime after having a tie in the last quarter. Here is a breakdown of how the scores were all through the game. In the first quarter the Vikings scored 14 points while the Jets scored 12 points. In the second quarter, the Vikings still lead the score sheet recording 7 points. The Jets on the other hand scored 3 points only bringing the game to half break. The half time score was 21-15 with the Jets behind.

In the second half, the Jets came with a lot of pressure to the leading Vikings. In that first quarter, the Jets scored 3 points with the Vikings recording no score. In the final quarter, Jets scored 6 points while the Vikings recorded 3 points only. This brought the game to a tie and the match had to be awarded extra time to settle the score. It was unfortunate for the Jets as Vikings scored 6 points giving them the lead in the score sheet. The game therefore ended with the Minnesota Vikings taking the winning position against the Jets at 24-30.

T. Bridgewater of the Vikings recorded 2 touchdowns over 309 yards and 1 interception. C. Ivory of the Jets had 16 carries over 73 yards. P. Harvin of the Jets recorded 6 receives over 124 yards and 1 touchdowns.

NFL Season 2014, Week 13: New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins on Monday, December 01, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Miami traveled to New Jersey to play the Jets in a very important game for the Dolphins. The Jets are struggling to find their franchise quarterback, but they almost beat the Dolphins with their two strengths, rushing and defense.

The NY Jets held the Dolphins to 291 total yards. The Jets defense forced one turnover and sacked Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill twice. The Jets offense was not spectacular, but it did execute its strengths. Running Back Chris Johnson ran for 105 yards. Chris Ivory also ran very well as he ran for sixty-two yards. The Jets were able to limit Geno Smiths mistakes by letting him throw the ball thirteen times. Smith completed seven passes for sixty-five yards and an interception.

The Dolphins running struggled, as the team rushed for only seventy-four yards. Lamar Miller did run for one touchdown. Tannehill threw for 235 yards and one interception. The quarterbacks top target was Mike Wallace, whom caught six passes for sixty-nine yards. The Dolphins star of the game was their kicker. Caleb Sturgis kicked the game winning field goal with under two minutes left in the game.

Baltimore is traveling to Miami, their match up is for playoff positions as both teams have the same record. The Jets are traveling to Minnesota and playing a Vikings team that is coming of powerful victory over Carolina.

NFL Season 2014, Week 12: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, November 23, 1:00 PM, Ralph Wilson Stadium

Scott Chandler capped an impressive performance by the Bills by doing a celebration mimicking a persons shoveling motion as an appreciation to the Bill’s fans that have spent a large part of previous few days digging out snow. Later he acknowledged that he wanted to do something special for the fans. After a physically draining week caused by frightening weather that caused heavy snowing, despite all this the Bills played a perfect game mauling the New York Jets 38-3. Despite not training until when they arrived in Michigan but it was the Jets that looked in sixes and sevens.

It was the second win of the season for the Bills having beaten the Lions in October. Robert Woods caught a career high of 9 for 118 yards. Rex Ryan the Jets Coach was fuming as he claimed that his team did nothing to stop the bills almost implying that the hammering was deserved. Since the 37-0 win in Dec 1989 this has been the second most lopsided victory for the Buffalo’s over the Jets. Unfortunately during the game the Bill’s lost Tight-end Chris Gagg to a knee injury the Jets lost Defensive-Lineman Muhammad Wilkerson to a toe injury and Tight-End Jace Amaro to a head injury.

NFL Season 2014, Week 10: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 09, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Pittsburgh Steelers came into the game against the New York Jets as one of the hottest teams in the NFL. The Steelers had scored ninety-four points in the two previous games. The Jets had lost eight games in a row, so the expectations for this game were at best that the Steelers would dominate the game. The Jets did not roll over, they held the high powered Pittsburgh offense to thirteen points and one touchdown.

Going into the game Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger only threw for one touchdown. In two previous games Roethlisberger had thrown twelve touchdown passes. The Steeler quarterback did throw for 343 yards and two interceptions. Roethlisberger’s top target for the game was Antonio Brown, whom caught eight passes for seventy-four yards and no touchdowns.

