New York Jets Season 2016 Game Reviews

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New York Jets NFL season 2016 recap

I want to scream! Another year, another heartbreak! All I can do is look forward to the draft. For a few wonderful months leading up to it I can lie to myself, convince myself we know what we’re doing. Then, when that magical moment comes and Goodell utters those words ‘With the 6th pick of the 2017 draft, the New York Jets choose” all my dreams will become nightmares. With my luck the Jets will choose a kicker or long snapper!

We are the New York Jets! New York, Broadway, excitement. How did we end up like this? Every year we take a step back. Our draft picks suck, our coaches are amateurs and our organization is chaotic. They have no real desire to win. They simply give a poor illusion of wanting to win. Woody Johnson takes us, the passionate fans who bleed green and white, for granted. He is too cheap to field a winner, to insecure to build slowly-desiring the quick fix.

Our rivals, the Giants and Cheatriots both have great organizations, you think Woody would learn something from them. Nope, he is going to do it his way! And spit in the faces of every Jets fan along the way. At least I have an off-season of hope, maybe next year. Please next year!

NFL Season 2016, Week 17: New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills on Sunday, January 01, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Bills played against the jets in East Rutherford. Bilal Powell scored a 2 yard run from Ryan Fitzpatrick’s pass in the second quarter of the game. Fitzpatrick was a replacement for Petty as Petty suffered an injury in the Patriots game. The Buffalo Bills also put up a good show with Dan Carpenter scoring a 34 yard field goal for the Bills. The highlight of the second quarter was the Nick Folk 30 yard field goal. The New York Jets were leading by the end of second quarter with 24-6. The third quarter witnessed the Jalin Marshall’s 6 yard pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Marshall is an undrafted free agent for the New York Jets.

Nick Folk’s 36 yard field goal in the third quarter raised the score of New York Jets , putting them in the lead at the end of second quarter with a lead score of 37. Nick Folk made a 25 yard field goal in the beginning of fourth quarter. Nick did make a comeback and was at his best after his season-ending quad injury in 2015. Doug Middleton’s kick off recovery was a highlight for the fourth quarter. This is a standout failure from Buffalo’s. Nick kicked the ball to Buffalo’s 15 yard line. Mike Gillislee failed to field the kick. At this time, the ball bounced all the way into end zone. Gillislee failed for the second time as he allowed Jets’ Doug Middleton to recover the ball for a touchdown. Jets were leading in the fourth quarter with 83. It was a dismal show from Bills.

NFL Season 2016, Week 16: New York Jets at New England Patriots on Saturday, December 24, 1:00 PM, Gillette Stadium

The New York Jets played against the New England Patriots a Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Whilst the new Jets are led by Todd Bowles band Brandon Marshall, the Patriots are led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. It all took place last week, on 24th December 2016.The New York Jets lost terribly to the New England Patriots with 41-3.Tom Brady highly contributed to this victory by throwing in his best shot, where he managed to pass three touchdowns and 214 yards. They therefore have an advantage against their opponents throughout the playoffs. During the game, New England had a thorough gameplay, taking advantage of the jets with (13-2).

Unfortunately, the team’s coach Bowles’ did not manage to travel on the plane of the team before the games. However, he did his best to ensure that he joined the jets on Saturday morning despite the challenges. The 53 year old coach expressed that he had fallen ill, and required urgent medical attention before getting ready for the game. Tom Brady enabled Matt Lengel the opportunity to make his first reception by passing an 18 yard touchdown to him. Brady is certainly an invaluable player for the team. The Jets will finalize their season at home against the bills on 1srt January. On the other hand, the Patriots will find their season scheduled at Miami on 1st as well.

NFL Season 2016, Week 15: New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins on Saturday, December 17, 8:25 PM, MetLife Stadium

Sunday, December 18, at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey the Miami Dolphins were playing against the New York Jets where quarterback Matt Moore passed for four touchdowns that lead to victory. Xavien hoard from the Dolphins was supposed to go easy in the game but when Maxwell had an ankle injury, he stepped up. He was covering for Brandon Marshall where he played very aggressively. Tony Lippett proved once again that he can handle playing in NFL as cornerback after snapped the ball away from Bryce Petty. Bryce Petty who is a first year quarterback made some mistakes that were exploited by Matt Moore. Even though he has not played in a while, he handled the pressure from the jets quite well.

The win by Dolphins of 34-13 against the jets was a welcome win. It was a competitive game especially the first half where the jets came out strong. The game saw Anderson receive two touchdowns of 40 yards each by a jets player since 2010. The jets were not on their A game this season as they have lost so many games. All in all it was a good game that saw the Miami dolphins crush the jets. Hopefully one day soon the jets will recover from their awful luck and make a comeback before the season is over.