Le’Veon Bell was kept in check by the Jets defense as he on rushed for thirty-six yards, although he did catch eight passes for thirty-three yards. The lone touchdown reception was scored by a Martavis Bryant catch. Bryant caught four passes for 143 yards. The Steelers defense did not help their offense at all as it only accounted for four sacks, but did not have any turnovers.

Pittsburgh is visiting Tennessee on Monday night football. The Jets are getting a well deserved bye week.

NFL Season 2014, Week 9: New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, November 02, 1:00 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The NY Jets had numerous red zone opportunities in their game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Michael Vick and the Jets were not able to cash in on most of these opportunities however. The Jets did get an outstanding performance from wide receiver Percy Harvin with his eleven catches, but Chris Johnson was not able to break the plane of the end zone at key times, despite the fact that it is obvious that the man has not given up on the season. The 24-10 score showed that the Chiefs largely had control of the game, despite the fact that Alex Smith did not put up big numbers. Smith rarely puts up big numbers, but it is a lot of the medium routes and screens to people like Dwayne Bowe that remained effective in this game.

Jamal Charles only had 88 all purpose yards in the game, he dropped a couple of passes, but this is also a sign that the Chiefs are trying to use Nile Davis in the offense more. The Chiefs have proven to be an effective team on both sides of the ball. Houston is leading the league in sack. Rahim Abdullah was able to understand the Jets blocking scheme really well, finding ways to get pressure on the quarterback. Matt Simms came in for a series, and he was no more successful than Vick in most criteria.

NFL Season 2014, Week 8: New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, October 26, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Buffalo Bills Inflict The New York Jets With Their Seventh Loss Of The SeasonIt was another losing weekend for the New York Jets as they fell to a well oiled Buffalo Bills side. The Jets have won only one game this season and losing 23-43 to the Bills only worsened their woes. They are now the whipping boys of the season. It seems like it will take magic for them to rise again and throw a credible challenge against their opponents in the rest of the season. As for the Bills, this was an inspiring victory for them as they seek to reignite the fire that keeps faltering as the season wears on.

It is good to note that their defense proved to be more solid than ever before. restricting the jets offense to the periphery of their area, except in the second and third quarters, in which they penetrated and scored consolation points. The Bills offense responded in kind and did the necessary, scoring crucial points when it mattered most. They took the first and third, and fourth quarters 14-0, 6-0 and 13-6 respectively, losing the third 10-17. This should inspire them to do even better in their forth coming matches.

NFL Season 2014, Week 7: New York Jets at New England Patriots on Thursday, October 16, 8:25 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New York Jets Narrow Loss To The Patriots On Thursday 16th, The New England Patriots hosted the New York Jets at the Gillette Stadium, in a match narrowly won 27-25. As much as their offense looked great, the Patriots defense appeared very shaky at times. On several occasions, it was broken down by the marauding Jets offense. The hosts took the first quarter 7-6 before wrapping up the second with a 10-6 score. The charging Jets took the third quarter 7-3. In the fourth quarter, the Patriots had to fight hard to emerge tops with a 7-6 score for an overall score of 27-25. They literally dug in for everything left in them to win the match.

In this game, the Jets were quite surprisingly very competitive. In fact, in the third quarter, they took a surprising lead with only about nine minutes to the end of the match. This was their sixth loss of the season. From their seven matches of the season, they have only one win to boost of. They can draw some strength and confidence from the narrow loss in the game. They meet the Buffallo Bills next on Sunday 26th at their MetLife Stadium backyard. They should be able to break the losing jinx before their home fans.

NFL Season 2014, Week 6: New York Jets vs Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

In the Denver at NY Jets game, it seems both teams QB’s made a few blunders. Peyton Manning had 22 out 33 completions with 237 passing yards while Geno Smith had 23 out of 43 completions with 190 passing yards. Smith would have had a better performance had he completed more of his passing attempts in Sunday’s match up against the Broncos. Smith was able to constantly connect with Erick Decker and Jace Amaro however, Smith did end up with 1 interception that could have made a world of difference in the game. Although the number aren’t showing it, Smith has been improving over the last few games. He is beginning to gain more control of the ball although he did suffer a few bad drops on Sunday’s game as if he were just tossing the ball in the air.