NFL Season 2016, Week 14: New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 11, 4:05 PM, Levis Stadium

New York Jets came from a 14-0 beating in the first quarter to defeat the 49ers 23-17. The 49ers needed this win badly to cut their no-win stream. This is how the game unfolded….In the 1st quarter, Jimmie Ward’s attempt to intercept Bryce Petty put the 49ers in awesome field position at Jet’s 7 yard line. New York’s first hostile snap brought about San Francisco’s first interference of the season by a 49ers cornerback. The 49ers lead 14-0 toward by the end of the first quarter. The 49ers grabbed 10 first downs in the opening quarter, while the Jets had one.

Later in the dying minutes of the game…the Newyorks tied the game at 17 with a 50-yard Folk field-goal.

The 49ers went threeandout and Bradley Pinion’s punt back to New York went for 40 yards. New York has enough time for a couple of profound shots from their own particular 32-yard line. The Jets were not able get this show on the road the ball down the field, and this forced the game to go on additional time.

In the overtime, Pettyt simply passed through to one side and by one means or another could find Anderson down the field for a hop ball finish. The 26-yard pick up put the Jets in field-goal range with 10 minutes remaining in additional time. It was all joy when New York drove down and won with a 19-yard Powell touchdown run in the dying minutes of the extra time.

NFL Season 2016, Week 13: New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts on Monday, December 05, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Indianapolis Colts seemed almost relentless against the New York Jets on Monday night, taking home an incredible 41-10 victory. The almost ruthless defeat had die-hard Jets’ fans leaving the stands, with the Colts’ tight end Dwayne Allen scoring three touchdowns, whilst Andrew Luck was just out to prove why he has been hailed one of the best QBs in the game.

It is fair to say, and we are sure both Bowles and his team would agree, that the Jets’ defense just wasn’t up to standard. Nothing Bowles does lately seems to strike a cord in his players, despite him attempting to motivate the defense throughout the game, only to face an embarrassing defeat. If anything, Colts’ Andrew Luck just highlighted that the Jets are lacking a star QB, which the coaching staff should have identified much earlier in the season. If the Jets want to stand a chance of being in season contention next year, some changes need to be made – and we don’t just mean the players.

NFL Season 2016, Week 12: New York Jets vs New England Patriots on Sunday, November 27, 8:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Every true NFL fan can attest to the intensity of the Jets-Patriots rivalry. This year’s match, played at the sold-out MetLife stadium, might however be remembered for something or someone else, Tom Brady. The patriots were trailing the Jets by 4 points midway through the fourth quarter when their star quarterback engineered a drive that handed them victory. The Jets were largely expected to slow down the log leaders but it just wasn’t their day.

The first three quarters saw the two teams playing a fast-paced but balanced game. The mammoth home crowd cheered their team to an early lead and for long periods it seemed that the New York Jets might beat the league champs. It wasn’t until Tom Brady’s throw was dropped by Martellus Bennet that the Patriot’s great escape began. This would culminate in an 83 yard scoring drive. The ever-reliable Malcolm Mitchell finished Brady’s final 8 yard pass to hand the Patriot’s a 22-17 lead with only 1.56 on the clock left.

The Patriots seem to be unplayable both at home and away and their fans can’t be blamed for believing that Brady and his men will deliver consecutive titles. The Patriots will definitely make this years’ play-offs and in fine form.

NFL Season 2016, Week 10: New York Jets vs Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, November 13, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets will be fun too. This is just the 14th regular meeting of this season for the team. The famous Rams just lead this series 9-4. In the latest game, the Jets just won their second straight win of the series. In the game, Powel just rushed to score 2 touchdowns, while Folk just booted two 51-yard field goals to defeat the Rams. The two teams have also played 2 overtime games. Petty will truly make his first start in the NFL Sunday against the Rams replacing Fitzpatrick, as many reports say.

Fitzpatrick was just injured with a knee sprain last Sunday, though it was just a minor injury. This happened when his team lost to the Dolphins. He also practiced on a very limited basis just this week. This player will be truly a game-time decision. Hackenberg will just be active if Fitzpatrick cannot play. Petty was playing for the first time in the NFL after taking the place of Fitzpatrick last week. Petty just scored 19 yards by completing two path attempts in just four snaps, and this happened before the famous Fitzpatrick just entered the game again. Petty is now No.2 when Smith just suffered a knee injury that ruined his season right away. The Jets will need to rely a lot on Forte so they can win the game.

NFL Season 2016, Week 9: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 06, 1:00 PM, Hard Rock Stadium

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins saw the home team emerge victorious with a 27-23 final score. The Jets are now 3 in 6 while the Dolphins are 4 in 4. The Dolphins’ running back Kenyan Drake ran back a kickoff for a touchdown, making the score 26-23 late in the fourth quarter, and his combination with Jakeem Grant could become the most dreaded in the league. Although they possess different styles, they both have the ability to return a kickoff or punt for a quick score any time.

If it wasn’t for a penalty, Grant ought to have scored a try from a 57-yard punt-return touchdown just before the interval. Drake’s illegal block wasn’t missed by the officials so the touchdown didn’t count. Grant was also unlucky to see his 19-yard kickoff-return ruled out because one of the Jets was offside. But Drake redeemed himself in the most spectacular manner with a 96-yard kickoff-return for the match-winning touchdown. The Dolphins have now won three straight games and it’s their longest streak since 2014. The young players have really stepped, characterized by Jay Ajayi, who has burst onto the scene in the past month and is now a fearsome running back. Even though he couldn’t make history by being the first NFL player to have three consecutive 200-yard rushing games, he still managed 11 yards and helped his team run down the clock for a third come-from-behind win.

NFL Season 2016, Week 8: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 30, 12:00 PM, FirstEnergy Stadium

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns treated fans around the country to some hideous football. This was among the most offensive halves in the season. It was played in a stadium that previously football games than then any other. Darrelle Revis fumed, warning teammates not to go back after the game until the Jets recorded a win on the game. Karl Dorrell, the team coach, addressed the offense and advised the players to make sharp passes, long run and make a critical play.

The Jets maintained the bond they had made previously to Revis by ensuring they scored at least 24 on second half point. This gave them their second straight win, 31-28. In after around 72 games that were previously played this was the first time the New York Jets had recorded a victory by at least 13 points (20-7) at halftime, according to ESPN Stats & Information. In the second half, Bowles stood at lectern Afterward, Bowles stood at a lectern and used two interjections which were the determinant for the second half.

After the halftime when Jets ran onto the field, they were motivated and energized, and the previous struggles had already faded. At this time, they were motivated to play better which they did. The defense fed off the opponent’s defense, and the offenses as well were very hard on the opponent’s defense. Everybody loved this game and all team players this was the only team they wanted to belong to.

NFL Season 2016, Week 7: New York Jets vs Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

Baltimore Ravens faced off against the New York Jets in what was otherwise a near-flawless match. Geno Smith, one of New York Jets’ key players was on top of his game leading the team in the highly competed match. Jets’ Brandon Mashall seemed determined to overturn what can be regarded as his team’s losing streak over the past four matches. On the other hand, Joe Flacco from the Ravens proved he was not an easy to beat player after giving the Jets a hard time throughout the entire match. The Jets have struggled with a weak offense over the last couple of matches and this time was no exception.

The Ravens have a strong defense that was able to defend its team against the Jets. The Jets were determined to win but the Ravens could not afford to loose. However the Jets replaced Ryan Fitzpatrick with Geno Smith and we can only wait to see how this replacement will work out for the team in the upcoming matches. Both Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets teams are great at what they do and fans are waiting to see how both teams will score in the future.

NFL Season 2016, Week 6: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals on Monday, October 17, 8:30 PM, University of Phoenix Stadium

It was another day of non-stop action in the NFL. If you think that you are a diehard fan of the NFL games, I know you didn’t miss the action on Monday between the visiting New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals. Many people think that the game was tough to watch as the two sides crashed heavily. It was great day for the Cardinals as the thrashed the visitors a 28-3 win in a game that was amazing to watch.

The Cardinals were able to find their identity in this match, which was filled with penalties (23 penalties). This penalty-strategy is something that could be digging deep in the NFL games. The hosts were able to make drives 11, 14 and 14 plays Monday nights and all the three were able to produced touchdowns. However, none of them was highlight worthy or even decibel raising. In the actual sense the longest play in these drives was a 14 yard run on the left end by their receiver, J.J Nelson. The team was able to make methodical possessions throughout the game that were evident in their small-passes strategy. The only case of injury that was reported after the game was that of James Brown who left the game with a noticeable knee injury.

NFL Season 2016, Week 5: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 09, 1:00 PM, Heinz Field

This game started on a rather high note with the Steelers taking the lead shortly after, thanks to a wonderful set piece by Sammie Coates. However, Brandon Marshall dropped a pass on third-and-9 near the Steelers 42-yard line but the Jets gunner did not quite manage to pull something with this, thereby ensuring the Steelers still commanded the show.