Throughout the game the Jet’s defense was putting pressure on Manning, however Manning was able to pull out of the hole. Manning relied heavily on Demaryius Thomas while a few others such as Emmanuel Sanders and Wes Welker were able to offer some contribution. Wes Welker was looked at when needed for game ending touchdown, while Sanders was able to walk away with a few passing yards. The Jets put up a fight defensively from beginning to end, but the Broncos was still able to ring in a victory of 31-17 against the Jets.

NFL Season 2014, Week 5: New York Jets at San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 05, 4:25 PM, Qualcomm Stadium

The Jets would have some major difficulty beating Summit High nowadays. Rex – Ryan’s offense and his dearest safeguard stunk up the joint in epic manner on the way to getting humiliated by the Chargers. Season on the verge? I’d say as much. It was a meltdown to observe: The quarterback – stunk. The cornerbacks stunk. The run barrier stunk.

Geno Smith seemed gone before getting sidelined during half-time for – Mike Vick, yet he was a long way from the person who demands to get yanked. Ryan ought ostto have sidelined around 52 different gentlemen in what was utter wreckage.

The Chargers changed over nine of the 10 third – downs to construct a 21-0 halftime- lead. Jets corner backs surrendered consummations of 17, 49 and 32 yards somewhat above a quarter into the diversion to pick up the tone. No one, paying little heed to position, could deal with Antonio- Gates, whose 2 first-half touch-downs were primitive back-breakers. Goodness and they likewise made 4th string running back Branden- Oliver, who had additional 150 aggregate steps & 2 TDS, seem like Ladainian- Tomlinson.

Geno Smith didn’t improve the situation with an alternate fierce execution before getting sidelined at halftime. The battling second-year signal guest went 4 for 12 for twenty seven steps & had a 7.6 quarter-back rating before being pulled. He has tossed interference in 17 of 21 profession games.

NFL Season 2014, Week 4: New York Jets vs Detroit Lions on Sunday, September 28, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The New York Jets played host to a determined Detroit Lions side at East Rutherford, New Jersey. They lost the game 17-24. Fresh from another victory the previous week, the Lions were not in losing mood. It was always going to be difficult for the Jets to defeat them. They have now won all their past two consecutive games. It looks like it will take something special to stop them. Matthew Stafford made two touchdown passes to Eric Ebron and Jeremy Ross, before going for one more score himself. Coach Jim Caldwell confessed that though they won, it wasn’t an easy game. He added that both teams played well, though he thought his boys could have done better.

After their third consecutive loss, the Jets only victory this season remains their season opener. In this game, they rallied to tie 3-3 score at the end of the first quarter, before falling 0-14 in the second. In the third quarter, they struggled to beat the lions 7-0 before tying again at 7-7 in the last quarter for a 17-24 loss. Their work is cut out. They have nowhere to hide. They have to pull themselves together and salvage some honor against the Chargers on Sunday 5th and the Broncos on 12th Oct.

NFL Season 2014, Week 3: New York Jets vs Chicago Bears on Monday, September 22, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Jets were not able to get off to a quick start, given that Geno Smith’s first pass was intercepted by Bears defensive back Ryan Mundy, the interception was run back for a touchdown. The Bears were able to win by a 27-19 score. The Bears were able to win game despite the fact that Brandon Marshall only caught one pass all night. Matt Forte wasn’t really able to get the traditional running game going either, but he was able to catch a few passes out of the backfield.

Martellus Bennett was able to gash the Jets defense for some big plays from the tight end position. We can begin to see the Jets secondary begin to come together with the likes of Dee Millner and Calvin Pryor, but they may not be having a lot of success at this juncture. Alshon Jeffrey and Santonio Holmes were able to pick up the slack for the Bears within the passing game. In fact, Jeffrey was able to gain over one hundred yards in the game. Bears defensive end Jared Allen was also able to pressure Geno Smith, and this can be part of the reason why Smith was not able to make some key throws late in the game. The Bears are continuing to progress as a team, the Jets on the other hand may be searching for answers.

NFL Season 2014, Week 2: New York Jets at Green Bay Packers on Sunday, September 14, 4:25 PM, Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers pulled off their first season win against the New York Jets at the opening home game in Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 14th at 4:30pm. This home victory for the Packers didn’t come easily, with the Jets leading 21-3 until early on the second quarter. The Packers came back to claim a 24-31 victory over the Jets. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Packers, threw three touchdown passes for his team. The excitement didn’t end there, as wide receiver Jordy Nelson hit a career high of 209 receiving yards in one game.