After about 80-plus seconds, Steelers were again in the lead, thanks to a touchdown by Brandon Marshall. Matters took even a more interesting turn when Ben Roethlisberger completed a 2-of-10 for 67 yards on the 75-yard drive. By scoring in the last minutes of the first half, it appears as though the match was an already decided one.

When the second half began, Steelers were again on the attack as a result of a wonderful three-and-out capped by a sack of Ryan Fitzpatrick by Arthur Moats and Lawrence Timmons on third down. Moments later, Antonio Brown made a marvelous return of the ball 33 yards to the Jets 31-yard line and the team appeared to be going stronger by the minute. In the end, the Steelers kept with their unrelenting pressure, with a few moments of the Jets bouncing back and the game finally came to a close with the scoreline standing at 24-13 in favor of the Steelers.

NFL Season 2016, Week 4: New York Jets vs Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 02, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

It was an interesting game to watch where Seattle Seahawks won 27-17 against New York Jets. Both teams played aggressively but Seahawks did a better job in crucial moments. Most experts say that some players did a huge difference. One of them is Russell Wilson who probably made the best performance this season. He suffered few injuries, but even that was not the obstacle to show full potential. Only week ago, the similar situation with injuries happened to C.J. Spiller and he watched the game at home. This time, he scored a great touchdown. For a player like he is, it is not strange, but we still wonder how professionals can recover that fast.

In the team of New York Jets, the atmosphere is not the best. Previous defeat at Kansas City was still in their head and maybe that influenced the outcome in the game against Seahawks. Jets’ player Brandon Marshall said he expected to win, but the life is sometimes harsh and slap you in the face when you do not expect it. It this case, this was totally true. Seahawks had more chances and they used them all. This is the reason for many people to notice that Seahawks are maybe the most prepared team in the league at the moment.

NFL Season 2016, Week 3: New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, September 25, 4:25 PM, Arrowhead Stadium

The game ended with a twenty four to three win for the City Chiefs at the Arrowhead Stadium. Through the entire game, City’s offense was enthusiastic and tactful whereas Ryan Fitzpatrick was the worst of the jets because he missed six interceptions. The day ended with the quarterback’s statistics being at 188 yards with no touchdowns and completion of 20 passess of a possible 40. In addition, Marshal and Powell each fumbled at a point in the game. Chan Gailey made the play calls that left a lot to desire despite the awful execution.

Amidst the catastrophic mistakes, Kansas City acquired all their 17 points from turnovers. Alex Smith played a major role in their defense with a 237 yard throw and 25 scores of 33 passes. Kelce had one touchdown and conerback Peters made two interceptions. However, Johnson was the only defender that scored out of a pick.

With the loss, the jets are now in the 1-2 season. Their poor performance was unexpected because they had 11 days to rest and prepare after dominating their game with Buffalo. There is nothing left for the jets to do but to try and pick up the pieces in their next game with Seattle Seahawks in East Rutherford, presumably not an easy task.

NFL Season 2016, Week 2: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills on Thursday, September 15, 8:25 PM, New Era Field

The NFL sure knows how to pick it’s prime time games. In the Thursday Night game, the New York Jets topped the Buffalo Bills 37-31. The game had everything fans could hope for. Turnovers, big scoring plays, and no shortage of offense made this a very interesting contest. The two teams marched up and down the field, combining for almost 900 yards of total offense. In the end, the Jets skill players were simply too much for the Bills defense. Two receivers, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, and running back Matt Forte all went over 100 yards from scrimmage during the game.

Buffalo wasn’t without its own highlight reel plays, though. Starting Quarterback Tyrod Taylor completed two touchdown passes for over 70 yards. The first came with five minutes left in the first quarter when he hooked up with Marquis Goodwin for 84 yards. Then, early in the 3rd quarter Taylor got the Bills back in the game with a 71-yard score to Greg Salas. Unfortunately for Bills fans, Talyor also made the crucial mistake of the game as he was picked off by Marcus Williams early in the 4th quarter. The win takes the Jets to even .500 at 1-1 and drops the Bills to the cellar of the AFC East at 0-2.

NFL Season 2016, Week 1: New York Jets vs Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, September 11, 1:00 PM, MetLife Stadium

The Bengals edged out the Jets with a 47 yard field goal that was kicked through the uprights by kicker Mike Nugent. The kick went through with just 54 seconds left in the game. The field goal came right after Nick Folk kicked a go ahead field goal that put the Jets up by three. The Jets took the lead after having been down twenty to nineteen. The Bengals are now seven and seven in season openers with coach Marvin Lewis.

Andy Dalton went 23 for thirty in the game, throwing for 366 yards, with one touchdown pass, and one interception. Dalton was sacked a career high seven times in the game, despite this, they still won the game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick went nineteen for 35, throwing for 189 yards of his own, with two touchdown passes, and one interception.

It all came down to, for the Jets, a missed extra point by Nick Folk as well as a blocked field goal attempt. The Jets would really wind up needing those points, without them, left four points on the table.

The Jets lead at the end of the first half seven to three, and led at the half sixteen to thirteen. Despite leads at the end of the first two halves, they would only score six points in the second half; getting outscored ten to six. The Jets also were scoreless in the third quarter, scoring all six of their second half points in the fourth quarter. The Bengals scored in every quarter of the game.

NFL Preseason 2016, Week 4: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, September 01, 7:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Field

Philadelphia Eagles the preseason game against the New York Jets by 24-17, this is an undefeated preseason for Philadelphia Eagles. We didn’t see best performance from either of the team. This is not a great game, this is an average performance from both of the team. Khiry Robinson & Antone Smith are exceptional performer in this game with 13 carries for 25 yards & 10 carries for 27 yards respectively.

One player who have the great performance is Robby Anderson, against the Eagles, Anderson had two reception of 61 yards, Jalin Marshall had one reception for 17 yards. It is a preseason only but you can think Anderson in the main line up once real action starts.

The offence was bad particularly at the quarterback location. Bryce Petty was 4-6 with 87 yards, he was off to a great start, but he hurt his left shoulder and had to return with no chance of coming back .

This game clearly highlighted the weakness of New York Jets. Their defense were impressive but the fail put hindrance in front of Philadelphia Eagles. This help them in getting edge over their rival.

NFL Preseason 2016, Week 3: New York Jets vs New York Giants on Saturday, August 27, 7:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

This game was quite exiting as the New York Giants played quite well. It was also quite a phenomenon as both teams are from New York. This made the battle more spectacular as each needed to prove their expertise to the home crowds. It was the battle of New York. Harris was at his best when he scored the first touchdown as he streaked past the yards for the Giants. The Jets had difficulty in catching him.Odell Beckham Junior once again played his part in the game, too, by catching theball from the Giant pass. He too scored a touch down in the game.

However, the Jets kept at it and scored with a touch down in return. The Giants came back with another touch down. The most interesting part of the game was that it was a running game from the start, and both teams were doing the running. It was a strange thing for the Giants, though, as they have not been doing much running for the season.However, in the end the Jets made the win over the Giants in overtime. It was a hard running game, and the Giants lost by a bad kick.

NFL Preseason 2016, Week 2: New York Jets at Washington Redskins on Friday, August 19, 7:30 PM, FedEx Field

One of the most exciting games was the one that pitted New York Jets against Washington Redskins last Friday, the 19th of August 2016. The game ended with Jets losing 18-22 to the Redskins. Thursday predictions previously circulated by fans and pundits alike were all proved wrong. New York Jets began their preseason campaign by beating Jacksonville Jaguars 17 – 13 and now fell behind as Washington Redskins started the game without several of their starters, including quarterback Kirk Cousins. The first half of the game began with two touchdowns passes from Colt McCoy to Rashad Ross for the Redskins followed by Kendal Thompson’s one-handed diving catch in the right corner of the end zone.

Several exciting standouts were experienced on both sides. There were minor healthy scratches on either side as well, the most notable of these being Matt Jones receiving a shoulder injury in the first quarter. The exciting Preseason continues with New York Jets playing against New York next Saturday the 27th of August and Philadelphia on September 1st. With this win, the Washington Redskins makes up for the loss against Atlanta on Thursday the 11th of August. A superb win will definitely help to set the pace for the next game against Buffalo this coming Friday, August 26th.

NFL Preseason 2016, Week 1: New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, August 11, 7:30 PM, MetLife Stadium

Thursday night was the day for a preseason opener. The first of the four preseason games was between Jaguars and the Jets. This season makes a new beginning for the Jets and the way they performed during the preseason opener was a straight talk of what they expect from the season.

The way all the players coordinated to see that they have secured victory for the team was enough evidence that they are all determined to go for the title when the season’s last whistle is blown. Take for example a player like Lee Darron. He is working so hard to ensure that he gives his team the best defense there can ever be. Though he may not be able to replace Erin Henderson as the starting linebacker, the Jets are still expecting him to perform better this season by having a valuable role at the sub package.

The Jaguars also tried to work hard although they lost 17-13 to the Jets. They still worked it out against the majority of their former players. This is to show that if they get used to the fact that they are in the competition they can do much better that that. There is a lot of player coordination that needs to be exhibited from the team.

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