In the third quarter, New York Jets’ defensive lineman Muhammed Wilkerson was ejected from the game for trying his luck at a few punches on the Packers’ players after they managed a two-point conversion to gain a 24-21 lead over the Jets. He is said to have been caught on camera smiling and waving as he walked into the locker room after ejection. The Jets were thought to have tied the game with a touchdown pass later on in the fourth quarter, but it was recalled after officials stated the Jets had called a time-out just before the play started. This game gives both teams a record of 1-1 in the 2-14/2-15 season so far.

NFL Season 2014, Week 1: New York Jets vs Oakland Raiders on Sunday, September 07, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Oakland Raiders and New York Jets played on Sunday, September 7, 2014, at 1 PM EST at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the Jets’ home stadium. The Jets received the ball first and scored first, using almost six minutes to score a 45 yard field goal. Oakland scored next, however, late in the first quarter with a 12 yard pass from Carr to Streater, putting Oakland up 7-3 at the end of the first quarter. New York was unable to respond until late in the second quarter, with a 5 yard touchdown pass from Smith to Johnson, putting New York up 10-7 at halftime. Both teams struggled in the third quarter, with the only score coming with a 42 yard New York field goal.

Midway through the fourth quarter, New York struck again with a 71 yard touchdown run by Ivory. In order to secure the game, New York attempted a two point conversion, but failed, leaving them up 19-7. With a minute and a half left in the game, Oakland scored their only other points of the game off a 30 yard touchdown pass to Jones. After Oakland’s onside kick failed, New York walked away with a 19-14 victory. New York was plagued by penalties, with a total of 11 penalties for 105 yards, and two turnovers.

New York Jets Season recap 2013

The New York Jets began the 2013 NFL season with a lot of critics who predicted that the Jets would, in the long run, have bad results. John Idzik, the new GM, took over an organization which was in flux following the circus made by Mike Tannenbaum. Even before the season began, it was quite clear to Rex Ryan that a bad 2013 season would mark the end of his tenure serving as the Jets’ head coach. In 2012, they were 6-10, last in turnovers and 30th in total offense.

The offseason barely showed any signs of major improvement on the Jets’ side during which they traded away Darrele Revis, their best cornerback and player, to the Tampa Buccaneers. Upon onset of the 2013 NFL Draft, the New York Jets made some changes. Two defensive players were drafted with two first round picks and had quarterback Geno Smith selected in the second round. They also managed to acquire Chris Ivory from New Orleans Saints. The Jets continued to receive more criticism even after the draft. There were high expectations that they would make use of the draft to improve their offense which did not have playmaking ability.

Rex made entry to the training camp having a quarterback battle at hand. He knew very well that the quarterback he would choose would have affected the fate of his tenure. He decided to let Mark Sanchez play in the 4th quarter in their third preseason match. Sanchez was however, knocked out and had to undergo surgery. This automatically made Geno Smith be named as their starter. This fueled up more criticism and negative predictions from experts who viewed Sanchez as a rookie. Speculations and signs that Rex Ryan would not complete the season as the head coach became the usual talk. The experts claimed that the Jets would be the worst team in NFL.

People ignored the fact that the Jets had a strong team of leaders on the roster who stood behind Ryan. Despite the many injuries to the offensive side, the Jets began their season by a 5-4 start defeating Atlanta, the Saints and the Patriots. They enjoyed an outstanding defense in the first half of the year. Though Geno was inconsistent, he made plays late in games leading to several wins for the Jets. This stunning performance subsided after the bye week by losing three consecutive games and having a pathetic offense. It seemed like Ryan was slowly making his exit from the head coach position.

They Jets showed much intense and improvement in their last four games. They ultimately rescued Ryan from being on the verge of getting fired by winning 3 of their last 4 matches. All players stepped up their efforts with Smith showing maturity and development signs. The Jets completed the 2013 season 8-8 and proved all the critics wrong. Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Quinton Coples and Dee Milliner displayed significant development and summed up a great defense. Smith turned out not to be the so called rookie and Ryan managed to secure another spell with the New York Jets.

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